With nine days left until the trade deadline, our question of the week is straight-forward. We asked our panel of experts.

Question: Who is the most likely Reds player to be traded at the July 31 trade deadline? 

Jordan Barhorst: For me, it’s a tie between Yasiel Puig and Jose Iglesias. It all comes down to whether or not the front office is willing to deal Puig – a no brainer if they aren’t planning on re-signing him or offering him a Qualifying Offer. However, as we’ve all seen, there seems to be some force keeping the Reds from trading their popular players in July. If Puig is off the table, Jose Iglesias could be an attractive option for a playoff bound team. Impactful shortstops are a rare commodity, and Iglesias is definitely that, if only with his glove. Any team acquiring him can bank on Gold Glove quality defense, and can dream on his bat heating up like it did earlier this season.

Nick Carrington: It comes down to Yasiel Puig or Tanner Roark for me. I hope they look for a good deal for both, but my guess is Roark gets dealt. Alex Wood is on his way back, and if the Reds need another starter, they can use Lucas Sims, whose had an up and down year at Louisville but has strong stuff. Roark is an upgrade for somebody; he’s not an ace by any stretch, but he will bulldog his way to an average or slightly above season. For a team fighting for a playoff spot, Roark provides the ability to keep his team in almost any game, even if he isn’t stellar. The Reds can replace him this season and can find someone comparable in 2020, either internally or externally. They have little hope of making the playoffs and have no reason to keep an impending free agent like Roark around.

Chad Dotson: Tanner Roark seems most likely to be traded before the deadline. Of the players who are not under contract with the Reds after this season, he and Yasiel Puig likely have the most value on the market. I don’t think Puig will be traded for a number of reasons (among which are that, as I’ve said before, I think fans would revolt), so it’s Roark. Many teams find themselves believing they are still in the playoff race, so it’s not difficult to imagine that Roark would be in some demand: he’s reliable and healthy. Do I think the Reds can get much of a return for him? No, not unless it’s part of a larger package, but I definitely see some team needing an arm to stabilize their rotation down the stretch.

Wes Jenkins: Tanner Roark – With his contract coming up and nearly every team needing more back of the rotation guys, I will be shocked if Roark is still a Red in August. The real question here is: Will the Reds get anyone of note for Roark? Probably not. More likely than not, this trade deadline is shaping up to be an uneventful affair for the Redlegs. No one the industry wants the Reds to move are available and no one the Reds want (controllable pieces) are available. Such is the curse of the in-between buyer/seller stage. At the end of the day, doing something often looks the same as doing nothing.

Bill Lack: Roark, though I don’t thing he’ll bring much, a AA prospect, maybe in some team’s top ten. He’s the only person that has any value that they have some possible replacement for, without seeming to throw up the white flag on the season. The other player everyone is talking about it Puig. I think they’d be better off holding onto him. He wouldn’t bring what he’ll be worth to the Reds for the rest of the season. If they hold on to him, they can either try to resign him or make him a qualifying offer (which will likely bring a draft pick or one more year of his services). There is no apparent replacement for him the rest of the season, if he were traded.

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  1. Dean Ferguson

    Not trading Puig because of his “popularity “……isn’t this what has doomed the Reds in the past? To trade or
    Not should be based on “on the field performance”

    • Stock

      Maybe the return should be considered as well

      • Colorado Red

        Both Really.
        I Puigs case a QO is still there, so a 1st or 2nd round comp pick is available.

      • LWblogger2

        Of course the return should be considered but with the way he’s heating up I’d have to think that the return would likely be more than the draft pick tied to a declined QO. I’d really try to extend him but failing that by the deadline they have to move him (assuming return better than the QO compensation pick).

        They can always try to sign him as a FA after the season.

  2. David

    Big clue (not Big Klu, the famous first baseman): The Reds will not make any trades. And not even make a QO with Puig after the season.

    It’s a riddle for the ages, but most likely could be answered by the majority owner, Bob Castelini.

    People that should go are Tanner Roark, Yasiel Puig, Derek Dietrich, Iglesias (the short stop). I would not be too bothered if Anthony Desclafani was traded.

    These are all good guys and good players. But the Reds have to make moves to re-stock their farm system with some talent from somewhere, and promote some guys from within, at least to give them a chance to show if they belong in the majors.
    Ownership will not admit that the Reds are out of contention for anything now. They will not move a player and play out the string. It will get harder and harder to root for a team that is managed in such a way.

