The Cincinnati Reds (41-45) will host the Cleveland Indians (49-38) for the final game of the first half at 1:10 PM. The Reds find themselves 4.5 games back in the NL Central and 4.0 games out of the second wild-card spot.

Starting Pitchers

Tyler Mahle has eerily similar numbers to yesterdays starter DeSclafani. Both pitchers have been very good outside of giving up a lot of home runs. Today will be a big start for Mahle as he battles Disco for the final rotation spot when/if Alex Wood returns to the rotation. Mahle’s only career start against the Indians came last season in Cleveland, and it was that ugly 19-4 loss: 2.1 IP, 6 H, 7 R, 5 ER, 2 BB, 1 K.

Trevor Bauer has had a very inconsistent season for the Indians. He has several dominant starts, but also has a bunch of clunkers including his last start against the Royals. Bauer had the best FIP in the AL last season and could have come close to winning the Cy Young had he not missed a month on the DL. Bauer has a career 3.03 ERA in 6 starts against the Reds. The Reds have only been able to score 1 run off Bauer in 15.2 innings over the last two seasons.

Starting Lineups

Cincinnati Reds

  1. Nick Senzel – CF
  2. Joey Votto – 1B
  3. Eugenio Suarez – 3B
  4. Yasiel Puig – RF
  5. Jesse Winker – LF
  6. Jose Iglesias – SS
  7. Jose Peraza – 2B
  8. Kyle Farmer – C
  9. Tyler Mahle – SP

Cleveland Indians

  1. Francisco Lindor – SS
  2. Greg Allen – CF
  3. Carlos Santana – 1B
  4. Jason Kipnis – 2B
  5. Jose Ramirez – 3B
  6. Jake Bauers – LF
  7. Roberto Perez – C
  8. Tyler Naquin – RF
  9. Trevor Bauer – SP

News and notes


The Reds could really use a win this afternoon to ensure they get to the second half within 5.0 games of the division. It’s been a roller-coaster first half, but that would really set the Reds up nicely for a possible run in the second half. The Reds have a fresh bullpen today with four off days coming, so I would expect David Bell to be aggressive going to them if needed. Go Reds!

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  1. Sliotar

    I admire Nick’s optimism, but even though the Reds are within the old saw of “5 games or less, you are in it”… much improvement is needed offensively and few obvious solutions in-house.

    Team wRC+ at home – 93
    21st of 30

    Team wRC+ on road – 72
    29th of 30

    Really good comments yesterday in the Recap, pointing out just how many spots aren’t producing.

    I don’t think the Reds will sell, for multiple reasons, but will they (can they?) buy in July? Relievers are primarily what is moved this month, not controllable position players.

    Much to ponder over the ASG Break.

    Go Redlegs.

    • George

      I agree about not selling, mainly because what current position player not named Puig would be wanted by another team. Tanner R. is the best to trade (sell). At this point Wood is an unknown, so of little value. I would think that the Reds will need to look at 2020 free agents to fill their needs because the farm system seems to be worse than the big league roster. There are only 5(?) players under contract for next year, with the balance being eligible for arbitration or contract extensions.

      • Pete

        Reds are generally ranked ~#6 in MLB farm systems. There are a couple of guys who are ready now to get serious looks and quite a few others on the cusp.

        Player development hasn’t been a strength in recent years but it looks to be changing – let’s hope.

      • Jim Walker

        Teams would be lined up for Suaréz and Senzel; but dealing either of those guys would be counter productive unless it was a super blockbuster.

        There would probably also be takers on Winker; but, he’s a guy to be very careful about selling short on. Maybe next year on him if he is playing solidly but doesn’t quite look like a long term core piece.

        Scooter or Dietrich could have some value as could J.Iglesias to a team which could afford his offense to have his defense in the lineup. Most likely an AL team b/c of DH.

  2. matt hendley

    Well anyone who has been here for a minute knows where my complaint in the lineup is today. Mahle will need to show.

    Did not know about the Rain delay at LOU yesterday. Was the intent for the Rehab start to be longer. That clock has started. Mahle and Disco are on notice.

    • Don

      Why Peraza an 2nd vs JVM (hitting at AAA) or Scooter (probably no field for health) or DD (has not done much in 6 weeks)?

      Righty s righty vs R vs L? Does not make sense

    • vegastypo

      The plan was for Wood to go 36 pitches. Where they arrived at 36 pitches, I don’t know. But if he threw 31, he was pretty close to what their stated goal was.

