Final R H E
Cleveland Indians (49-38)
7 11 1
Cincinnati Reds (41-45)
2 5 0
W: Bieber (8-3) L: Lorenzen (0-2)
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Anthony DeSclafani pitched well and Yasiel Puig came up just short of a cycle, but the bullpen struggled and gave up 5 runs in the final two innings as the Indians beat the Reds on Saturday afternoon.

The Offense

Eugenio Suarez had a 2-out single to set up Yasiel Puig for a laser beam 2-run home run in the bottom of the 1st inning that put the Reds up 2-1. That would be the final time that Cincinnati would score.

Yasiel Puig would go 3-4 with a single, double, and that previously mentioned 2-run homer. Joey Votto and Eugenio Suarez would both go 1-4. No one else on the team had a hit. No one would draw a walk.

The Pitching

Anthony DeSclafani served up a pair of solo home runs to Francisco Lindor, but those would be the only 2 runs he allowed over 6.0 innings. He gave up 7 hits, walked 2 batters, and he struck out 6 batters.

Michael Lorenzen came on for the 7th inning and got through it unscathed. He wasn’t as lucky in the 8th inning when he gave up a go-ahead 2-run homer to Roberto Perez. In the 9th inning Matt Bowman came on to try and keep it close. He didn’t. The Indians touched him up for 3 runs after walking in a run, and then allowing a 2-run single to Jake Bauers to make it 7-2 and more than enough for Cleveland to hold onto the win with.

Notes Worth Noting

There’s only one game remaining in the first half.

Joey Votto’s hit in the game was a double. It was his 389th of his career, tying him with Dave Concepcion for 3rd all time in franchise history. Barry Larkin is next on the list with 441.

Yasiel Puig doubled at 110.2 MPH and the ball almost went through the center field wall. His home run was hit at 106 MPH.

Alex Wood is scheduled to begin his rehab stint tonight. He has not yet taken the mound, but should within a matter of minutes of this post going live.

Up Next for the Cincinnati Reds

Cleveland Indians vs Cincinnati Reds

Sunday July 7th, 1:10pm

Trevor Bauer (7-6, 3.74 ERA) vs Tyler Mahle (2-8, 4.36 ERA)

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  1. Ejr

    I’d love to see the bullpen hold things tight instead of blowing it so regularly. I know it’s baseball and it ain’t over until it’s over- but it sure feels like it can get away from us fast.

  2. Old-school

    The Reds offense has a huge hole at 2b and catcher. DD isnt an every day player. Jose Peraza might be a utility player but he’s not an everyday 2b. He’s probably not a major leaguer.. Scooter Gennett is turning 30 and can’t get on the field.
    Tucker Barnhart can’t hit or stay on the field either and Curt Casali is a good RH hitting backup catcher only.
    The bullpen has no good lefty pitchers beyond Amir Garrett, who is injured. The SP rotation needs a a good lefty.

    • ToBeDetermined

      That is a very precise description of the negatives from the 1st half. Hopefully, the team can continue to do the things well it did in the first half and address these items you describe for a 2nd half potential run at the playoffs.

      Wow, I actually wrote “2nd half potential run at the playoffs” for the Reds. I can’t remember the last time I said that.

  3. Mark Lang

    I’ve discovered that with the Reds this year, I just need to watch the first inning – then I can go away and do chores/house work etc. and tune back in around the 7th inning – I won’t miss any offense.

    • ToBeDetermined

      LOL , I think your right. Now that you mention it, I have been doing similar, on my phones app I listen to the managers comments before the game, then continue through when the guys in the booth interview one of the reports at the top or bottom of the second. Then I tune back in a few hours later to pick up the end of the game and the recap.

      I hadn’t even really noticed myself doing that till your comment.

  4. matt hendley

    A shame about today, cant get them all.

    Reds will get them tommorow

    • Jim Walker

      I agree with the fist thought and hope the second one turns out to be correct.

