One of the Reds players who has been mentioned in the baseball press as a possible trade item is Tanner Roark. Roark is due to become a free agent at the end of the 2019 season. And he’s the subject of our Reds Question of the Week. But first, the scale:

(1) = Walt Jocketty leaves Cincinnati for Del Boca Vista to get away from his front office staff right at the trade deadline, looks through his Rolodex for former Cardinals and then forgets his flip-phone at the condo when he takes long walks on the beach;

(10) = the intolerably annoying guy in your fantasy league who emails you several times a day with ridiculously imbalanced trade offers.

Question: On a scale of 1-to-10, how aggressive should the Reds be at the trade deadline trying to trade Tanner Roark?

Ashley Davis: On a scale of 1-to-10, the Reds’ aggressiveness to trade Tanner Roark should be at a six. Do I think the Reds want to trade Roark and mess with the chemistry of the pitching staff? No, but he’s a prime candidate because he’s a free agent after 2019 and because he’s pitched well. Roark is a big reason why the Reds are still in the playoff race, but I have a hard time believing that a team in a better position for the playoffs than the Reds wouldn’t be interested in a starting pitcher (*ahem* Milwaukee Brewers). However, the Reds also aren’t just going to give Roark away for nothing. They will explore all options and offer him to teams for a controllable major league player. If the front office doesn’t find what they want, they’ll keep him through the end of the season.

Doug Gray: I’ll cut it right down with middle and go with a five. I don’t think they should be actively dialing every number in their rolodex forcibly trying to move him. This team is currently “in it”. While I’m still not convinced they are capable of winning the division, this team does have talent and worse teams have gone on runs that would put the Reds where they need to be. Tanner Roark is a guy who in the past has been solid, but unspectacular.

This year, he’s been significantly better than that, and it’s not exactly lucky. His strikeout rate is the best of his career, he’s not walking guys, and he’s kept the ball in the ballpark. With that said, I wouldn’t hang up if someone called and asked about him, either. He’s a free agent after the season, and for as good as he’s been, he’s still your #3 starter right now on a team that is in last place – even if they are within striking distance of first. End of the day, I believe the Reds should try to win as many games as possible in 2019. But if someone REALLY wants to acquire Tanner Roark, I’m listening. 

Wes Jenkins: 8 with a flex plan to 4 — So much depends on Alex Wood, plagued by back pain, still on rehab assignment. If Alex Wood is healthy reasonably soon after the All-Star Break, then all systems go, trade Roark now. Roark has some value given how well he’s been pitching and I see little chance that the Reds re-sign him.

However if Alex Wood still needs time or experiences another setback, then the Reds should just hold onto Roark and push for the Wild Card. Having a team playing meaningful baseball games is more important than whatever prospect the team might get back. If Wood can give us meaningful games, then sure trade Roark. If he can’t, then we plow on full bore with the rotation that’s gotten us this far.

Steve Mancuso: The correct answer is 9.673. Roark has been lucky with home runs. For pitchers with 100 batted balls, he’s in the top quarter in percent with exit velocity >  95 mph. Roark’s wOBA is .311 and xwOBA is .332. His xFIP is 4.42, SIERA 4.41. The correction has already started. More is on the way. Remember when Roark was the guy who had given up 2 homers in his first 11 starts and people were saying [narrative!] the way he pitched suppressed home runs? Well, Roark has given up 8 in his last 6 starts, including 3 in his most recent, and surprise, that thing people said was never true.

Tanner Roark (32) is a solid pitcher. There’s demand for solid rotation guys. But Roark has had an overachieving first half considering the underlying facts. Sell high. Pray there’s a front office that doesn’t chuckle when you mention ERA as a reliable metric. [This is not me advocating the Reds selling. They should buy and sell.] The Reds can replace Roark with (a) Alex Wood [career xFIP of 3.49], (b) Lucas Sims, or (c) a new multi-year pitcher acquired at the trade deadline.

