The Reds will try to avoid being swept  by the Brewers this afternoon  in the first quick turnaround game of 2019 at 12:35 in GABP. The game ends also ends the first homestand of the season. The Reds are a disappointing 1-3 to date. The Brewers on the other hand are off to a flying 5-1 start.

Starting Pitching


Right hander Freddy Peralta will make his second start of the season for the Brewers.  The not quite 23 year old Peralta made his MLB debut with the Brewers in May of 2018.  By season’s end he made 16 appearances of which 14 were starts, compiling a 3.93 FIP. Peralta will attempt to right himself today after opening the 2019 season on a sour note when he allowed 4 earned runs in just three innings of work.

Peralta is a fastball/ curveball pitcher. Expect to see his 4 seam heater on about 78% of his pitches and the curve around 19% of the time. He flashes a few change ups to round out his arsenal. Peralta does not throw an overpowering fastball. Instead he relies on the speed difference between his fastball (low 90’s) and curve (mid to high 70’s) to keep batters off balance. Accordingly, control and location are of utmost importance for him. If he  runs deep counts and leaves pitches in the hitting zones, trouble will find him.


Luis Castillo is also making his second start of the season. However, unlike Peralta, the Reds rightie is coming off a very strong 6 inning/ 1 run opening performance. Castillo struggled through April and early May last season. It will be a very big positive for the Reds if he can consistently approach his first start numbers.  To learn more about Castillo, check out Matt Wilkes’s Redleg Nation Series about him  part 1 and part 2.

PITCHER (2018 Stats) FIP WHIP HR/9 BB% K%
Freddy Peralta 3.72 1.14 0.92 9.5% 29.9%
Luis Castillo 4.32 1.22 1.49 6.9% 23.3%

How about Peralta’s K%?  His K%-BB% differential is nearly as high as Castillo’s K%; and, Castillo’s K% is borderline ace level in its own right!  Obviously the area Castillo needs to improve is is HR/9.




The Brewers used 3 relievers to cover 3.1 innings. Josh Hader and Alex Claudio worked second consecutive days totalling 32 pitches for Hader and 28 for Claudio. Junior Guerra worked 2.1 innings (28 pitches). Given the quick turnaround, all three rate as questionable for today. However with Brewers off on Thursday, don’t be surprised if Hader pitches  an inning in a save situation.


The Reds used 4 pitchers to cover 4 bullpen innings. Robert Stephenson worked 2 full innings (24 pitches) and is probably unavailable today. Zach Duke (14 pitches) and Michael Lorenzen (16 pitches) most likely have limited availability given the quick turnaround.


            BREWERS            REDS
1. Ben Gamel (CF)
2. Christian Yelich (RF)
3. Ryan Braun (LF)
4. Travis Shaw (3B)
5. Jesus Aguilar (1B)
6. Mike Moustakas (2B)
7. Manny Pina (C)
8. Orlando Arcia (SS)
9. Freddy Peralta (P)
1. Jesse Winker (RF)
2. Joey Votto (1B)
3. Matt Kemp (LF)
4. Eugenio Suarez (3B)
5. Scott Schebler (CF)
6. Derek Dietrich (2B)
7. Curt Casali (C)
8. Jose Iglesias (SS)
9. Luis Castillo (P)

Today marks consecutive starts for Derek Dietrich. Could the Reds be moving toward making him the regular 2B? Hoping this is just an off day for Yasiel Puig. Nothing moving on Twitter to the contrary at this time.

News and Notes

Here is Anthony DeSclafani on his first April start since 2015.

Michael Lorenzen explains what went very wrong in the fateful 6h inning last night.

And can you believe it was 19 years ago today when this happened???

Final Thoughts

The Reds lost another tough one Tuesday night. The Brewers are showing the Reds (and the world) why they were where they were last October. Let’s hope the Reds are taking notes of how the Brewers are going about their business and soon begin to apply the lessons being demonstrated to them. The season is still young. Plenty of time remains for the Reds to get their house in order.  Every journey starts with a first step. There is no better time than today for the Reds to begin their journey to respectability and beyond.  GO REDS

Stats and data courtesy of  Baseball Reference, Fangraphs, and

57 Responses

  1. matthew hendley

    Good to see Casalli in the line up. Would bet many of the Switches are due to the Night Day turn around. Reds need to win this one. The first and third in the lineups have 0 Hits. Sure that nothing is wrong with Puig.