  3. Klugo

    The question re: Wood is “How is he feeling today?” And we wait.

    • Jim Walker

      Agree. Really didn’t matter what his results were yesterday as long as he wasn’t hurting when he left the mound; and now, it is the day after which is even more important.

      I think Wood is very important to the Reds “2nd half” plans. Roark might bring some good return in a deal ; but, where is the depth to replace him? Lucas Sims or Wood seem to be the choices.

  4. Mark Lang

    Sonny Gray on the All Star team…. What? I mean, I’m happy for him… but what?

  5. Mark Lang

    And these throw back uniforms are bad *#))# – The Reds would be the envy of the league if they went back to them as regular uniforms.

    • matt hendley

      I mean seriously, why didnt we just run these out every throwback.

  6. CFD3000

    Disappointed, again, to see Peraza starting at 2nd instead of JVM. How big a sample size do the Reds need to see that Peraza is not an MLB quality starting infielder? #FreeJosh

    This is an intriguing idea (above). What if it’s not Mahle or DeSclafani who is at risk when Wood arrives, but Roark who becomes a trade chip to upgrade the bullpen, or catcher, or the future rotation? The Reds can be sellers and buyers. Roark, Hughes, Hernandez, Dietrich, Gennett – all with some value, all not needed in 2020. Interesting…

    • Sliotar

      The problem is. IMO, there isn’t much value with the group.

      Hernandez and Hughes will be lucky to be moved. It’s a relievers’ market.
      Dietrich was a 6 -week wonder and Gennett can’t get on the field.
      Roark? Maybe. But, the optics of trading a rotation anchor mid-season, which you are “in it” and have been starved for SP for years…..

      I can’t keep a team trading a controllable MLB-ready guy for a half-season of ‘old’ Roark.

      Plus, Dick Williams explaining how #GetThePitching was only a first-half philosophy will be fun.

  7. Seat101

    JvM doesn’t seem to hit MLB pitching is my guess why he is sitting.

    Iglesias looked Little League on that throw.

    Just sayin’

    • Seat101

      He had no idea Puig was going to make that throw

    • PhP

      Dude you seem nice but you can’t irrationally defend Peraza like this. JVM has like double the walk rate as Peraza and a much higher OBP. And from what he’s done at Louisville, obviously way more power. Peraza, doesn’t get on base, doesn’t hit for power, and isn’t a plus defender. There isn’t a lot he brings to the table.

      • Pete

        Peraza catches a lot of grief around here] some warranted, some not. I believe Seat101 is of a mind that JP is not treated fairly and it can go overboard, so he feels a need to protect him. JP seems like a great kid but he is not holding up his end – this is objective.

        But..he still is only 25 and had two pretty decent years in 2016 & 2018 so all hope is not lost. My view is Peraza would be better served at AAA playing everyday and finding his mojo. This can’t be helping his confidence and he is not helping the team. Not the end all, be all but it’s where we stand today.

      • PhP

        I do agree he catches unwarranted grief as well as warranted. I had high hopes for him coming into the year but he seems to have regressed. I agree I think he should be in AAA working on trying to get his swing back from last year. I also don’t think he’s one of the best 25 right now

      • doofus

        Peraza had 182 hits last season in 157 games. And yet, there are people around here that dismiss him.

        He is the type of player that needs consistent time in the line up. He has the wheels and ability to play a good 2B and credible SS.

        If he is not in the Red’s plans he would be a nice complement to any trade.

        Personally, I would not be anxious to trade him.

  8. Mark Lang

    Getting sick and tired of these umpires calling pitches 6 inches outside strikes.

    • Shchi Cossack

      I’m beginning to wonder if the league hasn’t issued some ‘secret’ mandate for the umpires to expand the strike zone without makin any public pronouncement. The hitters who are used to working the strike zone as defined seem to be penalized with more strike outs and the hitters who swing freely are being rewarded simply because they are swing at pitches outside the defined strike zone. The expanded strike zone simply seems too pervasive for individual poor strike zone recognition by the umpires.

      • doofus

        That is funny that you state this. I have been seeing that umpire’s strike zone have been expanding over the last 2 weeks.

        Is this another attempt for Manfred to speed up the game?

    • doofus

      Agree, but it has been consistent for both teams.

  9. Centerfield

    US women win the World Cup (futbol).
    I agree that VanMeter sould be starting at 2B. I think they will trade Hernandez because he will have value to a bullpen starved contender. Ted Puig looks awesome in the retro uniforms.

