Dick Williams and David Bell met with the media this morning. They revealed second baseman Scooter Gennett would be out for 8-12 weeks. An MRI revealed Gennett suffered a severe right groin strain. That time frame puts Gennett’s return in late May-mid June.

Gennett, who turns 29 in May, sustained the injury ranging to his left to block a ground ball in the outfield in the second inning of yesterday’s game against the Milwaukee Brewers. Gennett showed obvious pain right away. Play was stopped, Reds trainers and Bell tended to Gennett on the field. After a brief discussion, Reds personnel helped Gennett walk off the field. Shortly after that, he took a golf cart from the dugout for the MRI.

Groin Injuries 101

Groin injuries are muscle strains. They concern the adductor muscles that run from the inner pelvis to the inner thigh bone. Strains are muscle tears. They range from less severe strains where a few fibers rip but the muscle remains intact to severe strains that involve complete tearing (“rupturing”) of the muscle.

A groin injury affects a player’s mobility as well as the ability to generate power in the lower body. It hinders the kinetic chain impacting the strength of throws and bat swings. Research shows hip and groin injuries account for 5% of player injuries. They occur most frequently with infielders who get hurt when they’re fielding. That’s what happened in this case.

As you would expect, recovery time depends on the severity of the injury. A minor groin injury might require three weeks of rest, while a more severe strain could require four to six weeks. Joe Panik, Giants 2B missed 3.5 weeks last year with a groin strain. The average length of time on the DL with a groin injury for a position player is about a month. A complete tear could require surgery, which comes with a recovery period of up to three months.

With the Reds announced 8-12 weeks on Gennett, you’d infer his injury was on the serious end of the spectrum.

Resting is critical to full recovery. Returning too quickly could worsen the injury and extend the recovery period. Last year, Yankees catcher Gary Sanchez was out for a month with a groin pull, returned for three games, and then was sidelined for five more weeks with a recurrence.

Dietrich and Iglesias

The question now for the Reds is how to fill Gennett’s role for 1/3 to 1/2 of the season. Veteran infielders Derek Dietrich and Jose Iglesias, who were going to make the team even before Gennett’s injury, are possible candidates.

Dietrich (29) has played 188 major league games at second and would seem to be an obvious first choice. His left-handed bat could replace Gennett’s pop. In the 75 games Dietrich played away from cavernous Marlins Park last year, he hit .290/.363/.496 in 278 plate appearances. That’s an isolated power (ISO) of .206 and wRC+ of 133.

In two years with the Reds, Gennett has hit .303/.359/.508; with .205 ISO and 124 wRC+.

A platoon with Iglesias (29) and Dietrich also makes sense. Dietrich has a 28-point L/R career split (wRC+) and Iglesias a 30-point split on the opposite side.

Nick Senzel

The other option is Nick Senzel. The Reds moved Senzel (23) to CF this spring to find him major league playing time. His natural positions are 3B and 2B, where he was blocked by Eugenio Suarez and Gennett. The Reds seemed to have cooled the past few months on the idea of offering Gennett an extension. A logical inference is that Senzel could take over as the Reds 2B in 2020.

The Reds had announced yesterday that Scott Schebler won the job as Reds CF, at least for now, and Nick Senzel was assigned to the minor league camp. The question arises, with Gennett injured, will the Reds switch course again? They could recall Senzel and move him to 2B, with a few spring games remaining for practice.

If Gennett’s injury had been minor, the obvious move would have been the Dietrich/Iglesias combo, and not disrupt the 2019 CF plans with Senzel.

With Gennett’s injury serious, the Reds could scrap the 2019 plan for Senzel and move him back to 2B. Even in that case, with Gennett’s eventual return in May or June, Senzel’s short-term future would be cloudy. Would he be able to re-enter the CF conversation with no additional practice there between now and then? Would the Reds just have him finish the season in the infield either at AAA or on the bench with the major league club?

The club may decide the best plan for Senzel is to keep him in CF for now and weather the two months-plus with the veteran infielders they signed this spring.

My unsolicited advice: Move Senzel back to 2B now. Call him up around April 15. Deal with what to do with him after Gennett returns later. At least with that plan he gets 2 months of major league time for sure, at the position he’ll play long-term.

Update: Peraza to 2B, Iglesias to SS

The Reds announced they will move Jose Peraza to 2B and install Jose Iglesias as their everyday SS. Nick Senzel will continue to play CF at AAA. That plan does strengthen them defensively up the middle. Iglesias is still world-class at short. Peraza would be better than Derek Dietrich at 2B defensively.

The drawbacks: It disrupt’s Peraza’s development at shortstop. It sacrifices Dietrich’s big bat against RHP. While Iglesias is slick in the field and holds his own against LHP, against RHP he’s pretty meh (78 wRC+). That’s why the Tigers cut him. It also has the opportunity cost of not giving Nick Senzel two months of major league playing time.

Photo Credit: Hayden Schiff. Licensing for the photo can be found here.

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  1. VaRedsFan

    Good article presenting all of the options. Agree with your idea…Let Senzel play 2B in AAA for 2 weeks, then bring him up at 2B. Platoon DD/JI in the meantime. I doubt the Julio’s defense will make up for his weak bat.

  2. matt hendley

    3 Things on this unfortunate event.-
    1. The reds just got worse. Any way you deal it, a lineup without scooter Gennett in it is significantly reduced to a line up with him in it.
    2. This does not affect the call-up schedule for Nick Senzel, obviously, by that, the 11 games must be played before he is brought up. Detrick and Inglesas are certainly better than someone like Herrera or another no name. Assuming the reds place Scooter on the 60 day IL all the 40 man roster spots that are needed are now under control. Once Senzel is up, a 1/3-2/3 split between 2B and Center would be the most advantageous use of his abilities, moving to center when Scooter returns.
    3. Strange as it sounds, there is no better time then to extend Scooter right now. He will not be tradeable this year. His value would also reduce, making his AAV much cheaper then it did before the Offseason started. If Scooter comes back and fully healed and continues his 2-year policy of mashing the ball, the window will be closed.
    A shame really, a real shame

    • old-school

      I’ve never been a proponent of extending Scooter- simply because of the aging curve and because he had a team friendly deal and already controlled in 2019. It is puzzling with Scooter injured and Shed Long and Jeter Downs traded, the Reds aren’t putting Senzel at 2B for 60 + games of experience in 2019. