The Reds hope to make it 2-0 this season wearing their nostalgic throwback uniforms. In the 4:10 p.m. Eastern time start of game three of a four-game series against the San Francisco Giants at Great American Ball Park, the Reds will wear this road uniform from 1911:

Brian Erts has more on the history of this particular uniform in this article here at Redleg Nation.

Before today’s game, the Reds officially promoted Josh VanMeter, who has 13 homers, 31 RBI, and these additionally eye-popping numbers so far at Louisville: .336/.431/.736/1.167. He’s a left-handed batter who, in essence, replaces Matt Kemp on the roster. Surprisingly to many, left-hander Cody Reed was sent down to Louisville after one day on the major league roster and a fairly impressive 2.1 shutout innings of relief with four strikeouts. Apparently the front office wants to give Zach Duke and Wandy Peralta some more chances as left-handed relievers.

Starting Pitchers

Jeff Samardzija 32 2.53 4.94 19.7% 7.9%
Luis Castillo 43.1 1.45 3.31 29.4% 10%

If any game in this series has the potential to be a pitching duel, this one is it. Castillo has been arguably the best starting pitcher in the National League in the early portion of the season, and was named the National League Pitcher of the Month for April. Samardzija has some nice numbers in the first month, but his peripherals such as xFiP at 4.94 are revealing.


Cody Reed gave the rest of the bullpen the night off last night with 2.1 shutout innings with four strikeouts. The reward? Well, you know what it was. Therefore, all relievers should be available today.

Starting Lineups

Giants Reds
2B Joe Panik 1B Joey Votto
LF Mike Gerber 3B Eugenio Suarez
C Buster Posey RF Jesse Winker
1B Brandon Belt LF Derek Dietrich
3B Pablo Sandoval CF Nick Senzel
SS Yangervis Solarte SS Jose Iglesias
CF Kevin Pillar 2B Jose Peraza
RF Steven Duggar P Luis Castillo
P Jeff Samardzija C Tucker Barnhart

Yasiel Puig gets a day off today, with Jesse Winker moving to right field and Derek Dietrich starting in left. None of the current Reds position players have a history of success against Samardzija, according to












Additional insights into the statistical history of the players in today’s game is available all season long at

News and Notes

Nick Senzel got soaked three times by his teammates following Saturday’s win …


The Reds called up Josh VanMeter from Triple-A prior to the game today. You can read all about what he’s changed over the last year to get him to where he’s at today right here. In his last 258 Triple-A plate appearances for the Louisville Bats he’s hit .332/.412/.686.

Interesting numbers on the top Reds hitters in specific pitch counts (meaning that the final result of an at-bat occurs on that pitch):

First pitch: Joey Votto .524 OBP
0-1 count: Jesse Winker .500 OBP
0-2 count: Jose Iglesias .385 OBP
1-0 count: Jose Peraza .500 OBP
1-1 count: Jose Iglesias .600 OBP
1-2 count: Kyle Farmer .333 OBP
2-0 count: no player with more than four results
2-1 count: Yasiel Puig .500 OBP
2-2 count: Scott Schebler .300 OBP
3-0 count: nine players with 1.000 OBP (meaning 3-0 pitch results in either a walk or a swing that results in a hit)
3-1 count: four players with 1.000 OBP (meaning 3-1 pitch results in either a walk or a swing that results in a hit)
3-2 count: Tucker Barnhart .667 OBP

97 Responses

  1. Chris Holbert

    What dirt does Duke and Peralta have on the FO. Reed gives them more length and options….

    • Mark Moore

      Duke, for one, has no options left.

      • matthew hendley

        Duke is here on a MLB deal. Which means he must be designated for assignment if the reds want to get rid of him.

  2. Eric the Red

    1) I still hope their plan is to stretch Reed out to start

    2) Everyone fretting over Votto: I think it’s obvious his back is bothering him. That’s not good, but it’s better than “he’s washed up.”

    • ToBeDetermined

      Eric the Red

      1) Agreed

      2) Your probably right

    • RichS

      I would like to see some video of Votto two years ago or more. This practice swing he takes is painful to watch. Some “expert” on this site said he was working on his muscle memory to hit to the opposite field. He chokes up and short arms the swing which is why he cannot even comprehend an outside pitch anymore. Put him in the film room.

      • greenmtred

        That was me. I’m not an expert. Just proposing a theory which was suggested by how tha practice swing looks to me. Sorry about your cornflakes.

