Well last night was just a great big bucket of doom, wasn’t it? Let us simply state that if you hit the Jimmy Buffett concert last night in favor of either the Reds’ performance or the atrocity going on at the FCC game, you chose wisely. Your stomach might be free of all content and you may curse the sun, but you’re still feeling better than anyone within viewing or hearing distance of the display of what either professional Cincinnati sports franchise put on yesterday.

You gotta hand it to this 2019 team:  They don’t just throw their post-season hopes into mortal danger by simply losing a game. They do it in a loss to the Cardinals, after leading the whole game, on a grand slam. It was some magnificently dark drama.

Our own Jeff Carr had this important observation:

Happiness in life hinges on expectations. This team has given us valid reason to have certain expectations. Although…



Starting Pitchers

Tyler Mahle 4.82 1.31 97.0 101 2 10
A Wainwright  2.41 1.33 94.2 89 6 7


Dear Manager Bell:

Please go back to doing that thing you were doing in which you were dragging the pitcher by the arm off the mound the second he was done.


Dear Manager Shildt:

Your last name is Shildt. Don’t make me go there.

Starting Lineups


  1. J Winker (L) CF
  2. J Votto (L) 1B
  3. E Suárez (R) 3B
  4. Y Puig (R) RF
  5. S Gennett (L) 2B
  6. P Ervin (R) LF
  7. J Iglesias (R) SS
  8. T Mahle (R) P
  9. R Lavarnway (R) C


  1. T Edman (S) 3B
  2. J Martínez (R) RF
  3. P Goldschmidt (R) 1B
  4. T O’Neill (R) LF
  5. D Fowler (S) CF
  6. K Wong (L) 2B
  7. P DeJong (R) SS
  8. A Knizner (R) C
  9. A Wainwright (R) P

News and Notes

-We see you, New Reds Catcher Guy. Lavarnway is doing the honors today, filling in for the statue of Ernie Lombardi, which was filling in for the statue of Johnny Bench, which was injured by a pigeon.

New episode on Redleg Nation Radio is here. I’m told there’s a great deal of screaming.

-This is VERY IMPORTANT: The trailer for the Top Gun sequel dropped yesterday (although it seems the powers that be are bucking this ridiculous trend of refusing to give follow-ups a distinctive name and are calling it Top Gun: Maverick.) Apparently he is indeed a Top Gun instructor whose star student is–gasp– a girl!–and, not surprisingly, things with Charlie don’t seem to have worked out.

I was told that Val Kilmer was involved with the film, although the trailer seems to spend more time assuring us that another totally ungratuitous scene of shirtless athletic beach prowess  is included than actually delivering us some Ice Man.

A reminder of posting guidelines

Yesterday served as a reminder that not everyone is on their best behavior within the comments section. With the game threads being the most active place for comments, and where many of the “bad comments” show up, I (Doug) am going to take the time to remind everyone of some of the commenting guidelines here at Redleg Nation:

Do not curse. That includes the four letter estranged cousin of the Hoover Dam, which seems to be a favorite of many posters here. If you aren’t sure if a word is a curse word, don’t use it. You’re smart enough to substitute another word – we’ve got faith in you.

Do not insult or belittle other posters or the players/coaches. There’s a difference between someone doing something dumb and being dumb. They aren’t morons, idiots, or whatever catchy phrase you like to drop as an insult.

The constant berating of players/managers/coaches/or other posters isn’t going to be tolerated. Complaining and criticizing within the game thread is allowed, but within reason.

These have long been the rules at Redleg Nation. Long before I came on board. You can read the site posting guidelines in full, here. These were written and have not been updated in five years. They still hold up.

There are hundreds of daily comments on Redleg Nation per day. Bad actors, words, insults – they do get through without being seen by someone who can edit/fix them and offer up a warning at times. If you see something that is clearly inappropriate, contact someone at the site. We will take care of things when we are aware of them.

241 Responses

  1. Seat101

    Does this mean that I can’t say were going to lose today because we have a journeyman shortstop starting today?