      Bieber was dialed in. The Reds were lucky to get 2 off of him but unlucky the top spin on Puig’s iron shot double pulled it down 6″ or so short of being a HR.

      If I’m going to question Bell about anything, it would be why he didn’t conclude Bieber was owning LH hitters today even more than RH and send in turn send Ervin or Farmer to the plate in the 8th when they were still just 1 down. But this is probably close to nitpicking.

      • matt hendley

        Its funny, The first time in a while that the Reds are beaten by a Actual possible Future Cy Young, no one thinks of that fact.

        PIT will beat MIL , CWS will not beat the Cubs, Reds will (if my math is right, just drop to 4 behind) The Cubs who will overtake MIL.

        no player is on fire 162 games of the year. no team has gone undefeated. Scooter will recover, just not enough before 1 AUG. DD will come back as well.

      • matt hendley

        Alex Wood, 31 Pitches 1.1 IP, 2K, 1BB, 2 ER.

        30 Pitches was probebly the goal there,

        no reports of injuries.

      • matt hendley

        Last post i promise

        Mets GM also throws rehab start. 2 chairs, Zero hits at manager that he was aiming at. If you want to see a truely bad hire, look there.

      • Jreis

        I dont think that is nitpicking at all Jim. Bells major weakness has so far has been his offensive playcalling. Just way too conservative. Dont know if he is scared to take chances or afraid of offending his players. Just doesn’t seem to have good instincts as far as the offense is concerned.

      • ToBeDetermined


        Anytime you got a comment like that, you just keep them coming. That was great. I just read about that story a few minutes ago and I was thinking how crazy the Mets management is compared to where the Reds are right now as it appears the Reds management and front office are generally on the same page at this time.

      • ToBeDetermined


        “or afraid of offending his players.”
        I don’t think so , just as T. Mahle or R. Iglesias.

      • Jreis

        I was just going to say TBD, he seems to be a lot harder on the pitchers than the position players for some reason. Example DD had no business acting in the 7th with Puig at second. He is should have been yanked right there.

  5. Reddawg12

    Tough loss. The lack of consistent offense continues to hold this team back from finally reaching .500 or better.

    • Mike

      My first time at GABP from out of state today. Loved it.

      • Grand Salami

        That’s great! Tough game to take in but at least you enjoyed 5 innings of winning baseball. There’s not a bad seat in the house except being out there in the sun today had to be a little brutal (oxymoron?).

  6. Davy13

    I would add that the Reds need more consistency from their top hitters. They are just too hot and cold. Also the team needs to be more consistent with situational at bats. In the middle of the game, tied 2-2, Puig leads off with a double, but the team cannot bring him in at all. If he is able to score and make the game 3-2 at that point then the complexion of the game could have changed in the Reds favor. Oh well, let’s hope for a split and a solid end to this 1st half of the season.

    At this point, I am with Steve Mancuso. The team has opportunity to be buyers and sellers.

    • Roger Garrett

      DD didn’t even put a ball in play today having struck out all 4 times.That obviously is not situational hitting.I love him but he is at 222 and long gone are those memories of all those homers.He is a bench player,spot starter and late inning pinch hitter and we need a couple of those guys but that’s all he is.He should never start over a 24 year old that has tore up the international league since the get go at a 350+ clip

  7. BigRedMike

    The Reds offense is now being driven by Votto and Puig.
    Not sure that Dietrich and Iglesias are as obvious extension candidates as once thought. wRC+ of 59 and 55 the last 30 days. Iglesias is fine at SS, just not a difference maker. As noted, Dietrich is not an everyday player and the Reds will need Gennett to produce if a playoff run is possible.

    • Jim Walker

      The Reds could do something really outrageous like option VanMeter to AAA so he can get his groove back on. Then as soon as his minimum time down is done bring him up and play him at 2B. 40% of his time down would be burned off by the ASB. He could be back up for the start of the Cards series at GABP starting July 18.

      • Big Ed

        I think the AAA all-star break is coming up, so there is a logistical problem with your idea. I do think he may be the best 2B option for now.

