Final R H E
Cincinnati Reds (60-68)
0 7 1
Pittsburgh Pirates (54-75)
14 10 0
W: Williams (6-6) L: Wood (1-3)
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The news from this game was that Andrew Luck announced his retirement while the game was happening. This was a football game, right? Well, it was a football score so I’m counting it.

The Offense

Aristides Aquino doubled in the 9th inning. Tucker Barnhart reached base for three times in a second straight game, going 2-3 with a walk. Alex Wood, the starting pitcher, had two hits. And Jose Iglesias went 1-3. The Reds were shut out by statistically one of the worst pitchers in the league for 6.0 innings, then the bullpen finished it out. Go get ’em tomorrow.

The Pitching

Alex Wood was good for the first five innings, but then the sixth inning happened and that’s where the game got away from him and from Cincinnati. He walked the first two batters and hit another one after a force out. That was the last batter he would face. Lucas Sims came on and allowed all three runners on base to score, then allowed two more and it was quickly 7-0. The Pirates played add on, scoring three more in the seventh and another four in the eighth inning to make it 14-0.

Notes Worth Noting

The Pirates organization outscored the Reds organization in the Majors, Triple-A, and Advanced-A match ups by a score of 30-3. Only the Daytona Tortugas scored in the match ups, and they lost 9-3 in a rain shortened game.

The uniforms are still terrible.

Up Next for the Cincinnati Reds

Cincinnati Reds vs Pittsburgh Pirates

Sunday August 25th, 1:35pm

Trevor Bauer (10-10, 4.06 ERA) vs. TBA

56 Responses

  1. RedsMonk65

    Maybe it’s the uniforms.

    Stupid Pirates. I hate them with a perfect hate.

  2. Chris Holbert

    I think the FO really needs to think about a change in the hitting coach. That seems to be the big inconsistency. THere will be up adn down days for some of the pitching, but the hitting has been below average for most of the year.

  3. Jon

    Last winter’s task for Dick Williams was #GetThePitching. It’s quite clear, with just over a month left in the season, what this winter’s agenda will consist of. This year, it is two-fold: #GetTheHitting and #FixTheBullpen.

    It’s a given that Williams will be making moves this winter. He has to, having already committed to going all-in for 2020 by trading away Trammell for one year and two months of Bauer. This means that whatever Williams does this offseason needs to be bold. The team must be willing to take risks. No more waiting for players to sign at the end of January or the beginning of Spring Training because no other team wants them. No more waiver wire pickups, unless it’s specifically for a bench player. The Reds need a lineup of legitimate hitters next year to win the division. They need to sign at least one of the following three free agents: Rendon, Gregorious, or Grandal.

    Oh, and I think it’s a given at this point that Turner Ward gets fired after the season.

    • Sliotar

      It is not the uniforms but the very non-difference-making guys in the lineup.

      Example – VanMeter and Galvis…aren’t going to be leading players on the Dodgers/Cubs/Braves/Nationals/Cardinals… the playoff teams.

      Here, #1 and #2 hitters….Shock of shocks…they went 0-for-8 on in a road game.

      When Alex Wood left the game, he had 2 of the Reds 3 hits … all singles.

      73 wins (Mission Accomplished!) still doable, so Lead Owner/Williams/Krall/Rosie Red/Whoever Else running this team can claim “progress” …. but not guaranteed.

      Not with how much this team struggles on the road.
      And guys I literally do not recognize getting regular run in the bullpen.

    • D Ray White

      They’ve traded away their best MiLB assets already. Most of the MiLB pitching that looked promising in 15-16 has not planned out. If they don’t win in 2020 it might kickstart another rebuild. The bottom line is the Reds have largely blown the rebuild. They only have to look at the Braves to see how a good rebuild works.

  4. Jon

    Anyone else think the Reds players have given up on David Bell? Hitters consistently having poor at-bats, even against terrible opposing pitchers. Sloppy defense all around lately. Poor bullpen management by Bell.

