The Reds and Indians play the second and final game of the current series at Progressive Field today in a 1:10 EDT matinee.  The Reds are looking to bounce back from a tough 2-1 extra inning loss last night to gain a series split. Thus it goes without saying the Indians are looking to break out their brooms and do the sweep.


Anthony DeSclafani  gets the call for the Reds against  rookie righthander Zach Plesac of the Indians. If the name Plesac sounds familiar, it is probably because Zach is following in the footsteps of his uncle, Dan Plesac, who had a 17 season career pitching in MLB.


Anthony DeSclafani makes his 13th start of the season. The best news is that he has been physically able to take his turn  every pass through the rotation after missing all of 2018 and most of the 2 previous seasons with injuries. As might be expected after the extended absence, Disco’s 2019 performance has been inconsistent. In particular, he has been haunted by the long ball.

However after 3 consecutive very poor starts from mid May forward, his last 2 outings have been markedly better. His last start, versus the Cardinals, was one of his best of the season, a 6 inning effort with just 1 run allowed on 7 K’s and only 1 BB.  This is the Disco the Reds need to see today.


Zach Plesac makes just his fourth MLB appearance, all starts. The 24 year old right hander was a 12th round (#362 overall) pick out of Ball State by the Indians in the 2016 June draft. Plesac began 2019 where he ended 2018, in Class AA. As injuries created opportunity, he moved quickly up the chain to AAA and ultimately to MLB on May 28.

The small MLB sample size for Plesac indicates he throws a 4 seam fastball in the mid 90’s about 57% of the time. His change up (20%; 85MPH) is his second pitch followed by a slider (15%; 86MPH).  A slow curveball (79MPH) fills out his repertoire. His K rate isn’t all that high but his BB rate has been miniscule.

Over his 3 MLB starts Plesac has thrown 19.1 inning and accrued a 3.50 FIP.

Tale of the tape:

Anthony DeSclafani 5.18 1.35 2.12 7.4% 24.1%
Zach Plesac (3 games) 3.50 0.88 0.93 4.3% 20.0%



The Reds bullpen was tasked to cover 3.1 innings. David Hernandez threw 2 innings (28 pitches) and given the short turnaround is probably unavailable. Michael Lorenzen worked a quick inning (8 pitches); one would guess he could do the same today. Raisel Iglesias thew 18 pitches in the walk off 10th.  The thought here is David Bell would use him for a 1 inning save attempt today.

The Indians pen had to cover just 2.1 innings. While they used 3 pitchers, only Brad Hand (2.1 innings; 26 pitches) threw more than a third of an inning and would seem to be the only Indian reliever not available today.




SP: Anthony DeSclafani


SP: Zach Plesac

1. Nick Senzel (CF)
2. Joey Votto (DH)
3. Eugenio Suarez (3B)
4. Derek Dietrich (1B)
5. Yasiel Puig (RF)
6. Jesse Winker (LF)
7. Jose Iglesias (SS)
8. Curt Casali (C)
9. Jose Peraza (2B)
1. Francisco Lindor (SS)
2. Oscar Mercado (LF)
3. Carlos Santana (DH)
4. Tyler Naquin (RF)
5. Jose Ramirez (3B)
6. Mike Freeman (2B)
7. Jake Bauers (1B)
8. Kevin Plawecki (C)
9. Leonys Martin (CF)

This is what it is I keep telling myself.


What’s this?!? Little League comes to an MLB park? Or maybe it’s Benny

Hill reincarnated?

On the heels of another outstanding performance by Luis Castillo, Matt Wilkes looks at what’s left for Castillo to accomplish to reach Ace status

An outside look at Yasiel Puig and pending free agency


Tuesday night was another difficult loss for the Reds. Somehow this team often seems to be just good enough to lose by a run in a tough situation. Last night it was Raisel Iglesias standing in the spotlight as the guy who didn’t get his job done at the end.  But the run he allowed Tuesday was the first run he had allowed in over a month;  and, during the same period (12 appearances; 12.1 innings; 7 saves) just 1 inherited runner scored on his watch.  Much  the same as with an aerobatic pilot, we tend to only remember when a high leverage pitcher crashes.

Unless David Bell has a crystal ball or time machine, how is he accountable here?

As Doug Gray points out in the RLN recap of Tuesday, the offense had chances to end the game ahead of extra innings and didn’t.

The off day Thursday will be much more pleasant if the Reds can pick up the split today, right? GO REDS!!


