The Reds (43-49) did not #SweepTheCubs like we all wanted, but the Reds can still #WinTheSeries. It would be the Reds’ fourth straight series win against the Cubs (51-44).

After those two night games, it’s back to normal at Wrigley Field today. First pitch is at 2:20 ET.

Starting Pitchers

Sonny Gray 97.1 3.42 3.25 3.44 28.1% 9.0%
Yu Darvish 103.0 4.72 5.05 4.15 27.1% 11.4%


NL All-Star Sonny Gray didn’t get to pitch last Tuesday night in Cleveland, but he did get to pitch a gem at hitter-friendly Coors Field on Friday night, going seven innings and giving up one run on five hits with nine strikeouts. He’ll look to continue that success against the Cubs this afternoon.

Why has Gray had such a big turnaround? He’s not giving up as many home runs this season and he’s striking out more batters. His K% has jumped from 21.1% to 28.1%. He’s also inducing more ground balls. Gray has always been a ground ball pitcher, but this season it’s gone from 50.0% to 55.1%, even with his home park being Great American Ball Park. Gray still has somewhat of a high BB%, but it’s not drastically high at 9.0% and he’s still around his career average of 8.3%.

Albert Almora is 3-for-4 with a home run off Gray, and Addison Russell is 2-for-6, also with a home run, against him.


The scouting report on Darvish should be somewhat easy for Reds hitters–be patient and you’ll probably draw a walk. It’s been an interesting season for Darvish. His ERA is 4.72 and his FIP is a bit above 5.00 in 103 innings. His struggle has been the very thing his counterpart Gray is excelling at–allowing home runs.

Darvish has given up a lot of home runs this season, 20 to be exact. His HR/9 jumped from 1.3 in 2017 (his last full season) to 1.75 in 2019. This is happening as his FB% has dropped from 36.8% in 2017 to 32.4% this season and his GB% has increased. His HR/FB% has gone from 15.1% in 2017 to 23.5% in 2019. He’s giving up less fly balls, but the ones that he is giving up are going out of the ballpark.

He’s always walked a lot of batters, but in 2018 and 2019, his BB% jumped from around 7% to 11%. In 2018, he was injured and only pitched 40 innings, so it’s understandable that it would have been higher. However, he’s already walked 50 batters in 2019. However, he may be seeing improvements in this area, as his BB% was 13.2% in May and only 6.8% in June.

One thing that hasn’t changed for Darvish is his K%. It’s remained consistently around 27% over the past three seasons. In three of his seven MLB seasons, he’s struck out more than 200 batters. He already has 119 strikeouts in 2019.


1. Nick Senzel (CF)
2. Joey Votto (1B)
3. Eugenio Suarez (3B)
4. Yasiel Puig (RF)
5. Derek Dietrich (LF)
6. Scooter Gennett (2B)
7. Jose Iglesias (SS)
8. Kyle Farmer (C)
9. Sonny Gray (P)
1. Albert Almora Jr. (CF)
2. Javier Baez (SS)
3. Kris Bryant (LF)
4. Anthony Rizzo (1B)
5. Victor Caratini (C)
6. Jason Heyward (RF)
7. Addison Russell (2B)
8. David Bote (3B)
9. Yu Darvish (P)

-Kyle Farmer did not look good last night, but he is back in the lineup this afternoon. The catching situation is interesting, to say the least, right now.

-Free Phillip Ervin.

News and Notes

Last night, I thought it was the first time this season Michael Lorenzen had stolen a base, but apparently it was the third time.

-If you’re going to the game tomorrow night, please don’t get there early. I am unable to get there until 6:15 and I need this bobblehead.

Final Thoughts

After watching Kyle Schwarber’s home run last night, I don’t want to hear any complaints about Great American Ball Park being small anymore. And yes, I’m aware Yasiel Puig hit a home run into the basket on Monday night. That still doesn’t mean I like it.


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  1. RedsFan11

    Hello Reds fans! I’m Phillip Ervin.

    You may not know me but in the minimal playing opportunities I get for this team I rake, including going 18 for my last 34.

    More recently I got an extremely rare start and tied a franchise record for hits in a game going 6 for 6. I was rewarded with one additional start, went 2 for 4 and now have gone back to my forgotten spot on team.

    Go Reds!

