To misquote John Glenn’s character in The Right Stuff, we need to be forthright, magnanimous, and gracious concerning our recent series with the Stupid Cubs: We lost that series. We lost that series and, with it, a giant opportunity to make up some room in the division race which it’s insane hope we will even be a position to eye the wild card race.

At this point I insert the following tweet from my distinguished Redleg Nation colleague Nick Kirby:

I have bestowed upon this tweet the imprimatur of my like. Losing a series to the Stupid Cubs is better after reading this tweet. I realize this is much like the producers of The Biggest Loser asking contestants to eat as many terrible calorie-laden things as they can so their initial weigh-in is as high as possible as they prepare to conquer their food addiction. I stuff this tweet right into my face anyway.

Starting Pitchers

Tyler Mahle  3.99 1.37 97.0 95 5 6
Dakota Hudson 3.48 1.51 98.1 73 8 4


I feel like I’ve been taken 98 MPH pitches directly to the face so often from David Hernandez that every Reds pitcher I consider makes me think about David Hernandez, and then the twitching and the crying starts.


I can’t remember if I’ve done a Game Thread with Dakota Hudson in it or not. If not, I need to point out that this is perhaps the stripperiest name ever to appear on the mound in the history of Major League Baseball. If so, his name is so strippery that this has to be acknowledged twice.


It’s not that the Reds bullpen has been horrible, necessarily, it’s just that the bats have fallen silent again. When the big cheery takeaway from yesterday’s game was “We avoided being no-hit, YES,” there are Problems.

I had a question for you guys about St. Louis’ bullpen, but I forgot what it is after I typed the BULLPEN headline. I’ll let you know when I think of it. I’ll probably just Google it at 2:28 AM anyway.

Starting Lineups


  1. J Winker (L) CF
  2. J Votto (L) 1B
  3. E Suárez (R) 3B
  4. Y Puig (R) RF
  5. S Gennett (L) 2B
  6. P Ervin (R) LF
  7. J Iglesias (R) SS
  8. J Graterol (R) C
  9. T Roark (R) P


  1. T Edman (S) 3B
  2. J Martínez (R) RF
  3. P Goldschmidt (R) 1B
  4. T O’Neill (R) LF
  5. D Fowler (S) CF
  6. M Wieters (S) C
  7. P DeJong (R) SS
  8. K Wong (L) 2B
  9. D Hudson (R) P

News and Notes

-Today is the Yasiel Puig WIld Horse bobblehead giveaway at Great American Ball Park. The bobblehead is awesome, which means you will be murdered for it right on the View Level concourse.

-It’s pouring down rain here on the West Side as I type this, so expect a first pitch weather reality of 15 degrees with a chance of volcanic activity.

-Lots of roster moves today, about which I understand pretty much 0% and Redleg Nations’s Doug Gray understands eleventy million percent. Some of the shuffling addresses our catcher shortage and the fact that the Johnny Bench statue outside the Reds Hall of Fame will be starting tonight.

-I have also reflected deeply in my heart upon your suggestions that I write Game Threads more often. We do that on a rotating basis around here, and it’s mean to take away my enjoyment of my fellow writers’ work on their own Game Threads. So I decided to do something that’s… not that.

What I most enjoy about the Game Threads, outside of interacting with all of you in the comments, is seeing how it functions as a Polaroid of life and the season. Slowly unfolding story that it is, baseball can seem to bleed one game into the next, and it’s tough to see where we are in the season–and our lives–when we’re in the midst of it. So, using that concept as a slingshot. I’ve started Game Day Therapy. Because I have no wish to disrupt the wonderful beer-and-insult-and-stats throwing community which has sprung up here in the Game Day and Recap threads, it will link back to RN’s daily Game Thread. It often updates or even publishes after the last out to add in observations and post-game screaming. Game Day Therapy publishes every day the Reds play, and will do so at least three times a week in the off season.