  3. J

    Every year it seems the Reds insist on starting the season with a few veteran players whose stats suggest they were either never very good or haven’t been good for quite some time. We all ask “why?” These players are predictably mediocre or bad, but mysteriously continue getting chance after chance after chance. We all ask “WHY?!!!” (Unfortunately, the media and broadcast teams rarely seem to ask this question or demand any good answers.) Then after another few weeks (or months) of mediocre or lousy performances, they’re finally sent to the minors or released, and much better and/or more promising young players are promoted. This year there’s only one guy who definitely seems to be in this category, so I guess things really are improving. But why they can’t make this mistake zero times in any given year is a real mystery.

    • Reds Fan In FL

      I understand the “service time” argument for Senzel but just curious how much of a “kick start” he has provided to the offensive the last couple of days and how better off the Reds hitting would’ve been if he was on the opening day roster

  4. DocProc

    Puig leads the Reds with 116 ABs. He’s getting a day off on May 5th because he must be exhausted. Especially after running the bases all night going 3 for 4 in front of the home crowd at GABP. Good day to sit him. Wouldn’t want him to stay hot.

    Meanwhile, 71 players in MLB have more than 116 ABs this year. Their names include Arenado, Goldschmidt, Baez, Betts, Freeman, Altuve, Machado, Bellinger–even old farts like Molina and Cano. I sure hope their managers give those poor, worn-out players a day off soon.

    • Wayne nabors

      i dont think bell has used the same 8 man lineup 2 days in a row yet,seems he doesnt like a set lineup or players who can play every day

    • ToBeDetermined

      Puig should be happy he didn’t get sent down to Louisville as a reward for starting to swing a good bat.

  5. Seat101

    The game hasn’t started yet and you already in great form for complaining


    • ToBeDetermined


      Hopefully, there will be nothing to complain about later as hopefully we’ll either hear or know that it was spoken “and this one belongs to the Reds”

  6. Curt

    Can someone smarter than I explain why you bring up Reed, he succeeds, you send him back down. You bring up VanMeter, put him on the bench and start Peraza..? So now what, VanMeter gets brought in to pinch hit in a late inning pressure spot, he strikes out and tough luck, back to AAA. Why not start him straight away? Ride the guys hot bat. Or is this all just to motivate Peraza psychologically? ????

    • Ted

      The whole thing with Cody Reed makes no sense whatsoever…neither does sitting down Puig when he’s finally getting hot…just dumb. Keeping Zach Duke on this roster is completely ridiculous. Cody Reed’s stuff is 10 times better even if he does walk more people

  7. Eric the Red

    It’s never too early to complain about THOM! I really think he’s worse and more shouty this year. And he’s really struggling to gauge the distance a fly ball is likely to travel.

  8. matthew hendley

    1. Thom is the Best announcer alive!!!
    2. Those uniforms look, interesting, I thought we were the reds not the blues.
    3. Undoubtedly A day of for Puig. Don’t read into it as some alarm that he is being pulled. No one is Cal Ripken now a days.
    4. Disapointed that Cody Reed is pulling minor league pay for at least the next 10 days. There were other options.
    5. Perazas days finally have a number count. I think the FO has finally lost the ‘it will come eventually’ mentality with him and is starting to pressure him. That said with the Right the Shark on the mound I don’t understand why JVMR is not starting either.
    6. DD and his custom made Home run watches are in the lineup. Good. At least treat him as a Ben Zobrist type player.

    • Eric the Red

      You’re kidding about THOM, right? I’ve seen other references that suggest you like him, and I have to ask, why???

      • matthew hendley

        No, I am not kidding, Jim day is a good on the field guy, but with the exception of thom everyone that the reds have put out as pbp announcers were boring or completely annoying.

      • daytonnati

        It could be that Matthew Hendley is Thom’s on-line name?? 🙂

  9. ToBeDetermined


    #2 — Remember they were the Red Stockings.
    They could come out in Yellow Uniforms. and Red Stockings and that would be legit.
    Then again they would probably look like about 30 Ronald McDonalds running around.

    • matthew hendley

      But I thought they were the Reds, with a case of the Blues, not the Blues with a case of the Reds. :p lol

      • ToBeDetermined


        No, they are the blues. Definitely being the Blues with that performance 2 out of the last 3 games.

  10. CI3J

    Excited to see VanMeter. Seems like something clicked for this kid last year and it’s carried over to this year. Also, I like him because he’s almost a local lad (Indiana), and his name vaguely sounds close to “Vander Meer”.

    I predict in the future, once Votto finally can’t hack it, Winker will move to 1B and there will be a hole in LF. Let’s see if VanMeter can provide the answer there before we even have to ask the question.

