Final R H E
Cincinnati Reds (60-69)
8 11 1
Pittsburgh Pirates (55-75)
9 12 0
W: Agrazal (3-3) L: Bauer (10-11) SV: Vazquez (23)
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Trevor Bauer allowed eight runs in the first three innings and the Reds couldn’t quite come all of the way back as they were swept by the Pirates on Sunday.

The Offense

The game started out well for Cincinnati. Josh VanMeter and Freddy Galvis both walked. Singles by Aristides Aquino and Jose Iglesias brought in a run each, and then Curt Casali had a sacrifice fly that made it 3-0 before the Pirates even had a chance to come to the plate. But the Pirates did come to the plate and scored multiple runs in the first three innings and took an 8-3 lead after three.

The Reds chipped away. Curt Casali grounded out, but drove in Jose Iglesias in the 5th to make it 8-4. Kyle Farmer went deep for a solo homer in the 6th. Josh VanMeter hit one into the river in the 8th for a 2-run shot that made it 8-7. The Pirates got that run back in their half of the inning, though, to extend their lead back to 2 runs. And that was huge because Eugenio Suarez homered for the 35th time of the season in the 9th to make it 9-8. But that was all the offense could muster and they would fall just short of the comeback.

Jose Iglesias went 3-5 on the day. Kyle Farmer went 2-3 on a day in which he didn’t start the game. Josh VanMeter went 1-4 with a walk, 2 runs scored, and he had 2 RBI. Derek Dietrich went 1-3 and was hit by a pitch.

The Pitching

Trevor Bauer didn’t have it today and the Pirates touched him up for 8 runs, 7 of which were earned, in just 3.0 innings. That’s not exactly how you hope your starter responds to being handed a 3-0 lead before he ever takes the mound.

R.J. Alaniz took over for Bauer in the 4th inning and he tossed 2.0 perfect innings, recording a strikeout in the process. Robert Stephenson and Michael Lorenzen each tossed shutout innings to follow. Amir Garrett came out for the 8th. The lefty allowed an RBI double to Starling Marte that made it a 9-7 game, and that run loomed large as the Suarez homer would have otherwise tied the game up in the next inning.

Notes Worth Noting

Joey Votto did some field work before the game today, but isn’t quite ready to return from the injured list just yet.

Josh VanMeter’s home run broke Trackman. It picked up the exit velocity and the launch angle of his home run into the river, but it did not pick up a distance.

Through five starts with the Reds, Trevor Bauer has posted a 7.62 ERA and through 26.0 innings.

There’s something in the water in Pittsburgh besides Josh VanMeter’s home run. The Reds have now lost 10 straight games at PNC Park.

Up Next for the Cincinnati Reds

Cincinnati Reds vs Miami Marlins

Monday August 26th, 7:10pm

Sonny Gray (9-6, 2.92 ERA) vs. Pablo Lopez (5-5, 4.23 ERA)

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  1. LWblogger2

    So who’s still excited about the Bauer trade? (Crickets)

    Absolutely can’t judge a trade this early but I was hoping he’d show in 2019 why I shouldn’t be so down on the trade to bring him here. So far, he’s had one nice game.

    • James H.

      “Through five starts with the Reds, Trevor Bauer has posted a 7.62 ERA and through 26.0 innings.”

      He’s looking pretty suckie…

    • Mason Red

      I wasn’t excited by the trade from the get go. Not surprised he’s struggling.

      • LWblogger2

        I am actually surprised he is struggling but I didn’t like the trade because:

        We gave up 6 years of control of what could be argued was still our top prospect.

        Bauer only is controlled through 2020 and seems an unlikely extension candidate.

        Bauer isn’t cheap this year or in 2020. He’s likely a $15-million+ guy next year.

  2. Indy Red Man

    JVM is a bad little dude! Sure Bauer can’t be this bad? Throws 96 and has crazy breaking stuff, but you just can’t start everyone off 2-0. He’ll get it together.

    “If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?”
    “If the last place team COMPLETELY CRUSHES, OWNS, DISMEMBERS, BULLIES, and STEALS THE SOUL from the 4th place team then who is really the last place team?”

    • Jim Walker

      Here is what I just said on Twitter:

      “A team which can split 4 games series with likes of Cubs, Cards, Braves then rolls over in front of Pirates as #Reds did is a team lacking direction and leadership. Not talking rah, rah in face stuff. Just lack of basic ability to (consistently) motivate, prepare and execute.

      Some may point to absence of Votto and Winker. However the #reds just split with Cards and took 2 of 3 from Padres with neither of these 2. And we’ve seen too many failures similar to Pitt series this year with both of them playing to lay things off to their absence”.