    • vegastypo

      Seat, I’m guessing you are quite allowed to say that. I think I’m also allowed to say that the guy you obviously want in there instead has already become a journeyman (third franchise) at the ripe ol’ age of 25.

      If the Reds want to start him everyday and see what he can do, fine by me. …. We just disagree on which player gives the Reds the best chance to win from day to day. And when the Reds keep telling everyone who will listen that they are trying to contend this year, I think that means Iglesias.

      What’s that I see people doing on here from time to time?
      Player A is slashing .239/.288/.374 with 6 home runs in 238 at-bats and much worse defensively
      Player B is slashing .285/.316/.393 with 5 home runs in 298 at-bats

      A is Peraza, B is Iglesias.

      Which player do you think has a better chance of helping the Reds win?

      • Pete

        In 2020 and beyond? Peraza. Since June 1:
        Peraza: .308/.333/.474, wRC+ = 104, Age = 25 yrs, 2 months
        Iglesias: .285/.316/.393, wRC+ = 80, Age = 29 yrs, 6 months

        Season as a competitive entity is over. Let JP attempt to redeem himself. JI is not part of the future if we’re lucky.

      • vegastypo

        I don’t disagree with that, Pete. I just don’t think the Reds are losing because of Iglesias. Winker can’t play against lefties because we’re in win-now mode? Lotsa things I’d do differently if there wasn’t this insistence that ‘we’re gonna contend!’

      • Pete

        Yup. If you want to ruin your day go look how the recent high draft picks are working out. Bunch of guys who have no power and strikeout at alarming rates. This organization might need a root canal. I don’t know what it is: can they not identify talent or perhaps just not develop it – either or both? Ridiculous.

  2. RedAlert

    Mahle don’t even deserve to be on this Mahle doesn’t even deserve to be on this roster – belongs in AAA. He’s had plenty of chances and hasn’t cashed them in . Sims ought to take his place in the rotation . Least give him a chance – he can’t be any worse than Mahle has been . In the
    immortal words of Parcells , “You are what your record says you are “

    • Doug Gray

      This is an example of the overly criticizing a player.

      About 1/3 of your comments in the last two weeks have been about sending Tyler Mahle to Triple-A. We get it. You don’t need to post it every single day. Even when you complain about others, like DeSclafani giving up a home run the other night, you had to toss in a jab about how Mahle also gives up homers. Take a deep breath, man.

      • RedAlert

        Thanks for the advice Doug – I’ll take one when the front office does something of substance man

      • Doug Gray

        You can do what you want. I’m just letting you know that excessive criticism is against the rules of commenting on this website and if you’d like to continue being able to comment on this website, cut back on it a little bit.

  3. Seat101

    Next time you need an apology will be the first.

    How do you like that double play last night ?

    • vegastypo

      Puig is quite the talent. I think he’s a little too much ‘wild horse’ for a long-term contract, but I think I’m outvoted about that on this website.

      • Seat101

        If we could sign him for two years and only two years even if we had overpay for signing him for only two years I would do it.

        I think we have a lot of AA talent being hindered by AAAA outfielders.

  4. Sliotar

    With a Top Gun reference in the set-up, and especially because the opponent is Devil Magic itself (sitting a half-game out of a wild-card spot as of today. How?) ….

    …. surely I should be hoping for the Reds to …. Take My Breath Away?

    I will show myself out.
    (Or, in reality, go and get a gyro before the game starts).

    • Mary Beth Ellis

      You know what, I didn’t like that song all that much in the 80s, but now it’s like a warm fuzzy blanket. A good friend. I’m all CRANK THAT SHIZNIT UP when I hear it now.

  5. Jreis

    Hey Mary Beth I suggest RLN adopt a ” purge day” where commenters can tee off on anybody or anything they want.

    Been a reds fan since the 1950s and this is the worst stretch I have seen. So it does feel good to verbalize disgust from time to time

    • Doug Gray

      Absolutely not. Go yell in your backyard if you need to.