      • Curt

        The sooner the better #freetheVanMeter
        And I believe he’s been chosen for the AAA all-star game. not sure how that works if he’s on the big club.

      • Jim Walker

        I believe I read last week that the Reds had pulled VanMeter and somebody else out of the AAA Allstar game. That game is July 10.

        The AAA ASB break is July 8-10 with play picking back up on Thursday. The three days of the break would count against JVM’s minimum time down if he is optioned after today’s Reds game. Louisville does not have an off day next week; so, he’d get a run of 7 games before he could be recalled.

  8. Klugo

    Bullpen is coming back to Earth after an outstanding start to the season.

    Puig is carrying this offense. Get on the bus.

  9. Roger Garrett

    Reds can’t hit and well it is what it is.There is a reason why bench pieces are bench pieces and other teams let them go or don’t resign them.Reds caught lightning in a bottle with Scooter for a couple of years and Iggy is certainly a really good shortstop but you don’t build your team around them and hope and pray it works.Van Meter at 24 years old should play every inning at second that Scooter doesn’t play and if he takes off then let him play.The Reds have to play younger guys and see what they got and forget this nonsense of we think can we think can with this roster. I could argue to play Peraza every day at short because he is 24 as well.Trying the younger guys is not a give up signal its just if you ain’t getting any production at a particular position then you have to do something.Senzel is an infielder isn’t he?Reds may need to trade for a bat? Of course they won’t because well they don’t have a spot for them to play do they?

    • Don

      agree with Roger, JVM should be playing 2nd every day. DD had great April and most of May, he has not done much since late May. Scooter just not healthy this year.

      • Curt

        Yes, would they just play the kid already. Sure, send him back down to AAA where he’ll promptly go 3-5 with 2 doubles, an RBI, run scored and a stolen base. And i’m not buying the “new ball” argument here. The kid can play, so find some stones and play him. And some meaningful starts, 4 at bats min., multiple days. (Not random pinch hit AB’s every couple days) heck, It can’t be any worse than DD’s 4 K’s or where Scooter is at the moment. Might actually even help our chances at that magical Wild
        Card spot. #freetheVanMeter
        You know, they ask Dave Roberts at press confs. “Hey Dave, how ya gettin’ the production out of all the rookies?” To which he replies (ready for this) “I play them…and tell them I believe in them”….how bout that, crazy. So what’s the hold up, the sooner we know the better.

    • VaRedsFan

      Iggy4 has so many big hits for this team. Peraza’s bat nor glove isn’t even close, and should only play SS once per month. Let’s also just ignore 2 years of max production of Scooter, because of a 4 game sample size. VanMeter can have his chance if the Reds fall out of contention.

      • Jim Walker

        If JVM goes back to AAA to get his everyday groove on that also gives Scooter another week to get himself going.

        I’d normally agree about having patience but with the Reds hanging at the edge of contention, urgency may be more important.

        Guys that are producing need to play, Guys that aren’t need to get their work in to be ready to jump in and claim a spot as other guys cool off.

        Yes, this it is about what have you done for us lately but sometimes that is what it takes.

      • Pete

        Jim to compound it, JP is not a far superior player to JVM. An argument could be made for Scooter but not Peraza when he is struggling so badly. The Reds obviously have a lot of faith in Peraza, to the average RLN participant it’s puzzling. They are the experts so I hope Jose starts rewarding their confidence.

  10. Grand Salami

    JVM is good and he and Ervin deserve their shots but this is a team that has too many decent players and not enough good ones.

    In the NBA you can usually bundle a bunch of okay players with minimum contracts and land a legit rental bc of cap issues and salary structure. Not so much here. I think Dilson H would have been as good as anyone else we had at 2nd these last 30 days and he can’t break into the majors. The Reds aren’t rebuilding with DD or Scoot. It’s time to move them for whatever they can get and see if the young ones can offer more.

