Last Thursday, Jon Morosi of MLB Network stated that the Reds are searching for a young, impact hitter with some team control left in his contract, to be acquired before the July 31st trade deadline. While a young, controllable hitter is likely near the top of every team’s wish list, a batter with this profile seems to be one of the few things this Reds team is missing to truly push them over the top. It’s widely agreed upon that this team’s offense has underwhelmed so far in 2019, but it’s easy to see how an impact bat added to a lineup that seems to be heating up AND is getting Scooter Gennett back any day now could really push this team into turbo mode.

So which young, controllable hitters should the Reds be going after? First, let’s make some rules. We won’t be looking for players over the age of 28. That defies the ‘young’ part of the equation. We also won’t be looking for players with less than three years of team control, which – you guessed it – goes against the ‘controllable’ part of the equation. We’ll also limit our search to the two ‘roles’ that are most easily improved on this team. Joey Votto and Eugenio Suarez have the corner infield spots locked down for years. There’s a logjam at 2B, and could easily be Nick Senzel’s job for the rest of his career starting next season.

This creates a need in the outfield and at Shortstop. In an outfielder, we’re looking for a right handed hitter who can play all three positions and platoon in LF with Jesse Winker until he proves he can hit left handed pitching just as well as he can hit right handed pitching. This hitter will take over either in RF if/when Yasiel Puig leaves to test the Free Agency waters this offseason, and/or in CF if/when Nick Senzel is moved back to his natural home at 2B. Shortstop, while not a need, is the easiest position to upgrade in the infield. Jose Peraza has shown promise, and Jose Iglesias has been a revelation in 2019, but both players have flaws that prevent them from being considered slam dunk every day Shortstops.

The obvious oversight here is Catcher, where Tucker Barnhart has been struggling, and Curt Casali hasn’t been deemed good enough by the front office to take over. Upgrading at Catcher currently is an extremely difficult task if we’re following our criteria above. Most (if not all) young, controllable Catchers are starring on teams firmly in the playoff hunt, and thus unlikely to want to trade away their valuable assets. So, for now, we’re sticking with Tucker and Casali.

Alright – now that we have all of that out of the way, let’s get down to business!

Outfield Candidates

Again, we’re looking for candidates who preferably are right handed, and can play all three outfield spots.

Clint Frazier, Yankees

This is the name everyone has been throwing around in relation to this specific Reds rumor. When the Yankees traded for Edwin Encarnacion last week, they sent former top prospect Clint Frazier down to AAA. Frazier was a casualty to the Yankees’ outfield logjam more so than his own production – in fact, his wRC+ of 118 would be the second best mark of any Reds hitter if he played in Cincinnati. He can play all three outfield spots, bats right handed, and is more than capable of taking over Puig’s spot in RF after this season. He’s controllable through the 2023 season, which means he’d be a Red for quite a while.

It’d take a lot to get Frazier, but that’s likely true for everyone on this list. He makes a lot of sense, especially when you consider the lack of Yankees pitching, and the Reds seemingly tailor made match in Tanner Roark, whose contract ends this season. Frazier is the quintessential player for this role.

Michael Conforto, Mets

Heading across town, we land at the Mets and Michael Conforto. Although he’s a leftie, he’s a career 125 wRC+ hitter who can play all three outfield spots with ease. His production is very similar to that of Eugenio Suarez, but with a slightly better eye. He’s controlled through 2021, and is 26 years old.

Probably their best position player at this point, Conforto would be a tough get from the Mets. However, they’re once again slipping in the standings in the NL East, and have a long road ahead as the Nationals, Phillies and Braves are all getting younger and better. It would behoove the Mets to consider trading Conforto to the Reds, especially if a young piece like Taylor Trammell is coming back to them.

