Final R H E
Cincinnati Reds (56-63)
7 13 0
Washington Nationals (65-55)
17 17 0
W: Strasburg (15-5, 3.82 ERA) L: Bauer (10-9, 4.12 ERA) 
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The Cincinnati Reds were blown out by the Washington Nationals by a score of 17-7. That’s the Reds fourth-straight defeat, three coming at the hands of the National League Wild Card leader.

The Nationals scored 10 runs in the fifth inning to blow the roof off of this one. The game was tied at one when their enormous rally began.

The moment that changed the game came with one out in that fateful fifth. Runners were on second and third with Stephen Strasburg at the plate. For whatever reason, Trevor Bauer pitched Strasburg very carefully. He tried to sneak a 3-2 changeup over the black, low and away, but Strasburg stabbed at it and laced a single into shallow right field. The floodgates opened up from there as every single Nationals hitter scored a run, in the fifth, with Kurt Suzuki scoring twice.

Not to be outdone, the Nationals then came back in the sixth and scored six more times.

Sal Romano was brought in to relieve Bauer in the fifth, and proceeded to last two outs while allowing eight earned runs on six hits and two walks. 

In the realm of positivity, Aristides Aquino smashed his ninth homer. He now has the fifth-most dingers on the team even though Matt Kemp (20) has still played more games than he has this year.

Tucker Barnhart also homered. He now has four homers, this month.

Not to be outdone, in his first start for Cincinnati Freddy Galvis went yard in a 4-for-5 effort. He scored twice on the evening and improved his batting average to .274. 

This kind of performance will almost certainly add to his prospective playing time. That’s something that almost certainly will cause a bit of controversy amongst Redleg Nation.

Probably the last bit of positive news came from Jared Hughes. He provided the final nine outs of the game without allowing any more runs to score. He did allow two inherited runners to cross the dish (charged to Romano) but managed to keep his own ERA clean on a night where no ERA seemed safe.

Mercifully, this series is over and the Reds will return home. Meeting them at Great American Ballpark will be the St. Louis Cardinals. Sonny Gray will try to stop the bleeding for the Reds on Thursday.

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  1. Chris

    Nats are 46-24 in their last 70. That’s a 106-win pace. If they get past the wild-card coin-flip game (can you imagine Scherzer v. deGrom?), they might be quite a force.

    Point is… I’m not ashamed. It’s whatever. Sweep the Cardinals and all will be forgiven.

    • citizen54

      Ya just got beat by a better team.

    • Mason Red

      Turn out the lights….the party’s over…

  2. Keith

    Thought for sure we’d see Milton after today’s “effort”. Tough stretch for the good guys.

    • vegastypo

      I’m wondering if Milton was a throw-in on one of the trades. He has been mysteriously absent.

      • greenmtred

        Milton has been hospitalized due to exhaustion. The intern’s puppy–he’s young and doesn’t know any better–will replace him while he convalesces. Hughes was effective because the Nats were exhausted by all of the hitting and running they were doing.

      • LWblogger2

        Milton is a Chad thing. Probably would see him if the Reds lay and egg and Chad does the recap.

  3. RojoBenjy

    I did not enjoy that puppy pic—looks even sadder than Reds fan feels.

  4. matthew hendley

    It was not good. Galvis was good though. Very nice. DO it some more.

  5. Rut

    Figured it was better odds to have the score of Cincy at Washington game 17 to 7 tomorrow, who knew?

  6. ToBeDetermined


    “He tried to sneak a 3-2 changeup over the black, low and away, but Strasburg stabbed at it and laced a single into shallow right field. The floodgates opened up from there as every single Nationals hitter scored a run, in the fifth, with Kurt Suzuki scoring twice.”

    That’s interesting. This is the second time in the last few days that a quality Reds pitcher used a changeup to an opposing pitcher. And it’s also the 2nd time that the pitcher was able to get a key base hit. (for reference Castillo was the other).
    I remember the days of here’s my fastball try to hit it to 99% of the pitchers who are batting.
    I don’t get it.

  7. Steven Ross

    56 & 63 now. 5 & 5 in last 10. Started the season 1 & 8. Seven games under .500 and currently, we find ourselves….you can figure it out. Such an average team. Can’t get over .500 and probably never will this year.

      • RojoBenjy

        Whenever the Reds have a lineup that plays well (Jekyl), their manager gives them a dose of his special elixir (tinkering with said lineup), and behold! Mr. Hyde proceeds to stink it up on offense.

  8. Ed

    Two more +5 run games and I’m going to have to start tagging Bauer on Twitter directly. I’m sure he’d reply to avoid the bruised ego. Anyone see his long profile on the Athletic? For starters- Castillo doesn’t need to talk about the inspiration for his changeup, much less borrow it from anyone else- he just executes with humility. Bauer has a good curve and lots of potential, but an astoundingly loud ego and one season with an ERA below 4.00.
    If I told you I could flawlessly echo Hendrix by slowing his solos down and learning what he’s doing, But then played something egregiously, noxiously foul—- hopefully that would raise some red flags.
    Anyway, Go Reds, in 2019, 2020, and always.