Stats and data courtesy of  Fangraphs and 




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  1. Hanawi

    Puig has little trade value. Certainly aren’t going to get a top 10 organizational prospect from a deep farm like the Reds gave up to get him. He was never the man in LA and normally batted 6th. I’m sure he got a lot more pitches to hit there than as the cleanup hitter in Cincy.

  2. Lwblogger2

    I refuse to accept this Plesac that throws with the wrong arm (for a Plesac).

    • Jim Walker

      In my rush to get the preview up on the short turnaround I recognized the name, researched the connection and wrote it with the link to Dan’s career and never once thought to look whether he was RH or LH. 😉

      It did catch my eye though that Dan made 1064 MLB appearances of which exactly 1050 were as a reliever.

  3. Lwblogger2

    As Iglesias did give up a run in a non-save situation, I fully expect him to complain about his usage to the media if it happens again in the next week or 2.

    I’ve given this team a lot of slack and leeway because unlike some others, I don’t think this team is a worthless mess; and nobody could have expected Puig to “hit” as he has. I do blame them for not fostering a culture of accountability however. The Iglesias situation being just one symptom of that culture.

    • Jim Walker

      Agree on the accountability angle.

      I suspect that starting no later than this off season once Bell has had a season to evaluate, we will see the turnover start just like it did 5 years or so ago with a certain hockey team we both follow when they brought in their current head coach.

      Let’s hope 5 years from now we are also talking about 3 Reds playoff appearances dating back to Bell’s arrival!

  4. RojoBenjy

    I think this is a point worth looking into. Puig was on a good hitting team in LA. He saw more pitches to hit because the other batters in the lineup actually concerned the opposing pitcher.

    Is there merit in this idea?

    • Aaron B.

      I really don’t think so. I believe his numbers with the Dodgers were getting steadily worse. He couldn’t win a starting job, he was basically being platooned… and obviously they felt he was expendible enough to trade him in a salary dump not getting much in return. What concerns me the most is that his hitting coach (who he loves) came over with him and he is struggling worse than ever before even at a small ballpark. I do think he has gotten some bad luck and is probably pressing but no one could have really foresaw such a low batting average. Still, he is one hot streak away from getting into a respectable range so I think it is a little premature to write him off in early June.

  5. Pete

    To be a productive major league hitter you have to be able to hit the fastball. Puig can’t so he isn’t. The article linked indicates he is not getting thrown pitches in the middle of the zone. Perhaps but they look like they are pounding him in the zone with heat and he can’t get around on the pitches. Unless he changes his approach, improves his eyesight, goes with a lighter bat, I can’t see him improving.

    The Indians didn’t get the memo as Puig was able to get wood last night on the following pitch velocities: 84.3, 79.6, 79.3, 79.3. Unfortunately, most other teams are not going to be so generous and just continue to pound him with the hard stuff – why in the world would they do anything different? Puig has been regressing in his ability to hit fastballs from his first season on – it’s an open secret. He is pitched 66% fastballs. Hopefully, the Indians will still not read the memo as we enter today’s game.

  6. Sliotar

    Young fella getting roughed up leaving balls hangin’ over the plate.

  7. Mark Lang

    So, Zach Plesac is next on the Cy Young, “possess a different pitcher almost every day” tour?

    • Seat101

      On the road, listening to it on the radio. But I understand the Peraza micturition club is in strong voice here in the nation.

      Which player had his back to the other one? Who is calling for the ball? Which player hasn’t played 42 games at centerfield? Both of them. Oh, and who had his back to Peraza when he was playing first?

  8. Sliotar

    Nothing like being at oil change place, getting dirty looks by switching lobby TV to game, and away from HGTV.

    • Old-school

      Stay strong. I just had the restaurant change Spain/ Germany WC to Reds. Missed the collision waiting.

    • matt hendley

      There is some benefit to the world cup games being played. However, HGTV in waiting rooms is a Crime against humanity.

      Why is David bell out? missed the first 2 outs of the top of the second.

  9. RojoBenjy

    Wow. Just wow. Peraza should know that CF makes that call and back off.

    Now he may have cost us Senzel for another stint on the IL.

    Get #9 off the roster.

    • CP

      Collisions between OF/IF are almost always the Outfielder’s fault, caused by not calling off the IF loud enough or quick enough.

      • RojoBenjy

        Tell me you aren’t blaming the victim.

  10. Mark Lang

    Good job, Peraza – you’ve figured a way to be worse than going 0 for 4

  11. matt hendley

    Got off early to get home to watch the game.

    Senzel with a bomb. Votto with some power. Peraza with a….. SMH

    • matt hendley

      Forgot to mentioned. Pirates/Braves was a rain complete in 8 innings. Braves won, so for the second day in a row the reds play for 4th place.

