In the third game of a four game series against the Pittsburgh Pirates (26-26), the Cincinnati Reds (25-29) look to break the alternating win-loss pattern they’ve had for the last two weeks.

First pitch will be at 6:40 ET from the corner of Joe Nuxhall and Johnny Bench Way.

Starting Pitchers

Lucas Sims (AAA stats) 44.1 4.06 3.82 4.42 32.80% 8.30%
Jordan Lyles 51.1 2.81 3.05 3.85 26.10% 8.40%

With the doubleheader yesterday, the Reds needed a starter for tonight’s game in order to keep the starters on their regular rotation. Lucas Sims is that guy. At Triple-A Louisville this year, Sims has given up 43 hits and 20 earned runs, including six home runs, while walking 16 and striking out 63 in 44.1 innings. His strikeout total has been the most impressive part of his season thus far. His 32.8 K% also translates to a 12.79 K/9. It doesn’t matter what level the pitcher is at–it’s amazing. Sims has always been a high strikeout pitcher at the AAA level (in the Braves organization, he had a K% of 28.1% and 26.8% in 2017 and 2018, respectively).

In 2018, Sims pitched 5.1 innings in three games out of the bullpen for the Reds and gave up three hits and four runs with five walks and six strikeouts. Sims throws five different pitches, but relies mostly on his four seamer and his curveball.

Jordan Lyles has been in the league for eight years, but 2019 is the first season where he’s had any kind of close to the numbers he’s putting up now. With a career 5.13 ERA and 4.41 FIP, it’s different to see him with a 2.81 ERA, one of the best in the NL. His K% has steadily increased from year to year, with it being the highest it’s ever been in 2018 at 22.6% until this season where it sits at 26.1%. But Lyles has also walked more batters this season. He walked 28 batters all of last season. He’s already walked 17 in 2019.

Lyles faced the Reds at the beginning of April in Pittsburgh and pitched five innings of three-hit, shutout baseball. His career numbers against the Reds tell a different story, however. Five different players have a career OPS over 1.000 against Lyles.



  1. Kevin Newman – 2B
  2. Gregory Polzanco – RF
  3. Starling Marte – CF
  4. Josh Bell – 1B
  5. Melky Cabrera – LF
  6. Colin Moran – 3B
  7. Alias Diaz – C
  8. Cole Tucker – SS
  9. Jordan Lyles – P


  1. Nick Senzel – CF
  2. Jesse Winker – LF
  3. Eugenio Suarez – 3B
  4. Derek Dietrich – 1B
  5. Yasiel Puig – RF
  6. Jose Iglesias – SS
  7. Tucker Barnhart – C
  8. Jose Peraza – 2B
  9. Lucas Sims – P

News, Notes, and Pre-Game Reading

Doug Gray takes a look at what we might be able to expect from Lucas Sims as he makes his 2019 debut with the Reds.

Wandy Peralta has been optioned to Triple-A Louisville to make room for Lucas Sims on the 25-man roster.

-Well, this isn’t good. Hopefully tonight is just precautionary, and nothing gets worse.

-This,however, is potentially a good sign.

-Could Brian O’Grady be the next position player called up to the Reds this season?

-More recognition for a Reds minor leaguer.

Final Thoughts

Derek Dietrich should still be somewhere admiring his home run.

101 Responses

  1. matthew hendley

    DD needs more home runs to watch, what were the Roster moves? I am glad that the Reds were able to get vanmeter some at….. oh wait never mind. 7 position players backing up Sims.

  2. Shchi Cossack

    Those 3 straight quality starts by Sims that Ashley mentioned…

    19.0 IP, 2.37 ERA, 1.42 HR/9, 9.95 SO/9, 1.89 BB/9, 5.25 SO/W, 0.947 WHIP

  3. Old-school

    Reds need a win tonight. Post Memorial day, it’s no longer early. Gotta get to .500 and gotta catch the Pirates when the opportunity is there. Win the next 2 and 2019 becomes much more interesting heading to June.

    Go reds

  4. Old-school

    Wandy Peralta optioned to Louisville.

    • Wayne nabors

      That’s been a long time coming

    • Shchi Cossack

      Wow, I didn’t see that happening. Maybe, just maybe, the Reds brass is letting go of some more bad habits.

