Yesterday’s game started with me mistakenly attributing a 15 ERA to Tanner Roark. As it happens, I was merely futurecasting. His ERA probably is an actual 15 right now.

Josh The Pilot is fond of stating that happiness in life is based on realistic expectations. Last night I expected to take a nap during the game because the previous day took approximately five days and I was exhausted to the point of sick. I woke up at some point in the ninth feeling a bit better. So I thought the game was pretty great.

Starting Pitchers

Sonny Gray 4.15 1.21 39.0 41 0 4
Yu Darvish 5.40 1.72 36.3 44 2 3


Let’s get Sonny the win today, guys. He needs a new phone.

(If you think I can’t keep this up all season, let me just tell you how many pictures of Don Johnson wearing pastel the Internet contains.)


The Internet does not have any pictures of Yu Darvish wearing pastel.

Starting Lineups


  1. Nick Senzel (R) CF
  2. Joey Votto (L) 1B
  3. Eugenio Suárez (R) 3B
  4. Jesse Winker (L) LF
  5. Yasiel Puig (R) RF
  6. Derek Dietrich (L) 2B
  7. Jose Iglesias (R) SS
  8. Sonny Gray (R) P
  9. Tucker Barnhart (S) C


  1. Jason Heyward (L) RF
  2. Kris Bryant (R) 1B
  3. Javier Báez (R) SS
  4. Kyle Schwarber (L) LF
  5. David Bote (R) 3B
  6. Albert Almora (R) CF
  7. Addison Russell (R) 2B
  8. Taylor Davis (R) C
  9. Yu Darvish (R) P

News and Notes

Jesse Winker wore these shoes last night and everybody was freaking out over them. I think they look like eBay threw up all over his feet but he’s repping some decent Reds history with Certain Reds mentioned and Certain Other Reds not, and I appreciate that, so I’ll allow it.

Meanwhile, Dietrich is wearing this tonight, which I’m sure the umpires will just love:

118 Responses

  1. Eric

    Josh The Pilot is fond of stating that happiness in life is based on realistic expectations.

    Tell JtP that I’m going to start using that one. If you want to be happy, you’ll be happy!

    That said, I’ll be much HAPPIER if we can square the series with the STUPID CUBS tonight! C’mon, Sonny!

  2. Steven Ross

    This lineup worked so well last night let’s roll it right back tonight. Good luck to us. Tucker over Casali again. Hard to believe.

    • Wayneworld69

      Why do Reds continues to bat pitcher 8 what’s the advantage
      Is it a management directive like having kids in minors take 2 strikes
      Doesn’t make sense

      • Doug Gray

        Because ultimately it’s more optimal for the lineup the second time around and so on.

      • matthew hendley

        It actually works too…. that is if your Number 9 hitter isn’t Tucker Barnhart.

  3. matthew hendley

    So since its game of thrones night at the ballpark, does that mean that the reds get to run out there with swords and slay the Lanisters…. I mean the stupid cubs. I think that course of action would improve our chances in the central.
    Seriously though, Sonny needs to have a good 6 inning start, Darvish has been having control problems, I expect more action then yesterday.

    • Eric the Red

      I don’t want to be Mr. Negative, but…sadly, our guys don’t seem to believe in things like “this pitcher is having control problems; let’s try to take some pitches.” I hope they prove me wrong tonight. Go Reds!

  4. docproc

    Why is .167 Barnhart still in the starting lineup, with .291 Casali on the bench?

    • Roger Garrett

      Tucker may or may not hit his career average of 250 after 5 years in the big leagues but Casali is a better hitter and has more pop and is just as good defensively.Easy to pick on him because he is hitting 167 but nobody else other then Iggy is getting it done either so why not VanMeter getting a start or two.

  5. Curt

    Noticed VanMeter got a hit yesterday, one of only 3 against the apparently “un-hittable” Kyle Hendricks. Imagine that… Wonder if he can do it again? Eh, probably just a fluke… 😉

  6. Chris Holbert

    When TB is consistently in there, it just one think, are they really trying to put the best lineup out there every night. The pitchers seem to be doing okay, no matter who is catching. They need as much offense as they can get, The nine hole was supposed to get more people on base for Votto…at 167 how often is that happening…as Christopher Walken said…more cowbe, er Casali….