    • Curt

      Also, he’s besties with Senzel. Always good in my opinion to find a group of guys, a young core if you will, to live and grow together. Create a team identity. Worked for Houston. Here’s hoping VanMeter sticks. 🙂

  11. Roger Garrett

    Disappointed in the Reds for sending Reed down.Not quite sure but I hope he returns quickly.Its a no brainer he was and is better then some in the pen.Said it yesterday and its worth repeating in that Reed came in and finished the game in dominate fashion.The Reds should ask themselves how many guys in the pen could have or actually have pitched 2.1 innings to close out a game this year or in the past.Lets hope he knew it before hand and said ok I will just prove to you I belong.Since I am in the wishing mode maybe he is going down to get stretched out to start.I can dream.

  12. matthew hendley

    Why is it every time I see Deitrich I am thinking of Miami Vice

  13. matthew hendley

    I see it will be a game with bad umps again. Votto with that hit.

    • matthew hendley

      and scores on the Geno bomb, and it looks like samarjia forgot to show up today ..Winker, back to back

      • matthew hendley

        its not stopping… detirch with the turn and walk. Its Batting Practice out there

  14. Chris Holbert

    I know he just long, but, I would prefer to see Suarez in the five hole and Senzel in the 2…

  15. lost11found

    Suarez!!! 2 run bomb to get things started off well!

  16. WVRedlegs

    Back to back to back Jack’s. That’s a fact, Jack.

  17. Pete

    This offense is finding its sea legs. Maybe we will have fun this season.

    • ToBeDetermined

      I think it just hit an iceberg

  18. WVRedlegs

    That should be plenty of runs for Castillo. Hope he has a complete game. It might not be enough runs for Raisel Iglesias.

    • CI3J

      It’s really baffling how Iggy has completely fallen apart in the past year after being one of the better relievers in all of baseball before that.

      • matthew hendley

        Fallen apart is a bit extreme. he has shown brilliance in some outings. He is having problems there is no doubt, but I think he will still come around.

  19. Mark Moore

    When your pitcher works a 10-pitch AB, even for a K, I’d say there’s a good chance for the offense today. Poor Jeff’s going to get tired pretty quickly. But at least he chose MLB over the NFL where he would have been a marginal receiver.

  20. lost11found

    An OOTBLAN to end the inning!

    The Reds will take it. As will Votto’s Fld%.

  21. matthew hendley

    How do you miss the bag. Oh well, good heads up play by votto.

  22. matthew hendley

    50 pitches after 2 innings. Going to see the bad half of the giants BP again tonight.

  23. Indy Red Man

    I enjoy watching DD! Now if a Card or a Cub did what he does then I’d want them hit. I’d want their granny hit. Their neighbor hit, etc. Its fun when he’s on your team though!!

  24. Old-school

    This offense is coming together and it starts with a core of hitters with good plate discipline playing every day and batting 1-4. Addition by subtraction with Kemp and Schebler. Dietrich has really been a crucial addition with his power bat while Scooter injured. Time to start the clock and get back to .500.

    Nick Senzel might just be a CF.

  25. matthew hendley

    It may have been overlooked, during the b2b2b HR. Not only were they Back to Back to Back At bats, but they were the consecutive pitches as well.

  26. TyGuy88

    All of a sudden this lineup is looking very strong with Votto, Suarez, Winker, Puig, Senzel, and Detriech with a mix of Peraza/Iglesias. Gonna be interesting when Scooter returns.

    • matthew hendley

      Indeed, when scooter does come back, it will either be JVMR or Peraza who goes down, I suspect that the two and change weeks will be a test run for JVMR.

  27. Indy Red Man

    That last fastball that got Gerber moved left to right 2 feet atleast? Luis’s heater missed few bats last year for how hard he threw. If someone coached him or he worked on it…that movement on the heater is everything! He’s an ace!

  28. Curt

    Cmon, haha, the fake ‘stache and big eyeliner. DD is certainly entertaining. Thumbs up! It’s suppose to be fun.

  29. Indy Red Man

    Khris Davis got pulled out today after 1 atbat. It might be the right time to catch them? Now if the Reds can finish off today and Disco can keep it going tomorrow. 2 righties in Oakland…VanMeter should start in those games!

  30. Chris Holbert

    Who sits so JVMR can start? Votto, Suarez, Winker, Puig, Senzel, DD, Iglesias, C, P….looks pretty good to me….