  2. Private Gripweed

    A day at the office of listening to Reds baseball is something I missed for a long time. Go Reds!

  3. Nate

    This really feels like a must win situation. Stop the bleeding and turn this ship in the right direction. It’s early, but it’s hard to dig out of a deep hole.

  4. Big Ed

    The Reds starting outfield today is a collective 0-for-31 so far this season, and every one of them is below average defensively.

    There shouldn’t be any weather excuses today.

    • ohiojim

      Louisville starts play today. It will be interesting to see how slack this OF group gets if Ervin comes out smoking at the plate. Schebler and Winker are both LH hitters and both optionable. Just saying……

      Haven’t seen any recent updates on Senzel, hopefully the real solution long term.

      • ohiojim

        Uh, make that tomorrow Louisville opens. Between the early morning preview writing and some stuff here at home, I’ve been in Thursday mode all day 😉

      • ToBeDetermined

        Wouldn’t he still be in the boot ?

    • WVRedlegs

      You have Schebler in a day game today. The sun will end of being an excuse somewhere in today game for him.

    • WVRedlegs

      That is cooking with gas. Great to hear.

  5. Jerry

    Here we go again with this weak offense. I say winker gets a hit before scheb and kemp.

    • ToBeDetermined

      Do you think that happens today ?
      we are going to the bottom of the 7th now

  6. WVRedlegs

    That balk came back to bite Castillo in the rear. Came around to score on a single.

  7. VaRedsFan

    If my memory isn’t failing, this is the 3rd game where the other team gets a man on by walk or error, and they advance to 2nd (SB, or in this case balk), and immediately is singled home by the next batter.

  8. jim walker

    I’ve been talking a lot about little things that make a big difference in the previews this week. We just saw 2 examples in the Piña at bat. Frustrated that he could not quite locate or get a close call on his change up they were running in on Piña, Castillo grooved a fastball. Schebler then added insult to injury by airmailing a throw over the cutoff man when he had no real shot at the plate anyway, sending Piña on down to 2B. Fortunately the Reds escaped with no further damage.

    • jim walker

      And I forgot the free ride Aguilar all the way to 2B. Guess I’ve seen that so much it just seems normal.

  9. Jerry

    There goes Scheb with the 2 strike crouch again. Didn’t he learn last season that didn’t work. He stinks right now.

    • David

      Well, that certainly helps their BABIP and exit velocity, huh? Yeah, all that stuff.


    thought we stole this great hitting coach away from the dodgers?

  11. Darrin

    Did the whole team just decide to start swinging at pitches at the eyes?

  12. vegastypo

    Arcia must not have been hustling down the line. Suarez bobbled and fumbled that grounder twice and still got him at first.

    • ohiojim

      And it looked like Counsel was moving Arcia’s way in the dugout afterwards to have a word about it.

  13. Joe

    These guys starting to look like the 3 -18 Bryan Price Reds. This is embarrassing they get nice pitching bit cant hit. I guess it’s a sweep.

  14. David

    The Reds will find a way to lose today, and the Brewers will find a way to win.

    Trying not to be negative, but frankly the Reds were lucky they weren’t blown out of the water by the Bucs on Opening Day, considering all the men the Reds put on base through walks.

    Again, trying not to be negative, but this team doesn’t seem to have a sense of how to play winning baseball. The players for the Reds seem to have a low Baseball IQ; repeated mental mistakes will not be compensated by the alleged talent that “advanced metrics” indicate they might have.

    Or to be totally subjective, the team looks flat. Somebody really needs to come into the clubhouse and yell at them about playing like MLB professionals.

    Price, Riggleman, Bell. It doesn’t seem to make much difference here.

