Final R H E
Houston Astros (48-25)
2 4 0
Cincinnati Reds (32-38)
3 6 1
W: Castillo (7-1) L: Miley (6-4) S: Lorenzen (3)
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Well, well, well, how the turntables. The Cincinnati Reds hung on after a scary final three innings to start a winning streak. Yes, two wins in a row is a winning streak and that’s where the Redlegs are.

The Offense

Neither team was able to get much going early on in the game. But in the 5th inning Curt Casali singled to lead off the inning and Kyle Farmer followed with a walk. Luis Castillo laid down a sacrifice bunt to move the runners to 2nd and 3rd to bring up Nick Senzel with no outs. After getting ahead 1-0, Senzel came through with a 2-run single to put the Reds in front. Joey Votto followed with a walk and then Eugenio Suarez made it 3-0 with a single to bring in Senzel. That was all they would need. By the tiniest of margins.

Jose Peraza went 2-4 on the day. Kyle Farmer went 1-1, walked, was hit by a pitch, and he scored a run. The Reds managed just 6 hits on the day, and they drew 4 walks on the day

The Pitching

It wasn’t the sexiest start you will ever see, but Luis Castillo did enough on the night to escape trouble time and again. He would allow 2 earned runs – both coming in after he left the game in the top of the 7th inning –  in 6+ innings. He walked the first two batters of the 7th inning before being replaced by David Hernandez, who allowed one of the inherited runners to score. That was helped, though, by a throwing error by Jose Peraza on a double play attempt. A non-error there likely leads to neither run coming across the plate. Amir Garrett came on later in the 7th inning and allowed another inherited runner to score, making it a 3-2 game.

Raisel Iglesias came on to pitch in the 8th inning and he tossed a hitless inning with a walk. He returned for the 9th and walked the first batter he faced in Myles Straw. Iglesias then induced a pop up from Alex Bregman. That’s when David Bell came out to the mound and brought in Michael Lorenzen. It wasn’t without stress, but he stranded the runner at first base with a line out to center field and a strikeout to end the game.

Notes Worth Noting

Scooter Gennett went 0-2 with a fly out to center field and a ground out to second base in his first game of rehab with the Advanced-A Daytona Tortugas.

Jose Peraza has gone 12-36 in his last 10 games started with 3 doubles and a home run.

Luis Castillo walked 6 batters and struck out 7 batters. It wasn’t pretty, but at least on this day, it worked. His ERA now sits at 2.26 on the season and he picked up his 7th win of the year for those of you who like that kind of thing.

Amir Garrett didn’t have his best outing of the year, and he did allow an inherited runner to score, but his ERA dropped to 1.47 on the season. Put him in the All-Star game.

Raisel Iglesias, even with all of his struggles he has had this season, has an ERA of 2.97 as I type this sentence.

It was Bark in the Park at Great American Ball Park tonight. And during the Hometown Heroes segment at the park, the team honored Cello, a military dog. And it was awesome.

Up Next for the Cincinnati Reds

Houston Astros vs Cincinnati Reds

Tuesday June 18th, 7:10pm

Justin Verlander (9-2, 2.41 ERA) vs. Anthony DeSclafani (3-3, 4.43 ERA)

73 Responses

  1. RedsMonk65

    Facing Verlander tomorrow would have been even tougher had the Reds lost this one. Good win — hopefully, more to come!

  2. matt hendley

    Peraza has also been almost exclusively used against LHP whenever possible. Has no position, the defense has not improved from last year. a good third of the hits are also of the no EV no power variety. Blandino is the Better option. This would have been a shutout without his (error) even though you can’t assume the DP. , Reds fans have been patient enough on him.

    • Steven Ross

      Blandino is a better option than Peraza? Really. Peraza was tied for 9th in the Major leagues in hits last year with 182. Not the NL, but Major Leagues. You sure Blandino is a better option? Maybe you should be a little more patient with Peraza.

      • RojoBenjy

        It’s June 18.

        This Major League Ball Club is allegedly trying to win games.
        This is not Joey Votto that has a multi-year history of rebounding from funks. This is Jose Peraza with one season that stands out. The rest is the same.
        Jose Peraza is not getting it done. Tonight he was harmful to the cause. He had 2 hits, but no runs scored and no RBI.

