After losing another winnable game Monday night (the second in as many days), the Cincinnati Reds (56-61) attempt to even up the three game series against the Washington Nationals (63-55) at Nationals Park in Washington DC.

First pitch is at 7:05 ET.

Starting Pitchers

Alex Wood 14.1 5.65 5.94 4.66 17.5% 4.8%
Joe Ross 36.0 6.75 5.19 5.47 19.3% 11.7%


Alex Wood started his season strong in the first two starts of 2019. He didn’t pitch deep into either game against Atlanta or Colorado (understandable given his back issues), but he only gave up two runs in each start. Then came his start against the Cubs last week in which he gave up eight hits and five runs in only three innings. He will try to bounce back tonight. Obviously, Wood has small sample sizes, given that he’s only pitched in three game thus far, but it’s still been far from perfect for the lefty. He’s already given up four home runs in 14.1 innings. On the positive side, he has struck out 11 batters and walked only three.

Wood throws three pitches: sinker, curve and change up. Of the four home runs he’s surrendered, two have come off his curve ball. However, seven of his 11 strikeouts have also come on the curve ball. It looks like it’s all or nothing for Wood with his curve ball, but like I said previously, it is a small sample size. He has time to work out the kinks and make sure he’s not hanging his curve in the zone.

There are a few players who hit Wood pretty well, namely Gerardo Parra and Anthony Rendon.


A first round selection by the San Diego Padres in 2011, Joe Ross was apart of a three-team trade that sent him to the Nationals before he made it to the major leagues. He got called up in 2015 and made 48 appearances between 2015 and 2017. Since 2017, however, he’s bounced between the minors and the majors and hasn’t been able to maintain any consistency.

Ross has a career 4.33 ERA and a 4.15 FIP, but in the last couple of years, it’s been north of 5.00. This season, his ERA is 6.75 and his FIP is 5.19 in 36.0 innings. Most of those innings have come out of the bullpen. Tonight will be his fourth start in 22 appearances in 2019. Although this season hasn’t gone the way Ross would like, his last two starts have been solid. He allowed a combined four hits and struck out eight in 5.1 innings and 6.0 innings against the Giants and Diamondbacks, respectively.

Ross’s main issue this season has been walking batters. In the 36.0 innings he’s pitched, he’s walked 20 batters. Even though he had excellent starts in his past two outings, he still walked seven batters in those starts.


1. Jesse Winker (LF)
2. Joey Votto (1B)
3. Eugenio Suarez (3B)
4. Aristides Aquino (RF)
5. Josh VanMeter (2B)
6. Nick Senzel (CF)
7. Jose Iglesias (SS)
8. Kyle Farmer (C)
9. Alex Wood (P)
1. Trea Turner (SS)
2. Victor Robles (CF)
3. Anthony Rendon (3B)
4. Juan Soto (LF)
5. Howie Kendrick (1B)
6. Brian Dozier (2B)
7. Gerardo Parra (RF)
8. Yan Gomes (C)
9. Joe Ross (P)

-Tucker Barnhart is 4-for-4 with a double against Ross. Aside from Jose Peraza, who has one hit off Ross, no other Reds player has a hit against him. Don’t let that discourage you, however. Only six of the Reds position players have ever faced him.

News, Notes, and Pre-game Reading

-Tyler Mahle will start a rehab assignment Friday.

-Tucker Barnhart and his wife are doing good work outside of baseball.

-This team has been so frustrating at times this season. I can’t be too mad because they’ve also been incredibly exciting to watch at times. Basically, the Reds are close to being really good, but they’re not there yet.

-Wes is right. As much as it would hurt to root for the Cubs and Pirates, it would help the Reds in their quest to #SneakOnIn.

76 Responses

  1. Big Ed

    The Reds have a knack for making a guy like Joe Ross look like Walter Johnson or Greg Maddux.

    • Wayne nabors

      i was thinking same thing,just as soon face a top of rotation pitcher,reds struggle against pitchers making debut also

  2. Roger Garrett

    Reds will pound Ross and everybody else the Nats throw out there.They came back late down 5 runs and almost pulled it out.Young guys AA and Ervin sparked it and that is very encouraging.Could have and I expected them to just roll over but they didn’t.Tomorrow I would give Senzel the day off and put Ervin in center.Nick is tired and getting worn down.Just for fun I give Suarez a day off as well and put Galvis in and slide JVM over to third.Strasburg is really tough on righties to begin with but when you are struggling some he just is nasty.

  3. matthew hendley

    I have faith, the reds will win this one.

    • Pete

      Welcome back, we did our best while you were gone.