      I still want to see Reed and Stephenson stretched out for possible starts later this season, but both Reed and Stephenson (and add Bowman to that list until he proves differently) have demonstrated grossly superior value than Peralta and Duke. Now if DB can let go of his security blanket and pitch Garrett and Reed as pitchers rather than LOOGYS…

      • matt hendley

        I expect that as much as I expect a line up without Peraza, I hope for it every day and every day I am disappointed.

      • Roger Garrett

        As always Old Cossack you are exactly right.Time to use these guys multiple innings rather then a batter or two.If a guy gets 3 outs and looks good give him another inning.

      • Old-school

        Oh no…. Marty Brennamen just reported Cody Reed injured knee and will be out several weeks. Terrible news.

      • matt hendley

        Not made it to TV yet, is this true?

      • matt hendley

        Zach Duke can come off the IL Thursday. HAHAHAHA

  5. Bred

    Who ever plays they got to win. They need to go 65 43 to sniff playoffs. Other wise what is the next name for the rebuild when Puig, Farmer, Iglesias, Dietrich, Roark, and Wood are gone after this season? If the math don’t add up by the All Star break, bring up the kids and find out who can make it.

    • Wayne nabors

      Dietrich not gone after this season

      • matt hendley

        Deitrich, Farmer not gone after the season. Other 4 in various stages of success. multiple extension probabilities, and possibly one QO. Anyone decent is at LEAST a year away and more realistically two. Absolutely dumb for the reds to give up on any part of this season until late SEP.

  6. WVRedlegs

    Hamstrings are always touch and go, but you don’t want it to linger. Rest and treatment are usually the course of action taken. Votto was just getting hot, but it might be better to give him 10 days of rest on the IL. He isn’t 25 anymore. I don’t know if it could be back dated to yesterday since he played the first game but not the second.
    The hope is Sims has a better outing than the Pirates top prospect had last night. Sims delivering some pizza tonight would be a good night.
    Simmering just under the surface of this game is which Reds batter will get beaned tonight? Don’t want to see it, but you never know with Clint Hurdle.

    • matt hendley

      Votto injury not expected to go nearly that long. on a side note. You know why DD is never injured. Cause he walks the bases. Carefully goes out on a light Jog.

      • daytonnati

        Matt, you think DD has a weighted necklace he wears in the dugout and clubhouse to make the game necklace seem lighter? You know, like the bat doughnuts? 🙂

      • matt hendley

        Actually, i think he just adds to the chain every time he hits a Home run, and he is walking to ensure he doesn’t step on it. Sims out there destroying Pirates. Pizza may be on the Menu tonight.

  7. Curt

    Oh, a RHP for Bucs…#freetheVanMeter

  8. VaRedsFan

    Love seeing Sims throw the high fastball with 2 strikes. He didn’t waste it by throwing too high either….right at the top of the cather’s mask. GREAT pitch.

  9. matt hendley

    iggy with the triple. Perza has ONE JOB

    • matt hendley

      Excuse me for my Error, TUcker had one job. And he did it.

  10. VaRedsFan

    Love it Iggy!!! Busting right out of the box, for a triple. Tuck gets him in

  11. matt hendley

    Very impressed by Sims through 3. Keep it up.

  12. VaRedsFan

    29 pitches thru 3. This is very refreshing. It goes back to my point about not wasting pitches. Make you 2 strike pitches near or just off the strike zone…not a foot outside

  13. Seat101

    29 pitches in 3 innings. I like it.

    Some love for Puig on defense.

  14. Old-school

    New math for the new FO.
    2 months of Mike Leake traded to the Giants for Keury Mehla and Lucas Sims.

  15. matt hendley

    WHere has this guy been, Mahle and Disco over in the dugout, sweating bullets. Sims on the mound shooting bullets.

  16. VaRedsFan

    Bill Buckner stat you may or may not have heard….
    22 years, and never struck out 3 times in a game..

    • da bear

      Also B.B. was second only to Peter Edward Rose in # of hits from the 1970s + 1980s.

  17. Jim t

    Let’s get a couple more runs for the Sims.

  18. Curt

    Sims exuding confidence. Good point by Thom that we may may be seeing effect of new 20 sec. pitch clock in minors. No dilly-dally.

