The Cincinnati Reds’ (44-53) lose to the St. Louis Cardinals (51-47), thanks to an anemic lineup, again, 3-1 at Great American Ballpark, Sunday afternoon. That gave the Reds their third loss in the four-game series.

Their inability to score spoiled an, otherwise, impressive performance by Anthony DeSclafani (5-5, 4.12 ERA). He provided the hometown fans free pizza, all by himself, with 11 strikeouts in six innings of work. It was an unlucky second innings that doomed him, though.

Two seeing-eye singles, four stolen bases, and an error added up to two runs in the second frame, for the Cardinals. That was all the visitors would need to wrap up the series win at GABP.

The Reds stranded 12 baserunners as they finished the game 1-for-8 with runners in scoring position. Cincinnati’s best chance came in the bottom of the fifth when they loaded the bases with no outs. A pop out by Yaseil Puig, and strikeouts by Josh VanMeter and Scooter Gennett kept a goose egg on the board, though, for the home team.

The lone Reds run came off the bat of Phil Ervin in the eighth when he took Andrew Miller deep to left, after coming in to pinch-hit for VanMeter.

Joey Votto represented the tying run, in the bottom of the ninth, but was rung up by home plate umpire, Angel Hernandez. The fastball from Carlos Martinez (8th save) appeared high and outside, to Joey, but ever the lightning rod, Hernandez emphatically signaled strike three to end the game, as the Reds lose to the Cardinals.

The Cardinals added some insurance in the top of the ninth when Yairo Munoz smacked his second home run of the season off Raisel Iglesias. To be fair, Iglesias was brought in to the game in a non-save situation (5.90 ERA in those types of situations).

It also bears noting that Votto had a multi-hit game, but, again, not much going on with the lineup in this one.

The Reds now take a quick trip to Milwaukee for three. Sonny Gray (5-6, 3.40) will toe the rubber in the opener opposite Chase Anderson (5-2, 3.96).

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  1. FreeHouse

    Things the Reds have been good at this season. Anemic offense, one run losses, blowing big leads, wasting good pitching and ofcourse the bases loaded blues.

  2. Bill J

    Jeff don’t think you mean it that way but, sounds like you’re saying he doesn’t pitch well unless he’s in a save situation.

  3. VaRedsFan

    I like the addition of the box score Jeff, like others have chimed in about. (Perhaps a bigger font). Angel was the HP ump Saturday. Ed Hickox today. Strike 3 to Joey today did indeed appear to be a strike.
    I mentioned this in the game thread already, but Votto appears to have adjusted his stance…less crouch and less choking up. He really looked solid on his 2 hits today (101 and 98.5 mph)

    • Jeff Carr

      Thanks, yeah I’ll have the formatting for the box scores refined on my next recap. My bad on the home plate umpire mistake. I just assume all bad calls are made by him, anymore…

    • Eric

      Votto for 5 more years at 25 mil per. No power, takes way too many strikes that are in the zone. At 36 he’s obviously in decline. Any way to trade and use his salary to resign these first round draft choices? Not! No trade clause. Votto will ne like Ryan Howard on Philly was in a couple of years. Fans will be more than ready for his ball and chain salary to break loose.

      • LWblogger2

        Look, you have to think the Reds planned for the performance not to match the contract in the waning years. They were hoping for value up front and they got that. I’m hoping the budget is fine and the salary won’t be a hindrance even as Joey hits 37+ years old. In other words they couldn’t have expected .300/.400/.500 after age 35 unless they were really dumb.

        Slight correction, the contract has 4 years and $107-million remaining.

  4. RedsMonk65

    It really is deflating. For so many years we bemoaned (and endured) the lack of pitching. Now we have it (recent widening cracks in the bullpen notwithstanding), and suddenly the team loses the ability to score runs (the occasional offensive outburst notwithstanding). If your starting pitcher gives up only 2 runs and strikes out 11, you should still be able to win the ballgame. If you load the bases with ZERO outs, you should be able to score at least one run. Maddening, really.

    Perhaps it’s best that this current tailspin is happening when it is — it may prompt the front office to make some moves it otherwise wouldn’t. The deadline is quickly approaching. If anything is going to happen, it likely will be during this next week. We’ll see.

