While Aristides Aquino didn’t quite match the Cincinnati Reds and Major League Baseball record of four home runs in a game, The Punisher took the Chicago Cubs deep three times on Saturday night. In the process he did set some franchise records and tie some Major League records, too. Scooter Gennett, however, is safe for now.

Let’s take a look at the things put in the record books thanks to the big game by Aristides Aquino:

  1. He’s the first Cincinnati Red to homer in three consecutive innings of the same game.
  2. He’s the first Major League Baseball rookie to homer in three consecutive innings of the same game.
  3. He tied a Major League Baseball record for earliest career game to have a 3-homer game. He matched Bobby Estalella, who also did it in his 10th game back in 1997.
  4. His 7 home runs through his first 10 games is a franchise record for both a rookie and for any player through their first 10 games played as a Red.
  5. His 7 home runs in the first 10 games to begin a career ties the Major League record previously held by Trevor Story.

As I type this up at 1:17am on Sunday morning, Aristides Aquino is hitting a video game-like .464/.500/1.250 on the season. That gives him an OPS of 1.750 this year. We aren’t sure when The Punisher statue will be unveiled, but it’s got to be before the end of the year, right? What he’s done so far would be laughable if you opened a comic book story with it. But here we are watching it unfold in reality.

After the game Aquino spoke with the media in the clubhouse with the help of translator Julio Morillo. You can listen to the entire thing below.

“At that moment I just was like, keep running, keep my head down and I knew it was a home run,” Aquino said through Morillo about his 452-foot home run that landed beyond the Reds bullpen out in left-center field. “Yes, it’s real nice. And of course, as I said, I enjoyed the moment,” he noted about the fans requesting a curtain call after his third home run of the game.

Manager David Bell also spoke with the media after the game. As expected he had a lot to say about Aristides Aquino’s big night.

“Yeah, it was. I was so happy for him. Not only is he hitting home runs, he’s doing it in really meaningful games. These games are so important to us as a team and he’s coming through like that,” said Bell about Aquino’s outburst early on in his career.  “He’s earned his way into the mix. He’s contributing a lot to our offense – losing Yasiel and Scooter in the trades, we need guys to step up.” responded Bell about having to keep Aquino in the lineup with how hot he’s been swinging the bat.

Just how good has Aristides Aquino been?

Who knows how long Aristides Aquino will keep this going. With what he’s done so far this season, he’s on pace for 150 home runs in 600 plate appearances. I’m not Branch Rickey, but that is pretty good. Things are eventually going to slow down, but just how much can honestly be questioned.

Between his time in Triple-A and the Major Leagues this season, Aristides Aquino has hit 14 doubles, a triple, and 35 home runs. That’s in 87 games player. He missed nearly an entire month in the minor leagues this season with a shoulder injury. His triple-slash line this year between the two stops is .314/.365/.689. That will certainly play. Enjoy the ride, Cincinnati Reds fans.

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  1. CI3J

    Pitchers are going to figure him out sooner or later. How he adjusts will be the real story. But so far, I have not seen many holes in his swing, besides maybe the outside lower corner. I noticed he has a hard time laying off breaking balls there, so hopefully that’s something he’s continuing to work on.

    But his power and his arm are legit, and right now so is his hit tool. If he can settle into being about a .280/.360/.540 player year in, year out, the Reds will have a bonafide superstar on their hands.

    But it’s still early days. The adjustment by the pitchers is coming, and I hope people don’t get too down on him when he has a couple of 0-for nights.

    • Pete

      Keep in mind, AA has faced three crafty veteran pitchers who know how to pitch in this series. Maybe they will “figure him out” but Hamels, Darvish and Hendricks didn’t. I’m with Doug, who knows where this goes but there is no indication anyone has figured out anything when it comes to Aristides Aquino. Now it’s a another craft old-timer today, Jon Lester

      Strasburg is scheduled to pitch for the Nationals in Wednesday’s game, this will be the first power pitcher he will face in in his nascent career and it will be interesting to see how he fares. At some point all the pitcher’s adjustments will be made and it won’t be long given the technology in 2019.

  2. VaRedsFan

    Obviously with Aquino’s and Ervin’s BABIP…they are just lucky…..
    …sarcasm noted.

    • Amarillo

      Home Runs aren’t factored into BABIP, between the majors and AAA Aquino has a BABIP of .335 which is only slightly above average.

      Bryan Reynolds of the Pirates has a .408 BABIP. That guy is lucky.

