The Reds try to avoid the sweep today in the finale of a three-game series against the Arizona Diamondbacks. Game time at Great American Ball Park is 1:10 Eastern time.

Starting Pitchers

Mike Leake 172.0 4.71 4.70 15.3% 3.3%
Anthony DeSclafani 142.2 4.10 4.31 24.5% 7.3%

Old friend Leake has been largely smacked around pretty hard by opponents since being acquired from Seattle on July 31 – a 6.43 ERA in 35 innings. Since the All-Star break, DeSclafani has been more than acceptable, with a 3.86 ERA in 56 innings.


Reds call up reliever Jimmy Herget

All bullpen members should be ready to go today. Let’s give a thumbs-up to Kevin Gausman, who entered the ninth inning with the bases loaded of Diamondbacks Saturday and proceeded to strike out the side. None of the Arizona runners scored, and that kept his team close.

Starting Lineups

Diamondbacks Reds
CF Tim Locastro RF Josh VanMeter
LF Josh Rojas 1B Joey Votto
2B Ketel Marte 3B Eugenio Suarez
3B Eduardo Escobar C Tucker Barnhart
1B Jake Lamb 2B Freddy Galvis
RF Abraham Almonte SS Jose Iglesias
SS Nick Ahmed LF Derek Dietrich
C Alex Avila CF Brian O’Grady
P Mike Leake P Anthony DeSclafani

All you need to know about this lineup is that Tucker Barnhart is batting cleanup and a player who is 1-for-his-last-40 batting fifth.

Additional insights into the statistical history of the players in today’s game is available all season long at

News and Notes

It’s 1995 throwback uniforms day. Brian Erts did a great job of looking back at 1995 earlier today right here at Redleg Nation.

Cincinnati Reds 150 Throwback Uniforms – 1995 Edition

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46 Responses

  1. Chris Holbert

    I bet Arizona is intimidated with the heart of the Reds order today..

    • Great Redlegs Fan

      Can’t believe that line-up, when you think can’t be worse Bell comes with it: Vanmeter RF? Galvis batting 5th? Dietrich opening? Sure they’re intimidated…

  2. Bigbill

    Our manager is just in love with matchup rh or lh lineups. If his last name was not Bell he would have never got hired. Horrid track record as a manager and way over manages with double switches and the lh/rh match ups. I know it won’t happen but we need real leader and manager to take at is now the beginning of a decent team.

    • Jon

      The Reds will never do it, but I’d love to see them hire Joe Maddon if the Cubs don’t retain him after this year. The Cubs hired him before they went all-in for 2015. The Reds are all-in for 2020 and it’s time for them to make the move to a manager who can take the team to the postseason.

  3. Chris Holbert

    If Senzel is hurt that is one thing, but there has been no news of that,(sore shoulder for an entire week)…I guess learning a new position, on the fly, playing more than he has ever played in a year in his career, trying to adjust his swing and approach, during the season, and having huge expectations as the franchise savior, has caused DB to sour on him…..I have been quiet on the manager most of the year, but he seems to draw names out of a hat for poth position and batting order every game, that it is probably a joke amongst the players, he seems to rally not have any idea how to get run a team on the field. No other team in MLB goes to the extreme on the RH/LH pitching lineup..

    • Doug Gray

      He is hurt and there has been news of it, which you know about since you mentioned it. His shoulder is sore. It’s September. The Reds are 847 games out of the playoffs. There’s no need to put him on the injured list. But there’s also no need to play him while he’s sore.

      • Rob

        Almost sounds like there is not a lot of incentive for winning. Spring training all over again? Personally I would have thought the Reds would want to finish this season strong. All I have been reading is let us see what this 2020 version (Galvis, Van Meter, Aquino, Gausman, Sims, etc.) can do over the last1-2 months. So far it looks like 2018 as we are falling further behind rather than holding our own against the Division powers. If we finish 15 out, it is going to take a lot of shine off the first half and 2020 hopes. In my opinion.