  10. matt hendley

    SMH, Senzel out, injury prevention. Winker to CF, Jose0 to LF, DD to 2B.

    2 Positions that could have used JVMR.

    Guess Scooter is being held off for health reasons.

    • doofus

      Scooter is held out because he is not that good.

  11. DocProc

    Senzel comes out; Dietrich comes in.

    • D Ray White

      David Bell subscribes to the Dusty Baker school of managing rooks. “ Hey rook, sit over there and watch the game…”

      Listening to Thom disparage modern stats on the broadcast gets old. His smarminess and outright dismissal makes him sound like a major delta bravo.

      This ump isn’t the best either.

  12. Seat101

    JW is snakebit. JP is adequate as a left fielder ONLY if his bat heats up (historically low BABIP is not helping).

    I like the way Kyle farmer keeps his glove in place.

  13. matt hendley

    Herget at second is a bit of a stretch now isnt it.

  14. Seat101

    Tyler Mahle Made a nice catch there. I also like the way he gives a target when he’s running to cover first


    . A pitcher who can field is more valuable than a Pitcher whocan hit.

  15. Mark Lang

    At some point, you’ve got to wonder who Peraza has pictures of that’s keeping him in any lineup.

  16. Klugo

    Those uni’s though….
    We do have a fun group out there representing us. I like them more and more each passing week, winning not withstanding. Sun’s Out, Guns Out!!

    • Seat101

      I Layout I have a Puig Poster Day with that uniform

      Have there been any negative comments about him either anonymously or from sports writers covering the team?

    • RojoBenjy

      Sun’s out, guns out, batter’s out!

  17. Seat101

    How do I find the status of “likelihood to have made an out”?

  18. Mark Lang

    Those were strikes when against the Reds…. ump squeezing him

    • BigRedMike

      Impressive off speed pitches to get to strike outs on 3-2 counts. Battling

  19. Don

    great pitching in 3rd by Mahle to get himself out of Jam he got himself into,

    If they are not going to play JVM why bring him up to major, let him play in AAA, put up numbers there and trade him.

    • Roger Garrett

      But who goes for coffee and doughnuts?

  20. BigRedMike

    Down and in is not a good place to pitch a left handed hitter

    Mahle hitting 94-95 is a good sign

  21. Roger Garrett

    Anybody think we score today?Nope but hey it could happen.

  22. Roger Garrett

    My oh my how awful this team is at the plate.Lead off walk,first pitch swinging out,first pitch swinging out.Nobody could be this bad oh wait they really are this bad.How sad.

    • Pete

      Two steps forward, two steps back. Beats the heck out of the last 5 years but disheartening all the same. Just can’t break out of the cycle. Maybe in the second half?

  23. BobSteve

    Hack away. Hack all day. I’m so tired of hearing reds managers and hitters talk about being aggressive at the plate. Bauer looked wild in the first inning and Reds just gifted him the next 3 innings.

  24. matt hendley

    I gotta say i agree with this pull. Mahle missing it today.

    Wood Rehab starts to report no issues after the fact either. And unlike the MLB wood can just be shifted to another league that is not having a Allstar break to continue.

    Some positives but not what mahle needed to have today.

  25. BigRedMike

    This game went downhill quickly
    That was a bomb

  26. Kevin

    I can’t really complain with the pitching change on the eve of break, but it didn’t work out. This offense is just weak. If they aren’t hitting home runs, they aren’t scoring.

  27. Hotto4Votto

    Bullpen has been a real let down lately. Overworked or lack of talent? If overworked, then why has Herget been on the team but not used. Why does Stephenson seem to only pitch once a week?

    • RojoBenjy

      In hindsight, the answer to the question for both of those you mentioned would seem to be lack of talent.

      • matt hendley

        in all fairness, this comment was probably made prior to His ‘debut’

      • RojoBenjy

        Matt- no doubt. So was mine. Poor Jimmy.

  28. DocProc

    And that’s why you #FreeVanMeter.

    • Pete

      And Peraza set it up – go figure. Let’s win this thing!

    • Seat101

      9 for 42 Is really nothing to brag about

      • Shchi Cossack

        9 for 42 is nothing…period.
        49 for 222 is nothing to brag about.

  29. Seat101

    We need to score at least one more run this inning.

  30. Don

    Yup, JVM cannot hit major league pitching. now 5 for 15 as pinch hitter. Get him some time.