  7. Roger Garrett

    Darvish will walk himself right out of the game if you let him.Question is will we be patient enough for it to happen.I say no because right now and so far in the first 42 games we start swinging in the dugout.Need guys to take good at bats.Joey,Senzel,Winker and Suarez where are those good at bats we should be seeing?

  8. Sliotar

    Obviously, Mary Beth has not been feeling tip-top.

    Otherwise, given the Reds offense (or offensive play) and a guest star appearance by Don Johnson in the set-up, this is a mandatory reference…..

    Heartbeat by Don Johnson

    “Heartbeat …. I’m looking for a heartbeat.”

    Go Redlegs.

    • Mary Beth Ellis

      He was so, so serious about that song.
      It’s magnificent.

  9. matthew hendley

    Votto played by Darvish there…. obviously expecting offspeed unable to adjust. Rookie mistake, shouldn’t happen from him. SUarez with the save, and sets himself up in Scoring position,

  10. Wayne nabors

    Votto looks at strike 3 right down the middle,can’t imagine 4 more years of that

  11. matthew hendley

    20 Pitches for Darvish in the First. Reds keep that up he will be out in 5. Got the Lead.

  12. Old-school

    At the game .. Joey Votto jumping up and down in batters box…. Then yelling at home plate and gesturing after weak check swing? Why so upset?

    • matthew hendley

      It was the 2nd? pitch in the AB, very low, called strike. If you tuned out Joe Morgan, you could barely make out him going on about it. Is it Legit? IDK.

    • Doug Gray

      The jumping up and down wasn’t him being upset. Him yelling in the general direction of the umpire after his pop up to short, was. He didn’t like a call earlier in that plate appearance.

  13. Aaron B.

    Somebody mentioned this on the recap yesterday, but yes the fact our pitchers are keeping us in close games changes the approach of opposing pitchers. Last year when we would go down early pitchers would generally not nibble and prefer to challenge hitters, so our guys could hack away and have some success. When you have a cushion you try to conserve your pitch count so you attack more… whereas this year we are in tight games the pitchers are teasing the hitters, and our guys unaccustomed to that approach are looking silly. Puig should no better but he has had some bad luck. Votto is the opposite, he is being challenged more than ever now that his bat is slower. The end of steroids has really exposed the fragility of the aging process. At 35-36 decline is rapid. Anyhow just my thoughts. I think there is something to the fact that our best hitter was a AL light hitting reject. Also, I knew we would miss Scooter, its impossible to assess what could have been if he had been the spark plug as in years past but this offense would have been much better no doubt. Sure DIetrich has helped mitigate that, but Dietrich can play anywhere so they could both be in the lineup at the same time, not an issue.

  14. Chris Holbert

    Umpires must be after Votto again tonight…

  15. Chris Holbert

    The pitchers have to adjust to the strike zone, the hitters need to do the same…..

  16. Wayne nabors

    Well it is plain as day senzel is the reds best hitter,was in spring training and is now,and casali by far is the reds best catcher,but reds choose to beat their drum to a different tune ,another last place finish is guaranteed

    • Indy Red Man

      Wasn’t Farmer a catcher too? He could hit lefty better then Barnhart right now! They finally quit forcing Peraza in the lineup over superior hitters so why not Barnhart? He’s 2 for his last 34?

      • matthew hendley

        LHP tomorrow, means Casilli will start, Peraza will probably, start. Good question on Farmer and C. Probably not familiar with the pitchers as much as TB or CC.

  17. Old-school

    Votto.winker and Puig not hitting for extended time. Winker really poor. Season slipping away when almora and Russell beating you.

  18. Hanawi

    Can’t watch the game. Darvish has been a walk machine this year but hasn’t walked anyone so far. Is that a product of poor umpiring, Reds’ chasing or is he not afraid of challenging the Reds’ hitters?

