The Cincinnati Reds (60-67) will try to rebound from a disastrous 9th inning loss yesterday. The Reds will play game 2 of their 11-game road trip against the Pittsburgh Pirates (53-75) tonight at 7:05 PM.

Starting Pitchers

Alex Wood has a career 2.70 ERA in 9 appearances (8 starts) with 50 K and 9 BB against the Pirates. This will be his 4th start at PNC Park, where he has a 2.84 ERA.

Trevor Williams has a 8.30 ERA/6.99 FIP since June 1st. Both of those numbers are the worst in the MLB of anyone with 50+ IP. Williams dominated the Reds in two starts in the first week and half of the season, allowing just 3 ER in 12.0 IP with 9 K and 1 BB. Williams has a career 3.38 ERA in 10 appearances (7 starts) against the Reds.

Starting Lineups 

Reds Pirates 
1. Josh VanMeter (LF)
2. Freddy Galvis (2B)
3. Eugenio Suarez (3B)
4. Aristides Aquino (RF)
5. Tucker Barnhart (C)
6. Jose Iglesias (SS)
7. Derek Dietrich (1B)
8. Phillip Ervin (CF)
9. Alex Wood (P)
1. Kevin Newman (2B)
2. Bryan Reynolds (LF)
3. Starling Marte (CF)
4. Josh Bell (1B)
5. Jose Osuna (3B)
6. Pablo Reyes (RF)
7. Jacob Stallings (C)
8. Erik Gonzalez (SS)
9. Trevor Williams (P)

News and notes

Curt Casali was activated and Brian O’Grady was sent back to Louisville. Casali has a 104 wRC+ since the start of 2018. That’s the 10th best among the 55 MLB catchers with 300+ PA.

Aristedes Aquino has a 212 wRC+ on the season. That is the best of anyone in the MLB with 70+ PA.


Just please don’t lose a series to the Pirates.

78 Responses

  1. Klugo

    I’m sorry, but that lineup does not instill much confidence. They may win, but the pitching will have to be spectacular. I’m sure Wood is just happy to be away from GABP.

    • Wayne nabors

      i can live with the lineup for the most part,its derek dietrich that i dont get,with the exception of the 1st 2 months he’s done nothing or it seems anyhow

      • Klugo

        If we trotted this lineup out there everyday next season, except Votto or Winker in place of DD, do you think we’ll stand a chance?I ‘m not trying to pick a fight, it’s a serious question. I , personally, don’t think we would.

      • Wayne nabors

        if you replace votto with dietrich? yeah i think they could,i really like galvis and Iglesias defense up the middle and i would have senzel in center,but yeah i think they would compete.

      • Chris Holbert

        You are right, 2 HR and 6 RBIs since 6/18

      • Shchi Cossack

        @Klugo, that’s a significant question for the game thread. We have little more than a month of the 2019 season remaining. That’s a significant time for a few of the players (JVM, Aquino, Barnhart) needing to solidify their performance with more time, especially Aquino.

        I think we are beginning to see enough of JVM to believe in his production, but he needs to play 2B and Bell will not play him at 2B as long as there is another option on the roster (Peraza, Galvis or Iglesias). Aquino just flat out hits, but he hasn’t achieved 80 PA yet. Aquino and JVM could become stalwarts in the lineup if they can continue performing thru the end of the season. Ervin and Winker are shaping up as a premier LF platoon capable of producing a 135 wRC+. Barnhart has produced a 135 wRC+ since returning from his stint on the IL and revamping his plate approach. His career record does not support such a production, but he does have a 103 wRC+ since May 31st. We’ll have to wait and see if that holds.

        Bottom line, the roster and lineup will change between now and next season.

      • Wayne nabors

        chris i meant replace dietrich with votto,my mistake

    • Big Ed

      At least they are sitting one of the two-headed Dud Monster Automatic Outs, Senzel and Suarez.

      The over/under would be 16.5, if the Reds had any sort of normal offensive ability.

      • Sliotar

        “Dud Monster”?