    Once those guys are cleared out, I think the more dramatic play is let JVM play out in AAA and move Senzel down to 2nd with Ervin getting everyday reps. Senzel can still man CF in larger parks. Keep Peraza as a strictly bench player so long as he is cheap and then handle him like they did Billy.

    • Doc

      What were Dilson H stats in the Reds system, and what are his major league stats? How old is he? What makes someone think he could step in and be better than those who are playing now, or those who are out performing him in AAA? He was released, nobody picked him up, he was resigned to a minor league contract in the same organization that released him, and he is supposed to be an upgrade for the Reds?

      • Jim Walker

        D.Herrera just seems star crossed. He was a minor league FA at the end of last season and chose to go back to the Mets. The AAA OPS numbers he had put up this season were outstanding .350/.556/.906.

        If the Mets officially “released” him, that was just procedural paper shuffling. He exercised the opt out choice in the MiLB contract with the Mets to try and hook on with somebody with a better path for him to reach MLB. That obviously did not happen. So essentially he was a free agent again and stuck with the Mets.

        If had stuck with the Reds last fall, he could have been a beneficiary of Scooter’s injury since VanMeter was a totally unknown quantity at the time.

        DH is still just 25. Don’t bet against him making noise in MLB just yet.

    • Curt

      Except Peraza’s not cheap, he’s close to 3mil and due for arbitration. That’s more than Senzel, JVM, Phil, Farmer and Winker make combined. Sure make him strictly utility if that’s what it would truely be. I’m skeptical. I get that he’s still 24-25 but there’s always exceptions. I’d bet he’s reached Max potiental.

  11. Doc

    Too funny. Six to eight weeks into the season the posts were:

    Extend DD now
    We need Scooter back
    Extend J iglesius now
    Casali needs to be primary catcher.
    Dump Puig
    Figure out a way to dump Votto

    Now we’re a month later and the posts are:
    Votto and Puig are carrying this team
    DD isn’t that good
    Casali is a backup at best
    Scooter’s innings need to go to JVM
    J Iglesius is ok, but somebody else’s castoff for a reason

    Wonder how the worm will turn after another month. Probably a good thing that real baseball people are the ones getting paid to make the real decisions!

    • VaRedsFan

      The recency bias in here is quite thick, as you pointed out. Maddening.
      Watch what happens if Roark’s next start is sub-par.

      • ToBeDetermined


        recency bias — I know it’s really difficult to overcome. I have to fight against it everyday in my job. AND IT’S NOT EASY. (i’m saying that to myself). It’s just part of human nature, something to overcome.

      • BigRedMike

        Pointing out the stats of players during stretches of the year and overall stats is considered recency bias?
        Now is when the analysis of players can be made after almost 90 games.

        Isn’t the discussion of team and player performance kind of the point of this site and fans in general?

    • Reddawg12

      I was also just thinking about how much has changed in a month or two. The only thing that has been consistent is the offense as a whole being inconsistent.

    • Mason Red

      This is a Reds discussion site so posters post comments based on what’s happened on the field at that particular time. The bottom line is through all those things the Reds are still under .500 and still in last place.

      • BigRedMike

        Yep, that is kind of the point of being a fan and sites like this.
        Players and teams go up and down through the season.

        Reds have 2 position players with a WAR above 1. Dietrich is slowing down and Puig is going up.
        The first 90 games have shown that the Reds have 3, maybe 4, set position players. Who knows what will happen with Puig.

  12. daytonnati

    Senzel to second. Winker, Ervin, Puig in the outfield. For a month. See what happens.

    • ToBeDetermined

      Please repeat after me.
      Senzel is not moving to second this year.

      He is just now learning CF. And he is the best by far defensive CF they have.

      • VaRedsFan

        Agree. They didn’t even move him to 2B when Scooter went down in Spring. He is the CF now and going forward. There’s nobody in the pipeline.

  13. Jreis

    Half way through the season and we have learned a lot about this team. (While staying competitive no less) Some positive and Some negative.

