The Cincinnati Reds have called out outfielder Phillip Ervin from Triple-A Louisville. He’s taking the place on the roster of reliever Wandy Peralta, who was placed on the 10-day injured list with a right hip flexor strain.

For Phillip Ervin, it’s a return to the big leagues once again. He had two different stints in the Majors with the Reds in April. Then he had another short stint in Cincinnati during May. He’s back once again, and it’s coming at a time when he’s on fire. In June, down in Triple-A Louisville, he’s hitting .343/.410/.543. But he’s been hitting well for a while now. Going back to the start of May he’s hitting .323/.427/.583 with 7 doubles, 6 home runs, 14 walks, and 21 strikeouts in 117 plate appearances in the minors.

Who knows how long he will be up – the team seems determined to have an 8-man bullpen as long as they possibly can. But while he is up, he does give the Reds an extra right-handed bat on the bench. Or perhaps in the starting lineup in left field if David Bell chooses to sit Jesse Winker against a left-handed pitcher and keep Jose Peraza on the bench. For tonight, at least, Ervin is in the starting line up and playing left field with Mike Minor, a left-handed pitcher on the mound.

For Wandy Peralta, last night didn’t go well for him. After entering the game in the 5th inning with 2 runners on he would proceed to give up a grand slam and see a 2-0 deficit turn into a 6-0 one. The lefty moving to the injured list with a hip flexor injury puts the bullpen back to a 7-man crew – at least for now. It also leaves the bullpen with just two lefties – Zach Duke and Amir Garrett.

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  1. jreis

    it is time for Ervin to really shine. he has the talent to be the everyday left fielder for this club. I think with him it is all mental. I want to see more hustle and hard nosed plays from him. that is the only thing imo that is holding him back, his mental state.

    • MrRed

      J, c’com. How do you know his mental state? Stick to the facts, please.

      • jreis

        the fact is the guy doesn’t hustle and doesn’t try his hardest all the time. his head isn’t always in the game.

  2. Seat101

    I believe it’s pretty clear what David Bell thinks of Jesse Winker’s future as a Redleg.

    Is there any particular reason as to why this is a night game?

    • RojoBenjy

      Is Winker perhaps the player that was mysteriously hinted at in April as “the key part of the future” that wasn’t seeing eye to eye with his skipper?

  3. WVRedlegs

    Praise be.
    Big rain rolling into Cincinnati. Hope they get this one in.

  4. Pete

    OK, let’s see what the kid’s got. Hopefully he will get many starts and we can get a gauge on this young man’s potential.

  5. matt hendley

    Finally a platoon worth raving over. Farmer getting the start at second.

    I am starting a new series that i hear is similar to the reds season.


    • Pete

      Actually it is a very good series. On HBO.

      If Puig is indeed back to form and Joey keeps plugging along, throw in Ervin… I’m a little optimistic. Rather see Farmer starting at 2B than Peraza. Scooter back in a week or two.. Give Bell a few horses and let’s see what happens.

      • matt hendley

        Watched the first episode: a little slow in places but certainly a good show.

    • Seat101

      Can you never give it a rest? We’re 1/3 of the way into the season under new management from top to bottom, and you are comparing it to a nuclear meltdown.

      A lot of things have gone right, a few big things, like hitting and, uh, hitting have not.

      I hate to break it to you, but the Reds were never going to the World Series this year. They are light years ahead of where they were last year. Management did “get the pitching.” We all thought that management had “got the hitting.”

      Since you seem to know so much, why don’t you tell me what the team’s record would be if Jesse Winker had started every game and Jose Peraza had started none.

      Would we be about .500? Winning the division? Unbeaten?

      New systems have been installed in all the minor leagues and in scouting and development, too. 1/3 into the season and you’re ready to scrap it all as a disaster along the lines of Chernobyl.

      • Indy Red Man

        We’re 1/3 of the way into the season under new management from top to bottom,

        Yeah….except they ran the camera up to the booth in gabp during the last homestand and there was 84 yr old geezer Walt Jocketty blabbing into the phone (prob into Dick Williams ear) in the booth below. Some things never change. Jocketty and Thom B. are there for life. So when I come to that area…I play a little poker at the casino and give the Reds ZERO of my $$$ as I drive by gabp.

      • matt hendley

        Seat, let me start off by saying your behavior is inappropriate and unacceptable.

        Secondly, Chernobyl was not infact a meltdown. It was an explosion of a reactor. There is a difference. However, watching the show would have explained that to you oh roughly 20 times in the first episode. For everyone else reading this, it is worth a watch.

        Third, “Can you never give it a rest? We’re 1/3 of the way into the season under new management from top to bottom, and you are comparing it to a nuclear meltdown”
        No, we are not. This is actually Dick williams third season and Nick Kralls second. Walt Jockerty is around there somewhere and that would be his 10th+ season. So no there is not new management top to bottom.

