The Cincinnati Reds (60-66) will begin an 11-game road trip tonight at 7:05 PM against the Pittsburgh Pirates (52-75). The Reds are just 5-8 against the Pirates this season. The Reds are 5-1-3 over their last 9 series.

The umpires will certainly be on high alert this weekend. Marty Brennaman said on air that both teams have already been warned. You would expect that nothing will happen, but it could get interesting the first time someone throws up and in.

Starting Pitchers

Anthony DeSclafani is coming off a solid start against the Cardinals where he allowed just 1 run in 5.0 innings. It’s been great to see Disco stay healthy for nearly a full season now. He has been about an average big league starter, which is exactly what the Reds need from him. If he could just cut down on the home runs, he’d be a really good starter. Disco has a career 4.55 ERA in 11 starts against the Pirates, but an 8.10 ERA in 2 starts this season.

Mitch Keller will be making his sixth career big league start tonight. He has given up a whopping 33 hits in 21.1 innings, but has struck out 24 batters. Keller was the Pirates second round pick back in 2014, and he is currently MLB Pipeline’s #26 rated prospect (#1 on the Pirates, #6 among RHP). Keller had average results at AAA this season, posting a 3.56 ERA/3.59 FIP in 19 starts. The Reds hit him pretty hard on May 27th: 4.0 IP, 7 H, 6 ER, 1 HR, 2 BB, 7 K).

Starting Lineups 

Reds Pirates
1. Josh VanMeter (LF)
2. Freddy Galvis (2B)
3. Eugenio Suarez (3B)
4. Aristides Aquino (RF)
5. Tucker Barnhart (C)
6. Jose Iglesias (SS)
7. Derek Dietrich (1B)
8. Nick Senzel (CF)
9. Anthony DeSclafani (P)
1. Kevin Newman (SS)
2. Bryan Reynolds (LF)
3. Starling Marte (CF)
4. Josh Bell (1B)
5. Colin Moran (3B)
6. Jose Osuna (RF)
7. Adam Frazier (2B)
8. Jacob Stallings (C)
9. Mitch Keller (P)


The next seven games are coming against the two worst teams in the NL. The Pirates are 6-24 in their last 30 games. The Marlins are 4-16 in their last 20 games. This is a great chance for the Reds to try to climb the hill back to .500. If the Reds could somehow pull off all 7 wins, they’d be above .500 at 67-66. Go Reds!

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  1. matthew hendley

    It’s Get Right night or its fight night or its both. First game to watch for more then just the baseball

  2. RedAlert

    Tucker batting fifth – what did Bell do just draw names out of a hat ? -Clueless ain’t even the word for it – amazing , just stupifying

  3. Klugo

    Yes. Deitrich is in. Hope he launches one in the river and watches it the whole way.
    Senzel batting 8th. Message sent?

    • Jim Walker

      Got to wonder how close of call it might have been to Senzel sitting with O’Grady in CF or alternately Aquino in CF with Ervin in RF.

    • Chris Holbert

      What message? Sorry rookie, playing practically everyday at a position you’ve never played, batting anywhere asked in the lineup, and giving everything you have, for longer than you have ever played in a season……

      • Pete

        Chris, I agree. The move is not apply pressure but to relieve it, IMO. No one should question this kid’s effort and who knows maybe he’s pressing. I like this move.

    • Curt

      It’s a fair enough question to ask…would Senzel’s offensive numbers for the year be better had he not been forced to spend a good chunk of his time/mind on learning a new position in order to make the team? Infield to centerfield no less. What if all he had to do was focus on becoming a better hitter? It’s a fair question.

      • Chris Holbert

        Maybe they want him to get more RBI opportunities…lol

  4. Jim Walker

    I’m waiting to see what happens if Aquino loses one then on his next AB does that thing he does sometimes of sort of saluting/ measuring the pitcher with the upright bat held in front of him.

    • redsfan4life

      Knowing Hurdle he will order the pitcher to drill him.

  5. Chris Holbert

    I am starting to think maybe Suarez needs to move down, he gives up with two strikes….

    • Curt

      I’d consider moving him altogether for a C or CF of equal value. ha!

    • Shchi Cossack

      Wouldn’t be a bad idea Chris. Something to think about for next season…

      1. VanMeter
      2. Senzel
      3. Winker/Ervin
      4. Aquino
      5. Votto
      6. Suarez
      7. Galvis
      8. Barnhart/Casali

  6. Jazzmanbbfan

    Ouch! Punished again. Kid’s got a little bit of power.

  7. Chris Holbert

    I am sort of at a loss on DD in the lineup versus O’Grady. O’Grady is getting the JVM treatment the first time he was up this year. I guess they need someone to get hit..