    On to Milwaukee.

    • Chris

      I read somewhere where somebody with a 100% trained “new age” thinker said that Votto, Joe Morgan, and F Robinson were better hitters than Pete Rose. Dumb. Ignorant. Probably based solely on some ORC+ or OPS. Never any “old school numbers and common sense” used. Rose is the hit king, period. Morgan didn’t even get 3000 hits. Career .267 hitter I think. Rose over .300 despite the putrid last few years. If you want to say Joe Morgan was more valuable, there could be an argument, but better hitter than Rose, cmon.

      • jessecuster44

        Ichiro is the hit king. Votto is a better hitter than Pete Rose.

      • greenmtred

        Pete was a great hitter, of course. The 4000 and some hits, though, are partly the result of a very long career.

      • RedsMonk65

        I never said that.

        I think the argument can reasonably be made that both Morgan and Robinson were better all-around PLAYERS than Rose (and Votto, too, perhaps). For instance, both had more power than Rose. And who can forget Morgan’s prowess on the base-paths? It was a thing of beauty.

        But, in terms of pure hitting (players who were/are “students” of the “science of hitting,” both Rose and Votto are right up there. Both lifetime .300+ hitters (Morgan .271; Robinson .294). Rose had 4,256 hits over a 24-year career. Morgan had 2,517 hits over 22 years. Robinson had 2,943 hits over 21 years. So, service time is comparable. Votto, by the way, has 1,817 hits over 12+ seasons thus far.

        If you wanted to compare on-base %, Rose is at .375, Morgan .392, Robinson .389, Votto, .423. None of those are anything to sneeze at, and Votto is simply astronomical in that regard.

        In any event:

        All Reds (though Rose, Morgan, and Robinson also played for other teams). All great. All Hall of Famers (in my book, at least).

  5. Klugo

    Nothing wrong with this team. It’s just been a terrible run of bad luck. We deserve to have a better record. Just look at our run differential. If not for the one run games, we’d be right where we belong- atop the division. These boys are gonna get us where we want to be. They’re trying their best . Just give them a chance. Once we get some of our guys back from the IL, we’re gonna take off. You’ll see. You can’t grow flowers without the rain.

    • Mike

      Neverland where rose colored glasses are worn. Wish I lived there with you.

      • Pete

        Ask him if he is serious, it maybe well placed sarcasm.

    • RojoBenjy

      Kluge- well-played.

      I was musing on Friday how I missed those commenters in the recap and game threads.

      You’ve filled in for them admirably.

    • greenmtred

      There’s rain and there’s rain. This particular gully-washer is close to over-topping the flower bed. Is it possible that the run differential is simply a product of a few very high-scoring (for the Reds) games and generally excellent pitching? Is there a rule change in the offing that will allot a playoff spot to the team with best run differential?

  6. Brad

    What do you mean “being fair to Iglesias?” He needs to pitch and get outs regardless. Big difference between a 1 and 2 run difference.

  7. Richard Sobieray

    “To be fair…not a save situation.” What the heck does that mean? Put him up for sale and you won’t find many takers willing to give up much for Iglesias. How many has he lost thusfar?
    “Once we get guys back from IL…” Who could you possibly be referring to… (.189) Tucker Barnhart?
    Would someone remind these guys that the season is long gone and they can finally find their groove…..Gheeeeeesssssshhhhhhh!

  8. jreis

    I am thinking when Senzel returns it is time to move votto down in the lineup to 7 or 8. Also Scooter just simply is not ready. my thought is moving Senzel to 2b and calling up Siri and letting him play center. he is our best defensive centerfielder in the organization. then slot Winker/ Ervin platoon in the 2 hole.

    I know people are high on Aquino/Ogrady/Vanmeeter but I don’t think these guys are really part of the long term plan for the reds.

    • Sliotar

      To take the point of @jreis further…..

      If Aquino/O’Grady/VanMeter aren’t part of the Reds long-term plans, then who is?

      “Mission Accomplished”, avoiding 90 losses, is in jeopardy now.

