The Cincinnati Reds (51-57) take on the Atlanta Braves (65-46) at SunTrust Park, Saturday night. First pitch is slated for 7:20 p.m. ET.

The Skinny

With a win, tonight, the Reds will clinch the season series as Cincinnati currently holds a 3-2 advantage, after their victory on Friday night. The Reds have an edge in the all-time series with the Braves 1163-1080. A win tonight would bring the Reds within five games of .500. Cincinnati has won five of their last seven games.

The Pitching

CIN Trevor Bauer: 24 GS | W-L: 9-8 | 3.79 ERA | 1.213 WHIP | 10.6 K/9 | 3.6 BB/9 | 1.3 HR/9

ATL Dallas Keuchel: 8 GS | W-L: 3-4 | 3.86 ERA | 1.327 WHIP | 7.0 K/9 | 3.3 BB/9 | 1.3 HR/9

The Lineups

Cincinnati Reds

  1. CF Nick Senzel (.285 BA/.819 OPS)
  2. 1B Joey Votto (.266/.764)
  3. 3B Eugenio Suarez (.260/.869)
  4. LF Phillip Ervin (.352/.998)
  5. SS Jose Iglesias (.278/.702)
  6. RF Aristides Aquino (.000/.000)
  7. 2B Jose Peraza (.239/.643)
  8. C Tucker Barnhart (.209/.633)
  9. P Trevor Bauer (.200/.400)

Atlanta Braves

  1. RF Ronald Acuna Jr. (.289/.875)
  2. 2B Ozzie Albies (.285/.816)
  3. 1B Freddie Freeman (.302/.951)
  4. 3B Josh Donaldson (.257/.886)
  5. C Brian McCann (.278/.802)
  6. LF Adam Duvall (.444/1.466)
  7. CF Ender Inciarte (.229/.690)
  8. SS Johan Camargo (.228/.618)
  9. P Dallas Keuchel (.118/.343)

The Rundown

Tonight is the Redleg debut of one Trevor Bauer. He returns to the National League after a seven years in the junior circuit. This is just his fourth career game against the Braves. In his three previous starts he’s tossed 16.1 innings, allowing six earned runs on 13 hits, and striking out 18. Oddly enough, despite having faced the Braves only twice before this season, this will be his second time facing them, in 2019. His earlier start against them was good. He pitched 6.1 innings of two-run, 10 strikeout ball, allowing just five baserunners.

Dallas Keuchel has pitched once against the Reds, which came in 2016. He went seven innings, allowing two runs on five hits with six strikeouts. There of those hits went for extra bases, though only one of them belongs to a current Red, as Eugenio Suarez had a triple against Keuchel, that day. Zack Cozart homered and Brandon Phillips doubled, that day. Keuchel got the no-decision, but the Astros won that game 5-4. There were some rumors, this past offseason, linking the Reds and Keuchel. Those rumors were squelched, though, when reports surfaced of the two parties being far apart on a deal, in terms of years and money.

Joey Votto and Eugenio Suarez are looking to continue their dominance against the Braves, this year. In the five games these two teams have played, Votto and Suarez have combined for nine hits and six RBI. Collectively, they’ve drawn 13 walks compared to just five strikeout, against Atlanta.

177 Responses

  1. Hanawi

    Iglesias batting 5th. That tells me the Reds need to find a couple of guys in the offseason to add more to the lineup. Almost has to be at C or SS. Tyler Stephenson is probably a September call-up next year at best. No SS are even close.

    • Klugo

      I think in FA, nabbing Corey Dickerson or Sterling Marte in the OF, then moving Senzel back to 2B would be a solid move. Rather not keep trading away prospects.
      d’Arnuad would be my target at C.

    • Chris

      JVM is going to be an every day player moving forward the rest of this season. Since that statement he’s sat 2 of 3 days! Pathetic. Jose Iglesias as a number 5 hitter??

      • Doug Gray

        I had to laugh earlier today when I saw the lineup. Like, I get the whole lefty/right thing, but Josh VanMeter OPS’d 1.209 against lefties in Triple-A this year. Maybe see what happens in the Majors against them…..