    The positives are that Puig can be our everyday clean up guy and right fielder for years to come. I say sign him. Also Senzel can play a pretty good centerfield and can potentially be a very good lead off guymb for us as well.

    The negatives are that Suarez is not a good top of the lineup guy. He is best in the 5 hole or 6 hole. Also this may be Vottos last year as a 2 hole hitter. His baserunning is just too prohibitive . I foresee him filling the Davey Concepcion role at the end of his career. Hitting towards the back of the lineup to drive in some runs and most importantly turn that lineup over for Senzel.

    The jury is still out on Winker and Ervin and if they are here 5 years from now I feel the jury will still be out on them. That is just the type of players they are.

    I agree with the above statements that are second half success are totally dependent on Scooter having a strong second half and Wood get thing back on the field

  14. ToBeDetermined


    “I foresee him filling the Davey Concepcion role at the end of his career. Hitting towards the back of the lineup to drive in some runs”

    The only reason Davey Concepcion hit at the back of the order was because of the guys in front of him

    Rose – 4,256
    Griffey Sr
    Morgan – HOF
    Perez – HOF
    Bench – HOF

    • Jreis

      I’m talking at the end of Daveys career. He was a great 8 hole hitter in the mid1980s. I can see Votto causing a lot of havoc at the back end of the line up as he begins to age. Just can’t see him as a 2 or 3 hole guy anymore.

  15. scotly50

    I am concerned by the offense. It seems to my eye most of our runs are from Homeruns. This team needs a few contact hitters

    • CFD3000

      And a few more guys who, even when they aren’t hitting, still contribute with a walk. This team’s OBP needs to be higher – both to get more runners on, and to improve pitch selection and upgrade contact. Did I see that Peraza hasn’t walked since the Crimean war? Dang.

  16. CFD3000

    It’s tough to score consistently with three or four holes in the lineup. Right now the Reds are getting nothing from 2B, C and of course the pitcher’s spot, and little from SS. That last one is okay since Iglesias plays great defense and does hit some. But the DD / Gennett combo is ineffective, and although Casali is an upgrade at the plate from Barnhart it looks like playing him every day is taking a toll on his offense. JVM should get a real shot at second, and the front office needs to look hard at the catching situation.

    But that said, this was a game that just went the Indians way. Bieber did pitch well, but he was very lucky too. Winker hit some lasers that were caught in spectacular fashion. Votto hit a rocket straight to the right fielder. Iglesias got robbed on a fine play by Lindor, and Puig missed a 2nd home run by less than a foot. And perhaps most important of all, after Puig’s double DD came to bat which gave Bieber an easy out and allowed him to escape the jam. Sometimes the other guys catch the breaks. Hopefully today it goes the Reds way and they gain a split so they can catch their breath before a second half push. They’ve been playing well. Shake this one off, win today. Go Reds!

    • Tomn

      Lost in most of the comments and in the Reds apparently is Farmer. Id rather see him at 2nd than Peraza, DD or Gannett at this point. He played great defense in the game against the Angels, seems to be a gamer and gets his bat on the ball with power. I trust him more than DD to at least be able to move a runner over. He should get more PT. The long run solution (next year or late this year if the Reds fade) is move Senzel to 2b, put Ervin at CF or Siri if he is close to ready. Look for A CF option somewhere over the winter if the above don’t pan out or aren’t ready.

      Also see if there is a better catcher option somewhere in the bugs for next year. We should have gone after Grandel last winter.

  17. Doc

    Reds catch Cleveland in a hot streak and pitching rotation pits our fourth and fifth starters against the Tribe. That, too, is bad luck.

  18. matt hendley

    JVMR at second might have some merit. But no, Jose P gets the start there today, Not DD (understandable after yesterdays 0-4) or Scooter (also understandable) and Not JMTR cause of whatever.