      The Reds entered today 25th overall in wRC+ (86, 14% below league average).
      They are 29th in wRC+ on the road, and spend most of the last 6 weeks away from GABP.

      They aren’t winning with Puig, Gennett, Dietrich, Iglesias….the first 4 months have proven that.

      Nothing to lose by playing kids the last 2 months, even if it means 95 losses, IMO.

      Not sure, in an anniversary season, certain Reds executives would agree, though.

      • Pete

        Unfortunately, jreis is probably closer to reality than we are. It’s a joke pretending like we are just a couple of short steps away from playoff material. This will be probably have your eyes well up and you’ll have to choke back tears.

        Jose Siri, 24 yeras old in a few days, yes the same 24 years old as a guy who has no business in the Reds future plans, Josh VanMeter.

        AA Stats: .255/.313/.377, wRC+ = 102, BB% = 7.7%, SO% = 31.4%

        Not saying the kids isn’t going to make it to the bigs but it’s not looking great and he sure as heck isn’t on VanMeter’s level. For all that is sacred, leave Nick Senzel in CF and give the 2B job to VanMeter. The FO has to get their acts together if they are thinking as jreis claims or there is no hope,.

      • jreis

        I don’t know, my gut instinct is our best talent is in AA and high A right now. VanMeter/O’Grady/Aquino to me just seem like younger versions of Guys like Dietrich, Winker, Scooter. good hitters, but they don’t give you anything else.

        Maybe I am wrong, maybe they will be world beaters in the bigs. Maybe they will all be called up and put in the starting line up and will turn it around for our reds this year but I think we will just be disappointed with the results.

      • Pete

        When you have a crappy farm system your best talent is always at the lower levels because less-than-stellar play can be justified by youth and potential for growth. If year after year they are telling you the best talent is at the lower levels, be skeptical and research the guys who moved out of the lower rungs and never amounted to anything. It’s a shell game.

      • George

        To Sliotar;
        “Not sure, in an anniversary season, certain Reds executives would agree, though”
        If those Execs don’t understand or agree then they are just puppets of “Bob”.
        Somebody needs to sit with Joey and review the “business” of where this team is and that he is not contributing, and The Reds need to make plans. He has earned his money and respect of the Org. and the Reds will honor the contract, but he needs to sit the rest of this year. He can retire at the end of the season and the Reds can defer the contracts payments over years ( I think we are still paying Griffey JR.) to fulfill the time left.
        Some may worry about attendance or fan uprising, but my answer is that to continue allowing the current status to fester is creating more harm, especially after all the hoopla about what they “accomplished” at the beginning of 2019.
        The “Mission Accomplished” idea (90 losses or less) is/was a pipe dream. Most posters on this site have already stopped smoking that pipe and those who still are, I feel for them.

      • VaRedsFan

        George: That really doesn’t happen. If the Reds told Votto to take a hike with 4 years left on a contract, then you’d never bring in another quality free agent again. You probably wouldn’t be able to extend your young talent either.

    • Grand Salami

      I don’t know that they are either. Heck we don’t even know whether Ervin is. August and September will be to find that out.

      The Reds are suddenly in need of a bat at first base and OGrady has been elite in AAA this year. We don’t have an everyday option at 2nd next year and a 24 year old VanMeter could be the answer.

      These guys all need time to play and show case their abilities.

      • BK

        Exactly! I would say that each of them has earned their opportunity.

  9. TR

    The next ten days will tell the tale if the front office is going to make changes, or just play out the string in August and September and do whatever in the offseason.

  10. Don A

    And 2019 season history repeats itself!

    At least I wont have to watch anymore of this until Dish and Fox Sports come to an agreement!

  11. Big Ed

    Asher Wojciechowski pitched 7.1 innings of 1-hit, 10-strikeout, shutout baseball against the Red Sox today.

    Good for him; seemed like a good guy here.

    • ToBeDetermined

      Big Ed
      who does he play for now ?

      • LWblogger2

        O’s… It was nice to see him doing well. He’s still been extremely hittable this season but it does show that a pitcher with even fringy MLB stuff can shut down a very good offensive team when he is on.

