Final R H E
Arizona D-backs (74-67)
7 12 0
Cincinnati Reds (66-76)
5 7 0
W: Ginkel (2-0)  L: Mahle (2-11) SV: Bradley (13)
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A big inning for Arizona was enough to put them ahead for good as they held off a comeback attempt from the Reds on Friday night in a game that lasted what felt like seven years.

The Offense

Alex Blandino led off the 1st inning with a walk. After back-to-back strikeouts, Aristides Aquino doubled to the wall in left field to put the Reds up 1-0. In the 3rd inning it was another walk by Blandino that got things going for Cincinnati. He walked, then Joey Votto walked, and Eugenio Suarez followed up with an RBI single that put the Reds up 2-1.

After a big top of the 5th inning that put Arizona up 6-2, the Reds and Eugenio Suarez clawed back most of that lead. The Cincinnati third baseman crushed a 3-run homer, his 42nd of the year that brought in Alex Blandino and Joey Votto.

That was where the Reds offense stayed for a while. But in the 9th inning they were threatening, trailing 7-5. Joey Votto led off with a single, and Eugenio Suarez followed with one of his own. Suarez was replaced on the bases by Nick Senzel to get them more speed. With 2 outs Phillip Ervin walked to load the bases for Curt Castali, but after battling through a 7-pitch at-bat, he flew out harmlessly to end the game.

Alex Blandino went 1-1, walked three times, and he scored three runs. Joey Votto also reached base four times in the game, going 2-3 with 2 walks. Eugenio Suarez continued to swing a hot bat, going 3-5 with four runs batted in.

The Pitching

Tyler Mahle got the start and was pitching well enough, aside from a solo homer allowed to Nick Ahmed in the 3rd inning. And then the 5th inning happened. With the Reds up 2-1 things got away from both Cincinnati and Tyler Mahle. After Ahmed led off the inning with a fly out, Mahle was touched up for a single up the middle, a popped up bunt that found the right spot on the grass for a single, and then a 3-run home run by Ketel Marte that made it 4-2. Wilmer Flores followed up with a double before he was removed from the game and replaced by Lucas Sims. Sims would allow two more runs to come in while he was on the mound and quickly it was 6-2 for Arizona.

Amir Garrett threw a shutout inning between the 6th and 7th innings before Matt Bowman came on to record the final out of the 7th, holding the score at 6-5. Michael Lorenzen came out for the 8th and gave up a double to the leadoff hitter, who would come around to score later on a grounder into left field that made it 7-5. He would be replaced by R.J. Alaniz who would get a strikeout to end the inning. Sal Romano came out for the 9th and made easy work of it, needing just 11 pitches for a 1-2-3 inning.

Notes Worth Noting

The game, which featured no weather delays or extra innings lasted 4 hours and 10 minutes.

Eugenio Suarez’ big night has his OPS on the year back over .900, jumping up to .905. He’s sitting on 42 home runs this season. He’s 3 behind Pete Alonso for tops in baseball. Cody Bellinger and Christian Yelich both have 44. The home run was his 22nd since the All-Star break, which leads all of Major League Baseball.

Joe Votto scored his 1000th career run. He sits 5th on the Reds all-time list, but he won’t pass anyone until next season unless he has the most incredible three weeks ever (he needs 43 runs to pass Frank Robinson).

Up Next for the Cincinnati Reds

Arizona D-backs at Cincinnati Reds

Saturday September 7th, 4:10pm

Alex Young (6-3, 3.84 ERA) vs Luis Castillo (14-5, 3.25 ERA)

27 Responses

  1. matthew hendley

    Some good some bad, but really not a fan of TM starting. the reds will have offseason work to do

    • Great Redlegs Fan

      I’d a lot of work to do. All positions, excluding 1B, 3B & RF, must be assessed by FO looking for offensive upgrades. There’re several good, still young pieces already in place (Winker, Ervin, Senzel, Vanmeter, Blandino) but none can be told to deserve a regular spot just yet, so we’ll see.

      • Pete

        Bring back the old Reds: Bruce, Frazier, Cozart, Scooter, Hamilton, Bailey, Duvall, Choo, etc. All deserve regular playing time and will be cheap to acquire. Brilliant!

      • Colorado Red

        Need a fountain of youth, then bring back JB, Tony, George, etc.

  2. Mark Moore

    Well that was completely unsatisfying … too many LoB AGAIN!!

    • Sliotar

      There is going to be some LOB when the Reds offense consists of 2-3 weapons (Suarez, Aquino, Votto) and Blandino did well in leadoff spot ….

      but, the #5 through #8 spots go a combined 0 for 16 with 7 strikeouts.