Reds fans are familiar with this concept: Our own Jim Brosnon wrote The Long Season, his memoir of pitching for the Cardinals in 1959, and Pennant Race in 1961. Like “Baseball Is Life,” Game Day Therapy wanders–often far afield– from the analytics and the highlights to discuss how the game wanders in and out of our daily lives, providing definition and contrast. You come here to Redleg Nation for careful research, informed analysis, and relevant news from my colleagues. But like my Game Threads, Game Day Therapy will have none of that. You’ll get screenshots from Miami Vice and a lot of complaining and the occasional sideswipe at the Pirates.

Because I enjoy eating and also the ability to purchase sequins for my track suits, Game Day Therapy is a Patreon project. Those of you familiar with Doug’s indispensable coverage of the Reds minor league system know how this works: There’s a monthy fee for article access, and I’m going to throw books at you too (Gently, through the mail.) But since I’m just starting and have completed such professional writerly maneuvers as accidentally deleting a 1200- word post, the Rockies series is free and clear. (It’s still under construction… I’m still learning this and having trouble with the posts from the Cubs series. But that should be ironed right out soon.) Tiers start for the price of less half of than a GABP beer, and these posts are calorie-free, will fit in any cupholder, and may be taken out of the ball park.

I greatly appreciate all of your comments and encouragement. They mean more than you know. They gave me the courage to try this. I hope to see you over there.

150 Responses

  1. rex

    that line up differs from the one on mlb and espn

    • Mary Beth Ellis

      sigh– sorry. I got it from the Reds site but it might have changed. I see that Jeff is editing the post, so he’s probably being competent and correcting that.

    • Mary Beth Ellis

      Nope, I pulled it from the wrong lineup date, sorry. Jeff is fixing it because Jeff is an actually capable adult.

  2. Mary Beth Ellis

    Lineup is correct now– sorry about that. I sit before you in all my blondeness.

  3. Seat101

    When I get perfect, I’m gonna tell the rest of you how to live your lives. Until then I’m just gonna make sure you know that Jose Peraza should be the Reds shortstop of the future and that Jose Iglesias is rapidly becoming the David Hernandez of the infield

    • Mary Beth Ellis

      Comments like this are when I really wish we could embed gifs in the thread.

    • PhP

      Their defense isn’t even close to the same level though. I feel Peraza has to hit significantly better than Iglesias to be the starter, and he hasn’t shown that, last month or so not withstanding

  4. Mary Beth Ellis

    wait WHAT!???!

    It’s like this whole other universe!

  5. matthew hendley

    so yeah, I would say DD can PH, senzel unavailable til Friday minimum if I read it correctly over on the CE

  6. Preach

    Looks a lot nicer in Cincinnati than Columbus at the moment

    • Mary Beth Ellis

      That is usually the case, my friend.

  7. Preach

    They were saying on the pregame that Barnhart may be back a week sooner than expected

    • RedAlert

      He can take all the time he needs … gotta enough bats with holes in this lineup already …. but his defense will play

    • Mary Beth Ellis

      Marty back on the radio call.
      Your other option is Thom.

      • Preach

        Gonna listen to THOM! tonight. I’m sure I’ll regret it shortly

      • Mary Beth Ellis

        That is usually the case, my friend.

      • vegastypo

        Preach: Thom and I get along for only a few syllables before I go scrambing for the audio overlay to the video feed.

  8. matthew hendley

    from the moment the ball hit the bat you knew suarez bomb

    • Mary Beth Ellis

      It’s funny– I have the radio on while I’m working here but the TV is on in the other room with the sound off. I ran to the TV to see the homer. Both Marty and Thom started their call of the homer with “High drive…”

  9. Sliotar

    “Looks a lot nicer in Cincinnati than Columbus at the moment”

    “That is usually the case, my friend”

    I see, I see…gonna be one of THOSE Game Threads. May to have to rep the 614 around here tonight.

    (Nice start, thanks to Suarez).

    • Mary Beth Ellis

      I enjoy your giant marching brass band.

      • Preach

        You don’t have the 3rd largest cow made of butter in the world.

        It was the largest, until the refrigeration unit failed.

      • Mary Beth Ellis

        I concede the Great Butter Cow.

      • Sliotar


        The Backhanded Compliment of 2019 has just been given.
        We have a winner. Shut the rest of the contest down.

