Final R H E
Cincinnati Reds (63-69)
5 7 0
Miami Marlins (47-85)
0 4 0
W: DeSclafani (9-7, 4.05) L: Alcantara (4-12, 4.22)
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If only the Cincinnati Reds could play the Miami Marlins around 80 times a year. The Reds clinched a series win with a 5-0 victory over the Marlins on Wednesday night at Marlins Park.

Anthony DeSclafani was the man of the night. He tossed seven shutout innings while allowing two hits and walk. He struck out eight Marlins and at one point put together a streak of five-straight K’s. If you look at the old pitcher game score metric, this is tied for the second-best start of his career (82 game score). His best career start came August 27, 2016, at Arizona when he tossed a complete-game shutout (87).

Aristides Aquino tried to steal some of the spotlight with a first-inning three-run dinger.

He continues to set a bunch of records, personally, but this time he also helped the team to tie a record. The Reds now have 39 first-inning homers on the season. One more in the remaining month of games and the record is all theirs.

Eugenio Suarez got in on the home run parade, notching his fourth in as many games.

Jose Iglesias was up to his usual tricks with his glove during this Reds win.

He also had another play that did not record an out but still left everyone’s jaws on the floor. He ranged over to his left as the ball screamed up the middle and he had to dive…you know what, let’s just roll the video:


I know it is a super hot topic, his future with the Reds, but he has been the absolute best defensive shortstop I have ever seen.

Thanks to Disco and Kevin Gausman, the Marlins never threatened the Reds lead. One glance at the win probability graph will tell you how pleasant this particular night was.

The Reds will go for the series and season sweep tomorrow with Alex Wood toeing the rubber.

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  1. matthew hendley

    A good outing by disco, hopefully he can take this on a few more starts. Good that he got the confidence back. Here is to Alex Wood doing the same tomorrow

    • RedsMonk65

      Yes, taking a look at his starts through June, July and August, he has really been solid–except hiccups on a couple of occasions. Of course, several games he pitched well enough to win but did not because of the usual suspects (lack of offensive production, bullpen meltdowns, etc.). ERA has come down almost a full percentage point since the beginning of June. One of the “quiet” surprises of 2019, especially given his injury history in recent years.

      • matthew hendley

        but both in baseball and medically, the best way to get rid of hiccups, is not to have any.

      • Ed

        did anyone else feel that Disco really benefited from a ton of strikes called on the outside, which were not really all that close to the zone?

  2. Wayne nabors

    I agree Jeff,but I’m in minority on this site,I have really enjoyed watching him at short this year,best I’ve seen since Larkin as a whole

    • Pete

      Wayne, I think the consensus is either Iglesias or Galvis can be the starting SS but they do not hit well enough to both start – one at SS, the other at 2B. Iglesias is a heck of a ball player: great defense, plays smart and has the uncanny ability to come up big in key situations.

      • RedsMonk65

        I like JIggy and Galvis both, though I agree only one of them should be around come 2020. I wonder why there has been so little interest in starting JVM and 2B and Galvis at SS?

        Still, I agree, JIggy is a wiz with the glove and great fun to watch!

      • Grand Salami

        let’s not forget defense has been a big part of this team’s success at GABP. Get a bunch of ground ball pitchers and a bunch a guys to cover every part of the park is the name of the game for this team to win consistently at home.

        Despite that, I think FA money to Iglesias has to be a low priority compared to a big OF bat or another 2-3 type starter.

      • Ed

        is LF the place to upgrade in the outfield? To my eyes, I guess it remains to be seen if anyone in the current OF is worthy of starting on a playoff caliber team

    • greenmtred

      I only saw a little of the Wizard and–perhaps a better comparison–Vizquel–but I agree that Jose is tremendous. As to the problem with starting both him and Galvis, the main objection–and it’s a legitimate one–is that this deprives JVM of time at second. Galvis and Iglesias are not great hitters, but they aren’t hopeless or useless, either, so unless a replacement who is significantly better is available, change for change’s sake is mostly pointless.

  3. Ed

    I wish it made sense to keep Iglesias and Galvis where they are right now. I think Iglesias in the 8-hole is perfect, and seeing him and Galvis in tandem on defense is just a total joy to me for some reason. Today in particular, Iglesias was on fire. As much as I wish he’d walk more, I love watching him pull base hits— and steal bases.

    I like JVM too. Is it clear he will absolutely be better than Galvis at 2nd? Are there any 2B players hitting free agency that really stand out?

    • RedsMonk65

      Yes, I like watching them, too. They both have great gloves, and Galvis can hit for power. Iglesias, this season anyway, has been a good hitter in key situations.

      But I just don’t get how they’re using JVM. They seem to think he’s only a utility player. If Winker weren’t injured right now, he likely wouldn’t be on the field at all — only coming in for PH situations and double switches late in games. I would just like to see what he could do at 2B over an extended time — if the next month is really about seeing what we have/don’t have for 2020. We know what the other two are capable of. In any event, we certainly do not need to have 3 middle infielders on the 25-man roster next year.

  4. Eric B

    Tonight was undoubtedly the best start from Disco thus far, albeit against lowly competition, they are still major league hitters. The 94 to 95 mph fastball had outside-in movement I don’t recall seeing very much if any in past starts this year. Has Derrick Johnson pulled another rabbit out of his hat? Disco stayed out of the kill zone for the most part which has been a major bugaboo resulting in solid contact and too many HRs. His velocity was maintained through the late innings telling me he is finally healthy and pain free. If this continues he will ne a solid #3-4 in 2020.