      • Klugo

        I’d be just fine if Nick Krall just stopped talking.

  2. Klugo

    I thought the NL was considered the Junior Circuit.
    Anyways, the stated reason for nabbing Bauer is here. Sustained winning streaks. Lesssgo!

    • vegastypo

      The American League is the “junior circuit” because it came into existence about 1900. The National League was formed in 1876.

  3. Rich S

    How long before someone changes Acquino’s batting stance?

    • RojoBenjy

      Why would someone do that?

      He’s been doing really well in AAA with what he’s doing.

      If he can’t replicate it in the majors, then maybe time to adjust.

      You realize the adjustments he made were in spring training with Turner Ward?

  4. Preach

    Ervin/Iglesias/Aquino on the middle of the lineup is…… interesting

  5. Chris Holbert

    6,7,8,9 in the lineup, if Keuchel can get through the fist five (iglesias, 5th really)?, he has to think smooth sailing….at least JVMR is getting all those ABs, like they said, so they can see if he is for real…. smh…

    • Seat101

      I’m shaking my booty not my head. I like this lineup.

      • RojoBenjy

        Except no van Meter. Otherwise I like it.

  6. Chris Holbert

    I think I saw Bauer wearing 27, I saw a TV piece where he asks for 47. No one on the MLB roster has that, so why can he not get it?

  7. Slicc50

    Come on Trevor, settle down buddy!

  8. VaRedsFan

    Braves announcers accused Bauer for purposely hitting McCann

    • Roger Garrett

      Not watching but following on game day and Bauer is all over the place so I find that kinda dumb unless they know something we don’t.

      • VaRedsFan

        so both runners had bases stolen, they said Bauer knew this and just killed the play and aimed a fastball at his legs.
        Somewhat valid.
        But I will go with…he heard the stolen base call in the middle of his pitch and broke concentration.

  9. Slicc50

    Nice……threw alot of pitches that first inning though. 27 of em, 13 balls 14 strikes

  10. VaRedsFan

    Lets go righty hitters. Take the ball and run with it.

  11. Slicc50

    Dallas very lucky there to get past that monster in the 5 spot! Good Job Aquino! First ML hit!

  12. Roger Garrett

    Guy is just lobbing it up there and we are trying to jerk it and just roll over.Got to do better then that.Lets be not in such a hurry to get back to the bench.Every out is to the pull side.Come on guys.

  13. Chris Holbert

    If we are platooning the C position, why is Barnhart in the lineup against the two LHP in this series and Farmer against the RHP?

    • Preach

      They probably wanted Tucker to catch Bauer his first time out.

      • Chris Holbert

        Probably Desclafani as well……

  14. CI3J

    Looks like Derek Johnson is gonna have to get some work in with Bauer. But if he could fix Gray, no doubt he can fix Bauer too.

  15. RojoBenjy

    Great time for Bauer to get the yips.


  16. VaRedsFan

    Looks like he’s been trying to pitch around the lefties to get to the righties.

    My opinion…he’s just trying too hard. overthrowing the fastball…gripping the curve too tight…ect

  17. Roger Garrett

    Dude’s stuff is electric but he can do at times just what he is doing tonight.He will be ok but we need to hit the ball the other way.Keuchel is just fast in and soft away and we aren’t adjusting and unless we do we ain’t scoring.His fast is slow and is slow is just 79/80.

  18. VaRedsFan

    You can just tell Keuchel in top form tonight….spotting the fastball, pinpoint accuracy. The cutter has downward tilt, and our guys are just beating it into the ground.

    • Slicc50

      Yes, he is definately sharp tonight…..Atleast our guys made him work a little there in the 4th…..

  19. Indy Red Man

    They didn’t sucker me in last night. Gausman is terrible. Back to the same old ineptness on the road. As for Bauer….how was he so mediocre for so long? His stuff is crazy good!

    • CI3J

      Well, if he’s always pitched like tonight, it’s because he can’t find the plate consistently. Hopefully Derek Johnson can help him to fully harness his stuff and we get 2018 Bauer next season.