      • matthew hendley

        Indeed, I leave for a month and barely recognize the place when I come back. Going to do this all at once.
        Keep have to remind my self that the majority of the stuff came from SD in the Bauer trade. Real nice pick up. Loss of Puig is softened by the unexpected superhuman ability of Aquino ( I will take this back if a certain 80 game suspension ever happens. Not saying it is true just hedging bets.) Loss of trammel…. ehhhh sometime you got to break eggs.
        Nice return for Roark. Oakland evidently has a thing for former Reds pitchers.
        Cant grade a trade for a player to be named later until….. later.
        So, FO since the trade deadline. Overdosed on Peraza. Almost in the literal sense. While everyone I am sure has heard that B Ogrady got sent down when Gavis became official, remember Dietrich is 2 days away from being activated, so there is still a chance for Rehab. (yes, I 100% want DD over JP).
        Reds are actually in a position to make a run at it.
        Funny, since the season reportedly ended at least 50 times in june.
        As for holes at 1B? I am not seeing any stats that start when Votto changed his swing? I do remember Dingers. and 4x OB games. I think that that will come around.

        As for tonight. Nationals sometime #5 pitcher? yea, bombs away. See what type of Alex wood shows up.

        There got it all out. Wont be near a computer near the end.

  4. Hanawi

    Wouldn’t have minded seeing Senzel get the day off and Ervin play center.

  5. Chris

    Ross gets pounded, but so does Wood. Our bullpen suck slightly less and we come away with an 8-6 victory.

    I’ll say… 3 hits for Van Meter and HR from Suarez and Votto

    • VaRedsFan

      Ross might get pounded, but he has only given up 4 hits total in his 2 games (11 innings)

  6. renbutler

    So who is the backup first baseman with O’Grady being sent down? Farmer is catching tonight.

    • VaRedsFan

      Vanmeter probably, Peraza to 2nd, would be my guess.

  7. VaRedsFan

    People have been calling for a Wood extension. I’m not too sure yet. No velocity…he might become final year Arroyo if they aren’t careful

    • citizen54

      Ya I don’t get it either. We don’t even know if he will get over his back issue. SSS for sure but he hasn’t exactly looked impressive this year. Allowed 49% hard hit balls and FB velo down to 90.0. Right now he’s a lot worse than Disco, the guy everyone wants to run out of town.

  8. earmbrister

    The home plate umpire went to the Angel Hernandez school of balls and strikes.

    He’s squeezing Wood.

    • ToBeDetermined


      “The home plate umpire went to the Angel Hernandez school of balls and strikes.”

      Hilarious 🙂

  9. renbutler

    MLB Gameday gave the Nats a run in the first. Apparently the guy on third scored before the tag was applied at second on the double play.

    The Fox Box guy just finally put the run up.

    • Jim Walker

      That was actually probably a “FIELDBLAN” by the Reds. Agree with JV stepping on 1B but then the play was right in front of him to come home for the 3rd out.

    • Sliotar

      Whatever weirdness in this game is spreading.

      Marty and Graves missed the first 2 strikes to Kendrick… led to probably the most awkward K call in Marty’s career. LOL.

    • Hot Chili

      The Reds really have to seriously look into this. They have been squeezed while pitching or called for strikes really far from the zone. No coincidence Bell is have been mad all year about it.

  10. Curt

    With Galvis here now and DD due back, I’d think keeping O’Grady up would have been a better option. Could give Senzel a rest, back-up Aquino when he comes back down to earth and best sub for Votto if, god forbid, they should choose to give him a day off and finally better thump off the bench. O well…

  11. Roger Garrett

    Time to get this offense going guys.Got to string some good at bats together and score some runs.

  12. Roger Garrett

    Little things or the failure to do them is just killing us again.

  13. Roger Garrett

    That was just awful wasn’t it?

  14. RedAlert

    Getting dominated by another scrub with a plus 6 ERA

  15. RedAlert

    Nationals ain’t that good – just don’t see it

    • Sliotar

      Marty just went to the “Wood has allowed 6 HRs in 19 innings and that is just not going to cut it” take.

      I have long suspected that Marty was posting here under the name Indy Red Man, in between innings.

      • Bromleyjake

        Is that a take or observation? Point to something that Wood has done to warrant a QO.

  16. RedAlert

    Wow – Reds pitchers need neck braces – just awful

    Forget resigning Wood – he ain’t it

  17. Chris Holbert

    I know Senzel seems to be struggling a but, but I believe they should swap Votto and Senzel in the lineup…..It was as simple as getting Winker to third and he could not do that….then Suarez flies out…

  18. Indy Red Man

    I think thats 6 hrs allowed for Alex DiscalafaWoodi. Hard pass on signing him. He used to be a good pitcher & Valerie Bertinelli used to be hot. Times change. Thats it for this year. Every time they get within 3 of .500 then LLLL is soon to follow. The more things change the more they remain the same.

  19. Big Ed

    Wood has been a massive bust. He harkens back to the Jimmy Haynes and Elmer Dessens Era.

    He still has some rust to shake off, but he hasn’t shown anything to warrant an extension or QO.

    • Curt

      Having watched Wood his whole time in LA, he’s always just been average with a little boost against lefties. If you can get 6 out of him and hold opponent to 2 or 3 runs, that’s what he is. Add that he’s injury prone and you have a 5th, maybe 4th starter worth maybe 7 mil a year. I wouldn’t pay him 10+ but someone might.