    • RedsMonk65

      Yes, when you’re hot you’re hot. I know “playing the percentages” is the thing now, and I’m all for that. But baseball is a streaky game by nature, and you also need to capitalize on that as well. I know it’s “old-school,” but it makes sense to me to play who’s hot until they’re not. And right now, Ervin is HOT. He needs to be in there — especially over someone like DD.

      • Doc

        It has been written/said that a player usually gets one really hot stretch of a month to six weeks that really makes his season stats. Too bad Ervin has to sit so much in the middle of his.

    • Jim Walker

      Cubs got bitten by PE at GABP when they started lefties and have kept them on the shelf at Wrigley.

      • Pete

        Darvish’s splits, xFIP:

        vs L: 4.32
        vs R: 4.00

        Does Bell use advanced metrics?

      • Jefferson Green

        Pete, didn’t you just post data that showed that lefties hit Darvish better than righties?

    • Sliotar


      Well played.

      Some folks got irritated, about this time 2 seasons ago, when I did a running Bryan Price-Ervin conversation in Game Threads, Ervin would get a couple of hits, then sit the next day as Price went old school, explaining that he had to earn playing time through even higher performance.

      Ervin just turned 27. If you want a poster child for the Failed Rebuild, he is a good candidate.

      How he did not get a better shot during the last 4 dog seasons is a mystery to me.

    • TR

      Trade deadline coming up. Free Phillip Ervin. He’s a hot hitter and the Reds do not start him. Strange, but somebody in Red’s organization must be offended by Ervin.

  2. Jim Walker


    The Reds have added catcher Juan Graterol to the 25 man roster from AAA. R.Iglesias to paternity leave for the spot. Must have been an open 40 man all along???

    Graterol has now been announced as the starter in place of Farmer, batting 8th.

    By all appearances Kyle Farmer is the only catcher the Reds now have on the 25 man roster who is capable of actually playing, Notice I said “capable of playing”, not healthy because after a couple of hits Farmer took from fouls last night, he likely is not nearly at 100% today,

    Jimmy Herget who was called up to the bullpen a couple of weeks ago has only pitched once. A person would think they could afford to swap Herget out for backup catcher??

    The underlying issue is likely that the Reds have only 3 catchers on their 40 man roster. By not doing what it takes to get another catcher in, the Reds are saying the 40th man on the 40 man roster is more important to them than winning right now.

      • Jim Walker

        Yep. Just saw this myself and was coming on to update.

    • Pete

      Maybe today will mark the end of Bells honeymoon. This is a travesty. It looked like Farmer was knocked near unconscious. It was truly scary how the batter and umpire reacted to shot taken by KF.

      • Tom Mitsoff

        I’m not a doctor, but I am shocked Farmer is being allowed to play today. The second time he was nailed in the mask, he fell backward a bit as if dazed. The fact that he stayed in there and finished the game tells you what a gutsy gamer he is. What actually is Casali’s status? Last I heard is that he had knee inflammation.

      • Jim Walker

        I agree Tom. Last night it looked like the Reds trainer was initially signaling that Farmer should come out of the game after that 2nd foul hit him but then Farmer and Bell spoke briefly and he stayed in.

        Louisville is on the road in Pawtucket. With Farmer announced as the starter today, maybe Graterol isn’t even in Chicago yet?

  3. Pete

    I post during/after/before most Reds games and I’m not one to criticize David Bell’s moves. He knows his roster and in the case of the BP, who is healthy enough to pitch. Unless we unaware of an injury, benching PE is inexplicable. The Reds are a very poor hitting baseball team. Bottom of the barrel. Winker, DD, Scooter and Votto are all struggling mightily and outside of Yasiel Puig no one should be considered hot. How in the world do you sit Phillip Ervin? What possible reasoning could there be? David Bell needs to answer to the media, in essence, answering the fan base.

    Phillip Ervin’s line: .371/.426/.597, wRC+=163. Only 68 PA.s but given the weak hitting ball club it shouldn’t matter even a little bit. Heck, maybe he isn’t buying into the launch-angle concept. I’ve noticed Ervin hits the ball square and where it’s pitched, perhaps management doesn’t like this. I have no other theories to offer. Someone help me.