  20. Slicc50

    I do like his talk of learning the change up from Castillo though. Add that to his arsenal makes him that much better

  21. CI3J

    Looks like Bauer is only going to last 4 innings, unless they want him to throw 110+ pitches.

  22. Seat101

    What a great play at the plate! Let’s follow it up with some offense with the heart of the order

    • Chris Holbert

      Heart of the order, J Iggy, Aquino, Peraza, Barnhart…….scary..

  23. Big Ed

    I suppose he’s a bit off with the trade, but Bauer ought not need 23 pitches/inning.

  24. Roger Garrett

    The big guy with a hit and a walk.Nobody else has showed up yet.Time to put some runs up.

    • Pete

      His looking pretty comfortable. Bauer really doesn’t have good control but the guy battles – I like what I’m seeing. Reds have been outplayed and it’s only a one3run game and I don’t think one will do it.

  25. RedsMonk65

    Aquino seems to be coming around. A base hit and a walk. Everyone else needs to wake up.

  26. Roger Garrett

    Made need to take a look at the all righty lineup.It just isn’t working and it didn’t before so maybe we need another lefty or add Farmer in to the mix.One hit in 5 innings and 4 in 6 Thursday just will not get it done but I do realize Keuchel is what he is but every lefty has done this to us and all are not Keuchel.

  27. Indy Red Man

    Peraza and Tucker coming up….pitchers are trembling with fear. I would put my 401k on the ABSOLUTE FACT that JVM is and will be a much much better hitter then Peraza, but I don’t make the lineup. Barnhart has always been completely worthless vs LHP was well. Atlanta can score. How are you supposed to beat them with your C- lineup?

    • Chris Holbert

      Really after 1,2 and 3 what are the Braves afraid of in the lineup? no offense to J Iggy, but fifth really….

    • Roger Garrett

      Your right Indy and this game is over.Just can’t beat a good team unless you can hit and we won’t beat anybody with a lineup like this.JVM and Farmer would have given us a better chance and its nothing against Peraza and Tucker but they just can’t hit or hit with power or both.JVM/Farmer are threats and almost assured to give you better at bats.This game may end up being more about Keuchel then the Reds but we have seen this movie before and I know what Peraza,Iggy and Tucker along with the pitcher’s spot does to a lineup.It will not work and as tonight doesn’t even compete.It just is what it is on offense.

  28. Wayne nabors

    Why was votto not playing toward the bag with freeman up,seems to me thats where he should have been

  29. Wayne nabors

    Duval haven’t a lot of fun with the reds,and I don’t blame him

  30. Pete

    Long half inning, maybe Keuhel loses a little bit and Reds have top of the order coming up after Farmer. Hold the Braves at three.

  31. Chris Holbert

    Bauer’s first similar to Gray’s…..he’ll be alright, a lot of adrenaline…..

  32. Seat101

    The game is five innings old. And some of you have already committed the Reds to losing. Maybe you should root for the Dodgers

    • Indy Red Man

      They haven’t hit a ball hard all night. Has anyone made it to 2nd base? Anything can happen I suppose, but I’m a big proponent of reality. These at-bats are pathetic. They have to get some thump out of the middle infield and the catcher or it won’t matter how well they pitch next year. Not to mention Senzel hasn’t homered in forever.

      • vegastypo

        I suspect next season is going to come down to how much money the Reds are allowed to spend in free agency, and what’s available. I doubt we have the ‘trade pieces’ to do a whole lot more that way.

        Either way, as painful as this is to watch, the front office has to see what they’ve got.

    • Pete

      I’m hanging in there with the guys. Must hold the braves at three. Maybe get a couple runners on ahead of the rookie and see him hit his first homer.

    • Roger Garrett

      Nope I will stay with the Reds.Just can’t change now after 56 years or so but I know what I know.Reds did not put their best hitting line up on the field tonight and like I said it may end up being more about Keuchel then us but after 6 we have had two base runners I believe and its the rookie with a hit and a walk.It just is what it.

  33. Slicc50

    Boy, DK is just mowing right through this lineup! 71 pitches thrown through 6 innings. Someone, please tell me he is just that good tonight! I need something to make me feel a little better about this offense!

