The Cincinnati Reds try for their seventh consecutive win this afternoon versus the Milwaukee Brewers.  The Brewers who have now dropped 6 of their last 7 games need a win to have a chance to split the current series. Game time at Miller Park is 4:10 EDT


The Reds Luis Castillo makes the start against  Jhoulys Chacin in a battle of right handed pitchers.


Luis Castillo appears to be on his way to becoming an All Star for the the first of what the Reds and their fans hope will be many times. In 2019 we have seen Castillo harness his electric stuff and display an emerging sense of maturity on the mound. His change up reminds those old enough of Mario Soto’s.  It dives and backs up in addition to offering a sharp change for pace from his nearly 100 MPH fastball.

Castillo has experienced only one truly poor outing this season. It came a month ago versus the Brewers also at Miller Park.  In that game he lasted only 2.2 innings while allowing 4 earned runs. Tonight he will try to even the score with the Brew Crew.


Jhoulys Chacin has bounced around MLB since breaking in as a highly regarded prospect with the Rockies in 2009. Injuries and inconsistency kept him from ever reaching the heights projected for him.  He has made 243 MLB appearances of which 215 have been starts. His career ERA/FIP numbers are 3.95/4.16 with 16.3 fWAR earned. Those are mid rotation grinder numbers.  Chacin’s 2.4 fWAR in 2018 made the season one of his best in quite a while. He has not been nearly as effective this year; but much of the damage is down to 2 very poor starts.

Today Chacin makes his second start since returning from a trip the Injured List due to a lower back strain.

Chacin has faced the Reds once in 2019. On April 2, he held the Reds to 2 runs over 5.1 innings in a game won by the Brewers 4-3.

Louis Castillo 3.53 1.11 0.72 12.4% 29.0%
Jhoulys Chacin 5.75 1.52 1.72 11.4% 18.1%

Savor the pitcher Luis Castillo will become if he can get that BB rate down and turn those pitches into additional innings pitched!


In total more than 400 pitches, yes 400,  were thrown in Friday’s game. The two bullpens combined threw 198 of them.

The Reds bullpen was tasked to cover 4.2 innings Friday.  It took 5 relievers to get the job done. Four of them threw at least 20 pitches. Topping the list were Matt Bowman and Michael Lorenzen at 27 and 25 pitches respectively. The good news is Raisel Iglesias threw only 5 pitches and should be available today. Otherwise expect to see mostly Jared Hughes, Wandy Peralta, Zach Duke and Robert Stephenson today with  possibly short spot duty from anyone else.

The Brewers pen had to cover 4 innings Friday and used 3 relievers to get the job done.  Junior Guerra and Corbin Burnes both topped 40 pitches and figure to be unavailable today. Jeremy Jeffress threw 17 pitches to complete an inning. He could probably cover an inning today. Once again Josh Hader did not appear.


        REDS         BREWERS
1. Jesse Winker (LF)
2. Joey Votto (1B)
3. Eugenio Suarez (3B)
4. Derek Dietrich (2B)
5. Yasiel Puig (RF)
6. Jose Iglesias (SS)
7. Jose Peraza (CF)
8. Tucker Barnhart (C)
9. Luis Castillo (P)
1. Yasmani Grandal (C)
2. Christian Yelich (RF)
3. Mike Moustakas (2B)
4. Lorenzo Cain (CF)
5. Eric Thames (1B)
6. Orlando Arcia (SS)
7. Travis Shaw (3B)
8. Jhoulys Chacin (P)
9. Ben Gamel (LF)

Nick Senzel is sitting out after an early exit Friday due to a migraine headache. Let’s hope that is the extent of his issue and we see him subbed in today or back in the lineup tomorrow.


Nick Senzel isn’t in the lineup, but Cincinnati Enquirer writer Bobby Nightengale says that David Bell has said he will be available off of the bench today.

That “other” Iglesias, Jose, has turned into quite an acquisition for the Reds

Speaking of astute off season acquisitions, Derek Dietrich had a record setting night of a different sort Friday

I wholeheartedly agree with this and hope  Lance is right about the length of Nick Senzel’s Reds tenure


As Doug Gray wrote in the RLN recap of Friday’s game, it was a long and ugly trek; but, the Reds emerged victorious. Unlike earlier in the season, the Reds did not fold when an early lead evaporated. Time and again they held the line, took the walk (or HBP) and got the timely hit. At least for now the Reds are grabbing what may have been their last chance to be competitive in 2019.  The joy is back in watching them play baseball. Let’s hope the team can keep it there for 3 more months and just maybe, even a bit a beyond.  GO REDS!!!

Stats and data via, Fangraphs and Baseball Reference

94 Responses

  1. redfan4life

    Going for the series win today, and dare I say the SWEEP tomorrow?

