Hello, meaningful August baseball. Nice to see you again. It’s been awhile.

Great American Ball Park is the venue as the Cincinnati Reds and Chicago Cubs kick off a four-game series tonight at 7:10 Eastern time. As play begins tonight, the Reds are four games behind in the race for the second National League Wild Card playoff berth, and seven games behind the first-place Cubs in the National League Central.

Each game in the series features a pitching matchup of above-average veterans from whom a good pitching performance can be expected. There are no Lisalverto Bonillas taking the hill for either team.

On paper, it looks and feels like a playoff-type matchup, at least from the Cincinnati perspective.

To earn at least a Wild Card berth, the Reds will have to climb over at least six teams in front of them. It’s a daunting task, but one that your mind’s eye can see as possible when your team is running an above-average starting pitcher to the mound every day. After this series, the Reds visit the Washington Nationals for three and then return home to host St. Louis for four. Those are two of the teams the Reds must surpass.

The key for this series, the next two weeks, and the rest of the season if a playoff berth is to be achieved is to win every series (or at least the vast majority of them). Of course we always hope for sweeps, but the realistic objective is to win each series. Take three of four from the Cubs, two of three from Washington, and three of four from St. Louis, and you are absolutely in the thick of it. Going 6-5 in those 11 games leaves you just about where you are now, but with 11 less games to play catch up with.

It’s fun to talk about standings and races in August, is it not? Here’s hoping for a big crowd tonight in which Reds fans will outnumber and outyell the Cubs fans.

Starting Pitchers

Cole Hamels 104.2 2.84 4.02 24% 8.1%
Alex Wood 11.1 3.18 4.60 19.6% 4.4%

Hamels has a history of dominating the Reds, but he did get tagged with a loss against them on June 28 at GABP. Hamels pitched only one inning, giving up a run, before leaving the game with a muscular injury that sidelined him for more than a month. In his first start back from that injury on August 3, he shut out the Brewers over five innings. Wood is in his third start for Cincinnati, and he has acquitted himself very well in the previous two.


Jared Hughes begins his three-game suspension tonight. He’ll be back in the bullpen for Sunday’s game, but until then, the Reds bullpen will be one pitcher short. New acquisition Kevin Gausman will be in uniform, and it will be interesting to see how Manager David Bell (back from suspension) will use him. With Wandy Peralta being optioned to Louisville Wednesday, Amir Garrett is the only lefthander currently available in the bullpen.

The Cubs bullpen is undermanned with Craig Kimbrel, Brandon Kintzler and Brandon Morrow all on the injured list. Among pitchers they have currently active, Pedro Strop leads with nine saves this season.

Starting Lineups

Cubs Reds
RF Jason Heyward CF Nick Senzel
LF Nicholas Castellanos 1B Joey Votto
3B Kris Bryant 3B Eugenio Suarez
1B Anthony Rizzo RF Aristides Aquino
SS Javier Baez SS Jose Iglesias
CF Albert Almora Jr. LF Phillip Ervin
2B Ian Happ 2B Jose Peraza
C Jonathon Lucroy C Kyle Farmer
P Cole Hamels P Alex Wood

For Farmer to start this big game with as little overall big-league catching experience as he has shows just how much his stock has grown in the eyes of Reds management. It may also show how much Wood, his good friend, values his presence.

Former Milwaukee Brewer Jonathon Lucroy, just picked up from the Angels, will get the start behind the plate, catching his former Texas Rangers teammate, Hamels.

Additional insights into the statistical history of the players in today’s game is available all season long at BaseballSavant.com.

News and Notes

Doug Gray has up a report on how Brandon Finnegan has looked since he returned to the mound two weeks ago in Double-A for the Chattanooga Lookouts.

Steve Mancuso has up a breakdown of Michael Lorenzen versus Mike Trout over at Reds Content Plus that you should be sure to check out.

Minor league shortstop Blake Trahan, who was designated for assignment to create space on the 40-man roster for Kevin Gausman, cleared waivers and was outrighted to Louisville.

Curt Casali will begin a rehab assignment at Louisville Friday.

152 Responses


    3 of 4 from the Stupid Cubs. That’s what we’re asking for. Let’s start that with a W tonight please.

  2. Seat101

    But I’m excited about this series. But… I don’t want to get too hopeful

    • Tom Mitsoff

      After the Bauer trade, the Gausman pickup, and sending down Peralta, the message I got from the team is we’re going for it. We’ll see if they succeed, but I’ve watched each game since the Bauer deal with heightened interest.

