The Cincinnati Reds (37-43) will continue their 9-game homestand leading up to the all-star break with the first of four games against the Milwaukee Brewers (44-39) tonight at 7:10 PM. The Brewers are currently tied with the Cubs for both the NL Central lead and the first wild-card spot. The Reds are 5.5 games behind them. The Reds are 3-6 against the Brewers this season.

Starting Pitchers

The thing that has kept Tyler Mahle from being a good MLB starter instead of an average one has been the long ball. This will be his first crack at the Brewers this season, a team that leads the NL in homers. He pitched well against the Brewers last season in his only two career starts, posting a 2.53 ERA in 10.2 IP.

Adrian Houser has spent most of the year in the Brewers bullpen. He’s made two dominant relief appearances against the Reds this season: 3.0 IP, 1 H, 0 R, 0 BB, 5 K. Houser does however have a 9.00 ERA as a starter this season in 3 starts.

Starting Lineup

1. Jesse Winker (RF)
2. Joey Votto (1B)
3. Eugenio Suarez (3B)
4. Scooter Gennett (2B)
5. Nick Senzel (CF)
6. Derek Dietrich (LF)
7. Jose Iglesias (SS)
8. Curt Casali (C)
9. Tyler Mahle (P)

News and Notes


These next four days are so crucial for the Reds. The Brewers will almost assuredly be one of the teams that the Reds will be fighting for a playoff spot with either in the division or the wildcard if the Reds hang around. Head to head matchups are essentially worth double. Go Reds!

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  1. Big Ed

    Thom isn’t the sharpest crayon in the box.

    • Mark Lang

      As Foghorn Leghorn used to say, “That boy is as sharp as a sack of wet mice.”

      • Seat101

        On the TV show “corner gas” (keeping with our Canada day theme) they say no sharper than a sock full of soup

  2. Seat101

    When I saw the lineup, and the fact that Puig was not starting decided not to go down and scalp a ticket.

    This probably means I’m going to miss a five head day by Joey Votto or a perfect game

  3. matt hendley

    I would usually come in here with a witty remark or some complaint about the line-up. Not today though.

    Multiple News outlets are reporting that Los Angeles Angel LHP Tyler Skaggs has passed away at the age of 27. He was found unresponsive in his hotel, no foul play is believed to have happened.

    LAA v TEX game has rightfully been cancelled.

    • Jazzmanbbfan

      Yeah, kinda puts things back into perspective in a big hurry. Very sad.

    • Pete

      This is truly tragic for a young man to lose his life at this point. God bless his soul.

  4. daytonnati

    Would it have been Cody Reed if he was not injured?

    • daytonnati

      Instead of Herget … did not intend to step on the Skaggs news. Tragedy.

  5. ToBeDetermined

    Someone on some other site was asking about Cody Reed. He isn’t on the 40 man roster when I click on the “Players” button above.
    I also don’t see him in any transaction.

    [to catchy song] Where in the world is ‘Cody Reed’?

    • matt hendley

      Still injured and roughly 2 weeks away. .

      • ToBeDetermined

        So does that mean he is not on the 40 man roster?

        When I go down the list there is Wandy Peralta (10 day IL). Alex Wood (60 day IL).

        So I’m confused. Maybe some can help me become un-confused. At least on this matter

      • vegastypo

        It’s still odd that he isn’t on the 40-man roster. The only way a guy gets moved off the 40-man is if he is moved to the 60-day injured list, unless he is DFA’d.

      • matt hendley

        he hasn’t he should still be on it. Maybe an error by whoever runs the website?

        As far as i am tracking yes to 40 man, on MiLB IL with an ETA of 10-14 Days

      • Indy Red Man

        Bell? Falling out of it is one thing, but he’s going to force TJ on Hernandez and that’s wrong. No reason to pitch or warmup the guy every day?

      • vegastypo

        Yeah, it’s gotta have something to do with that minor league injured list, since he was hurt as the 26th man when the Reds played a double header and wasn’t officially on the 25-man roster. … I counted 39 players listed on the 40-man roster. Maybe Reed is the 40th.