    • LWblogger2

      Why not the QO to Puig? I mean the Reds have been very confusing from a player-personel standpoint but there is literally nothing to lose by extending a QO to Puig if he’s on the roster at the end of the season.

  3. Jer-B

    Trade Puig bring up Aquino. Trade Iglesias and insert Peraza at SS. Trade Dietrich and replace him with Van Meter. Trade Roark and bring up Sims. Trade Hughes and bring up Kuhnel. Trade Desclafani and insert Wood. Listen on R. Iglesias and whoever else not named Castillo, Gray, Senzel or Suarez.

    This is the only way the Reds will take the next step. The are not contending this year and need to replenish the upper minors. This will give depth and trade chips for the next few seasons. Which will be a much more likely contention window for the Redlegs. The young guys need to play, to see what they have. With the money available next off season and with a restocked farm, the Reds will be in good position for the next few seasons.

    • Doc

      It’s not the only way; it’s one option. Not a very good one, in my opinion. You want to trade half the team in order to get prospects, and move prospects into positions being played by people who are, for the most part, doing the job.

      • Pete

        44-53, 10.0 GB, 7.0 GB in WC – Same record as last year at this time

        It could be argued the players are not doing their jobs. Some may want to see this group back next year. Me? I want to see what the future looks like. Every player is ranked well below average in hitting for their particular field position. For emphasis: well below – everone. Sorry Doc, can’t agree with your position, it’s poison.

      • doofus

        Why do you say that Jer-B’s suggestion is “Not a very good one?”

        Maybe I am missing something but Jer-B never mentioned who the Reds would trade for? You assumed that they would be prospects. Perhaps he would suggest they trade for established players?

        Then again the players, other than Puig, that he said he would trade would not bring much back in established players or prospects.

        So I do not understand, why do you discount a fellow Red’s fan suggestion? There is no need to put his suggestion down.

    • VaRedsFan

      If Puig is traded, it should be Ervin in RF before Aquino.

      • Pete

        If JV should continue to flounder, I’d like to see JW at 1B, Ervin in LF and Aquino in RF. Wouldn’t happen in a thousand years but I believe it to be the wisest course. For some reason, the FO have sold themselves this team is good and very close. No evidence but I doubt it stops them.

      • doofus

        Winker at 1B? Left handed glove. And, it gets him out of the OF.

    • Ghettotrout1

      I agree one hundred percent with Jer-B. The front office is too fearful to actually do that though.

      If you can’t trade Matt Harvey because of positive momentum you surely can’t make any of those moves.

      • LWblogger2

        That was just terrible. If I hear that phrase after the deadline, I’m going to be displeased enough not to renew my modest ticket package.

        Did you see Harvey was cut? At least the Reds didn’t pay him $11-million for this year.

    • daytonnati

      Yes to this: “No more half-measures, Walter.”

    • citizen54

      Why the heck would you trade away Desclafani and keep Wood? Makes no sense. Wood is a FA after this year. Desclafani is entering Arb next year. Disco has been solid this year. Wood’s health is still in question.

  4. Armo21

    I agree from a Reds perspective with Bill Lack.

    From a rest of the league perspective, Raisel Iglesias may make the most sense. He has had some very rough patches this season, but has been strong in save situations.
    Also gets salary off the books and return should be a good player.

    Could also see the Reds possibly dealing Scooter, Wood, Hughes, Roark just to cut payroll for players to be named later type return.

    • Colorado Red

      For Raisel the reds would be selling low.
      Unless an very very good offer is made, do not trade him.

      • Eric

        That’s the FO’s M.O. Trade player when at lowest value. Remember Chapman. They traded him with a pending domestic violence charge. Ouch.

    • Redleggarz

      That is the FO’s M.O. Trade Iggy while his value is low. Remember Chapman. Traded with a domestic assault charge pending. Ouch.

  5. Robert Strong

    The only player I would not trade is Luis Castillo. Red’s have given up there best pitchers over the last few years. Castillo is the Ace and I think could be a perennial Cy Young winner. The Red’s problem this year has been hitting and relief pitching. We could be a contender if we take care of those issues. I am tired of supporting teams not committed to winning. Mainly, ownership!! I love the Red’s and Bengals and have suffered for a while. We have pieces, but we need to call committ.

