Hello, and Happy Castillo Day. Today the Reds play the Cardinals in a three-game series which does not invite mixed emotions. Usually, I can look at National League matchups at a glance and instantly know my demands in how the game must unfold, but sometimes, it’s not so simple:

Life is easier when we know what’s what. The complexities of human life, however, give us gray areas and Back to the Future II: It’s there, kinda okay, kinda not.

Starting Pitchers

L Castillo  2.45 1.11 69.2 37 5 1
G Cabrera 7.36 1.91 3.2 5 0 1


Castillo. He’s human, but still a human that can pitch really super-well.


Cabrera? Not as active this season, but these are exactly the types of games where it’s easy to look at his ERA and go “pffffft” and assume victory and that is when we lose because Reds.


It’s the time of year when I begin to miss my life in Colorado the most so here is what I have to say about bullpens.

Starting Lineups


  1. N Senzel (R) CF
  2. J Votto (L) 1B
  3. E Suárez (R) 3B
  4. Y Puig (R) RF
  5. J Iglesias (R) SS
  6. C Casali (R) C
  7. K Farmer (R) 2B
  8. J Peraza (R) LF
  9. L Castillo (R) P


  1. M Carpenter (L) 3B
  2. P DeJong (R) SS
  3. P Goldschmidt (R) 1B
  4. M Ozuna (R) LF
  5. M Wieters (S) C
  6. D Fowler (S) RF
  7. K Wong (L) 2B
  8. H Bader (R) CF
  9. G Cabrera (L) P

News and Notes

-I brunched at Hathaway’s in the Carew Tower this weekend because that sounds better than typing that I threw on some Umbros and no makeup and shoved bacon in my face and then shuffled off the bathroom at the Netherland Plaza even though I looked like a typhoon refugee. It was a true Love Your Own City moment.

Someday soon, simply walk around the first floor of the Carew Tower, preferably with a person born after 1990 who is not curled over some type of screen. Don’t just leave this gem as a thing to drive past. Go in. Look up. Take a few minutes to appreciate human beings not acting like horrible beasts and instead creatures with immortal souls capable of creating something fine. We could all use more giant brass doorways decorated with fruit in our lives.

-I suppose it was immature of me to refer to our athletic rival as the “Pooping Birds.”

I regret nothing.

92 Responses

  1. docproc

    How do you sit a guy with an OPS over 1.000 for Kyle Farmer?
    How do you sit ANYONE for Jose Peraza in LF?

    (BTW, weather forecast doesn’t look good for tonight in STL)

  2. Mary Beth Ellis

    Depending on who’s pitching, I think he, rather than Scooter, is the one who needs to start nervously checking the lineups each day when Gennett is healthy. #DD

  3. Seat101

    What a great prequel!

    We moved from Hyde Park to Kenwood (ie Sycamore Township)to get away from Hyde Park Moms (“When one nanny for a child just isn’t enough”).

    There are six school districts in Sycamore Township. Not to mention all the private and parochial schools. Mornings and afternoon are filled with school buses. And every single one is driven by a Reds fan

    Go Redlegs!

    • Mary Beth Ellis

      Sometimes I will sit in Hyde Park coffee shops for the sole purpose of keeping up to date on the lastest in insufferable baby names.

      • earmbrister

        I’ll concur with Seat 101 from Seat 102. Mary Beth, you are a national treasure. I say national because:

        1) Is there any other league? And
        2) Your ever present sense of humor translates well to this Jersey born CT transplant.

        Keep up the great work!

      • daytonnati

        As a resident of Hyde Park, I must take exception for all of the neighborhood kids under 9 that live within shouting distance of us. Ethan and Mason and Max and Owen and Paige and Isabel and Claire and Anna and Luka and Liam and Gavin.

      • Mary Beth Ellis

        thanks fam. I am especially appreciative of hard-won Jersey love.

        If I have children I can’t live on the East Side because I refuse to name them Peyten and Kingston.