Rhys Hoskins, Phillies

Hoskins is far from our ideal Outfielder – in fact, it’s kind of a stretch to call him an Outfielder at all. After being forced out of his natural 1B position, Hoskins was sent to the Outfield a few seasons ago, and let’s just say he hasn’t won any awards out there. He’d likely be relegated to playing strictly Left Field, either introducing a permanent platoon/timeshare with Jesse Winker, or forcing Winker to RF full time. This would domino into either keeping Senzel in CF for the time being, or creating the need for a new Center Fielder should Senzel move back to 2B. He’d be able to fill in for Votto on his off-days as well, but that’s hardly enough reason to bring a guy with this track record in via trade.

So, a bit of a headache to get him into a Reds uniform. But would it be worth it? The power numbers would certainly play in Great American Ballpark, owning a .520 career SLG and a .267 career ISO. He gets on base at an elite level (.371 career OBP), and is still somewhat young at 26. He’s under team control through 2023.

Infield Candidates

The rules for our Infield candidates are a little less stringent than our rules for finding good Outfield candidates. This is a good thing, because finding a clear upgrade at Shortstop over the duo of Peraza and Iglesias is a lot harder than finding an Outfielder to fill an essentially empty position starting next season. Let’s take a look at a few options:

Eduardo Escobar, Diamondbacks

Escobar will definitely be the oldest player on this list, but he’s also by far the easiest target for the Reds to acquire. While Shortstop is no longer his primary position, he started 20 games at SS for the Twins in ‘18 and committed only one error, so he’s still capable. The Reds wouldn’t get Escobar for the glove, though. Since 2017, Escobar has hit for a more than respectable 112 wRC+, hitting 61 home runs (including 17 already in ‘19) and 83(!!) doubles.

The biggest issue, again, is the age. Although he’s under contract through 2021, he’ll become a Free Agent at 33, which is definitely older than you want out of your starting Shortstop. But you can’t argue with the hitting, which would only serve to improve at GABP.

Trea Turner, Nationals

The Nationals are, like the Reds, in an interesting middle ground between buyers and sellers. They’re quite a way back in the NL East standings, and have the formidable Braves and the talented Phillies ahead of them. I would never write off the pitching staff in D.C., but if they decide they’d like to be sellers, Turner is a natural option to sell for a haul.

Turner (25) is under team control through 2022, and is still young at 25. He’s been a very solid Major Leaguer since his debut in 2015, sporting a career 112 wRC+, which is absolutely spectacular for a Shortstop. Turner’s calling card is his speed, having stolen 30+ bases in every full season of his career. He’s also got some pop in the bat, and his defense is good enough to start every day. He’s still young enough that his prime is ahead of him, which will likely drive up his price a bit should the Nationals decide they’d like to sell. He’d be a definite upgrade over Peraza, and would slot in nicely at the top of the Reds lineup.

Francisco Lindor, Indians

Let’s dream for a minute. We all know Lindor is one of (if not the best) Shortstops in the league. The price to obtain him would be astronomical, likely creating more holes in the Reds lineup than his presence would fill. We’re talking names like Senzel, Winker, Trammell, Suarez…and a package lead by some of those guys might not even get it done.

Still, whispers make their way around the internet. The Indians, despite playing some pretty good baseball all season, have been seemingly buried in second place by the surprising Twins. Are they willing to part with Lindor? What would it take to get him? Would it be worth it for the Reds to try?

I’ll just throw out some numbers here. 83 HRs, 123 wRC+, 15.3 fWAR. Those are Lindor’s numbers since 2017 – playing some of the best defense at Shortstop in the league. Also, look at that smile! If you thought Scooter Gennett and Derek Dietrich have charmed Reds fans, imagine Frankie Lindor smacking leadoff HRs at GABP like it’s going out of style. He’s the type of player you lock up for the rest of his career – and, since the Indians haven’t done it yet, maybe the Reds should.

Alright, that’s enough dreaming for one day.


Who do you think the Reds should target at the deadline? Should they even be buying at all? What would it take to pull off some of these trades? Sound off below!

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  1. VaRedsFan

    I like the dream scenario the best. I’d be on board with letting Trammell and Greene be the headliners in the trade, and maybe add Winker, if they decided to extend Puig.
    Let’s get Franky Lindor!

