The Cincinnati Reds have made several roster moves this evening. They activated right-handed pitcher Tyler Mahle from the 10-day injured list and optioned him to Triple-A Louisville. They also placed outfielder Jesse Winker on the 10-day injured list. That move is retroactive to Monday.

For Tyler Mahle, it’s a move that comes a day after his second rehab appearance with the Triple-A Louisville Bats. Last night he allowed a run in 2.2 innings where he walked a batter and he struck out five. The run he was charged with scored after he had exited the game. The reliever who replaced him allowed a 2-run homer to the first batter he faced, scoring the inherited runner who was on second base when Mahle left the game after 53 pitches. While he was optioned, assuming that he is recalled when rosters expand in September, this won’t actually burn an option. By rule, if a player is called back up before 20 days from when he was optioned, that option does not count.

The move to place Jesse Winker on the injured list felt like it was a long time coming. He was available to pinch hit for several days, and even did so once – on Sunday. But otherwise, he hasn’t played since the 14th. The move to place in on the injured list means that he won’t be eligible to come back until the middle of next week.

The Reds also have not announced the corresponding roster move yet to replace Jesse Winker’s now vacated spot. But the team did tweet out a photo of the players all wearing jerseys about to board the team plane to make the trip to Pittsburgh to open up a weekend series.

Within that photo is one Mr. Derek Dietrich, who had been on a rehab assignment with the Triple-A Louisville Bats. While it’s not official, expect that to be the roster move that’s coming tomorrow. Not that it matters, but he went 2-11 in three games on his rehab assignment. Both hits were singles.

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  1. matthew hendley

    Variuous options here, DD takes over full time on first, moveing VMR to LF/RHP, and 2B on off days for Iggy and Gavis.
    Option 2- DD and Ervin begin platooning in LF

    WInker’s IL stint will go past the 1st, therefore a roster move will not be needed for him.

    Votto will replace Ogrady, who also will not be charged an option when he returns Sep 1.

    Mahle understandable, 53 pitches is not a complete rehab start. Prob going to pitch for LOU until their season is over to insure that he continues to start. Ensures he is not getting the reliever treatment. Interested how he will be used in Sep

    All throughout, Jose Peraza channeling his inner Keanu Reeves, dodging bullets like Neo in the Matrix.

    • Reaganspad

      I see no future with DD.

      Hope he pinch hits and let the kids play

      • matthew hendley

        against LHP maybe. Otherwise you are ignoring literally every stat out there.

      • Pete

        If you think the Reds playoff hopes are nil, starting DD makes no sense. We know what we have and I like it. But he should return as a super sub and a big power bat for ph. Matthew, we really need to establish what we have in Ervin, VanMeter, Aquino and Senzel. In addition the more PT they see now, it should benefit 2020 and beyond.

        DD>Peraza and serves most of the same purposes. I hope if DD is with the club in 2020 because I would suspect Peraza will not. Derek also has some non-quantifiable qualities: he is the epitome of a team guy and keeps the Reds lose as this team. The main value is he can hit the ball out of the park at anytime – this is huge.

      • matthew hendley

        pete, I appreciate your comments, and for the rest of the season believe you are right.

        Except for Pittsburg. He needs to start every game against pittsburg ever. Sometimes the advantage is mental and not statistical, and DD sure messes with Pit head.

        Rest of the time then ‘kids play etc etc’

      • Pete

        You make a good point even if I might disagree.

  2. DocProc

    All I know is that Votto and Winker on the IL should guarantee that JVM is in the lineup every day.
    Reds don’t have an off day until Sept. 9. That’s 17 straight game days. Hope JVM starts in most if not all of them.

    • Pete

      Same with Ervin. It would be a huge boost to the team if PE proves he can hit RHP. If both Ervin and Winker are strictly platoon players it greatly limits roster flexibility. I really don’t know what’s to be gained playing DD. I would like to see more of O’Grady but not at Phil and Josh’s expense. Hopefully JVM will get some work in at 2B giving Brian a further look. Also, when Jesse gets back maybe he can get some PT against LHP.