    • Roger Garrett

      Bell has penciled in every day Senzel,Iggy,Votto,Suarez,Puig and Casali has caught most of the games.These guys get a day off very couple of weeks or so but by in large they play every day..Once Scooter is healthy then its 7 guys every day and a platoon in left among Winker,Ervin and I guess DD.Problem is nobody outside of Puig is hitting as you said Pete and performance good or bad doesn’t play in to his lineups because he believes the 7 I mentioned give him the best chance to win.The players know this and we know this and we can all agree but it ain’t working.Still with around 70 games we run out the same guys and expect it will get better.Its not because well why should it?As fans we see what Ervin has done and what JVM and other are doing and want to see them and if they get hot then ride them until they cool down.Won’t happen unless the Reds fall way way behind and then I doubt it but that’s the only way you will see other players.Reds have done it this way for years and it doesn’t matter how young or how hot a player gets they just ride the same horse or vets to death.I believe Bell wants to win and I believe the front office wants to win but it has to happen there way.

      • Pete

        Then Roger, they are playing with a major handicap. Thank you for your explanation.

    • Jefferson Green

      wRC+ versus right handers: Ervin 96, DD 135. You can make a good argument for PE to play, but calling it unexplainable is not accurate.

      • Pete

        Since June 1, DD has a wRC+ of 70. We are a very bad hitting baseball team, play the hot hand(s). We can’t afford to do otherwise and have a prayer.

  4. Sliotar

    Nice setup, Ashley.

    You are spot on that Darvish has gotten some things under “control.” I picked him up on the $1 waiver scrap heap as a flier for next season.

    Last six starts….41Ks, 6 BBs.

    But, he has Disco Disease….HR ball hurts him. Should play into the Reds hands.

    Just one of 162, but has that mini-turning point feel to it.

    Go Redlegs.

  5. Jim Walker

    With R.Iglesias on paternity leave, it will be interesting who draws the closer straw if needed in the next several days. May this is what they’ve been resting Hernandez up for and why Bell said he would be so important to the team?

    • Tom Mitsoff

      Last night was a chance for Stephenson to fall apart in a high-leverage situation and he didn’t. I wouldn’t mind seeing him get more opportunities like that. Early in this season he was pretty much unhittable.

  6. matthew hendley

    Happy people are having kids and all, but really, some prior planning would have stooped this prior to the season starting.
    Gray puts in a Jem and the players need to get them runs.

    Closer situation really in doubt now. Does explain why they pitched him for the 3rd day in a row last night. Probebly knew they were losing him today.

    Would have liked to see Ervin as well. Really unexplainable.

  7. Pete

    Graterol is now in the line up replacing Kyle Farmer.

    • Tom Mitsoff

      That makes sense. Farmer probably should go through concussion protocol, if there is such a thing in MLB.

      • Jim Walker

        There is a specific concussion protocol and leave. The leave is 7 days. Per what I could find in a flash, if a guy has a concussion but does NOT go on the leave, he still has to clear the protocol before playing again.

        Last I saw, Stuart Turner had been brought back from released and was at Louisville. We could see him back in Cincy if Farmer has to go on concussion leave and Casali is not good to go.

  8. Doc

    To me, today’s game is approaching critical. A loss would mean two series losses coming out of the break and falling a couple more games behind. One little six game win streak all year with the (next) best pitching in the league does not warm fuzzies produce. Lose today and forget being buyers; switch to continue rebuild mode. Win today and buy one more series to decide.

  9. matthew hendley

    Wait, time to give Ervin a Crash course in catching

  10. Sliotar


    Your point about Hernandez being saved is well taken.

    IMO, it felt odd and out of Bell/Johnson’s patterns to run Iglesias out there three nights in a row. Now we know why….the Reds knew he was going on paternity leave.

  11. RedAlert

    Had enough of Votto in the 2 hole – pitiful just pitiful . absolutely unbelievable how many called third strikes he takes .unreal !

  12. Broseph

    Dervish. Cincinnati Reds 2019 Cy Young candidate

  13. RedAlert

    Just as well be 10-0 – looks like same crap from last night

  14. burtgummer

    Ervin was borderline awful thru the minors but for whatever reason mlb pitchers haven’t figured him out yet so the Reds should be playing him until they do

    • Pete

      Not really, Ervin’s wRC+ in the minors:
      2013: 155, 165
      2014: 94
      2015: 120, 143
      2016: 126
      2017: 99
      2018: 142
      2019: 121

      Maybe you are thinking of someone else?