  6. Seat101

    I have the exact same thoughts as young Brenneman dad about the number of pitches the red starter has thrown.

    Am I becoming Mr. obvious or is he becoming more subtle?

  7. Tom

    Just posted to mlbtraderumors – the Angels have designated Matt Harvey for assignment. Their track record of signing former Reds is, to be kind, a train wreck.

    • vegastypo

      I’m not sure if Harvey would have fared better in the NL, but going to the AL was a big mistake. It would be interesting to see if anybody else picks him up.

      • Roger Garrett

        Yep.Extra hitter in fact all 8 guys usually can hit.Reds did right thing regarding Harvey.

  8. Preach

    Well, it only took a half inning for THOM! to get on my last nerve. Sigh

  9. Curt

    In other other news: Matt Harvey designated for assignment by Angels. What did he get, 11m ? yikes. The rich teams can survive these mistakes though. Glad it’s not the Reds.

  10. Preach

    Don’t know what Suaraz’ beef was there. Definitely a strike

    • vegastypo

      I have the radio announcers on. They seemed to think that maybe he was griping about a pitcher earlier in the count. Strike three looked pretty good to me.

      • Preach

        Could be. I wasn’t watching the whole at bat

    • VaRedsFan

      Wasn’t even close to borderline…strike for sure…he should apologize next at bat.

      • Seat101

        I just replayed the at bat. He didn’t like the first called strike. He adjusted it, though by following off to pictures that were in the same spot.

    • RojoBenjy

      he was complaining about strikes 1 and 2 that were balls outside.

      • Big Ed

        Correct. The first pitch missed by 3 inches and was called a strike. Thom doesn’t watch the game and can’y know.

  11. Seat101

    The amp is been very consistent about calling strikes pretty far outside. He is also consistent about calling pitches balls they don’t look that high.

  12. RojoBenjy

    Seat- Peraza made it into the game!

    • Seat101

      @Rojo That’s funny! I bought milk today and his picture was on the side of the carton.

      FYI it took them three pitched before they announced he was playing third

      • RojoBenjy

        They showed him on the screen immediately though.

        Baby steps.

  13. vegastypo

    David Bell getting thrown out of games is getting to be a bit of an old act, if you ask me. There’s no other way to demonstrate that you are standing up for your player?

    • VaRedsFan

      Ejections don’t really bother me. Most of the times it’s ball and strikes since replay started. Soon there will be robo-umps so there will be no more judgement calls…no more arguing, which I sometimes find entertaining.

    • Mary Beth Ellis

      He doesn’t even throw any on-field equipment. Lame.

  14. RojoBenjy

    The ump show continues. I shouldn’t even know who Torres is.

  15. Scott Gennett

    I guess everybody has a frustration limit…

    • RojoBenjy

      Question is will Freddy B double switch in Van Meter there later?

      Not likely, since double switch Bell had to shower early.

  16. Curt

    Wait, they didn’t put VanMeter at 3rd?! Oh, I see, we’re not doing that yet. Never mind.

    • RojoBenjy

      As I mentioned in yesterday’s game recap, last night at the park, he didn’t look right on his feet. He’s holding back on explosive movements.

  17. Sliotar

    The trouble with the Suarez ejection, IMO…

    He has to know how valuable he is offensively, especially when the Reds already giving away outs offensively at 3 other positions (2B, SS, C).

    To Vegas Typo’s point, maybe this would have been a time Bell stays in game, then says afterwards, “if we are to be in a playoff chase, our guys can’t keep getting tossed over ball and strikes.”

    • RojoBenjy

      Hmmm…in hindsight, the offensive value given by other players in this particular game was pretty high.

  18. RojoBenjy

    St Louis scorer snuck into the park.

  19. RojoBenjy

    Scorer comment was supposed to go up much higher on the comment about the gift base hit to Goldy in the first.

    Meanwhile, I’ve noticed that tonight’s thick, humid air is making Wainwright’s hook bite hard. Nasty-looking.

