Final R H E
Cleveland Indians (50-38)
11 18 1
Cincinnati Reds (41-46)
1 4 0
W: Bauer (8-6) L: Mahle (2-9)
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That did not go well dot GIF. The bullpen allowed 8 runs, and allowed 2 more inherited runners to score (charged to Tyler Mahle). Not exactly the way you want to head into the All-Star break.

The Offense

The Indians had all of the offense on the day. They had 18 hits and 11 runs. The Reds had 4 hits and 1 run. That run came on a double by Josh VanMeter in the 5th inning that brought in Jose Peraza who has singled to lead off the inning.Yasiel Puig was the only other Red who had a hit, and he had 2 of them in 4 trips to the plate.

The Pitching

Tyler Mahle got the start, and early on things were going just fine. He held the Indians scoreless through the first 3 innings. But Tyler Naquin hit a solo homer in the 4th to put Cleveland ahead. In the next inning he gave up a leadoff single and then walked Carlos Santana. That would be all that David Bell needed to see on the last day of the first half, with what would seem to be a day where everyone in the bullpen is available.

Jared Hughes got the call from the bullpen. The first batter he saw laid down a sacrifice bunt, and then a sacrifice fly by Jose Ramirez made it 2-0 for Cleveland. The next batter changed the game, as Jake Bauers crushed a 2-run homer to make it 4-0 Indians. Hughes would retire the next batter to end the inning.

Robert Stephenson came on for the 6th inning and made it an easy 1-2-3 inning that featured 2 strikeouts. He returned for the 7th and things didn’t quite go as well. Greg Allan tripled to lead off the inning. After a strikeout of Carlos Santana, David Bell went back to the bullpen and brought in David Hernandez who gave up a single and a run to Greg Allen. He’d record the next two outs, but the game was now 5-1. Hernandez returned for the 8th and the Indians took batting practice off of him. Roberto Perez, Tyler Naquin, and Bobby Bradley went double, single, double – at 102 MPH off the bat, 114 MPH off the bat, and 110 MPH off the bat.

After Hernandez got a strikeout of Francisco Lindor, Jimmy Herget came on to make his Major League debut, entering the game with a runner on second. Things could have gone better as he allowed 5 hits, including 2 home runs, and 3 earned runs. Matt Bowman pitched the 9th inning, allowing a double, but no runs.

Notes Worth Noting

Nick Senzel leapt at the wall in the 1st inning attempting to make a catch and his cleat got caught in the wall. He remained in the game initially, walking in the bottom of the inning. But he was replaced in the top of the inning. Later on it was announced he had a sprained right ankle.

Jimmy Herget made his Major League debut. Things didn’t go they way he drew them up, probably. This was the first time that he had pitched in a game since June 27th, and only the second time since June 22nd.

Derek Dietrich was hit by another pitch. That’s 17 on the year. We’re at the All-Star break.

Taylor Trammell will be playing in The Futures Game tonight on MLB Network and 7pm. Tune in and see if he can win the MVP Award in the game two consecutive years.

The Cincinnati Reds used FIVE different left fielders in the game. Jesse Winker started there. Then Phillip Ervin, Josh VanMeter, Jose Peraza, and Michael Lorenzen all got their chance to chat with the fans in the left field stands.

Josh VanMeter did a little bit of everything today. He pinch hit, then took over in left field. He then moved to second base, then back to left field, and finally he took over at first base late in the game.

Up Next for the Cincinnati Reds

Cincinnati Reds vs Colorado Rockies

Friday July 12th, 8:40pm

Both starters have yet to be announced

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  1. Grand Salami

    It’s a reality check for this club. They need offense in a major way and the bullpen probably needs fresh arms if the break doesn’t cut it.

    Very few hits. Very little contact. This does seem reminiscent of the dodgers who struggled under their hitting coach until fully adjusting in the 2nd half of his First year.

    • ToBeDetermined

      I assume the Dodgers Hitting coach is no longer their hitting coach

      • Grand Salami

        Sorry it wasn’t clear. He’s our hitting coach. I seem to recall a long period of adjustment to his coaching in their lineup. Is that accurate? But they were leading the league in Homers by the end of the season.