        Patience is waiting four years. His time is up.

        Patience is waiting through 5 seasons of Reds losing. Peraza is not the future. He was Jocketty’s guy. Let it go.

      • Rich H

        I’m going to try to coherently and dispassionately express my problem with many Jose Peraza hot takes out there; many detractors seemingly cannot look at his career numbers and make a reasonable argument based on the data. He got a cup of coffee with the Dodgers in 2015. He got between a third and half a season worth of at bats for the Reds in 2016, with a .762 OPS. He started about 3/4 of a season in in 2017 with a .622 OPS. He started a full season last year with a .742 OPS at 24 (an 85 OPS+ through those three seasons). He’s played a third of a season this year with a .602 OPS. There are rough numbers, there are good numbers there, but at 25 you simply cannot label a player like that as bad, or done. A couple of recent former Reds organization SS numbers.

        Zack Cozart’s OPS, in his first three full seasons, were .687, .665, and .568 (75 OPS+). He ended that stretch at 29 years old in 2014.

        Didi Gregorius began his career with 704/.653/.688 OPS (89 OPS+) seasons. He was 25 years old during his last year.

        I’m not saying he will have the kind of later career performance those guys had, or that his fielding is as good as Cozart or Gregorius or Iglesias. But this year he has played multiple positions with experience levels varying from a lot to almost none, and owns exactly one more error than Iglesias does. His dWAR has increased the every year since he started playing regularly, sitting at .6 through this season currently.

        My point is, that is the realistic context about what he has actually been. His career OPS is still (barely) higher than Jose Iglesias’, although Peraza’s OPS+ is slightly lower. As much as we might wish, no other viable starting shortstop exists in this organization to start for this team next year, or replace Iglesias daily this year in the case of a trade or injury. Maybe that situation changes. Maybe there are better bench options for this team, this year. Those are discussions worth having. But you are not being reasonable or logical when you suggest to toss the guy aside, or that Alex Blandino is clearly a better option. Maybe he is, but it’s certainly not clear. I don’t know that a clearly better option exists. When Scooter comes back, you can make a case that JVM and Peraza go down to keep Ervin and Farmer up. I just don’t know if I do that with the guy whose been an every day player for almost 3 years and may very well start for you next year at shortstop.

      • Hotto4Votto

        Rich, that was a well said, well thought out reply. I’m not a big Peraza fan, but I appreciate the thought and tact you put into your response. We’d all do well with less hot takes, myself included.

      • RojoBenjy

        @Rich H

        I agree with Hotto, very well-done post. We shall have to wait and see how it all turns out.

      • RojoBenjy

        @Rich H

        He’s turning a corner this week. Perhaps your patience will prevail.

      • Lwblogger2

        I agree with you, Rich and a few of the others. Look, I don’t like the type of player that Peraza is. The lack of plate discipline, minimal power (although he surprised me the 2nd half last year and I thought I may lose a bet!), and reliance on BABIP for value doesn’t generally make for a good MLB starter. That said, his age, work ethic, and defensive flexibility are all factors suggesting that he needs to continue to be given chances. He is, in my opinion, a quality bench piece with enough upside to perhaps still be more. His defense isn’t as bad as some suggest and his error the other night (I was there) was partly due to bad communication on who was to cover 2B on ball to the mound. Peraza had broken to field the ball, when Castillo got it, he moved to cover 2B. Farmer was racing to 2B as well. He was almost on top of Peraza when he made the throw. Also was a wet ball. Was Peraza’s fault but I think people see error and just assume suckage without knowing exactly what happened.

        Anyway, not a Peraza fan but there is enough there for me to be good with the Reds playing him. Although I don’t like that it’s often at the expense of Winker vs LHP.

  3. Mark Moore

    I liked the move to Lorenzen. Iggy didn’t have the best stuff and the result was what we all want.