  4. Old-school

    Reds need to win tonight with Luis Castillo and win 2/3. Period. Season on the line now against NL central in last place. Reds are 6 under against NL central. It’s June. Win.

    • Mary Beth Ellis

      The last series felt decidedly… deflating.

  5. matt hendley

    Really need some RH batters that can be legitimate threats against LHP or dump the whole idea of Platooning. I can give Farmer a pass in the lineup, but Peraza. Every day fans continue to suffer a team taking 7 position players out to face a team playing with 8. This isn’t hide him in the small end of the GABP. SMH. Hope some miricles come. None of these pitchers for STL seem particularly legit (this year) of course facing the reds this may mean they will get their cy young vote tonight.

    • Old-school

      Jose Peraza is getting expensive. Phillip Ervin is not. The biggest problem is who is backup SS in 2020 if Iglesias is extended and gets hurt for 2-3 months.

      • Hanawi

        Blandino is back and can fill in next year. I’m curious to see if he takes Farmer’s spot this year. The big drawback being that he can’t be a third catcher.

      • Curt

        Good question. But with Iglesias’ inevitable raise, should be someone cheaper than Peraza. Will Iglesias be a free agent? Might he go somewhere else?

      • matt hendley

        Blandino playing Short and Batting leadoff tonight in LOU during Rehab assignment. On base twice. (a walk and something that wasnt registered on the box score) Scored twice.

      • matt hendley

        I think to become competitive, some money is going to have to be spent. Not Yankees level as such but some of these players need to be retained. TO answer the issue at SS minus Peraza. Blandino and Tehran could easily fit in.

      • Curt

        Yeah, wish Trahan had a better bat. Blandino. Could Lookouts Luis Gonzalez make the jump? Looks like he’s been getting better. And to back up Iglesias that is.

      • matt hendley

        There are reports of a guy named ereck eitrich who claims he is a shortstop as well. Says he is in the system. He tweets that you just have to stop and stare sometimes.

        lol…. passing time in rain delays

      • Curt

        That was suppose to be a laughing face not a question mark ..haha

      • matt hendley

        There is now a weatherman attached to the reds called Rich hcirteid (must be dutch) that says the game will start at 2135 ET. Weather permitting

  6. Curt

    Call-up Cabrera, ok went 3.2 in one other outing. 7.36 era. Makes it pretty much official, they have absolutely no confidence whatsoever that Winker can hit LHP and aren’t interested in giving him the opportunity to improve on that. Which means, Winker is a 4th outfielder at best who needs a platoon mate to man LF, preferably one who is an “outfielder” and not named Peraza. One named Phil perhaps? And personally, I’d start thinking about a new, more complete LF’er altogether. My two cents.

    • Mary Beth Ellis

      I do like that Bell/the front office now seems more willing to make roster moves. Not as quickly as I’d like sometimes, but they do get up off their collective butts more quickly than in the past.

      • Curt

        I agree Mary Beth, I thought they would drag out the Kemp thing much longer. Hoping the trend continues, it needs too.

  7. Sliotar

    I saw Mary Beth was doing the set-up, and expected at least a paragraph on the Cardinals SP having a first name of “Genesis” and all meanings and impacts there-in.

    IMO, this is a direct result of Cincinnati not having any Jeni’s Scoop Shops.
    Just sayin’.

    Go Redlegs.

    • Mary Beth Ellis

      There’s a reason I got a D in Spanish.

  8. Sliotar

    To @docproc’s point, late start is a distinct possibility, according to this guy, who does weather forecasts for fantasy baseball, etc. He is a good bookmark for such stuff.


    “Late start looking increasingly likely in STL. Not saying it’s “safe”, but a late start and play looks like the most likely outcome at this point.”

  9. WVRedlegs

    Maybe you can get Jim Day to do some voice overs for your PB’s. He has experience.
    If you tire of the phrase pooping birds, you can always go with winged rats in a pinch. Or rats with wings.
    I gave my dog a plush toy cardinal and he tore it apart in less than 5 minutes last weekend. Hopefully an omen for tonight.