    • Colorado Red

      A while ago, I gave up on the Bengals.
      Living in a city where the ownership cared about winning, and had just won title, I ave up on Mike Brown, and switched to the Broncos.
      I am sill sticking with the Reds, but am tired of it.
      cannot switch to the pebbles, as there ownership is no better.

    • Jazzmanbbfan

      Unless it was an overwhelming offer I wouldn’t trade Sonny Gray either.

    • Redleggarz

      Does anyone know when Castillos contract is up?

  6. James H.

    The Reds need to restart their rebuild process because they’re half-ass measures the past few years have resulted in astounding lack of results. Figure out who they want as a core group of players, and then trade the dead weight for ANYTHING (any free-agent, and anyone they don’t want around anymore), and then promote from within to see if what they have at AAA/AA is worth investment. Then this off-season, fill in the blanks with free-agents. I do not care if the remainder of this season is miserable for everyone; it’s time to pull the bandaid off and get going.

    • Jazzmanbbfan

      Do you have free agents in mind who would be worth pursuing AND that the Reds have a realistic chance of signing?

      • James H.

        Until they wrap up their trade season and evaluate their resulys, and then assess current players after the season, a list of free agents are pretty much unknown.

      • Pete

        What they might do is assess these players that have been tearing it up at MLB or AAA level and see what you have in them: Ervin, VanMeter, Aquino and O’Grady. Two months left in the season, use it wisely. We are terrible hitting baseball team what is there to lose. More of the same and expecting different results is maddening to me. Her’s the team stats roll call for hitting:
        BB%: 7.8%, 23rd of 30 teams
        SO%: 23.4%, 13th
        ISO: .176, 20th
        BA: .242, 26th
        OBP: .312, 23rd
        SLG%: .417, 22nd
        OPS:. 729, 22nd
        wRC+: 86, 24th

        Not to mention we play half our games at GAPB. Do we really need to see these same guys again in 2020? It’s not like they are young and on the come, Winker and Senzel notwithstanding. Let’s at least be smarter than the Reds front office. Their track record is abysmal.

    • Harold

      Sign puig
      Roark. They boniefied.

  7. PhP

    While I agree that most of the players the reds are looking to deal won’t bring big name or highly rated prospects, it doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be dealt.

    Exhibit A: Simon for Suarez
    Exhibit B: Straley for Castilo

    Make the trades and see what happens. If you’re smart (and or lucky) you might find a valuable player another team is undervaluing.

    • RojoBenjy

      I’m still waiting to see proof of “smart.” And the organization can’t get by on luck.

      If the rest of the month plays out smart, then I will have hope that the old ways have been cast off.

      BTW, Castellini can now go pick up his friend Matt Harvey for league minimum, right? That’s the kind of move I’ve come to expect. Like when Mike Brown hired Hue Jackson within a week of him being fired by the Browns.

  8. Davy13

    The team has already been rebuilding the last 4 seasons (trading Bruce, Cueto, Aroldis, etc.) and rebuilding around Votto, Suarez, Disco, Castillo, and Bailey (epic fail). This season was supposed to be the transition out of rebuild-mode to contender-mode with the trades and signings. But the teams moves are half-measured.

    Two big problems with the suggestions about trading productive players for prospects are centered on the perceived inability of the FO:
    1. To stock the farm with can’t miss prospects. Despite their farm-system rankings (top 10 acc to MLB.com & Bleacherreport), where are the core prospects that will make the team a contender in a couple of years? See the RLN minor-league updates. Nobody is tearing it up.
    2. To fully commit to trade so-called top prospects for young proven, top-tier talent (e.g. Yelich).

    All that being said, since this season did not live up to its expectations (especially with the hitting), I am all trading players that are age +29 that can bring in some value with prospects (Roark, both Iglesias, Disco). I think with Puig a QO is better. If he resigns, then the team has a solid bat w/strong defense @ RF for another season; if not, then a 1st or 2nd rd comp. pick.

    • ToBeDetermined

      “The team has already been rebuilding the last 4 seasons (trading Bruce, Cueto, Aroldis, etc.) and rebuilding around Votto, Suarez, Disco, Castillo, and Bailey (epic fail). ”

      I would proffer that the epic fail is the return that was received for the 3 guys that you mentioned that got traded. Currently none of those guys who the Reds received in trades are playing baseball at the major league level. Here is hoping Reed eventually will be, he would be our last great hope.