    Maybe the Reds can hire Maddon this winter if the Cubs don’t re-sign him. Wouldn’t be the worst idea.

      • RojoBenjy

        He has dignity. Wouldn’t insult him like that.

      • Steven Ross

        Love to see Boch. Read my mind while watching the Giants-A’s game last night. He says this is it though. Maybe after a year off, he might be interested in returning? Great manager. Take him in a second over Bell.

    • RedNat

      I felt they gave up on Riggleman about this time last year as well. makes me think it is a clubhouse issue. after Scott Rolen left there has been in a major void in leadership on this club.

    • RichS

      Consider that for the entire year, Bell has tinkered with a starting lineup that is no longer re ognizable. How can you expect any consistent y in play when there is no consistency in your place in the lineup.
      This game summed up the entire year. Fundamentals suck, hitting sucks and most players fall into that same description. I am moving on to football…but, alas even Andrew Luck got tired.

      • Mason Red

        This is a team comprised of bits and pieces with players playing out of position and up and down the batting order all in hopes of finding some way to win. I can’t say DB is a bad manager because of what he has to work with. He manages in a way much like throwing something against the wall in hopes something will stick. That’s not his fault. It’s the fault of the franchise.

    • Streamer88

      No, I do not think this. Baseball players don’t play hard or less hard for their coach. They aren’t trying to win one for the gipper. These are type A personality (mostly young) athletes slogging thru the long 162 not really in a pennant race.

  5. Eric B

    The reds looked more like a dilapidated United Nations peace keeping force than a major league baseball team. Those uniforms are nearly as pathetic as the offense was tonight. Really nothing more to say.

  6. Klugo

    Well, if that didn’t bring out Milton, then I have to assume you guys have secretly retired him. ‘ . . ‘

  7. Redsvol

    I think the bullpen is simple burned out – too heavily used early in the year. The offense is an enigma this year – there have been some good seasons by some but overall the offense has certainly underperformed. Do we assume Senzel is the answer in center? Are Iglesias and Galvis good enough to man shortstop for a playoff team? Can we afford to stick with Votto underperforming at a premium offensive position? Do we assume Desclafani and Wood can improve.

    I think its obvious catching and relief needs to be upgraded if possible (Grandal). Lots of big decisions looming for the front office. I hope they are up to the challenge.

    • Doc

      When the Reds have had great bullpens in the past, they have had three guys throw 100 innings each. It’s beyond me how someone gets worn out throwing 50 innings over 125 games.

  8. Great Redlegs Fan

    Pobrecitos los rojitos…

  9. Pete

    I’m a glass half-full kind of guy. If the team totally tanks the rest of the season, David Bell might be dispatched. Silver lining…. Is Bryan Price still looking for work? Jerry Narron? Bob Boone? I’d interview Jack McKeon if he shows interest.

    Bell is the master of confusion: on the ball hit to left field, JVM looked like he wasn’t sure what position he was playing – I can’t blame him and happy he wasn’t given an error. Stick Josh at second base and throw away the key.

    • Chris Holbert

      I would bet by the end of the season, Bell will have the most different batting orders for 162 games, by a wide margin in MLB. I still say that has some influence on the inconsistency.

    • RedsMonk65

      Yes, too many players out of position — and not only one position. Bell seems to want to make everyone a utility/role player. We don’t need a team full of those. Stick everyone where they’re comfortable and put the young guys on the field for the duration. We’re 10 games out. Time to see what these guys can do every day in their natural positions. Otherwise, what’s the point?

      (Jack McKeon, by the way, will be 89 in a couple months!)

      • D Ray White

        Trader Jack was a good skipper; the best they’ve had since Sweet Lou left.

      • TR

        The consensus in 2000, when the Reds let Trader Jack go, was that he was too old at age 69 after the Reds finished second his last two seasons. McKeon then went to the Marlins in 2003 and won the World Series.