    Thom, of course, tried to downplay his making too much of it …

  4. Steve Mancuso

    Just guessing … but David Bell looked really mad when Iglesias walked the leadoff batter in the ninth. Maybe he had to wait a batter to get Lorenzen warmed up. Bell might have been sending a message to Iglesias, regardless of what he says publicly tonight. Really glad to see a manager willing to upset the established closer role when he feels it was the right call. David Bell is doing an excellent job managing the Reds.

    • Steve Mancuso

      Bell said he thought Lorenzen gave them the best chance to win. Period.

      • Old-school

        I’ve been down on Bell as I perceived a double standard . Tonight not so much. Go reds. Lorenzen 99 mph helps .

      • Indy Red Man

        I like Bell too, but I only let Castillo walk 1 guy then he’s gone. I’m also not putting my reliever with the 4th best stuff in the game with 2 on and nobody out. Of course Peraza made it interesting. DH is pretty good most of the time, but Bell will let DH face a lefty before he lets Amir pitch to righties. I don’t get it? Overall though….he makes quick adjustments and he tried 100 different lineups to get them to swing the bats. I’ll like him alot more if he sacks up and sends Peraza where he belongs. 12-36 means NOTHING. The guy cannot play. He has a low baseball IQ. They literally have 10 guys that could do it better. Give Lorenzen a month in the minors and he could hit & play a better SS. Blandino, Farmer, JVM, DD….actually swing the ball instead of tap the ball and can make routine plays.

      • Steve Mancuso

        I kinda felt the same way tonight regarding Castillo.

      • PhP

        I’m with you, generally positive on Bell but can’t stand how with some players (Garrett, Winker) he won’t let them face the opposite handed batters or pitchers. I’m sure the splits don’t look pretty, but these are also young players and don’t have anywhere near the number of appearances to say they are a finished product.

      • Steve Mancuso

        Amir Garrett has faced 64 LH batters and 60 RH batters.

      • Roger Garrett

        I like what Bell has done so far.He has to manage a lot period because of all the close games the Reds play and the more you do the more chance you will make mistakes.He saw what we all saw with Iggy last night and even if Lorenzen didn’t get it done he made the right call.Lorenzen was pumped and hit 99 on the gun to finish the game.Like it and lets see more.Closer rules are just silly.

      • PhP

        Thanks for looking that up, I never would have guessed that. He has been used as a Loogy in certain instances this year though, clearly not as much as I would have thought.

      • Steve Mancuso

        It surprised me, too. I ran across that the other day when working on something else.

    • RojoBenjy

      I’m glad he did it.

      I wish the club would have traded R.I. when his value was highest. Maybe a club will still give a valuable return for him, believing that a change of scenery will fix him.

      • Mason Red

        That would have made sense but we all know the Reds never trade players at the most opportune time.

    • Jreis

      I like Bell as well. He is an old school disciplinarian with all the new school analytic principles. I am glad he is holding Winker and Ervin back. They have to prove they want to be everyday players first.

      • DHud

        How does one prove they want to be every day players?

        Winker went 4-5 with 5 RBI yesterday

      • VaRedsFan

        By doing it against lefties, consistently.

      • Chris

        He can’t do it against lefties consistently if he doesn’t face lefties.

      • VaRedsFan

        batted .211 last year
        …if it looks like a duck…ect

      • PhP

        Winker has 116 CAREER ABs versus left handed pitching. As a young player that is nowhere near enough ABs to make a determination. Yes, he struggles, but he will never improve unless he gets consistent ABs against them. They have already declared him a platoon player and it’s a shame in my opinion.

    • Big Ed

      Bell ought to have been mad about that leadoff walk.

      I wouldn’t mind seeing them trade Iglesias at the deadline. He is one of the few pieces that they have that could bring a real prospect back, and I’ve thought for 25 years that The Closer Role is nonsense.

  5. RojoBenjy

    Disappointed that Ervin looked so puny in his two at-bats tonight. Nevertheless I hope he gets a little longer look with the big club.

    • Big Ed

      Miley made Ervin look silly. It was a total mismatch.

      Frankly, if they need a RH outfielder anytime soon to get real playing time, it ought to be Aristides Aquino. He is hitting a ton of fly balls, and down to a .59 GO/AO ratio; that will play in GABP.