      This team will find 7 wins over the last 20 games to avoid 90 losses (I think, but not by much) …..

      but running the majority of this offense back in 2020 and claiming “All In” … no bueno.

      Not when one of the weapons will be approaching 40 years old.

      Front office needs aggressive moves to upgrade the offense, and it can be done. Look at Arizona…tonight’s lineup had guys mostly who started elsewhere in MLB.

      • Don

        Everyone is trying to hit a HR with every swing. This why so many left on base.

        JVM, Ogrady and Ervin did this all night.

        Suarez now has 165 Ks on year. 42 HRs is great but the Ks are way to high but I guess this is modern analytics driven baseball. Best to swing for fences and hope contact with bat occurs.

      • TR

        I think ‘swing for the fences’ became this years overall hitting philosophy with the arrival of Turner Ward and Yasiel Puig. A new hitting coach is needed to alleviate so many LOB without the need for the long ball. Homeruns will happen if contact is made without swinging so hard.

      • Old-school

        Yes and no. Suarez fits this approach. He’s creating runs and may hit 50 home runs. On a team, the sum is greater than the individual parts. Aquino and Suarez need high on base guys in front of them.

  3. RedNat

    Mahle just seems like a better fit for the bullpen. IMO he has the mentality to be a closer.

    • Great Redlegs Fan

      I guess he’ll still be in the mix for the 5th spot for next season after Bauer, Castillo, Disco & Gray; along with Sims, Romano & Gausman, plus anybody else coming via free agency.

    • Doc

      Any pitcher who has already thrown a no hitter and a perfect game should not be written off this early as a possible starter. However, the Reds cannot afford a fifth starter who pitches four good innings, then gets bombed; that has been a frequent occurrence with Mahle this year, and I think he has earned a long stretch in Louisville. When the number of pitchers is limited next year, starters will need to pitch deeper into games and relievers will need to pitch longer stretches. Almost sounds like the kind of Reds baseball I grew up with.

      Despite Bell’s favorable remarks, where has Mahle shown improvement this year? In what phases of pitching has he improved? It’s not too hard to find progress in Castillo, Gray, Disco, but where has Mahle progressed? That’s concerning. Perhaps one of the contributors who likes playing with all the fancy data can show where improvement is happening, but its not showing where it counts with a 2-11 record and an ERA bumping 5.

  4. Pete

    “A big inning for Arizona was enough to put them ahead for good as they held off a comeback attempt from the Reds on Friday night in a game that lasted what felt like seven years.”

    David Bell was in heaven, four and a half hour game with too many double-switches, pitching changes and pinch-hitting AB’s to even count. He needs to go.

    Watching a Reds game in 2019 is too much of a choir. I can go 3 or so hours but +4 for nine innings? Negative. I don’t keep score so by the seventh innings I don’t know who is the game, where they bat or play in the field. AG looked very frustrated when he was lifted and I’m guessing he is one among 20+ players on the team. Just a horrible, horrible manager. Honestly, I’d be happy to have Bryan Price come back or even Jerry Narron. Nearly impossible to watch a complete game.

    • greenmtred

      As long as the choir sings well, it’s bearable, Pete. But it’s a chore when they don’t, for certain.

      • Doc

        I’ve heard a few choirs sing that were not bearable!

    • Jim Walker

      I’m with you on the pace of play Pete; but, I think it is as much or more an MLB issue as strictly a David Bell issue. DB is just trying to dance the same dance the managers of many successful teams do.

      The good news is that MLB knows they have a problem and are trying to do something about it starting with next season.

      There will be to be a limit on the number of pitchers each team can have on their active roster. When this change was announced, unofficial word was that number would be 12; but subsequently it was announced that a committee comprised of MLB and MLBPA representatives would decide the limit during the off season. My guess is the worst case scenario is 13 but I am hoping for 12 and would do a happy dance if it were 11.

      Other announced changes are that except for cases of injury, each pitcher brought into a game will have to face a minimum of three batters or alternately finish an inning before he can be replaced.

      Also, position players will only be allowed to pitch when the margin of the score is 8 runs or greater or in extra innings.

      To address the September madness we are currently being force fed, active rosters will be limited to 28 players. There may or may not be a slightly larger pool of players from which the 28 players eligible for each game are designated. Once again that combined MLB/ MLBPA committee will figure out the details.

      On the flip side of the coin, regular season rosters from opening day through the end of August will be increased to 26. However with the limit on the number of pitchers, I think it is a given this spot is not going to be a pitcher.