        Those two are scuffling right now, for sure….

        but, most teams would gladly take Suarez’s production ($19.4 M of production so far this year vs. $9.5 M salary + bonus, per FanGraphs)

        and, Senzel’s potential (though many would move him to 2B, IMO)

        Look at this lineup …. 2 guys to worry about, at 3 and 4, a scuffler and a guy having the hottest month in MLB history.

        When the Game Setup hypes the return of a catcher as some sort of offensive weapon, tells you all you need to know.

        Go Redlegs.

    • Pete

      If Iglesias and Galvis are next’s years keystone combo, we are dead in the water. No chance. as it stands of today, these starters are all be below average hitters:

      5 out of 8 positions.

      • matthew hendley

        This comment fails to take into account the following
        1. Jose I has a 29/30 chance not to be with the Reds Next year
        2. Tucker and Vottos stats after changing their stance/swing
        3. Freddy Galvis is a 2.2 War player, and has added .6 War after moving to the reds. That is not below average, that is within the starter level and we still have a month to go.
        4. Senzel well that one you got. Maybe if bell didn’t run him into the ground that would be different though

      • Pete

        Matthew, we could sign Puig and make it 7 of 8. Of course you’re correct, I’m 100% with you but if things stay status quo, it’s a disaster. They won’t. I was actually poking fun at some of the doomsayers.

      • matthew hendley

        The day after the trade I was all about resigning Puig. Aquino has diminished that for me. Everyone says that he wont keep him up, but if he is a Arron Judge clone, then Puig will not be needed.

      • Chris Holbert

        I agree 3 of the 5 are what they show, JV is in decline, for sure. Senzel will improve for sure. I still say you cannot have below average at both 2B and SS, let alone 1B. They can probably be okay with either J Iggy or Galvis but not both..With Galvis signed for sure at 5 mil, I would probably let J Iggy walk, and spend that on someone else.

  2. Rob

    Team is at a crossroad. Contenders in 2020? To sell that argument, they had better start closing ground on the Cubs and Cards. Early July like 4 games out. With Van Meter, Bauer, Aquino, and Galvis, like 8 games out. Not sure one would say we are improved. I also seem some fragility creeping in. After looking forward to these 14 games as our opportunity to win 11 or 12, Reds are showing signs of splitting. Getting concerned over their will to dominate.

    • Don

      Sorry Bauer trade on July 30, Aquino 1st start August 1. JVM hit 527 with a 500 OBP in July for 8 starts and 15 played. Galvis 1st game as PH was August 13

      Team was 7 under 500 on July 30 (day of fight and Puig Trade)

      Team is now 7 under 500 with the players you mentioned getting more playing time.

      So the team is 500 since the trade deadline which is when 3 of the 3 players mentioned arrived on the team with the 4th JVM having 91 PAs before the trade deadline.

      Team was 7 under with the veterans. for 4 months/ They are 10-10 in August.

      Cannot blame the 7 under record on the new guys.

      • Don

        Ervin must be the problem as well since he only hit 432 with 490 OBP, 1.2 OPS in July, 49 PAs.

        FO saw the young guys have potential and tried to clear veterans to make Bell play them and Bell still will not do that.

      • Rob

        Correct and thanks. But. I am still sticking my general point. 500 ish with this 2020 lineup still isn’t showing me that this is a contending team. And we are at the softest part of our schedule. So as I said I was hearing or expecting that the Reds would win a whole bunch of these games. Maybe 8 of 10. If we are not going to roll these guys, then who are we going to roll? And what I have seen the last 4-5 games, against some pretty sorry pitchers, is concerning. Are we truly better than we were?