  6. Seat101

    did we get for Tonys and granny?

  7. matt hendley

    I swear, I think that Deitrich Pimped that Catch in the OF.

  8. Sliotar

    Pirates up 4-0 in bottom of first on Cubs before an out was recorded.

    • Old-school

      6-1 in the second. If the Reds win this game, the NL central gets messier in July. That’s a good thing.

  9. VaRedsFan

    Now catching for the Brewers….Bumblebee.

  10. DocProc

    Thom just apologized on-air for his comment about Addison Russell “suffering.”

  11. Roger Garrett

    A few runs would be nice.Heck one would be good.

    • RojoBenjy

      There’s the one run. But for the wrong team.

  12. Big Ed

    Big Sally pitched 4 no-hit innings (5 Ks and 50 pitches before being relieved) in Louisville tonight.

    Packy Naughton at Chattanooga also has 4 no-hit innings.

    Plus Mahle.

    • RojoBenjy

      There are those that are superstitious that will be upset that you mentioned a no hitter in the 5th inning for Mr Mahle.

      But let’s be real—it was a long shot.

  13. Sliotar

    Mahle feels like last year’s Castillo.

    Castillo would let a hit/walk/bad call affect him after the fact.
    This year, nothing seems to rattle him and he has leaped forward.

    Guy fouls off a pitch that Mahle thinks should have gotten out, seems to lose focus and next pitch, throws a meatball or hanger for a HR.

    The long balls are annoying, but, IMO, still a lot of upside there with some tweaking.

    • cheez its

      I agree, he seems to be showing a lot of growth this year.

    • Sliotar

      Odds of ejection would have raised had it been Puig at bat.

  14. Indy Red Man

    Iggy getting Perazaitis…..just swings at anything and therefore they don’t give you good pitches to hit. Clear interference on the pitcher there…will they call it?

  15. Seat101

    Iglesias is so cold. He was writing that BAPIP for as long as he could

    Do not extend

    • Old-school

      I agree sort of…he may not be an everyday SS the next 3 years, but he’d be a great utility infielder and late inning replacement as a 24th guy. His glove at SS is worth it.

  16. Sliotar

    Winker playing the entertainer in RF.

    Fist-bumping somebody in front row, calling for more cheers before tossing ball up …. like he’s shooting a T-shirt into the crowd.

    I guess when you don’t get to play vs. LHP, you have to maximize your exposure to fans when you can.

    • Sliotar

      All-around (the bases) entertainer, the Da Wink is.

  17. matt hendley

    SIr Joey, SUAREZ….. REDS are winning.

  18. Old-school

    A reds win tonight and a pirates win against the Cubs makes for a mess in the NL central.

    • matt hendley

      STL off so both PIT and CIN would move to a game and a half out of third.

      REds would move to 4.5 Games out of the division lead. Season definitely not over

  19. yorktownred

    Nice to see their pitcher struggle the third time through the lineup.

  20. Sliotar

    That was a Coors Field East special by Suarez.

    Third time through lineup bit Counsell there, but his guy had the lead and a low pitch count. A reasonable gamble on getting one more inning that crapped out.

  21. matt hendley

    MIL also can read Scoreboards…. time to bite nails

  22. Sliotar

    Isn’t this the only time the bunt works, percentage wise?

    1st and 2nd, zero outs.

  23. Cyrus

    Hernandez is about to get lit up. Should have lifted him after he gave up the hit to Hiura. He cannot hit his spots tonight.

  24. matt hendley

    Where is Garrett? a bunch of leftys come up and he is nowhere to be seen.

  25. Cyrus

    And lookie there…on cue, the lefty gets the double. Hernandez needs to be yanked ASAP. He has nothing tonight. This is managing 101.

  26. Cyrus

    15 runs allowed from the 7th inning on over the last four games. The bullpen is imploding yet we keep using the same guys.

  27. matt hendley

    WHat is Bell DOING??? Hernandez is not the guy you want out there for this. Get someone up. Has he lost his mind?

  28. Cyrus

    Close your eyes everyone…ugly movie is about to start.