    • Sliotar

      Reds offense looks like a team that is used to jacking up fly balls at home and some get out as cheap HRs.

      Tonight, on the road, facing a former Cy Young winner who induces ground outs …. a slightly different outcome.

      Shane Greene has been great a closer, maybe the Reds can strike with the set-up guys.

      Other teams have shutdown starters, too. It happens.

    • Indy Red Man

      Well they’re barely average vs RHP and then you take JVM & Winker out of the lineup. TB is much worse from lefties. Its been this way vs lefties for years now. Duvall could atleast hurt lefties. I wanted to keep him!

      Sims stuff isn’t all that different then Bauer really. He could be pretty good. His stuff is much more electric then Mahle at this point.

  34. Seat101

    I don’t have a really big problem with complaining about the Reds not hitting. But some of the posters are declaring the game over – that The Reds will not win. Why bother to stick around if you feel that way.?

    • Indy Red Man

      Same reason people play slot machines. Hoping against hope that it will different this time.

    • Sliotar

      Thanks, Camargo, for not evening bothering to truly bend down or dive on that second base hit. Real Ole effort there.

      New game.

  35. Slicc50

    Sims looks pretty good tonight. It would be huge if he can pitch well like that on a majority of nights he pitches

  36. Slicc50

    There we go, a hit…..Let’s get a couple more!

  37. RedsMonk65

    Hey we got another hit! Let’s get some more!

  38. Don

    Welcome to the Reds rotation Bauer. The Reds pitcher strike is always smaller than the opponent strike zone and you through > 100 pitches in 5 innings.

    Hopefully the next start will be better.

    This Reds starting lineup vs lefties was a real head scratch-er when I saw it. I thought is was a practical joke someone was playing at

  39. Slicc50

    Ok, Aquino, here is your chance! How about a run shot here?

  40. RedsMonk65

    Aquino—BAM. jUST LIKE THAT 3-3

  41. Don

    OK, I was wrong.

    That was a slow swing and the ball jumped off Aquino’s bat

  42. Seat101

    I hope they can get a hold of that ball for Aquino!

  43. Indy Red Man

    Dangit Seat. You gotta believe. I tell you that every night:)

    Aquino doesn’t even make great contact and the ball explodes! He’s going to hit so many bombs in Gabp!

    • Seat101

      When you are right you are right! Maybe the sun will come out tomorrow

  44. Roger Garrett

    WOW and I mean WOW.Welcome big guy to the big leagues.

  45. Preach

    I want to get JVM bats, but I would have let Peraza hit there

  46. Indy Red Man

    What happened to their SS Swanson? He would’ve got an out with that ball Iggy hit and maybe 2. We caught a break!

  47. vegastypo

    Danny Graves on Reds radio broadcast was just saying how he wasn’t one to try to “call” home runs, but he could see it happening there — and then it did !!!

    He was basing it on Aquino’s good plate appearances against Keuchel previously. Either way, fun what that happens.

    • Seat101

      It was a good day at bat. It reminded me of a similar one that Jay Bruce had.

  48. Pete

    They have taken Aristides out of the game, you’re kidding.

  49. PhP

    Nice call on whoever predicted that earlier!

  50. Indy Red Man

    What happened to Reed? When Amir’s suspension starts then its Wandy time and that ain’t good.

  51. Slicc50

    Ok guys, let’s go for the throat here! Score a couple more!

    • Sliotar

      At least one run….otherwise we might get Iglesias in a non-save situation.

  52. RedsMonk65

    Scooter with a HR tonight for the Giants.

  53. Indy Red Man

    Bad night for Ervin. Pulling off the ball tonite.

  54. Seat101

    Well it’s an early morning for me. May I rely on you guys and gals to bring home a winner?

  55. vegastypo

    Lorenzen can’t find it. Too bad our ‘closer’ isn’t comfy pitching more than one inning.

    • Pete

      That was pitching scared and Lorenzen was throwing 98-99 mph, pathetic. Trust your stuff.

    • Sliotar

      2 of the 4 pitchers Houston used just came from Toronto in a deadline trade, including starter Aaron Sanchez.

      Good thing baseball is the most unpredictable of games. On paper, Astros are the best all-around team by a mile. Well run, too.