  12. Michael E

    I hope this will get the front office into “sell” mode, working to trade any pending FAs for good/great prospects. I am not holding my breath. I think, once again, the FO will misread sentiment and not make moves because the fan base won’t respond well to trading away “fan favorites”. The reality is only very small minority of fans are going to squawk, the rest understand or have already stopped paying attention and are reading up on pending college and pro football seasons.

    Make the trades, sell while some values are very high, in other words, do the right thing for the franchise. Holding Puig or Roark or Iglesias (diminished value, should have pulled trigger last July) or anyone pending FA does nothing for the future, at all.

    As a fan, I will be disappointed if the Reds don’t trade away a few of these guys. Their top 5 prospect list should look much more impressive at the start of August or they haven’t don their job.

    • greenmtred

      I’m afraid you might be over-estimating the quality of the prospects our pending FA’s would bring in trades. Better to get something than nothing, of course, but Puig, if re-signed, could ceertainly be a valuable player for Reds for some time to come. For that matter, Iglesias is a premier defensive shortstop, hits a little, and has no obvious replacement besides Peraza, who, to my mind, is more obviously a second-baseman, if he’s anything besides an inconsistent project.

  13. C Holbert

    If the Reds are going to look at JVMR, he needs to be playing 2B. He is not in the outfield future plans. Playing him there just takes ABs away from Winker and Senzel who need to be in there as well. DD and Scooter are not the future, so give it to JVMR and see what you have. Honestly, he cannot do worse than the other two have been doing.

    • Reaganspad

      Watching scooter swing at 2 ball 4’s with thebases loaded was worse than me seeing him not complete the 4-3 put out that started the 10 run inning.

      The guy has no clue what the 2019 strike zone is an is hitting under 200. Peraza can field 2nd base and is hitting much better.

      Scooter and Dietrich have no figure with this team. Please quit playing them like they do

      • VaRedsFan

        Replays confirm that it was Votto that was caught staring at Scooter for a full 2 seconds, and wasn’t at the bag when when Scooter wanted to throw, causing him to double clutch.

  14. Grand Salami

    I’m ready to see the Reds deal but an important thought. They need to be prepared to deal within the division more than ever before. The Reds are are the 2nd to worst (by W/L record) team in the NL. The NL is a seller’s market. Lots of teams in the hunt all looking to make minor moves. AL has bit of a WC race but the divisions are pretty settled and there is a large group of bottom feeders.

    There is no doubt that LA or Chicago would be fine buying somewhat low on Raisel (compared to last year). There is also no doubt that a team like CO, Washington or Philly won’t pay big for whatever they think that they need to get them Over the hump if the decide to go all in.

    Meanwhile the AL is flush with full-on fire sale teams. If Baltimore, Toronto, Detroit, Seattle or others are looking to sell off assets then even the Reds should be looking for undervalued assets.

    Lastly, the lack of emphasis on how successful JVM, O’Grady and AA have been in L’Ville this season is somewhat annoying. You basically have three of top 10 player in the league and no one is screaming for them to come up the highway. Meanwhile the major league team is punchless. Great descriptor Doug. It fits.

    • Reaganspad

      I am not selling Raisel this year. I would rather sell Suarez, but really it is Winker who should be on the block

      • PhP

        Why should Winker be on the block? Why is everyone weighting his less than stellar (but still slightly above average) half season over his entire MiLB/MLB career. He’s always hit and I would imagine his end of season stats will be better than his current. Winker isn’t the problem.

  15. Jim Walker

    it’s time for the Reds and Joey Votto to sit down and talk about an exit plan. I’m guessing in his heart of hearts JV realizes that with the this season’s bridge team effort coming up short, his best chance to be a key player on the next Reds playoff squad may be gone. The Reds should take the first proactive step by talking to him about how they and he sees his career winding down and where he would be willing to go.

    After this season, the guaranteed amount on JV’s contract is $107M. If the Reds are willing to pay half that, they might be able to find him a good placement in the DH league where he would still be a solid investment at $13+M a year . On the other side of the coin, the Reds would recoup $53.5M to spend elsewhere over the next 4 seasons.