        Fourth, The show itself actually focuses some on the results of the management, both at the technical and political level of the PriPat region in the USSR to the disaster, and their unwillingness to accept simple facts when sometimes they were quite literally in front of their face. Sort of like trying to say that trades for Contract year players, the highest payroll in history is a new effort at rebuilding instead of an all in effort. Or if that example doesn’t work for you, how about a team that had good hitting as a whole goes into a team wide funk at the same time after the introduction of a new pitching coach, and blaming each person rather then the person coaching them. Sort of sounds like the scene (SPOILER ALERT) Where 5-7 different people go down to where the reactor was to find it not there, as opposed to the plant shift manager continually chanting the mantra of “Reactors don’t Blow up” (if you watch the scene it will make sence) anyway…

        If the Reds had swapped Ervin for Peraza when it became obvious that Peraza had either regressed or returned to Career Norms, (however you want to look at it) the reds would have played much better, probably just over a .500 team right now, fighting for 3rd and certainly in the wild card race. Which is what its about. realistically you are trying to make the Playoffs which was a reasonable expectation going into spring training.

        Lastly, “They are light years ahead of where they were last year.” Yea thats what happens when you are a team that is trying to win games as opposed to lose them, you do generally Win games. Saying that is like (spoiler alert again) Oh look at those other 3 reactors they are working, Soviet Technology is the best.

        Finally, It was written as a Joke a statement of starting a show and seeing if anyone had seen it and had recommendations. And relief that a good AAA player is being given a chance. I did not even say the word Peraza at all in my original post. SO i will say it again. Your post was inappropriate and uncalled for and of course wrong.

    • greenmtred

      A disaster resulting from poor planning and maintenance and resulting in persistent and lengthy contamination?

      • Pete

        In the Soviet Union, bad news wasn’t the real issue, it was delivering the bad news that would get you shot or sent to Siberia. This is the main point I took away from a most excellent series.

  6. Jim Walker

    For me it comes down to Puig has not demonstrated he should be a part of the Reds future even if he could be re-signed. Phil Ervin may be. Why not find out, especially since neither Jose Siri nor Taylor Trammell are yet beating the door down to get to AAA let alone MLB.

    If I’m setting up a platoon situation, I might well platoon Winker and Puig while turning loose Ervin to play every day.

    My hope would be that Winker would force the issue for everyday playing time and Ervin would establish he was worthy of the same. If so the Reds have a baseline to work off of in setting up the OF next year.

    • Old-school

      Jim , you raise a good point. I’m tired of non outfielders playing outfield. DW said this week a month from now will tell a lot more. Tired of Jose Peraza and Kyle farmer rotating everywhere . Play Winker/ Puig/ Senzel/ Ervin every inning in the outfield the next 23 games. See what things look like at the All star break

    • Indy Red Man

      Don’t they have to pray that Puig gets it going? They’ve needed a few strong RH bats since Rolen left. He’s here. He has some talent. He plays hard and has a huge arm. I think it could be a mechanical thing. Warning track power seems weird to say for a guy thats 240 lbs of muscle, but he mostly swings with only his upper body? It feels like he’s cracked the ball the other way atleast 5x this year and I said HR to myself, but they catch it on the track. I think the HRs could come in bunches if he can actually step into the ball again? Hopefully with HRs would come walks from respect/fear after that? What else can they do in their situation but hope?

      Suarez is very good, but he still goes into long slumps. He K’d last night and it looked like a swing on the PGA? Long…long swing. Its not easy…Mookie Betts is hitting .262, but they have to find some consistency somewhere. Guys with the right approach and smart enough to make adjustments.

      • Jim Walker

        I don’t think they would be able to re-sign Puig if he does well enough to merit being resigned.

        Winker was a #49 pick overall in 2012. Ervin a #27 overall a year later. In a real twist of irony, both suffered wrist injuries which may have slowed their development.

        Winker has an wRC+ of 117 in just under 700 PAs. Ervin has a 97 wRC+ in ~330 PAs but is a strong all around athlete.

        Not sure what the hesitancy is about just putting them out there and seeing what happens.

    • RojoBenjy

      Jim, this makes so much sense. Thank you.

      • Roger Garrett

        I agree Jim.Never ever understood why the Reds don’t just put the young guys out there and let them play.Puig ain’t going to be here next year even if he is Mickey Mantle or Mickey Mouse for the rest of the year.Sure he may help us win a few more games but it never should be a priority over playing younger guys just to see what they have got.Of course that is where the real disconnect has been all along during this year after year rebuild.We are still talking about the same guys getting a legit chance on the mound and in the field that we were talking about 3 or 4 years ago.

  7. JB WV

    Ervin has put up terrific numbers at AAA, which normally wouldn’t be exciting, except that he has never really put up great numbers at AAA. He may be a late bloomer. I’m with you guys, let him play.