  20. Roger Garrett

    Agree but its who this team is.We live and breath and win and lose with em everyday and some just don’t have that smart motor going all the time.Suarez has had his moments and its just another one.

  21. Big Ed

    The ump is giving 2-3 inches on the outside corner, at least for RH hitters. Guys need to adjust to it, but it is still lousy umpiring to call strikes on pitches that are objectively balls.

    • RojoBenjy

      I’m fond of stating that I have nothing against umpires–only bad umpiring.

  22. Roger Garrett

    Reds need a big time spark offensively from somebody and right now.After last night they can’t sleep walk through this game.Lose tonight and its 9 games out and counting.Somebody must show something and it ain’t a fight or getting thrown out of the game.

  23. Roger Garrett

    Mahle/Lavarnway get the first run across.Boy if you had some dough to bet on that one you could have bought the team.Go Reds

    • Sliotar

      “If you can swing a bat, you’re dangerous”

      – A True Legend (R.I.P.)

    • renbutler

      And Mahle scored for the Exacta.

  24. Seat101

    It’s got to be tough to pitch in this weather. He’s up to 56 pitches

      • vegastypo

        Grrrrrrrrr. Now he’s thrown out stealing a base he should already have had.

      • RojoBenjy

        Looked to me like it was hit so hard, that the carom off the wall was too quick for him to make it to second base.

      • Roger Garrett

        Please tell me he didn’t stand and watch the ball he hit off the wall?

  25. Seat101

    I would really like it if they would put up the exit velocity on these hats as they happen.

    • RojoBenjy

      Puig’s hit would have registered, “What the—was THAT???!!!”

  26. VaRedsFan

    We can trade Suarez now and keep Peraza!
    RBI….good read by Votto.

      • RojoBenjy

        No way! Chris Welsh just said that Peraza has grown into his body!

        Can’t give that up.

  27. Roger Garrett

    Peraza with the knock and second on the throw.Our pitcher and catcher woke the boys up.Go Reds.

  28. Seat101

    @Rojo I need to shrink into my body.

    Does Puig look like he’s a little slow tonight?

    • RojoBenjy

      I’d like to shrink by 100# myself.

      RE: Puig–maybe he is feeling poorly. That may explain what I saw last night at GABP.

  29. RojoBenjy

    Exhibit A–last year, no way that grounder gets by Scooter.

    He’s hurting the team. We have Van Meter or Peraza to play 2B tonight. The other plays 3B.

    • VaRedsFan

      You definitely called it…No explosive moves.

  30. Preach

    Starting the runner was pure gold there

  31. VaRedsFan

    I really like how Ervin is swinging….attacking pitches.
    Lineout…hard hit though.

  32. magi210

    Crooked numbers and it’s not the first inning! Woo!

  33. RojoBenjy

    THom, I don’t want to hear anything about encarnacion.

    Close your noisemaker.

    • wutinthehail

      But he AVERAGES 104 rbi’s over 162 games. 104!!!!….rbi’s…over 162 games

  34. VaRedsFan

    They just solved our catching problem. They found a guy that can get a runner home from 3rd.

  35. VaRedsFan

    Amir Garrett rehab start tonight didnt happen…travel issues.
    Marge Schott must have arranged the transportation

    • RojoBenjy

      And sent the bill to the player…

  36. Preach

    Come on Scooter and Joey. Neither played that grounder with intensity

    • RojoBenjy

      I agree it wasn’t a good look. It lacked the appearance of winning baseball, in spite of the scoreboard tonight.

      • RojoBenjy

        I wrote the above before the 6 run sixth inning of the cardinals..

  37. VaRedsFan

    Who is our bullpen pitcher of choice tonight with a 7-0 lead?
    Is Bowman available? He’s my choice.

  38. Seat101

    All I wanna do is get through the top of the sixth and go to bed. I was up at five this morning. And I have to get up at 4:30 tomorrow.