Possible trade matches: Oakland (Tanner Anderson, P); Washington (Tanner Rainey, P); Baltimore (Tanner Scott, P); Kansas City (Jake Tanner Diekman, P); and 22 minor league players named Tanner.  

Matt Wilkes: The Reds are in a weird spot because one extended run puts them right in the thick of the playoff race. But are they realistically capable of it? I’m still not convinced. They have a lot of talent, to be sure. The pitching has been outstanding. But the offense has been anemic for most of the year. To me, this feels like a competitive team that isn’t quite ready for a postseason run.

I think that means they should look to sell impending free agents. That said, they’re in a position where they don’t need to give players away just to get anything in return. Teams in the hunt are always looking for pitching as the trade deadline nears. While Roark won’t get the Reds a huge haul, he may fetch a decent prospect or a player with several years of team control left. Maybe a team desperate for pitching overpays. The Reds would be negligent not to at least feel out the market and pounce if a good offer comes along. Given recent history with Matt Harvey, Zack Cozart, and others, I don’t expect a Roark trade to happen if the Reds remain within 4 or 5 games of the Wild Card race—even if eight teams remain in front of them.

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  1. MFG

    Trade Roark, we are a last place team and will soon need roster spots. This team can be allot of fun to watch at times and very frustrating as well. Our pitchers still walk too many batters and those walks normally hurt us. We leave a runner stranded at 3rd base with 1 out or less more than we should and we take more called 3rd strikes than we should. We have allot of weaknesses and we need to be open to any trades.

  2. Colt Holt

    This is all predicated on the premise we actively are not interested in extending Roark? Is there a price that you would jump at holding him?

    • Colorado Red

      Based on his age, I don’t think that is a good idea.

      • Colt Holt

        Surely you would happy to have him on the right deal. As an extreme, he would be very valuable on year one of a rookie contract. Two more years minimum plus cheap arb. Regardless of age, everyone has a value, the question is whether you can come to terms. So, what would we be prudent to offer? 2 years at $10 each? Surely he isn’t too old for that deal. What is he worth to the reds who could clearly use him in 2020

  3. matthew hendley

    Roark is too old for an extension. Extend Wood instead if you need one as his injury would drive the Garrentted money so far down at this point that he would be much cheaper.
    Don’t trade Roark for the sake of just trading him. Reds need to get something in return for him of VALUE. So 5. And of course the argument that he is out performing his projections is countered with the fact that he is out performing his projections, so don’t allow him to be undersold.
    There are replacements waiting, well at least Wood, and Sims.

    • Jim Walker

      Your last sentence said it all. The Reds minor league pitching on the starters side at least has not developed as well as hoped for this year. Come the off season, they are going to be looking for someone like Roark for 2020.

      Maybe there is somebody they can sign or trade for who checks enough of the right boxes among being younger, better, and cheaper. That’s the job of front office to figure out and find a way to get done.

  4. Mark Lang

    Unless you 1. Think we’re going to have a banging 2nd half and go on to the playoffs, or – 2. Going to resign him – how in the world can the answer not be 10?

    • Pete

      People will find a way to make the argument – trust me.

    • Hotto4Votto

      Agreed. Let Sims or Romano take his place in the rotation. The Reds need to make decisions on those guys too in the offseason. If I’m counting right, both are on their last option year.

  5. Pete

    Matt Wilkes: “Maybe a team desperate for pitching overpays.” This is the plan. Brewers would be a good fit. They need him far more than we do unless you believe the Reds are playoff bound.

    Agree 100% with Mancuso and the player(s) returned doesn’t need to be a Tanner. Broadens the possibilities. TR may very well be a high-wire act and pitching beyond his capabilities – shop now and shop often. This is not the same as a giveaway but it make known he is available. Crash and burn or an injury could be right around the corner….

