The Cincinnati Reds are banged up. Before the game against Chicago this afternoon the team called up catcher Juan Graterol from Triple-A. He took the place on the 25-man roster of Raisel Iglesias who went on the paternity list. The Reds needed a third catcher because Curt Casali and Kyle Farmer were both unavailable today.

Before jumping back into what this means for the Reds, from a personal standpoint it’s terrifying that Kyle Farmer is going to be re-evaluated for a concussion. He was evaluated at the time on Tuesday night and left in the game.

Now, back to what this means for the Reds. With Tucker Barnhart still out, and the potential that both Curt Casali and Kyle Farmer could be hitting the injured list as well, it leaves the Reds in a bit of a pickle. They obviously made the move to bring up Graterol. He’s an all-glove, no-hit catcher. The definition of an emergency third catcher for the Major Leagues. He had spent a majority of the time in Triple-A as the main catcher for the Bats.

The next option would seem to be Stuart Turner. He’s played in all of 24 games this season and is hitting .157/.195/.169. Behind him could be Chad Tromp, who was just activated from the injured list for Louisville. Tromp injured his shoulder last August and has been rehabbing his way back ever since. He began getting work on a rehab assignment with the Arizona League Reds – the lowest level of the minor leagues in the United States less than a month ago. He played 16 games there and hit .271/.410/.500 with 11 walks and 10 strikeouts. The 24-year-old has not at another level yet this season. Last year he split his time between Double-A Pensacola and Triple-A Louisville, hitting a combined .259/.336/.340.

Turner and Tromp are not on the Reds 40-man roster. To bring them up the team would need to add them. The roster is full, so someone would need to be placed on waivers.

Both Nick Senzel and Derek Dietrich left the game with injuries on Wednesday. Dietrich was hit by yet another pitch. This one was in the knee and he exited the game. Senzel appeared to feel something while running the bases late in the game and was replaced in the field. Both sound optimistic that they’ll be available tomorrow according to C. Trent Rosecrans.

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  1. Doc

    Dietrick makes no attempt to avoid HBP, a method that the Reds apparently condone. It is a matter of time before one of those is a problem. It certainly caused a problem today.

    • ToBeDetermined

      He is a disciple of ex-Red Sin-soo Choo, but he’s got a long way to go to catch the career leader Hughie Jennings at 287 HBP and in 1896 was hit 51 times.

      If your looking for someone who has played in the last 100 years I’ll profer Ron Hunt of the Expos – he was hit 50 times in 1971.

      Former Player Ron Hunt Recalls His Big League Career “I worked and practiced in full uniform in a mirror to make sure it was perfect. I’d stand right on top of the plate. An inside pitch had to be right on the corner, or it would hit me. The umpires never called me for getting hit on purpose.”

  2. Kyle

    Trade for one or call up tyler Stephenson. Really no other options if the FO wants to salvage this season

    • Colorado Red

      The season is officially over.
      Time to trade the FA’s that you can salvage something vs getting 0 for them.

  3. Robert Meyer

    Devin Mesoraco is looking for work.

  4. Jreis

    I swore I read Peraza can catch. Maybe I am thinking of someone else?

  5. Doc

    I read that Wood was targeted for four innings or 60-65 pitches. Threw two innings and 38 pitches. Any reason why outing was shorter?

  6. TR

    If there’s anything happening for the Reds by the trade deadline, I see the key position of catcher as a focus with the acquisition of James McCann of the White Sox.

  7. Jim Walker

    Josh Van Meter started last night’s AAA game being played in Pawtucket; but, did not return after a 2 hour rain delay between the 2nd and 3rd innings. I haven’t found any indication he was injured. Wonder if he is in route to Cincy for possible duty tonight?

    He could be the call up for either Senzel or Dietrich if they are unable to go.

    • Scott C

      It is my hope that even though Senzel says he is ready to go, that they play it safe with him for a couple of days, rather lose him for a few games rather than for the majority or rest of the season.

  8. Don

    I was shocked that Kyle Farmer was not removed from game after 2nd hit to face mask. Umpire knew he was out cold as he fell to the ground for a few seconds and was calling for help quickly. I was so surprised he stayed in, in an NFL or college game the rules would have required to be taken out of the game.

    I really hope he is fine and will recover with no sort or long term effects. He has shown good hitting skills and was doing a great job behind the plate with almost no real game experience.

    Also a shame that Casili had his chance to be primary catcher for an extended look at if he could do so and also still hit well, also is injured.

    Senzel looked to have his spikes slip on the plate and he tweak something on the next step or two, hope very much it is not serous as his running did not look bad until after he stepped on the plate.

    If you saw Suarez face and read his lips when DD sat next to him in dugout and trainer took a look at knee, that is all one needs to see. There must have been a huge welt/bump growing and hopefully goes away quickly.

    I think Bell did a good job with the subs and trying to keep the best team he could on the field with the injuries last night. Expect to see a few roster moves today before the game to have a healthy roster. May need to put someone day to day on 10 day DL to have full roster of health bodies to still have flexibility.

    • Jim Walker

      I agree all around.

      Just from what we saw on TV Tuesday night, Farmer should have been pulled and put on concussion leave (7 days which counts toward IL time if he wasn’t ready to return in a week and had to go onto regular IL).

      At least, as I understand it, since they have admitted Farmer is on concussion protocol, he has to clear the testing before he can come back even if he is not on concussion leave; and, they want to bring him back sooner than 7 days. I suspect this is a case where if there were another catcher available on the 40 man roster, they would just go on and take the 7 day concussion leave on Farmer.

      Also in accord that they need to bite the bullet and put at least one of Senzel and Dietrich on IL if they can’t go tonight.