      • burtgummer

        career ba in the .250s

        61 hr in 6 years

        nope thats him

      • Pete

        Sorry Burt, the numbers say otherwise. Maybe he did it with mirrors I have no idea. Certainly far from “borderline awful”. Looking over his stats he did steal a fair amount of bases. But numbers don’t lie and I didn’t come up with the formulas – take it up with fangraphs.

    • burtgummer

      Check at milb you can see the real stats

  15. Seat101

    I just dropped in to see what condition my Redlegs were in.

    This at bat of Puig is like two hours old

    • Pete

      You might get to see a non-no, hang in there.

  16. matthew hendley

    If we talk about the No No, it may get broken up.

    Prior to a whole bunch of Cy young comments. Yu Darvish did secure a 6 year multi million dollar contract. They don’t give them out to every bum on the street you know.

  17. Seat101

    Well I’m gonna have to run out again in a second. Maybe if I listen to it on the radio they’ll hit three homeruns in a row.

  18. Old-school

    The reds have lost their share of bullpen games but also won their share. They ve lost some games they were never in to tough lefties as well, Ryu and quintana.

    But, by my count , this offense has been shut out or shut down in 17-18 losses by dominant power righties. I get folks are frustrated and grasping at straws, but how does Phil Ervin solve that???

    Williams and Musgrove pirates shutouts.
    Peralta Brewers 1-0 SO. Dakota Huson Cards shut them down.
    Mike Fiers no hit them in Oakland. DeGrom and Syndegaard gave up 1 run combined in 2 games. Scherzer 15 k. Pivetta Phillies . Siroka braves.
    Darvish now.

    Peraza isn’t the reason. Winker isn’t either . Ervin’s not the Messiah either for this offense. Gennett in 2019 vs 2018 is a huge reason. . Votto has 8 home runs and 20+% k rate and ops of .750 and 0.4 WAR. Those 2 guys carried the offense last 2 years.

    Joey Votto is why this offense stinks. His greatness has compensated for lots of shortcomings over the years. He can’t anymore .Time to get younger and deeper.

    • Pete

      Non sequitur. I haven’t seen anyone claim PE is a savior. What I have noticed is Ervin guy is about as hot as a hitter can get, plays on an awful hitting team and it probably would be a good idea to see him get more PT. At least in the short term.

      • Old-school

        6-6 in Coors field against a lefty with a home ERA of 9.55. The Giants scored 19 the next day. He has minimal at bats in protected situations.
        Selection bias.
        Bell plays Ervin in situations he can succeed. Give Ervin 50 at bats against tough righties- deGrom and Syndegaard and Fiers in Oakland and Scherzer and Piveta and Darvish and Siroka and he goes 3-39.

      • Pete

        Clairvoyant? That’s not an argument, it’s 100% conjecture.

      • Old-school

        Ervin should get his chance and deservedly so once the reds are out of it in 2019- which may be this week. But, he’s not faced any dominant righties which artificially elevates his stats and the obituary on the 2019 season will read terrible offense against power righties.

      • Pete

        Old-School, this is a horrible hitting team. A guy doesn’t need to be a blue-chipper to get an opportunity. Whether the fellows name is Peraza or Ervin or Barnhardt. Beggars can’t be choosy. I don’t get what you don’t get. Why the protocol? Are we trying to win baseball games or just adhering to policy? It isn’t rocket science, we aren’t the ’27 Yankees. Show some promise you get an opportunity because the truth is we stink. Sorry to be so harsh but it’s frustrating even having to explain this.

      • Old-school

        Ervin is part of the 2020 outfield. But, every comment on this thread was why isn’t Ervin starting against Darvish. He’s ” HOT”.. he’s not for a reason. He’s playing in selective situations…. Against bad lefties in Coors field. Had the schedule been good righties- Scherzer or Darvish or Degrom.. He wouldn’t be 6-6.
        It’s not about Ervin… It’s about this offense and the 2019 versions of Votto and Gennett aren’t what they were in 2017 and won’t be in 2020. Time for the Reds to pivot .