    • Shchi Cossack

      Pound on that pulpit harder and jump on that stage higher Chris. Dietrich carried the offense (with an assist from Suarez) for the 1st 2 months, but he hasn’t done squat since then. O’Grady needs to play, along with every other young stud on the roster. Bell just can’t allow the young players to show up the veterans by giving them regular playing time. They might prove they belong in the lineup full time.

      • Chris Holbert

        Yea, all that power, 2 HR and 6 RBI since June 18 and that .207 BA

    • Curt

      Dick Williams might actually be the better manager. Consider the call-ups this season. When the decision is left up to Bell (JVM, Ervin, O’Grady), they get “the JVM treatment”. When the FO decides (Senzel, Aquino), they don’t. Bell repeatedly puts them in the harder position to succeed. The FO gives them the better chance.

  8. RedAlert

    Definition of INSANITY- continuing to bat Suárez Third – Bell is terrible

    • Sliotar

      The criticism of Suarez and suggesting he be moved down around here is ….. something.

      This team continues to stink on the road … going to win this 1-0?
      That’s a recipe for being a playoff team in 2020.

      Suarez is one of the few (only) whose wRC+ is above league average on road and leads team in HRs.

      But, sure…. move him down. Ridiculous.

      (Maybe his K% rate is up in 2019 because so few have performed consistently all 5 months of the season … right Dietrich…Senzel…Votto…etc…etc?)

      • Chris Holbert

        Suarez and Votto seem to be the only two, who can do whatever good or bad at the plate and never move out of 2nd and 3rd n the lineup…

      • Don

        Reds need to find a #3 hitter for 2020. A #3 hitter has a BA which start .32x or higher and has a OBP of .39x or higher.

        Reds do not have that player on their roster anymore.

      • Lockersocks79

        @ Don:

        You do realize that there’s only 3 mlb players with a BA of .320 or higher right? Only 3 mlb players with an OBA of .390 or higher right?

        This isn’t a video game, The Reds aren’t going to find much in the FA market this year unless they want to pay big money for another starting pitcher or pay out for scooter or puig.

        Build the bull pen and bench. That’s the best that we can do at this point. If we have a little luck, it might be enough!

  9. Don

    Disco looking good through 5.

    These all white uniforms are the ugliest I have ever seen, they just look really ugly.

    Suarez is a #5 hitter and he falls off the end of every season. He has not hit anything but the 1 HR since his Thumb injury. Bell has made the mistake of not giving him a day off each week to 10 days all season. Same mistake managers have made the last couple of years.

    Suarez Career stats
    April – 281 BA
    May – 262
    June – 254
    July – 266
    August 277
    Sept – 236

    Suarez is hitting like it is September already

    • Chris Holbert

      I think Suarez has become too homer happy, with the launch angle and stuff, instead of just having good ABS and driving in runs, regardless of the means..

      • Don

        I would agree he is always swinging for a HR which means he should not be a #3 hitter. He should be #5 protecting Aquino. Or #4 with Aquino #5 protecting Suarez.

  10. Don

    Disco needs to pull it together now in the 6th. Low pitch count and needs to get through this inning.

  11. Don

    Disco got through 6 with only 1 run. Great pitching by Disco tonight. Bullpen will need to keep it tight now.

  12. Chris Holbert

    Desclafani had a nice outing tonight

  13. Don

    1st and 3rd no out in top of 7th.
    DD has to get barnhart home and iglesias to scoring postion

  14. Don

    DD and Senzel have @ terrible AB needed to put ball in play

  15. Big Ed

    Senzel has turned into Billy Hamilton. He had a .518 OPS in August coming into the game, and is another dismal 0-for-3.

      • Chris Holbert

        If Billy Hamilton had ever sniffed .263, with the .300 OBP that Senzel has he may still be a Red..

  16. Slicc50

    story of the season really. Once again, guy on 3rd with nobody out, and the Reds hitters can’t even put a ball in play to get him home!

    • Sliotar

      Nah, Slicc….. moving Suarez down is going to fix everything.

      Forget his .339 OBP, which is above 2019 MLB league average of .323.

      Switch Votto in for Dietrich …. and this could be the 2020 Reds lineup on many nights.

      They haven’t hit good enough all season away from home and are showing it again tonight.

      • Slicc50

        That is a FACT. I just really hope the FO can do something to get a couple more good hitters into this lineup.

  17. Slicc50

    Now watch, let’s see if the Pirates will show the Reds how it is done here?

  18. Curt

    Criminal misuse of O’Grady. A veteran like Dietrich is who you want pinch hitting there. Sheesh. Bell’s doing it backwards.