    • matthew hendley

      Darvish is throwing strikes for the Most part. Puig struck out on an obvious ball 4, and the umps have been tolerable. But mostly this is Yu.

      Anyone need an example of Grit, the Deitrich, Iglesias RBI, is one for you, providing a needed run.

      • Indy Red Man

        2 outs w/nobody on and the Reds scored! Usually when we play the Cubs they’ll put up crooked numbers with 2 outs/nobody on while we can’t score with 1st/3rd and nobody out.

      • Hanawi

        Thanks. Have to hope they can hit at some point.

  19. Chris Holbert

    Isn’t it ironic that the player most would think would be the lightest hitter at this point in the season, Iglesias, has the highest average, and has easily been the consistent….

    • Doug Gray

      Jose Iglesias is a “light hitter” for a reason that isn’t his average, though. It’s because he doesn’t hit for any power. Iglesias is a .271 career hitter. He hit .269 last year. He’s a light hitter because he’s a career .366 slugger.

      • Old-school

        Iglesias doesn’t agree with you.

      • Doug Gray

        He didn’t on that one.

        But the numbers speak for themselves…. in his career, he’s a guy who hasn’t hit for any power.

    • matthew hendley

      Comerica is a noctoriously big park though.

  20. Vada

    I live outside Ohio and watch the Reds on FS Ohio. Well, this is my FINAL year buying that network. I CANNOT STAND Jim Day as announcer. Absolute all time WORST announcer in Reds past 55 years. I watch the Reds with MUTE on when he works the booth.

    • matthew hendley

      Wow, I guess im not alone.

  21. Wayne nabors

    Puig will swing at a pitch outside and in the dirt for strike 3 every single time,and I literally watched darvish pitch him that way twice already

  22. Indy Red Man

    Barnhart? 2-2 count and Ks. 3 swings on pitches WELL out of the zone? When are they going to sit him down for a while? We need offense!!

    Lets face it. The Pirates play fundamental baseball and Josh Bell suddenly looks like Big Papi. Atleast they made a franchise defining bad trade for Chris Archer, but thats not getting the Reds out of last this year.

  23. Mary Beth Ellis

    Just got home. I was at WalMart buying nightgowns and Combos and shampoo and walking into the bathroom with a lot of purpose and then wondering when they installed urinals.

    That is how this game is going.

  24. Wayneworld69

    Why do Reds continues to bat pitcher 8 what’s the advantage
    Is it a management directive like having kids in minors take 2 strikes
    Doesn’t make sense

  25. matthew hendley

    Because a change in Game plan is needed, and its GOT night. Deitrich goes up to bat with a long sword. Just takes Davis head straight off Ned Stark like. Sonny Gray gets up and crossbows the Cubs pitcher saying, ‘tell them it was me’

    Trying to lighten things up. If you don’t watch GOT you wont get it sorry.

    Meanwhile Bobsteves out here actually trying to decapitate people.

  26. Wayne nabors

    Votto another called strike 3 right down the ol pipe,hall of fame is now out of reach

    • matthew hendley

      up and in is not down the pipe. and one strike out is not making a difference for him getting in the hall.

      • matthew hendley

        Correction, up and slightly outside.

      • Wayne nabors

        Matthew he needed at least another good 2 -3 years of production to get ain’t happening,not got nothing to do with 1 strikeout

  27. matthew hendley

    Pizza for the fans again, 2Ks away, 10 outs left to get.

  28. Chris Holbert

    Won’t it be interesting to see if the second worst NL team’s pitcher starts the All Star game…Finally taking Cy Young Darvish out….

  29. Slicc50

    0 walks……11 strikeouts for Darvish? Wow

  30. Jack

    Votto thinks he is close? To what, retirement? He looks worse and worse to me. Takes a couple fastball strikes ( or swings and fouls one off occasionally), then gets defensive and either makes a weak check swing or watches strike three go by. He honestly looks afraid to swing.

  31. Indy Red Man

    Stephenson with a 25-5 K to walk ratio. He needs more work? I guess he’s on pace for 75 approximately, but his stuff is too good.