      • ToBeDetermined


        Sorry, you were clear.
        I was the one who was not clear. It was an attempt at humor in that if he was doing such a good job with the Dodgers then how did we coax him to come to Cincinnati

  2. Sliotar

    This roster stinks. It is not “playoff quality”. And, David Bell is the least of those problems in that regard. Over-playing a sub-par roster hand most days.

    2 inexcusable roster problems exposed today….

    1) No LHPs in bullpen, as the Indians had their Top 6 either LH or switch-hitters with more power from left-hand side. No way a team “contending” should have that.

    (Yesterday, Indians had 5 of Top 6 LH-oriented and no LH bullpen answer from Reds).

    2) Jose Peraza is the Swiss Army “utility guy” … he entered today with 80 appearances, a 57 wRC+ and a -0.4 WAR. He is actively contributing to losses….yep, keep rolling him out there….because “there’s no one else.”

    The Indians took over GABP in the crowd and smacked around an incomplete and offensively challenged (VanMeter, Farmer…give me a break) roster.

    This isn’t American Legion Ball. Folks get paid millions to work in MLB management and prepare for contengencies.

    I would be embarrassed if I was in Reds Executivement Management for such woeful operations and planning, but I am not holding my breath on any accountability.

    • Doug Gray

      Have you ever, once, posted a positive comment?

      • Sliotar

        I am going to pull the Steve Mancuso line, “you must be new here.”

        Of course I do.

        I want the Reds to be well-run…because, in my experience, good processes overcome luck and lead to good outcomes.

        I just posted below on how Senzel plays all-out.

        What I posted above is based in facts. I have links to the majority of posts here.

        Not bothered, but why single me out?

      • Doug Gray

        Because I saw YOUR post when I happened to be looking. It seems that you are always one of the first people to reply to every post, and they are almost always negative.

      • Mark Moore

        Rarely, it seems. Hard to recall comments after a solid showing, but easy to recall a barrage of comments on a loss chirping about how we stink. It gets old and I normally ignore it all. I chimed in largely because you did.

      • Anthony Rojas

        I hope Redlegnation doesn’t become a place where only homers are allowed to post. Sliotar’s comments are spot on. This ownership has failed miserably in the long term AND the short term. They need to be called out, and the ‘Nati mainstream media isn’t going to do it because they don’t want to jeopardize their access.

      • Doug Gray

        You can post about whatever you want as long as it’s not offensive/attacking people.

      • Mason Res

        Isn’t this a place where all opinions are allowed? I’ve been here around 2 years and probably 90% of my comments have been negative. I’m a life long fan who is tired of the losing. Yes there has been some progress made this season but I wouldn’t say it’s because of the rebuild or the plan bring on track. They added talent that has helped but some of those players will probably be traded before the deadline. I admire those who can still stay positive and trumpet every win as a sign things are turning around. The Reds were thoroughly and totally dominated by the Indians. There was little offense and the bullpen imploded. This is a team under .500 and in last place. Technically they are in the playoff hunt but they are certainly going in the wrong direction heading into the break. To those who remain hopeful,including the writers,I commend you. I don’t share your enthusiasm but I respect your right to share your opinions just like I should have the right to share mine or anyone else who is disgusted with this franchise.

      • Doug Gray

        No, not every opinion is allowed. As long as it’s respectable towards others, though, yes, it’s allowed.

      • Grand Salami

        To be fair. It was their worst lost of the season (by a runs scored margin, IIRC).

    • Sliotar

      Roster move (for next season, hopefully)….put Senzel at 2B and leave him there. For a long time, if the Reds can extend him.

      He plays all-out, which is awesome to watch….but just like in NASCAR, too many contacts with the wall and a person pays a price.

      Play of Defensive Runs Saved in 2018 from middle infielders on leaderboard, as well…..,d

      • Curt

        Or have no fear and go even further!….give 2nd and 3rd to Batman and Robin (Senzel/VanMeter R/L) both 24 and ours for 6 years. They can decide between themselves who plays which. Move Suarez.

        This team takes forever, it’s not rocket science. Just do it already….

    • greenmtred

      The Reds have been inconsistent and often frustrating this year, and negative reactions from us are predictable after a rout, or any loss. They were facing a top of the rotation pitcher in top form yesterday. That’s context.