  9. Grand Salami

    A declined qualifying offer on Puig nets them a prospect drafted after the 2nd round. That caliber of player may immediately be ranked in their top 25 and top 15 if they are lucky. One would think that under this new “hard deadline” the conditions would be present to net a higher value in a trade. Plus, you avoid all the unknowns of the qualifying offer scenario. With this volatile free-agent market, Puig May accept the $18 million per year and the Reds have now tied up a good chunk of their spending money in a player thar they didn’t particularly need.

    Roark, Puig, J. Iglesias, DD and whichever controlled guys that they don’t see as part of future plans AND receive solid interest should all be on the trading block (EG Winker, Raisel, Disco, Mahle, etc. )

    This FO needs to be free to make whatever move seems best to position them for 2020 and the years to follow.

    • LWblogger2

      I’m for trading Puig if the return is better than the likely compensation pick for losing him after he declines a QO (which he very likely will as he’s probably going to make at least 16-mil a year on a multiyear deal) … If he accepts the QO though, the Reds have a good RF that they could perhaps move at the deadline in 2020 if they aren’t competing.

  10. TR

    If the returns were good, I would trade any player except Castillo, Gray, Garrett and Senzel. If the FO moves anyone, it will probably be Roark and perhaps Puig.

  11. Scott C

    Roark in my opinion will be the first traded, they also may be able to move Hughes, unfortunately they have overused Hernandez to where is has no value any longer. Gennett, even hitting well had little value, certainly lower now. I am for resigning Puig at a reasonable and fair salary. Iglesias may go as well, might as well get what they can out of him. I certainly do not see any blockbuster trades.

  12. NLP

    When the calendar is flipped to August, I think most of us realize that Puig, Wood, Roark, Hughes, Jose Iglesias, Gennett, etc… will all still be on the roster.

    The Castellini crew has shown a tendency that if it comes down to going 75-87 with losing all impending free agents with nothing to show for it, vs going 69-93 with getting at least something in return for the impending free agents … the preference is going to be for forsaking the future in an attempt to be mediocre (instead of bad) today.

    So, if the Reds trade anybody, it will likely be a player who doesn’t help them win in the near future.

    So I’ll go with something more unconventional, and say the Reds trade Mahle or Stephenson. Probably for a player at the AA or AAA level who is an organization’s #15~#25 ranked prospect.

  13. Scott Gennett

    I’d like to see Votto’s contract off the books, but I guess it’s just too much to ask for.

    • Eric

      No trade clause. 100,000,000 next 5 yrs. Could restructure till 2035. Still paying Griffey Jr. Over 3mil per year. That’s how teams like the reds resign their good ballplayers after jocketty was stupid enough to extend votto 10 yrs when he already had 3 yrs left on his current deal. 250 big one’s.

    • BigRedMike

      If Votto’s contract was off the books, where would the salary be spent? Over pay for existing players?
      I guess they could go after a few of the free agent pitchers in the off season. Not many difference makers in the free agent pool on the position player side

      Is Votto’s contract really the issue for the Reds at this point? Is the contract impacting the development of players in the organization and how they draft?

  14. Seadog

    My humble opinion. Roark will be traded. The Red’s should keep Castillo/Gray/DeSclafani together. Plug in Wood. Let Mahle/Sims fight for #5. They will not trade Puig. Why should they. His #’s are almost identical to Suarez. Try to sign him to Suarez type contract. If you can’t. Offer him. Either keep him one more year or take the draft pick. They will try to move Scooter. Will not happen. They may move a bull-pen piece. Hughes/Iglesias. They should re-sign Jose I. Put the other José at 2b. This makes the most sense to me. But, what do I know. Lol.

    • burtgummer

      After next season Disco will be 31 and a free agent,he could be an interesting trade chip in the coming off season

    • LWblogger2

      There is zero chance (in my opinion) that a Suarez type contract lands Puig.

  15. Eric

    Who knows what if anything will take place before the trade deadline. What about an offseason blockbuster. Well maybe not all that but consider: What is our weakest position for offensive production? ( besides the pitcher)-Catcher. Call me crazy. Both are locked up long term. Trade Suarez for JT Realmuto. Senzel to third.