  19. VaRedsFan

    DD = Pirate killer!!!! 2 run shot

  20. matt hendley

    He did it again!!!!!!!!!!! CHain getting longer. takes a little less on the walk. Now leading the team in Home Runs and Longest total HR trot time.

    • matt hendley

      Derek Jeter contemplating straight out executing the FO people responsible for Deitrich’s Nontender.

      • da bear

        Derek Jeter is one of the worst baseball executives around. Listen to Dan Lebatard to discover just how bad Jeter has been.

  21. Hanawi

    Interesting news about Reed. Think someone on here mentioned that he looked injured during his first inning yesterday. Good for him that he’ll end up on the MLB IL instead of riding the shuttle back. Extra time and pay.

    • CP

      Unfortunately I dont believe that is the case bc he was the 26th man. He will be put on the AAA IL.

    • matt hendley

      Actually that gets complicated, Reed was the 26th man so as soon as the Game was complete he is returned to AAA. Now since the Injury assumedly came during the game, obviously MLB, I think he can file a Pro Forma Greivence and get on the MLB IL. Will be something to Look into.
      Looks like PIT Pitcher is hurt. Good thing the PIT bullpen is in bad repair.

  22. RedAlert

    Keep Sims up here and send Mahle back down – maybe he will learn some
    command of his pitches then . Sims looks confident out there ! impressive so far.

    • Reddawg12

      If any starting pitcher is being sent down it should be Disco.

      • RedAlert

        Can’t argue with that – either one would be fine . Both like a box of chocolates when they take the mound.

  23. Reddawg12

    Dietrich has 28 hits this season and 15 of them are home runs. He also has an exceptionally low .178 BABIP.

  24. WVRedlegs

    Is Dietrich still listed on Wiki as the owner of the Pirates?

    • Seat101

      Did you make that up? That’s hilarious

    • matt hendley

      No Unfortunatly not, it lasted for about 2 hours, but you know the PIT PR guys are not missing that.

  25. Cincyborn2012

    I think it’s getting to a point where Peraza doesn’t belong on the major league roster anymore. I can’t imagine he stays up once Scooter returns.

    • Seat101

      Yeah, he still can catch those balls hit right to him.

  26. Jim t

    Would like to get 9 more outs and have the lead from Sims but I’ll take 6 with Amir, Lorenzen and Iggy closing it out that gets us within 3 of 500.

    • matt hendley

      Think you are selling him short. Still think CGSO is a posibility right now.

      • Jim t

        Hope your right Matt. Giving the pen a day off heading into the day game would be big.

  27. Old-school

    That reds first inning of the second game of the DH may beat the Pirates for awhile … Keep the offensive foot on the accelerator and wear out this Pirates pitching staff and BP

  28. VaRedsFan

    Senzel double 105.9 mph….scalded

  29. matt hendley

    Its like…..its the only thing he can hit.

  30. Old-school

    Pirates pitching staff in trouble. Reds are the better team.

  31. DHud

    2 yrs $15 mil each for Iglesias and Dietrich.

  32. WVRedlegs

    Iglesias and Dietrich. What else can you say? Super pick ups.
    Pour it on these Pie-rats.

  33. matt hendley

    How are the Pirates announcers going to spin this one? I aint blaming Tucker for that one. He did get 2 more in. Floodgates open, lets hope they spill over into tomorrow

  34. Reddawg12

    I know the cliché response to what I’m about to type is that it’s a good problem to have, but it’s going to be very interesting to see how things shake out once Scooter is healthy. DD has to play every day. Finding him a start 3-4 times a week is not enough IMO.

    • matt hendley

      ok…. lets see the options. Votto rest day DD 1B, #1. Scooter Rest day. DD plays 2B. #2 DD in LF, SPelling Puig (winker to RF) Senzel (winker to CF) and WInker #3,4,5. DD Rest day and repeat.
      1 off day every 6 games? It would work.

  35. WVRedlegs

    Sims looking like he can deliver the pizza on his own tonight. This outing is very impressive.

  36. RedsFan11

    Derek Johnson should tell Sims he needs to throw more pitches….

    Love how he’s going after these guys. Good point above about the pitch clock maybe having an effect.