      • Roger Garrett

        Well said and correct.The 3 things you mentioned is exactly what winning teams do.This team has talent but lack just the fundamental stuff or the little things which makes all the difference.Hitters and pitchers have bad days because it is a long season but not running the bases correctly,missing cut off men,situational hitting and fielding should come natural and it doesn’t for this team.Lack of these things is why you lose close 1 run games.First two guys get on in the third and don’t move,lead off guys gets on the next inning and doesn’t move.Friday’s game man on third and no out and 3 straight strike outs.Its a team game and we have a bunch of individuals playing as individuals.Thats a culture thing and won’t be fixed unless their is some kind of accountability.

  3. FreeHouse

    The trevor bauer trade for the Reds is starting to look like when the pirates dealt for Archer, a total bust!

    • LWblogger2

      Not quite that bad. They gave up 2 real players and we probably gave up just 1 who stands to be a good MLB player.

  4. Sidney

    Makes zero sense to bring Votto back this year.

    • George

      Totally correct. Joey can’t help this team this year. His presence will not increase or maintain attendance. Only the Cub fans can help fill the REDS SEATS!!!!

  5. Mike Adams

    I’ll give this a try:

    sound is mechanical radiant energy that is transmitted by longitudinal pressure waves in a material medium such as air, so yes a falling tree makes a sound whether there is someone there or not;

    standings are determined by total wins and losses, so regardless of the just completed series, the last place team (for now) is still the Pirates.

    • TR

      Five weeks to go with the wild card and .500 in the rearview mirror. Now it’s down to the race for 4th. place to see if the Reds can avoid a fifth consecutive last place finish.

    • greenmtred

      Without knowing why (and thanks for explaining), I’ve always thought that a falling tree makes a sound regardless of who hears or doesn’t hear it. I’m so tired of the poor play we’ve been seeing for the last umpteen years that I have no more faith in improvement.

  6. RojoBenjy

    Guess he’s still tipping his pitches?

  7. Eric B

    The guy jumping out of the boat retrieving the JMV ball made the best catch of the day.

  8. Sean

    I would like to point out that Casali was catching today, his first time catching Bauer. It was clear they were not on the same page and so I think it’s fair to say that at least played a role. It’s also wayyyy to early to grade the Bauer trade. Trading half a season of puig is okay, trammall is really really struggling so we need to see how that goes. It could end up being the reds trade half a season of someone and a nobody for a solid pitcher which is always good. It also could be reds trade away World Series MVP Yasiel Puig and HOF outfielder Taylor Trammall for below average pitcher so it’s wayyyyy to early to gauge!

    • Ed

      Bauer has had 4 horrendous failed outings of his last 5, be it Casali or the weather or pitch tipping or whatever … there’s always some reason. at the very least he’s inconsistent. At worst he’s got some serious mechanical issues that he needs to address. I would posit that he’s probably worked up some mental block from being so fixated on his mechanics, coupled with what seems like his arrogance and lack of emotional control. I dunno- I want to see him succeed but it’s really been bad watching him.

      I also see Amir is really struggling the last few outings.

      • LWblogger2

        And he laid an egg his last start in Cleveland too.

    • earmbrister

      Count me as one that believes that Bauer will be just fine. Rough patches happen, and I like the combination of Bauer’s talent and the pitching coach’s skills. Like Sean said, it’s wayyyy to early to judge this.

  9. Erik the red

    They are on their way to another losing season. I believe that is six in a row now. Without a bunch new talent in the off season they will have a difficult time being a winner next year. How many of these every day starters are top 10 in their position? A lot of work and luck needed just to have a winning record next year by ownership, front office, manager, coaches, and players.

    • SteveLV

      I think you’re top 10 players at their position point is an important one, Erik. Tampa Bay is the only serious contender with a lineup of just solid major leaguers. St Louis might be included depending on how you think about a couple of their players. All the rest have at least 4 position payers who could be all stars. The Reds need to bring in a couple of those top 10 guys and Senzel needs to become one.
      The core of virtually every really competitive team is 4 top 10 position players and 2 top starters. The Bauer trade signaled to me that the Reds are going to try to make that happen in 2020. I wasn’t a big fan of the trade because I thought the team was too far away from that to pull it off. The Bauer move has to be one of a couple of big moves, not THE big move for 2020.