  3. Great Redlegs Fan

    Sadly Puig is no longer with the team, I hope they packed their wrestling gear too.

  4. RedNat

    I will say with Winker and Votto out of the line up recently it has been a “new look” for this team with the likes of Van Meter and Ervin replacing them. This past series I felt Bell was really able to open up the offensive play book for the first time all year. I liked the stolen bases and the aggressive baserunning!
    I really think Bell wants to run an aggressive offense and now has the horses to do that.

    • AirborneJayJay

      You are talking the Padres series, are you not? Open up the offense?
      The Reds vs. the Padres in 3 games scored 2 runs, 8 H, 3 BB, 0 SB in game 1. They had 3 R, 5 H, 1 BB, 3 SB in game 2. They had 4 R, 10 H, 3 BB, 1 SB in game 3. The Reds hit only 5 XBH in all 3 games.
      Offensively, the Reds hitters against the Padres pitching was a snooze-fest. Countless opportunities to capitalize with runners on base and countless times the Reds hitters failed in that series. Suarez was particularly bad in this series. Where has Senzel disappeared to? Aquino has cooled considerably. What horses do you speak of?

      • RedNat

        I think we had 4-5 stolen bases over the series. we actually scored a couple of runs without the aid of a hoemrun

  5. Klugo

    Glad Deitrich and Garrett and will be there for the Standoff this weekend.

    • Jim Walker

      Phil Ervin has also shown some potential in that area. He drew a fine for his efforts in the fight at Cincy. Maybe “single 6” will double his efforts to become the new “double 6”.

    • matthew hendley

      The amount of you tube videos that are trolling Pittsburg in this fight, and especially troll Chris archer while promoting DD are staggering, and bluntly hilarious. There are some language issues with some of them but well worth the watch if you need cheering up

  6. Jamrs H.

    I wonder if the Reds have a reverse hyper extension in their training room… might be a good time for the team to visit Westside Barbell and learn the Art of the Deadlift

  7. Don

    another fine article from RLN.

    Whatever needs to occur, do not take ABs from JVM. We all need to know if he is an everyday player for 2020.
    Ervin getting ABs vs RHP is a plus for him and the team data as well

  8. Jim Walker

    I’ve not been able to follow along as closely as usual the last couple of weeks. Just wondering if it has ever been explained when and how Winker came up injured? JV has had a chronic thing with his lower back for some time; but, to me at least, the issue with Winker seems to have come from nowhere.

    • MrRred

      There doesn’t seem to be a lot of information available, Jim. Mark Sheldon says it is a cervical strain and upper back spasms. Whatever it is, it hasn’t gone away with rest so far. So no need to continue playing short-handed as they have been recently.

      • Doc

        Myofascial trigger point pain can hit anytime, anywhere, with minimal identifiable inciting event. Sleeping in an odd position can do it.

    • Pete

      Not a word. I was wondering if Joey’s new way of swinging the bat and being upright could cause him lower back problems. He is taking some fierce swings. From an interview with C.Trent, I thought this was a bit odd referring to the last sentence:

      “Hit mistakes, don’t miss the fastball, hit the ball hard and far,” Votto said. “You’ve seen the uptick in my exit velocity, I just keep it much more simple and try to be more alpha at the plate, more primal, more, just like, hit like a Neanderthal, try not to be so. … At the very least, that’s my goal in the short term until I feel like I get my swing back and then I’ll use the other parts of my game – my brain.”

      Almost sounds resentful. Two days later he was put on the IL. For Joey to be in his second week of the IL is something in itself. Last I heard he hasn’t even picked up a bat……

      • Jim Walker

        I read these comments when they came out in the Athletic and thought they amounted to a tacit admission that JV understands he can no longer battle pitchers to a standoff which results in getting a mistake pitch or walk like he used to do. Doesn’t accept it yet as a permanent condition, which may be a good thing but understands what used to work no longer does.