      • Wayne nabors

        If the reds were really going for it wouldn’t vanmeter be playing 2nd?

  3. Steve Schoenbaechler

    I would like to know specifically how our pitching has done since the All-Star break, specifically breaking it down between starters and relievers. For, from what I could tell, it seems like our relievers are letting us down a bit recently. From what I could remember, pre-AS break, both starters and relievers were to be complimented on their outstanding performance, when compared for the entire half season to the other teams. But, what about since All-Star break.

    I noticed the numbers with the offense the other night since the AS break. Keep it up!

    Oh, Lord, if we just had it the first month of the season! That 8 game losing streak, also! This is why I really like this team. It seems like they are in many games, but being young, they lose many of those games. I can’t wait till next season, or even if we can still pull something out this season.

    Come on, pitching!!!

    • Sliotar

      This series sets up well for the Reds.

      Only the Marlins have fewer runs on the road in the NL than the Cubs.
      That Cubs top 5 tonight, though….wow.
      Heyward 110
      Castellanos 111
      Bryant 138
      Rizzo 134
      Baez 124

      Cubs bullpen has been a mess, even with Kimbrel being signed, otherwise they might be out of sight already in the division race.

      Hopefully, the struggles can continue for at least 4 more games.

      Go Redlegs.

      • Sliotar

        Only the Marlins have fewer wins on road in NL than the Cubs.

      • Tom Mitsoff

        How about a number four hitter with a 228 wRC+? Huh? 🙂 (It will be very interesting to see how he does against a steady diet of experienced, above-average pitchers all weekend.)

      • Pete

        Tom, I agree. This will be a big test – all four Cub starters are crafty veterans.

    • Doc

      I read somewhere that their starters are still in the top two or three rotations in the league, but the bullpen has fallen from the top two or three to the bottom two or three, since the ASG.

    • citizen54

      Since the All Star game the Reds relievers rank 14th out of 15 teams with -.7 fWAR. Reds starters rank 6th with 2.2 fWAR.

  4. Klugo

    Wood,Bauer,Gray,Castillo. The time is now! Lessgooo!!!

    • Sliotar


      Or, if the Cubs decide to pitch around AA.

      J Iglesias and that wRC+ of 85 in the 5 spot ain’t scaring me, if I am the other club.

      Would be interesting to know the inside metrics the Reds have that show batting him 5th and Ervin 6th is better than flipping them in the order.

      • VaRedsFan

        maybe because when it matters most, he’s been at his best. It doesn’t concern me if he doesn’t draw a walk with 2 outs and nobody on (empty stat that might improve the wRC but doesn’t move the meter otherwise)

  5. Pete

    Cole Hamels is always a tough match up for the Reds and I expect he will be tonight. Interesting to see how Aquino and Ervin can handle his off-speed and breaking ball pitches. Reds need to get into the Cubs bullpen quickly as possible, they are bad as Sliotar points out. Look for a low scoring affair and the game probably won in the late innings. Hardest match up of the 4-game set, IMO.

  6. Eric B

    I’ve been highly anticipating this series for a week. The ballpark will be rocking with fans from both teams. I would rather all those cub fans to NOT have fun tonight, or any night this week. I hope they slouch in their seats with crossed arms and an noticeable scoul.

    GO REDS × 4….or at least 3.

  7. Don

    Like the comments on having to win all the series, Reds need to win 2 of every 3 games the rest of season to be in contention at the end of September.
    Reds can be anywhere between 3 and 11 games behind the Cubs come Sunday night. They have to be either 3 or 5 back to stay in contention.
    Also agree that need to take 2 of 3 vs Nationals and 3 of 4 vs cards as all of these series are vs teams the Reds have to pass.

    Get to Hamels early for a run or two, get deep into the count so Cubs need to go to bullpen.

    Wood being lefty should be able to keep Rizzo and Hayward off balance.

    Play one game, one inning, one AB at a time and stay loose and relaxed.

    Great time to be a Reds fan

  8. Shchi Cossack

    Anyone…ANYONE!!!…not excited about this series needs a trip to the emergency room like right now. They may be looking up at the competition, but the Reds are in a playoff chase in August. Really disappointed to see JVM riding the bench again with both Peraza and Iglesias in the starting lineup. Iglesias and Peraza are not going to drive the Reds to the playoffs…JVM just might (if he gets a chance).