    Two side notes: why didn’t they challenge tucker being safe at second / and wow Thom continues to have some absolute horrific calls

    • VaRedsFan

      2nd replay showed Tucker’s knee raise up an inch or two off the bag. I hate that call in general, but it it was accurate

  37. matt hendley

    65 Pitches through 6. Complete Game Shutout is not an impossibility, Sims should be out for 7th and left until he is scored on.

  38. Seat101

    I had to leave for a bit. Why is Puig out of the game?

    • VaRedsFan

      tweaked his knee either on his single or going 1st to 3rd on Iggy’s hit…didn’t look serious…hopefully precautionary.

      • Seat101


        If I were to guess then it might be when he made his quick reversal on his single.

  39. VaRedsFan

    Blue Bayou…high fastball…top of the zone

  40. RedsMonk65

    This Sims kid is darn pretty impressive. Works fast. Confident. Throws strikes. Had not realized (or had forgotten) that he was a Braves No. 1 draft pick.

    If he tosses a complete game shutout, the Reds need to find a way to keep him on the roster. Even if he doesn’t make it to nine, still …

  41. matt hendley

    Send him out there for 8. 82 Pitches. 3? hits and a walk? Forget Disco and Mahle sweating bullets. Castillo and Gray sweating Bullets now.

  42. RedAlert

    Better not even think about sending this kid back to Louisville …..can help the Reds right now !

  43. matt hendley

    Scooter Gennett Sweating bullets now. THe man DD cannot do anything else. Just HR. Please tell me we extend him. Get him one more at bat.

  44. Old-school

    Congrats Reds …Sims…Dietrich.
    Statement day. Moving forward.

  45. matt hendley

    Can the Reds get Deitrich another AB. Perhaps. But there is still one major mission left. Pizza. Sims should get at minimum a complete game. Pull him at 100 pitches.

    • matt hendley

      It also seems all of a sudden that ESPN remembered who the reds are,

  46. Seat101

    I think it’ll take a triple play to keep Sims in the game

  47. Phil Gasson

    Don’t turn around Tyler and Disco. “SIM” one is gaining.

  48. VaRedsFan

    ouch!!! too bad it had to be a 4 spot blemish on his outstanding night.

  49. matt hendley

    The quality outing by Lucas Sims. Should get another opportunity. Will he? don’t know. Good GOod Stuff.

    • WVRedlegs

      Depending on what DeSclafani does tomorrow, the shopping of DeSclafani could begin on Thursday. It’s a new trade deadline this year.

  50. WVRedlegs

    Dietrich was the first to greet Peraza in the dugout after Peraza’s HR. Nice.

    • VaRedsFan

      1st to the mound to pat Sims on the back before his departure

  51. RedsMonk65

    Good to see these guys having fun — and winning.

    Nice to enjoy a laugher for a change instead of enduring all those nail-biters night after night.

  52. WVRedlegs

    Stephenson WANTED that pizza strikeout. Nice.

  53. Cincyborn2012

    I am sitting here in the 9th inning of a game that the Reds are leading 11-4 and I’m living and dying with every pitch because I’m not convinced they won’t blow this lead. I hate that I’m like this.

  54. matt hendley

    Stephenson gets a Pizza Strikeout and nothing else so far. Peraza hits his monthly home run. A shame about DD. THe reds were allowed only to forward 8 Position players names for voting purposes. For some reason DD is not one of them, I will let you guess who is.
    Deitrich will come up in the 9th if Stephenson collapses.

  55. RedsMonk65

    COME ON guys! Two more outs! Don’t let these guys claw back in it.

  56. Slicc50

    What a couple of good games here back to back after that loss in game 1 of the double header! This team puts tough losses behind them very well. Now only 1 game behind the Pirates for 4th place in the division. With the offense playing the way they should be……this is a tough team. If they can find a way to come out and play the way they did the last 2 games everyday, they can play with anyone! Need to extend Iggy! Dietrich mashing! Senzel looks like he may be good for a very long time! Winker starting to swing the bat! The pitching is awesome, for the most part. It’s fun to be a Reds fan again!

  57. ma

    the reds are starting to get attention of Nominally neutralBaseball news orginization, twice in the last week 2 reds players have gotten in-depth pieces done on them. This after MLBTR completely missed every reds transaction (which is supposedly their primary purpose) save the Matt Kemp release since the season started. May be getting some beleivers.