  12. Old-school

    What happened with Iglesias abd David bell. Didn’t see, only Bell talking to umpire.

    • matt hendley

      Turner Ward tossed. DB goes out to get an explanation. According to the booth, TW voice is ‘unique’

  13. Roger Garret

    Won’t score again.May not get another hit.

    • Mark Lang

      I was about to make the same comment but deleted it. If they follow the same script they’ve been using for it seems like the whole season, yeah. One can be forgiven for assuming the “two bits” part after you hear the “shave and haircut” knock enough times.

  14. matt hendley

    So That shift failed too…… who failed…. oh…. Mr. Kill the compitition

  15. RojoBenjy

    Peraza is really shining in this contest.

  16. Pete

    Peraza should be removed from the game.

    • RojoBenjy

      The way he knocked his head it is a real possibility that he is concussed. That’s the only plausible excuse.

      • Pete

        You know, this is possible. Didn’t think of it.

      • Jazzmanbbfan

        Didn’t look concussed on that double he hit.

  17. Roger Garret

    Get em on get em over and get em in.There is at least one MLB team on the field.

  18. matt hendley

    MLB is really generous today. That play was scored a single. Just shows to go you can go at 80% and beat out the play anyway

    • Old-school

      Unfortunately mental errors don’t count. Chris Welsh made the point the other day on the lost popup abd then 2 runs safe to have a “team error” category. I like his idea.

      • matt hendley

        I heard Welsh mention that, and would not be adverse to either a team, or more likely a half error, just like football where tackles and sacks are sometimes split. The game on sunday would qualify.

  19. CP

    Well, this game thread certainly got toxic fast.

    • Pete

      I think we’re reflecting the quality of play on the field.

  20. Seat101

    My previous comment is in moderation.
    The announcers say that the Dietrich had his back to Peraza.

    They also pointed out that the second baseman has his back to the centerfielder when I play happens without eyes in the back of your head, you don’t know if that guys coming if he doesn’t call you off

    • Pete

      Nonsense. See if you can find the replay.

      • Pete

        I’m sorry I meant the Dietrich play on the grounder to Peraza. Can’t say what really happened on the collision play.

      • Seat101

        Paraiso was the only one who yelled “I got it” before the collision

        And yes the announcers got it right on Dietrich

      • Pete

        The fly ball was Senzel/Peraza, the ground ball was DD/Peraza. I think we got things mixed up. DD was a little late getting to the bag but still plenty of time for Jose to throw him out. I thought it was very clear, Peraza double clutched.

        After Peraza’s double I’m glad Bell didn’t take my advice.

    • CP

      Yeah, I made that point as well up above. Collisions between OFs and IFs are almost always the outfielder’s fault, caused by not calling the player off quickly enough or loud enough.

      It’s difficult to say what happened there on the video, but it could be that Senzel’s lack of OF experience could have been a factor. Or it might not have been, who knows? But mindlessly blaming Peraza is asinine and makes those jumping to such conclusions look ridiculous and this website a negative place to be around.

      • CP

        Whoops, misread your post. DD was a little to the bag, but I thought Peraza should have just thrown it. If DD doesn’t catch it, it’s on him.

      • RojoBenjy

        @CP- I agree Peraza should have let it fly and it’s up to DD to find it in the air as he turns around.

        Regarding blaming Peraza, I did not comment on his play until I made sure I could see Senzel calling for the ball on the replay. The fact that it was actually he that also caught the ball is telling. That is not a mindless blaming.

      • RojoBenjy

        If folks want less negativity, they should get on the comments and start renewing the culture by making many more positive comments. Complaining about negative ones only adds to the downer feeling.

        That being said, my only beef today is with #9. I am done beefing, and I actually do appreciate you, CP, giving us a check to lighten up.


      • CP

        Whether Senzel catches the ball is irrelevant to the analysis. You have to give the infielder time to peel off or stop moving to avoid the collision. It’s difficult to ascertain (for me) whether Senzel did that from the video. Maybe it isn’t for you, but I have a healthy dose of skepticism. Sometimes collisions are unavoidable and they seem more likely when you have a relative noob in CF and an utility player at 2B.

    • Jim Walker

      Peraza did not have his back to Senzel. In fact he took a pretty good forearm shiver to the chin area when they collided.

  21. matt hendley

    Well, what’s done is done. disco needs to get the conveyor belt of outs going

  22. Roger Garret

    Nine in a row for Cy Young,I am done.Just a terrible excuse for a team.The Marlins are better and they are trying to lose.