    • Jim t

      Not starting him tonight against a tough lefty is definitely the right move. It also allows him to be used later in the game with a righty on the mound with a chance to deliver on the clutch.

      Using our youngsters in a platoon situation is not a bad thing. It puts them in good match ups and eases them into the big leagues. They gain experience and hopefully leads to success for team and player which gives them much needed confidence. Putting them in sink or swim situations is not always the right move.

    • Great Redlegs Fan

      Is Josh VanderMeter dutch?

  9. Doc

    The talking heads, just heads…no brains, on MLB network on SiriusXM have written the Reds off. They don’t even talk about their chances despite the Reds rotation. I would love to see the good guys make an emphatic statement these next two weeks.

    • Don

      Let the national talking heads ignore the Reds. The opponents may then get overconfident and overlook the Reds.

      Best thing is to still be the underdog and sneak up on teams.

      Take not being talked about as a badge of honor and go win the games.

      It will feel so much better to start having the national talking head experts be shocked and proven wrong.

  10. Eric B

    I would like to have seen Tucker in the game tonight. You must strike while the iron is hot.

    After Tuesday night’s game I was left wandering who is that new guy wearing Tucker Barnhardts Jersey.
    Although I do like Farmer. He looks really intense and focused at the plate.
    Good looking swing.

  11. CI3J

    I’m not liking what I’m seeing from Wood so far. Cubbies are making solid contact off him.

  12. Bromlejake

    Who are the people that are impressed by Wood? 90mph, falling off the mound, poor command.

  13. Eric B

    That ball in Aquino’s corner looked like it was inside a pinball machine

  14. Mike Adams

    Okay, boys and girls, do you want to know if the Reds have improved any? Other than win-loss record that is?

    Well, this series should be an indicator. Good pitchers by both teams.

    If the pitchers dominate, then the series will be just like playoffs as others have said.

    The 1-0, 2-1, or 3-2 type games where every base and every hit counts. Where in the closeness of the game, errors are magnified (I hope both physical and mental errors are absent by the Reds because the guys are really into it).

    As a fan, I really want the Reds to take the series just because they are the team I have been rooting for since 1970.

    But I also want an indication that this is a better team who can go further than first round in the playoffs.

  15. Slicc50

    Yeah baby! Tied it up, with 2 outs!

  16. Eric B

    44 is unbelievable!
    He looks intimidating at the plate with that fully open stance looking straight at the pitcher.

  17. Indy Red Man

    The Punisher! Sounds like a comic book character and hits like one too! He’s got to have holes, but nobody seems to know what they are.

    The Reds are no longer scared of the Cubs or Cole Hamels. He used to just throw his glove out there and shutout the Reds.

  18. Slicc50

    Ok guys, have to get this one home!

  19. CI3J

    Rats, Ervin just missed making it 2-1.

  20. Slicc50

    Have to get that guy over to third right there!

  21. Curt

    JVM at AAA
    versus RHP: .325/.412/.587/.989 – 238 PA’s
    versus LHP: .323/.423/.677/1.100 – 79 PA’s
    (Thx Pete)

    The only platoon that makes sense to me is Ervin/Winker.

    • RedAlert

      Wouldnt expect anything less from the
      genius of David Bell

  22. Indy Red Man

    Peraza hacks at 2-0….would’ve been 3-0 and then makes a worthless out. Yeah lets keep running him out there though. JVM stinks and Blandino the 1st rounder is only hitting .343 in his last 10

    • Slicc50

      I agree with you, he is a glaring weak spot on this team right now

      • Wayne nabors

        But the manager loves him apparently

  23. Indy Red Man

    He doesn’t homer and refuses to walk. Just cost them a run there by not getting Ervin over. He got the other day and then got doubled off. I’d say he’s still slightly overrated if he was getting 9 hits a week like last summer, but this version sucks!! Bell is just being blind. He may homer twice tonite, but numbers don’t lie.

    • Slicc50

      The last time Jose Peraza drew a walk was on June 4th…….his only bb in June. He didn’t draw a walk in July. Obviously…..none yet in August either. Wow

  24. centerfield

    it is nice to be able even care about lineups this late in the season

  25. centerfield

    lord, Peraza makes an error…..

    • RojoBenjy

      If only the Reds had a young player that could play second base and can OPS 1.000….

  26. Indy Red Man

    Seat….where are you? Come and take your lumps like a man! You lost. Period!!!!

    If your argument was Jose Peraza is not the cause of world hunger then you were correct. If it was that he is a decent ballplayer then you were dead wrong!!!!!!

