Every member of Redleg Nation has had this thought … just how significant is Aristides Aquino’s historic start? The graphic below shows the list of other players who have had a similar power-hitting start to their careers.

We can only hope that Aquino will have a career similar to others on that list. What’s interesting is that there are no outlier non-all-timers on that list. You’d figure that someone like Dave Kingman or Rob Deer would have been in that list, but no.

The Reds go for the series win today against the St. Louis Cardinals today at 1:20 p.m. Eastern time at Great American Ball Park. If The Punisher hits another home run today, it will be against one of the hottest starting pitchers in baseball.

Starting Pitchers

Jack Flaherty 135.1 3.52 3.87 28.6% 7.6%
Alex Wood 19.1 5.59 4.39 18.1% 3.6%

Right-hander Flaherty has been arguably the ace of the Cardinals rotation in 2019, and he is in the midst of an exceptionally hot streak. Since July 7, he’s pitched 45.1 innings while allowing only four earned runs on 22 hits. The Reds should be ready for the equivalent of an ace in this game today. Wood is still attempting to round into form after missing most of the season with a back muscle injury. The rest of this season will serve as an audition for the Reds to get a real good look at him and then to decide whether to attempt to re-sign him for 2020.


Raisel Iglesias should be available if the game is hopefully close late in the game. Michael Lorenzen may not be available for any more than an out or two after pitching two innings Saturday.

Starting Lineups

Cardinals Reds
2B Tommy Edman CF Nick Senzel
3B Matt Carpenter 1B Josh VanMeter
1B Paul Goldschmidt 3B Eugenio Suarez
LF Marcell Ozuna RF Aristides Aquino
SS Paul DeJong 2B Freddy Galvis
C Yadier Molina LF Phillip Ervin
CF Lane Thomas SS Jose Iglesias
RF Yairo Munoz C Kyle Farmer
P Jack Flaherty P Alex Wood

Eugenio Suarez is back in the lineup, while Joey Votto and Jesse Winker remain out.

Additional insights into the statistical history of the players in today’s game is available all season long at BaseballSavant.com.

News and Notes

Update at 12:48 p.m. Eastern time: Joey Votto was placed on the 10-day injured list, and Brian O’Grady was recalled from Louisville. Doug Gray has a detailed update posted here at Redleg Nation

It’s 1990 throwback uniform day …

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    Glad to see Grno back. Let’s hit them hard and early.

  2. Don

    Senzel in leadoff and JVM batting 2nd just looks right for success.

  3. Aaron B.

    This team is starting to shape up, I mean Votto and Winker out and the lineup still looks solid. So much better than earlier in the year. The bullpen is the achilles but that is common around the league right now, really the bad start is what is keeping them out of contention. Still hoping they have a miracle run in them, but time is not on our side.

    • rex

      I also have the sickness and never miss a game.

      I can never give up on them until a week or two after they mathematically eliminated

      looking forward to seeing them live on the 26th in Miami

      • ToBeDetermined

        ” until a week or two after ”
        that’s great. 🙂

        Kind of like the runner up in a pageant.
        “Should the winner be unable to serve then the runner up gets to take the crown”

  4. Sidney

    Just looking at the current 25 man – who goes when Dietrich returns?

    • Jim Walker

      Barring a swap made necessary by injury, I don’t think any position player on IL/ rehab comes back before the roster expansion on 1 Sept.

      This said, Votto may be on the brink of IL. Per @ctrent on twitter, JV says he hasn’t swung a bat since being scratched from the lineup on Thursday and expects they will know today (Sunday) or tomorrow if he will go onto the IL. Separately, Bell told C.Trent he did not anticipate a move today.

    • Great Redlegs Fan

      Unless Kuhnel or Alaniz return to AAA he’ll be DFA.

    • matthew hendley

      They are going to drag out a rehab assignment and then bring him back after roster expansion sep 1. instead of optioning peraza. I suppose it gets him the opertunity to assure his swing is in place. There is no way he gets DFA.

  5. matthew hendley

    It is a good thing that we did not extend Puig. Is it to late for AA to make a ROY run?

    • Pete

      I’d say he has a shot although at this point it’s long. Pete Alonso is having an incredible season and plays in NYC. However, if AA keeps going and he is starting to catch the attention of many in the US…… I’d say 10:1 today but I would have had the odds at 50:1 a week ago, If he hits 30 HR’s, his chances are probably 50-50% minimum. 40 and he gets the award.

      • Jim Walker

        20HRs would for AA would be a rate for 60 on the season. I’d think that and an OPS of 900 or greater might at least get him into the serious conversation for RoY.

    • Indy Red Man

      Puig isn’t exactly struggling. He has a 1.035 ops with Cleveland. Love to have Puig back in right and move AA to LF, but it will never happen. The Reds will have some available $, but need to spend it on the pen.