      • RojoBenjy

        Agreed. And this context is the one the team would face in the playoffs—and they were not up to it.

      • greenmtred

        You’re right, but there have been days they might have been. Bauer could have done that to any team.

  3. jreis

    Man where do you go from here? I guess you have to keep Votto and Suarez in the 2 and 3 hole because you have nobody to replace them. the scary thing is they may be your 2 and 3 hitters for the next few years as I don’t think anybody in our minor league system would do better. Maybe Trammel but that is a stretch and a couple years off.

    I think the pitching will have to carry us not only the rest of this year but also next year as well.

  4. Sidney

    Both of the recaps for the Cleveland losses mention bullpen woes. A problem for sure, but lack of offense is the larger issue. 2 runs then 1 run in the 2 games, and only one run over the final 17 innings of the series. I think the bullpen will be good enough once everyone is healthy, but the lack of offense has been a problem pretty much from day 1. Scoring runs certainly looks to be a problem that is likely to hang around for the remainder of the season.

    • jreis

      agreed. and not just for this season. may be a chronic problem for a while.

    • Doug Gray

      Certainly, the offense stunk. But the bullpen gave up 13 earned runs between the final 2 innings last night and today. And a variety of guys combined to do it.

      • Pete

        At least there is hope when Garrett, Peralta, Reed, and Wood get healthy there will be options in the pen and possibly some much needed relief for Hernandez, Hughes and Lorenzen. The hitting has been a year-long issue and is a real concern for the second half. Reds didn’t even have a chance the last two games – dead in the water as soon as Cleveland scored a couple of runs.

        The questions has to be asked: is this offense repairable or in need of a rebuild. I guess we are stuck with Votto through 2014 and more than likely it will becomes more of a boat anchor as time passes. I hope they are at least asking around about moving Puig.

      • ToBeDetermined


        “But the bullpen gave up 13 earned runs between the final 2 innings last night and today. ”

        And actually this has been going on for a little while now in regards to the Bullpen. It is a concern. I personally don’t know what’s the issue and therefore I have no clue what the solution could be.

      • greenmtred

        Not trying to sugarcoat the bullpen situation, but it seems possible to me that Garrett’s presence could have made a big difference in one or both games. Good left-handed batters and no left-handed relief pitcher is tough to overcome. And Garrett has been really good this season.

  5. Burtgummer

    This is why I decided not to make the trek to Cincinnati again this year (5 years in a row now ) I’ll do better things on vacation.
    I’m expecting a complete meltdown after the break and wouldn’t be surprised with another 90 loss season

    • ToBeDetermined


      Vacations are for enjoyment and to recharge. I hope you have an awesome vacation.

      However, I sure hope your wrong about a complete meltdown and a 90 loss season.

  6. matt hendley

    Unfortunate, but we dont face them again this year. TIme for moving on and up.

    the white sox pull through and the Pirates are three outs away from negating any long term effect this loss had. The Reds will not lose ground in the decision.

    Every time there is a lineup with Peraza in it, expect an L. If he is allowed to continue t the MLB level then any request for any other player on the roster to produce should fall on deaf ears.

    THis game turned silly quick as DB just looked to empty his entire bench just ‘because’

    So….. I beleive we have heard the last of Free Herget for a while?

    • matt hendley

      Pirates did end up winning. No loss of pace in the Standings.

    • ToBeDetermined


      Yes, I beleive your correct.

  7. Reddawg12

    This is just what the Reds are. A slightly below .500 team. For every promising stretch (Cubs, Brewers, Astros) there will be an equally disappointing stretch to follow. Yes, the bullpen struggled against the Indians. But the biggest issue is the offense. It’s just not good enough and unfortunately reinforcements are not on the way, this season or beyond.

    • ToBeDetermined

      Why does it seem we have such a difficult time beating American League Teams? Not just this year but since interleague play began.

      • Jim Walker

        I think there is something about the necessary offensive mindset of AL teams from having the DH almost all time in the AL which the Reds don’t adapt to well.

        Obviously the Reds pitchers have to adapt to not having the pitcher’s soft spot in the batting order the when in an AL park. And I don’t think the Reds generally have had the personnel mix to really exploit having the DH in those situations.