  10. vegastypo

    Nick Kirby is a nut-job, at least on this topic. The issue isn’t the games behind, it’s the number of teams we would have to climb over. … Just don’t give up key parts to our future for this year’s “stretch drive.”

    Mary Beth, you never fail to make me smile. So maybe I’m the one who needs the therapy.

    • vegastypo

      “The Johnny Bench statue outside the Reds Hall of Fame will be starting tonight.”

      Nice line.

    • Mary Beth Ellis

      No therapy necessary. You clearly have excellent literary taste.

  11. Preach

    Good job on that DP. Scooter did a nice job covering first. That isn’t all that easy

  12. vegastypo

    Nice job by Votto there. There was a time when it seemed he would shy away from going for the runner at second base there.

  13. matthew hendley

    GREAT GREAT 3-6-2 DP to close out the inning. A lot of DP in this game already. Even funnier is that none have been of the traditional 643/463 variety

  14. Sliotar

    Was thinking after Suarez HR, “he sure seems to play much better at GABP than on road this season.”

    Well, the HRs are now the same

    12 Home
    12 Away


    Home – 130 wRC+
    Away – 87 wRC+

    • Old-school

      Suarez and Puig are going to deliver 60+ homers from the right side. I wish they struck out less but they’ve delivered the power.

  15. matthew hendley

    ROark…. WInker … Votto its going

  16. Preach

    Good. Get Roark some rest in the bench. He looks a little gassed.

  17. Preach

    Gotta absolutely LOVE Puigs hustle.

  18. vegastypo

    Votto ought to be at third now, though. Otherwise, great to get a few runs.

    And Votto would have scored on the Puig hit. Get ’em both in and make it a moot point !!!

  19. matthew hendley

    Hudson is shellshocked. Save Suarez, everyone has gotten a hit. Scooter keep it going

  20. Mary Beth Ellis

    According to Cowboy, some people were yelling “SWING” at Votto while he was working the count


  21. matthew hendley

    Hudson near 50 pitches… get into the bullpen quickly now.

  22. Hanawi

    They need to send Scooter to AAA to get his timing down before running him out there.

    • Sliotar

      Good call. Peraza might spark, too, getting a run at 2B.

      Scooter had no smile, no joy in close-ups on that at-bat. Whether it’s not being healed, not having timing….he looks miserable.

      What a mess of a season for him.

      • Roger Garrett

        Brought him up before he was ready,hurt the other leg and still isn’t right physically.Trying to get his timing down while hurting just isn’t smart for him or the team.

      • matthew hendley

        no it doesnt and yea, he needs some time unfortunately an option cannot be used at this time with him.

    • matthew hendley

      That’s a brilliant idea, how about to make it fair, all players who come off of an injury get a free option to the minors for a couple weeks… lets say 20 games. They can practice and get ready for MLB level pitching again and not be charged with using an option.
      Options, incidently are something that scooter is out of. That is completely on the Front Office who brought him up super early, he cant be sent back down again.

      I wonder what we would call this free option?

  23. Curt

    Am I the only guy who doesn’t have a problem with Thom/Chris/Jim? Maybe it’s cuz I’m on the west coast and don’t always get the Reds feed on cable box so always happier when it’s our guys. I never find myself thinking these other broadcasters are so much better. Some are straight up annoying. (Mets and Giants come to mind). Joe Davis and Orel Hershiser are pretty good for the Dodgers. I don’t know, our guys may not be perfect but they’re ours. Works for me. #randomthoughts

    • Mary Beth Ellis

      I think Jim Day is great and I don’t have much of a problem with Chris. Jim lets the game breathe and I really enjoy it when he is on the play by play.

      • Pete

        I’m with you. He has a causal approach and I don’t mind. I do like Thom but he is a bit manic and overbearing – not everyone’s taste.

    • matthew hendley

      your not the only one. Although with Vin gone there are not many more that I can compare too. MIA announcers I find particularly bad

    • Chris Holbert

      I think THom and Chris are fine, and as long as Jim stays out of the booth, he is fine. When Jim is broadcasting, like the past two series, I cannot watch, I have to listen, to audio. He leaves A LOT to be desired in the booth. The Reds could do so much better.