  2. Scott C

    I would be ok with Frazier or Conforto in the OF, but I don’t really see the Outfield as an issue with Trammell, Siri, and Friedl in the minors right now and with regular AB’s I think that Ervin and VanMeter would do well. Granted none of those with the exception of Trammell may never give you the production of Frazier or Conforto but I think they will be serviceable.
    What really whets my appetite is Lindor and although I probably wouldn’t want to give up Trammell or Senzel I would be perfectly willing to trade (and I know this will not be popular with a lot of folks) Suarez and Winker. I love watching both of these guys play and I would hate to lose them but to get talent you have to give yup talent. Suarez is a good hitter and maybe a bit above average defensive 3B. But he has some holes in his swing and still needs to work on plate discipline. Winker is a hard nosed player who enjoys the game and is I think a great hitter, but truthfully a liability in the field. I don’t think he is as bad as some do but speed is definitely not a strength. In the American league he could DH and maybe play some first. Add in a prospect not named Trammell or Santillan.
    BUT if we get Lindor we get a very good defensive shortstop that can hit. You fill one of the most important positions with a great player. You can then shift Senzel back to third, re-sign Scooter to a short term contract until India comes up, resign Puig, bring up Trammell and Van Meter. Or find another outfielder somewhere. I think getting Lindor would be worth it.

    • RojoBenjy

      I’d say goodbye to Suarez, Winker, and throw them Peraza for “depth” to get Lindor. At this point maybe even Greene. I’d want to hold onto Trammell.

      Now–Suarez and Peraza plus one of our rentals for Trea Turner has me intrigued. Turner can play CF, bring Senzel back to the hot corner. Extend Jose4 to play SS for a couple of years. Then if Trammell or Siri (even Fairchild) work out at CF in those couple of years, you can bring Turner back in to SS.

      Hey–the author said to dream, lol.

      • RojoBenjy

        I meant Suarez, Winker and Peraza for Turner. Missed one there.

      • Jordan Barhorst

        I think Suarez, Winker AND Peraza is a bit rich for Trea Turner. I do think Suarez is a pretty valuable trade chip though, especially with Nick Senzel proving he can hit at the major league level pretty early on in his career. He was all-world defensively at 3B in the minor leagues, so I’m assuming he can step in there and be at least “good” from day one.

        Suarez and Hunter Greene for Trea Turner would be my first and best offer.

      • VaRedsFan

        The Nats do have a pretty good 3rd baseman in Rendon on the roster already….He’s pretty close, or even better, production-wise to Suarez. I don’t know if he can play other positions.

      • Jordan Barhorst

        Rendon is a FA after this season, and will likely be wanting a monster contract. Suarez has one of the most team friendly contracts in baseball. The Nats having Rendon should and likely would not prevent them from trading for Geno.

      • RojoBenjy

        Jordan- would the Nats even pick up the phone for Suarez/Greene in exchange for Turner?

        Sounds good to me!

        For that matter, Senzel could easily stay in CF, Turner to SS, and keep Jose4 as backup SS or let him walk.

      • Jordan Barhorst

        I think they’d have to pick up the phone. Suarez has one of the most valuable contracts in baseball, and we all know their penchant for high upside pitching.

  3. Jonathan Linn

    Would Lindor take all 4 of our Top 100 prospects: Green, Trammell, India, and Senzel?? Or would a package of Green, Trammel, India, Santillan and Siri get it done? I’m not sure if I would part of Trammell, Green or Senzel….maybe one or two of the other names I mentioned though…

    • Jordan Barhorst

      I think you’re half right. A guy like Lindor would need to see proven MLB production going back the other way to offset the loss for the Indians. Someone like Winker or Suarez would need to go back the other way. To be honest, the minor league system has taken such a negative hit in the past calendar year (Greene’s injury, Trammell’s sudden power outage, India’s meh-ness, Santillan’s rising walk rate) that I’m not sure there’s a realistic offer able to be put together for Frankie. Again though, we’re dreaming here, so here’s what my offer would be:

      Suarez, Greene, Siri, and Vladimir Gutierrez for Lindor. Slide Senzel back to 3B, keep Trammell in the wings for an OF spot, and hope someone in the top 5 takes a big step forward down on the farm. This still might not be enough, though.

