Joey Votto is a character. He’s had some outstanding moments on the microphone throughout the years. We’ll never forget Joey Votto going on MLB Network in full Canadian Mountie garb and giving an interview. We’ll never forget him getting Zack Cozart a donkey. After the Cincinnati Reds win over the Chicago Cubs on Wednesday night Joseph Daniel Votto provided another great soundbite for our memories as he talked about Yasiel Puig and his walk-off hit and bat flip.

I won’t speak for you guys, but I’d pay very good money to see Yasiel Puig cartwheel to first base on a walk-off hit against the Chicago Cubs. For now, though, we get perhaps the second best series of events:

The Bat Lick

The Walk Off

Over the last two weeks we’ve seen Yasiel Puig heating up. In his last 12 games he’s hitting .295/.380/.500. And that’s with his walk-off last night being a “single” simply because of the point in the game in which it came despite the fact that it was crushed off of the wall in deep right-center.

Post-game interview

Yasiel Puig Youth Baseball ProCamp

Speaking of Yasiel Puig, he’s hosting a youth baseball camp this summer in Cincinnati.

The Yasiel Puig Baseball ProCamp will be held on July 19th at Sycamore High School. Participants will learn fundamental baseball skills and have the opportunity to meet and interact with the outfielder. Each camper will receive a limited-edition camp t-shirt, a souvenir autograph, and a team photo with Yasiel.

Puig will be on-site to direct the event and will be joined by a selection of prep and college coaches from the area. The camp is open to boys and girls of all skill levels in grades 1-8.

If you would like more information you can check out

7 Responses

  1. matthew hendley

    I agree with the ‘its only a single cause….rules’ assessment of that. Had it happened in anything but a walk off situation its a bases clearing double. Maybe 2 run, regardless. Love the bat flip, Second best celebratory gesture from the Reds. Second best cause, Deitrich

    • renbutler

      Scorers have some room for discretion. They should allow for that to be a double, although they would have to stick with 1 RBI because that’s all that legally scores.

      But in the end, there’s on stat that counts the most:


  2. WVRedlegs

    After Puig’s eleventy billionth strikeout on the season, he finally hits a ball past the pitchers mound on the night and the millennials go bonkers over Votto’s benign comment and Puig’s bat lick and bat flip on a single or what should have really been a long sacrifice fly.
    Millennial Reds fans: “Bruh, did you see what Puig did? That was sick bruh. Bruh, like that was literally the greatest thing I’ve ever seen. EVER.”
    Most Reds fans: “Great comeback win. Against the division leading Cubs at that. That really sets the Reds up for a nice series win with Castillo going tomorrow. Great win. Nice comeback.”

    • Big Ed

      WV, you may need to go out in the front yard and shake your fist at passersby.

      Puig hit a bullet that hit off the wall in deep right-center. I doubt a normal centerfielder would have caught it, but even if one had, Puig did exactly what the Reds needed to win the game.

      It was a good team win; a lot of guys pitched in.

    • CI3J

      I’m not sure what about this warranted a rant about Millenials, but ok.

      That said, sports are and have always been about the human element. Babe Ruth was a great player, but part of his mythos is that he was also a hard partying dude who scarfed beer and hotdogs before games. The total picture of the Bambino is part of why he has remained such an enduring figure even as his records have fallen.

      Remember Kirk Gibson’s walkoff homer? Sure you do. Why do you remember it? There have been lots of walkoff homers in World Series history (15, to be exact). But we all remember that one, because we remember Gibson standing up there on basically one leg, then the fist pump as he rounded the bases. The human side of it.

      So again, I’m not sure why you take issue with people reporting on the human element of the game. It’s what helps make sports more than just numbers on a page.

      • RojoBenjy

        I for one, am glad for anything that interests the younger folks in my favorite game.

        @WV, you’ve opened the door for the “Hey, kids! Get off my lawn!” criticisms. You’ll have to wear it.

  3. Daytonian

    It was a walk-off at homet. Celebration in such situations should certainly be tolerated despite any Old School rules (and I am an Old School type of guy).

    Complaints that Puig would’ve just had a long fly out??? He did exactly what he had to do–he knocked in a run. RBI’s do count in game-winning situations. That’s BASEBALL.

    Oh, and he did it by hitting it over, and going away from, an exaggerated infield shift with an extra fielder brought in from the outfield?

    No complaints. Just a celebration. Well deserved!

    Come on, man. Watch the language. No cursing.