  31. Mark Lang

    it’s like a script… tying run at the plate and Votto watches 3 strikes go by

    • D Ray White

      The last “strike” wasn’t that close. Ump gifted strike three.

  32. Indy Red Man

    Peraza & JVM both chipping in! Peraza’s speed allowed JVM to make 3rd.

    Thats the thing with the Reds though….they’ll have a guy like JVM and barely play him? Isn’t Senzel going on 25? He should’ve been with the Reds 2 years ago! They’re going nowhere so find out what you have? DD is on a skid. He’s 30 yrs old. Peraza has had alot of big league atbats. Play Winker, Ervin, and JVM as much as you can! I just will never understand why a chronically bad team is so resistant to real change? How long did it take with Billy? Guess what? He’s still a terrible hitter!

    Either way….this would be a nice one to rally & win! To go into the break with a 6-3 homestand!

  33. RedAlert

    Nice job Votto – geeze – ridiculous

  34. DocProc

    Geez, Bauer getting a lot of calls going his way.

  35. Wayne nabors

    I have notice thru the years that votto actually has to swing the bat to get a hit,some where along the lines he forgot that.he has done that numerous times this year

  36. James Hugh

    Suarez isn’t that good right now batting under 250

  37. Ron Payne

    Poor effort by Suarez and Votto. I just don’t understand.

  38. Indy Red Man

    Joey & Suarez caught standing there… over. Doesn’t help that these umps are handing out 2-3 inches on every side of the plate. Every good pitcher like Bieber and Bauer (and even Disco) are going to deal if you give them every corner? I’d watch soccer if I wanted to see 3 hits in 6 innings and normally no threats to score.

    • ToBeDetermined


      “I’d watch soccer…”
      that’s great !

  39. matt hendley

    Horrific Umpiring at HP today. “stirke 3” to both Votto and Suarez out of the Strike zone. would be less of a problem if the reds were getting the same treatment.
    VMR will stay in the game at LF, DD goes out, Jose9 to 2B, again

    • Mark Lang

      True on strike 3 – but he’s been calling that all day (the outside pitch) – Votto did watch 2 right down the middle prior to that.

  40. Don

    Poor hitting, If one does not swing one cannot hit the ball.

    • Ron Payne

      Agree Don. This has been going on all year.

  41. burtgummer

    The bullpen pretty much needs to be rebuilt (other than Garrett)
    No catchers on the roster that can hit
    No 2b on the roster that can hit
    2 very inconsistent starting pitchers like Disco and Mahle
    If the Reds don’t sell some guys it’s complete ignorance

  42. Indy Red Man

    Trivia for you guys! Now don’t cheat and google it:)

    4 players have hit HRs in 4 different decades? Who is the 4th? Hint….we’re playing the Indians! 2nd hint….I would’ve never guessed this guy in a million years

    Ted Williams, Willie McCovey, Rickey Henderson, and ?

  43. matt hendley

    Puig hustles out a Single out of a sure out, I think he will get him self to second, Reds gotta get him in from there

  44. Seat101

    DD is stone cold. Any objective observer would replace him first.

  45. Indy Red Man

    Puig….lets go man!! Pick out a slow curve and steal 3rd base! He’ll foul off a fastball

  46. Don

    puig on 3rd with one out. have to get him in

  47. RedAlert

    Awful at bats with runners in third less than 2 outs – Just brutal

  48. Bruuuuuccceee

    Bauer’s strike zone greatly helped by the ump. Two strike 3 calls on pitches both outside the zone. Votto’s was egregious.

    • Wayne nabors

      Good players make things happen,votto did not.whether it was a strike or not ,you DO NOT leave it to the ump

    • matt hendley

      probably forced the secondary reaction of farmer and Peraza having to overextend on the zone, swinging at pitches they otherwise wouldnt. Farmer Strike 1 also outside.
      The Umpires need to be held accountable for being this bad.

      guess we are becoming PIT/CWS fans for the day again.

      • RojoBenjy

        PIT fan?

        Bite your tongue! Never!

      • matt hendley

        I swear its only cause of the ‘Maths’

  49. Indy Red Man

    Just like yesterday….push the running game! Puig scores on Iggy’s grounder if he stole 3rd. Stranding 2 more now.

    Righties vs Bauer = .193 (.625 ops)
    Lefties = .249 (.818)

    So of course JVM sits while a bunch of righties are in the lineup. Suarez is 1 for 16 vs Bauer

  50. Don

    bauer’s curve must look like a strike out of hand as it finishes 6 inches into 1st base batter box and at least 6 times swings and misses.
    Cannot get that key hit, Reds theme of the year.