      • Scott C

        I think that would be a good trade both ways. You have to give up something to get something.

      • Jonathan Linn

        @ Jordan – I like your last trade option. But I would switch Green for India and maybe add a 5th piece if needed. Greens going to be someone special

  4. LB

    Just a thought…there are a couple more eligible OF candidates, and they both play in Seattle.

    Mitch Haniger would be a fantastic (albeit expensive) get.

    Domingo Santana is a trainwreck in the OF, but man, that bat can sure destroy LHP, and he probably wouldn’t be too expensive.

    • Jordan Barhorst

      I considered both Haniger and Santana – Haniger is 28, which isn’t a dealbreaker, but I’d prefer someone a little younger so the Reds can get all the way through the prime seasons. He also owns a .330 BABIP over the last two seasons, and while that might be long enough to be considered legit, I worry about that. I do like his defensive profile though, and if I wasn’t trying to limit it to three players in each category, I probably would have dove a little deeper.

      Santana strikes out too much and doesn’t walk enough for my tastes. And, if you thought Haniger’s BABIP was bad, take a look at Santana’s marks. His LD% vs FB% might account for some of that, but yeesh, I don’t wanna be on the receiving end of that dropped shoe. Both guys are quality players, and both would benefit from playing in Cincinnati both offensively and defensively, but in the end I’d rather have Conforto/Hoskins/Frazier.

  5. Kyle

    Did you consider Domingo Santana and/or Mitch Haniger? Both are controllable, cost efficient, and productive outfielders the Reds should consider as well

    • Jordan Barhorst

      I did – see above comment for my reasoning behind not including them. Quality players, but there are better players available.

  6. TP

    If Escobar is on the list then so should Whit Merrifield. He is 30 and is under contract for a few more years. One of the best hitters in the AL and can virtually play anywhere on the diamond. Sending a package that would be headlined by Jonathan India and Jose Siri would not be a bad deal for either sides.

    • RojoBenjy

      Couldn’t he be gotten without sending India?

      • TP

        Unless the royals like the idea of a Santillan and Siri package with Friedl as the third piece. I can see the Royals getting enough trade interest in Merrifield and the Reds would be forced to part with India or even Greene.

  7. Sliotar

    Hoskins/Conforto/Turner are among the least likely players to be traded by their respective teams.

    Lindor would take a haul for 2 remaining seasons, and is seeking a $300 million contract.

    Here are 2 much more reasonable options….though neither will be cheap to obtain.

    1) Trey Mancini – Orioles (Corner OF spots and 1B)
    Age 27 season …. controlled for next 3 years through arbitration.

    wRC+ 142 / 1.8 WAR this season

    2) Whit Merrifield – Royals (2B and has played all 3 OF spots this season)
    Age 30 season …. controlled through team-friendly contract (less than $15M total) through 2022. $10.5M option for 2023, but can be bought out for $750,000.

    wRC+ 122 / 2.0 WAR this season.

    • Sliotar

      Merrifield is older, and I would not necessarily suggest the Reds getting him under any circumstances.
      (Mancini would be a monster in GABP, IMO, if a spot could be found for him).

      However, the author broke his own original rules in listing some guys.

      In any case, teams are not easily parting with young/cheap/above average.
      What would it take for the Reds to trade Senzel, based on what we have seen?

    • Colt Holt

      For the record, Royals have made it clear that Merrifield is equally challenging to acquire. They are looking for a kings ransom.

    • Jordan Barhorst

      Mancini is a hard pass for me. There’s just not a lot there that’s super impressive. He’s maybe worse than Jesse Winker in the outfield, hits way too many ground balls, and failed to reach a .300 OBP last season. That’s strikes one, two and three for me.

      I considered Merrifield, but acquiring or extending a middle infielder over 30 should be punishable by death. He’s a good ballplayer, but he’ll be 34 at the end of his contract. For a guy whose main tool is his speed, that’s not a good thing.