      • Tommy loves Joey

        It’s hard to have a BABIP when every ball leaves the park lol.

        Kinda sarcasm but kinda not.

      • Pete

        HR’s are not included in BABIP. I think it’s why guys like George Brett have higher BA’s than BABIP’s.

      • Pete

        Oops, sorry did read Amarillo’s post correctly the first time. Carry on….

  3. VaRedsFan

    I heard Aquino didn’t start playing baseball until he was 17. Is that true??
    Amazing! Keep it up young man.

    • Pete

      He was drafted at 16 so I’m thinking probably not.

      • VaRedsFan

        Indeed…heard it wrong. Playing “professionally” since 17.

      • Hotto4Votto

        Not meaning to nitpick, but he was signed as an International FA, not drafted. But yes he was signed at 16. What’s impressive (or sad) is that he’s probably already the most successful IFA teenager the Reds have signed since Cueto. He’s certainly a success story for the Reds development side. For those of us following his Reds career on RML it’s been pretty satisfying to follow the ups and downs of his career development from rookie leagues to now. In cases like Aquino’s, it’s important to recall what Doug says often about development not being linear. After destroying A+ he looked fairly lost during two seasons at AA. Then the light came on this year and he’s punishing balls.

      • Pete

        My thoughts are the new hitting instructors made the difference, the talent was always there just like with Phil Ervin. Out of everything this is the best news of all.

        Donnie Ecker is looking like a real Dr. Frankenstein working in his batting laboratory. If you haven’t already, I would suggest hunting down anything you can on this guy and his approach to teaching. It’s fascinating and more importantly encouraging. Reds should make sure this guy has a long-term contract in place regardless of who might be manager. From what I glean, at least in regards to AA, his is not worried about making contact or going the other way. The focus is increasing Slugging Percentage, hitting the ball harder, and finding guys who are game changers, calls them Ferrari’s. He believes this is Aquino.

      • Hotto4Votto

        I certainly agree the new coaches brought in have made a difference. The Reds FO knocked it out of the park filling out Bell’s staff, in my opinion. Though I do wonder how much time Ecker worked with those in the minors. VanMeter began showing signs of a changed approach toward the end of the last season. Aquino made huge strides in AAA this season and has carried that forward to the big league team. I’m hopeful the organization ensures their top coaches have a voice top to bottom organizationally.

  4. CFD3000

    It’s been fun. I was in Atlanta for the last game where he was still struggling and pressing, and the next game where he got his first hit, then his first home run. He does hit the ball very hard! But as many have predicted, he will have to prove he won’t chase the breaking ball low and away, and soon. But if he can wait for strikes and accept the inevitable walks, he’s got great potential. Amazing that the Reds were so close to letting him go, very recently. Welcome to Cincinnati AA!

  5. VaRedsFan

    Puig only hit 1 homer last night.

  6. CP

    Almost lost in the background to Aquino’s monster start is that JVM got two more hits (both doubles) last night. His slash line is very promising:

    .283/.383/.485/.867 and a 122 OPS+

    These two seemingly surprise developments might be the key pieces to making this Reds rebuild really creating an extended window of competitive baseball in Cincy. With the saved $$ of these guys, they can focus their assets on extending/signing pitchers to replace those on 1 yr/expiring contracts.


    It’s a fun ride. If it continues this season, that’s grest. If it becomes a normal thing in 2020 that’s fantastic.

    One more against the Stupid Cubs today.

  8. Indy Red Man

    Last 30 days on 1 of my fantasy teams:

    Suarez 12 hrs
    Acuna 11
    Soler 10
    Urshela 10
    Goldschmidt 9
    Garver 8
    Aquino 7 in 28 at-bats

    Everyone but the pitcher likes HRs, but this is ridiculous. Can we go back to the normal ball now?

    • Indy Red Man

      60/199 48 23 40 .302 .392 5

      Thats their stat line for 6 days. Combined for 23 hrs in 199 at-bats. An entire team combining to equal juiced Bonds numbers. Its out of control

  9. Mason Red

    He’s showing he deserves to wear #44. Enjoy the ride folks regardless if he continues the hot streak or not. There hasn’t been a lot to cheer about by Reds fans the past several years but this kid is putting on a show and any criticism of his young career is ridiculous.

  10. EL TTB

    Somebody with more tech savvy than I needs to superimpose the Jim Ross “Good God Almighty, they killed him!” audio over a couple of Aquino’s HRs.