      • Pete

        I would like to see Ervin get his chance this year. Sink or swim, it’s up to him. He has shown enough this year to get this opportunity but it’s up to him to make the most of it.

      • VaRedsFan

        Pete, when he gets his chances, he has to overachieve. That’s how you break into a lineup. He didn’t help his cause tonight

      • Pete

        Agree 100%. At this point and in the short term if Bell plays Winker against all pitchers, I don’t have a big problem. However, I would prefer to see Ervin against lefties for a while at least. I’m working under the assumption the Reds will not have an opportunity to play in the playoffs but this is not known for sure at this point.

  6. redbone

    Was this best chance based on a gut feeling or the big A? How did the numbers stack up since DB has played the numbers all year.

    • Big Ed

      I think Bell wanted to avoid the HR possibility, and Iglesias has already yielded 4 of them to LHs this year. Plus, his eyes were telling him the same thing.

      Some team like the Angels ought to take a shot at making Iglesias a starter again. He’s got an arsenal of pitches, and if he didn’t think he had to try to throw 97 MPH so much, his shoulder might hold up.

  7. Klugo

    A wins a win. I’ll enjoy every one we can get. But Peraza looks like something out of Major League when he’s in the field playing defense and Winker looks like Cecil the Turtle running to 1st base or running down a fly ball in LF. If he’s not absolutely raking, he’s a liability.I just don’t see a future for him outside of a slugging 1B. And that’s seems like a stretch.

    • Indy Red Man

      I forgot about that. Yeah slow and got a horrible jump. That was an easy out for 80% of the LF’ers atleast. Doubleplays are killing him too. Fastballs in and breaking stuff away. They jam him and then get him out ahead on the breaking stuff away and he rolls over. Every once he’ll crank a few balls to left, but in years past he would go on heaters to left and left-center like he was Joey Junior at times. Too pull happy this year.

    • RojoBenjy

      Perhaps Mr. Winker would make a team in the AL a great DH.

      Mr. Williams should be working those phones!

      • Big Ed

        Or just wait two years and have him DH here.

  8. TR

    R. Iglesias seemed po’d in the dugout between the 8th. & 9th. innings and when he was lifted. I think he’s seen his best days with the Reds. Package him in a trade. Time for change.

  9. Mark Lang

    I’m sorry – Castillo can’t pitch with a lead. As long as the game is tight, he does well – give him 2 runs or more to work with – he’ll immediately set about giving those runs back. Even a few starts ago when they gave him an 8 run cushion – he failed (and we ended up losing that game).

    2nd point – I don’t think (cause the video didn’t show Winker the whole time) Winker hit into a double play – I think he lollygagged his way into a double play. He certainly wasn’t moving too fast when he crossed the bag.

    • Reddawg12

      Agreed on your point about Winker. That cost the Reds a run that they are very lucky they didn’t end up needing.

    • Big Ed

      Winker has ever moved “too fast” in his life. He hustled, but he’s just slow; not the twitchiest guy in the league. He’s a John Kruk type, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

      • Pete

        Winkers baseline of productivity is easy to determine: he needs to hit 300 with a 400 on base percentage to be a starter at this level. Unfortunately, he is not an asset in the field nor on the base paths.

      • Mark Lang

        There was video of him, just not video from start to finish. What video there was made it look like he’d pulled up and then started running (jogging) again. He certainly wasn’t in a full out run – or whatever passes for a full out run for Winker.

      • Big Ed

        Mark, I believe that Winker may be like Sean Casey. The faster Casey tried to run, the slower he got. You could race Casey, Winker and Ryan Hanigan in a 100-yard dash and have time for a nap.

        I didn’t see the replay on Winker on that one. If he didn’t go full out, that is bad, because that was a big play. I don’t think he is generally a slacker, though.

    • greenmtred

      Is it that he can’t pitch with a lead, or is it that can’t go deep into games without getting tired and losing command?

      • Mark Lang

        Well – he got that 8 run cushion – I think – in the 3rd inning and didn’t get out of the 5th.

  10. Brian

    Question for anyone who knows the answer.

    Castillo left after 6+ shutout innings with runners on first and second.