  10. Ed

    It’s cool that he is so engrossed in pitching mechanics. It would be really cool if he was pitching well. The 7+ ERA here could really go back further to include that horrible last game in Cleveland too… insane. He’s also so obviously flustered and emotional on the mound. Not even in control of himself, much less dominating

    • Jim Walker

      My recollection is that Aaron Harang could sound like this at times but overall things worked out well with him. I recall often feeling like Harang was an artist at heart while Arroyo was a down and dirt competitor on the mound. But they both got the job done.

  11. matthew hendley

    so glad we gave up tramell and puig for this. GO Bengals. Cant wait for 9 Sep

    • TR

      But it did open up a regular spot for AA.

    • Pete

      Me too:

      Puig: 258/312/470, wRC+ =98

      Trammell: 165/245/259, wRC+ = 44

      Not missing them yet.

    • Doug Gray

      I mean, I get frustration with the Reds losing, but have you never followed the Bengals before? If you have, then the “Go Bengals, can’t wait for 9 Sep” comment just screams insanity. Because, well, Bengals.

      • Mason Red

        I think your looking at it the wrong way. The Reds are so bad even the equally bad Bengals are seen as a worthy alternative. It’s really bad luck for Cincinnati sports fans to have two professional sports franchises that operate solely to make money and not to put a winning team on the field. The real insanity is believing the Reds are more dedicated to winning than the Bengals. They are almost mirror images of each other.

      • matthew hendley

        I did get the date wrong there. I meant September 8th which is the opening day for them, v the Seahawks. The Bengals were about winning for a while, but just couldn’t get over that hump.

      • RojoBenjy

        The Bengals are dead to me because of that Son of a Paul Brown owner.

        The Reds owner is on double secret probation with me. He needs to kick Wally J out and change the locks.

      • matthew hendley

        And yes I remember the 90’s and the kijana Carters and the Jeff Blakes and the Akili Smiths. But I also remember the 2000-15 with the Carson Palmers and the Ochocinco and Real legitimate playoff hopes every year.

      • Doug Gray

        How’d that work out?

        Crippling depression is the answer. Between that, and just the constant overlooking bad people doing bad things because they were good at football, it just killed any passion I had for them. Maybe that’s not what it’s done for you, but given your complaints about the Reds it’s just weird that you would in turn be ready to move on to the Bengals. But whatever makes you happy, my man – just felt like a weird comment/connection there.

      • matthew hendley

        cause its Cincinnati. Was born and raised in Cincinnati, first football game I watched on tv was SB 23. Same reason I don’t really have a Basketball team, (NBA wise).
        I will root for Cincinnati teams my entire life, regardless of the outcome. I was just holding out for the Reds to go somewhere this season longer then most.

      • Mason Red

        Asking “how that work out” in regards to being a Bengals fan can easily be turned around on the Reds. The fact is both franchises are dysfunctional and both value profitability without success on the field. One is not better than the other when it comes to the fans. They both suck the life out of their fan bases who are incredibly and begrudgingly loyal to them. It truly is a shame.

      • Doug Gray

        To some extent, yes.

        We’re all idiots who for some reason root for the team from the town we were born in out of tribalism. I guess I drew the line with the Bengals after the playoff loss to Pittsburgh after yet another heart break, combined with the fact that they also just kept on bringing back guys with sketchy at best backgrounds because they were good at sports ball. Maybe that makes me the weirdo – and if so, I’m cool with that one.

  12. Eric B

    The Trevor Bauer trade will work out. He’s had some bad outings but he has also shown what he is capable of doing. He is definitely an upgrade when compared to Mahle. In today’s game he got frustrated when the defense let him down time and time again. Dropped balls, lackadaisical and offline throws from the outfield, misplayed balls off the wall and a flyball which there was no attempt made to catch it. This level of inept defensive would frustrate any pitcher but Bauer will have to suck it up and deal with times when things do not go his way. Like his last outing when he was cruising along then the opposing pitcher hit an rbi single. After that he fell apart giving up hit after hit and the onslaught had begun.
    Bauer will be fine going into 2020, a fresh start with a new season and a new team. I can see teams in fear of a post season rotation of Castillo, Grey, and Bauer. The reds have just got to find some consistency for the position players in the batting order and on the field. This musical chairs experiment with the line up by David Bell has simply got to end. Maybe he is using the remainder of this year to try and zoom in on next years line up. That would be the only justification for what he is now currently doing. But we must keep in mind, he can only work with what he has at his disposal. The guys he plays have got to execute. If they fail to do so, it’s not David Bells fault. He’s just an easy target as is every manager in MLB.