    • matthew hendley

      2 DH games are coming up. DD to first, sit peraza, JVMR to second, Votto to DH

      • matthew hendley

        and, winker to DH, JVMR to LF.

  31. matthew hendley

    Shift costs Castillo the No hitter. Another Shift fail.

    • matthew hendley

      and ultimately because of that failed shift, this game is tied.

  32. Indy Red Man

    Jeez? LC has to be smarter then that? Posey is Posey. He owns the Reds. Belt looked horrible and was on deck. Pitch around Posey. That sucks. They need this game

  33. Old-school

    Get puig in the game now.
    Gotta win this Game. All hands on deck.

  34. matthew hendley

    I don’t care if it is Buster posey, if you are the umpire and the catcher does what he did, he deserves the thumb.

    • RojoBenjy

      I didn’t watch. What did he do?

      • matthew hendley

        During and After the Senzel at bat in the 6th. A ball (using the term loosely) was called on a ball that legitimately was a strike 3. So much so everyone was walking off the field. The ump says ball, busty ‘chats’ with him a little. Got it, At bat continues Senzel walks. next batter is thrown inside. (not like I am trying to hit you inside, but inside and off the plate) Busty turns his head around in that obvious talking to the Ump about his strike zone look. I know my description is not doing it justice but he was arguing balls and strikes and he wasn’t trying to hide it either. That is supposed to get you ejected.

  35. matthew hendley

    JVMR should have an opertunity this next inning, Castillo is done after this inning I think.

  36. matthew hendley

    Well its not a total loss. Pizza strikeout

  37. matthew hendley

    Schebler 2-5 2 singles, 2 RBIs in his first game at LOU.

  38. Julio

    Why would you sit your hottest hitter on Friday and then again today? I know it was lefty vs lefty but no one else is hitting.

  39. Julio

    Sorry meant Thursday and today – not Friday.

  40. Curt

    Oh no, DB takes out a dealing Garrett for Iggy…why do I have a bad feeling about this?

  41. Chris Holbert

    Why is Iglesias not subject to the lefty/righty matchups?

  42. RedAlert

    David Bell can’t help himself ….

  43. matthew hendley

    Another beautiful anaylitics move by the failed bell. pulled another hitting player, let another player not hitting continue to bat. Removed good pitchers for struggleing ones. Need to reevaluate Rasiel as the closer.

  44. Curt

    I was correct and I didn’t need analytics to see it coming…just my eyes!

  45. WVRedlegs

    The bullpen blows another game. Raisel Iglesias is the culprit again. Again.
    Dick Williams call 1-800-Kimbrel.

    • matthew hendley

      Still would have to wait a month for that, Draft not until early June. Reds would forfeit their pick if they signed him before that. Internal options should be looked at for the moment.

    • Marv

      I would give Lorenzen a shot. Looked good in his Mets save last week.

  46. Julio

    DB decisions cost Reds another game.

  47. Ed

    Bell has lost the Reds 2 games almost singlehandedly.

  48. J

    I wonder how many times Bell will have to make the same mistake before he notices the same thing we’ve all noticed. When a guy is pitching well, leave him in the game no matter which hand he’s pitching with. It’s not complicated.

  49. matthew hendley

    At least Thom has enough sense to see that Peraza is overmatched by MLB pitching.

  50. RedAlert

    Go from one extreme to the next with Price and Bell – and BOTH have shown no ability to have any feel for the flow of a game whatsoever – and by the way sit Peraza and let Vanmeter play !

    • matthew hendley

      I am actually surprised they didn’t Double switch them out when he had his AB.

  51. Curt

    Now imagine if Peraza knew how to get on base… alas, it won’t be enough

  52. matthew hendley

    David bell fails again. The shift in the 6th on Dugger allows his single instead of a simple 6-3 2nd out, allowing Gerbers SO to end the inning. Posey would of led of the 7th then. Even with the Homer (now 1 instead of 3 runs) the reds could have had a chance of winning. Not to say that Both David bell and Rasiel Inglesias both failed on this game as well. Obviously Amir Garrett should have remained in that game.
    But does Rasiel even care. Instead of giving him a financial incentive to remain good, they guaranteed his deal. He’s Getting paid. He doesn’t care now. So he will continue to blow games.

    • lost11found

      pretty much every ML contract is guarenteed, no? not much leverage to be had there.

      • matthew hendley

        yes, however prior to the contract renegotiation last year the contract values were much lower with an opportunity to opt into Arbitration. Arbitration as you know is results based. Hence he would have been held accountable financially for his results. Now he is not.