  8. matthew hendley

    Some immediate eliminations.
    If you are looking for a bod glove good bat at short, just move Senzel there. Probebly would end up better then Escobar, and cheaper too. So he is out.
    Rhys Hoskins also goes. Reds do not need a 1st Baseman. He is a First baseman, not an outfielder. Philles have tried and failed with that experiment. Only insane people do something again expecting a different result.

    Clint Fraizer, while always nice, runs into the problem that the Reds don’t have what the Yankees want, or more accurately they don’t want to give it up. The Yankees have indicated they want controllable or long term starting pitching, which eliminates everyone save castillo. While you could trade him, that would change the ballence of the trade, to a significant haul coming back to the reds (read: Fraizer, a current SP, 2 of their top 5 Prospects) would the Yankees pay that with cheaper options out there? They have no needs in the field when healthy, and are actually dumping players for free, their glut of Position players has gotten healthy.

    Trea Turner does make sense. A combination of David Hernandez, plus one of the lefties not named Garrett, (to solve their immediate Relief issues, or at least help) Plus Siri, another OF prospect not named Trammel, and another RP Prospect, may be a good starting point.
    At least Turner is more realistic then….

    Lindor- If the Indians are even interested in sending him out, it very well may take castillo to facilitate that kind of trade. But for the sake of argument, a minimum of Siri, India, VMR, probably a SP candidate like Bob Steve or someone similar. That would get us in the door. To do this, CLE would have to be completely out of it, which while close is not the case yet.

    Of course for either of them there is the possibility of a 3 team trade etc etc.

    Another point of contention, Senzels ‘natural’ Spot is 3rd Not second. He is only a few months away from having played in CF professionally more then 2B in his career. Assuming he stays healthy of course.

    Some people have rightfully mentioned santana and Haniger from SEA, who are from team that is both rebuilding and have a GM that like to trade. A kick on the tires at least is warranted as Santana could probably be got on the cheap.

  9. Grand Salami

    Thanks for the legwork Jordan!

    This team is approaching the end of it’s ‘rebuild’ (supposedly). The window may be able to be forced open a bit sooner. But saying the Reds should be judicious with how much of the future they leverage of the present is not only stating the obvious; it’s an understatment too.

    I think incremental improvement at a position is key. For that reason Frazier (as the candidate most befitting the Reds parameters) would be the best target (coupled with the fact he’s likely cheaper to acquire than the Mets’ guy). However, the Yankees insist they don’t want a rental pitcher for him. If their price is too high (it usually is) then I’d say aggressively target Hoskins and/or Escobar. I think the Phillies or D-Backs may value an MLB ready pitcher like Sims and the Reds wouldn’t have to lose a top 3 guy in the system. Who knows.

    • Jordan Barhorst

      I like the Sims thought here. I honestly hadn’t thought of him when putting together hypothetical packages, but I think he’d definitely be an attractive piece, even if not a centerpiece.

      • Sliotar

        Lucas Sims is a “MLB ready pitcher” and an “attractive piece”?
        Even with Reds-tinted glasses, that is a (very) optimistic take, IMO.

        81 MLB innings, 13 HRs, 4.1 BB/9, FIP of 5.18.
        No bueno.

        (FIP of 4.30 and xFIP of 4.97 in Louisville this season).

        If he’s so “ready”, trade Desclafani and replace him with younger/cheaper/controllable Sims.

        (Teams likely don’t want either of them).

      • Grand Salami

        I don’t think he’s good enough but would Disco fit the Yankee’s profile for an arm. Him and B-level prospect would be a great deal for the Reds. He has a few more years of control. If he had better HR/9 numbers, he would be a very attractive piece.

        One way I can tell this team is way better than a few years ago: it’s not easy to find the right pieces to improve the outlook. Before it was any warm body to upgrade our AAAA OF or how can we get rid of BP. For example: Skip “Gritty” Shumaker appeared in 131 for the Reds in 2015. r

      • Jordan Barhorst

        I’m not trying to say Sims is the centerpiece of a deal – in fact, I specifically said he wouldn’t be – but for teams starved for pitching, he could be a good throw-in option.