    • Ed

      It ‘could’ work out. For what it’s worth, I actually like Mahle quite a bit. He seems workable. Sadly, Bauer seems like a mess. I may be wrong on this one, but I think his performance for the last 4 or 5 or so has been far worse than any similar stretch from any Reds starters this year

      • Eric B

        Yep. It has been ugly no doubt but it’s not time to give up on Bauer. He’s the 3rd best pitcher in next years rotation. Mahle can’t keep the ball in the yard. His straight arrow barely 90 mph fastball ain’t getting many swings and misses. He’s worse than Disco for giving up HRs. They are going to have to get a number five starter for next year. Ramono is no major league pitcher so I can see Bob Steve as a potential #5 going into spring training. That is if there is no great FA signings coming out of the winter meetings. Maybe the reds culture is changing going forward concerning those type of players. It’s time to get off the waiver wire kick and sign someone of quality. Good leadership dedicated to winning must be instilled in everyone making contractual decisions if this team is ever going to win again. If not, they will continue to place at or near the bottom of the NLC.

    • TR

      I’d like to be optimistic about Bauer but, in my book, pitching and emotions are not a good mix, especially at this stage of the Reds development.

      • Ed

        I actually didn’t live here in Latos day- do you mind breaking down what happened to him for me?

      • Eric B

        Bauer just wants to win. I can see that in him. He has to channel that emotion as a positive vive of determination and control his temper on the mound. Above all do not openly diss your teammates during the game. That will not accomplish anything, save it for the clubhouse.

    • Big Ed

      I’d just put Bauer on waivers, to save them about 18% of what he’s owed this year (about $2.25 million) and not have to overpay him next year, assuming that a team claims him. There is absolutely no way that Bauer will be a Red in 2021, and the Reds aren’t going to make the playoffs next year with the lame bats they have now.

      There is probably no way the Reds would admit failure so fast on Bauer, but not admitting mistakes is the hallmark of this franchise. The more realistic option is to trade him in the off-season. He might work for the Angels, but the Angels don’t have much in their system, and they ain’t trading Jo Adell.

      I would waive Alex Wood, too. If somebody takes him, the Reds would save about $1.6 million the rest of the season. Wood is awful, and even if he pitches well, he won’t resign with the Reds, so ditch him now.

      • earmbrister

        You waive Bauer and it won’t be a question as to whether another team claims him.

        Yeah, let’s waive Bauer, Wood, and why stop there? There’s no limit to how much we can save.

    • Daytonnati

      If everything they say about Bauer and his temperament are to be believed, I was fully looking for him to say something to Ervin in the dugout after that first inning. Harshly.

      • jazzmanbbfan

        Instead he slapped hands and encouraged everyone as they came off the field, including Ervin. Whoever “they” is, “they” probably don’t know much. My Cleveland friends say he is a good teammate. He’s obviously quirky. So has Votto been his whole career.

  13. Ed

    Galvis saved Bauer’s booty too with that jumping catch to end the inning. It would have been worse.

  14. Chris Holbert

    It would be interesting to know, how many different starting lineups there have been, and how many back to back identical lineups there has been. Without knowing the numbers, I would guess a lot, and none.

    • RojoBenjy

      I would welcome an analysis like this also.

  15. Broseph

    Anyone else frustrated with the softball style defense when throwing he ball in? I remember from softball days when fast players would wait for outfield to just lob a ball to the cut off and steal a base because it’s only 60 ft.

    Hamilton did it multiple times for the Reds and for Atlanta yesterday, then Ervin today.

    And the coaches are cool with this? I’m not sure the effect on morale, but who cares, go out and make your double switch (David Bell) or pull Ervin during the next half inning and set an example.

    Can’t hit cut off, go back to Louisville. Can’t get the ball in, go back to Louisville. Can’t hit the mit where the catcher wants it, fix it in Louisville.

    Time to set an example that this is the show, this is MLB where Cobb, Williams, Ruth, etc have shared the same field. Sloppy play isn’t acceptable.

    Ah, I feel better getting that out

  16. Pete

    Most disturbing aspect of a game that had many disturbing aspects:

    Aquino stuck out on three center-cut 4-seam fastballs from Keone Kela. He didn’t even nick a single one. In fact, all Kela threw him were 4-seam fastballs – 2 balls and 3 strikes. Velocities from 96.5 to 98.3 mph. Everyone has been concerned AA couldn’t hit breaking balls, I’m concerned can he hit high velocity FB’s. To be fair, two of the strikes were at the letters but the last one was a Broadway – perfectly in the center of the plate at 98 mph. We will probably know by the end of the week if this is a major concern as word gets around the league.

    • Ed

      I saw that too! I guess everybody whiffs sometimes. Kela’s control also kinda stunk. Lots of pitches over the plate, but he’d throw one in the zone, then one up high. Then one in the zone, one high, etc. he still managed two Ks I believe.