    • vegastypo

      Yes, you never know who might overpay. It seemed really obvious to a lot of people here on this website that Alfredo Simon was succeeding with smoke and mirrors for the Reds, yet Dave Dombrowski gave the Reds Eugenio Suarez and a minor leaguer for Simon.

      Sell ‘high’ on Roark.

  6. enfueago

    Unless the Reds plan to re-sign him then at least see what he brings. There should be guys coming up (and back) who have a chance to be successful so trading him is not a white flag on the season. I would be open to bringing him back though. I assume his expectations on contract aren’t through the roof and he isn’t looking at more than 2 years max. He has always struck me as a guy who could pitch out of the pen as well as start so he could have value even if he doesn’t stay in the rotation.

  7. Tv

    Are you desperate for stories? Have you ever heard of Bob? They are buying plain and simple. You dont kill your fan base the first time in 5 years they actually care. They made trades to try and sign guys not trade them.

    • Indy Red Man

      “Have you ever heard of Bob? They are buying plain and simple”

      Have you ever heard of Bob….lol. They’re last every year, so what great spending spree has he went on? I guess I missed it?

      • Grand Salami

        I think the better way to say it, “they ain’t selling”. After being less competitive with an almost totally free trade chip in Harvey last year, it hard to foresee them shopping Roark or anyone.

        Bob stands pat when the team is mildly competitive and that is maddening. This team isn’t really set up to break out in three years. The ebb and flow of talent seems like it’s at an equilibrium for the foreseeable future and this is a winning, non-playoff caliber team for their ‘window’.

      • Pete

        GS – Best analysis and reflects my own point-of-view. For the moment the hemorrhaging has abated and if you are happy with a team meandering around.500, this is the team for you. Not built to really win anything but built to save face and put people in the stands. Has Bob thrown in the towel?

        Can’t touch the sacred cow, Joey Votto, for fear of alienating the fan base no matter the long term ramifications. Now we have Yasiel Puig, quite possibly to join JV as an untouchable. The fans squeal enough and YP stays a crowd pleaser, I believe they offer him a big-time contract. Year-to-year, no long-term plan that anyone can detect.

        I certainly could see DD getting a nice extension – the fans love the guy and this the highest virtue in Bob’s book – apparently.

        Ionestly, same with Jose Iglesias but he is in the way of the organization’s anointed SS of the future, Jose Peraza. So I don’t think JI sticks around for anything less than a 2-3 year deal. He’ll move on and that’s okay but we must find a young SS for the actual future.

      • PhP

        As I’m sure you know, Votto has a full no trade clause – which would be the reason to not trade him, not because of the fans.
        Additionally, there would have been no reason to trade him because he is the type of player you build a team around, not one you move. Yes, he’s getting old now and probably missed their chances but signing him to that contract was and will always have been the correct move.

    • Hotto4Votto

      Did they buy in 2012 or 2013 when they were legit contenders? When they desperately needed a LF bat? Or a SS that could hit? When Broxton is the biggest (only?) pickup at the deadline during a contending years it’s hard to think they’re buying now.

  8. Scott C

    I agree with Steve on this issue, (except maybe, for the trading for another Tanner). Roark has gotten hit hard a lot this year, fortunately for him and the Reds a lot of those hits have either been right at someone or a player in the field has made a good play. Sell high get a controllable MLB player in return, perhaps a catcher.

  9. James H.

    IMO, the Reds should build upon what success they’ve accomplished so far this year. If I recall correctly from what I’ve read here, they may have a 10% chance to make it to the post season? That’s not worth hanging onto short-term assets, so anyone who is a 1yr rental/expiring contract should be shopped. Also, the bullpen should be performance reviewed and players should available to trade from that pool too. Between expiring contracts and bullpen arms, the Reds could create nice trade packages for long-term returns. Throw in redundant players within the system, and I am sure they can come up with something nice if they are willing.