        However it also seems like there might be some carryover offensive mind set which also gives the AL teams an edge versus the Reds when the games are in Cincinnati. Maybe the AL is just more free swinging and the combination of Reds pitching and GABP falls prey plays right into that.

  8. George

    I took a nap today instead of watching the game. I think I got the better of the deal. It was just another loss. The small world of Reds baseball didn’t implode, the stadium is still there, the team continues to lose, and Reds ownership continues to make money, so why would management change the process if it continues making money. Yeah I know, what about winning? Ownership is winning, check the balance sheet.

      • George

        Now that is a real downer!!!! Thanks

    • matt hendley

      LIES!!!!!!! Actually Stephensons third K crossed the needed Threshold for Pizza. 14Ks overall today

  9. docproc

    “Jimmy Herget made his Major League debut. Things didn’t go they way he drew them up, probably. This was the first time that he had pitched in a game since June 27th, and only the second time since June 22nd.”

    Really not fair to bring him up but not use him. No wonder he was rusty.

    • RojoBenjy

      Seems he was shark bait today.

      At least his paycheck will be a little heavier for awhile.

  10. RedsMonk65

    Well … After the 18-2 combined whupping the Reds took the last two days, I’m finding it difficult to find the right words. I suppose my sentiments fall somewhere in the middle of all the above.

    — The bullpen has really looked bad the last several games. Gassed?

    — The offense still cannot hit/score consistently as a group, which has been an issue most of the season.

    — Tough spot for the front office as the trade deadline approaches. If they expect to improve/compete the remainder of the season, two things are desperately needed: 1) a strong hitter at the 2B and/or C positions. 2) more help in the bullpen, especially a LHP. Obvious needs.

    But on the positive side, even with Sunday’s drubbing, since everyone else in the division but the Pirates lost, we are still only 4.5 games out. And, shortly after the All-Star break, the bullpen will (hopefully) get healthier — with Garrett back, Reed (please!), Peralta, and later, even maybe Wood.

    As bad as the Indians series was for the Reds, it’s really the first time all year they’ve been manhandled like that. Most games/series they’ve hung in there, even if ultimately coming up short. They’ve looked good against some really good teams — Cubs, Astros, etc.

    That being said, I think my priority would be finding another bat to help lift the offense — whether it’s within the organization or whatever. Perhaps Vanmeter at 2B. Would like to see more playing time for Ervin (not thrilled with DD or Peraza playing in the outfield so much; that just doesn’t make sense to me), and I would even give Blandino a look as a bench option. Of course, all that would mean some players will have to be dealt/demoted, but a little shakeup could be just the thing this team needs.

    On the other hand, we also have to be looking toward 2020. Roark/Hughes/Hernandez seem to be the most likely trade candidates.

    We shall see. At the very least, it’s July 7 and the Reds still have my interest this year. Couldn’t say that the last 4-5 years!

    • Grand Salami

      Great post. Good perspective. Agreed on the change to JVM at 2nd unless Scooter is healthy. Scooter has been one of the best 2nd basemen in the NL these last two years and, if healthy, needs to play himself out of the spot.

      • RedsMonk65

        Yes, a healthy (and productive) Scooter should get the first nod, given his track record over the last couple seasons. However, he may need a little more time to get to that point. Seems like he could have used a few more rehab games, and now he’s hurt again without getting his timing back. The guy hadn’t played since the last week of spring training. Hope Scooter is able to get it together, but groin injuries can be a lingering difficulty, even psychologically. Something like that would make me awfully “tentative” in how I moved on the field … Maybe JVM can fill the slot in the meantime. I love DD’s spirit, but I don’t think he’s the answer, and Peraza just doesn’t impress me, either. Whatever the case, the lineup needs another good bat — wherever he may play! May it be so.

  11. old-school

    I was at the Marlins/Reds early April game that Mahle pitched. Very similar Mahle today , very different opponent. In that game, Mahle threw 60 pitches in the first 3 innings, Johnson was making mound trips in the 2nd inning, Mahle nibbled and nibbled and was bailed out by a ridiculous double play by Jose Iglesias and then some bad Marlins hitters 6-9 who let him get through 5 unscathed except for a solo HR. Lewis Brinson struck out 4x. Cleveland is a real offense with some guys who can mash and no easy outs.