    • Shchi Cossack

      The high 4-seamer will possibly be Aquino’s Achille’s heel. That doesn’t mean he can’t deal with the high fastball, just that he hasn’t shown any other weakness. He will have to learn the high strike zone at the MLB level and learn to lay off those high pitches, just like the low outside and low inside pitches. The strike zones in AAA are different than in MLB. They shouldn’t be, but the strike zone also shouldn’t be different than the rules stipulate and they are on both counts. We have just over a month to see if Aquino will be susceptible to the high fastball, because he will see a lot of them. My money’s on Aquino.

  17. Shchi Cossack

    If anyone was wondering why Winker (he of the lead-soled cleats) was playing CF when Senzel was out of the lineup, today was a gross reminder. Ervin is a bad defensive OF, but he does have good speed. The only position he can play is LF.

    The Reds could really use a player with OF experience (at least 100 games started in various defensive positions), specifically CF, with speed. Someone to spell Senzel in CF right now. With Winker on the IL, a LH hitter would be ideal, especially if he could play multiple defensive positions, including 1B, to also spell Votto, and LF, to platoon with Ervin while Winker is on the IL.

    Oh yeah, they do, but they just optioned him to AAA when they activated Dietrich from the IL, so they didn’t have to give him regular playing time in positions (CF, LF & 1B) where the starter was on the IL or struggling with fatigue or stress issues.

    • Jim Walker

      Officially Dietrich took Winker’s spot then Casali took O’Grady’s; but, yeah on everything else. Personally I don’t see what the hurry was to get either of them back before the roster expansion. Casali maybe because it frees Farmer but Dietrich?

      And just when Ervin was looking like he was getting LF figured out looking comfortable and confident they send him to CF and a big setback in confidence no doubt.

      AA played some CF at AA, I’d like to know why they didn’t move him over and put Ervin in RF where he also has some experience this year.

      • Don

        Playing players in defensive positions that they do not have confidence and fell comfortable is something which Bell has done consistently this year with many younger players and Ervin in CF was just another example.

        He seems to want the younger players to fail by pushing their comfort level which he does not do with any veterans. He keeps rolling out the same veterans in the same defensive spots.

  18. matthew hendley


    Puigs line since moving to Cleveland. Certainly would be worthwhile in getting back. Reds offense needs a overhaul and certainly a trade of Bauer would help it. Cleveland got one over on us and absolutely robbed san Diego blind. Reds need established hitters, not bringing up every minor leaguer who has a good month and spending 3 years hoping they stick. a horrific loss to be sure. really cant wait for the bengals to be here.

    • PhP

      I love the Bengals and am always optimistic when the season starts. But unfortunately for us Cincinnati fans it always seems in August we can’t wait for football to start and in December we can’t wait for baseball to start. The life of a Cincinnati fan…

      • Steven Ross

        Php: at least Marvin is gone! That’s a victory in itself! I’m actually looking forward to seeing what Zac Taylor brings to the Bengals. The defense looks iffy but the offense will put up points. Acid test begins in Seattle. As for the Reds, I’m sure the FO will tinker with offseason moves but is anything really going to change with Bell as Manager? I think not.

    • VaRedsFan

      I loved Puig for his passion and hustle, but he can hit 1 pitch and 1 pitch only. The low fastball, middle in. There would be no Aquino, if Puig was still here. Great guy, thanks for your service, don’t want him back.

    • JB

      One months of stats. Thats called cherry picking. Show us his stats for April or May and you get something different. There are better options out there.

      • Mason Red

        I agree. Puig is a loose cannon and maddeningly inconsistent. The only reason he was brought here was to trade. That ship has sailed. (Hopefully)

      • greenmtred

        To be fair, look at every Reds player’s stats for April and May. Remember how Joey was (not) hitting?

  19. Rob

    I keep coming back to this being the softest part of our schedule and how we were going to get that elusive 8 game winning streak. Well we are now 2-4 against the bad teams and may be fortunate to get to 5-5. And this is the skeleton of the 90 win 2020 team! There is something lacking and I don’t know whether it is the losing tradition or the manager. But right now I think the 2019 team is closer to being being 15 games out than 5 games out. That would be a extremely disappointing way to finish what many of us thought was a team on the upswing. If this is what actually happens, I hope Williams takes a hard look at it.

    • jessecuster44

      Friend, the team needs to take a hard look at Williams and co. They don’t know what they are doing.

      The Bauer trade looks very bad in terms of value, and why in the world wasn’t Aquino called up sooner? I had some hope in late June, but this is a team without direction. where the heck is the plan?

      • Rob

        Don’t know what Williams meant when he said this year’s team would be “competitive”. 3rd place? 500ish? Certainly not 10 games back in late August with the 8 game win streak still a mirage. I have been saying it the last 1-2 weeks but this team looks like it is going backward to me. There have been mistakes of focus, 2-3 blow outs, and continued one run losses. Disco and Wood both gave us solid starts and we can’t hit diddly. Certainly good enough to continue a win streak. But now we lost 3 games to 3 bad pitchers on a team that has won 8 games in the last 6 weeks. Explain that! We had 10 games in a row to softies but come Friday we have Cards, Phillies, Cubs, D Backs. Is the 10-2 streak in there. Or are we closer to 75 wins and 15 games back? Bell might have to go if he doesn’t get this headed in the right direction very soon!

    • Chris Holbert

      You are exactly right they are closer to 15 out, 11 to be exact, and sinking fast.

  20. Ed

    Oh man. From 3rd the NL, the run differential is now just +8. Have there been 4 blow out losses since the all star break? Or maybe even 5 or 6? Oof. I wonder what impact Turner Ward has had on these guys. No one is excelling at the plate, even with Suarez bearing 40 homers this season.

    The positive run differential was a product of piling-on in big wins, and losing by narrow margins. Strange that so many pitchers shut down the Reds. Maybe there’s an issue with their entire approach that either works, or doesn’t, with certain pitchers? Or, maybe when they’re ahead, the let it go and have fun and hit the ball?

    I can’t imagine Bauer or Wood pulling it together any time soon. maybe Maybe Wood will work hard in the off-season? the last starts from them have just been ridiculous. Even Mahle and Roark never sunk this low, right? The bullpen with Wandy and Hernandez sure did- but yikes.

    Is there an easy way to see which starters have three or more 8+ run train wreck outings under their belts in one season

  21. AirborneJayJay

    Positive momentum.
    Winning Baseball in Cincinnati.
    When is the lame front office going to hold David Bell accountable for this train wreck? When is ownership going to hold the front office accountable?
    This team has no leadership. No accountability. No winning. More of the same ole same ole since 2015.

    • RojoBenjy

      The problem is that no one can hold ownership accountable. It starts at the top.

  22. RedNat

    a lot of posts on leadership (or lack there of ) on this club. Which got me thinking, I am old enough to remember when infielders would call time out to go talk to the pitchers. Concepcion and Larkin would do it all the time. Bench did it too when he played first or third. Now you rarely if ever see that. It would have been nice to have maybe Suarez or Iglesias do that today with Bauer. Like look man we got you a 3 run lead, we need this game, this ain’t the 1927 Yankees up there, lets go!

    • Doug Gray

      You rarely see it now because there are rules in place on the number of times you can visit the mound and any player that does so counts. After so many the team must change pitchers.

  23. Eric B

    So the pathetic offensive performances, pitching meltdowns, one run losses and overall losing record deserves all the criticism redlegnation can dish out, deservedly so. What or why David Bell does the things he does on a daily basis leaves many of us scratching our heads. But…..?
    I still believe Dick William’s and Nick Krall are dedicated to and intelligent enough to putting a winning product on the field with some sort of plan for the future. I have to believe this, there is no other choice for me as a life long reds fan with zero plans for changing teams. That’s not a possibility for me, I’m stuck in this conundrum. If I have lost total faith in the FO and deem them a bunch of incompetent ignoramoses then there’s no point in even watching MLB anymore for me. I don’t watch any other teams play until the division series playoffs start WITHOUT the reds EVERY single fall. I watch all 162 reds games every year. With all the losing records they have accomplished, especially the last 5 seasons. I could not continue to do that if I had no confidence in the possibility that things were going to get somewhat better. William’s and associates possess all control over personnel decisions. They ARE the new FO everyone including myself have been hollering about for a long time now. Maybe these particular people are not the ones everyone specifically had in mind, But…..?
    Again, they ARE the ones chosen by the powers that be to reshape this team so let’s give them the benefit of the doubt and just maybe a teenie weenie vote of confidence while we’re at it. Or at the very least quit ragging them every single time an opportunity presents itself. That accomplishes nothing in itself except to turn this extraordinarily fine reds forum into a bitching board for the malcontents. Have some faith people, it works.
    Now pile on.

  24. TR

    I’ll feel better if the Reds can win at least 3 of 4 in Miami and then on to St. Louis followed by four at home against the Phillies. It should be an interesting offseason in Redsland with change on the way.