  20. earmbrister

    Apparently weather is approaching. Now or never to get something done.

    • Indy Red Man

      They’re making 3 outs in 26 seconds….does that count?

      • earmbrister

        Efficient. Might get a regulation game in at this rate.

      • Sliotar

        Marty just went to the “Wood has allowed 6 HRs in 19 innings and that is just not going to cut it” take.

        I have long suspected that Marty was posting here under the name Indy Red Man, in between innings.

      • Indy Red Man

        I’m opinionated and like women 30 years younger then me, but I’m not Marty:)

      • earmbrister

        What are Marty’s thoughts on Valerie Bertinelli?

  21. Bromleyjake

    Are we over Alex Wood yet? I don’t get why people are so thirsty to have him back next year.

    • Indy Red Man

      Because he was one of the best 3-4 pitchers in the NL two years ago….that and we need a lefty starter.

      • Bromleyjake

        The same thing could be said for Latos or Bailey. Guys lose it, especially with injuries. And he hasn’t shown anything impressive THIS year.

    • Sliotar

      We are just thirsty. Period.

      (Agree with you on Wood. If the wallet is out this winter, go bigger and better than Wood.) (And Disco.)

    • earmbrister

      I’m stubborn. I don’t think that Wood has suddenly “lost it” due to some back problems. And I’ve had my share of back problems.

  22. Slicc50

    Even though Wood sure isn’t great tonight. They are in it in the 6th inning. The offense has disappeared on the road……….again. No Homers……no runs for this offense.

  23. Indy Red Man

    Did some digging to figure out of the Reds problems. Please pass it on to the Dickie Williams.

    Bring in a Tampa style opener for Disco and have them go 1-2 innings. Disco’s era is 4.51. If you take the 6.65 1st inning era out of the mix then his era is 3.99. For the other starter we need to get someone or go to 2 bullpen days. I can’t remember if Tampa does it once or twice per rotation?

  24. VaRedsFan

    Ross is like Disco with movement.
    Someone need Disco to cut the ball, or sink it.
    Alter your grip.
    Pitch movement might be a game changer for him.
    Just stop doing the same thing over and over.

  25. Chris Holbert

    Maybe the analytics are off…..for game planning against unknown “lesser” pitchers, they struggle every single time we all the Reds should dominate…..

  26. RedAlert

    Dumber baserunning ten in MLB – some things never change

  27. earmbrister

    Peraza showing those acclaimed on base skills , only to be wiped out by a great throw from the OF.

  28. Indy Red Man

    Love to pile on Peraza there, but that was a crazy throw. Normally Peraza would’ve got 2 guys into scoring position because the outfielder made a futile throw and kept the Reds out of the double play. Just a great throw

    • JB

      Absolutely. Peraza didnt do anything wrong. That was a great throw.

    • RedAlert

      Give Sims Disco’s starts and see what we got

      • Indy Red Man

        I’d prefer Stephenson but Sims would be good too. I think Wood is staying….just to get the rust off.

        Adios….the Reds are obviously in a hurry to go eat and so am I.

      • RedAlert

        Never mind about Sims – cantbthrow the freaking ball over the plate enough !

  29. VaRedsFan

    The one thing that could have been done the was House just giving him the slide signal. House sees where the throw is coming and MUST SIGNAL Peraza to slide to the home plate side of the bag. That one thing probably makes Peraza safe

  30. earmbrister

    Sims and BobSteve need to step up in this depleted BP. Good “start” for Sims.

    • earmbrister

      Yeah, I was just looking at his career stats.

      GG defense and timely slightly below average offense. If you’re building your team around it’s pitching, you want Iggy at short.

  31. RedsMonk65

    Finally — 1 run. 3 runs is not too much to overcome. Bats need to come alive (before the 8th inning, please).

    • Sliotar

      That was one roller coaster of an inning by Sims.

      Still in this.

      • JB

        Yeah but unlike the rest of the bullpen he got himself out of it. He throws up and in and has movement on off speed stuff. I like him as a 5th starter

    • RedsMonk65

      This is ridiculous. Where are the Reds’ bats on the road–again? And against no-name pitchers.

  32. JB

    The Reds went into the Cubs series talking playoffs. They have gone 2-4 since. Going to bed. Big day tomorrow. Retiring after 30 years.

  33. RedsMonk65

    2 men on. C’mon Aquino! Save us.

  34. RedsMonk65

    More often than not, this offense is pathetic on the road, it seems.

  35. matthew hendley

    Freddy Galvis not wasting time. get him a start.

  36. matthew hendley

    on the hitting front though. In the last 48 hours two national league teams have ‘terminated the services’ of either their hitting coaches or members of the hitting coaches staff. Puig is gone and may seriously not be coming back. Continued failures need to be addressed. A certain Hitting coach may have outlived his usefulness.

  37. earmbrister

    Tough loss, again. Too little offense, particularly with RISP.

    G’nite folks.

  38. Aaron B.

    The season is slip-sliding away. 2020 looks promising though with the right off season moves.