    The Reds will need to go 44-31 the second half to get to 85 wins and the likely minimum number to be in wildcard scenarios. For a team who cant get within 2 of .500 through 85+ games, 13 over the second half is a tall order with an offense who cant score runs and a suddenly depleted bullpen. The first series against Colorado and then 10 NL Central division games will answer that question definitively.

    What to do with Yasiel Puig? The guy is a right-handed power bat , plays a solid RF, hits home runs, brings energy every day and is 28. If not him in RF, then who? Aquino ? Ervin? The Reds need 4 quality OF at all times. Letting Puig play out the rest of the year, offering him a QO is a mistake. He’s one of the hottest bats in baseball right now and is probably the biggest power bat to add for any team at the deadline. A team will offer the Reds a player who is better and more advanced and much closer to the majors than what they could get in the June 2020 compensatory round. So, sign him or trade him. The Reds new regime has really only made one risky, bold commitment thus far- Sonny Gray. Big decision coming on Puig.

    • Jim Walker

      Sometimes a team can be waving all kinds of money at somebody and if they just want to be somewhere else, they don’t take it.

      Up the road in Columbus, one of the CBJ’s coveted guys just left about $14M on the table to go play in the city he really wanted to be in (NY, NY) Don’t know that is the case with Puig but it could be.

    • Mason Red

      It’s my opinion that the Reds traded for Puig for the sole purpose of trading him at the deadline. Their feeling being he was in a contract year before possibly turning FA so he would have lots to play for. He got off to a terrible start but now he’s heating up and if the plan was/is to trade him then the plan can work. Not that I agree with it but that’s how the Reds do business.

    • RojoBenjy

      Puig seems very child like in his emotional state.

      I was at Saturday’s fun in the sun down at GABP. (Thankfully our seats were in the shade.)

      Puig’s first two hits were proverbial “frozen ropes.” The power there so impressive.

      Then—when ‘Zen gave up the HR to lose the lead—Puig stood at the warning track staring at the wall and the ball that had bounced back onto the field for several seconds. Totally deflated body language.

      If a team expects him to lead, they are going to be on a huge roller coaster.

      As one more aside on that game—‘Zen had Ramirez struck out for the third out on a check swing. The third base ump was daydreaming. When HP ump appealed down, he kind of startled awake and then was like “oh! Um—Safe!”
      From where I was sitting Ramirez came more than halfway around.

  12. Seadog

    Doug, I was so happy Herget got called up. He deserves it. Long time coming. Obviously things did not go well for him. Bowman—the more I watch him. He is just not MLB quality. Reed is hopefully he comes off the IL. Lorenzen is not a “sure thing”. The Reds just need a stopper. I think He/Garrett will be that with just a little more time. Tell me your thoughts.

  13. CFD3000

    I don’t think I’ve ever posted a comment about announcers, except on appreciation of the Marty and Joe team from years gone by. But Thim Brenneman said two things that were just ridiculous and, in my book, unacceptably clueless. First, Chris Welsh was commenting that Trevor Bauer had been lucky this year, with a BABIP against below .270. Thom said that he didn’t know about BABIP and, worse, didn’t think ANYONE really did. Just dumb for an MLB announcer. Second, he suggested that Votto had been awful this year, and hoped he could turn it around in the second half, completely ignoring the fact that he’s been a very good hitter for more than a month and a half. Talk about a short memory. Again, just dumb. Bad game for the Reds, made worse by cluelessness from the play by play booth. I’m glad the Reds get four days off…

    • Seadog

      I thought the same thing about the Votto comment. Thought maybe I was the only one who caught it. I really like Welsh. Done with Thom. He needs to retire with his Dad

      • greenmtred

        Chris was needling Thom a little about advanced stats, and I think Thom was feeling grumpy. It does seem inexcusable that won’t use the resources available to him–Chris Welsh, for one–and learn more so that he can do his job.

    • Grand Salami

      Thom announces the Reds like he’s your uncle chatting in the living room and about 8 beers deep. Surprised he gets all their names right. It’s so weird, nationally he’s so prepped and professional. He definitely feels more comfortable to let his hair down in his hometown.