    • Mary Beth Ellis

      Your dog is a VERY good boy.

  10. DocProc

    Tarp on the field. Game won’t start on time. May be delayed for a couple of hours if radar maps are accurate.

    • Wayne nabors

      im here at game,looks like most is gonna miss,im thinkin less than hour,not real hard now

  11. Indy Red Man

    Twins are suddenly great! The White Sox could be .500 if they win tonite. You see some young talent starting to mature. The Reds? Nick Senzel….thats about it. Winker? Maybe he’ll be a fairly good player but he’s already almost 26? Castillo is a bright spot, but there is very little young pitching after him? It doesn’t look good? Really happy with the LA trade, but Puig looks terrible? Maybe they can move Scooter and/or DD and find a young Suarez or Castillo? They really can’t afford to miss this years draft or their potential trades. They have zero margin for error.

    • Seat101

      Indy, I’ve use your little orphan Annie joke twice now. Next time I’ll give you credit.

      So when is the game going to start

    • Curt

      Ok since you mentioned them. At 10mil below the Reds in payroll, what are the Twins doing that the Reds aren’t, other than winning. Anyone care to expound?

      • Hanawi

        Well one thing they are doing is playing in the awful AL Central versus the very good NL Central.

      • matt hendley

        SIgned proven veterans to 1y contracts to fill holes they had. Sent down non performers to get AAA work including Buxton and Sano, which developed an attitude and enviroment of responsibility

  12. FreeHouse

    Reds should consider trading for Mat Boyed he seems like an up in coming late bloomer.

  13. Seat101

    Are any updates? I am not near a radio and I am not near a TV and there’s nothing on the website.

  14. Roger Garrett

    Reds haven’t done a very good job in developing players and even worse job of giving players a chance.Winker it appears as already been tabbed as a platoon guy after sterling numbers in the minors and was really good last year in the majors.Ervin came up last year and in 78 games was league average offensively and is even better right now at Louisville.They watch tonight one from the bench and the other from the minors while we play Puig who is in his 7th year and won’t be here next year and that other guy who has over 1700 at bats in the big leagues and is in year 4.Just like the offense they are so consistently inconsistently with how they treat their players and by doing so never ever find out who can or who can’t.

  15. earmbrister

    Yeah!!! Baseball. The Reds vs Satan’s (NL) team.

    BTW, I prefer Turds on a Stick.

  16. matt hendley

    Well, its early but I don’t like the Castillo that showed up. That Kolton Wong though, Reds probably have run with anyone else at 2nd.

  17. VaRedsFan

    Ozuna will be a free agent in 2020 and will be 29. I think he should be at the top of the Reds list to pursue.

  18. VaRedsFan

    Peraza with a great catch. Winker would never have made it.

    • matt hendley

      I will give him that. and the Plate discipline to walk against a particularly wild pitcher.

  19. matt hendley

    WTF is Castillo doing!!!!!!…. could of at worst struck out and brought senzel up with loaded bases?

  20. Seat101

    What kind of analytics say give Castillo the greenlight?

  21. WVRedlegs

    The Pirates were up 4-1 early on the Braves. But Braves have rallied to a 6’5 lead going to the 8th. Milwaukee is getting hammered by Miami 15-0. Cubs up 2 on Rox. The Reds need to make this game count doubly tonight by beating Cards and gain g game back on Pirates if that score holds. Good night to gain a little ground.

  22. matt hendley

    And there it is, 3rd game in a row, LC has thrown nearly a half games worth of pitches in 2 innings. Needs to alter his approach or aim the CU better. Other players are adapting to the drop off.

  23. matt hendley

    Cabrerra is not long for this game, 50 through 3, at least we will be able to work the BP tonight. Puig nearly gave the reds the lead. Big Ballpark

  24. Roger Garrett

    For the 3rd straight game this team isn’t even competing on offense and Castillo can’t throw a strike.Just sad.Little league offense again tonight.So sad.

  25. matt hendley

    Another multi-hit game for Votto, if you can’t play with your braun, play with your brain

    • RedsMonk65


      Good guys up by 1 over Dirty Bird Turds.