      • Pete

        Hey Old School, let’s agree to disagree. The season looks to be swirling the toilet as we speak and it’s tense. I meant no offense to you. Probably only a matter of days until it’s all academic and we can start looking toward 2020.

        A really poor display of major league baseball today.

    • Seat101

      Careful, or you’re going to be shouted down by those two or three people who can’t help but blame Peraza for everything including the Lindbergh kidnapping.

  19. matthew hendley

    I believe I did call DD getting HBP last night. Was it bad? or intentional. Watching GD broadcast.

    • Pete

      Why isn’t Peraza in? He is hitting very well. The poor guy couldn’t hit his weight in the beginning of the year and Bell kept running him out there. Now Iglesias can’t hit, Peraza is hot but can’t crack the everyday line up. I think we don’t hit well enough as a team to ignore using the hotter bats. This isn’t the Big Red Machine. Just my two cents.

      • Pete

        This was meant to be directed to Seat101.

  20. matthew hendley

    I believe I did call DD getting HBP last night. Was it bad? or intentional. Watching GD broadcast.
    No No broken up

    • Pete

      86-mph breaking ball and DD didn’t move. Hit him in a bad spot, right on the knee. Not intentional.

  21. RojoBenjy

    Putrid at bat by Suárez. Hit it almost anywhere but there and the run scores.

    The only Reds batter today that’s given Darvish a challenge has been Senzel. The club has about 5 real ball players. The rest are just playing baseball.

    • RedAlert

      Your 2919 Reds – making Darvish look like a world beater . Great pitching by Reds again and nothing from offense. Like a broken record …

    • matthew hendley

      Royals have traded another player. Gore to the Yankees.

      Hurry we need to trade for their remaining true CF so we can put senzel back at his blocked position that he has played roughly 50 games professionally in.

      • matthew hendley

        for the record, the remaining CF being referenced, is Billy Hamilton.

      • Roger Garrett

        Yep I miss Billy’s smile but not his play.

    • RojoBenjy

      Those five ball players—and by that I mean guys that hustle and pay attention to detail and understand their surroundings, understand what the moment calls for:


      And even that list is shaky.

  22. burtgummer

    After losing this series will DW and the rest of the near blind front office change their stance at the deadline?

    • RedAlert

      Will go hard trying to trade for Jack Squat …

    • Roger Garrett

      I don’t think so because I have always thought they were just looking for a few more wins then last year.Of course when the pitching became what it is then they may have started to change their mind.Its obvious they need a couple of bats so lets see but I would be shocked if they go out and get one even if its a rental.More then likely they just play out the year and do it all over again in 2020.

    • RojoBenjy

      None so blind as those that will not see.

  23. matthew hendley

    PE still has a long way to go to for the team lead in HBP. Was that one intentional? is anyone charging the mound. that is 7 in 2 days.

    • burtgummer

      Because of my work schedule I cant watch much of the night games.
      Are you saying 7 Reds have been hit in 2 days??

    • Pete

      Another breaking ball on the foot this time. No chin music re: Pittsburgh Pirates.

  24. renbutler

    Is there any stupider team on the basepath than the Reds?

    Is that even possible?

    • RojoBenjy

      Catcher snap throw to first caught Iglesias napping. To top it off he didn’t slide head first. He looked really stupid.

      I do believe that Jose4 and Jose9 are starting to mirror the other’s first half of the season.

      • RojoBenjy

        Like Trading Places or Freaky Friday.

  25. RojoBenjy

    That call should have been overturned, but…Bad fundamentals anyway. Clubs know that Iglesias is bad baserunner. Caught him napping.

    Details! Ballplayers v guys that play baseball.

    • matthew hendley

      for those not watching the feed, what happened?

  26. RedsMonk65

    Another gem from Gray. Offense needs to WAKE UP so it’s not spoiled.

    • RedsMonk65

      3 hits for the Reds. 2 for the Cubs. 2-0 Cubs. Unbelievable.

      C’mon guys — is 3 runs too much to ask?

      • RedsMonk65

        OK, FIVE RUNS. That might, indeed, be too much to ask at this point.

  27. Seat101

    Once again Jose Perez it comes to bat with men on base and the inning end without scoring. When will they learn?

    • Pete

      This is good. The wheels appear to be falling off.