  16. doofus

    Reds surprise many by going Big! They deal Suarez, Mahle, Trammell and Barnhart for Syndergarrd, Conforto, Gimenez and Gsellman.

    Then they move Raisel Iglesias for Ender Inciarte.

    Roark is moved to a contender to a AA/AAA pitcher. Pick one.

    Dietrich is dealt to a contender for a low level prospect or two, whose city has a preponderance of bees.

    David Bell stops jerking guys in and out of the lineup, he is more judicious with his lineup changes, allowing a “Starting 8” to evolve. Conforto, Senzel, Winker and Peraza ignite the offense with key hits down the stretch. With Castillo, Gray and Syndergaard as a Big ‘3,’ this squad squeaks into the 2nd wildcard spot. They lose, but the deadline moves and a taste of the playoffs gives fans hope that the front office really wants to build a competitive roster.

    Gennett goes back and forth between the active roster and the DL the rest of the season. He signs a minor league contract with Texas in the offseason.

    In the offseason they shop for catching, pitching and a power OF bat (if Puig moves on). San Diego: Hedges and Renfroe?

      • doofus

        I am not asking for anything. I am describing what GOING BIG is! Something this town has not seen in a long, long time.

        Milwaukee gets it done. St Louis gets it done. Why can our Reds not get it done? That is rhetorical. No need to reply.

  17. Justin

    We need to make a free agent splash with hitters, my targets would be Grandal, Gregorius, and Puig. (Sad that we had the prior two, but so it goes. Now we pay.)

    Resign Wood to a 1 year deal assuming he shows promise upon his return (this or a trade is the only way we can get a pitcher to our ballpark.)

    Trade Roark and J. Iglesias for prospects.

    Trade current surplus prospects, acquired prospects from above, and Barnhardt to land a couple RP to strengthen the bullpen.

    Try to grab another RP toward the end of free agency ala Hughes.

    2B is manned by a combo of Peraza and Dietrich

    LF is manned by a platoon of Ervin and Winker

    Mahle is our 5th starter, though he’s not been terribly impressive, continued improvement makes him a viable plan for next year.

    This team would make a run at the division in my opinion.

    • Eric

      Mile long mahle has trouble keeping ball in yard at GABP. Sims deserves a shot at #5 after that scoreless 8 he pitched in that spot start. He’s 5-0 in AAA. Mahle couldn’t pitch 8 in his dreams without giving up 3 run go ahead dinger. He’s currently on track to complete a close H Bailey or worse this year. There is nobody else on the farm.

      • docmike

        Sims did not pitch a scoreless 8 in that spot start. Try 7+ and 4 earned runs.

    • doofus

      I like the Grandal and Gregorious idea, but they will be 31 and 30 at the start of next year. Thirty-one is old for a catcher. And Didi is coming off an injury year. Grandal made $18 this year. Gregorious coming off a $11.750MM year.

  18. Roger Garrett

    I understand its all about the player or players to be traded but in reality I don’t think this team does much at all.I am on record as saying they will just play out the string and do it all over again next year and I believe just that.What I would like to see more then anything is to see them play the youngsters every day the rest of the way.Its just smart to give as many at bats as possible to Ervin,Senzel,JVM,Winker and Peraza for sure and anybody else they bring up from the minors.Starting with Ervin and JVM we have had players tearing it up all year long in the minors,can anybody remember that being the case the last few years,and not giving them a good look on a team that is as woeful at hitting as ours would be a mistake that should never be made.Sadly if we follow what has been done in the past in won’t happen but hopefully one day we can get beyond doing the same thing over and over and expecting things to change.One last thing about playing the youngsters and I hate to use the Cards as an example but they had guys to go down such as Carp/Ozuna and replaced them with guys from the minors.They didn’t start a platoon system with their bench players nor did they start a platoon system with their young guys.Its rare that a guy who starts and plays every day in the minors comes up and he’s good at pinch hitting or a spot start here and there.How many times has Bell said we have to get this guy or that guy going well that applies to young guys too.

    • RojoBenjy

      “Its just smart…” I agree Roger, those would be smart things to do—

      So do you really think this teams’ bosses will do any of that?

      I will be pleasantly shocked if they do. It will be a big change from past MO.

    • doofus

      You are most likely correct, that the Reds do nothing, but we are dreaming what it would be like if the Reds had a real front office.