      • matthew hendley

        wasn’t meant as a strike against puig, but if we had extended him, aquino would still be in the minors. Bauer would be with someone else. etc etc. The reds can circle back around.

        For those bengals fans, some sad news. Cedric Benson, Bengals RB for a good time, was killed last night in a motorcycle accident.

  6. AirborneJayJay

    Another rather amazing note to Aquino and that list is that all those other players were in their peak years or coming out of their peak years when they achieved their feat. Aquino is the only one on that list that is doing it at the very beginning of their career. It boggles the mind. This team needed so badly for a couple of young players to really step up and join Senzel for a young core and Vanmeter and Aquino have done just that. It has changed the dynamic of the team and the fabric of the team in two short months. Now they need a young reliever (Kuhnel) and a young starter (Stephenson or Sims) to follow suit. Maybe Mahle is the one.

  7. Jim Walker

    Votto to IL O’Grady recalled per @ctrent and others. Ineresting side note from CTrent. with Votto to IL Reds have 0 players “in their 30’s” on the active roster.

    • Sliotar

      Galvis in age 30 season, birthday in November.
      Iglesias is 30 in January.
      Wood is 29 in January.
      Farmer is 29.

      Bunch of non-young fringe/platoon guys getting some run now… but they are hardly comparable to what the Cubs run out every day.

      This team needs several offensive upgrades this winter, IMO.
      Let’s see how the above (and the kids) perform in September on the road, away from Coors Field East.

      • Sliotar

        Hopefully the Reds can win this series and overcome the weird 6-14 record on Sundays.

        Ending so many series on a loss has been a bummer.

      • JB

        Peraza and Barnhart are the only ones on bench. It’s not like they have options today.

  8. Seat101

    If Tnom won’t say it then I will

    Grno! Grno! Grno!

  9. VaRedsFan

    Very non-chalant by Suarez there.

    • VaRedsFan

      We all knew that the next guy would single Molina in.

  10. earmbrister

    What was that nonsense from Thom about Molina carrying his bat all the way to second base? No he didn’t.

    • VaRedsFan

      I thought he said most of the way down the 1st base line…I’m not 100% sure

  11. VaRedsFan

    RLN Podcast – just got a shout out by welsh on the telecast.

  12. RedsMonk65

    Alex Wood not cutting it thus far.

    • JB

      Defense isnt helping him but you still have to keep it in the park.

  13. Eric B

    This is what we’ve been waiting for all year? I hope the reds pass on him for sure.

  14. RedAlert

    Forget resigning Wood – in fact go ahead and replace him in the rotation now. He’s awful . Another poor outing – another
    Sunday, another loss

  15. Hanawi

    Dodgers trade looks worse and worse with every outing by Wood.

    • Indy Red Man

      Wasn’t a trade exactly….we just dumped Homer. They did get Bauer out of it so thats still a win. I know he stunk the other day, but the Nats score on everyone. Wood is done though….I said it before. His velocity is way down and its hard to attack hitters with 89-90 mph. If would be nice to have a quality lefty starter, but Wood isn’t it and they’re not easy to find.

      I traded Trey Mancini for Flaherty in my cash league about 2 months ago. Bought him low and he’s slicing/dicing. Which is unfortunate today.

      • Hanawi

        They got Bauer by trading their top prospect. Though they could have gotten much better value from Trammell than a number 3 starter controlled for one year.

    • Indy Red Man

      #1 “prospect” that was hitting .240 at AA. Time will tell

      • Hanawi

        Regardless of what he was hitting and he’s been terrible with the Padres, he had a lot of value. Padres gave up 3 major league players for him. Reds could have gotten a long-term answer at SS or C in exchange. Or even a top pitching prospect that they could control for more than one year.

      • Pete

        Trammell was losing value as we speak. It was a very wise if for no other reason than to free up RF for Aquino. The case is closed as far as I’m concerned. Even if Trammell becomes a good player, the trade is still worth it. Hopefully Bauer will be the icing on the cake. Time to unload Siri while he still has value. Keep your eyes on India though.

  16. Eric B

    I’ll be surprised if Votto plays another game this year with his back bothering him even when he feels better.

  17. RojoBenjy

    Stinking crudinals now they acting like Clint Hurdle lap dogs.

  18. RojoBenjy

    C’mon Meat Sauce take him DEEP!

  19. Eric B

    These guys that continually pitch inside. For each hit batter they should get one bop upside the head with a shovel after every game.

  20. JB

    Another blown opportunity. Just cant seem to get that big hit.

  21. Indy Red Man

    66 in the 6th…..666 on Sunday. Uh-oh

  22. Frank Howard

    My 3 year old knows more Reds history than Brantley

  23. earmbrister

    Tucker has an unusual batting stance himself. Look at his (pigeon) feet.