      Their model….tank, draft the position players, keep trading/buying for the pitching is the one everyone is chasing now.

  56. RedsMonk65

    Unbelievable. A game this close, you can’t keep walking people. Throw strikes!

    • vegastypo

      What I find unbelievable is that Peralta was in the bullpen, not Iglesias. Is Iglesias not available tonight? … What had to happen to indicate that Lorenzen couldn’t throw strikes?

  57. Don

    4 walks in 8th inning by bullpen.

    Would rather they gave up 4 hits. at least with a hit a fielder has a chance to make a play.

    Just like Farmer just did.

  58. Indy Red Man

    Backbreaker if we give this one away. Just too many 1 run losses this year where we gave it away. 4 walks for a run and wild pitch a run in.

  59. Sidney

    Seems to me there are too many guys in the bullpen that the manager, regardless of who is managing, doesn’t trust. He shouldn’t have had the opportunity to walk 3.

  60. RedAlert

    Lorenzen awful !! And the managerial decision to leave him in was even worse !!! Inexcusable to leave him when he clearly couldn’t throw strikes ! Unbelievable …

  61. Don

    Iglesis and winker with 9th inning singles.

    Need to get them to 2nd and 3rd with 1 one. Josh, Please move the runners over.

  62. Don

    swinging bunt, up to barnhart to get a fly ball to tie the game

  63. Don

    Why send Winker that was not smart baseball running on Duvall. Reds should know better

    • VaRedsFan

      did they send him or he go on his own….

      • Don

        3rd base coach was waving him in

        Winker just to slow to beat a 200 foot throw by Duvall

  64. RedsMonk65

    Rats. Why send Winker there? Well, at least we tied it.

    • Sliotar

      If Puig had been playing in RF, he would have made it home safe for the lead.

      (Too soon?)

      • Pete

        If Puig was playing RF, the game would be over.

  65. Steve Schoenbaechler

    We knew that from when Duvall was here. You don’t run on Duvall, period. Bad running mistake there.

  66. Indy Red Man

    Brantley said they had to send Winker there….no they didn’t. That was an easy throw for Duvall from shallow left. Oh well. See if they can pull it out?

  67. Pete

    This is a great game, would be greater if we can pull it out. We’ve been outplayed the entire game but here we are tied in the 9th.

    • Hanawi

      Really? Iglesias has been terrible this year in the 8th. They are still one or two bullpen arms short IMO. Lorenzen is not as good as the Reds act like he is based on his usage. They could really use Reed back and I would trust Bowman over Lorenzen, but he’s in AAA right now.

      • vegastypo

        My point is how overrated Iglesias is if he can only be used in the 9th inning. I dislike this ‘role’ usage. Would have liked to see him moved.

      • Indy Red Man

        Lorenzen had a 1.98 era in July, but just walking people like crazy lately? His stuff is great….thats what they’re banking on.

  68. Indy Red Man

    What was the point of taking Aquino out anyway? A young guy hits a big bomb and gains confidence but you pull him out. I don’t get it?

    • vegastypo

      The idea was to make sure Garrett’s spot in the order didn’t come up, so he could pitch a second inning. So much for that second inning.

  69. Don

    Iglesias held in the 9th. Wow. That is good news. Pitching with passion in a tied game. That is good to see.

    • Sliotar

      Votto not even checking on passed ball, heading straight back to dugout…leading off in an extra inning game.


      Lucky for him playing in Cincinnati, where there is no questioning media and half the fanbase lectures the rest of us that he can never do wrong.

  70. Preach

    All these double switches kills you in extras.

    • Hanawi

      Especially since they have been keeping a short bench and an extra pitcher.

  71. Hanawi

    Feel like the Reds have been burned multiple times this year with early double switches.

  72. Chris Holbert

    Perfect example of why you do not double switch with every pitching change….R Iggy trying to hit….

    • Don

      agree,,Reds over manage which causes players to think and athletes that think are just that much to slow for everything.

      Then they bring in Hughes to pitch and do not leave Iglesias in, that is even worse thinking.

