Of all of the Reds 150th-anniversary throwback uniforms, tonight’s event will hit particularly close to the heart of yours truly and many, many others here at Redleg Nation.

It is the 1975-76 team that captivated my interest in baseball in general and this franchise specifically. Seeing Cincinnati ballplayers take the field wearing these specific threads will provide some flashbacks to feelings of pride and glory from the past. Unfortunately, the resemblance between this current club and the 1976 team ends at the apparel.

Game three of the four-game weekend series against the St. Louis Cardinals at Great American Ball Park begins at 6:40 p.m. Eastern time.

Starting Pitchers

Miles Mikolas 137.1 4.13 4.26 17.7% 4.0%
Anthony DeSclafani 117.2 4.51 4.39 24.4% 7.1%

Right-hander Mikolas fits in the mold of the rest of the Cardinals pitching rotation – performing at the level of an average major league baseball starting pitcher on most occasions. On July 20 vs. the Reds at GABP, he pitched six innings and allowed three runs in a 3-2 Cincinnati victory. DeSclafani has had his ups and downs. In July he was looking as though he might be finally recapturing that above-average form he displayed for the Reds before his series of injuries that deprived him of parts of two summers. However, in three August starts, he’s allowed 13 runs (and five home runs) in 14.1 innings.


About all that needs to be said about the Reds bullpen at the moment is that the two lowest earned run averages on the team among relief pitchers belong to position players (Jose Peraza, Kyle Farmer, 0.00). A major rebuild of this group will be necessary in the offseason.

Another change was made today:

Alaniz pitched four innings over four games earlier this season with the Seattle Mariners, allowing 11 hits, three walks and nine earned runs. His numbers since being acquired on waivers and placed on the Louisville roster have been much better, and the hope is that his Cincinnati numbers will more closely resemble Louisville’s than Seattle’s.

Starting Lineups

Cardinals Reds
CF Dexter Fowler CF Nick Senzel
RF Tommy Edman 1B Josh VanMeter
1B Paul Goldschmidt 2B Freddy Galvis
LF Marcell Ozuna RF Aristides Aquino
C Matt Wieters LF Phillip Ervin
2B Kolten Wong C Tucker Barnhart
3B Matt Carpenter SS Jose Iglesias
SS Yairo Munoz 3B Jose Peraza
P Miles Mikolas P Anthony DeSclafani

Eugenio Suarez, Joey Votto and Jesse Winker are out of the lineup today with maladies of varying degrees. Suarez’s is presumably the most serious.

None of the first five hitters in today’s lineup was on the opening day roster, with four of them in the minor leagues at the time.

Additional insights into the statistical history of the players in today’s game are available all season long at BaseballSavant.com.

News and Notes

Who knew that Trevor Bauer had a social media channel? It’s not clear when this particular conversation with Scooter Gennett took place …

61 Responses

  1. matthew hendley

    Lineup is showing the wear and tear of the season. I have to believe winker is still available off the bench as he was yesterday. Suarez is not. Votto is the wild card. The reds obviously don’t view it as serious, as none have hit the 10 day.
    REds gotta win. Facing a regressing pitcher…. which is good, but facing them with less then a full roster…which is not.

    go Reds

    • Steve Schoenbaechler

      Yeah, I believe the club has called an end to the season, as far as playoffs go.

      Which I still don’t mind the entire season. For, I believe it was fun. I saw a lot of good things this season. Pressure is on, FO, to do something similar for next season.

  2. Mark Moore

    As frustrating as it’s getting of late, it’s also exciting to see the 1-2-4-5 hitters that we developed/acquired earlier in their careers. Here’s hoping we can trash the Dirty Bird pitching tonight and we get the “good” Disco on the hill.

    • Pete

      Do not forget to include the #6 hitter. He is on fire since returning from his injury. I love posting this:
      333/438/593, wRC+ = 157

      Changed his whole approach and it’s working.

      • Wayne nabors

        am very happy for him to,met him at the birthday bash,1st class guy

  3. VaRedsFan

    Tom…FYI…you’re Baseball Savant link doesn’t take us there.

  4. Roger Garrett

    Reds seem to want to play short handed and I am not sure why at this point in the season.I know nothing about their injuries but Joey and Eugenio could use some time off period.Neither will be available tonight so why not just DL them and call up some guys and give you some flexibility to play the game.One injury tonight and who goes in to the game?Farmer your back up catcher?You send down Bowman and that’s understood but you bring up a pitcher I guess cause Garrett isn’t here.Can’t double switch,can’t pinch hit unless its Winker.I must be missing somebody or something.

  5. matthew hendley

    sometimes like today nothing looks better then the 0-0 on the first pitch.

    Maybe the reds pull a miracle win

  6. Roger Garrett

    Disco up in the zone and with his slider ain’t going to work.Got out of it though and needs to keep that ball down.Nick with the blast

  7. Curt

    Ok now, my son has a point, if you’re gonna do the ‘70s Big Red Machine uniforms, you gotta do the shorter 70s stirrup sock. It’s such a key part of the whole look. Nobody did socks up to the knee caps in those days. #missedopportunity oh well, carry on.

    • Curt

      Senzel is the closest to being right. Still too high though.

  8. Pete

    Home grown: Phil & Tuck. Let’s score some runs!