  23. matt hendley

    Puig hits the Cutoff man…. lets get the out at seco…… noones there

    • CP

      I’m not sure who should be the cutoff man there. At every other level, it’s the 2B, but with the Puig in RF, maybe it changes? That said, Peraza will be OOP because he’s trying to field the single. Maybe you can’t have anyone covering the bag?

      • RojoBenjy

        That point is well-made. Some teams actually have their own preferences for cutoffs. So it is hard to know whose responsibility without being on the team.

      • matt hendley

        indeed that was an as a whole comment….. and actually trying to point out that Puig did in fact hit the Cutoff man

  24. Old-school

    Through 4 innings, there have been 9 roll over weak ground balls, mostly to 2b but also first base or between the 2 by left handed hitters. Nick Senzel goes the other way with authority. Votto does. Winker used to. These are the hitters reds need.

    Reds may need a new hitting coach. This Jonny Gomes pull hitting power approach is bad. Shifts are simply adapting to changes in hitters.

    Left fielder’s today can take a nap when a lefty hitter is up.

    • RojoBenjy

      Funny you just posted this while Winker tried to pull an outside pitch but instead gave up on it and hit a pop fly to left. Bat out, butt back, reach. Indeed he used to. Wonder what’s going on. So frustrating.

  25. Seat101

    Peraza looks more and more like Bobby Tolan at the plate

    • RojoBenjy

      Some redemption for him. Would be great if I had to go look up some recipes for crow–too early for that just yet.

  26. Old-school

    Peraza with a good hit. Hanging curve and he made Plesac pay for mistake. Big 2 out hit.

  27. Wayne nabors

    I’m glad bell left peraza in

  28. matt hendley

    Was Going to jump in on this whole Peraza boat. But he redeemed himself, so i will go on to….. Joey Votto has been pulled. JVMR in as new DH.

  29. RojoBenjy

    Help me out, I have the sound down at work. Is something wrong with Votto? Why is he being PH for?

      • SaveTheFarm

        Only a Red can get injured as a DH.

  30. CP

    It might surprise some people that Jose Peraza’s career BA w/2 Outs, RISP is 0.258, the exact same as “clutch” Tony Perez. Their names are very similar for a reason folks.

    It goes without saying that this is a silly stat to reference.

    • RojoBenjy

      Speaking of giving Tony Perez some love, listen to the Jim Day Podcast with Joe Morgan. FAN-TASTIC interview.

  31. Old-school

    Disco has cut down on his home runs. A few weeks ago, he was near the leaders in MLB. Are Derek Johnson and Reds analytics in play here? He and Mahle could be a solid cheap 4/5 in a 2020 rotation?
    Find that dominant lefty to add to Castillo and Gray.

  32. C Holbert

    Can we please get George Grande?

    • matt hendley

      If i heard correctly Fox Sports did not renew his contract. I think he is actually announcing in LOU. Unfortunate really

      • vegastypo

        That’s what happened to Grande?

        A good friend of mine can’t stand George Grande for the nonstop talk. He wasn’t my favorite, but that’s the exact criticism I have of Thom Brenneman, never shuts up, although Brenneman has the added knack of not being correct about what he talks about, which isn’t good either.

        How Chris Welsh has put up with those two guys over the decades is beyond my belief.

  33. Mark Lang

    Good job chasing the starter, offense! Cy Young took the day off.

  34. Pete

    Puig has put 95 and 93.9 mph pitches in play. Good to see, maybe he’s coming around…

  35. Old-school

    Legitimate David Bell question. He pinch hits a journeyman utility player hitting .231 for Jesse Winker, a 25 yo former top 100 prospect in all of baseball because of handedness matchups. Farmer strikes out on 3 pitches badly. Winker can’t get the run in from 3b with 1 out? Puig also did a great job… Advanced runner to 3b on long fly to OF with 0 outs ….. Yet pouting and acting like a spoiled 10 yo. Team players would be excited abou t doing your job. He did his job that at bat. There should be joy and congratulations in the dugout.

    • SaveTheFarm

      You see him coming off the field last night?? It looked like his dog just died. Dude needs to start hitting so they can trade him.

  36. WVRedlegs

    That is only Suarez’s 2nd HR and 5th XBH since 05/16/2019, 22 games. He had 21 hits in that span, but only 1 HR and 3 2B’s before today. He has been slumping power-wise for a month now. Hope this is what he needs to snap that power outage. Suarez had a .000 ISO for June before today, 5 hits 5 singles.

  37. C Holbert

    I also question the Farmer PH for Winker. They are leading, see what he can do. He needs to be given the chance to show he cannot do it.