  3. matthew hendley

    Personally I am glad they are starting Deitrich. Man is a monster when on and was injured for much of the time that his production was subpar. Made solid contact on two of the three AB that he had. Yes they ended up in gloves but strikeouts don’t have the chance to fall in.
    Glad to hear Casilli is back. Allows farmer to be utilized more in the PH role that he has thrived in.
    Also glad Ogrady got to go down. Now that he has tasted the majors maybe he can get back what he was missing for the week or so until the end of the season. (unless LOU is going to make their playoffs, haven’t been paying attention to them that closely). He blew his chance when he was up. There is a difference between letting the kids play and letting the overmatched kids play. Already have had more then enough of that with Peraza. If the Reds had not bungled that sooooo badly I may have had more tollerence for a longer stint but right now, its a if you show up, then Show up world. Aquino understands that.
    I think VMR is perfect lead off canadate for the future. Good against both handedness, good contact, low power hitter. Good OBP.
    Suarez should have tomorrow off. I will have questions if he is in the lineup tomorrow save a 3hit 2 HR night or something like that.
    Wood is in a Pitchers park tonight against a bad team. He has had enough starts to get the rust off. More then any other game this his his audition for 2020 with the reds with any kind of payment.
    I used to hate the steelers much more then the pirates, now I just hate them both. A must win tonight for the Reds.

    • Chris Holbert

      O’Grady had 11 ABs in 9 games, better release him…

      • Chris Holbert

        JVM was 2 for his first 14….

  4. matthew hendley

    so its going to be that type of zone tonight smh

    • matthew hendley

      yes suare swung at strike 3 but 1 was outside and 2 was blatantly low. Alex wood better get the same treatment

    • Chris Holbert

      You are the one that said he was overmatched and blew his chance, just saying, he needs the opportunity to prove if he can play..

      • matthew hendley

        there are people on here saying that say Jose Peraza still needs more AB. Aquino came up to play, Ogrady did not simple as that. JVMR has flaws but the reds gave up a guy who was able to add.200 to his OPS in the month since he was traded to allow him placement time. He has established himself but not wowed anyone.

  5. Seat101

    I don’t think it’s selection bias to say that Jose Iglesias it’s into a lot of double plays, regardless of the number of strikes.

  6. Seat101

    Wood has thrown 19 pictures in two innings

  7. Roger Garrett

    Suarez with 5 straight strike outs.Just need to set him for a few games.Needs some rest no need to keep running him out there.

  8. matthew hendley

    Well how about the reds newest slugger Alex Wood

  9. Chris Holbert

    I know the media guys keep talking about how good Barnhart has been since he returned, and he has been better, and J Iggy has been pretty good this year, but how many teams are fearful of the Reds when those two are batting 5 and 6.

    • Don

      you are correct they should be 7 and 8 every day and never bat other than those spots

  10. Roger Garrett

    Can’t wait for DD to start tomorrow at first.Need to see more of him for sure.

    • Pete

      If Bell can’t help himself from starting DD, one or the other has to go. Heard Bell interviewed yesterday before the game and basically said he was going to start Dietrich “to get him going”. I’m not kidding. If the Reds keep Bell, the first thing they need to do is discard any fringe veteran players.

    • Curt

      Yeah, I’m glad they sent that 1B back to AAA so he can figure things out. Positions on the back of baseball cards are sooo last century.

  11. Roger Garrett

    Suarez put a ball in play so there is hope.

    • Don

      guess he cannot pop up to himself to get on base

  12. Don

    like most nights the Reds hitting makes pitcher that can get nobody else out in the league look like he should be cy young candidate

  13. Don

    Wood is pitching great.

    Hopefully the reds can figure out the pitcher whom has a 5.5 ERA and given up 42 runs in last 10 starts.

  14. Roger Garrett

    Your right our vets showed our young guys just how to do it right there.Go out one two three on 6 pitches.Hope our younger guys took notice on how to make the pitcher work and look for a good pitch.

    • Don

      No good examples of hitting right now except for Wood.

  15. Pete

    Posted this on another thread. DD’s “numbers” since June 1st:

    137/323/265, wRC+ = 65

    DFA him tomorrow morning and bring back O’Grady – it’s an easy call. Lovely guy but he can’t help the team and Bell is letting him block young guys by playing him. If Bell would stick him on the bench permanently, I might reconsider.