  10. Pete

    I’m praying people with greater baseball savvy are making the calls. Reds have a decent base of players to build a winner but it’s not this year or the next, or the one after that. Hopefully, the Reds are looking beyond this year at the trade deadline. If it was up to Bob C, I believe Billy Hamilton would still be patrolling CF – you know, a crowd pleaser.

    • David

      Amen! You always say “Amen” after a prayer.

      • Pete

        It has come to praying. This looks to be a fork-in-the-road season: stay on the aimless path or get serious? I’m guessing aimless path but I’m praying for……. Resign/extend/live with the contracts of everybody’s favorites and be happy with any positive results. We are turning into pre-WS Cub’s fans. It’s sad.

        Another way some might look at: hey, if we are going down, let’s go down with the guys we know and love. Of course this is folly, and they tell themselves good fortune is right around the corner but no fortune will be found with out a change in approach. Go old, young man!

  11. TL

    Trading Tanner Roark for Tanner Rainey would be an interesting move. Has a player ever been traded to a team and then traded back to the original team for the player he was initially traded for within a year’s time?

    • Jim Walker

      I seem to recall someone actually ended up being traded for himself in a player to be named later scenario but I forget exactly who and when.

      • Jim Walker

        Yep, in Nov of 1980 Gulden was sent from NYY along with $150K (pretty decent sum back then) to Seattle for Larry Milbourne+ a PTBNL. In May of 1981 Gulden was returned to the Yanks as the PTBNL.

        I was thinking the Reds were involved in the same sort of situation too; but, I’m drawing a blank and not finding it online anywhere.

      • Jim Walker

        I also found a claim that Harry Chiti, Dickie Noles, and John McDonald were also “traded” for themselves. Here’s a link:

        The documentation on BBRef doesn’t trace these 3 as being as clearly swapped for themselves as Gulden however. It is like maybe the others were bought and sold back or involved in strange transactions which equated to being traded for themselves.

  12. Doc

    IMO, if they are not leading the division by July 21, trade him. They come out of the break with a heavy dose of Cubs, Cards and Brewers. If they can’t run the table to the top, then look for the pieces that will get you closer in 2020. Not a wholesale dumping, but selective moves.

    I sign Puig to an extension if he is reasonably priced.
    I do not extend Gennett.
    Wood is a mystery. Don’t know what we’ve got but not having him next year makes us $10MM better than having him has been.

    • MFG

      I like Puig and the energy and excitement he brings but if another team wants him bad enough to offer some young controllable talent? Trade him, we have allot of outfielders that are ready. We just need some of our regulars to start hitting like the back of their baseball cards say. A healthy Scooter will help allot for the second half.
      I agree with you on giving it a few weeks into July but at the end of the day most of these players are one year rentals. We could trade them and sign them next year because I think most of them like playing here.

      • Reaganspad

        I am guessing that we have seen the best of scooter in 2019. This season for him reminds me of when Votto hurt his knee.

        I will be surprised if he generates any power this season, and without that his average suffers. And his range at 2nd base.

        I am all for trading Roark. I love the way he has competed this year, but we need roster spots soon.

        I think we need an upgrade at catcher for the remainder of the year. I would necessarily need a prospect, but maybe someone to take Tucker’s spot for the remainder of the year. Expiring pitcher for expiring catcher?

  13. Grand Salami

    Just spent some time on various other baseball sites. The NL Central and the NL wildcard are glutted with teams. Many of those teams, Washington, Philly, Milwaukee and perhaps on of the western Division like CO, are deeper and more talented right now. The Reds aren’t out of it and that’s great but neither is 85% of the NL at this point.

    I’m loving this season and it’s fun and I’m encouraged but this rebuild is no where near a finished product and they need a couple more young, controlled assets.

    The bullpen pieces are all floundering at the wrong time. Puig is an extension candidate before he is a trade candidate. Roark is he THE prime piece to sell. Agree with Steve at just below 10.

    Matt never gave a number!!!