  10. DB

    Gallo. 3 OF spots, both corner spots. Beast.

    • Jordan Barhorst

      If the Rangers went on a losing streak, I’m picking up my phone every morning and asking about Gallo. His profile in GABP would be ridiculous.

  11. Kyle

    Who would you deem on the major league roster expendable if a deal were to form?

    Also, Omar Narvaez from the Mariners would be a nice catcher to acquire. Would solve that issue for the foreseeable future.

    • RojoBenjy

      Oh, yeah! Catchers! Who else would be attractive (and realistic) besides Narvaez?

    • Jordan Barhorst

      Everyone is expendable in the right deal. Since none of the Reds starters are the best players at their respective positions, every position can technically be upgraded. Whether a team rooted in tradition and nostalgia can do that is a different story.

      There’s also the fact that teams with good players are usually good teams, and good teams don’t make a habit of trading away their good players.

      • Eric Wormus

        “There’s also the fact that teams with good players are usually good teams, and good teams don’t make a habit of trading away their good players.”

        Someone should have told this to Dick Williams before he decided trading for 4 players on the Dodgers 25 man roster was a good idea.

  12. C Holbert

    I think one of the issues the Reds have is, they have a decent amount of “fringe” prospects. Prospects not named, Greene, Trammel, and India may or ma not be attractive to other teams. They are obviously pushed by the FO, especially to fans, so I do not know how you get involved in trade talks without including discussions including them. The best young talent they have is already playing on the Reds, so I think anything probably needs to start there. I think you need to call Cleveland first just to see, that is a key position, if you can sure that up, yes, expensive, but you can them formulate a plan around and including that.

  13. Pete

    “Joey Votto and Eugenio Suarez have the corner infield spots locked down for years.”

    This is a bit scary and looks like a homer attitude. Suarez has a WAR of 1.0 ranked 18th out of 3B, Votto has a WAR of 0.8 and is ranked #20 in 1B. Not saying these guys aren’t valuable but “locked down”? I don’t think so, especially Votto who is on the decline portion of his career. We need to get real of what the Reds are and are not. Are we right around the corner from a title (1-2 years) or a ways out (3+ years). How you answer this question will say a lot about your perspective. I don’t want to start dealing our young talent for guys who will be in their thirties for the next great Reds team., In fact , if you trade youngsters for any of these guys, outside of Turner, I don’t think you’ll see the next great Reds teams for at least another decade.

    Sorry to rain on the parade but let’s try to be objective.

    • Jordan Barhorst

      I mean, barring a trade, what I said was fact. Votto is signed through 2023 with an option for 2024. Suarez is signed through 2024 with an option for 2025. So like I said, barring a trade, these two have the corner infield spots locked down for years to come. Neither will be cut, and neither will be benched, simply because they’re making an absurd amount of money.

      Also, they’re both pretty good. Don’t count your WARs before they hatch.

      • RojoBenjy

        Playing guys that aren’t contributing just because they’re a big investment is another fault of the Reds. It’s a feature of small markets, I get it.

        But also keeps the team from contending perennially.

        At some point in the future when Votto and Suarez hurt more than help, the Reds have to be willing to count the cost and replace them. It’s unlikely that they will because Homer Bailey.

      • Pete

        As far as Votto goes, maybe we have to wait until the end of the season but the fact of the matter is Joey Votto is highly unlikely to be a big part of the next Reds great team. I also realize there will be pressure to keep fannies in the seats and Votto will help with this but at what cost to the future fortunes of the ball club? The Astros basically forfeited their fan base short term to become the team they are now. Life offers no guarantees but 1 foot in and 1 foot out assures the Reds will not be a championship team anytime soon.

    • Phil

      From the beginning of last season through today, Suarez is ranked #11 in fWAR for third-basement. Votto ranks #10 for first-basemen.
      For the 2017 and 2018 seasons Suarez and Votto ranked #8 and #2 at their respective positions.
      Votto has a no-trade clause and is under contract through 2023.
      Suarez is on a very team-friendly contract that runs through 2024.