    • Jim Walker

      I don’t necessarily disagree with your comments about TB. Just want to add that when we get down to critiquing announcers, it is probably about the same as critiquing backup quarterbacks and backup goal keepers. This probably indicates a level of frustration born of years of futility of the team on the field of play.

      Also want to add FWIW, Chris W. tweeted a very strong defense of TB yesterday afternoon in response to tweets about the situation you mentioned. That left me wondering just what gives.

      • RojoBenjy

        Welsh still needs to work with the guy. Just showing a little love to keep the relationship from being awkward.

        I firmly remain in the ABTH camp. “Anyone but THom.”

        Steve Mancuso has made brilliant points in several of his publications about how the Reds shoot themselves in the foot by allowing two particular Brenamans to denigrate their best player Joey Votto.

        Perhaps THom will get his old Cubs job back. I’m sure he sends them every tape of the Reds-Cubs games he covers. They all sound like he’s auditioning to broadcast for the Cubs.

  14. Cyrus

    I am really surprised at the rollercoaster ride this site has been this season in the comments section.

    Every time we win a series (not often) or put together the only real winning streak we’ve had all season, people act like we’ve turned the corner.

    Then, the team immediately goes through a bad stretch and the sky is falling.

    There are about 7 teams in MLB that are really bad. The Reds are the worst of the remaining 23 teams.

    Baseball has more “chance” outcomes than any other sport. That’s why, out of 162 games, you rarely see teams win 100 games and nobody hits .400 anymore. So keep that in mind when this Reds team wins a series or puts together a modest winning streak.

    Based on the history of most of our experienced players, I’d say we have overachieved to this point. It would be reasonable to expect us to regress to our mean in the 2nd half which should translate into 10-15 games under .500. I don’t wish for this but I expect it.

    And here’s the thing with Votto: we all love this guy. He’s been the one consistent bright spot for this club for a long time because he’s more than just a great player. But we all are seeing what has started this year…he’s declining. It’s okay…tough to swallow…but okay. Unfortunately, we’re saddled with the payroll and this great individual will never come close to winning on the biggest stage. I am sad for him in this regard.

    So get ready for a tough post-ASB because it shouldn’t be a surprise. What no one has really mentioned much is how little depth this roster has and how fortunate we’ve been to not have to deal with any major injuries once the season began. But we see now just how thin we are because injuries are not an “if”, they are a “when”.

    My biggest disappointment is that I do not see what some see: a blueprint and roadmap for future success. I hope I’m wrong.

    • RojoBenjy

      “I do not see what some see: a blueprint and roadmap for future success.”

      I am at about this spot also. Would modify it a bit by saying that, the Reds think that they have a sound blueprint and roadmap for success, and delude themselves with it enough that they never make the really big moves needed.

    • Vandermint

      My quibble with this is that (and I’m no expert on advanced statistics) we have actually underachieved. Our run deferential is +27, even with that last game spanking by the Indians. The Brewers, on the other hand, are -17. According to the Expected W/Ls statistic, our record should be 47-40. That would have us in first right now by 1.5 games, although to be fair, if the Cubs also got to use their expected record, they would be 51-39. Still, we’d be in second in our division and one game back of the Nationals for the last wild card.

      You can probably throw some asterisks and shade at that statistic. We certainly do not feel like a World Series contender–too many holes in the lineup. But gosh, if we just could get one more bat and another one or two to warm up, this could still be fun into the fall.

  15. CI3J

    Let’s be honest: we all knew the Reds had to lose today. Why? Because it returns them, once again, to exactly 5 games under .500, which is where they have been since April 11th when they were 3-8.

    In other words, since then this team has been playing at exactly a .500 clip, which seems about right. That 8-game losing streak really has hung over this team’s record like a dark cloud that just won’t go away.

    • TR

      I have no statistics to back up my opinion, but I’ve always felt coming out of spring training ready to go, especially offensively, is central to winning more series than you lose in the regular season.

      • Jim Walker

        Yep, it is sort of like the flying start to an auto race isn’t it? If a car is in back in the pack at the start, it is already well behind by the time it crosses the starting line.

  16. D Ray White

    One only has to look at the Braves organization as a model for how the rebuild should have progressed. Both teams were absolutely terrible in 14-15. The Braves sold off assets, accrued high draft capital, acquired quality upside prospects, and aggressively pursued international signings (I know, Kevin Meitan).