      • vegastypo

        Thom is the problem. Never shuts up, doesn’t let accuracy get in the way of a good rant.

    • Wayne nabors

      No sir you are not alone,I live just outside st.Louis and I have to listen to cards feed even tho I’ve been paying for extra innings since 01.And al hrabosky was by far the worst I’ve heard,pickup the doesn’t do much anymore

  24. Indy Red Man

    I have to be the thoroughly imperfect perfectionist no matter the score!

    Votto has to get to 3rd on Suarez’s long sac fly. He then scores on Puig’s hit. I was pleasantly surprised Joey made 2nd on his single when they threw to 3rd, but no reason whatsoever he can’t read that ball and get to 3rd. I know what he was thinking…I know I’m a statue, but I have to score from 2nd on Suarez’s double, but how many fantastic catches have we seen from opposing CFers lately? If the ball does rattle off the wall then can”t he score from 2nd? His instincts are just bad on the bases. I was like that with directions b4 gps. If I thought left….then right was the correct call. Joey should do a Constanza opposite and he’d improve greatly. His baserunning instincts lie to him virtually every time!

  25. vegastypo

    I heard them saying on Bell’s pregame show that now the Reds are sensing the urgency to put together some wins. Gee, if that urgency was lacking before, why?

    The repeated uses of an obviously struggling Hernandez, for example, show me that there really has not been the urgency, just muddling along, waiting for a magical winning streak. Now, suddenly, we’re turning on the ‘urgency’ faucet?

    • vegastypo

      Agree, Indy, was saying the same thing. Happy to get two runs, but that was three waiting to happen.

  26. Roger Garrett

    Just a fan pleasing statement as if they now are going to flip a switch and make it happen.Didn’t see any urgency in Votto taking third on the fly ball or any urgency as Scooter watched strike 3. Votto does more bad on the bases then good and Scooter isn’t ready to play and we all know both of these things.My point is they should always try and but together some wins.To even say something like that is well kinda silly isn’t?

  27. Preach

    Great play by Grateral, and nice heads up by Wong.

    • Sliotar

      Heck yeah.

      Makes me long for a playoff chase and tense September home games.

  28. matthew hendley

    Roark straight pitching himself out of this game in the 5th. Great heads up play by the catcher.

    • matthew hendley

      fought through it though. I would trust him starting the 6th, but BP better be active.

  29. Mary Beth Ellis

    We see you, New Catcher Guy

  30. Old-school

    Dirty birds have some major issues. Bad contracts and old. Reds are better than the pirates and cards. Need to prove it this year when Oct 1 comes around.

    • Sliotar

      Yep. Cubs becoming a power wrecked the Cardinals model.

      Throwing FA money to Fowler and Goldschmidt (and Andrew Miller and Brett Cecil) to try and keep up, now stuck with playing them through their decline years.

      Cautionary tale about extending Puig too far.

      • Old-school

        Yup…don’t forget .217 hitting injured Matt carpenter who is pushing mid 30’s soon abd $20 mil per to Molina at 37. Reds can jump ahead 2020/21/22 with smart moves.

    • Mary Beth Ellis

      Must be someone who produces words for a living

  31. Curt

    Not sure what’s gonna happen here but these are definitely not the Cards of old. Totally beatable.

  32. matthew hendley

    Where is Bowman. Thank you again david bell.

    • matthew hendley

      would accept Sims as well in these places.

  33. matthew hendley

    Previous play to the grand slam, is exhibit number 124 why Puig needs to be re-signed.

    • Pete

      That cuts both ways. It also shows the limitation of one player….

    • RedAlert

      And once again , Bell no feel l for game flow or how to manage bullpen – he’s awful at it . They ain’t buying crap at the deadline ….

  34. Pete

    Sometimes it’s only by an eyelash…

  35. Sliotar

    7 unanswered runs (and counting). Yikes.

    • matthew hendley

      Oh BTW, for all the ‘super old timers that know everything group’ that has been calling for Stephenson to start? Think you can table that for….oh ever.

      Trade him as a scenery canadate, His years will get something of value in return.

      • Pete

        I’d bring him back next year and look at him as a potential starter. If we need 3 starting pitchers next year, he should be on the option list. He’s come a long way this season, not there but he has improved.