    • Jim Walker

      The day a team thinks it rebuild is over is the day it starts sliding backwards visa via the competition. The trick is to always be building, consolidating and shedding pieces. Of course that is much easier said than done.

  14. George

    This year the Reds are celebrating 150 years of baseball and they spent extra money (payroll) to not look bad or embarrass ownership (Bob C. and his legacy issues) in a commemorative year.
    Next year after arbitration and the loss of FA’s, the payroll, without extensions, could be only 20 Mil less that this year’s opening day. Now How many difference makers (free agents, contract extensions) can the Reds get for 20 million if ownership allows the payroll to remain the same.
    I agree with Matt W., no trades, just hope, hype, and coulda, woulda, shoulda’s.. ?

  15. Colorado Red

    We are only 5 back, but so many teams to pass. (WC or Div).
    You know the Cubs are not going to stand pat, nor the Crew, nor the cards.
    So I think, if you get a good offer, trade him.
    If you are offered a bag of balls, keep him.

    • Mark Lang

      *provided that bag of balls isn’t for the General Manager.

  16. doofus

    Was Dick Williams read his rights before he started speaking in that photo?

  17. jreis

    these 1 year “rental” players the reds have obtained recently have been difficult to “flip”.

    I guess if a team is interested in Roark and they know the reds won’t resign him, then why give up any talent for him? just wait until the end of the season. seems like we don’t have much leverage with these players even when they are playing well.

    I wouldn’t mind if they extended Roark. look if we have learned anything from this season is that our offense is below average and looking at our minor league system it is going to be average at best for the near future. we are going to have to rely on pitching if we are going to make any noise the next few years.

    Castillo/Gray/Wood/Roark are going to keep you in some ball games for sure.

    • doofus

      How would any team KNOW if the Reds will not extend Roark? This is usually done after the season.

      A team would deal for Roark to help them THIS season.

      The ability to get “talent” for Roark in a trade is predicated on the collective supply/demand for starters before the deadline, an individual team’s need and what player(s)/prospect(s) teams have to deal.

      I would imagine that numerous teams would be in on Roark. Phi, Minn, Bos, NYY, Hou, Oak, CHC, Mil.

    • David

      Roark is a pitcher the Yankees have allegedly targeted, and believe since his contract is up this year, they can get him cheap from the Reds. Likely get a second string A ball Short stop that can’t hit.

      • jreis

        that’s my point. we have no leverage in these deals. you may as well keep him for the season

      • Grand Salami

        There is absolutely leverage. The whole point of this trade market is a proliferation of competitive teams and a scarcity of above average starters. Other teams will be willing to exceed the Yankees lowball offer and the reds end up with more than Roark would otherwise fetch in an offseason deal if the reds had control during an offseason.

    • doofus

      Why do you say “these 1 year rental players the Reds have obtained recently have been difficult to flip?” I have not read that anywhere. Are you privy to what the FO is discussing?

  18. Scott C

    The Red Sox are looking for pitching and since Arrietta is going to have surgery, the Phillies might be as well. Minnesota may be or Cleveland, since Carrasco is probably not coming back. I would hate to see the Reds trade Roark in the Central but starting pitching is really what the Brewers need.

    • Jg

      How about Roark, Iglesias, and one of our thousand outfield prospects to the twins for Royce Lewis and a filler. Fills two needs for them and maybe let’s them hang on to the division?

      • Colorado Red

        I think the Twins laugh, and hang up the phone.

  19. RedAlert

    Remember Jack Sqaut ? That’s a prime trade target every year for this organization. Big talk , no action . Believe it when it see them do anything of substance .

    • David

      Yeah, you mean Jack Squat? The Reds will do about nothing. Or maybe it is much ado about nothing.

      Sit on Puig, Roark and all the rest of the one year players, and then they still end up in 4th or 5th place, and lose whatever value these guys had when they all exit after this season.

      Catch the fever!!