  29. matt hendley

    There better be a littany of minor injuries down in that bullpen, otherwise this completely on bell, there is no way to deny this.

    Finally Bowman gets up.

  30. RedAlert

    Nice move Bell – what an idiot- leave him in there tongift the game away – STUPID !!!

  31. Cyrus

    David Bell is like Milwaukee’s starting pitcher tonight. He’s good for the first few innings when his starter is at least getting outs albeit with high pitch counts (and this goes for almost every starter in every game). But once you get to the proverbial “3rd time thru the lineup”, David Bell shows he is not ready for this stage. We have enough of a sample size to know.

    • RedAlert

      Exactly right – his Incompetence starting to show up big time . It’s like Groundhog YEAR again in 2019

  32. Cyrus

    But David Bell is ahead on getting tossed out of games. This is how he tries to bond with his players.

  33. RedAlert

    David Bell like a statue – inexcusable !!!!!

    • RedAlert

      Loss will be COMPLETELY AND TOTALLY ON BELL – what an Incredibly stupid managerial non-move . UNBELIEVABLE . dude struggling and HE DOES NOTHING !!!

  34. Big Ed

    This inning is gonna be hard for Bell to explain.

    If they aren’t going to use Stephenson, Hughes, Herget of Bowman, then why do they have 13 pitchers on the roster??

  35. Cyrus

    Mancuso is writing a 3-part series on buying/selling. Bell should be on the short list of persons to be sold by the trading deadline. One of the things this team needed this year was an experienced manager. If we are going to play the vets (like we’ve done), you cannot have someone like Bell managing them. He probably lost credibility the first two weeks of the season. Bell would be fine with the Marlins but he is the wrong person for this Reds roster. We have lots of evidential matter to support this.

  36. Kevin

    I’ve got nothing against David Bell but you just gonna allow Hernandez to throw this game away? Being a Reds fan is so frustrating.

  37. DocProc

    This is so maddening. You threw this one away, Bell.

  38. Cyrus

    Look at my post above after Hernandez faced his first batter…you knew this was going to be go south and I’m not even the manager. If I was at the game, I would stand and boo loudly the next time Bell surfaces from the dugout. He needs to hear it from the fans tonight. His managing is wearing out quicker than Hernandez’ arm.

  39. Mark Lang

    Wow… for such innings the cliché “the wheels came off” was coined

    • Indy Red Man

      4 excellent starts in a row and 2-2. Bell has really changed my mind in the last week. Bowman and Stephenson don’t deserve to be blackballed

  40. Cyrus

    18 runs allowed by pen since Friday from 7th inning onward. I think most of us knew that this was coming because the pen has been overused. Our starters are not going to suddenly begin to give 7+ innings per start. Note what the bullpen ERA was as of last Thursday (3.42?) and watch what it is on July 31.

    • Big Ed

      I just don’t understand having 13 pitchers but refusing to use 3 or 4 of them.

  41. Cyrus

    I will be VERY surprised if the players put forth the effort to mount a comeback tonight. It’s how you subtly send messages to your coach, the FO and the fans about what your leader is doing.

    • VaRedsFan

      They might not come back, but that is a preposterous statement

  42. BigRedMike

    Gennett is back, he will save the game as you have noted all season.

    Hernandez does have an ERA over 5 now, which is really bad for a reliever. Not sure why Bell left him as you know

  43. Cyrus

    He demoralized and disrespected his starting pitcher and his team tonight. I’d fire him tomorrow if I was the GM. Elevate DeShields to finish out the season.

    Tonight is an insult to the entire Reds organization and the fans.

  44. RojoBenjy

    Gotta admit, I don’t see a plausible excuse for leaving Hernandez in for quite as long as he did.

    He better just say, “I messed up,” in the post game. That would save some integrity in my eyes.

  45. Cyrus

    The other problem (I’m speculating here) is that I seriously doubt Casali is the best pitch-caller at this point in his career. There’s a reason he wasn’t starting anywhere else because he has an okay bat.

  46. matt hendley

    WIth the Reds having DFAd duke today, and Peralta being Peralta, the reds may need to make the effort to pick up a legitimate LHPRP during the Trade Deadline. Garrett wont be able to carry it by himself.