      • matthew hendley

        absolutely not.

        Not even in the conversation. He literally just gave up 5 runs in the span of 2 outs.

        No way is he starting.

        Barely tolerate him relieving either.

      • Pete

        Matthew, please go have a look at the starting pitching prospects in minors and get back to me. Outside of Luke Sims the cupboard is bare for the foreseeable future. We could do Roark II, III and IV or the Reds could try to convert a couple of the relievers we have. I wish there were other options but outside of possible trades…….. We can’t add more old guys IMO.

      • Indy Red Man

        He barely pitches….everybody has a bad game. Jeez? You go from insisting the Reds are still in it (when they were out at game 9) to banishing a guy from baseball after 1 bad game. Relax.

      • Pete

        Indy, Matthew still believes so I’m cutting him slack. It’s heartache for all of us but the sooner we get over it and think about the future, the pain begins to recede. Matthew is not there.

      • matthew hendley

        There is a reason that a out of options guy only has 1.049 service time rating, and that cause he has been up just enough to be seen that he has issues.

        He needed development that he didn’t get. He had an attitude (“Im a Walks guy) that killed him too.

        5ER in .2 Innings says enough.

    • matthew hendley

      Solitar I am sorry I don’t know how I ended up on a comment thread on your page.

  36. Mary Beth Ellis

    lol everyone has straight Cleted out of this one

    • Sliotar

      Whoa, whoa.

      I suffered through 4 dog seasons of a “rebuild” to enjoy making it past July 4th right now before my postseason hopes are crushed.

      You and Clete head on over to Graeter’s. The rest of us will suffer through the rest of this one, wishing upon a star.


      • Mary Beth Ellis

        Jeff just yelled at everyone on Twitter to pull it together

  37. Steve

    Anyone else think it is time to get a good look at VanMeter at 2nd base? Gennett looks hurt and is probably not going to get an extension, plus if Vanmeter can be the everyday 2nd baseman at the league minimum, a nice $10 mil to be used somewhere else for next season.

  38. Steve

    I would like to see Vanmeter stay around and get a shot at 2nd base. If he can handle it and hit like he has in Louisville, you could save $10 mil on an extension for Scooter that could be used to boost another position. The team needs a spark offensively and Vanmeter has been hot in AAA

  39. matthew hendley

    If winker grounds into a DP, A minor league visit should seriously be considered.

      • Pete

        I’m there. Winker is a one-dimensional player and if he isn’t hitting, he’s not worth much. I agree with you here. See if he can get it together at Louisville.

    • matthew hendley

      SERIOUSLY CONSIDERED. Look he does have potential. but he is stuck in something fierce and needs to get it unglued somewhere where it isn’t damaging the MLB team. Get an extended look at JVMR while Winker is down.

  40. Indy Red Man

    Thats too bad. Stephenson didn’t get hit very hard until the granny. Misses with a 3-2 breaking ball. Then a groundball right past his glove. Another groundball. Bottom line though…just can’t throw a hanger there with the bases loaded though. Can’t do it.

    I don’t know where this team goes from here? They won’t get anything for Scooter. Not that much for Roark either. Alex Wood might bring something…maybe? DD? They could trade Peraza or SS Iggy. They could trade P Iggy. Who knows? 2020 is more rebuilding. There is no way around that. Way too many holes and a culture where a lack of fundamentals is tolerated. The Cubs looked horrible in Game 1 of this past series and I hate them, but they run the bases very well despite having little speed. Still wonder why Senzel got thrown out at the plate on a 2 out double in game 2? That cost the REds the game. Votto tonite…that cost a run.

    They asked Bobby Knight long ago if he wanted to coach in the NBA. He said no….never. How am I going to tell Moses Malone to get the lead out of his posterior if he makes 10x what I make. Same thing with the Reds. How can they get on a young guy when their $25/mil man is one of the 2-3 worst baserunners in all of mlb…if not the worst.

    • matthew hendley

      Trade Iggy SS, Roark, Stephenson, P Iggy (if the return is good enough)

      Wood will replace Roark in the Rotation. Scooters injury and the front offices mishandling of his Rehab assignment have spiked their trade value, and its possible that Scooter undergoes a rebuild.