  19. CFD3000

    Prioritize trading players who will not be back next year unless signed to an extension: Puig, Roark, Jose Iglesias, Dietrich, Gennett, Hughes and Hernandez. If value isn’t there, I’m fine trying to extend Puig to play right, and Iglesias and Dietrich as bench / insurance players. I realize several of those players (Hughes, Hernandez and Gennett in particular) may not be worth a bucket of balls. If so keep them through the year and let them walk. I’d try to extend Wood on an incentive heavy contract.

    If value is there in return, Winker, Peraza, Ervin, and maybe even Suarez on the offensive side, and DeSclafani, Mahle, R. Iglesias and Peralta should all be available from the pitching side. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not in favor of decimating the team to acquire prospects. Many of these players won’t bring sufficient return to warrant trading them away. The ones who do – make the deal and upgrade the team and/or the farm system. The Reds need help at catcher, second and short (though second could easily be covered internally) and in the bullpen.

    I’m convinced this team isn’t that far off. Their record in one run games and their run differential suggest they should have a better record than they do, and a few key upgrades could make a big difference. But right now the bullpen save a couple of guys, and the bottom four in the order are an Achilles heel. Yesterday’s stretch of Gennett, Peraza, Pitcher, Catcher is an example of the offensive black hole that plagues the team on a nightly basis. When the top guys don’t get on, or 3-5 doesn’t produce, they don’t score. The return of Senzel will help, but that’s not enough. Here’s hoping an open mind and an aggressive front office can find some trade deadline upgrades.

  20. Doug

    What would it take to get Gavin Lux (SS) & Will Smith (C) from the Dodgers? Lux has Seager and Hernandez/Muncy blocking him at SS/2B, though Muncy could be JT’s heir apparent at 3B. Smith is a good catching prospect who’s seemingly ready for the bigs but overshadowed by top catching prospect Ruiz. Both guys could be immediate contributors for the Reds.

    The Dodgers are loaded so the only thing I could see them wanting from the Reds is bullpen help, and maybe a fifth starter type to eat innings while they cruise through the rest of the regular season. Would Amir + Raisel get it done? I’m not sure they’d want Roark as they’d be forced to DFA someone from their 40-man.

    There’s probably little incentive for the Dodgers to deal those guys, but if they think two dynamic arms could get them over the hump, maybe they’d deal once more with their favorite trade partners. I love Amir and we’d be trading low on Iglesias, but SS & C are two huge needs for next year and the future.

    • doofus

      Amir Garrett for Will Smith the catcher.

      • Goat

        Raisel Iglesias needs to be dealt while he is still somewhat of a commodity. His talent is depreciating at a fast pace and his confidence has diminished.
        I think once he was used in non save opportunities his confidence deflated.
        Now is the time to deal him before is value disappears. I feel like Lorenzen has the tools to be the closer of the future. Make a deal now and try to get some value while your still able .

  21. Eric

    2020 opening day lineup:

    1- Castillo
    2- JT Realmuto (via trade Suarez )
    3- Votto
    4- Vanmeter
    5- Perraza
    6- Senzel
    7- Winker
    8- David Dahl (via trade J. Iglaseus,Mahle,Detriech)
    9- Puig

    • LWblogger2

      Who catches for the competitive Phil’s in that scenario. A couple nice but unspectacular options. They have 3B options better than catching options. They don’t make that trade.

  22. Steve Schoenbaechler

    This is hard, because the Reds don’t have any clear cut “ready for primetime” players, I believe, not like Senzel was last season at this time.

    If you trade, you always look to trade from a strength, as in numbers. Well, where’s our strength? I don’t see that on this team. So, I believe it’s going to be more of a player-for-player type of trade. Oh, there might/probably will be fillers for the package.

    For instance, trying to think of something, someone may want to come after Puig because of his power and may be willing to let go of an OFer with a better BA but not as much power. So, we would let Puig go and the player coming in directly takes his place.

    If we can’t extend Roark and Puig, I say trade them. Several I wouldn’t have a problem trading off, like Scooter, Schebler, Racial, etc., I couldn’t think of other teams even bothering with them.

    But, remember, it’s easy to say who we should trade. But, do the other teams what who we are offering? Do they have what we want? Can we both agree on a package?