    There’s a fine line there. Guys like Stephenson and Lorenzen have better stuff then Roark and Mahle too for that matter. They might be more suited to be relievers, but shouldn’t lousy teams like the Reds explore getting the most innings from their best arms?

    • matthew hendley

      but….but…. I thought we had jose peraza for that? lol

  32. Chris Holbert

    Bullpen time for the Cubs, time for DB to shine…..

  33. Indy Red Man


    Businessman’s special tomorrow…hopefully Winker will make it home by then

  34. renbutler

    Is this the worst baserunning/base-coaching team in history?

    Seriously, I have never seen as many runners thrown out by several steps as I have seen this year.

    I get taking chances, but not stupid ones. Good lord.

    • Indy Red Man

      When is 27 considered several?

      • renbutler

        Okay, several-plus. At least several.

    • Pete

      Ren, they don’t hit well enough to not take risks. Have to hope the incoming throw is misfired. It’s hard to watch so I’m sympathetic to your frustration. Three hits in one inning is nearly impossible at this point.

  35. matthew hendley

    Dietrich also proving he can hit leftys. Who is the massive idiot that sent winker on that, short of Joey and maybe TB he is the slowest guy on the team. Iggy was up next. Cincinnati coaching failures at their finest.

  36. Old-school

    Puig 0-3. 3 k.
    Dietrich and Winker both hit lefty pitchers.
    Did 3b coach send .. I was watching ball in corner… Fans around say yes

    • WVRedlegs

      But what about him heating up and coming around? lol.
      Special K. That’s my Special K.

    • Curt

      @old-school: yes, JR House sent him. I understand being aggressive but that was a horrible misread/mistake by House. Especially considering slow Winker running.

  37. Mark Lang

    Puig swinging at pitches like his blind… then getting thrown out at home by 20 feet… that catcher could have taken a cigarette break between getting the throw and making the tag… just embarrassing.

  38. Chris Holbert

    Why would you send one of the slowest runners, with a tender quad , when the RF had the ball before he even was at at 3B….

  39. Indy Red Man

    That looked like something from Major League. I needed to laugh like that:)

    Juuuuust a bit outside. Ball 11 ball 12

  40. Chris Holbert

    You know you should have held when the catcher meets you 20 feet from home plate.

  41. Pete

    Ren, they don’t hit well enough to not take risks. Have to hope the incoming throw is misfired. It’s hard to watch so I’m sympathetic to your frustration. Three hits in one inning is nearly impossible at this point.

  42. Indy Red Man

    Error gives them 2nd base. Productive out. Productive out. 2 run lead. Its not rocket science, but the Reds just can never figure it out. The Scott Rolen Reds played the game the right way, but went all-in on Latos and it cost them.

  43. matthew hendley

    If winker had only stoped at 3rd. Iggy with the bomb.

  44. WVRedlegs

    What about that “light hitter”?
    Jose can you see?

  45. Pete

    Swap Iglesias and Votto in the line up. Like tomorrow.

    • Curt

      Pete: I’ve been saying that for awhile. Or at least move Votto to 5 and Puig down to 6.

  46. Indy Red Man

    Iggy!!! I wasn’t paying attention on who hit the ball since WInker got thrown out by 3 minutes, but that was DD stinging a double off a lefty. Play both of them almost every day. Peraza has had his chance and 4 other guys chances too. JVM might shine, but he’ll never get 10% of the chances that Peraza gets?

  47. matthew hendley

    I cant fault barnhart for trying that.

  48. Scott Gennett

    What’s the idea about playing everyday Votto, Puig and Barnhart? They’re now a ruled out.

  49. matthew hendley

    Senzel robbed on that one… ball was at least 3 inches up and unhittable. Doesn’t however need to be thrown out. Would be a perfect time for David bell to get thrown out defending his guy firing up the home faithful.
    Strike zone for Cubs pitchers is growing.

  50. matthew hendley

    Yep another loss coming for the Reds, Sonny Gray didn’t help himself, but the batters, except for Dietrich and Iglesias, didn’t really help him either.
    But the Fans get Pizza again, so that’s good.