  26. matt hendley

    It seems i was wrong, the reds are playing with 8 position players after all. Senzel for the lead.

  27. VaRedsFan

    They have had several warning track shots too (4, I believe)….feels like they should have more than 2

    • matt hendley

      Puig, Cassali, definate HR in GABP. Votto maybe. Just victims of playing with a big park

      • matt hendley

        Puig rectified his next at bat. 3-1. You know who the best group of last decade was? No Doubt

  28. Seat101

    I have an early day tomorrow I’m counting on you Mary Beth. See you in the funny pages.

    Good night all!

    • Mary Beth Ellis

      oh dude don’t lay this all on me. It’s all I can do to get the NotBrewers and NotCubs to go.

    • VaRedsFan

      He loves the down and in fastball….didn’t miss it

  29. Curt

    There’s one for the wild horse! nice launch

  30. matt hendley

    and they have done him in. 4.2 innings. STL Bullpen will be responsible for 4+innings tonight,

    • Roger Garrett

      Won’t touch them if we hold true to form as of late.Maybe our pen can hold them cause you are right we need this game.

  31. Curt

    I’ve given him flack and I don’t take it back but it’s nice to be able to say …big night for Peraza! Go Reds

  32. WVRedlegs

    Scoreboard watching in the first week of June.
    The Braves beat the Pirates 12-5. Miami beat the Brewers 16-0. Cubs won.
    Should the Reds hold on for the win, they will be tied with Pittsburgh at 28-32. The Cards will be 30-29, a game and a half ahead. The implications are evident with 2 more games in this series.
    Have to secure this win tonight.

  33. VaRedsFan

    111 pitches….glad Castillo went back out with 97.

  34. Roger Garrett

    Castillo with a dominate performance once the Reds took the lead.That is what the really good ones do.Great job.

  35. C Holbert

    I do not see what Blandino brings that they do not already have, especially when Scooter returns and DD becomes the super sub, and Farmer is more versatile and have more power.

  36. Frogem

    Not happy with HP umpire Larry Vanover. Two outstanding pitches called balls. No surprise there is an interest in automating that role. I used to think it was nice having the umps call the balls and strikes, but this year they seem to have taken a bad turn for the worse. It almost makes you wonder if they have some insight into that role/skill going away.

  37. WVRedlegs

    That is when you love to see a GIDP. Whew.

  38. Roger Garrett

    Yes especially against Carpenter who is very good at lifting the ball to the outfield with that upper cut swing.

  39. Hanawi

    Was wondering if the Phillies would be in the market again with McCutcheon down for the season, but I see Jay Bruce has 2 HRs and 6 RBIs tonight. So maybe not.

  40. Roger Garrett

    Hard to understand that the other team just brings in mop up guys and we just go asleep at the plate.

  41. MK

    Reds need to bring up Ervin and return Van Meter if they have now real right handers on the bench tonight. This is only going to get worse when Gennett comes back.

  42. Hanawi

    Looks like Hernandez is officially the setup man for the 8th inning now.

  43. Indy Red Man

    Puig tries to run thru the wall on a foul ball? I admire the hustle, but try not to DL yourself! I just don’t know what to think about this guy? He plays so hard and he must have atleast 8-9 blasts to the wall in right or center. If he could just get a little more stride & lift then the HRs will start adding up! He’s right on the ball on alot of these loud outs. Big game for Peraza! Give the guy his due tonite! They need somebody to pick it up? They’re being careful to Suarez. They’ll give Iggy his singles, but DD sits half the time and Joey doesn’t have much power left. They need offense from somewhere. Winker isn’t killing the ball either. Maybe Casali and Peraza can pick up the slack? Peraza is going to need to steal bases and be aggressive to really contribute!

    Cards look flat….3 more outs and they get a nice win. Winning this series is mandatory and a sweep is really needed! You have to get on a streak at some point if you want to be a factor!

  44. Mary Beth Ellis

    Oh I’m so relieved by our relievers.