    Give me a double play, please

  39. Preach

    Mahle throwing a lot of stuff up now

  40. Preach

    Uh oh. Mahle limping. Grabbed the hamstring area

  41. VaRedsFan

    Either Scooter didn’t have the handle, or he had to wait for Votto to get to the bag

  42. RojoBenjy

    Hopefully Mahle just cramping from dehydration. His cap was almost soaked through by the second inning tonight.

    • VaRedsFan

      worth the challenge….but call stands

  43. Preach

    The Reds are dying by a thousand paper cuts right now.

  44. Seat101

    good Night. Marybeth you have to hold the lead for me.

  45. VaRedsFan

    Throw it to 2nd Puig….another RISP because of it

    • VaRedsFan

      2nd that.
      Going into the backyard to scream

  46. VaRedsFan

    As soon as the TV booth mentioned what an easy game Bell was missing….5 spot

    • RojoBenjy

      They’re taking ownership of it at least.

      And–a 6 spot (hopefully all)

  47. Roger Garrett

    Reds are sleep walking.Just a terrible team and I mean terrible.I really after wonder why you pitch to De Jong when your back up back up catcher is next just saying.

    • Pete

      They’re not terrible but they have issues. Bob C. should take inventory in the off-season and chart a new path. The farm system is bad, the team relies too much on older players, etc. The Orioles are horrible, we are just plain bad. Maybe it’s good if this comes to a head and Bell & the FO are shown the door. Never seen a situation that called louder for new blood.

      • RojoBenjy

        The mental makeup and baseball IQ of this year’s team is deplorable. I don’t want Bob C. to do anything other than let his baseball guys make all the decisions while he writes checks.

      • Pete

        He needs to clean house. Hire from outside the organization and the family. It’s a business!

  48. RojoBenjy


    Insert another comment that violates site posting rules.

    Bad teams are as bad teams do…

  49. VaRedsFan

    Reds season in a nutshell this inning

  50. RedsMonk65

    Longest, most agonizing inning ever.

  51. Preach

    We were just up 7-0, and only a few balls left the infield

  52. Preach

    Ok, that one DEFINITELY left the infield…..

    • RojoBenjy

      Details, details…the Reds can’t execute them.

  53. Pete

    Maybe the very worst display of big league baseball in 50 years of being an observer. It’s a joke.

    • RojoBenjy

      There really are no words…

      I miss the smart people that come on the thread right now to tell us to calm down, it’s only one game, the season is a grind…

      why can’t they log in to soothe our pain?

      • Pete

        I think they avoid us because we are sick and tired off this. Most have learned advanced statistics and use them in our arguments so anyone taking the “high road” in explaining this disaster is exposed. So they’ve cleared out.

  54. RedsMonk65

    Unbelievable. Please make it stop.

  55. Reddawg12

    Maybe one of these days Joey Votto will actually get his whole body in front of a ground ball when he fields it.

    • Hot Chili

      Yeah, and maybe one of these days he learns to run the bases, stop looking at strike 3, be clutch. No wonder this team lacks so much fundamentals.

    • RojoBenjy

      …is dead to me.

      So I have no relief, LOL.

      • Mary Beth Ellis

        That’s where I am. It’s Triple Crown season, figure skating, or this.


  56. TyGuy88

    The Reds need to sell pieces to get young talent. That fifth straight 90 loss season is looking imminent.

    • VaRedsFan

      Teams aren’t buying what we are selling.

    • Hanawi

      The Reds just gave away young talent to try to avoid another 90 loss season.

  57. RedsMonk65


    OK. New game.

    Don’t give up team!

    • RojoBenjy

      Ah–you have arrived to cheer the ranks!

      I hope the offense doesn’t lay down. Enough game left.

  58. Hank

    The Cardinals are having batting practice! Nothing like blowing a 7 run lead in one inning!

    • RojoBenjy

      Granted they are teeing off, but before most of that, there were very poor defensive plays by 1) Scooter and Joey combined, 2) Jose4, 3) and Joey.