  19. Doc

    Suarez becoming a veritable K machine, then makes the error that puts the go ahead runner on in the 7th.

  20. Slicc50

    Man…..just when I have given up on Robert, he does an awesome job like that

  21. matthew hendley

    O grady has a singular hit in the majors. 1 hit. I for one will be glad when he is optioned back on Votto’s return. I thought we had learned the lesson of just giving players spots with Peraza.

    Good start with Disco today. not exactly wasted as it is still tied as I write this. But not used for a benefit either.

    DD with good solid contact back from the IL. Obviously everyone has forgotten that he leads all the newcomers with OPS+, HR, (yes after factoring an equal effort in the season, Obviously Aquino is beating DD in HR but no one is asking DD to replace Aquino).

    Suarez is not even fielding the ball right. At least a day off is needed if not more.

    Oh and since many of you will need it clarified. The Reds need to win these games to stay in it.

    The Pirates are out of it, just incase you need the difference explained.

    • Don

      O’Grady is getting the Bell rookie call up treatment. JVM did ok as pinch hitter 1st time up be really started hitting when got starts.

      Would be interesting to see what happens if he did get a week of starts in a row but that will not happen.

      OGrady was only hitting 273 at Louisville, JVM hit 348 and AA was hitting 299. He has a career 250 Minor league average.
      He is looking overmatched in the majors.
      Hopefully he can go back to AA and figure something out

      • matthew hendley

        Ogrady getting the Every manager treatment for non top 1st round draft picks. He does need to prove himself he is not. I mean its not like we have traded a player away for a position to be owned by a unproven rookie (cough peraza cough). Maybe if O’grady proves himself at some at bats he will get some starts.
        But reality, sometimes it is a actual missed diamond in the rough, and sometimes it is just a AAAA player

  22. Slicc50

    I love ya Eugenio….but 2 sombrero’s in the last 4 games? Not acceptable

    • Sliotar

      Hurdle elected not to walk Aquino with 1B open and then pitch to Barnhart.

      That is “mailing it in” level bad.

      Finally….might this be his last season managing?
      Few tears will be shed around the league, I would guess.

      • Slicc50

        lol. I am sure glad he made that decision though!

    • Don

      Suarez needs a day off, he just looks exhausted. Bell has given everyone but Suarez days off this year. Suarez being so tried is Bell’s fault. Not putting his players in a good position to be successful

  23. Wallyum

    What is the 45 on the jersey for? Did I miss something?

  24. matthew hendley

    JVMR Starts at third tomorrow I am calling it now. Day off needed for Eugeno.

    Rookie Report.
    Aquino- otherworldly….as long as it holds. Litterally takes the lead as I am typing…. he may be telepathic
    JVMR- good contact hitter, versatile defender, power could leave a little more to be desired (needs more HR). Not bad needs playing time.
    Senzel- lotta hype not as much deliverance. There have been a lot of bright moments, and certainly not asking for Billy Hamilton over him, but if this is the minor league end of season burn out showing up, he needs to grab it and realize he is in the bigs. Horrible August and needs to correct it and make sure September is not as bad
    Obrady- One hit, really, one hit? In the same at bats (roughly 3 games worth) Aquino…. did punisher things, Senzel already had all his firsts (hit walk rbi HR), vanmeter even showed better then this. needs to have a good series of PH, or take advantage of his spot starts or I will not cry when he is demoted. He certainly doesn’t start over DD or votto right now.

  25. Don

    Garrett is throwing strikes tonight, 1st two out.

  26. matthew hendley

    Garrett right thought them….maybe the other day was infact rust.

  27. Chris Holbert

    First off, I have to say I am a big Reds fan, and I want nothing more than to watch playoff baseball. Anyone who watches this team day in and day out and thinks they are still in the playoff race, may need a bit of a reality check. The Reds have to go 26-10 to catch the Cardinals, if the only go 18-18, and the Cubs, if they on go 17-17, to just tie, and that does not even count the Brewers. There are too many teams to climb to win the Wildcard. The only consistent thing is the inconsistency. Play the youngsters and give them game experience that will help them next year.

    • Don

      I am hoping reds can go 21-15 the rest of year an get to 81-81 an make up for the 1-8 start and have a strong finish while playing all the young players.
      Not thinking playoffs at all.

      When Votto comes back with Galvis or Iglesias must sit along with DD and Peraza.
      Start JVM, Ervin, Aquino, Senzel every day until the end of the season.

      Everyone else give them days off.

      • Chris Holbert

        I agree, they have to see what they really need on offense over the winter.