      Puig well I would go for a re-sign, but don’t undersell.

      Disco can go too.

      • Indy Red Man

        You do realize Wood is FA too…..and his velocity was down to 91 or something last year. Thats not a good sign. The only way he’d sign with them is if he feels he’d have to pull a Sean Marshall on them. Or the righty reliever they signed that never pitched….can’t think of him now.

      • Old-school

        What about scooter Gennett? You still saying 4 years and $50 million? That was a wrong take right?????

      • matthew hendley

        Those Estimates on a scooter gennett were before his injury, which we could have established a lower value even still. GO ahead and take my comments out of context.

        Alex Wood is a very good pitcher when he pitches. The Reds could bring him back on a HEAVILY incentivized contract. Therefore protecting themselves from another injury.

        I am a realist. Many on here are talking about selling everyone and beginning a new rebuild. I am not amongst those. I do recognize there are players the reds can trade for a REAL return, that still would leave a competitive 2019 team. That is what is above. But a giant H3## no on a rebuild.

        One last thing. Bobby knight didn’t coach in the NBA cause he was a coward. Only a Coward chokes their own, players. The difference between COllege and NBA player physically meant that if he tried that in the NBA he woud have been crushed.

      • Old-school

        You categorically said in 2018 sign Scooter. You personally attacked anyone who disagreed. A contract signed in 2018 can’t be undone. Are you saying now you didn’t say sign scooter in 2018? I’m sure Steve Mancuso has 10 gazillion posts by you saying sign scooter to 4 years and $50 million a year ago. Are you saying you didn’t say the Reds must sign scooter a year ago. A contract is binding.

      • Indy Red Man

        Bobby Knight was never a good person per se, but he was a great coach! His teams played fundamentally and beat teams like North Carolina w/Michael Jordan. Bell may go to church every Sunday and help little old ladies cross the street, but I want to win!!

        They asked Russ Grimm if he’d run over his mother to win a Super Bowl. He said no….but I’d run over yours:)

      • matthew hendley

        Old school, you are correct, in 2018 those words were said (typed) by me and I stand by them

        PLease do me a favor.

        Indicate between today and July, 19th 2020 exactly who will be injured (new) and where on their body?
        I’ll wait.

        While I pointed out that we still should get the injury discount on scooter earlier this year. which is much less then 4/50

      • Old-school

        I’ll tell you who will get injured. Players over 30 who are aging. Another fact you refuse. Scooter got hurt and Griffey got hurt and Zach Cozart got hurt and Matt carpenter is hurt and lots of guys over 29-32 get hurt because they aren’t 24 anymore. The PED era was fueled by over 30 guys trying to get another contract.

      • matthew hendley

        Just going to edit this post and leave it published so the replies to it also stay published, but your commenting privileges have been revoked for violating the sites commenting guidelines multiple times this month.

      • Old-school

        You never owned your wrong take on signing scooter. As to your examples on dead baseball players….. I’m done . Why RLN does nt censure you is beyond me. Wow. Doug Gray? Really? This is acceptable? Better yet. Steve and the Judge. Is this The New RLN?

      • Pete

        Old School, I know where your coming from but MH is bleeding out. He can’t let go, let’s give him a week to find his bearings. Ignore him if you must, the guy is a die-hard fan, literally.

        Actually a good team for him to follow would be the Baltimore Orioles, they totally messed up there franchise with betting on the old guys coming through. Reds aren’t good but they’re not the Orioles. Matthew would cheer every move they make.

      • matthew hendley

        They asked Russ Grimm if he’d run over his mother to win a Super Bowl. He said no….but I’d run over yours:)
        where were you then?
        oh that’s right.

        No I am not saying I was wrong about scooter, cause I am not wrong and placed back into mid 2018 and having mid 2018 knowledge I would do it again. When he got injured I adjusted my opinion accordingly.

        You pull out false narrative after false narrative, you get called on it every time. now you want to cry to the moderators? Go ahead. I will say it again. Resign Scooter.

        Not for 4/50 but an incentives based 4/45.