  2. Wayne nabors

    im hoping that is all it was,cause this reds team is definitely better with senzel in lineup,I’ll always wonder what record would be if he had started the year with them

  3. TR

    Surprises can happen as the 2nd. half of the season approaches. With David Bell as the manager, a winning attitude seems to have settled in with Votto leaping in the air after making a great catch with two outs and the bases loaded in the eighth inning.

    • Jim Walker

      When a team turns on a dime like the Reds appear to have done, I always wonder exactly what might have happened behind the scenes that we don’t know and very well may never know at least in detail.

      Were Mahle’s remarks a catalyst of some sort? Did a group of players step forward to assert leadership on their own in a way they had never done before? What was management’s involvement, both at the first line and up the chain? And the the like on down the line.

      After all these are the same guys playing the same game yet looking like an entirely different team. The change must be between their ears.

  4. Aaron B.

    I don’t think any of us have any degree of confidence in Peralta, and I am not sure why he is still around… but I think an upgrade at the deadline must be a priority if this team wants to have a chance at the playoffs. Bell loves to use his bullpen and all of them get exposed eventually so you really can’t have someone like Peralta hiding on the roster. I hope the brain trust sees this. Their off season moves have panned out, this is the next test how the handle the deadline.

    • Aaron B.

      It seems Peralta isn’t on the roster right now.. he must have been sent down… I sorta remember that, but your pre-game analysis mentioned he would be likely to appear…

      • matt hendley

        Peralta is on the (interruption….that was a BOMB by Puig) 10 Day IL with the forearm (interuption….thats what MIl gets for trying to show off) impingement

      • Jim Walker

        Yep. Thanks, Guess my day was going like Castillo’s did. I just corrected it,

  5. CFD3000

    The Reds are great fun to watch right now. Lineup as expected except Senzel out (hopefully very temporarily) and Peraza in. I’d rather see Ervin or JVM in the lineup than Peraza. But that’s picking nits. Go Reds!

    • RojoBenjy

      A lot of folks are counting on Jose9. Here’s hoping he has another game like yesterday.

  6. RojoBenjy

    Thank you for another fine intro, Mr. Walker. Bring us the W!

  7. matt hendley

    Reds having best park of the Season to date. Hoping it continues. Completely back into the picture after this excellent stretch.

    • Jim Walker

      I’ll feel more comfortable if and when they can get several games clear of .500 and stay there for a week or 2.

      Through the years, it has seemed to me that breaking through that “.500 barrier” often poses psychological issues for a team. If you are running up from further back than 1 game when you get 1 under and lose then you are 2 under again. Or you’re at .500 and lose and now you have to win the next 2 to stay there. I’ve seen that seem to wear on teams.

  8. Shchi Cossack

    The Brew Crew have resorted to shuffling deck chairs and firing up the San Antonio shuttle…

    Corbin Burnes optioned to San Antonio Missions.
    Aaron Wilkerson recalled from San Antonio Missions.

    • Jim Walker

      Thanks! I was going to use the deck chair reference myself; but, I hadn’t seen the moves and had other things to be about the last couple of hours.

  9. Seat101

    The Brewer fans are not happy.

    I don’t know why. Nothing kills a rabbit like a homerun

    • Shchi Cossack

      Ah…the old rally rabbit reference!

  10. Old-school

    Brewers don’t have the pitching staff to win 87-90 games. They can hit. Reds need Castillo to be an Ace today. Puig is waking up and being that power bat from the right side.

  11. matt hendley

    Can’t even think writing things without an interruption of a positive move by the Reds.

    Anthoer 3 run lead in the 1st.

  12. earmbrister

    Is this Groundhog Day?

    Let’s keep it a rollin’

  13. Mark Lang

    Castillo cannot pitch with a lead

  14. Old-school

    Let’s go Castillo… Get this team to 1 under and send a message to the Brewers.

  15. Mark Lang

    The Reds being so bad the first part of the year made Castillo a good pitcher. But now that they’re scoring – you’re going to see his numbers plummet.

  16. Roger Garrett

    Castillo giving them all right back and in a hurry.Its time for him to man up and get the job done.He was bad the last time against them and he should have been ready to go this time.

  17. matt hendley

    Note: this is not Ace material right here.

  18. Indy Red Man

    1-0, 2-0, then 3-1 to almost everyone. Somehow Castillo has still been decent lately, but that can only last so long when you pitch like this?

  19. Tomn

    Take castillo out now. He’s psyched out by the brewers. Put in stephenson and see how long he can go

  20. Seat101

    Well, looks like we’re going to have to score some more

  21. Indy Red Man

    Another 4 hour game on the way.

  22. Mark Lang

    No lead – time for the good Castillo to show up until the next lead.