      • RedsMonk65

        I’ve always wondered what the Reds could have been in the early 2000s if — after that dream-like 1999 season (96 wins!) — they had traded for pitching instead of Junior, and then let McKeon ride it out.

        Always liked that 1999 team. Very young and exciting. Good hitters. Pitching only so-so, though there were some good guys in the bullpen.

      • RedsMonk65

        Davey Johnson wasn’t too shabby either — until he found himself in Marge’s doghouse.

      • jazzmanbbfan

        Well, Phil Regan was hired as the Mets pitching coach at age 82 this year so maybe McKeon is an option…???

  10. Eric B

    As of tonight the reds are out of the top ten positions for next June’s draft. Currently at #11, it’s time to move up. From all I have read concerning this years draft class it is loaded with extraordinary talent. Picking outside the top ten is the worst case scenario this team can accomplish for the remainder of this season. There are five teams which are within striking distance of moving ahead in draft position which would place the reds in the top six. To accomplish this these five teams have to win and the reds have to lose the majority of these final 14 games.

    You see, we are at a point in the season where although winning say, 10 of 14 may make everyone feel all warm and fuzzy inside going into 2020. Come draft day most will realize the reds should have done the exact opposite. If we end up with a pick out of the top ten what could we possibly lose?……

    A center fielder with an arm and power like Dave Parker?
    A shortstop with a glove like Davey Concepcion and a bat like Pete Rose?
    A catcher in the same conversation as Bench?

    While all of these comparisons are more than likely a pipe dream at best, you get my point. A player anything even close this will improve this team in the near future.
    The best we should hope for the remainder of this season is a 2 and 12 finish.

    I could care less about feeling all warm and fuzzy inside.

    I’m ready to win.

    • VaRedsFan

      Losing on purpose doesn’t happen.
      You gonna tell Castillo to start pitching underhanded?

      • Mason Red

        The Reds lose really well so I don’t think there’s any danger of them resorting to losing on purpose.

    • Doc

      I believe the draft rotation should be set based on records after 100 games. That should greatly diminish, if not eliminate, tanking. The first 100 games, when everyone is still trying their best, is a better measure of a team’s quality.

      • VaRedsFan

        Thats a good idea…for the NBA
        Again, nobody goes out there, and tries to lose. They are playing for their job, or for their next contract.

  11. CI3J

    Well, at least the run difference on the season is slow inching closer to matching the record.

  12. CI3J

    Also, speaking of the Reds’ record, here’s a little bit of odd info:

    1. The Reds are actually 9 games OVER .500 in night games this season. Their record is 43-34 in those games.

    2. As you might expect, then, they are absolutely TERRIBLE in day games, being 17-34, or 17 games UNDER .500 in those games.

    3. Finally, the Reds play a lot of 1-run games, and aren’t very good at them. The Reds have been involved in 45 1-run games this season, and their record in those games is 19-26.

    What can we conclude from all of this? The Reds are vampires and get weaker during the day? Who knows. Just a really odd tidbit from this season.

    • VaRedsFan

      Id be curious to know, of their 1 run wins, how many have been comeback wins in the 7th inning or later. Seems to me, they either get a big lead and hold on, or they get down big, fight back against scrubs, only to come up short once it gets close.

      • RedsMonk65

        I’ve thought the same thing. They don’t seem to come from behind late in the game to win very often, though I have not researched the evidence either way.

  13. RedNat

    I went to the Louisville vs Indianapolis Indians game the last 2 nights and I tell you there is not much in AAA right now. Jose Siri looks lost.

    maybe Jonathan India will be a good player but other than that what we have in the majors now is what we are going to have for the future. We just have to pray that the Van Meters and Senzels and Ervins continue to improve.

    I do think when Hunter Greene returns we have to at least see what this guy can do at the plate. at this point he may be our biggest offensive threat in the minors right now.

  14. Darrin

    Why is DD starting, the dude has literally been other worldly bad since the end of May.