    • RojoBenjy

      He’s probably busy. He’s usually here regardless of how Peraza is doing. He’s not one to avoid.

  27. Slicc50

    Come on Alex…..gotta hang tough here!

  28. CI3J

    I said earlier I didn’t like what I was seeing from Wood….

    Now I like it even less.

    • Indy Red Man

      When you top out at 90 then its tough. Who was it on RLN that argued with me that he would get $20 mil/year…lollllll

      • CI3J

        Oh, he’s still an excellent, excellent pitcher. He just doesn’t have it tonight.

      • Indy Red Man

        I watched Wood many times 2-3 years ago when he was 17-6 or whatever. He was throwing 93-94 mph! This version is not an excellent pitcher. He was 91 in Atlanta and was pretty decent. He’s a changeup pitcher to righties and you need a little speed on the fastball

  29. Don

    wood looks like he has a dead arm tonight like pitchers get at end of spring training.

    Team needs to pick him up

    • RojoBenjy

      This is pretty much spring training for him. Good call.

  30. Indy Red Man

    Top of the 3rd and Peraza has cost us 4 runs. Thats hard to pull off

    • RojoBenjy

      He’s given back four if the five defensive runs saved he has this year.

  31. daytonnati

    Speaking of Seat, is it time to also put out a milk carton with Matthew Hendley?

    • Indy Red Man

      Lol. If we lose 3 of 4 then you can put my face on one too

      PUNISHER…..My God? Never saw a guy start like this in my life!!

      No way on Gods green earth that Dusty or Priggleman brings up a rookie and plays him every day. Have to give Bell that much!!

  32. CI3J

    Yikes. I hope that’s it for Wood. If he has to face the top of the lineup again, it’s going to be a bloodbath.

  33. JB

    Was all behind Peraza coming into this season but he has gone back to the way he was swinging 2 years ago. All upper body. He is still young and can turn into a good player. Unfortunately he cant do it here. They have to send him down to work on his approach. Now he hurt them defensively. His error cost them there. It would be 3-1 and out of the inning. If the Cubs can send Happ down then Peraza can go. It’s time for his mental state if any.

    • Indy Red Man

      Blandino is on fire! Heck you could bring up Chomp and play Farmer at 2B and do better then this.

    • vegastypo

      Ah, very nicely done !!!!!!! I’m gonna have to steal, er, I mean, remember that one !!!!!!!

  34. CI3J


    Geez, this kid is unreal.

  35. Pete

    118.3 mph hardest hit ball by a Red this season and I’m thinking in several seasons. Teams need big-time players…

  36. Indy Red Man

    118 mph OH MY GOD??? He hit a foul in Atlanta so hard that I was afraid it would kill someone. A lady got killed in LA last year. He’s scary

  37. vegastypo

    Interesting, Winker against a lefty. Who will be double-switched out of the game ?????

  38. Indy Red Man

    Peraza extends the inning to get +1 back so far. Boy Hamel looks like he’s about done career wise. He has nothing tonite at all. No velocity and every breaking ball is just rolling up there. See if Winker can burn him as well?

  39. Pete

    Aquino’s HR was the 2nd hardest hit ball this year in MLB.

    • RojoBenjy

      And I was wondering how he got his nickname.

      El Castigador in Spanish.

  40. Don

    Since trade deadline the Reds are a team with a different attitude.
    Young players do not know they are supposed to roll over and die when down 4 runs.

    Team has shown ability to come back tonight regardless of what happens with game result.

    Smart move by bell to take wood out.

    • Slicc50

      Yeah, he is taking way too many called strike 3’s

  41. Jim t

    Has anyone taken more called third strikes then Votto??

    • RojoBenjy

      If we had $5 for every time he’s done that this year we’d be able to buy Doug lunch at Subway every day for a month!

      Hope he adjusts to the fact that he’s not getting those calls anymore.

  42. Don

    Hopefully Gausman can give at least 3 strong innings. Get one time through the order and give up nothing.

  43. Indy Red Man

    Castellanos….thats another guy I was calling for 2 years ago. I think it was 2 years ago he led mlb in 375+ ft outs. Comerica is huuuuuge. Gausman pitched in Camden so he knows the score….but have to keep the ball out of the middle of the plate.

  44. Pete

    The legend grows:

    Aquino also unleashed a 101.5 MPH throw on Rizzo’s single which is only, uh *checks notes* the hardest tracked throw of any outfielder all season.

    God, I hope they don’t platoon him.