      • RedAlert

        Ha ha – as Judge Smails would say – “You’ll get nothing and like it “

  20. Mason Red

    It’s the quite the conundrum to have a bad team that’s only 4.5 games out of first place. Only good decision making and planning has enabled the Reds to be in this unique position. I’m quite confident they know what to do next.

  21. Steve Schoenbaechler

    In short, if the Reds can’t extend him before the extension, trade him.

    But, I would try to extend him. One, the Reds have been looking for starting pitching for way too long. Now, that they have one, why let him go? Two, they have no one ready to step into that position. If they did fine. But, there’s no one waiting.

    • RedAlert

      And while they are at it , how bout extending Puig – guy has shown me something. Actually been surprised at how hard he’s played and what he has added .

      • Colt Holt

        +1. I am all about extending puig

      • Steve Schoenbaechler

        Agreed with Puig, also.

      • doofus

        I am very reluctantly in on extending Puig, unless a team comes along and offers some nice players for him.

    • MFG

      Sims is ready and who knows about Alex Wood?
      Roark has been great but let the bidding begin!

      • Steve Schoenbaechler

        Sims is ready? Most simply, minor league ERA of 4.38. Not ready. Pitching is horrible at Louisville right now.

        Wood is still injured. As well as, we lose him to FA, also. No one will take him now. And, there’s no guarantee he will be able to make it back. But, we have a better idea what we have with Roark.

      • Hotto4Votto

        One should consider the International league ERA is 4.93, so he’s pitched considerably better than average compared to his league. The ML ball has boosted power numbers and ERA’s a ton this season.

  22. Old-school

    Roarck and Puig will have value. The only reason to not trade Roarck is if the Reds start 8-2 after the break. He could get a nice prospect.

    Puig should only be kept if a big win streak occurs or they sign him to an extension.

    • Steve Schoenbaechler

      But, if we trade Roark, then who pitches next season. We have nothing coming up that’s ready right now. Wood is still injured. We would have to be paying high for FA again.

      It would make more sense to trade Puig, though I don’t want to see either traded right now. Both have value. But, with Puig, we have some pieces we can possibly plug in there that are cheaper, like Ervin, Schebler, possibly Lorenzen if we wanted to see him play more, and some at Louisville that are hitting very well.

      • Hotto4Votto

        If they don’t trade Roark he could still leave as a FA. If they trade Roark they can still resign him in the offseason (see Yanks and Chapman). Either way they’re in the same boat, might as well try and get some value now.

      • doofus

        Sell high, buy low! This is the mantra that Bob Castellini does not seem to grasp. Look at the poor timing of recent trades.

        Sims has pitched better than his ERA in AAA.

        So you would throw money at a middle of the road pitcher who will be 33 years old next season, instead of trying to get a player or two for him now before the trade deadline from a flock of teams looking for pitching to help them get through the season into the playoffs?

        I repeat: Sell high, buy low!

  23. CFD3000

    Trade Roark (and Hughes and Hernandez and Raisel Iglesias)
    Trade Dietrich and Gennett
    Extend Alex Wood – low base, Hugh incentives
    Extend Puig (he can still be traded later if need be)
    Extend Jose Iglesias
    Acquire: young, controlled relief pitching, and any bats that improve the offense, especially at catcher, and a shortstop of the future

    • Steve Schoenbaechler

      Everyone is looking for young, controlled relief pitching. Everyone is looking for good pitching. So, finding any will be hard, having to pay high. Pitching has been a strength for us if anything this year. We shouldn’t be breaking it up.

      I can understand extending Jose and Puig. But, with Puig, we have pieces we can possibly plug in there, for much cheaper.

      If we lose Roark, we are having to go out and find more pitching, because none are ready in the minors. We know what we have with Roark, someone that has worked for us. It would make sense to keep Roark and let Wood go. Wood is still injured. We may not even see him next season. Why extend him?