      • matthew hendley

        3 of the 4 are already getting time and will continue to do so. Ervins RHP numbers are coming back to earth. Start him at will against LHP but not giving up games v RHP so he can slump v them.

  28. Slicc50

    Nice piece of hitting there by (someone)

    Slicc, this is your one warning – we don’t allow the kinds of personal insults your post had. Don’t do it or you will be banned from commenting.

  29. Slicc50

    uh oh, this doesn’t look good……

  30. Don

    Iglesias does not have it tonight, time for Bell to pull him and bring in Lorenzen to hopefully get the save.

  31. Don

    come on Bell, had to see it coming tonight. Time for the hook and hope for extra innings succes.

  32. matthew hendley

    and that save is gone… more good at bats from pirates then bad pitches from iggy, some were not good, but some good Bucco bat work too…. this is not good.

  33. Slicc50

    That ladies and gentlemen….is how you snatch defeat from the jaws of victory!

  34. matthew hendley

    a genuine rasiel iglesais blown save. Blown broadcasting by jim day as well. One of those will change tomorrow

  35. Don

    another loss for Iglesias this year.

    Disappointment as Disco pitched great.
    5-9 vs pirates this year.

  36. Doc

    Stephenson pitches great. Gets pulled after one.
    Garrett pitches great. Gets pulled after one.
    It took Bell three tries but he finally found someone who didn’t have it.

    It seems that a week or two ago, maybe while Bell was suspended, we had a short stretch of relievers going 2-3 innings, and won. Too good to last, I guess. No wonder a bullpen gets worn out. I’m moving ever more into the anti-Bell camp.

    • Chris Holbert

      He really has no feel for the flow of the game.

    • Mark Long

      Maybe an elevated fastball(s) would have worked better on those two bloops. Fallen in love with his slider.

  37. Steve Schoenbaechler

    And, this game, with this result, coming right after the Redlegnation article about if the newcomers can help stabilize the bullpen.

    I will state this. Regardless how the sabers state it, I really wasn’t ever impressed with Raciel. I believe we should let him go during the off season. I mean, seriously, this was against the worst team in the division, if not the league, and he was facing the middle to end of their lineup, and Raciel could only get one out? As a closer, he has 9 losses with still 4 other games blown saves?

    • Mark Long

      And DD playing at all let alone in the lineup. Has he gotten a key hit in the last 3 months?

      • matthew hendley

        Playing injured. SF already playing us dirty with scooter. OPS increased by 200 points since traded. trending upwards since. DD has more home runs then any of the rookies will have will have by the end of the season save aquino. Kids are playing, its time for the Kids to prove themselves. With the injuries, a place was needed. DD was there. ##Ogradysabust.

    • Doc

      And that one out was a sacrifice bunt; he was given that out.

  38. Slicc50

    I know it’s easy to blame this game on the bullpen. This offense just has to start putting more runs on the board when they have opportunities!!!! How many times have we watched them fail to get runners in from 3rd with less than 2 outs? You let teams hang in these games, especially on the road. They are going to make you pay.

    • matthew hendley

      I’ll give you a 50% credit on that. Iggy looked horrible tonight, but so did non Freddy Galvis and Aquino batters tonight as well.

      Red should get them tomorrow.

      • Slicc50

        Yeah, Iggy was bad tonight, no doubt. Just gets aggravating watching this team struggle to score runs on the road the way they do.

      • Pete

        Barnhart had another excellent night.

      • matthew hendley

        pete you are correct I believe I noted that in the post game recap. if I didn’t I note it now. but besides those three.

    • Doc

      When the Reds fail to score when the odds are in favor, opinions are that we have the worst offense in the world; it’s always the Reds offense that is at fault, never the opponents pitching was great.

      When the opponents fail to score when they should, it’s great Reds pitching to thank. It’s never the bad opponent’s offense.

    • Steve Schoenbaechler


      Oh, hey, I entirely agree on that point. That’s one reason why I’ve stated, this is what this team is like. I can’t remember the right wording, but it deals with the lack of experience. Good teams find ways of winning this game, not losing it. And, one of those ways would would be, when you have first and third with no outs, good teams get at least 1 run in. But, we K’ed 3 times straight after that.

      • Steve Schoenbaechler

        I still see more good than bad for the overall season. What I’m hoping for is this season gets many of these younger kids fired up to work even harder this off season and come back with even a better season.

        For instance, for anyone who believes Senzel is having a good season at the bat, this doesn’t follow what Senzel did in the minors. It could still just the majors/minors dropoff. But, I believe I remember reading that Senzel believes he can be a 300 hitter in this league. Well, to do that, it’s obviously going to take more work for him to do that. Hopefully, he will get on his horse this off season and do just that for next season.