    Hernandez got a strikeout and then a fielders choice that scored a run on peraza’s error. If Brantley would have made an out then Castillo would’ve given up 0 ER but the double made the runs score even with the peraza error.

    My question is, with the fielders choice that peraza made an error scoring the run on. Wasn’t castillo’s second runner, the in he left on first, forced out before Hernandez’s replaced him on the bases? If that’s the case wouldn’t castillo’s final line be 6 innings 1ER? And Hernandez’s be .2 ip 1 ER? What am I missing here? Why is he being charged for a second run when his guy was forced off the bases and therefore never scored?

    • Big Ed

      Because of (what I believe to be a silly) scoring rule that requires the scorer not to assume a double play, the deemed result without the error was Chirinos on third, Marisnick on first. The actual result, caused by the error, was Chirinos’s scoring and Marisnick’s going to second. The error occurred not when the Reds failed to record the out, but instead when the overthrow allowed two baserunners to advance an extra base. (Had the next two guys made outs, then the Chirinos run would have been unearned.)

      Bregman then walked, which without the error would have loaded the bases (Marisnick on second and no runs yet in). With the error, Bregman was on first and Marisnick on second. In other words, error or not, Marisnick would have been on second base.

      The double by Brantley scored Marisnick; absent the throwing error, that double would have scored both Chirinos and Marisnick, and the Astros would have scored the same two runs.

      Which leads us to the great play by Yasiel Puig to cut Brantley’s double off and dissuade Bregman from trying to score. With any other RF on the team, and almost all of baseball, Bregman scores on that double. It was the second time yesterday that Puig’s arm by reputation stopped a runner from taking an extra base. That is a nuance that is hard to quantify, but it was apparent twice yesterday.

      • Hotto4Votto

        But how is Marsinek run charged to Castillo when Castillo didn’t face Marsinek? I understand that they can’t assume a double play, but regardless of errors, you shouldn’t be charged with a run against a guy you didn’t pitch to.

    • Hotto4Votto

      I had a similar question. Castillo was charged for a run, when he never faced the second guy who scored. I don’t get how you can be charged with a run for a guy scoring that you never pitched to. I thought the line should have been 1 ER for Castillo and an unearned run to Hernandez.

      • indydoug

        Because Hernandez batter simply replaced Castillo batter. Not going to penalize new pitcher for erasing Castillo runner on 1st with a FO at 2nd.

      • Hotto4Votto

        Don’t think Hernandez should be penalized. Should have been an unearned run for him at most. Still don’t know how it makes any sense to charge Castillo with an earned run for a guy scoring that he never pitched to. Screwy rule if ask me.

  11. Bred

    Why didn’t Bell use an opener? They knew the rain was coming. It worked out, but I was sitting there thinking that before the game started.

    • David

      Actually kind of a good idea, and not trying to sound condescending. Lorenzen could fit in that role, I think.

  12. Cincyborn2012

    Breaks that went the Reds way (these things almost never go their way):
    1. Farmer being positioned perfectly on the double play that got the Reds out of the bases loaded, one out jam in the 4th.
    2. Casali and Saurez with seeing eye singles on extremely weak ground balls in a huge 3 run 5th inning.
    3. The Astros being too afraid of Puig’s arm to send home the tying run, when that runner clearly would have scored.
    4. The Reds walked 9 batters, had 6 hits, and still beat the best team in the AL.
    5. Amir Garret and Iglesias were clearly not on top of their game, but the bullpen as a whole still threw 3 scoreless innings.

    Granted, the game would not have been so close had it not been for the Peraza error, but it seems like the Reds are never the team that catches these little breaks. I’ll take about 8 more games in a row like this, please!

    • VaRedsFan

      This is a good list, and I agree with all of them, especially #3, he would have scored easily. The reputation save them a run.
      The regular shifts work, the extreme shifts are the ones that have been detrimental.

  13. Roger Garrett

    A win is a win.File and move on.Bell got Iggy out before he lost the game after he brought him in the 8th for I believe the first time since he blamed his performance on how he was being used.Reds don’t need a closer anyway so hope Iggy’s mad and becomes unhittable the next few times out and then move him.Never liked his complaining and blaming others for how he pitches.That’s baby stuff and he just needs to man up but with another team.