    Endings and partings of this magnitude are never easy; but, they can be dignified and classy on both sides when handled forthrightly and cooperatively. Now and not later it the time to start that process.

    • jon

      Joey has said on many occasions that he would retire when he can no longer compete at a high level.Is that coming soon.His numbers last year were horrible but look like Ty Cobb compared to this year.

    • Big Ed

      Votto holds all the cards, with no-trade protection and a hefty amount still owed. Votto is a different kind of guy. Most players would not retire while still under a big contract. I think Votto might actually do it, even if he left a lot of money on the table. But I do not get the sense that he believes that he is finished yet, so he isn’t ready to have any such conversation with the Reds. For the record, Votto IMHO is not finished as a hitter, but he is clearly diminished from where he was the first decade of his career. Picking the spots (avoiding the top power pitchers and tough lefties), he can still be productive with about 450 PAs/year.

      The Reds need to be warm and fuzzy with Votto. It would be a mistake for them to tick him off by any suggestion that he is done, when Votto himself is not there yet. They need to wait for Votto to approach them about an exit plan, and not suggest it himself.

      Cases of guys leaving $25 million on the table, when they can make it by showing up at the ballpark for 6 months, are few and far between. Albert Pujols didn’t do it; Miguel Cabrera isn’t going to do it. And I doubt that Votto wants to be traded.

      The money owed Votto is a sunk cost, and really should not play into the decisions being made.

      • LWblogger2

        100% in agreement with you all-around here.

      • LWblogger2

        Having said that I agree, I still think Votto has some value. The question really will come down to “If his hitting declines so that he’s a below league average hitter, how long can the Reds stick with him as their every day First Baseman?”

      • Jim Walker

        My feeling is that a gentle suggestion that they could get Votto onto a legitimate playoff contender if he so desired but clearly acknowledging to him it was his call might change his position.

        Votto leaving the Reds would be as much about assuring his own legacy as helping the Reds. Finishing with flourish as a contributor to a playoff team would almost certainly lock him up a HoF spot.

        Let JV be the guy to publicly broach the possibility. Work together from there.

  16. Aaron B.

    I am going to make a crazy suggestion. Hire Dusty Baker as manager. Say what you will but Dusty gets the max out of his players… his in game management is sometimes suspect but you mitigate that with good assistant coaches who aren’t afraid to ignore his authority. That is how I would approach this deadline. Bell whould be asked to become bench coach which he is more suited to because of his propensity to get thrown out of ballgames. Love the guy’s fire, please be our back up manager and keep a close eye on Dusty and teach him the analytics.

    • Aaron B.

      …and while I am at it, bring back Billy Hamilton as a bench player. I bet KC would deal him. I never wanted him banished despite my criticism of his hitting skill… but whatever he had his chance and he has proven he is a utility player, which is perfect, we need him!

    • ToBeDetermined


      No one is ever going to teach Dusty analytics

    • jon

      Aaron ,im not a gambler but i can bet you 2 things that will NEVER happen.Dusty as mgr. and billy on the bench.

  17. HerpyDerp

    Has anyone taken a look at the RE24 and compared it to the actual results for the Reds this season? Maybe look at the differential between them too? I’d be curious to see if or where they are under and over performing in different situations.

  18. Still a Red

    Votto vs Rose: I won’t argue stats and who is better. What I will say is Votto is more a technical hitter and Rose more a natural hitter. Both worked at it hard, but Rose never seemed to adjust his stance or approach or tinker with anything throughout his career. Votto is a t(h)inkerer and therefore more complex and therefore more sensitive to something being out-of-whack. Going forward, Joey’s power may be gone, but his line drives should still be there, somewhere.

    Heard on TV yesterday that the Reds record in day games is worse than their overall record. Hmmmm.

  19. LWblogger2

    Curious… Winker doesn’t appear to be in the lineup against Anderson and the Brewers tonight. Anderson is a RHP.

    • Jim Walker

      Isn’t Anderson the guy with the really ugly reverse handedness splits? Can’t check right now but I think so.

      • Jim Walker

        By which I meant righties hit him better than lefties

      • LWblogger2

        It’s possible. I didn’t look at his splits. That usually is indicative of a good cutter and good change-up.