    • Mason Red

      I’ll say again that a team (Indians) that’s looking at a postseason berth seldom trades pitching unless they have serious concerns for whatever reason. They couldn’t wait to unload TB. Not saying he can’t turn it around but I have more faith in the Indians judgment of talent than the Reds.

  9. Eric B

    Last time the reds got within 3 games of 500 they lost 5 in a row. This dog and pony show in Cincinatti is getting old.
    There is hope on the horizon though with position players. This once promising bullpen is a complete disaster. Only FA signings this winter can fix this for 2020. Only three of eight guys in this pen should stay, and maybe Sims. There is nobody in AAA ready to pitch next year. Ramono’s 97 mph fastball is nothing without movement and is easy prey for major league hitters. Reds need to release Sal. I had high hope’s for him but he has shown nothing, plus he constantly pitches from behind.

    • Chris Holbert

      Romano is the Peraza of Reds pitchers. Plenty of opportunities and just cannot grab it and run with it….

  10. Great Redlegs Fan

    Sadly, every time you think the team is about to turn the corner, a string of losses happen. It must be recognized that FO has really tried to improve the roster but there’s still work ahead. The bullpen, another starter and Votto’s future are first in order for the offseason. I wouldn’t mind a manager change, but I guess that’s out of consideration.

    • Mason Red

      I wouldn’t say signing players off waivers is exactly improving the roster. It’s basically signing average players with a team loaded with average players. There’s nothing wrong with adding depth but castoffs and backup players shouldn’t always in the mix for starting jobs and that’s where the Reds are right now. They need better players and more talent. I’m just not sure the FO or ownership are willing to take the necessary steps this offseason unless it’s more rental players who can be traded if need be. You’re just not going to be successful building a winning team if the Reds continue to do things that way. And there’s very little talent in the farm system.

  11. matthew hendley

    David Bell is on year one of a three year deal, they are not firing him, until at least the end of next year (even that is doubtful).

    To those who are calling for Joey Votto’s head: While his 2019 stats are not setting the world on fire, .262 BA .353 OBP .412 SLG .765 OPS with a 104 OPS+, his stats in the last 2 weeks to a month (after the ‘overhaul’ in his batting stance) certainly have shown somethin to be optimistic about. during the last month, he has increased his OPS off his season average by .070 (.278,.372,.464,.836, 119 OPS+). The curve seems on an upward trend as his last weeks PA have resulted in much more Vottoesque and Respectfully Dominant numbers, (.318 .423 .591 1.014, 154 OPS+). As one can see that is a near .300 point jump in OPS, and a much more respectable batting line. Could it be a fluke, possibly, but is it possible that the corrected stance that Joey uses know could provide a renaissance in his career. Joey should continue playing, as long as he uses the new stance. The results over the last month should be interesting.

    • greenmtred

      I’ll cautiously agree, Matthew. Votto being who he is, it’s not wise to give up on him.

    • Davy13


      Great point to those who have panicked about JV, me included. The stats that tell the accurate story do not lie. So I hope you, et. al, are right that there’s a renaissance in the fall-winter seasons of JV’s career.

      However, my concern is not that JV has become or is closer to returning to his normal self. My bigger concern is how long it took him. He has been a notoriously slow starter with his hitting, but after April or mid-May his batting revs up fiercely (to elite level). Not this season. So, what about next season? Will it take him longer? IOW, is he truly on the descent of his career, not just a plateau? If the team is to have hope of becoming contender much sooner than later, then it cannot afford this kind of decline. The team needs to look at acquiring another All-Star caliber bat. JV may have to eat some humble pie and go down the batting order, or perhaps be traded to an AL team with a short RF porch.

  12. Matt WI

    It’s mid-August. Somewhere, per the mighty Dusty, Edgar Renteria is now officially warmed up. Let’s see if they can sign him too and make sure VanMeter never plays.

  13. wutinthehail

    To all of those remarking about how this team gets close to .500 and then loses a string of games in a row, how it’s getting old etc. Before this season, many people knowledgeable about the Red expected them to be a .500 team and with some luck maybe a little better and with a lot of luck maybe a play-off contender. After the 1-8 start this team is a .500 team. That’s what it is and that is what was expected. Nothing to be upset about and is actually reason for optimism

    • RojoBenjy

      I think it’s the taste of success that has so many of us straining to have more.

      So that is a good thing. Way better than apathy.

      You’re right, if someone had guaranteed a .500 season in ST we’d have been pretty content.