    • greenmtred

      I’ll wait and see about the change. What I’m looking at is a team with a few good players–players they’d probably have to trade to get good players. That sounds a lot like treading water to me. Free agents? Maybe. But how much can (will) they spend? Is Cincy an attractive destination for a quality FA? It’s going to take more than one or two good additional players to actually get this team to the playoffs next year, and I can’t see where they’d come from. It’ll snow soon, though, so no matter.

  25. David

    Truth,it hurts sometimes. If your coaching can’t get millionaire baseball players to shorten swings in 2 out scenarios,hit and run execution,straight line with slight hook base running, then why will baseball fanatics continue to watch.Well they are not.This isn’t correctable.This is 2020 professional baseball,Redleg style.Was fun to watch last year ,and temporarily with Beneviedes,No sense in visiting Cincinnati at this point.

  26. Hot Chili

    So, after so much expectations we’ve come to the same results.
    There’s no Jocketty, Dusty Baker or “old school approach” to blame for this mess.
    A brand new sabermetricians staff came along, to the same outcome. The minor leagues affiliates are just as terrible as the big league team with very few hopes of producing talent. Even worse, the players that come up look exactly the same that their fellow bigleaguers: The pitchers, wild and inconsistent, incapable to keep the ball in the park and melting down in crucial situations. The position players, hackers in the first degree, defensively flawed, cold chest in big situations.
    The stats (oh those numbers!) fooled many people for a while. Run differential indeed made many to dream about a comeback. Some others saw the daily dumb running, missing cutoff man, 2-pitches ab’s or looking at strike 3 with RISP as red flags. And yes, the season was lost in April when the likes of Votto, Suarez, Puig, Winker (the alledged big guns) failed miserably.
    On the positive side, pitching in general took a step forward (not Iglesias withstanding). Aquino, Van Meter, worth a long look but hold the expectations. There’s a reason they were not prospects in anybody’s radar, so the bandwagon may be short lived.
    At the end, fellow fans, this team’s failure is not Bell’s fault alone. It’s an organizational failure that starts at the bottom, at rookie league all the way up. Better hitting and pitching coaches are a must to start changing their fate.

    • RojoBenjy

      Organizational failures start at the top, don’t they?

      And Walt Jocketty hasn’t gone anywhere. He’s sitting next to Bob Castellini durning every game at GABP.

      That to me is terrifying and sickening because it means business as usual. Which for Castellini means lots of cash—a constant for any MLB owner nowadays, despite W-L record.

      We love the Reds. We root for laundry. We fans are the people that pour so much emotion into it. The ones you live can also inflict the most heartache upon you.

      • Hot Chili

        I meant failure in player development, which obviously starts in the bottom and clearly has been a disaster.
        At some point the lame excuse of Jocketty has to die down. Williams and co. are clearly on the helm. They brought a new group of coaches like Johnson (thumbs up) and Ward (hmmmm). A new saber approach, a saber-friendly manager in Bell that must in this site praised and now despise. Same with Castellini, he’s earned money and spent money on the team. But not Jocketty, Bell or Castellini “hit” or “run” for Votto, Suarez and the rest of these underachievers nor pitch for Iglesias, Bauer, Garret or Wood, who are supposed to do a better job.

  27. Shchi Cossack

    We are quickly approaching the T minus 1-month countdown to the 2019 Cincinnati Reds’ offseason. Where do we stand as the Reds prepare to head into the offseason? Here are the Old Cossack’s thoughts…

    Barnhart and Casali make a nice catching tandem…if Barnhart’s adjustments at the plate hold as a permanent production increase. The only viable upgrade would be Grandal if the Reds deem that the upgrade justifies the cost and risk.

    First Base:
    Joey Votto…period. Votto’s role may change for the 2020 season. He may play less and shift down in the lineup, but Votto will remain a productive fixture at 1B. Since May 31st, Votto has an .807 OPS, a 109 wRC+, a 118 LD%+ and a 110 HARD%+.

    Second Base:
    Quit fooling around and make the decision and commitment. Josh VanMeter has earned the position and opportunity with an .857 OPS, 122 wRC+, a 146 LD%+ and a 137 HARD%+ since May 31st.

    Ugh! Make a decision already! Jose Iglesias will be a free agent and the Reds grabbed Freddy Galvis off the waiver wire with a team option for 2020. Jose Peraza remains under team control with an option still available. Didi Gregorius will be available as a FA. Peraza may yet be the future SS for the Reds, but not in 2020. His .679 OPS, 74 wRC+, 131 SOFT%+ and 0.0 WAR since May 31st simply doesn’t play. He needs to finally prove himself (or not) at the minor league level. Iglesias, Galvis and Gregorius all represent the same player at this point, a 29-year-old, good defensive, marginal offensive SS. Galvis remains under team control and is probably the best offensive option for the money. Plant Galvis at SS NOW(!) and keep him there for the 2020 season.