      • Doug Gray

        Rob, there’s not a lot of incentive for winning right now. Sure, you want to win. And I promise you that every player in the dugout is giving it what they’ve got to win.

        But if a guy is dinged up and the win doesn’t really matter in terms of you making the playoffs or not, you aren’t going to play them.

        The Reds aren’t throwing in the towel on the season. But they understand there’s no reason to play a guy who is a bit dinged up right now, too.

      • Steven Ross

        Rob…take a lot of shine off the first half? We started the season 1 & 8 and NEVER got over .500 the rest of the season! What shine?

        I agree with others questioning Bell. I just don’t feel or see it with him.

  4. Chris Holbert

    I hear you, and get that, I just wonder with the way things have gone, if his average rookie year raises concerns with the FO and manager and he becomes an afterthought, he has not really ever been the hot hand, so he becomes another platoon player…as they pick his game apart

    • Doug Gray

      When he’s been healthy he’s played every day.

  5. LDS

    Bell isn’t the guy. I’ve been managing in the corporate world for 30+ years. You manage people not numbers. Or said differently, numbers are the result of team selection and empowerment. Bell could have a losing season managing the 1975-1976 Reds. Many of the “statistics” that are relied upon in today’s game are descriptive not prescriptive. It’s the same problem we’ve had for decades in the corporate world. “Metrics” tells you what happened, not necessarily how to optimize outcomes, only where to adjust. Go with the best lineup everyday. Does anyone really believe that Hernandez, Peralta, and now Dietrich compose the best lineup?

  6. Centerfield

    The almost all lefty lineup today! Leake is the type of pitcher that usually chews Cincy up, but at least he isn’t a rookie or a complete unknown, so there is hope. The team appears to be trying to improve their draft selection position, but fans pay to see the team win. I’m glad to see O’Grady in the lineup. He’s due for his first HR. Van Meter is RF??? This guy needs to have one position. If it is in the OF, there will be some suffering until he learns how to play it. I can see having a veteran (Galvis) as a multi-position player. Tough for a rookie to handle.

  7. Centerfield

    BTW, the page refreshed immediately.

    • Colorado Red

      My page also refreshed immediately.
      Did have some issues early yesterday.
      Cache issue can he hard to solve either either windows or Unix.
      Nice jobs guys.

  8. Pete

    I can count on one hand the Reds games I missed this year, sad I know, but I’ll be focused on the Panthers at 1 pm with the Reds game on the laptop for an occasional check in.

    I don’t see any direction with this team. Clear out all management and start over – the organization is rotted. Certainly a couple of good pieces to start a framework but the only thing in worse shape than the parent club is its farm system. Objectively speaking…. If I’m Bob C. I pull back any money spent on player personnel and spend it on reorganization. The current crew will burn right through it. These guys hired David Bell.

    • Old-school

      @Pete- there is no direction. There’s no identity either. Today is the NFL opener and fans everywhere are out with their player Jersey’s. What Jersey would you buy for the Reds? Bell goes out of his way to jumble up line ups with 5-6 positions of platoon players and rotations on handedness.

      Senzel gets double switched for a minor leaguer in the 4 th inning. Tanner Roarck and Tyler Mahle get pulled in the 5th or 6 th for Wandy Peralta. If it’s Amir Garrett or Norm Charlton- fine. Jesse Winker sits in LF and Jose Peraza starts..

      Nick Senzel plays CF despite being a gold Glove infielder because just like shortstop- the reds haven’t developed that position since Drew Stubbs -who was modest at best. The reds haven’t had a top CF since Mike Cameron. Jonathan India is moving to 2b in the AFL – so it’s Senzel or bust.

      Id like to see an everyday 7 and have players to root for.

  9. Ed Red

    I have a rudimentary question re: the manager

    How many of the choices the organization makes are a direct result of his input? Do you think he puts the lineups together? Or is it something that the front office analytics folks suggest to him based on data, and then he signs off on it? Similarly, with the trade for Bauer or picking up some of these folks off of the waiver wire, is that stuff done at Bell’s direction, or does the front office make a move, and then he needs to adapt?