  51. Don

    ump is helping him by calling the one 3 inches into 1st base box a strike so I guess they have to swing.

  52. RedAlert

    Ballgame / bullpen is pretty much trash right now

  53. Indy Red Man

    Game over. sell sell sell….everyone but Puig. Roark, Iggy1, Iggy 2, DD, Scooter, Wood, etc. etc. Buy 1 get 1 free. They’re like milk….definitely an expiration date. When does football get here?

    • BigRedMike

      Puig is playing well. It may require a QO. Doubtful he would sign an extension

      Not much of a market for Gennett, Dietrich, Iglesias the SS.

      Roark might get something for a return

      • matt hendley

        If Puig is a Red Aug 1, go ahead and pencil in the QO for next years budget, Undoubtedly a longer contract would be offered as well.

      • Don

        GM getting them off the roster to force JVM, Ervin into lineup more to see if they can be counted on in 2020 is needed.

        Said a while ago Reds need to get to 50-50 on July 24 to not be sellers.
        They have to go 9-4 in 1st 13 games after ASB to get there.
        Will be hard to do with all the games against teams above 500.

    • matt hendley

      Wood cant be traded, on the IL,

      agree on both Iggys, but Rasiel still deserves a significant return.
      if legitimate returns cant be found keep Iggy as well, as it will turn into a free for all at Short when he leaves.

      DD has another year of arbitration. So don’t sell him low.
      Scooter needs playing time to prove trade worthiness, needs to hit to get playing time. Sort of a catch 22 so he is more then likely staying.

      Oh and balancing that while putting a competitive team out there, (remember only 5.5 at Worst at the break.

      So there are a few peices that can go, but the Reds are in this race.

      The NFL season starts in september. Still 2 months off.

    • doofus

      Sell high on Puig, now. The FO ,fan base and ownership needs to learn to disengage itself from personal attachments to players to improve this team.

  54. matt hendley

    Writen during the comericial.

    I am betting Ervin to LF, VMR to 2B, Peraza out, new pitcher gets Perazas spot.

    • matt hendley

      got it right, and they get pizza

  55. TR

    The Reds have a lot on their plate, but sparking the offense has to be a priority either by trades or replacing older guys with younger ones who are now on the bench or hitters from AA who are not having perfect seasons. One way or another, the offense has to be built around Puig with younger, eager hitters. Too many runners left in scoring position.

    • Pete

      Would you consider trading Votto so Winker could play 1B?

      • Don

        Votto is not trade able unless he agrees. Full no trade. If he did not accept trades a couple of years ago why would he now.

      • matt hendley

        He won’t, its a yearly news item in March where Votto reaffirms his faith in Cincinnati and indicating that he will not waive his NTC.

        In context. 2016 was acknoledged to be a bad year, Toronto (Vottos Hometown team) is on the way to the playoffs. If he refused it then, he never is going to wiave it now.

      • Pete

        Matt, I think his faith is misplaced. Out of 25 qualifiers at 1B, Joey ranks 24th in wRC+. To many here I realize he is bigger than the team, I don’t share this POV.

      • matt hendley

        you are right about many players chasing a ring.

        Only a few can “be the Face of the Franchise”

        Thats why he is never leaving.

        Speaking of leaving though, Giving 2-1 odds that Herget is optioned before the end of the game

      • Pete

        Matt – to be the face of the Reds franchise isn’t a resume enhancer… Worth a warm bucket of spit – maybe.

      • matt hendley

        But was it in 2012. Probably was worth it then. Hindsight being unavailable at the time.

        Jay bruce will be some guy that came through SEA, NYM, PHI and some more places for a year or two and will be promptly forgotten.

        Joey Votto will be remembered in Cincinnati forever. For at least 100 more years.

        He also will have more then 200 million dollars when it is all said and done. He doesn’t need a resume.

        Different people, different priorities.

    • Pete

      Don, because the clock is running out and most players greatest desire is win a WS ring. That’s why.

    • doofus

      “offense has to be built around Puig…” SERIOUSLY?! Is this based upon a couple of weeks production after 3 months of crappy offensive production. WOW!

      What do “eager hitters” provide to an offense?

      • Pete

        Folks are freaking out, any port in a storm. Puig has been fantastic since early June but at the price he will command, the Reds would be foolish to build around him. Heck, we are already built around the face of the franchise, Joey Votto for 5 more seasons – enough is enough. The Reds need a solid organization not another potential millstone.