  47. Old-school

    Pirates up 13-5 on Cubs.

    Reds blew it tonight and now on life support. This series is the season.

    Bullpen stinks-when it matters – as everyone said in spring training.

  48. matt hendley

    there is pizza though So its not all bad

  49. Big Ed

    Ben Gamel hits like Stan Musial when I watch him.

  50. Roger Garrett

    I don’t think I have ever seen a manager with an 8 man pen leave a guy out there like that to get hammered.This was in the 7th inning of a game when he entered the Reds were up a run.He walks two in a row to give up the lead and he still leaves him to give up 2 more runs.Bell had 9 outs to get when Hernandez came in the game to relieve Mahle.There can’t be any excuses for that.Everybody on the team should be upset.If he was going to go with Hernandez regardless of the outcome,which he did,then go with Mahle

    • Old-school

      Bell has a veteran double standard… Same as Bryan Price. He doesn’t play the best players… He plays the veterans who achieved more or have more clubhouse power than he .. he screws the 25 year olds who haven’t accomplished yet what he has.
      He’s a poor leader and a coward. Wish Jesse Winker got what David Hernandez gets and Scott Schebler got. Hernandez will be playing shuffleboard in 2 years… Same with Ervin and Zach duke and what Billy Hamilton and Jose Peraza got. Reds are messed up. Had a chance but it ended today. Play the free agents who’s careers are over in 2 years over the 24-27 year olds.

  51. BigRedMike

    Pinch hitting Peraza for Winker is laughable

    Not surprised at the outcome. Not like Peraza is very good against left handed pitchers

    • matt hendley

      WIth Puig available as well.

      At least Votto and Suarez not giving up.

      too bad there wasn’t someone on base in front of them

  52. vegastypo

    Suarez !!!!!!!!!!!! Of course, that only intensifies the question of why Hernandez was left in for so long.

  53. matt hendley

    Bell getting another lease on this game. He better not mess it up .

    • vegastypo

      Ya know, it does beg the question of why — when the Reds are so all-fired sure that they’re a contender this season — they would leave the bullpen so short-staffed hat Hernandez has to stay out there that long. (If I hear the answer that, oh, we had to save some guys for tomorrow, I think I might cry.)

      • matt hendley

        and wow, Bob Steve gives it up again. Reds are done today thanks to the complete incompetence of David Bell.

        John Fay already over on twitter carring the party line and talk about ‘the whole picture’ when it came to DB. The whole picture is that the Reds have done as well as they have IN SPITE OF and not because of bell.

        The Reds after the trades were going to be a better team. But they had the potential to be so much more. Unfortuanly we will have to suffer through 3 more years of this.

  54. Roger Garrett

    Hader in and Peraza hits for Winker.Done for a few games.Just can’t fathom what Bell and this organization is thinking.Not worth the time and energy to watch such silly stuff.First Puig and Ervin who actually played very well yesterday set this game,Bell gives the game away in the 7th and pulls Winker,who had two hits,one was a homer for Peraza because of Hader.Match ups are now important?Why?Outs are now precious?Ain’t buying it and ain’t watching it?

  55. VaRedsFan

    Maybe that’s why Stephenson didn’t come in

  56. Steve Mancuso

    How many times do people have to see Winker’s splits against LHP to understand why Bell pinch hits for him – especially against a super tough lefty like Hader.

    Winker: .179/.289/.256, wRC+ of 53
    Peraza: .295/.330/.399, wRC+ of 92

    • VaRedsFan

      thank you…I got tired of posting them.

    • PhP

      Puig was available to hit for him tonight.

    • BigRedMike

      Sure, but, it is not like Peraza is great against left handers as noted in the numbers you posted. That is just over managing. Sometimes you have to let your better hitter bat in that situation.
      Hader is tough against everyone, it would be better to have Winker if the game goes extra instead of Peraza.

      • Steve Mancuso

        “Overmanaging” means some decision that I don’t like that didn’t work out.

        Dude, it’s MANAGING to play platoon splits.