  10. Seat101

    Earlier today I had to start a new page to get the newest thread.

    Otherwise, though, none of the problems I encountered over the past week have reoccurred today on either site.

    Go Redlegs!

  11. vegastypo

    I hope Votto didn’t hurt himself with that leisurely trot to first base on his groundout. Sheesh.

    • Seat101

      If he’s not playing hurt he’s not playing hard

      • vegastypo

        If he’s hurt, give another player a shot. If he’s not hurt, pretend like he wants to be there.

  12. Seat101

    Could someone please explain to me without sarcasm if possible or even a little bit of Snark is OK I guess but why we have these players batting in the order we have them batting?

    I don’t see much logic to it.

    I am an 0OWM* But I would trade hair with Freddy Galvis any day of the week. Are usually sport a shaggy or maybe unkempt businessman’s haircut. Mostly gray or white. I don’t think he would make the trade though

  13. vegastypo

    I’m having a hard time thinking this is the best lineup the Reds could trot out there either in for playing for the future, or for putting out the best lineup to try to compete with the D-backs, who are in contention. Sigh.

  14. Show Triple Slash

    FYI: I continue to have the problem with the old page loading (headed up by the story of Raisel Iglesias from September 4 and Bats go silent as Phillies drub Reds from September 3). I had to do a search on Google to get the link to this pre-game thread.

    • Doug Gray

      Refresh the page. This *should* clear the issue within your browser. If you’re on a computer, CTRL+SHIFT+R (or hold shift and press the refresh button in the browser. If you’re on mobile, use the refresh button or action within whichever browser you are using.

      • Show Triple Slash

        Yes, refreshing the page worked. Thank you.

  15. Seat101

    If it’s really true that Jose Iglesias is a great two strike hitter he should never swing at the first pitch

  16. Hanawi

    Watching Galvis get penciled into the lineup every day is insane. This is a guy the Blue Jays gave up on. He doesn’t get on base. At all. He’s a weak hitter for a shortstop. For a 2nd baseman, he’s terrible. The Reds (or David Bell) act like he’s an All Star and hit him in the middle of the order

  17. vegastypo

    Wow, that pitch to VanMeter really looked high, though it did appear to nick the top of the strike zone box on TV. … At least an automated ball-strike system might make a uniform strike zone, instead of differing from ump to ump.

  18. Old-school

    Suarez is in his prime. Win in 2020 or trade him for the moon. The reds wasted Joey Votto 2014-18. They can’t repeat that for Suarez in 2018-21.

  19. Seat101

    It looks like Jose Iglesias just can’t wait to get home. Two at bats two pitches two outs.

  20. Rob

    Doug, I agree totally with the resting of Senzel. Sorry,I forgot to circle back here.

    Still hung up with this 2H performance though. 3-4 out at the AS break and what 11 or so now? Nearly all the Reds moves have had a dual focus of 2019 and 2020. OK, the 2019 part didn’t work out. But we are also going backward with the 2020 part. A losing attitud and choke at the crucial moment. Where is the hope for 2020?

  21. D

    Gents I had high hopes for jvm,he can’t hit a low outside corner strike down the line.He takes that pitch for a strike or grounds out into shift.Until someone forces ,People to bunt down the line and hit ground balls this team is boring ,losing baseball.Aquino and Suarez are hitting homers ,and this team loses continually. If you can see it and it and it isn’t corrected ,and you continue to support your ,as much a loser as they are.I may watch but I don’t support.

  22. TR

    On this return of football Sunday, that was a great win. The Reds have something in Lorenzen. They need his offense ability in centerfield. Senzel should be at second base and the Reds do not need both Galvis and J. Iglesias in the starting lineup.

  23. Daytonian

    Best Reds games I’ve ever attended. And I was there for Scooter’s 4-home-run night. Great to watch the players celebrate. The joy of winning- and of watching a game with good pitching where every bat counted. This was fun–the way baseball should be.