    • Pete

      Rally caps gentlemen. Season turns around tonight with a miraculous comeback. Heard it here first.

  51. Jeff Morris

    Not sure why Sonny G cannot go 6 innings tonight. Same with Tanner R last night. Pitch count was not too high. Also, Reds should have tried to get catcher JT Realmuto. If you look up his stats so far this year, they are WAY better than Tucker Barnhardt. If Reds are going to be competetive, they need to go after players like that, that have a history of good batting average. Just like they pursue the pitchers in Gray, Roark, and Wood. They need to pursue position players that have decent batting averages and on base percentages. Case in point, that is why the Reds go rid of Adam Duvall last year…low on base percentage.

    • Pete

      You know that means replacing 11 guys?

    • matthew hendley

      If memory serves the reds did make a real run at JTR, it was just that Miami liked some of the players in PHI offer better. Ultimately Cincinnati’s FO cant hold a gun to miamis head and force the trade.

    • Indy Red Man

      I haven’t looked it up tonite, but they have a catcher with 34 doubles and 23 bombs in less then 600 career atbats on the roster. Last name of Casali. He might be a pretty good offensive threat if they’d actually play him more?

      Everyone has bad contracts at times and has to play certain guys, but no reason to keep playing Barnhart and Peraza when they’re struggling like they do.

  52. matthew hendley

    Votto gets a hit, Suarez gets a bomb. Game tied. Winker and Detrich need to catch up to suarez in HR. Starting tonight.

  53. Old-school

    Lorenzen just ran in from the bullpen to dugout.

  54. Chris Holbert

    Puig needs a day or two off, or given the take until you get a strike sign.

  55. Pete

    Followed up by a K and two pop-ups. Rally over but game tied.

  56. VaRedsFan

    The shine is quickly wearing off David Hernandez

  57. Chris Holbert

    Has anyone counted how many times Thom has said Cubbies?

  58. VaRedsFan

    Welsh just summed up Peraza on 2 pitches…Hits the ball with authority to the pull side, but gets his weight on the front font and loses his power when going oppo.

  59. Indy Red Man

    Tucker at .160 now? I work in Brownsburg now! Tucker, Lance Lynn, and Drew Storen were teammates I think? Gordon Hayward from Butler (Celtics) is from Brownsburg as well. Somebody made the NFL too. Not bad for 1 little burb.

  60. VaRedsFan

    If any pitcher ever throws a fastball in the zone to Baez, the should be demoted on the spot…. There should even be a sign hanging in the locker room

  61. seat101

    Post after post after post of whining and complaining and hand wringing and pearl clutching and stepping on stool and lifting your skirtsbecause EEK there’s a mouse!

    I’ve been watching a good and fun baseball game. Try it sometime

  62. Chris Holbert

    That throw to 1B was probably 150 MPH.

    • Mark Lang

      Post after post after post by others along a theme and you feel different? Huh… wonder who’s right?

  63. matthew hendley

    Straight out ROBBED of a walk….. that he got anyway.

  64. renbutler

    Another massive baserunning blunder, but we got lucky.

    Make them pay for it.

  65. matthew hendley

    6 man infield, any fly ball that clears the IF will win it. Puig needs to a) not K and b) not ground out.

  66. Indy Red Man

    Man Suarez has really developed into a star! Nice hustle from Joey as well!

    No Rizzo and no Zobrist! Z always got a key hit against us. We need this one and then the rubber game tomorrow!

    • matthew hendley

      Thank Z’s wife (soon to be ex) for him not being there.

  67. Mark Lang

    Puig! Credit where credit is due.

  68. matthew hendley

    Puig, VOTTO, SUAREZ!!!! Dietrich!!!! IGGY!!!! WALK OFF!!!!!!!!

  69. Indy Red Man

    Nice win for the boys tonite! We kept cutting it to 1 and then they’d get it back up to 2. It didn’t look good, but they found a way!!

  70. VaRedsFan

    Throwing a low fastball in the zone to Puig is an awful mistake.