Final R H E
Washington Nationals (24-33) 3 7 1
Cincinnati Reds (27-30)
9 15 0
W: Mahle (2-5) L: Corbin (5-3)
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The bats came out early and often, putting the Reds up for good in the 1st inning and they just kept playing add on in beating up on the Bryce Harper-less Nationals.

The Offense

The Reds got out to a quick start. Nick Senzel, Joey Votto, Eugenio Suarez, and Yasiel Puig all singled to start the 1st inning and they were quickly up 2-0. After a ground out, Curt Casali came up with a 3-run homer to make it 5-0. After the Nationals got one of those runs back in the 2nd, the Reds went back to work in the 3rd inning. Jose Iglesias, Curt Casali and Jose Peraza all singled to lead off the inning, loading the bases. An error on a fielders choice brought in a run. Nick Senzel would add another run later in the inning with a sac fly. Joey Votto capped the inning off with an RBI single that made it 8-1. Curt Casali doubled in the final run of the game for the Reds in the 4th inning, giving them a 9-2 lead.

Joey Votto and Curt Casali both went 3-4. Casali drove in 4 runs and is now hitting .298 with an OPS of .807 on the season. Jose Iglesias, Nick Senzel, and Jose Peraza all added 2 hits each.

The Pitching

Tyler Mahle took the mound and struck out the side in the 1st inning. When he took the mound in the 2nd he was holding a 5-0 lead. He cruised through 5.0 innings, allowing 3 runs while never having the game in jeopardy. The right-hander struck out 8 batters and walked just 2 – giving him 67 strikeouts in 61.1 innings this season. Jared Hughes came on after that, throwing 2.0 shutout innings with a walk and a strikeout. Zach Duke, fresh off of the injured list, threw a shutout inning that featured a strikeout. Matt Bowman kept the Nationals off of the bases in the 9th to seal the win.

Notes Worth Noting

The win put the Reds at 15-13 during the month of May. WINNING MONTH!

Joey Votto now has 5 consecutive multiple hit baseball games. He’s hitting .591 in that stretch, going 13-22. He’s struck out just once in that span.

Curt Casali blew up the Death Star with this home run on Star Wars night. No, I’m not apologizing for that terrible line.

Up Next for the Cincinnati Reds

Washington Nationals at Cincinnati Reds

Saturday, June 1st, 4:10pm

Erick Fedde (1-0, 2.18 ERA) vs Tanner Roark (4-3, 3.20 ERA)

31 Responses

  1. Seat101

    Iglesias Peraza Gennett Dietrich

    4 into 2 does not go.

    So…who goes? Who gets extended?

    • matt hendley

      in order, Extend, trade, sign, offer ARB

      • Grand Salami

        If we got a former AS shortstop on a minor league contract, then a trade of Mendoza Peraza is unlikely at best. He’s still relatively young. Let him learn plate discipline in AAA for the rest of the year.

    • Scooter Rolen

      I believe Peraza stays, as he is fairly cheap and the youngest of the group, but any talk of extension is kicked down the road. I think the Reds would sign Iglesias to a short-term contract (2 years?), but I don’t know if he takes that if his value remains as high as it is now. He gives the INF some defensive stability and has a nice bat for a SS.

      I think the big question is if the Reds choose Scooter or Dietrich. Both are the same age roughly, have huge fan support, and are pretty similar as players. If I had to guess, I think the Reds will probably keep Dietrich since he’s under contract one more year and let Scooter walk as FA. Maybe they trade Scooter, but I don’t think Reds can get anything for him by July 31. However, I could also see the Reds signing Scooter to a cheaper extension due to health this season, and trading Dietrich while his value is super high.

      It’s hard to tell, the decision for what to do in the INF is definitely something to watch. We also can’t forget that Blandino is yet another INF option, though likely bench depth.

    • Hotto4Votto

      I wouldn’t mind a short, reasonable, extension to Iglesias. Probably nothing more than two-three years. His defense should hold steady through the length of that contract at the very least. His bats been better than Hamilton’s throughout their careers.
      Peraza, who knows. I think outside of last year’s power surge he still is what we thought he was when we traded for him. A contact hitting, low power, no on-base ability player with good speed but no real position. I don’t know if a trip to AAA changes that or not. He’s been given three shots at holding down a full time gig in the middle infield with the Reds, he’s lost his job twice by June. The only time he held it he didn’t really have any viable competition. He’s an enigma. I can certainly see why the Braves and Dodgers were quick to trade him despite his prospect value.
      I believe with the emergence of Dietrich, you keep him through arbitration next season. Which means I believe you trade Gennett if you can at the deadline. With both being LH it would make any platoon difficult especially as Winker and Votto are also LH which is where you’d prefer to slide Dietrich if you move him off 2B. Of course that means playing Gennett now and trying to build up some trade value before the end of July, and there may not be much there anyway, as there wasn’t any this offseason. But I think Dietrich handles second through 2020 and then hopefully India is ready to take over as his replacement.