      • Pete

        Great points Jim, so maybe there is hope. Teams like the Yanks and Red Sox play long , gruesome games on account of long pitch counts. So it’s a different matter and I don’t know how much new rules will help, the rules proposed sound like they are aimed at David Bell.

        It’s a little like an alcoholic, Bell was on the wagon for a while using fewer pitchers and even letting relief pitchers pitch multiple innings. Last night he slipped up and went on a binge. Very difficult to watch – a “chore” one might say. H/T to greenmtred.

        Thanks for sharing the information. I can tell the NFL is making a concerted effort to speed things up and I’m grateful.

      • Jim Walker

        For anyone wondering where those guys like Michael Lorenzen or Ohtani fit into this scheme to limit the of pitchers on the roster, here is what has been said so far. There will 3 categories of players, position players, pitchers, and two way players. Two way players will be eligible to pitch at any time and not count against the limit on pitchers.

        However the preliminary requirements for qualifying a guy as a 2 way player were very high:

        “a player may be designated a “two-way” player only if he pitched at least 20 innings and started at least 20 games as a position player or designated hitter, with at least three plate appearances in each of those games”

        Players would qualify by their usage in the previous season or during an ongoing season. Obviously Michael Lorenzen will be no where close to qualifying as a two way guy based on this season’s usage.

        Note however there are no restrictions on designated pitchers playing as position players.

      • Jim Walker

        Duh, my eyes must not be working right this AM. The margin limit for position players to pitch has been set to 6 NOT 8 as I said above/

      • Doc

        Watching September baseball is like watching spring training, or NFL preseason, for teams out of contention. Except that spring training comes with anticipatory excitement; September comes with boredom.

    • Mike

      It’s like he’s coaching a little league game and it is required that everyone has to play. Bell takes micro managing to a new level. I cannot imagine any free agents wanting to play in this system.

  5. Hotto4Votto

    According to baseball reference Votto’s all-time rankings with Reds:
    #5 in WAR (behind Rose, Bench, Larkin, Robinson)
    T-#10 in batting average (tied with Rose)
    #1 in on-base percentage (.007 ahead of Morgan)
    #2 in slugging percentage (behind only Robinson)
    #2 in OPS (.001 behind Robinson)
    #6 in runs scored (b-ref counts Bid McPhee who last played in 1899)
    #8 in hits (31 behind Vada Pinson)
    $5 in total bases
    #3 in doubles
    #4 in home runs
    #8 in RBI’s
    #2 in base on balls (45 behind Rose)

    All while not being in the top 5 for games played, plate appearances, or at-bats. (no higher than #7 in these categories). We’ve been privileged to watch greatness. Enjoy it.

    • Jefferson Green

      Good info. Yes, Votto has been special to watch. Thanks.

    • Pete

      No doubt and Joey has really been hitting well for awhile.

  6. CFD3000

    Votto has been an offensive force for 12 years now, but I for one think it’s too soon to right him off entirely. The new approach does appear to be working and he seems to be more and more comfortable with it.
    Last 15 games .327 avg / .929 OPS
    Last 30 games .280 avg / .865 OPS
    Small sample size, sure, but when combined with the development of a new approach at the plate, these are encouraging numbers. Reports of his death may have been greatly exaggerated. A nice milestone for Joey Votto last night. Next year 1000 RBI and 2000 hits? It’s been fun to watch and I’m still looking forward to more.

    Having said all that the fate of this team’s offense depends on the young guys. Aquino, Senzel, VanMeter, Winker, Ervin, maybe Blandino. If they grow into strong major league hitters this will be a formidable team in 2020. If not, the pitching may not be enough. I’d love to see the Reds win more than they lose the rest of this year, then win a lot more than they lose next year. But I can already tell you I’ll be awaiting Opening Day 2020 with more excitement than in a long long time.

    • Doc

      My concern/complaint about Joey Votto is his recent consistency in being an offensive non-factor early in the season when it counts, then ‘figuring it out’ and hitting well late in the season when it doesn’t count. When he hit .400 after the ASG a year or two ago, what good was it? He hit nothing in the first half, then once the Reds were 20 games behind he was on fire. Since this is becoming a pattern, the fixes need to be learned and applied far earlier than July or August. Maybe like during spring training, but I realize it is a novel idea to actually use spring training to prepare for the regular season.

  7. David

    Bingo Doc ,play when it counts April 1thru September,it takes coaching and incentive.Even the youngsters are in on the bore.