  23. matt hendley

    4 Runs on Castillo, the 5th if it comes will be on Iggy. NOt a start the reds were looking for. Luckily MIL stemmed their own lineup with P batting 8th. Reds look like they will need another 11 runs to win this one.

  24. Roger Garrett

    Walks and errors and 2 hits plate 4 runs.Just hope we never have another inning like that one.Just awful.

  25. Indy Red Man

    Only 2 earned on Castillo. Gotta figure Hader goes 2 ip today. Reds are probably going to need 2-3 good innings from someone…maybe Stephenson?

  26. TR

    Another ugly game is shaping up, but winning teams win most of the ugly games along with most of the one run ones.

  27. Slicc50

    Good frame job there Tucker! A bit inside I thought

  28. Mark Lang

    another coat of paint on that outfield wall and that was outta here

  29. Slicc50

    Good to see Suarez put a charge in one!

  30. Seat101

    I’m certain feel better I wonder if we’re going to get hit by pitch here

  31. Curt

    Too bad Votto couldn’t pull off one of his epic walks before the Saurez bomb. Brew announcers start talkin’ about the “practice swings” and what he might be doing with them but are left guessing. Brew cameras zoom in on Votto for 4-5 of the intense half-cuts. Votto steps to the plate, super focused….strike 3 looking …right down broadway. Brew guys: well that’s that then.

    • matt hendley

      Have serious questions about a slider that started off the plate to reenter at the end of the pitch on the outer half could be considered ‘right down Broadway’

      Maybe its an issue with MIL broadcast.

    • TR

      Votto’s practice half-swings are puzzling. Must be something physically wrong. I doubt it’s just advancing age.

  32. Indy Red Man

    Bell should keep the quick hook because you have to ride these hot streaks as long as you can. They have Monday & Thursday off next week.

  33. earmbrister

    Castillo seems like he’s settled in. Whole new “scoreless” game.

    • Mark Lang

      He’s great in tie games or when we’re down, he’s got “Ace” stuff … but as soon as we get the lead, the wheels will come off.

      • earmbrister

        Yeah, I spoke too soon. Walking the 9 spot on 4 pitches: yikes

  34. matt hendley

    Suarez ties up the game. New game for Castillo to possibly mess up.

  35. Indy Red Man

    Alrighty then….lets go with the lighting. That was the issue

  36. earmbrister

    Peraza looked lost on that ball.

  37. matt hendley

    Well its not like Peraza asked to play center. With the current set up would have put Winker in center. Reds losing again. Reds Might have to bite the bullet and pull Luis C. Horrible outing by him.

    Offense has been keeping it close though.

  38. Curt

    “Bad break, bad route…terrible angle right there by Peraza, not sure what he was trying to accomplish” -Brewers announcers

    • Seat101

      He’s learning “on the fly”

      It’s obvious that Peraza’s bat cannot carry his glove in centerfield. That experiment should end

      • vegastypo

        My opinion: The Reds really need to decide what they’re going to do with Peraza. If he is a starting infielder of the future, get him out of the outfield. If he’s going to be a versatile “utility” guy, then get him some experience in the minors and winter ball in the outfield. … He shouldn’t be in a major league outfield right now,

  39. earmbrister

    Tough outing by Castillo. It wasn’t as bad as the box score shows; a couple of bad breaks including that fluke single by Cain.

    • Jim Walker

      My alternate view on the Cain single is that they just went to the well once too often going away from him. It might have been time to really bust him inside.

      • earmbrister

        Funny, I was thinking high heat cause Cain apparently has an upper hand injury.

        We’ll never know if the FB, high or tight, was the answer.

  40. Indy Red Man

    Already lost with a 5-0 and 4-0 lead with Castillo….now 3 run lead blown thats mostly his fault. Needs to get it straight. Now you’re getting Hader and their A-team bullpen. Better rally quickly! They can because Chacin isn’t very good.

  41. Slicc50

    Come on boys, let’s get em back right here!

  42. Indy Red Man

    Rather have Senzel lead off when he’s available. He scores on that ball. They were pulled way off the line vs Votto & Yelich had to come a long way.

  43. Curt

    “I’m surprised they didn’t let Lorenzen hit and then take him out…save that bench player (Ervin) for later. I would have done it” -Brewers announcer

  44. Indy Red Man

    I smell a 3 run shot right here!! Puig is feeling it right now!!

  45. Centerfield

    DD gets hit again. Counsel just smiles.

    • earmbrister

      I saw more of a pained look from Counsel.

      6 HBPs in less than 3 games.

  46. Roger Garrett

    Peraza was brutally awful on that ball hit to center.Bell either believes in him or the front office has told him he will play.I have no problem with either but it appeared Ervin was kept up here to become the 4th outfielder and since then Winker set and we watched DD play in left and today Senzel sets and Peraza is in center.The Reds really need to find out about Ervin because its obvious to me and its ok that DD and Peraza will be here next year.Ervin’s line last year in close to 300 at bats was close to or at league average and he tore it up in the spring and tore it up when he was sent down.He is not getting a fair chance

    • Old-school

      Peraza in CF gets a break. He’s doing what he can. He’s not a CF. Reds need a legit CF. Senzel doing great, but he’s an infielder too.