    • C Holbert

      If Winker is part of ” the future”, he cannot be a platoon player.

      • wkuchad

        sure he can. i’m not saying I agree with the decision, but Winker can definitely be both part of the future and a platoon player.

  38. C Holbert

    Okay, I’ll say it this way. I do not think the vision is for him to be a platoon player, and unless he is given the chance to fail, like a lot of the other players have, they FO will never know. He was not platooned last year and seemed to be doing well even with a hurt shoulder.

    • RojoBenjy

      Does this mean that the new regime does think of Winker as a platoon player?

      If they do, they should say so, then we can stop wondering.

    • WVRedlegs

      If Winker only sits when a LH starter is used, that means he will sit about 19% of the starts. An 81% / 19% split is not much of a platoon situation. That 81% still gives Winker about 132-135 starts a season. That almost equates to 1 game a week. Hardly a platoon situation. Now if he starts slumping against RH pitching, then there is a problem. I would like to see Winker step up his game some vs. RH pitchers though, before he even sees a LH pitcher. In 2019, he is hitting .252/.333/.491/.824 vs. RH pitching. He needs to up his BA and OBP. His slugging % of .491 is good, which boosts his OPS. Definitely room for improvement though.

  39. Wayne nabors

    The fact that bell continues to play Barnhart over casali tells me all I need to know about his managerial skills

  40. vegastypo

    Just getting a look at how things are doing, and I’m feeling a bit left out. Everybody else has hit a home run except me today ….

    I wish to heck Votto would take some time off and give his back a rest. This macho “playing through it” can’t be good in the long run. Jim Day said a little bit ago that he can tell Votto is hurting just by the way he is standing up at times. Let Dietrich or Van Meter platoon with a right-hand hitter (Casali when he’s not starting? Or Farmer?). Take the opportunity to learn more about other guys while he heals.

    • WVRedlegs

      Maybe even call Brian O’Grady up from Louisville if Votto goes on the IL and let him actually play some 1B instead of sit the bench and PH.

      • matt hendley

        Its what should happen if he does go on the IL.

        WHat will happen is they will shift DD over to first, and play JP every day at second.

  41. RojoBenjy

    This is reasonable re: Votto.

    Hope you get your home run!

  42. matt hendley

    Starting the tomahawk chop. Looking at ATL line up…. so I know who they actually are, First Pitch 700 PM

    • Old-school

      Step 1 is pass the Pirates. The reds are the better team. Period.

  43. Old-school

    Kyle farmer has not added anything to this game. 2 at bats – a 3 pitch strike out and a pop up bunt.
    Disagree with Bell.

  44. matt hendley

    Reds Piling on…… puig and DD with their first hits of the day. Hope the reds finish this out.

  45. SaveTheFarm

    Iglesias MUST be on this team next year, how did the awful Tigers not want this guy? He’s quickly becoming one of my favorites.

      • Hanawi

        The Reds signed him to a minor league contract so no one else was banging down the door for his services either.

      • matt hendley

        True, but i was answering the Tigers portion of the question, the rest of the league, probebly could be broken down to 3 things.

        Money, Playing time, Position.

      • Jim Walker

        And of course there was no collusion that guys like J.Iglesias and DD were unsigned as spring training opened.

    • matt hendley

      Well the Tigers until recently had the worst thing for a long term effect for a franchise. A dying primary owner. Rediculas contracts for VMART, Miguel Cabrera, Justin Verlander. Arb salaries for David Price, Max scherzer, Prince Fielder etc. etc. in an effort to win the world series before Mr. Illich died, left little leeway when he finally passed on. The kids (who are very much alive) have made efforts to reduce the monetary demands, Verlander trade, etc. but some of it, like Cabrera and Zimmerman, are just unmoveable. They literally were not taking on long term contracts, so Iggy walked.

  46. Mark Lang

    W.T….. a 2 out pitching change with a 5 run lead?

  47. matt hendley

    Reds are winners…. All i can say is… Lets go Braves.

  48. steve stevens

    Funny to go over the thread from start to finish. Many negative Nellies that won´t come to celebrate a nice win. My take:

    – Casali must be the primary catcher. Not only offensively as he’s done a better job since last season, pitchers are also doing better when he’s behind the dish.
    – Disco needs to settle on a better game plan. Too many flyballs. He’s a Houdini kind of pitcher.
    -I like Bell when he doesn’t “overmanages”.
    – Iglesias is the only guy I trust right now in that lineup. Senzel a close one. Hopefully Eugenio gets hot again.
    – Dietrich at 1b is awful.
    -Ump was beyond awful.
    – Good win.