      Those of us that like to torture ourselves with the “could haves” keep thinking “if only Wood never got hurt. If only Kemp didn’t suck (or what if they cut him and kept Ervin out of ST). If only Schenlet didn’t suck (or what if they left him in AAA in favor of Ervin out of ST). What if Scooter has not pulled a groin and missed the first half of the season and lost his mojo?”

      Those things haunt if we Let them. Some days are better than others in my ability to let it go lol.

    • Eric B

      The “after a 1-8 start” cannot be cast out to make this club a 500 team since when. There were also some pre season expectations of the knowledgeable ones that said this reds team would win the NL central division. I don’t put any emphasis what so ever into anyones pre season expectations. There are simply too many variables which will render the talking heads predictability futile.
      If you watch every single game as I do, watching the reds creep close to an even record only to go on a losing streak is disappointing. The first time they did get to 3 under 500 it took them forever to get above 4 under 500. They would win one lose one win one lose one win two lose three. And yes it does get old after a awhile, to me anyway. Im tired of the reds losing. The get hot then go cold offensive production gets old. The bullpen blowing leads in the late innings gets old. Losing a ridiculous number of one run games again this year gets old. I’m getting old too! I’ll watch all 162 reds games this year and next year as well. I just want a W.S. title before I get too old to know what the W.S. is!

  14. Chris

    Yankees sign David Hernandez. Good for him.

    • Pete

      Great news! Not a Yankee fan but if David gets a ring, I’ll celebrate. Sometimes a change of scenery, or role, can be just what the doctor ordered. Best of luck to him.

    • Lwblogger2

      Good guy. I hope he can get it figured out there.

  15. LWblogger2

    Yes, I was and am still quite worried about Bauer. That was before his performance yesterday. He’s definitely not the same pitcher he was last year and may not really be the pitcher he was the couple years prior to that breakout.

    He looks like he’s fighting something. Whatever it is doesn’t seem to be affecting velocity or movement much but definitely affecting command. He mentioned some injury issues he pitched through earlier. It wasn’t super alarming to me at the time. All MLB pitchers pitch with a certain amount of pain and discomfort at least some of the time.

    My hopes are whatever he’s fighting is mechanical and not injury related. If he is hurt, this trade goes from iffy/marginal to really bad.

    • Eric B

      That performance was an anomaly. For some unknown reason he seemed to let the Strausberg hit and rbi get into his head. Pitchers are very strange creatures of circumstance.

      • LWblogger2

        I’m well aware of this. It can come unraveled quickly. Still, he is fighting something. At least he appears to be by my eye.

  16. jsleee

    Nationals announcers stated that Bauer was tipping his pitches yesterday.. Seen a post on Twitter about it.

  17. Davy13

    Stick a fork on this season’s team, but marinade it for next season. I am actually optimistic about next season if the team is aggressive enough to acquire an All-Star bat and reliable RP (esp another lefty) to insert in the middle of the order to complement Senzel, Suarez, and Votto:
    1. SP is solid (current meltdowns excluded)
    2. RF & CF solidified if AA holds up with future pitching adjustments. If there is a better CF that the team can acquire than Senzel, then 2B is solidified by moving him to that position.
    3. LF platoon b/w Winker & PE is fine
    4. Iglesias is as good defensively as they come at SS and his bat has been good enough.
    5. C is ok. Better if TB keeps up his hitting revival into next season to go with his defense.

  18. Eric B

    The expectations going into 2020 are going to be high.The position players are set. The emphasis this winter should be on pitching. Acquiring a respectable number four starter to replace Wood. High quality FA relievers to strengthen the bullpen should be the priority. The addition of Galvis makes playing time more complicated for the young guys and gives them bargaining power in negotiating an Iglesias deal. If they are not going to play Peraza every day he should be traded. He needs consistent at bats to be effective.

  19. matthew hendley

    Reds lineup posted- against a RHP. Galvis will start at second again. Iggy at short. Ervin gets the Start in left. All others normal.


    • Pete

      VanMeter has been playing against LHP and he’s out of the line up.

    • Pete

      Matt, Wacha is unusual in his splits. Much better against LH hitters:
      BA: .254
      OBP: .342
      SLG: .470
      xFIP: 5.25

      BA: .330
      OBP: .392
      SLG: .592
      xFIP: 4.86

  20. Roger Garrett

    May be time to analyze the analytics.JVM should play every day.How about we put Ervin in left JVM at second and Galvis at short and turn him around and have him bat right handed. Just having some fun of course out of frustration of JVM not playing.I am a data guy but you can see you can play with that stuff all day.Is Tucker playing or Joey?How about we use Farmer in one of those spots?I know Pete you are providing a possible explanation as to why no JVM and again just having some fun.

    • LWblogger2

      VanMeeter hasn’t had a lot of starts since it was deemed he’d be a lineup regular. And why not Galvis at SS like you said? Give Iglesias a day. Galvis is a real, live MLB SS defensively. Not much of a dropoff from Iglesias at all. Very good defender.