    Great Job Disco!
    Let’s go RedLegs.

    • Reddawg12

      I agree completely. Puig is solid in RF and has a great arm, but as a hitter he’s really inconsistent (always has been) and basically does all of his damage on occasional mistake pitches that get hit a mile. You also have to think he is probably on his best behavior as a teammate this season, being that he’s in a contract year. I would much rather roll with some combination of Senzel, Winker, Aquino, and VanMeter in the OF next season than throw any kind of significant money at Puig.

      • TR

        Puig has it on defense, but offensively he is an inconsistent hitter. Not what the Reds need.

      • RedsMonk65

        Not me. I’m consistently bad. That’s why I don’t play anymore. 🙂

      • TR

        Inconsistent, in my opinion, is a batting average of below .270 which is how I see Puig.

  5. Reddawg12

    Disco was really impressive tonight. Pitch after pitch right on the edge of the zone and really seemed to get into a rhythm as he went deeper into the game. I realize he pitched against the Marlins, but I think he would have been lights out against any team tonight with that command. Super encouraging.

  6. Klugo

    Whoa. Best defensive SS youve ever seen??

  7. Roger Garrett

    Iggy is a very very good defender but if the Reds have him and Galvis as starters next year its a big mistake but its one they continue to make since Galvis arrived.Go figure,They release Scooter and hand second base to Galvis,platoon JVM in left and set Peraza.Makes no sense.

    • Jim Walker

      I believe the Reds are trying to win as many games as possible. The rubber meets the road if/ when Winker is healthy enough to be back in the left field rotation. Has Winker lost his job to JVM? Will they put JVM at 2B and sit either J.Iglesias or Galvis?

      • RojoBenjy

        The old “avoid 90 losses in the 150th Anniversary” theory.

        I believe it, because Bob C. held on to Cueto in 2015 just for the All Star Game. And held on to Frazier AFTER the All Star Game in 2015 when his value was absolutely peaked after winning the HR derby.

  8. DocProc

    Agree with everyone: Galvis and Iglesias are a great keystone combo, but only one should be in our 2020 plans. Toward that end, JVM should be playing every day–preferably at 2B–to see what we have.

  9. Don

    100% agreement, only one of Galvis and Iglesias on roster in 2020. If not it will hurt the team for 2021 and beyond as younger players can never develop based on Bell will use them.

  10. SultanofSwaff

    I don’t get this idea that the Reds only need one of Galvis and Iglesias. You think the big spending teams have these sorts of debates??? NO! They accumulate as much talent as possible. Quality depth is one of the big separators between the big and small market teams. Let’s not forget that injuries happen too. Relative to the overall payroll (which is too low relative to league wide revenues), the team can absolutely afford both guys without harming their ability to compete for free agents or extend cost controlled players.

    • Jim Walker

      True. And if we are looking at 2020 and beyond keep in mind that rosters will expand to 26 next year with pitchers being capped, almost certainly at 13 and possibly as low as 12.

    • RedsMonk65

      Point well taken, but I think the issue debated here is not whether or not the Reds can afford both. They certainly can. Rather, it’s playing time for the “young guys” that the Reds should be looking at toward building for 2020 and beyond. If both stay (and Winker is healthy), then where does that leave the very young and talented JVM? On the bench, most likely.

      But, as you said, injuries do happen, which is why JVM is getting playing time now.

  11. Jeffery stroupe

    I think they will stand pat with who they have and hope the young guys improve. The bullpen has great stuff….just keep it off middle of plate.

  12. AirborneJayJay

    The Jose Iglesias / Freddy Galvis situation will get resolved this off-season. This is however, dependent upon the Reds re-signing Jose Iglesias to be the SS. One area where I would look for a resolution would be with the Oakland A’s. They just called up 3B Sheldon Neuse, but is blocked at 3B by a great 3B in Matt Chapman. They have played him some at 2B, SS and LF at AAA to give him some versatility. He also was an outstanding pitcher in college at Oklahoma. He is only 24. The A’s fans seem to think the A’s are in big need of a 2B for next year. They seem to think Neuse is expendable too. I would look to trade Galvis and Ervin or a pitcher to Oakland for Neuse and play Neuse in LF with Winker being the #4 OF and get Winker a 1B mitt to back up Votto. Maybe the A’s would be intrigued with Jose Peraza too. At least it clears a spot at 2B for JVM. It also might pave the way for the Reds to keep Dietrick on for 2020 as a LH hitter.
    The neat thing would be that Neuse would be similar to Lorenzen, but different. Neuse would be a good position player that could also spot relief, where Lorenzen is a good reliever that can get some time in the field and PH. Neuse has a great arm and would be a natural in LF and is said to be very athletic too. One drawback is Neuse is a RH hitter and it would make the Reds OF all RH hitters. But with Winker as the #4 OF and a LH hitter who has played all 3 OF positions, there would be plenty of AB’s for all 4 of them. Plus Winker would get some time subbing for Votto at 1B and there sets up a succession plan for after Votto. At least it would appear as if there is a plan in place instead of the throw stuff up against a wall and see what sticks plan that the Reds have been using for quite some time now. Here is a link to the MLBTR article and Neuse’s B-R page.
    I’d like to see if the Reds could pry Neuse away from Oakland this winter.