    • Curt

      I think if Bell had someone to platoon him with he would…haha.

  45. yorktownred

    Gauze-man can’t stop the hemorrhaging. 🙁

    • RedAlert

      And showing exactly why the Braves let him go … getting worked by Lucroy , fresh iff the scrap heap … unbelievable

  46. Indy Red Man

    Modern baseball. Almost 2 hours in and we’re halfway home at 4.5 innings


    Unearned runs … so frustrating

    • Sliotar

      Sims got out of that, but the Reds are three pitchers into this game, and none have seemed on top of the Cubs lineup.

      Plenty of time to grab lead, but next pitcher up needs to be in shut down mode.

  48. Indy Red Man

    Ervin can hit! Not showing much power, but he just missed one in the 1st inning. The OF looks set to me. Platoon, Senzel, and Punisher

  49. Indy Red Man

    Baker Mayfield with a TD pass. You Bengals fans ready for about 38 this year? Fun to watch or to hate on. Reminds me of a more talented Jim McMahon

    • Sliotar

      Sims got out of that, but the Reds are three pitchers into this game, and none have seemed on top of the Cubs lineup.

      Plenty of time to grab lead, but next pitcher up needs to be in shut down mode.

    • RojoBenjy

      38 selfies on Twitter or Instagram?

  50. Indy Red Man

    Cmon time for Chatwood to Chatwood.

  51. Don

    suarez and votto need to swing the bat with 2 strikes when pitcher throws a strike.

  52. Indy Red Man

    All 3 Punisher HRs off soft tossing lefties.

  53. Indy Red Man

    Ball 6:( Our offense goes off and then dries up justs as fast

  54. Don

    took advantage of Aquino aggressiveness.

  55. Don

    side strikes out and leaves Votto at 2nd when got there with no outs.

    Bad baseball.

    Have a 4:30 AM wake up time.
    Hope Reds come back and win.

  56. FreeHouse

    So Hernandez just pitched his last game as a Red right?

    • RojoBenjy

      I thought that should have been his last appearance

      • RojoBenjy

        I thought that his last time should have been his last appearance*

  57. RojoBenjy

    Can we please stop with the David Hernandez?


    • Sliotar

      4th Reds pitcher … none have an answer for the Cubs hitters.

      Being outclassed tonight.

  58. Chris

    David Bell is the worst manager in baseball. We can’t win with him. He never plays JVM. He uses both he and Winker early and leaves neither in game rendering us with no left hand pop. He uses D Hernandez in a two run situation??? Really??

    • JB

      First guy out of the bullpen should have been Sims. Next guy Lorenzen. When you knock out Hamels you go for the throat. Not good coaching. He should have pinch hit Barnhart instead of Winker. Then moved Farmer to second and kept Barmhart in the game as well.

  59. Curt

    How long are they gonna keep doing this with Hernandez? And why is Peraza at short and Farmer at 2nd? Can we go back to Benavides as skipper?

  60. Indy Red Man

    I was ok with Bell tell he let DH start destroying this season about 4-5 weeks ago. He just won’t stop with the guy? If you had a guy that couldn’t close a deal would you bring him to meet all your biggest clients? Insane. Oh well. Atleast this rotation and Aquino/JVM give them some hope for next year. They should have plenty of $ to fix the pen and clean up the roster.

    • RojoBenjy

      You gotta wonder about cronyism.

      Someone has posted before how every appearance nets DH an extra $50K

      Kind of unfair to accuse, but at some pint you have to start wondering.

      • vegastypo

        On Cot’s Contracts, which gives a breakdown of players’ salaries, they list this for Hernandez:

        2 years/$5M (2018-19)
        signed by Cincinnati as a free agent 1/30/18
        18:$2.5M, 19:$2.5M

        annual performance bonuses: $50,000 for 40 games. $0.1M each for 45, 50, 55, 60 games. $0.15M each for 65, 70 games. $0.125M each for 30, 35 games finished.

        award bonus: $50,000 for Hoffman/Rivera reliever of the year

  61. vegastypo

    David Hernandez ahead in the count, BAM. … I hope Santa brings these guys a close-out pitch for Christmas.

    For the record, Hernandez has given up runs in 10 of his last 12 appearances. The only times he did not give up a run, he pitched only one-third of an inning. There’s gotta be a reason to put this guy on the DL. Yeah, IL, whatever.

    • RedAlert

      Can David Bell go back on self imposed suspension and stay away from the ballpark !!!