      • CFD3000

        I don’t disagree that pitching has been the Reds strength, and you’d like to keep good pitching. But the Reds are only guaranteed two and a half more months of Roark. If you could extend him at a fair price, sure. But I think that’s unlikely. I think he has more long term value in a trade, hence my preference. As for Wood, I’d extend him because he has a very good track record and since he’s been hurt he may be amenable to a multi-year incentive heavy deal. High upside, low downside. Hence my preference. And I do think Wood, Reed, Sims and Lorenzen can cover the loss of Roark in the long run just fine.

      • doofus

        “We know what we have with Roark, someone that has worked for us.”

        So the Reds should never acquire pitchers outside of the organization because they have never “worked for us?” Roark came from outside the organization. Sorry, this does not make sense.

      • doofus

        Teams always should be looking for pitching.

      • Steve Schoenbaechler


        My reference was why look again to replace Roark


        I like Wood, also. But, his “health” record isn’t the best. He has a record of missing games. 2 of out 6 seasons he’s had more than 25 starts. Where Roark, he’s 30 or more games 4 out of 6 seasons, a much better health record.

      • Steve Schoenbaechler


        My reference was, we’ve looked so hard to find pitching from everywhere, including outside, now that we’ve found “one” from outside, we are going to let him go and look to fill that hole again?

      • matthew hendley

        @ steve No one here (at least I hope) is saying keeping Wood at his current rate with guaranteed money, most not even half.
        However, If we guarantee him a third of what he is currently making (roughly $3 Million) and incentivize the rest, then it does ensure that he is getting paid to actually pitch. And pitch effectively.
        I understand your argument though.

  24. doofus

    How about the Reds do something unexpected? Trade for a controllable starting pitcher before the deadline.

  25. Matt WI

    Jack Armstrong a la 1990 is a cautionary tale here. A first half on fire, only to have the regression gods swallow him whole. Roark is better than Armstrong, of course, but don’t be so in love that you don’t trade him.

    • David

      Roark has had a solid career. But he is on the downside slope of a career. His best years are likely behind him.
      I would hardly call the first half of 2019 for Roark “on fire”, but he pitched well, and could sustain it for the rest of 2019.

      But trade him for someone younger with some value. Trade Puig. Trade Dietrich.
      Trade Hernandez, and any player that will run out his contract this year.
      Get younger players, and promote from within. Get ready for next year.

      This team has been better than the last 4 years, but still NOT GOOD ENOUGH to compete for the division. Unless they really go out and get some better players (a catcher?) or Wood comes back and ends up being an upgrade over Mahle.
      The Reds, however will do nothing. Not any improvements, and no trades to get younger. Nothing. Bob decrees it.

      • Matt WI

        That’s fair… Roark hasn’t exactly been All-Star material compared to Armstrong that year, that’s a stretch on my end. Regardless, as much as I appreciate good pitching, I agree that it’s worth parting with him. As you said, the FO can’t be so in love with this year that they forsake the next two. This is hardly a “go for it” situation that they are in.

    • Pete

      The last sentence is the key. The FO should be wide open to whatever moves gain the team the greatest advantage in whatever their plan is – whatever this is.

      You don’t hang onto guys because they have been a key member of the team over the last decade or if you find a particular really exciting. You build a winning team acquiring and drafting/developing the players who constitute the optimal whole.

  26. TR

    Roark has been an average and sometimes above 5 inning pitcher for the Reds this year. Trade him if they get a good offer. Who will replace him, Sims? The question mark seems to be unending regarding Woods this season.

  27. Pete

    Food for thought: the best acquisition the Reds made over the off season is Derek Johnson. Hands down, in my opinion. Nearly all the pitchers are pitching as good or better than at any point in the careers. If we need a 30+ year old starter next season, is it that big a challenge to match Roark? On the other hand, nearly ever Reds hitter is struggling mightily – does this tell us anything? Maybe the Reds should invest in a top-flight hitting instructor?