  16. Don

    wood is going to be out of energy with all the base running

    • Don

      to bad Wood spent so much energy running with galvis fouling off pitches.

      Suarez should have tagged running to 3rd for 1 out, never going to double up marte.

  17. Pete

    If I have to guess, Bell will leave a struggling Wood out there to ensure that his ERA stays up there.

    • Don

      most likely waiting until he has given up at least 5 runs

    • Pete

      Hope Lucas can bail him out, Wood deserves better than another 2 or 3 earned runs. On the bright side, it depresses his potential new contract value in 2020 so maybe the Reds won’t lose him. One year at $5M might do it.

  18. Don

    hopefully Sims can pick up wood and keep the Reds in the game.

    Shocked Bell is making the change before more runs scored

    • Roger Garrett

      Yeah but the reality is the Reds are not in the game.Won’t matter cause we gave them the first 2 runs and now two walks and a hit batter sets them up for the kill.Just don’t see us scoring so 2-0 or 6-0 makes no difference.

  19. Chris Holbert

    Well, I’m turning on the football game…

  20. RedsMonk65

    Slam does it for me tonight. Pitiful. If Reds cannot beat the Pirates, what does that say about them?

    Decent game by Wood (on the mound and at the plate).

    Nightly riddle: WHY. CAN’T. THIS. TEAM. HIT?

  21. VaRedsFan

    down and in to a lefty… go figure

    • Sliotar

      I am gravely concerned about the Reds ability to come back in this one, after their best hitter on the night got pulled (from the mound).

  22. Don

    very disappointing.

    team needs to change hitting strategy. Ever swing should not be for a HR.Coaching is not putting players in a position where they can be successful.

    Pitching coach has worked wonders with this staff.

    Hitting is just downright awful and has been a season long problem for every member of the team.

  23. RedsfaninPetaluma

    Team looks life less. Bell=great baseball family history, BAD MANAGER

    • Chris Holbert

      I’d rather have Buddy managing

      • John Kitchens

        How about putting Benavides back in there…

  24. Don

    Suarez has a hit followed up with a DP.

    time to watch something else.

    • Sliotar

      “A Tradition Unlike Any Other” …..

      No, not The Masters golf tournament.

      Reds Garbage Time Offense.

  25. Don

    tonight not only looses this series but also guarantees season series is lost.

  26. Don

    with that 3 run HR, night is over.

    Team has to get some emotion or motivation. They are going through the motions.

    There are to many games like this.

  27. Pete

    The way we’re hitting tonight I doubt we can catch up. All around terrible exhibition of pro baseball: hitting, pitching and fielding – a trifecta.

  28. Chris Holbert

    If anyone still thought the Reds were still in the race. Cardinals leading 5-0. If that lead holds up that will make it 10 games out, maybe that is the goal, then the lineup philosophy will change?

  29. Pete

    It’s official: the wheels are off. Wow!

  30. RojoBenjy

    Well I just checked the score.

    Oh boy.

    • Big Ed

      Me, too. Need two touchdowns in the 9th.

      • Pete

        Rally caps, gentlemen – the boys need us.

  31. Curt

    Pirates broadcasters are laughing. “Well, he’s an infielder learning the outfield, I guess it happens.”
    Truly embarrassing.

    Stop the madness of forcing new positions on players!! Stop the line up circus!! Started with Senzel and hasn’t stopped.

    • Chris Holbert

      I agree everyone does not have to be a utility player….some can play the same position each game.

    • Pete

      Put these guys in the lineup everyday and no moving around positions: Ervin, Senzel VanMeter, Aquino and Jesse when he returns. Barnhart too as he is about the only guy hitting and appears like he isn’t sleep walking. I don’t care if you can’t hit right handers or left handers or both, you’re playing everyday. Same spot in the line up, game after game. These guys should occupy the top six spots in the lineup, do whatever with the rest of them – I don’t care. If any or all these guys are bums, we need to know.

  32. Indy Red Man

    Andrew Luck retiring. Reds and Colts seasons are both over. Always next year.