  15. Aaron B.

    It needs to be said. We have been getting a much tighter strike zone than the Brewers this entire series. Yelich just got a ball called on the exact same location Votto was rung up on. I don’t know if it is pitch framing or blatant umpire bias, but it is unacceptable and changes the outcome of the at bats. Then I noticed yesterday when Brewers took a 3 run lead magically the zone changed more in favor of the Reds, which makes me think the umpires are corrupt. I know no one likes conspiracy theories but the only alternative is Barnhart is terrible at framing pitches and umpires make calls on the catcher’s mitt and I don’t really believe that. Either way baseball needs to fix this issue ASAP. I also recall the umpires were vehemently against the digital display of the strikezones during games, gee I wonder why? They know they are wrong a ridiculous percentage of the time and they didn’t want to be exposed.

    • VaRedsFan

      Tucker was like 109 out of 115 catchers in pitch framing last year.
      Casali’s catching today.

  16. Jerry

    These guys starting to look like the 3 -18 Bryan Price Reds. This is embarrassing they get nice pitching bit cant hit. I guess it’s a sweep.

  17. Sliotar

    Nice to see Castillo going into the 7th.

    The established SP horses, like Scherzer, would likely press on in the same circumstances.

    Stretching the starter out, when possible, can mitigate the “Iglesias can’t cover all of the last 9 outs” problem of the bullpen.

    • ohiojim

      Right now Iggy can’t even manage the last 3 outs though.

    • ToBeDetermined

      Are you saying a day late ?
      Or are they learning from the mistakes ?
      Or is it a different situation this time ?

      • vegastypo

        Just kinda joking in general. I probably would have walked him yesterday, but I can fully see why they’d prefer not to pitch to Ryan Braun either. Lorenzen just made a bad pitch.

  18. matthew hendley

    Luis is about to provide Pizza to the fan base all by himself.

  19. Ethan L

    Peralta has 65 pitches through 6. Man! He’s on pace to have a CG with under 100 pitches thrown. Let’s get that pitch count up

    • ToBeDetermined

      When Peralta is on he is really tough.
      Is he considered their “Ace”?

      • Ethan L

        He’s listed as their #2 starter behind last night’s, Chacin.

  20. RedsFan11

    Welp at least Reds fans will get to beat the traffic. 2 hit game going fast

  21. matthew hendley

    Finnally, Peralta is out the game.

  22. WVRedlegs

    What a well pitched game by both starters. One hit given up in 7.0 IP by both. The difference in the game are the 4 BB’s by Castillo. That is the only area he needs to clean up and have better results.

    • vegastypo

      Yeah, and that one dang balk, or else the runner doesn’t score on the not-hard-hit single. Frustrating.

  23. Hotto4Votto

    Schebler looks like he gives up halfway through the ABs. Lackluster and lethargic effort by Reds position players. I better get a Milton sighting in the game recap if this holds. It somehow makes me feel better.

  24. vegastypo

    Just by making Peralta extend himself a bit, could he pitch the ninth as well? Josh Hader pitched two days in a row already, and he did that only five times all last season, regular season at least, so I wonder whether he’s even available to pitch a third day in a row.

    • jim walker

      32 pitches total in those consecutive single inning outings. I came down on the side he would throw in the 9th in a closing situation. At least a 1 run situation.

    • jim walker

      Nope its Wilson; Brewers playing with house money.

      • vegastypo

        I’d love to see Votto come through against this guy, unless Winker can beat him to it.

      • vegastypo

        So much for that. My dog intuition isn’t ready for the regular season, either.

  25. matthew hendley

    Matt kemp off the Snide. So glad we pinch ran Lorenzen, to have him attempt a steal….oh wait.

  26. WVRedlegs

    What is the world coming to? Joey Votto with an infield pop out. This just goes to show you all is not right in this world.

  27. Hotto4Votto

    I know it’s early, but I’m already pretty frustrated with this iteration of the Redlegs. Finally getting solid pitching and the bats go limp.

  28. Nate

    How I feel about the Reds offense

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  29. 315erRedsfan

    Someone mentioned it last night and I really believe it to be true so far, The team misses Scooter’s infectious smile and spirit on the field. He can be at the ballpark and offer whatever he can but it’s not the same. I think his injury is going to be the real story over the next 2 months. (but I hope I’m wrong)

  30. jreis

    if BH was still roaming center at gabp we are 4-1 right now. just saying