  9. Pete

    AA, maybe the greatest there ever was. Amazing. I think this kid has a future in MLB.

  10. Roger Garrett

    Who knows but right now he just killing it.Big time power guy in the middle that can just change the game just like that.

    • RedsMonk65

      They’ve needed someone like that for the longest time. His HR tonight made a difference — put the game of reach.

  11. Pete

    All the kid’s have a hit and have participated in the scoring.

  12. Roger Garrett

    What’s not to like with the young guys getting it done.So glad the Reds have developed some guys this year and have brought them up and just let them play.May not work out but man there is hope we are forming a nucleus that will be around for awhile.

    • Pete

      They are all fundamentally sound, no smoke and mirrors….

  13. VaRedsFan

    Sims offering no relief.
    Munoz swinging at everything, and he floats a hanging slider up there.

  14. RojoBenjy

    The Great Tinkerer couldn’t wait to get to work to cough up the lead.

    Disco didn’t need to come out.

    • Sliotar

      This week, Lucas Sims is putting the excitement back into the Holding role.

    • Aaron B.

      Disco was very shaky. Senzel threw out a runner otherwise that inning might have blown up. He was in trouble nearly every inning. He only had the fastball nothing else was working for him.

  15. Aaron B.

    I know his OBP isn’t where you want it, but Galvis looks like a good player so far to me. He is making solid contact nearly every time he is at bat. My only criticism is that hair-do, that really needs some work.

    • Wayne nabors

      I agree aaron,several posters keep posting that reds should upgrade at ss this winter but I’m not sure they can get better than what they got

      • VaRedsFan

        We can dream about Lindor. But that’s all that is. Maybe Trey Turner

  16. Curt

    Too bad they didn’t keep 1B O’Grady up here as well. It could’ve been a great chance to see what he can do with Votto out. Based on what we’re seeing from his fellow Bats, I’m gonna take a crazy, wild guess and say, he can probably hold his own.

  17. VaRedsFan

    Maybe ML will bat for himself in the bottom of 7th.

  18. Eric B

    To anyone who DVR’s the game. Back up to Aquinos HR and watch it frame by frame. For such a young guy it’s a beautiful thing to watch.
    Once he locks in on the ball his head does not move even after he makes contact. His line of sight is straight down the bat and his head don’t move until the ball is nearly half way to the batter’s eye.

    And like you said “HE’S OURS.”

  19. Roger Garrett

    He is locked in for sure.Kid just has awesome power and in GABP if he just lifts it then it will go.

    • ToBeDetermined


      whose being Wally Pipped ?

      • Pete

        Votto – he better get back on the field. Tongue in cheek but Josh VanMeter is something special as are: Senzel, Ervin, Winker and, oh yeah, some guy named Aquino. Keep your eyes on Tucker too.

  20. Roger Garrett

    JVM on base 4 straight times.Just got to love it.

  21. VaRedsFan

    Both middle infielders have productive sac flies tonight.

  22. Roger Garrett

    That was a really good at bat by Galvis.Guy is hitting 100 on the gun and he just kept fighting them off.Major league at bat to put it in play to score the run.

  23. Curt

    Very interesting, to see what the Reds can do without Votto and Suarez in the line-up…very interesting.

    • Wayne nabors

      I’m thinking less strike 3 looking

    • RojoBenjy

      Suárez can be traded for pitching in the winter.

      • Curt

        @Rojo: good to know I’m not alone. We’re deep at 3rd and he’s hand’s down our best trade chip. Pitching or top young catcher…true power CF? Could bring both. Enticing possibilities.

  24. VaRedsFan

    Ervin and Galvis….super defense connection.

  25. Pete

    Phil Ervin has a gun. I wouldn’t mind seeing the same guys line up tomorrow.

  26. Roger Garrett

    So far just an excellent played game by mostly young players.Good rebound after getting hammered last night.Just never know about young guys and oh ML brought his A game tonight.Big lead helps but his stuff is just to good to walk guys and just seemingly lose it quickly at times

  27. VaRedsFan

    Ervin…2 more hard lineouts tonight….but the blooper fell.
    He sure was lucky on that blooper.

    • Pete

      Ervin has struck out 1 time in his last 24 PA’s Remarkable. He looks as comfortable at the plate as you’ll see.

  28. Roger Garrett

    ML with 2 hits so I guess my comment before the game about playing short handed was on me.Looks like Bell was going to use him to pitch and hit.Guess if he isn’t too busy he could sell concessions between innings,Just a heck of an athlete.

  29. Wayne nabors

    That was a terrible at bat by senzel,he was gonna swing anything

    • VaRedsFan

      Senzel has been swinging at anything and everything for the last month.

  30. Curt

    Really liking Senzel and JVM at 1 and 2…Aquino clean-up, feels right. Like we’re building something here. Yessiree

    Nice to see Lorenzen finally being used the way they said they would use him.

  31. Roger Garrett

    The new guy gets them in order and this one belongs to the Reds.Heard it I believe it was in 74 when Marty took over for Al Michaels and will miss hearing it.

    • Wayne nabors

      I will to roger,maybe we can get it as a ring tone haha

      • Curt

        A ring-tone or alert! Great idea Wayne. I have the audio file, I’m gonna make one. Ha!