  73. Preach

    Yeah, thought pulling Peraza when they did was a mistake, although Farmer made a fantastic play, but he’s gone as well.

  74. Chris Holbert

    If they were changing pitchers anyway, why not PH Gray…..

  75. Preach

    While I usually hate carrying 3 catchers, we have 2 who are recently back from the DL and our backup plays 25 positions……maybe having Lavarnway on the bench ain’t such a bad idea

    • Don

      To keep Lavarnway in MLB then pick another position player to be in AAA.

      with 13 pitchers there is not enough position players

      And if you are only going use 3 or 4 of the 8 in the bullpen in pressure situations why have an 8 man bullpen????

      • Preach

        I would usually go with 12 pitchers and a full bench. If you don’t do that, the double switching thing is very, very limited

  76. MK

    DeSields should be Managing not Benivades, Delino has more Managerial experience. This one can be on coaches tonight. House sending Winker, Johnson not pulling Lorenzen and Benivades pulling Farmer for Dietrich9 leaving no one to pinch hit for pitcher, no back-up catcher, but Farmer also a better hitter.

  77. Chris Holbert

    Maybe they should have saved Peraza to pitch..he can get people out…

  78. Don

    not sure why Braves are bring bats to plate as bullpen will just want them anyway.

    Start 0-2 and then walk them on next 4 pitches.

  79. Seadog

    Throw strikes. I can. Thank you Bob Steve

    • Sliotar

      Hittable 0-2 pitch.

      Fitting end to a bad bullpen night.

  80. vegastypo

    If there was ever a WALK-off loss, this one qualifies. All those dang walks …

  81. Chris Holbert

    9 walks, not going to win too many of those…plus the game was not managed very well…..

  82. Don

    1st hit since 5th inning and give up two runs, go ahead in 8th and winning in 10th.

    Shame Reds lost but with so many walks did not deserve to win tonight.

  83. RedAlert

    Deserved that loss – inept bullpen and even more inept managing

  84. Steve Schoenbaechler

    One good thing, one bad thing.

    I love the way this team seems to be in every game, including against the good teams, the playoff teams.

    But, that’s the thing. Good teams, playoff teams, they figure out how to win games like this. Or, another way I’ve heard it spun, games like this will get the young studs experience, hopefully, where they will be able to learn work even harder and/or differently to win these kind of games.

  85. RedsMonk54

    Well that’s the ballgame. Nine batters got free passes by Reds’ pitchers (not counting HPB). Six of them by relievers. That is inexcusable. You cannot give a team like the Braves free base runners late in a close game. Bauer did not have his best stuff, but he kept them in the game, and the Reds eventually tied it. The bullpen lost this game. I also question the decision to take Aquino out just when he was getting it going. Too many early double-switches — to the point they ran out of bench players as pinch hitters. Didn’t deserve to win this game, but we still could have. I don’t like losing games like this. If we lose, I’d rather it be 14-4.

  86. RedsMonk65

    Well that’s the ballgame. Nine batters got free passes by Reds’ pitchers (not counting HPB). Six of them by relievers. That is inexcusable. You cannot give a team like the Braves free base runners late in a close game. Bauer did not have his best stuff, but he kept them in the game, and the Reds eventually tied it. The bullpen lost this game. I also question the decision to take Aquino out just when he was getting it going. Too many early double-switches — to the point they ran out of bench players as pinch hitters. Didn’t deserve to win this game, but we still could have. I don’t like losing games like this. If we lose, I’d rather it be 14-4.

  87. Ed

    Running out of bench players because of the crazy switching was just ridiculous. Poor Raisel Iglesias batting with 2 outs in the 9th was the product of bad management. Why not leave him in at that point, because Hughes had nothing? The bullpen… oof. No Braves hits between the 5th and Acuna’s shout in the 10th, but 6 free base runners.

    Oh well.

    Bauer was nothing special. Maybe he’ll get it together. Obviously the Indians know what he’s worth these days. I guess I’m a Bauer skeptic, but I’d be happy to have my mind changed. We needed a bat and a reliever at the deadline to be competitive this day.

    I did cheer out loud for Aquino, and Barnhart dropped that ball in the exact right place after going 0-3.