  62. Sidney

    Reds management isn’t really serious about this year if they keep running Hernandez out there. Oh well.

  63. Indy Red Man

    Even if the Reds were up 11-5…..just can’t do 3 hours to get thru 6.5 innings. They really need to go back to the old ball. Reds hit 5 bombs the other night and it felt ordinary. Its out of control

  64. FreeHouse

    They should just let Hernandez finish off the game and save the bullpen. I’m sure he’s done as a Red. Question is who’s coming up to replace him? I would rather see Joel Kuhnel given the chance

  65. Pete

    Guys like Peraza and Hernandez represent the old Reds. Hernandez should be DFA’d and Peraza should only see the field during emergencies. Peraza plays the game like his head is somewhere else. Really a disappointing effort tonight, Cubs bullpen is garbage, we can still win this game if we can hold them to 11 runs.

    • RedsMonk65

      Yes, I’ve grown rather tired of the Peraza and Hernandez acts as well. Both are detriments at this point. Still, they aren’t the only reasons the Reds are behind in this game. So disappointing. I had really been looking forward to this series. Maybe the Reds can pull a rabbit out of their hat yet. One thing this team does not do (unlike previous seasons) is quit when behind.

    • RojoBenjy

      Peraza with a muffed ball to now give back 2 more runs. His errors tonight account for 6 runs allowed. At the beginning of the game he had 5 DRS.

      A team serious about winning needs to option him tonight. Let’s see Blandino.

      • RedsMonk65

        I would like to see that as well.

  66. DocProc

    Hernandez and Peraza must have compromising photos of David Bell.

  67. SaveTheFarm

    David Hernandez coming out of the bullpen is the Reds’ white flag. Everyone knows what’s about to happen, how can you keep putting him out there?

  68. Pete

    Ervin should play everyday, move Winker to first against RHP.

  69. Ed

    Oof…. I missed the first Peraza error. But this one in the 7th has me losing my dang hair. Iglesias has always been the better shortstop. As much as I hate to see Peraza fail- no contest. he really struggles.

  70. Sidney

    This one feels like a missed opportunity on so many fronts. I’ve been indifferent about Bell, but he certainly hasn’t put forth his best effort tonight in a critical game.

  71. Curt

    Why did Peraza feel the need to bare-hand that ball? Seemed like a routine play. Sheesh…did he get an error at least?

    • Sliotar

      Where’s Jimmy Herget?

      There’s three more games in this series….save the other guys.

    • RojoBenjy

      Game Day calls it a single to Kyle Farmer, deflected by Jose Peraza.

      I had to go watch the replay cuz that smelled fishy.


  72. Roger Garrett

    Just makes no sense to send out Hernandez at all right now or for the rest of the year.Good guy,good career but he isn’t helping us and won’t be back next year so how is it a good thing for him to pitch.Peraza is still young but this is year 4 I believe so how much longer do we see him and hope he gets better?I am still good with him every day at short if the club still believes in him but JVM needs to play every day at second.

    • RedsMonk65

      If I am the Reds GM, I send Peraza down tomorrow and bring up Blandino. Peraza may still have hope, but he needs to work on a number of things. Let him do it at AAA. Start JIggy at SS and JVM at 2nd. Hernandez has got to go too. He just does not have it. Both these players are hurting the team right now.

  73. Big Ed

    I don’t understand any logic that justifies having Peraza on the roster and not Blandino. 130 ABs with no walks, and a .280 OBP????

  74. Chris Holbert

    Reds going through the motions, second one through TB legs……

    • RojoBenjy

      Way to welcome back the Skipper.

  75. Chris Holbert

    Why change the pitcher now?….

  76. Broseph

    Farmer doing what Hernandez can not….pretty obvious what the FO should be doing next.

  77. Curt

    Farmer…hilarious. I wonder why real pitchers don’t occasionally throw the “granny” pitch. Could be effective out of the blue..haha!

  78. RedsMonk65

    Does not appear to be the Reds’ night. Between now and game time tomorrow, they had better get their act together–on more fronts than one.

    • Ed

      Yikes. Is it fitting that Peraza was the last at bat? Yes.

  79. Curt

    And, I feel bad for O’Grady and his family. No one deserves a situation like this to be your MLB debut.

  80. RedsMonk65

    Stupid Cubs. How about a do-over tomorrow. Game 1 of a 3-game series.

  81. Ed

    I wasn’t a Baez fan, but seeing him choose to bat left-handed to Farmer was pretty classy.