  56. Pete

    Lindor is really, really good. Maybe the most underrated player in MLB.

    • doofus

      Agree, but I do not think that he is underrated. People know who he is.

  57. RojoBenjy

    Well- the Reds get a healthy dose of reality, and what a playoff team would do to them. The NL Central is really down this year. Playing those teams did not prepare them for the quality of pitching they have seen the last two days.

    • BigRedMike

      Cubs and Brewers are good teams, the Reds did well against them.

      Cleveland is playing well and Bauer is a very good pitcher

      Bullpen needs rest and re evaluated over the break.

    • matt hendley

      wasnt Bauer a Cy Young finisher last year?

      Its not like Homer bailey is doing this to the reds.

    • Pete

      Cleveland always comes on in the second half under Francona – always.

  58. TyGuy88

    Stop consistently going to Hernandez! How many games is he going to blow up?!

    • RojoBenjy

      It’s garbage time.

      At least Herget gets his debut!

      Go get em, Jimmy!

      • RojoBenjy

        Jimmy- I said YOU go get em, not let em GET YOU!

  59. matt hendley

    D Hernandez is starting to sour. He needs to go at or before the deadline. I am smelling a 2nd Half collapse for him and want it to happen elsewhere.

    • TyGuy88

      He cannot pitch effectively 2 games in a row, sometimes even when he’s fresh.

  60. Vada

    I have been a Reds fan for 56 years. I have decided that I do not want to go down the rabbit hole any further. This 25-man roster is pitiful and there’s no way this roster gets even close to being in a World Series in my lifetime. Being negative has nothing to do with it. Reality is what it is. Positive attitude will not change the performance of this 25-man roster either. Team needs new owners willing to spend. I have spent my last penny on Fox sports Ohio to watch this team perform at AA level.

  61. Indy Red Man

    DH again….wow. Which one will come first in the 2nd half? TJ surgery or 60 appearances. Bell evidently can’t hear the crack of the bat when DH pitches. He can’t understand ERA or simple baseball related statistics. I don’t get, but I won’t be around to watch it either. They fooled me for the last time this year. I’ll check in, but I’m drinking the koolaid when they win 4 of 5 once in a while.

    • BigRedMike

      His ERA is close to 6 now
      DH has had bad luck, an extremely low LOB% and a high BABIP. He may be wearing down as he ages though
      This has been a bad week for him to be sure

  62. RedAlert

    Stick a fork in Hernandez – he’s done

  63. matt hendley

    Some good news. Herget has been freed.

    Pittsburg is beating MIL, and the Whitesox are beating the Cubs. This holds then no change in the standings.

    and there is a reason maybe why Herget is in the minors.

  64. RojoBenjy

    Lol Marty, “And this has turned into a good old-fashioned butt-whippin’”

  65. RojoBenjy

    Cue the “I told you so” crowd about Bell overworking the bullpen.

    Not sure if i’m in that crowd or not. I guess it has been wait and see. If they come back rested I think we can withhold judgement.

    • matt hendley

      well at least the, Where is Herget crowd has been quieted and shown the explanation on why they were not using him.

  66. DocProc

    Okay, so much for the #FreeHerget bandwagon. Welcome to the bigs, kid.

  67. Don

    Reds are like all the NL central teams this year. Can beat up on each other in the division but do not really play well or win against anyone else.

  68. Pete

    Bronson Arroyo looks like a million bucks maybe he can be the new mop up guy?

  69. MrRed

    Whoa, Doctor! Hernandez and Herget have cued up the merry-go-round at GABP today!

    The ole’ Redlegs are stumbling and bumbling into the ASG with lots of questions and concerns to be addressed in the 2nd half of this season and beyond.

    Meanwhile we’ve got Redleg indigNation here as the denizens are getting restless and frustrated with more of the same.

    Maybe a few days off will do us all a favor.

    • Pete

      An 11-1 beat down isn’t going to generate a lot of attaboys whether your team is the Reds or the Yankees. I can’t recall a more one-sided game this season. Today we are the Washington Generals to Cleveland’s Globetrotters.

      • RojoBenjy

        This one was a “Bryan Price Special”.

        Hey he managed for 4 seasons, he deserves some recognition.

    • RojoBenjy

      “Redleg indigNation“

      Nicely done.

  70. Don

    hope neither castillo or gray pitch much if at all on Tuesday. Hopefully only one pitches 1 inning or less so they are ready for weekend in Colorado.