  59. Curt

    Sooooo, I just got back from picking my kid up at the beach….uh….riiighht. Ha! (Head shaking) …unbelievable.

    • RojoBenjy

      Lavarnway…he’s on a hot streak.

  60. Pete

    This my friends is the Chernobyl of professional sports. Utter and complete disaster.

    • RojoBenjy

      A lot of parallels there, though the stakes are not life-threatening.

      Lots of warning signs ignored by the people in charge. Willful ignorance. People lower down the chain that try to raise awareness of danger are belittled, silenced, or fired.

  61. Preach

    The Reds are making a statement tonight all right, and that statement is “we suck”.

    • Mike Adams

      More politically correct than “we suck” = “we create negative pressure differentials”

    • RojoBenjy

      You’ve unlocked the secret of life…

      …as a Reds fan.

  62. Ldog

    I knew lavarnway could rake from watching him in the World Series Classic a few years ago. I wonder though if his unfamiliarity with the pitchers had anything to do with that 10 run inning; or was it just the usual subpar relievers of late. I’d tend not to blame him for a pitcher tossing floaters right down the middle…..

    • Doug Gray

      There were about 3 defensive issues in the play that extended the inning.

      • Preach

        True. Shouldn’t have been more than a couple runs given up, and Mahle prob could have finished the inning

    • Preach

      I sure hope he didn’t call for that hanging curve ball.

      • Preach

        What’s the sign for “groove this one?”

      • Ldog

        A middle finger maybe for the meatball sign. Or maybe the pitchers were thinking, ” I don’t know if this guy can handle my amazing, ferocious stuff; I better just softly loft it to him….”

      • Mike Adams

        To answer your comment “What’s the sign for groove this one?” it would be anything the catcher flashes out there for some Reds pitchers.

  63. Preach

    I think the Cards sent their entire 40 man roster to the plate that inning.

  64. daytonnati

    At least DatDude MADE the hot dog plays. Granted, Iggy is better than most, but that blunder turned the season.

    • RojoBenjy

      That blunder (or you could pick one of the two others) turned the game, but in my opinion, the season had already turned sour.

      • daytonnati

        Yeah, I should have added “for me”. I still had hope. Feint hope, but hope.

    • RojoBenjy

      Seat 101- when you read this on Saturday, know that Peraza is coming around. As I said weeks ago, let’s see how the season plays out. At this point I am starting to think that, if the Reds pack it in this year, he should be playing SS every day.

  65. IndyRedsFan

    If they can somehow come back to win this one…it would be the kind of win that could completely turn around the season. Here’s hoping….

    • RojoBenjy

      My opinion is that even if the team comes back and wins it, they are still the same team that it has been all year. I doubt that the players can rally enough to improve their own play. They’ve had several rally points this year, and they have fizzled after every one.

  66. Seadog

    It is just amazing how the “starters” continue to throw5/6 good innings. Same 5 all year-no injuries. The bullpen continues to give up game after game. Closer has I believe 8 losses. Who would have thought. Baseball. You have to love it

  67. RedsMonk65

    Triple turtle farts. That might do it. Awful performance.

    • RedsMonk65

      That’s why they call us fans. Their is something seriously wrong with us. 🙂

      • Mike Adams

        What is seriously wrong with us is: we want to enjoy major league baseball even if our team creates negative pressure differentials?

  68. Preach

    Leave Stephenson out there until he figures something out or his arm falls off.

  69. Preach

    And why in the world would you be batting Scooter 5th right now?!?!

    • Hanawi

      The other choices were Ervin, who the Reds seem to play almost begrudingly, Iglesias, who has been reverting back to career norms, the pitcher, or a guy they just picked up off of another team’s AAA team.

      Scooter really shouldn’t be out there at all. Don’t know if they can IL him again, but probably need to figure something out soon.

      • RojoBenjy

        Agreed. VanMeter or Peraza from now on. IL for Scooter.