    • Pete

      Good observation. Yup, he got rid of that horrendous leg kick and quit coiling his body before swinging. Opened up, stands erect. bat held high horizontally behind his head. Quick and direct to the ball at he same time staying back and not lunging. Doesn’t K near like he has in the past. Very similar to what they are doing with Nick Senzel. Tucker Barnhart is now a hitter, not a patsy.

      Since his return from injury and working with Donnie Ecker, from July 26th to present:

      333, 441, 579, wRC+ = 156
      K% = 13.2%
      BB% = 13.2%

  24. VaRedsFan

    Peraza to pinch hit for Van Meet.
    I’m turning this crap off.
    Wake up Bell!

  25. Big Ed

    No no no no no no no no no no.

    Not Peraza.

    Castellini must have bet the under.

    • Big Ed

      Miller was so flummoxed that Peraza was hitting that his arm started hurting.

  26. Big Ed

    Andrew Miller is starting to look like Corky Miller.

  27. Indy Red Man

    He took a walk!!! Possible meltdown here?

  28. Ed

    Man- some seriously rough starts from Reds pitching lately. What the heck

  29. RedsMonk65

    Rats. Big missed opportunity there.

  30. JB

    And chalk up another missed opportunity.

  31. Jake

    Suarez is over rated. Your number 3 hitter in the lineup should not be batting under 260

  32. RedAlert

    As usual… awful . This team rarely comes thru in situations like this . It’s pitiful and has been an ongoing problem in years past as well .

  33. Roger Garrett

    Bull pen with 3 good innings to keep us in the game.Bats need to go to work.Gausman’s stuff today is electric as he struck out the side.Kid up from AAA with 2 good innings as well.Lets steal this one and lest start right now.

  34. RedAlert

    Need 2 more starting pitchers in FA and a few more “professional “ hitters as well . Got plenty of $ to work with in offseason – let’s see what they do … frustrating watching the same thing happen over and over this year . But I will always stick with them ….

  35. earmbrister

    Gausman strikes out the side in back to back innings. Way to show something.

  36. earmbrister

    J Iggy (Jiggy?) looked like a leprechaun trying to avoid that smash by Farmer.

    C’mon Reds, let’s cash in for a change on this rally.

  37. earmbrister

    Tucker!!!! Could it have been caught?

  38. earmbrister

    very late call on that 3rd strike to O’Grady. Great pitch

  39. earmbrister

    First the Cubs then the Cards. Should’ve would’ve could’ve won 3 of 4.


  40. Curt

    Well, nice homer in the 1st for Suarez, the rest of the game, not so nice. 2 k’s, an error and 6 lob. Maybe shoulda taken the extra day to rest the thumb. ce la vie

  41. Don

    6 no run innings from bullpen by recently arrived guys to keep it close and the highest paid active position player for the Reds now that Votto is on IL fails in 8th and 8th. He also had the deciding error in the 4th inning.
    Overall off day for Suarez.

    Bell pulled all the strings today and they all worked.
    Wood and Suarez did not come through.

    Aquino came up with nobody on base for every AB today and pitchers pitched around him. Saw 8,7 (walk after start 0-2), 5 (walk) and 7 pitches in 4 times at plate. Team needs to have people on base when Aquino comes up so pitchers cannot do what they did today and make him a non-factor. Cards obviously not scarrd of Galvis batting with Aquino on base.

    1 through 6 hitters were 3-22 plus 3 walks for a .240 OBP and that will not get it done.

    Team needs to have Bauer, Gray and Castillo show up and be great the next three nights and each of them given up 1 run or less for 7 innings vs the Padres to finish the home stand strong before the 10 day 11 game road trip.

    • RedsMonk65

      Great point about Aquino. If there were runners on base, outcome of his at-bats may have been different because the pitches would likely have been different. Aquino represents (at this point in his young career, anyway) something the Reds haven’t had in a long time — someone in the lineup who instills fear and respect in opposing pitchers. Whether he gets a hit or not, he changes the game because of the possibility. Reds need to take advantage of that and puts guys ahead of him with high OBP.

      This team needs another solid bat in the lineup. That should be a priority over the winter — in addition to bullpen help and maybe another starter, depending on what happens with Wood down the stretch. Hopefully he turns it around and gets re-signed for a reasonable amount/time. If not, someone else needs to step in.

      Great game by the bullpen. How long has it been since we could say that? No runs and no hits in 4 solid innings.

      Our starting pitchers (Castillo, Bauer, and Wood) have had some real bummers of late. More concerned about Wood than anyone else at this point. Given the inconsistency of our overall offense, they each need to dominate in order to give the Reds a chance to win.