      • RojoBenjy

        The owners don’t care. They have Puig bobble head night coming up. They have Puig’s Corral. They will avoid 90 wins this season.

        “Mission Accomplished”

    • matthew hendley

      well looks like he was double switched into the game so he will have another opertunity. Furthermore I am pretty sure Iggy got the start cause Peraza played a full extra innings night game prior to a day game.

  28. MK

    If Gennett couldn’t tag up and get to third on the fly ball he is not ready to play. He can’t hit, play defense or run. Why is he active.

    • RedAlert

      and Hernanadez in to put the game I. Ice and nail it down for the Cubs … unbelievable

    • RojoBenjy

      On the replay view from behind the catcher, looks like he couldn’t get a good read and he gambled that it wasn’t going to be caught. He hesitated TWICE not going back to the bag to tag up.

      He who hesitates…

  29. RedAlert

    … and Hernandez in to completely put the game on ice and nail it down for the Cubs … geeze unbelievable

  30. Wayne nabors

    I honestly believe bell is gonna wager this whole season on hernandez,I just really don’t get it,this guy just can’t pitch

  31. matthew hendley

    David Hernandez in. Bullpen is somewhat gassed. I would view this as his make it or break it opertunity. 2 walks in I think he is breaking it.

    • matthew hendley

      and its broken. I understand Bell giving him this chance. THIS ONE.

      But from now on, if DH is put in and its not a blowout. David Bell Automatically gets credit for the loss.

  32. MK

    Why is Herget on team if they are not going to use him. He has been there over two weeks and has pitched once.

    • matthew hendley

      cuase he pitched one inning and his ERA is in the 40s, He is the mop up guy. the guy you put in when you could put in a position guy. no way is he going in in any close game.

      Bowman on the other hand

      • matthew hendley

        and look who shows up, David Bell needs to pivit to putting Bowman into these situations.
        Its time. Its a real likelihood that Hernandez may be out of baseball next year. Bowman has 3 years of team control and when he is on he is dominant.

    • RojoBenjy

      Although it was a brutal appearance, i’m surprised that Bell hasn’t tried to get him going. It’s the strategy he uses the help Hernandez, right?

      • matthew hendley

        he is holding the spot for garrett, he will go down when garrett is up.

      • RojoBenjy

        Matthew- why not bring up Van Meter then? Are his 10 days up yet?

      • matthew hendley

        I do not believe they are yet. I think he went down just after the ALS Break. Close but I think right now rules prevent him from being brought up

  33. RojoBenjy


    Bell got him going alright.

    • RojoBenjy

      Get out and enjoy the rest of the day, RLN.

  34. Old-school

    2019 season just ended.
    Sell. Play the future.

    • RojoBenjy

      The worst thing that Reds’ ownership can do now is to keep believing that they have a chance this season.

      So you know that is just what they will do.

      • Pete

        Wish I could argue with your logic but no can do. What a way to go down. This is almost comical…almost.

      • Roger Garrett

        They are business men.Hope brings in revenue.They see the product on the field just like we do.Got to hand it to them though,they did trade for Gray,Wood and signed Roark

  35. DocProc

    Game over.
    David Hernandez needs to be cut.
    “Thanks for your service. Buh bye.”

  36. Jack

    What more can Hernandez do to show he shouldn’t be in a real ball game?

  37. Lockersocks79

    Why do we keep putting Hernandez in games that we could win? Why not allow Gray the extra inning after only giving up two hits and no walks?

    -bad management
    -let Hernandez go
    -if we’re going to keep Hernandez can the MLB just agree to give the other team 2 runs and skip the inning he was going to pitch!

    • matthew hendley

      you know in the end that might work to our advantage

      • RedAlert

        David Bell quit on this team last inning … he quit

  38. RedAlert

    Bell might be the smartest guy ever , but he has absolutely ZERO feel for a ballgame or managerial know how. He is singlehandedly gonna make the Reds sellers at the deadline. Sorry , he stinks as a manager, don’t give a crap how awesomely smart he supposedly is . continues to make
    stupid decision after stupid decision …. continuing to run Hernandez out there to throw gas on the fire …. STUPID

    • RojoBenjy

      Here is what a manager with said feel of the game would proceed:

      The skipper wants to give Hernandez another shot after resting? OK.
      He walks the first guy? Skipper should be on the top step.
      Walks the second guy–AND the next batter is a lefty? Skipper has seen enough, bring in Wandy even, but must not let this pitcher continue.