      • BigRedMike

        True, these comments and other posters has lead to less visits to this site.
        I am on board with the analytical approach. Just pointing out that you are agreeing with the decision to pinch hit a good hitter with one of the worst hitters in baseball. The Reds just pinch hit for the lead off hitter and one of the few on the team with a wRC+ over 100 for a terrible hitter. In addition, that decision would take one of the teams better hitters out of the game if his AB came up again.
        Peraza’s inevitable strike out does not make it a bad decision/over managing, but, shows the limits of this team

    • Steve Mancuso

      Guess you didn’t hear Bell’s interview before the game about Puig needing a day off. Oh, and your veiled profanity is against the site guidelines. But it sure does make you seem smarter, I’ll give you that. Hardly anyone else knows those words.

    • RedAlert

      David Bell = professional BUTCHER

      How bout selling him at thre trade
      deadline …

    • vegastypo

      Point taken, but do you ever let him bat against some lefties — OK, maybe not Hader — but others, just to see if he can improve? Looks like he has only 136 plate appearances and 117 at-bats against left-handers.

      • Steve Mancuso

        Yes. It’s a tough balancing situation. Bell has let Winker bat vs. LHP when Reds are way ahead or way behind. I’d like to see Winker get more AB vs. LHP, too. I’m sure Bell would as well. But the split is so severe, it would be negligent not to take advantage of the split. Peraza is less than ideal. But hitting .295 against LHP with a .330 OBP is pretty good.

      • BigRedMike

        I am in on the analytical approach completely

        That said, Peraza is not a clear upgrade over Winker in that situation. Peraza is a bad hitter, which lead to an unsurprising strike out.

        Unfortunately, this scenario is due to a bad position player group

    • matt hendley

      Guess you missed that part where Puig led off the next inning.

      Not disagreeing with the Pulling winker part. That was smart. But you play Puig over Peraza every single time in that situation.

      Puigs a monster, would play in that situation.

      As for VIeld Profanity, perhaps you all missed the Actual profanity that was all over yesterdays comments.

      • Steve Mancuso

        Yeah, I don’t read all the comments any more. Can’t stand it. Profanity wrong yesterday, wrong today.

  57. Mark Lang

    Pitching wise, I believe you’re seeing what happens when you handle a staff like the season was a sprint instead of a marathon.

  58. Steve Mancuso

    Have no idea what happened to this place.

    • Sliotar

      I speak only for myself, but I have no idea what drives your constant defense of Bell.

      Bell isn’t getting fired, now or likely ever with this organization.

      But, if you can’t see mistakes tonight, and more importantly, with how Winker has been handled this season…yikes.

      • Steve Mancuso

        People who took an instant dislike to Bell because he’s different than what Reds fans are used to seeing won’t like this or agree with it but here: David Bell is wicked smart, he’s incredibly well informed and up-to-date, he’s been highly successful handling his pitching staff – both starters and relievers – as evidenced by the enormous improvement since last year. I was plenty critical of Baker, Price and Riggleman. Bell is exactly the kind of manager I want managing my team, despite how the 7th inning went tonight.

        Without knowing who was and wasn’t available in the bullpen tonight, it’s hard to judge Bell’s move a mistake other than by rank post-facto second guessing. It was clear there was an availability issue. That explains both letting Mahle start the 7th inning and keeping in Hernandez too long. Hernandez had thrown 24 pitches in the previous five days. So he was the guy Bell was counting on to take on the load tonight.

        I’m torn on Winker. The two sides to the debate are obvious. As I’ve said for a while, there’s a case to be made that Jesse Winker’s development is more important than short term success in games. But that tradeoff has to be acknowledged explicitly. Jesse Winker hasn’t hit LHP well over 130+ major league plate appearances. He isn’t going to start doing so all of a sudden. There are benefits to his development, and Bell is using him vs. LHP when the Reds are way ahead or behind, but there are costs, too. People who want Winker to bat against LHP have to acknowledge it may cost wins and losses – and those people then shouldn’t complain about the team’s record.