  2. Jreis

    What Is Bells thinking in using Hughes for 2 innings in a 6 run game. Now he isn’t available tomorrow.

    • CP

      Bell has to use someone. Plus Hughes has actually struggled a bit of late. Great way to regain some confidence for him is to put him out there in a very low pressure situation. Same reason I imagine Duke was used in yesterday’s game.

    • Roger Garrett

      Your right but I liked it.Its happened several times where a guy who does have it that day is pulled in favor of a guy that doesn’t and the game is lost.Just never know if a guy has it that particular day so for me if he does and he can get you 2 or 3 innings and keep the lead or keep it close you do it.No lead is safe at GABP and what Hughes did was cover the 6th and 7th getting us to the 8th which really was the game in my mind even with a 6 run lead.The Nats pen is one of the worst in all of baseball and I actually expected us to score at least another TD but we only got a field goal and nothing the last 3 innings as we went in order.You just never know about relievers.

  3. matt hendley

    The only bad in this game is the Lack of Pizza.

    REinforcements are inbound. Blandino starts Rehab assignment monday. If I remember my reading correctly he has already been doing ex Spring training. Maybe a couple of weeks. All signs point to Scooter following him shortly. Reds are going to get the effects of a trade without actually making one. Bench players (and those who should be bench players) should start getting good or start getting nervous now. Reds need to go out and beat up on the new kid, figuratively speaking, tommorow. Great Job today.

  4. WVRedlegs

    On the very day Alex Wood starts throwing from the mound, Mahle looks over his shoulder and says to himself, “Uh-oh, better be stepping up my game.” And so he did. That looks like it puts DeSclafani squarely on the hot seat now. Mahle looks like he is establishing the inside track to keep a rotation spot when Wood comes off of the IL. But that gives DeSclafani about 4 or 5 weeks to get in gear.
    Breaking news: Joey Votto has found his wallet.

  5. Joey

    I dont feel like waiting untill tomorrow to say this so I’m going to say it now. Roark is another new Red to endear himself to the Reds fan base. Go check out the blurb on the Reds website. Saw his old teammates at a concert but was with a couple of his new ones, these are my teammates now was his quote. From Iglesias’ positive comments about this team and giving him the opportunity to play to Deitrich’s holding up the Cincinnati C on opening day. Then his comments about the Reds trusting him and letting him be himself and now. Roark with this. You could include Puig too but these guys want to be here, play for this team, and play for each other. That might not be measurable by sabermetics but I assure you it has value and will continue to do so as this season progresses. Go Reds!

    • Grand Salami

      Woohoo intangibles!

      Good collection of info. Thanks!

      This team is light years more fun than any since their playoff runs and I think those anecdotes are indicative of the reason why. There is more chemistry and swagger than there has been in almost a decade.

    • Scooter Rolen

      It is really good to hear how close-knit the clubhouse and how comfortable the new guys feel on the Reds. The Reds did a really nice job of selecting a coaching staff this offseason and seem to have a nice mix of personalities in the players. Winning does help the clubhouse have more fun, but it seemed like the clubhouse was getting gradually getting looser over the past couple of years.

      This team looks strong and if they could just pull out a nice winning streak, we could really make the Cubs/Brewers sweat. Maybe when we get Blandino/Scooter/Wood, that could further improve the team and help give them another boost!

  6. Shchi Cossack

    Back to just 3 games under .500 and only 5.0 games out of 1st place after the RH bats (plus Joey) pounded a top LH starter.

    • Mason Red

      Surprisingly the Reds are in the mix after a bad start and I’m more than willingly ready to eat some crow because I didn’t think it was possible. Now the question will be if this franchise sees this as an opportunity to win now are just say it’s another step in the rebuilding process.

      • greenmtred

        It could be both, and crow isn’t so bad if cooked properly, as I know from personal experience.

  7. CFD3000

    Just watched the game on delay (MLB.TV) and boy was that fun. Corbin has been really good this year (.202 opponents’ batting average and coming off a complete game shutout) and the Reds righties (and Votto) made him look like Brandon Finnegan on an extra bad day. Gave up as many runs as outs recorded. Even Peraza had multiple bloopers, I mean hits. Bring on some June. This is the most fun we’ve had watching the Reds in, literally, years.

  8. DocProc

    Why Casali only starts against lefties is a mystery. Time to play him 2 out of every 3 games.