      I’m not saying those positions couldn’t theoretically be improved. If the Astros and Dodgers want to send Alex Bregman and Cody Bellinger to Cincinnati, then I’m sure Dick Williams and David Bell will find room for them. In all reality though, the Reds have 2 good players at their positions under contract for at least 4 more seasons.

      • Pete

        Phil, to be honest, it really doesn’t matter much what a 36-year-old player did two seasons ago. I love Joey Votto and think he is the greatest Reds hitter I have ever seen. I’m 58 years old but I’m much more concerned about what he is doing this season and the seasons that follow. All I’m saying is we need to remain objective and not get married to guys because they may have been a favorite of ours seasons ago.

      • Phil

        I agree that Votto shouldn’t be automatically given a starting role on this team because of what he has done in the past.
        Votto’s stat line:
        Over the past 30 days 325/413/563 – 153 wRC+
        So far this season 261/358/418 – 103 wRC+
        Over the last calendar year 259/374/392 – 107 wRC+

        I’m not saying the Reds should continue playing him because he was great from 2008-2017. I’m saying that he is currently performing at an above-average level and under contract with a no trade clause. That seems to fit saying he is “locked in” to his position.

        If it at any point in the future, the team can be improved by moving on from Votto and/or Suarez then I’m all for it. I just don’t see many realistic ways for that to happen.

      • Earmbrister

        Rojo – “It’s unlikely that they will because Homer Bailey”. Hard to follow, but ignoring the typos, I don’t think you can extract much from “Homer Bailey “.

        The Reds were PITCHING STARVED for much of their recent times. Homer was injury riddled and was given enough rope to hang his injured body.

        Votto is warming up and I wouldn’t count either him or Suarez out. Jordon is spot on, don’t count your counting seasonal stats before they’re hatched.

  14. Old-school

    I’d like to see the Reds core get as young as possible by adding MLB players in their mid 20’s. They need a core OF and another starting pitcher.

    Assuming the Reds are not in the race in July,

    1.) Trade Tony Santillan and Mike Siani to the Yankees for Clint Frazier.

    2.) Trade Hunter Greene , Lucas Sims, Jose Siri and Josh van meter to the Tigers for Matthew Boyd.

    The reds then have a core OF of Winker, Senzel, Frazier with Trammell in the queue. A veteran bat- Gennett or Puig could get a QO in 2020. India remains as a top young bat.

    Starting rotation of Castillo, Gray, Mahle and Matthew Boyd. Sign a fA.

    • Curt

      I agree completely about a young core but trade VanMeter? No thanks. He’s a part of the puzzle we need. He’s 24. Could be starting at 2nd, 3rd or LF on the Reds NOW. He’d be hitting as well if not better than half the team. Not to mention he’s Robin to Senzel’s Batman. They’re best friends. With the clock ticking, they should be building around Nick NOW. The first person you add to his posse is Josh VanMeter, it’s a left, right punch for 6 years. chemistry baby!

      • Old-school

        Ok then… Aristides Aquino or Brantley bell or even ibandel. That guy is an AL.player/ DH.

  15. TR

    Whatever the Reds do, I do not want them to trade Senzel. I like his hitting approach and he’s a part of the future in either centerfield, second or third base. Plus he can leadoff.

  16. Klugo

    I like Turner and Lindor the most, but I think we need OFs most.
    Don’t trade Greene!
    I’d be game to trade any of Suarez, Votto, Deitrich, Winker. Then of course any of our rentals: Puig,Roarke,Wood. And any prospect not named Greene would be okay with me.

  17. Old-school

    Lindor is great but with Votto making $75 million from 2020-22 and Lindor poised to break the arbitration bank… The reds need depth and youth and a diversified portfolio of players.

  18. Steve Schoenbaechler

    Nice post.