      • RedsMonk65

        He just doesn’t seem very comfortable out there, does he? And considering the type injuries he’s been dealing with, I can understand why.

  70. Kywhi

    Maybe they’ll have a “team meeting.”

    • RojoBenjy

      Someone needs to “kick the turkey.”

      Listen to the Tom Browning episode on Jim Day podcast if you don’t get that.

  71. RojoBenjy

    Are the fans in GABP even staying for Friday Fireworks?

    • Preach

      Considering that it’s mostly Cardinal fans right now….

  72. Indy Red Man

    Well they gave up a long td pass and then fumbled the kickoff, but they held them to a field goal. It was only a 10 point quarter…..no wait. I’m already in football mode. Same as every Reds season after the AS break.

    Give it to Matt though….he did predict a sweep!

  73. Sliotar

    Jimmy Herget making an appearance for second straight night.


  74. Mary Beth Ellis

    I have to admire bringing Stephenson out. It’s almost art at this point.

  75. VaRedsFan

    The finally showed the replay with an angle on the Votto/Scooter play.
    Votto with an utter fail not going to the bag to cover. Just watched the ball roll to Scooter for a full 2 seconds.
    Rewind to the top of the 8th replays if you can.
    He got 2 hits and a walk tonight, so I’m sure that is what will be celebrated.

  76. Preach

    Herget with a cross between Sabo’s rec specs and Wild Thing’s BCs. I like it.

  77. Seadog

    Herget looks like a guy that would play on your soft-ball team. He has had success at every level. Please Reds. Keep the kid up. Let him shine. Who cares how “unconditional” he is.

  78. RojoBenjy

    And he hits it a looooong LavarnWAYYYYYYYY!

    Can’t believe that THom left that one unsaid.

    Overall the game still chaffing me though

  79. VaRedsFan

    Another week or so, and he will pass Votto in RBIs

    • RojoBenjy

      I’m hoping he does it in this game!

  80. Mary Beth Ellis

    WhereTF have we been hiding all these catchers?!

    • RojoBenjy

      Be careful, Doug is on patrol for the pseudo-swearing too.

      JK, y’all.

      • VaRedsFan

        Stood for WhereTheFlip….as in where the flip Iggy4 on that play at 2nd. 😉

    • Sliotar

      Tonight, we have finally discovered the secret formula to make the Reds a winner:

      Collect all the journeymen named Ryan.

      Worked for Gennett, working for Lavarnway.

  81. daytonnati

    Lavarnway can spit with the best of them.

  82. VaRedsFan

    We have drama!!
    Winker can hit a walkoff slam!
    Who’s still here???

    • Sliotar

      Wouldn’t miss this for the world.

    • Mary Beth Ellis

      Your hostess, just cleaning up the empty drink cups, the shattered glass, and the vomit

      • RojoBenjy

        At least you don’t have to clean up what the Reds did all over themselves tonight.

      • Mike Adams

        As a result of a party, or watching the Reds game?

    • VaRedsFan

      Passes the torch to Votto with a 2 run single.
      Votto can erase all of his sickness tonight with a clutch bomb.

  83. RojoBenjy

    I remind you, Mary Beth, that the Cardinals’ manager is Schildt.

  84. Sliotar

    Glad Winker did something before he gets shipped off to Louisville. (/sarc)

  85. RedsMonk65

    Well, nice try by the good guys. Didn’t give up.

    The sun WILL rise tomorrow. High probability, anyway.

    Get some sleep and try it again.

    Those who endure to the end shall prevail …

  86. Mary Beth Ellis

    The circuit is now complete.

  87. RojoBenjy

    Looking forward to some lighthearted encouragement from the missing commenters.

    • Mary Beth Ellis

      My friend, they are gone from us.

      They are gone for a reason.

      • RojoBenjy


        Can’t someone say SOMEthing to give hope?

    • daytonnati

      The Reds are not now, nor have they ever been communists. That’s the best I can do.

      • Mary Beth Ellis

        See, there you go! That’s the spirit! The Reds aren’t communists!