    Third Base:
    Eugenio Suarez…period. Like Votto, his role may change for the 2020 season, but he is a solid player under team control. Adjusting Suarez hitting profile, back to spraying line drives around the outfield and being more selective at the plate rather than his all-or-nothing home run approach, during the offseason along with some aggressive fitness and stamina training would go a long way to a more productive 2020 season. Some occasional rest during the season would also help.

    Left Field:
    Like it or not, LF is set and productive with a Jesse Winker/Phillip Ervin platoon. That platoon produced (.887/1.332) OPS and (126/236) wRC+ during the 2019 season and that plays every day. Winker has fully demonstrated a sever platoon split and Ervin collapses as an everyday player. Together they create a dynamic offensive option for LF, albeit defensively challenged.

    Center Field:
    Nick Senzel…or bust. Senzel adapted nicely to CF but appeared worn down and confused at the plate as the season progressed thru the dog days of summer. He needs to adjust his hitting profile from a groundball (113 GB%+) and weak contact (108 SOFT%+) approach to a more aggressive line drive/hard contact, more selective plate approach, less like Peraza and more like an MLB hitter.

    Right Field:
    Unless NL pitchers find an exploitable weakness against Aristides Aquino’s bat, this will be a no-brainer that even the Reds and Bell can’t screw up. Aquino represents a classic RF with tools to spare, youth, talent, attitude and personality.

    1. (2B) Josh VanMeter (L)
    2. (CF) Nick Senzel (R)
    3. (LF) Jesse Winker (L) / Phillip Ervin (R)
    4. (RF) Aristides Aquino (R)
    5. (1B) Joey Votto (L)
    6. (3B) Eugenio Suarez (R)
    7. (SS) Freddie Galvis (B)
    8. (C) Tucker Barnhart (B) / Curt Casali (R)

    Of course, developments over the next month could change things dramatically, but fortunately the Reds still have another month to establish confidence on the team needs heading into the offseason.

    One possible upgrade I would seriously consider is a trade for a can’t miss, MLB-ready, controllable CF prospect (if there is such a thing), someone like Luis Robert, if the Reds could match up with someone needing a gold glove, speedy, solid-hitting, MLB-ready infield prospect.

    • RojoBenjy

      Love this post, Old Cossack, but I cannot figure out to whom you are referring to in the Reds org as “a gold glove, speedy, solid-hitting, MLB-ready infield prospect.”

      One thing further to propose is that if the Reds get said center fielder, they have flexibility to move Senzel back to 3B and try to get a nice haul for Suarez. There is some merit in trading good players to get better ones in the long run.

      • Shchi Cossack

        Ah, that would be Senzel as the ticket to aquire an elite CF prospect. It would be a LOT to give up, but the ask would be very high too.

      • RojoBenjy

        OK, thanks for the clarification.

    • Eric B

      Great post Old Cossack.
      Take a chance by trading Senzel? Wow. Hum? Well…
      Must think for a long while.

  28. matthew hendley

    A new trend, a similar lineup 3 days in a row, only the CF and Catcher have changed. Senzel and TB Back in there.

    Josh VanMeter (L) LF
    Freddy Galvis (S) 2B
    Eugenio Suarez (R) 3B
    Aristides Aquino (R) RF
    Tucker Barnhart (S) C
    Jose Iglesias (R) SS
    Derek Dietrich (L) 1B
    Nick Senzel (R) CF
    Sonny Gray (R) P

  29. Roger Garrett

    Obviously the plan is for Galvis and Iggy to be at second and short come 2020 and for JVM to be in a platoon with 3 or 4 other outfielders.Suarez still in there in his pursuit of 40 homers and DD still in there trying to get going.Tucker and his power bat protecting AA and Iggy and his power bat protecting Tucker.Senzel in the 8 hole because well he has never played this many games in a season and he is slumping and we can’t give him another day or two off because we have no one to play center after sending down O Grady and Ervin’s lapse yesterday.That about covers it other then a double switch in the 7th to get Peraza an at bat or two.I expect Gray to be really good again so if we can manage 2 or 3 runs we may get a win.One game closer to the end of a very interesting yet losing season.

  30. Eric B

    These kind of thoughts are why this is the best reds forum on the planet. I was thinking the same thing about Suarez. If he don’t start engaging in a rigorous stamina regiment in the off season, if and when the reds do make post season play one year and he is physically drained by the end of August.