        Censure…… tut tut tut…. this is a free country after all…. at least until Old School gets his feelings hurt.

      • Old-school

        I am done at RLN .
        Not crying to moderators.
        The moderators and owners have also left too. Talking about dead baseball players callously and without respect is not something I will tolerate or associate with. Goodbye.

      • Doug Gray

        Old-School, there are usually 400 comments per day on this site (at least on a game day). It’s impossible to see them all and still actually get work done. If you have a problem with a comment, contact someone via email. That’s why it’s there.

      • Doug Gray

        And just for the record, Mr Hendley has had his commenting priviledges revoked for the time being. After reviewing his posts this month there were several that violated the sites policies.

        Again – if you see a comment that is in violation (cursing, attacking someone, insulting) – please email someone at the site.

  41. Mark

    Agree hendley Winker needs to go replaced by Aquino or o’grady

  42. Mark

    Sims again showing he should be starting here instead of Mahle

  43. C Holbert

    I know everyone is a JV fan. His bat seems so slow, he cannot get around on any fastball. He is definitely on the decline, and it maybe a long next few years, if they continue to count on him for much.

    • Indy Red Man

      “maybe a long next few years”

      lol….what have these last 4-5 years been? Feel like the dude on death row that decides to stop the appeals. I don’t a lawyer….just get it over with already. I want KFC and some coconut ice cream the night b4 my going away party

  44. Seat101

    Is everybody happy? I see our AAAA outfielders aren’t getting much done.

    • Old-school

      What? You can win games scoring 4-5 runs. You can’t win games giving up 7. Offense is not the problem today. Giving up 7 isn’t on the outfield.

    • daytonnati

      Prince, n’enquerez de sepmaine
      Où elles sont, ne de cest an,
      Qu’à ce refrain ne vous remaine:
      Mais où sont les neiges d’antan!

    • RojoBenjy

      This comment makes me want to hurl.

      See what I did there, Sliotar?

  45. Indy Red Man

    Me? Yeah I was for signing Scooter at one point. He will improve over what we’re seeing now, but it would’ve been a mistake. They didn’t trade him when he was valuable either…..somebody would’ve given us something? Fat Simon was almost out of the league and brought us Suarez. I’m wrong all the time, but I’m better then little Dickie WIlliams. Knucklehead throws millions at 18 yr old Latin Americans SS’s that couldn’t swing a bat thru wet tissue

    • matthew hendley

      to be fair there are a lot of teams guilty of that.

      • Indy Red Man

        The Atlanta Braves aren’t. Tampa isn’t. If you can’t pass a test on your own then cheat off the smart kids.

  46. Big Ed

    This is pretty much the season.

    Lost 5 of 7 coming out of the All-Star break.

    The fact of the matter is that they don’t have anything for sale that another team would want to give much for, so it’s gonna be a dull trade deadline, and a dull last two months. I wish they would let some young guys get some meaningful play.

  47. matthew hendley

    This is Hergets moment, Can prove that he can stay a little longer by halfing his ERA. if he doesn’t, AAA for him too. BUT AAA needs to actually use him.

  48. Curt

    Well, on the positive side, VanMeter absolutely scorched that ball, alas, good grab by 1st baseman. Walked earlier…Just play the dude already.

  49. matthew hendley

    Correct me if I get this wrong. 9-6-4 Double play saves Herget and keeps him going.

    Incidently Exhibit whatever number is one higher then the one I said before

  50. RedAlert

    Suckfest continues out of the break

    • Grand Salami

      Yeah. I hate to say this but I’m glad they are playing themselves out of the division race. The ceiling was so low that an average team was considering its options. That should be put to bed by now.

      Move Puig, Iglesias, Roark, and Iglesias for whatever you can snag in the next three year window and start seeing what your AAA stars have.

      They have the starting core, the relief corps and the money to spend to shore up the offense.

      • Burtgummer

        The starting core will be losing 2 guys
        The bullpen is awful and thankfully will be losing guys

  51. Pete

    It’s not a sin to desire an older team. I just don’t think it’s the way to go about the business of building a ballclub but take it easy on those who don’t share your point of view. I’ve told you before the Reds will follow your path so ultimately you win.