    I would like to think that anyone and everyone can be on the trading block. The question is going to be, does the trade make our team/organization better after the trade. Like with the trade with the Dodgers that brought Puig here, overall, I believe our club was better “after” the trade.

    With the Cueto deal with KC, getting their 3 top left handed pitchers, even though none have proven anything (yet?), I would still make that trade again.

    Also, you must remember, with trades, what are we going to trade? And, does the other team want what we have to offer? For instance, are we going to offer any reliivers? Well, the Nationals need relief pitching. However, Turner is pretty much one reason they are going to be able to compete with the Phillies and Braves. Are they going to be willing to trade him off and go with Kendrick, an aging veteran? I’m not so sure. Then, if they still would trade Turner off for relief pitching, are we going to offer relief pitching? And, if so, how much?

    In summary, with trades:

    – do you have something to offer
    – does the other team have something you want
    – can both teams work out the details
    – for each team, when you trade off the pieces, do you have a “plan B”? For instance, only as an example (so, not to say this would happen at all), if we were to trade Gray now, who do we have that can step right in that position and be just as successful?

    It takes all 4 pieces for a trade to work, to put the club in a better position than they were before.

  19. Indy Red Man

    Phillies moving Hoskins? No way. Trade rumors are fun and I get as silly as anyone, but I just don’t see what the Reds have to offer? Taylor Trammell is hitting .245 at AA? Hunter Greene may never make it? Just a complete question mark? If they had all these young guys stepping right in like Cleveland with Mercado, Luplow, Plesac, etc but they don’t. Dick Williams has done a poor job and now the Reds are paying the price! They really need Puig and Scooter, but they’re probably limited to one of them.

    About the best I can see the Reds pulling off is Roark and prospect for somebody like Rays OF Avi Garcia. Swapping 1 yr deals. Garcia is 28….sign him for 2-3 years to replace Puig while signing Scooter.

    They need to basically decide to complete in 2020 or trade off some major pieces and build for the future. Its hard to do both.

    • Steve Schoenbaechler

      I wouldn’t quite say Williams has done a poor job. After all, they did find pitching. And, for what kind of pitching we are getting, it is fairly cheap.

      Two things. One, can they keep it? And, two, it’s just not one thing per year. You have to do many things per year. For instance, I just hope they are increasing the minor league development people. That’s where I believe O’Brien and Krivsky were right on track.

      As for who you mentioned, we weren’t going to see Greene 1-3 years after we drafted him. Hopefully by his 4th year. But, nothing right away. So, actually, we shouldn’t even see him yet. Similar with Trammel. But, that’s where I hope the minor league development does improve. For, I don’t want to see us bringing up players when we draft them out of high school and they hit the big club finally when they are 26. For first round draft choices, I consider that way too late. Similarly with first rounders out of college.

      The answer on this I believe is still out there. I’m willing to see what comes up in 2-3 more years, from that aspect.

  20. Indy Red Man

    Here’s one that isn’t too farfetched imo.

    “Santana strikes out too much and doesn’t walk enough for my tastes”

    Thats indisputable with Domingo Santana. 100 Ks in 312 at-bats this year & 178 Ks in 2017. At the same time….he walked 73 times in 2017 (.371 obp) and he doesn’t turn 27 til August. A .876 ops in 2017 and .850 this year. Thats not chopped liver!

    What would Seattle want? They’re obviously in freefall and 29th in ERA & WHIP. Trade them Lorenzen and Stephenson and you might get a decent prospect w/Santana. I love Lorenzen, but the Reds don’t know what to do with him. They barely use Stephenson as well. Sign Scooter and a couple of pitchers and they could be pretty competitive next year while getting much younger!

  21. Michael P

    Would you trade Luis Castillo to the Yankees for Clint Frazier, Florial (#1 prospect) and Garcia #4 prospect?

    • Steve Mancuso

      I wouldn’t. But I don’t consider Luis Castillo untouchable, either. Maybe if/when he gets the BB% under control.

  22. doofus

    Andrew Benintendi for Amir Garrett.

    • doofus

      Eduardo Rodriquez and Winker backstop the deal? Others?