    • jazzmanbbfan

      Because David Bell wants to “get him going”. It’s called magical thinking and usually is reserved for young children. That’s the only explanation I can think of.

  15. The other JB

    Yes the rebuild is on shaky ground, compare the reds to the Padres ,White Sox , Braves , teams that are loaded with young talent and with very good farm clubs Where did we go wrong ? The front office perhaps ( hiring a minority owners son ) to head up the operation. The hiring of David Bell by this front office . The Reds need to look at some of the teams that are able to develop young players and poach some of their management instead of using the good old boy network and promoting from within.

    • Pete

      I like many things the FO have been doing, heck most the things but if Williams & Co. have to go so Bell goes, the Reds will have to clear all of them out. I would look at two organizations for new leadership: Astros and Braves, both are as solid as a rock.

      The FO needs to tell Bell he can only start the kids – they should be front and center. Pick a lineup and don’t deviate. He can play Iglesias or Galvis but never both at the same time. DD should be released this morning and recall O’Grady. Peraza is not to be considered a kid and should never see the field unless there is an emergency like a team wide flu epidemic.

      This team looks like it has lost total confidence, maybe not with Bell but with them selves. JVM looked wrecked after his adventure in LF. I lay this 100% at Bell’s feet. David Bell is too meddlesome to be a ML manager. He may fancy himself a Tony LaRussa but LaRussa was the exception to the rule and I never really cared for him. I was able to keep up with Bell’s constant double-switching and a different line up every game but now my eyes glaze over after five months of exposure.

      • Mason Red

        If Tony LaRussa or Sparky Anderson or any great manager you can name managed this team the results would still be close to the same. I’m not saying Bell isn’t without fault but this is still a bad team. They aren’t as bad as in the past but they’re still bad.

  16. matthew hendley

    finally can safely say without getting unjustly blown up that dusty baker is better then David Bell.
    He is still avalible.
    In all seriousness though. Turner Ward needs to be gone, long gone end of the season,

  17. Mason Red

    Losing by two touchdowns in Pittsburgh is something else the Reds and Bengals now have in common.

  18. TR

    David Bell may have found his calling as a front office man when he was a V.P. of the Giants last year. And, for the Reds to get in the right direction in 2020, a new hitting coach is needed.

  19. BK

    I really needed a “Milton” appearance after last night’s game!

  20. scotly50

    The Res are what they are: Losers.

    They look like they are just out there for the paycheck, at least since 2013. The Reds need to clear out all the veterans, (ie the cancer). They need to start fresh and develop a young team with a winning attitude.


    I guess it could have been worse . . . the Pirates could have thrown a no hitter! Hopefully, this is the rock bottom point of the season because it’s hard to get much worse . . . although I think this team has the potential . . . to have a worse point . . . we shall see.

  22. BigRedMike

    That game took a chunk out the positive run differential

    The 1 run game record seems to be result of just not enough elite hitters up and down the lineup. The pitching is solid to keep the games closer.

    As has pointed out, the Reds have no hitters near the top of their position. Light hitting catchers and SS hitting in the middle of the order.

    The FO has acquired great pitching. Need to continue to work on the bullpen, which will fluctuate year to year. They need to figure out how to obtain young position players that make a difference. The idea to go all in on a trade for Lindor is a good one. Not sure the Reds have enough in the system to make those trades now.

  23. Redsvol

    I think the team is better now than in April. We’re certainly going thru a rough patch and no-one likes to lose to the pirates. However, I’m still encouraged for 2020. Positives for me;
    – 4 legitimate starting pitchers under contract for 2020.
    – 4 guys in bullpen who were very good till recently (burnt out?)
    – 6 starters with OPS > .800
    – team plays better when Casali plays (hasn’t played since 7/15).
    – money to spend in 2020 without ruining future flexibility.
    – ML tradeable assets (Iglesias, Winker, Barnhart) that wouldn’t be a great loss yet could bring back assets that fit better.