      • Pete

        Ervin and Winker make perfect sense as a platoon. They complement each other well. No reasonable argument against it only ones based on emotion. Winker didn’t hit lefties in the minors either – smart money might bet they he never will. Bell is doing a really good job, the Reds aren’t that offensively talented.

      • matt hendley

        If there was an availability issue and it comes up in the press the next 24 Hours, thats cool and will change the factors in the choices, But their are 13 pitchers. 13, They all get the flu together?

        David Bell has done better with the pitching staff? No, David bell got a Better Pitching staff

        Matt Harvey, Sal Ramano, Homer Bailey. Thats what Riggles and price had to work with. Of course, they failed.

        Tanner Roark was a real pitcher. Sonny Gray was an ace at one point that ‘Regressed’ to a number 3. Castillo still is walking the moon, and Mahle and Disco are engaged in a fight to stay in the rotation if/when Alex wood returns another import. Bell looks like he has improved them so much because Nick Williams or Krall went out and got better pitchers.

        to be clear, and I understand there are some that just plain wanted Winker to take the AB. I wanted Puig substituted in. I understand the logic of pulling WInker against a lefty, i fail to see why Peraza is still on the team. Blandino may have even had a chance.

      • matt hendley

        Oh and one other thing.

        Dusty took a team that was designed to win like this one was, and won the Division twice, and went to the Postseason 3 times.

        3 times. in 4 years.

      • Pete

        Talent wise there is no comparison between Bell and Baker’s clubs – none, nada, zip. Dusty had many positives but his in-game management in big games was horrific. I don’t think he appreciated the difference of regular season from post season – see Bruce Bochy for a perfect example of a manager that does get it.

    • donm10

      5 years of poor results, I’d say.

    • Kevin


      Again, I can deal with another frustrating season knowing next year would be better. Not confident that will be the case.

    • Big Ed

      Once Bell went to Hernandez for the 4th straight game, with the predictable result, the natives were giving Bell no quarter.

      Peraza is a magnet because he is the same hitter now that he was 2 years ago: he doesn’t use his legs, and thus hits no balls to right field with any authority. Bloop to right, bloop to right, bloop to right. He is Pokey Reese without the speed, defense, instinct or charisma.

      • Steve Mancuso

        Hernandez didn’t pitch yesterday. He’d thrown a total of 24 pitches in the previous five days, back at least through Wednesday.

        I agree with you about Peraza. My criticism of him here has been clear and consistent from the start. That said, he’s still a better hitter than Winker has been vs. LHP.

    • RojoBenjy


      I’ve observed that your regulars from over the years have fled the comments.

      What I wish they would have done and hope they may still do, is to gut through chatting with the new guys (which largely includes myself if I don’t count my years of lurking) to try to educate.

      That approach may actually win over some. The others will get bored and go somewhere else.

      The other thing RLN May consider is to cordon off a “post game rant” page just for guys to yell at the sky for awhile. Then those that don’t want to hear it don’t have to click.

      I believe the folks running RLN are smart enough to figure some of this out. The landscape of game threads and posting has changed since ESPN and MLB disabled comments. Time to adapt.

  59. RojoBenjy

    I understand Bell not wanting to bat Farmer to save him as backup catcher in case of extra innings.

    But I really believe that Lorenzen could have worked a walk to get us to Votto better than Jose9.

    Can the Reds please just stop letting that guy play?

    • matt hendley

      Puig on the bench. Watching this take place as the Reds worst hitter is called on twice to save the game and yet again play left field.

      David Bell is overmatched. He looks better than Riggs and Price because for a majority of those individuals tenures they were managing teams that were being set up to lose a lot. This year is obviously an attempt to win games, DB is not doing it. Taking away the Pinch hitting there is the inexplicable attempt to destroy David Hernandez Arm. a 5 Run Brewer inning that broke the back of the reds while the dust just swirled around in the Bullpen.

      Of the 3 coaches, only Johnson has shown his worth.

      Peraza needs to go at the deadline. Need LHPRP

  60. Burtgummer

    It’s pretty sad when Red fans are getting mad at each other instead of ownership the real root of the losing
    He lies to the fans every year
    The Reds desperately need new ownership