The trade deadline is behind us and we’re back with all the analysis you can handle. I was joined for the latest show by Chris Garber, and we discussed all the ins, the outs, the what-have-yous of Cincinnati’s three deadline deals, especially the Trevor Bauer/Yasiel Puig/Taylor Trammell trade. Are the Reds in better shape for 2019? What about 2020 and beyond? You’re gonna have to listen to find out.

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4 Responses

  1. Steve Schoenbaechler

    Now, with no more acquisitions but Aquino, I believe the Reds still have plenty on the team to be at least competitive this year if not next year.

    I won’t go into pitching. I will assume they will be just as good the rest of this year and next year.

    I mean, with the OF of Senzel, Winker, Ervin, and Aquino, I can understand taking that group against anyone else.

    On the infield, I don’t believe anyone will take Votto’s contract, and I don’t believe the Reds will let Suarez go. So, we are looking at C, 2nd and SS.

    What about VanMeter? I looked yesterday; he played 2nd base mostly in the minors, 2nd and 3rd. I wouldn’t have a problem putting him down there at 2nd. Or, Senzel at 2nd, and VanMeter in the OF. 2nd done.

    With Jose, I would hate to give him up, but if we can get a better offensive player, so be it. The thing is, with him, the reason why I like him is, everytime I’ve heard the stat, he’s always been near the lead if not leading the league in BA-RISP, something this team has lacked in for years. So, I could understand keeping him. SS done

    At C, I believe we can get some better offense there giving Casali more time. I still have no problem going 2 C’s, though. C done.

    So, I could see the Reds pretty much going with what they got. But, I would like to see them get more offense. And, the Reds are going to have a load of money to spend on getting someone in here, also. I don’t see many pieces to trade with, though. And, I didn’t see much offensive help at 2nd and SS on the FA list (maybe Yasmani at C, but not much else, but, boy, the Brewers paid out their nose to get him this year. Some others had some good numbers but were older). I saw names but no one interesting enough to go after, I believe).

    So, that’s going to be the big question for me. How do we get better offensively if we don’t have much to trade with and there’s no one on the FA list at positions of 2nd, SS, and C who we could use? Past that, the only other things I would like to see are, in no order of priority:

    – Shore up the pitching – make sure we have a combination similar to this year
    – Develop the minors – get some instructors down there to develop the youngsters. Especially the pitchers at higher levels. Video work, development, anything.

  2. Pete

    Well, you guys are right this team will not be a fun bunch, like the one we had day before last; however, it’s a better team.

    My discretionary time is limited so I have to choose wisely where I spend it. To me watching “fun guys” losing 95 games/year, is well, not fun. So I don’t do it. What is fun for me is to see a team evolve, make decisions using a rational mind, acquiring and playing the best talent available. Hopefully, going on to avoid 95-loss seasons and maybe even competing in the post-season. Sorry you’re hurting today but I’m as excited about the Cincinnati Reds as I was in the early 1990’s. I hope it gets better for you, I truly do . Not at the expense of winning, I have to draw the line.

    I only made it through 5 minutes of the Podcast. I don’t want to be miserable today, I want to be optimistic and hopeful. Wrong day, dudes.

  3. Seat101

    Joseé Guillén? I forgot how much I enjoyed watching him play. And Kevin Mitchell what a great description of the ball becoming oblong. But I going to cartoon when a baseball becomes an oblate spheroid when hit by one of “dem bums”.

    Thanks for a great podcast. U2 started off a little depressed but ended it with a more upbeat tempo about the Reds future.

    • B-town fan

      The one guy you guys forgot for short impact stays with the Reds was Greg Vaughn. He was huge for that 99 team.