      We did not see said actions from the Reds’ current manager.

  39. Hanawi

    I have yet to understand why Bowman hasn’t gotten more high leverage chances this year.

  40. Pete

    If the Reds recover from this debacle and pull off a win, take all your money to Vegas and bet they win the WS.

  41. RedsMonk65

    Peraza and Senzel come through. Need FOUR MORE!

  42. burtgummer

    How big is that awful decision by Bell now?

  43. matthew hendley

    FO Needs to start dual hatting. They can continue for the goal this year and start looking at what pieces will be long term contributors.

    Trade Iggy- bring up Blandino to back up Peraza, or replace him. trade return should be a controllable RP

    Trade Roark- Wood is not far away now and almost certainly will not be traded. Sims as a fall back measure. Gets us a look at wood. Return- Controllable bat

    Trade Disco or Mahle to SD for one of their 800 OF. Depending on which one goes depends on the return.

    Bowman in higher stress situations. give hughes an opportunity to prove his option should be picked up or not.

    Puig…. I can see all 3 courses of action with him but absolutely do not sell low on him.

    • matthew hendley

      tunner wards contract should also be terminated. Sometimes something like that is what is needed, to start getting people to think seriously. Generally always the first step.

      If indeed Puig is traded, Turner Ward needs to be fired that same day. Pretty much the only reason he is being tolerated right now.

      • matthew hendley

        Also, demote Winker. I am not talking about a full on Scott Schebler (DFABTW) demotion, but get him into the minors for a few weeks to figure everything out. RIght now he is wasting Service time. Bring up JVMR in the intrem. Once Winker gets it going bring him back up.

  44. DocProc

    We’re now only Hernandez down to the Cubs.

  45. Pete

    Hot as Phillip Ervin is he can not escape the fact he is a Cincinnati Red. Now Lorenzen is lame?

  46. matthew hendley

    Senzel have a heart attack running from second?

    • RojoBenjy

      Seriously. Is Nick hurt?

      If not, then I’m going to unload vitriol on the Reds’ manager.

  47. Old-school

    The 2019 reds season is over.
    The Mets are beating the twins by 10 runs…which means the Reds are only better than the Marlins in the NL.

    Trade Roarck…Dietrich…Puig tomorrow. Bench Iglesias and Gennett Bring up van meter and Aquino. Play Peraza. #2020.

    • matthew hendley

      is it September already? Where did all the time go?

      • Old-school

        Are you saying the 2019 reds have a chance to make the playoffs?

      • matthew hendley

        I am 100% saying that.

        That goes with the caviets that there does need to be some changes in the way DB has been doing things, significant changes.

        And some (NOT ALL) of the trade chips may need to be cashed.

        7.5 GB is insurmountable in mid to late September, not in the middle of july.

      • Pete

        Matthew, with all the injuries and comedy of errors we witnessed today, you still are not without hope. You are a true optimist. I wondering if the team can find away to avoid 90 losses. If you’re going to go down, might as well be in a ball of fire.

        Between the little league effort and give and take with Old School, I finally just laughed out loud. Why am I arguing with Old School? To what end? I’m with him, time to look forward to 2020 and beyond. If the team recovers from this, they are awesome.

        Today was our Waterloo. We don’t have a catcher, no one can hit outside of a fortunate few, the bullpen is in shambles – outside of this we look pretty good.

      • Old-school

        What about signing scooter last year to a huge 4+ year 50+ million extension when the Reds had him.under control in 2019?

      • matthew hendley

        Scooter gennett has had less then 30 AB this Season, Roughly half of them when he had his rehab obviously cut short and was unready. The Reds have missed the chance for a injury reduced extension. He still will come around. Or perhaps you expected him to get 30 HR in 29 AB?

    • Old-school

      @ pete. We are all reds fans. I thought Kurt Stillwell was the better SS over Barry Larkin. Ouch.

      I also bought a mint 9 rookie card on some guy named Joey Votto when he was in AA for my newborn cause I thought he was really good.

  48. matthew hendley

    Kimbrels spray chart is Awful. Why are they swinging.