    • David

      Raisel has lost a little velocity and movement on his fastball. So it is kind of hittable when he puts one in a good hitting zone over the plate, rather than blowing them by most hitters at 97 mph.
      Plus, players look at video now, so a lot of Raisel’s movement and deliveries (different arm angles, at times) are not quite surprising people any more.

  14. Jim Walker

    Someone commented above about getting Lorenzen more all around use. The rule changes scheduled to kick in next season allow for a player to be classified as a 2 way player. Being a “2 way” player will allow a guy to pitch in competitive situations without him without counting against the roster quota of pitchers which most likely going to be 12.

    The Reds should seriously look at getting Lorenzen the required playing time this season to qualify him as a 2 way guy for 2020.

    Per the proposed changes, 2 way designation will require 20 MLB innings pitched (no issue for Lorenzen) PLUS at least 20 game appearances as a position player of DH with at least 3 plate appearances in each game. Any player doing that this season is good to for all of 2020 as a 2 way guy. Players could also qualify by meeting the same criteria within a season.

    If the Reds are not legitimately in a playoff hunt come late July, it would seem to behoove them to get Lorenzen qualified for 2020.

    • Big Ed

      Did they finalize the 2-way element of that rule yet? If so, I generally agree, although it would be awkward to get him three plate appearances in 20 games.

      I don’t generally like any limitations on what position a player can play. A player is a player. They ought to encourage 2-way players, because they are interesting. The rule as proposed limits their usage.

      • Jim Walker

        As I recall, they (meaning MLB and the MLBPA) jointly announced an entire package which included the criteria for 2 way players. Here is a link which talks about the whole package:

        My recollection is that the very 1st announcement stipulated that the pitcher quota would be 12. Then they very quickly walked that back and said the joint committee on rules would announce it later.

        As far as I have been able to find there is nothing which will keep a designated pitcher from playing as a position player, being a DH or a PH, doing so just takes them out of the mix as a pitcher for that game just as it does now.

    • Matt WI

      Great call Jim. I hope they are thinking this way.

  15. VaRedsFan

    On Peraza’s play at SS….It for sure cost 1 unearned (later earned) run. Since the runner was clearly going to be safe at 1st (no double play), we can’t say he cost them 2 runs, as scenarios would have played out different.
    I can’t believe people are calling for Blandino (.234/.324/.289) to replace Peraza.

    To me, Peraza shouldn’t be starting, but he is decent enough to be a bench player….more so than Blandino.

    • Scott C

      Really?? You prefer 217/268/333? For a shortstop that has made two critical errors on routine plays over the last week? And no excuses for not having played ss for awhile. As the backup he needs to be taking grounders there every day.

      • David

        Peraza has kind of a weak arm for a shortstop.
        Blandino has an even weaker arm. I saw him play SS last year a few times, and he really struggles to make the throw from deep in the hole at SS.

        Blandino is a nice guy and may be a decent major leaguer, but he is not the answer to a back up SS.

  16. Old-school

    Castillo needs to cut his BB% and then sustain success over the long haul to take that final step. But, last night he deserves some slack…poor weather, a rain delay, stops and starts. It’s hard to immediately be sharp after a rain delay. I’m sure he threw a simulated inning , but that’s not the same.

    • Jim Walker

      I agree on the walks; but, say Castillo’s overall pitch efficiency needs work too if he is to launch to the true Ace level. With the stuff he has there is no reason to let as many counts eventually get to 2 balls as he does. Saving those pitches is what he needs to accomplish to routinely get through 7 innings and at times into the 8th.

  17. Old-school

    Doug notes Taylor Trammell is on the IL with a hamstring. Hard to see Trammell starting in the reds OF in 2020. He looks to be a player for 2021. What to make of Aristides Aquino? Never seen him play but hitting over .300 . Has a 20 game hitting hitting streak. He has power and an arm. He’s doing it in AAA- not Dayton.

    When do updated reds prospect lists come out? Aquino has to be rocketing upwards. Could the Reds have an internal solution to RF in 2020?