    • CP

      I’m in agreement with getting him more PT, but 2 out of 3 would be a complete switch of the starter. Casali might starting get overexposed if we make that jump too quickly. It might be better to start just moving to a more 50/50 split of the PT and see how that goes. Could serve to motivate Barnhardt. It takes a couple good catchers for a competitive team to get through the year these days anyways.

  9. Centerfield

    I am actually watching most of the games this year. 2018 was a lost season and I gave up half way through. The Reds may not be playoff contenders (maybe wild card?) but they are entertaining. I especially like the swagger of DD and Puig. It seems to be contagious. We’re no longer hoping to win, but expecting to win. Reinforcements coming soon and I “expect” the Reds to climb to at least 3rd place. I know this isn’t scientific, but this team “feels” good. I’ve been to five games so far this year and Reds won four. School’s out, weather is warm, let’s fill up the stands because this team will thrive on that.

  10. TR

    Two months in and optimism is building. GABP doesn’t look so empty and the offense is coming alive led by the offseason acquisitions of Iggy II and DD along with the revamped pitching staff. The question is can the Reds get beyond the three game under .500 hump and say goodbye to last place?

    • Doc

      It took eight or nine tries to get over the four under hump. This will be try number two to get to two under. Baby step would be to get to two under before going back to four under. Adult step would be a nice 5-10 game winning streak, something they have not had….yet.

      • Indy Red Man

        The Reds are favored today. Somehow the Nats are like 2-10 in Scherzer’s starts this year? The Cards finished May with a 6-12 record and Molina is on the DL. This is absolutely the time for the Reds to run off 4 of 5. That would make 7 of 9 and get them to .500.

        The offense is getting hot and Bell is settling down with his lineups. It could get interesting? I don’t think Reds fans are asking for that much? Just get to August and be in contention for a wildcard.

  11. Roger Garrett

    Great win and the bats showed up big time right off.Team is exciting and when its been as long as it has been in saying that its really exciting.We are 3 games under and play in the toughest division in baseball but we are competing and if that’s all we do and hang around record wise close to 500 I am good with it.As mentioned more good players are on the way with Scooter,Wood and Blandino.Can’t never have enough good players.Reds are still not as good as the teams ahead of us but they are closing the gap.Everybody they acquired in the off season has made a difference.Iggy,DD,Puig,Farmer,Roark,Gray and I am sure I missed someone all have helped to improve the talent level on this team.Hopefully we stay the course,sign some of these guys or trade for more talent as we go forward.The pitching will keep us in most games so for me our season hinges on the offense.How good a team is and will be is often measured by how many players you have that others would like to have and even trade for.That list is not as long as is on other teams but its growing I do believe.

    • Pete

      At the start of the season, I would have been good with 500 as well. But that train left the station, now I expect this to be a competitive team and fight for at least a wild-card spot and really should compete for the division title.

      Let’s not sell this team short, they are very talented and hungry. Hopefully they are not satisfied with a 500 record that’s what really counts.

    • Doc

      I don’t recall Blandino showing all that much, certainly not enough for me to be all that excited that he is one of “the good players” coming back.

      Scooter, yes. He has been very good and should be an upgrade.

      Wood, maybe. His track record is good, until 2019 when he hasn’t even made it to throwing multiple bullpens without issues, much less a rehab assignment against real hitters. I don’t know that his return will take the Reds beyond the top two or three rotations in the league. It would be nice if he does, but I’ll see it when it happens.

      • VaRedsFan

        I’m with you on Blandino. He is a AAA guy unless someone gets hurt

      • matt hendley

        Blandino started horribly, that is true, however after his first hit he took off soon after his first hit. He was on a roll and could have supplanted Peraza (just like everyone else) if he had not gotten hurt.
        He is an upgrade to Peraza and a better option for RHH replacement then Farmer. Unless They are real hot on farmer Blandino should be kept at the MLB level. Peraza optioned and Farmer left for PH.

  12. old-school

    Reds traded cash to the Rays 1 year ago for Casali.
    They picked up Dietrich and Iglesias for nothing.
    They’ve done a nice job filling out a 25 man roster and not overcommitting long term money to aging free agents( Aj Pollock, Zach Cozart).
    They’ve done a good job getting to June after that awful start.
    But, until they actually get over .500, its more just wishful thinking.
    The NL central teams are playing each other this weekend so things could get bottled up more, which is a good thing.
    Win the series against the Nats, win the series against the Cards and have a winning month of June. Then, a winning season and finishing ahead of the Cards and Pirates is in the crosshares.

  13. Old-school

    June is a big month for the Reds in the rebuild. Lots of opportunities. Reds announced today attendance mildly up but TV viewership up 37% with average household rating #4 in MLB.