    The Reds, with Castellini’s meddling, pursued a half baked rebuild. None of the pitching prospects other than Castillo turned out to be anything more than relievers. The acquired position players have been a mixed bag, with Suarez the standout of an otherwise pathetic haul. Cueto/Leake/Chapman/Bruce netted the organization a whole lotta nothing. The return on Frazier has been so so. The bottom line is the team largely squandered the capital they had, and we are left with a middling to decent team. In other words, positioned nowhere near as advantageously as the Braves.

    • Pete

      Well, it’s time to get busy and follow a new path with a smart plan. No reason to bury their head in the sand and repeat past mistakes. IF…they will accept the reality of the situation. We are up against a lot of folks who will settle for mediocre rather than continue the dismal performance. There is risk either way. Rebuild and do it right. If necessary, hire a junior member of the Brave’s FO or Astros or Red Sox or Dodgers, etc.

      • RojoBenjy

        You know they won’t though.

        That’s what ticks us all off.

    • Grand Salami

      Is Chris Buckley the goat (pejorative sense)?

      We just watched our two first round picks (both pitchers) from 14 and 15 wash out. One was a reach but went to same HS in FL as Buckley’s son or where Buckley lived.

      His term presiding over scouting is probably worth a post mortem at this point.

    • Mike

      On the nose, D Ray. I think Williams and co. have a plan, but it is not a plan that is working. Plus, Willians was not a baseball guy and I think it shows. Draft has not been good. Acquisitions have not been good for the most part. Maybe time to consider a front office change. Nepotism is a hard thing to overcome, though.

  17. Roger Garrett

    I wish they would give the starts that DD and Peraza get to Ervin and JVM.Don’t we know about them.They have stats this year and on the back of their card so why do we keep sending them out there.Lets try other people and it may end up that none of them can get the job done but at least we know who to get rid of and who to keep.DD is a bench piece that got a chance and did well when Scooter went down but he has been awful for 6 weeks or more,Peraza has never shown what he did last year and maybe its because he has bounced around to several different positions but he was the one that couldn’t hold on to a spot he was givenMaybe he just can’t be a utility guy and maybe he needs to play every day so if that’s so play him at short and lets go.Young guys that potentially have an upside need to play and Ervin/JVM have went up and down and still produced in the minors.

    • RedsFan11

      My question: Why does the Reds FO hate Phillip Ervin?

      They usually give first round picks more chances than they deserve, but not this guy. He is a young controllable player who has raked in triple A and IMO has proven he can produce IF given a chance.

      Ervin gets 3-4 starts in a row and then literally sits for a week or two. He got a string of 5 starts June 28th-July 2nd, goes 8 for 16 and then has had 2 at bats since then…..

      Small sample size yes, but how can you get a good one when the kid gets no consistent playing time. Yet the Reds have no issue giving the likes of Peraza and DD 200 more at bats each to prove they are bench players.

      • Pete

        They’re going to keep force feeding us Peraza until we adapt to and like the sour taste. Same with Tucker Barnhart. DD is a fan favorite now so it’s going to be like prying him from the jaws of death to reduce his playing time or until another “fan favorite” is available, Scooter Gennett. These are all fine men but they are not going to be the center of a successful rebuilding effort, either too old or not talented enough.

  18. Old-school

    Justin Verlander unloaded on the juiced baseball. Not good optics for MLB at it’s mid summer classic. The ball will be de-juiced in 2020. Also 26 players- not 25 and 3 batter minimums for relievers. 2021 will be a collective bargaining year so the next new set of rules won’t occur till 2022. 2020/21 could sway back to the pitcher.

    Also, with 26 players, perhaps the Reds can get back to outfielders playing outfield and infielders playing infield. The Reds set a record with 5 left fielder’s yesterday. Stop the nonsense. Philip Ervin should have been brought in to CF when Senzel got hurt and got 3 at bats and 7 innings. The Peraza/ Dietrich outfield needs to stop and Ervin and Winker and Senzel need to play.
    With an extra roster spot in 2020, perhaps Jose Siri could be the 4th / 5 th outfielder and late inning replacement and occassional starter.