    SMDH- I am just going to find a chair and throw it

    • Pete

      It’s hard to understand, JVM is a year younger than Peraza. Do the Reds believe he is not MLB material? Personally, I like Josh’s approach at the plate and here there is no comparison with Jose. Is it the FO who wants Peraza to get the playing time? With Iglesias struggling, let Peraza play at short for an occasional start. Iglesias is five years senior to VanMeter…. Inquiring minds want to know.

      • Jim Walker

        The late Doc Rodgers and Tracey Jones were about as different personality wise as 2 guys could be. However one thing that came through from both of them is that in professional baseball, connections matter, whether they should or not.

        Peraza came to the Reds as a high profile piece in a big deal (Todd Frazier). There are still guys in the Reds front office, scouting and developing staff who were involved with that. VanMeter was an afterthought PTBNL for sending Luis Torrens to the Padres. Luis Torrens, anybody ever heard of him??

        JP is going to get multiple opportunities and many benefits of doubt. JVM is going to have to fight and claw for everything he gets.

      • BigRedMike

        The challenge for a player like Peraza is that there is not elite level defense. That walk rate will always limit his ability to hit at a high level.

        Looking at the pitch types, teams are throwing him fewer fastballs and more sliders/curveballs.

        Peraza is an example of the issues the Reds are having, just not developing enough players at a top 10 by position level.

  19. Shchi Cossack

    The Old Cossack took the youngest Cossack for a trip to Huntington Park last night to catch Alex Wood’s first rehab start. There were a couple of items that caught my attention.

    I had a front row seat to watch Wood warm up in left field. When he stretch out for his long tosses, he was releasing with full effort and popping the leather on the catchers mitt. His motion was smooth but aggressive. There was absolutely no sign of any issues or concern regarding his back. During the game, his fast ball consistently came in at 90-91 mph and his off speed consistently at 80-83 mph. He lacked control, but he threw all his pitches comfortably. This game was not about his results, but about the process and from my vantage point, his first rehab start was a huge success.

    The other takeaway surprised the heck out of the Old Cossack. Aristides Aquino started in CF. I could not remember Aquino ever playing CF, with ALL of his experience being in RF. I looked it up when I got back from the game and found 5 starts in CF for his entire career, but all of those starts have come in his last 14 games for the Bats. Hmm…

    Aquino looked comfortable in CF. He got good reads off the bat and completed good routes to the ball. He made a nice catch in deep left-centerfield on the warning track and positioned himself properly for a solid throw to 3B on a hit to CF, although he was charged with an error on the throw. I didn’t see the play at 3B so I’m not sure what happened on that end of the play. Aquino also blasted a line drive to dead centerfield for a HR early in the game.

    Blandino was scorching the ball and came away with 2 singles for his efforts, but one of those singles was a line drive to the chain link fence in deep right-centerfied that bounced hard off the fence to the outfielder backing up the play to complete an out at 2B

    • Jim Walker

      Thanks for the full report.
      Aquiño in CF is very interesting, especially given that either DW or Nick Krall said several weeks ago that the plan at AAA was to use guys in situations they might be in if brought to MLB..

      • Shchi Cossack

        That’s what floored me most. The issue with Aquino, beyond the reliability or repeatability of his 2019 offensive performance, was the dogma of Puig playing RF. I think the Reds want to extend Puig and I think Puig likes playing in Cincinnati. If the Reds extend Puig, Aquino is left looking for a position to play at the MLB level with Cincinnati., but…

        If Aquino can convert to CF (he has the tools and athleticism needed), that could lead to a defensive OF in 2020 of Winker/Ervin (LF), Aquino (CF) & Puig (RF). That puts strong arms in RF and CF along with pretty good speed. Senzel shifts back to the dirt at 2B where he can solidify the IF defense.

        Then sign Yasmani Grandal when he opts out of his mutual option for 2020 and collects his $2.25MM payday. That will be expensive with some risk involved, but it fills the catching hole in a big way, leaving only SS as an open question. With that lineup, an extension for a gold-glove caliber SS makes a lot of sense.

        Of course, none of that helps in 2019, but the Reds team as assembled just seems to have too many holes for a playoff run.