    • Pete

      Yasiel Puig is just not that good, we are not replacing a potential All-Star or even a better than average RFer. Why do we have such a hard time being honest with each other? Puig’s numbers:
      WAR: 1.1, 21st of 30 qualifiers
      wRC+: 21st of 30

      He has a dWAR of -3.2. He is not a bad player, he is a mediocre player who makes amazing plays on occasion and on occasion hits the ball remarkably hard. He is not irreplaceable and it could well be Aquino could outproduce him right now. You don’t sign a guy like this to a multi-year contract for big-time money.

    • BigRedMike

      R Iglesias might have a market as teams tend to want to trade for relievers for the playoffs. Maybe Roark to a playoff team to eat some innings.
      Who knows with Puig, not sure how other teams value him as noted by Pete. Puig has been hot for the last month or so.

      The rest of the roster is meh.
      Hard to believe there are teams that would trade for J Iglesias, Gennett, or Dietrich.

    • doofus

      Agree on your “prime time” comment.

  23. Doc

    Perhaps at the beginning of next season Doug will have a day when everyone can review and reprint what they said would save the club, and compare to what the club actually did. Then we can see how things turn out.

  24. Bill J

    The only two Reds any team would be interested in are Suarez and Costillo.

    • Steve Mancuso

      Plus, in varying degrees, Sonny Gray, Raisel Iglesias, Amir Garrett, Michael Lorenzen, Tanner Roark, and of course Nick Senzel.

    • LWblogger2

      Not really true. If I was a GM with some needs, in addition to the 2 you mentioned, I’d look at:

      Roark – Innings machine for the back of my rotation. I’d definitely see what the Reds wanted and maybe negotiate.

      Puig – No matter what Pete says about his overall WAR that counting stat is hindered by a slow start and a fuzzy dWAR component that is off in my opinion. He’s a rental so not giving up the farm but if I needed an OF, I’d be willing to give up a decent prospect for him.

      J. Iglesias – Solid defensive SS. A rental and a depth piece so probably not giving up much but I’d have ask what the Reds want.

      R. Iglesias – He’s due some $$ and if my guys can fix him, he’d be an asset. Get him motivated playing for a winning team perhaps too. I’d try to steal him from the Reds for little return.

      Then there are the guys Steve mentioned.

      • Pete

        LW if they sign YP to no more than a 3-year contract I’ll go along peacefully. He’s a joy to watch play.

  25. Eric

    Yes I did make a point concerning the contract possibly impeding the extension of recent top picks. Realistically Senzel would probably be the only new pick that could possibly come up for renewal during the remainder of Vottos deal. There are other top tier players on the roster that a decision will be made in that time frame. Numero Uno: Castillo has to be signed to a 5yr deal minimum as I believe we will compete for the NL pennant in 2023. Senzel is a no brainer but at what cost. I haven’t looked up his current deal so I don’t know when his time will be but I would think it will be before Votto is gone. I do know this, if both of the above players are not resigned while Votto is still making 25 mil a yr how can you not conclude that one man consuming nearly 70% of the payroll is the only reason why. It has no affect on the draft or player development. My point is we would be closer to winning if at the very least Chapman could have been resigned. What did we get for him. Absolutely nothing. I still think he could have been a #1 ace. This team has been non existent in relation to quality free agent signings for years. All these if’s, coulda wouda’s don’t mean diddly squat. 2023 Reds N.L. Pennant

    • LWblogger2

      70% Where are you getting that? Even if the payroll was a very modest $100-million Votto’s contract would only be 1/4 of it. Nothing to sneeze at but hardly crippling.

  26. Pete

    Tyler Mahle is put on the IL and Reds called up Sal Romano. Sal has pitched very well lately, excellent time to see what he looks like.

  27. Bill J

    Maybe with Disco’a latest game he might be a trade chip that could bring back someone valuable.

  28. BK

    1. Roark: plays a position of need for contending teams, not quite good enough to keep an issue a qualifying offer.
    2. Puig: value to a contending team in need of a corner outfielder, but the Reds could retain and recoup value via a qualifying offer. Reds best hitter thus far, local popularity, and management’s desire to field a more competitive team may make the latter approach preferred.
    3. Jose Iglesias: Reds would certainly listen, but I’m not sure if there’s a contender needing a SS.
    4. Rasiel Iglesias: you don’t need a close to finish in 5th place. My guess is the Reds keep him.

    Anyone else would be a pretty big surprise.