      • Indy Red Man

        Senzel is going to be a good CF’er! Thing is if you sign a 30 yr SS in Iggy then you’ll need a real backup SS and a CFer. Peraza is best at 2b and average at best. Farmer made some plays there the other night that Peraza (or Scooter) can’t make.

      • RojoBenjy

        The point is that Ervin is an outfielder and bats right handed and he didn’t start.

        However Peraza has been riding a hot streak so I see why they played him.

    • Indy Red Man

      Blandino is a 1st rounder too and doing well in AAA.

  47. matt hendley

    Reds Evidently announced recently that they will be keeping the same spending levels in 2020 as 2019. Matt Kemp money will be gone, so the Reds look like there are 2 options, to get into and remain in contention. (As they also beleive they have a window)

    1. Extend obvious Candidates Iggy, Scooter, Maybe Wood, etc. Use some of the Freed up Matt Kemp money to go get a FA or two.


    2. Sign Peraza to a $50 Mil a year 15 Mil contract while playing him in every position including pitcher. Hoping that that major breakout is comming.

    • Indy Red Man

      Well 9 out to go and Hader will get 5 or 6. Better get busy!! Maybe Hader will be too rusty?

      • Roger Garrett

        Reds in one of those spots where they go hitless the rest of the way.Same story 6 up and 6 down soon to be 12 up and 12 down to finish this one but it was interesting.As Dusty would say we will get em tomorrow.Everybody swinging for the fences right now.

    • vegastypo

      Kemp ($21 million ? ) money gone, Puig ($9.7 million) money gone, Wood ($9.6 million) money gone, Roark ($10 million) money gone, Gennett ($7.5 million) money gone …………..

      I have no clue how Dick Williams is going to proceed this offseason, but he should finally some financial flexibility.

      • matt hendley

        obviously missed the joke there, but even with Kemps money alone there is obvious Financial room if they are keeping the money at the same level.

        I do think there will be some extensions (plural) and not just Iggy.

      • Jim Walker

        And consider the team has gotten to the cusp of competitiveness with essentially zero contribution from three of those guys so far.

        I think the bean counters put Kemp’s cost to the Reds at around $14M because at least around $7M came with him.

      • vegastypo

        No, was ignoring the Peraza joke. My thoughts since last offseason have been that nothing really happens with this team until Williams has the money to do things differently. …. If he has the money, how far will he be willing (and allowed by Big Bob) to go?

  48. Cincyborn2012

    The Reds are going to have a tough time winning if they don’t score soon. I’m sure the Brewers are ready to have Josh Hader cover at least two innings, if not the remaining three. They are desperate for a win.

    • Mark Lang

      Meanwhile, Bell is doing what I call the: “Burn through as many pitchers as you can until you find one who’s having an off day and let him blow it wide open” strategy.

      • Jim Walker

        Bell had to be measured in his use of Lorenzen and Garrett today because both guys threw 20+ pitches out of the pen yesterday.

  49. Mark Lang

    Reds pitcher have walked more Brewers than the all the players in the last gadzillion series prior.

  50. Indy Red Man

    Disco has a 3.47 era in his last 11 starts. Roark is doing well. Mahle is young, but making strides. It seems like Castillo & Gray are struggling the most. It almost feels like they could make up a 7 day DL for them or push them back a day and have a bullpen game or a Stephenson start. Seems like they need to fine turn their mechanics. LC was falling off today and everything was high & away.

  51. Indy Red Man

    This games over. Can’t give away runs…just like that Texas game where they lost it in the 1st inning. Tomorrow is a big one….win & you’re still on a hot streak. Lose and its over.

  52. RedAlert

    Barnhart has no business on this roster – can’t hit it in the Atlantic Ocean

  53. matt hendley

    Well, we wern’t going to win the entire remainder of the season. Poor start by castillo, cant really fault the batting when 5 runs are scored.

  54. Roger Garrett

    Tough one to lose but you can’t win if you can’t score against the other teams pen.Twelve up and twelve down over the last 4 inning with 13 in a row to finish the game.Hey lets win tomorrow.Sorry for the negative stuff but we are a much better team this year and who knows what may happen.Just afraid we will set on our hands at the trade deadline and end up losing these guys on one year deals and get nothing in return as we have done in the past or hang on to guys until they have no value or we can’t afford them.We need younger players and we have a few guys others may want at the deadline.We have several bull pen pieces along with Puig,Roark and other that could be packaged to get us younger.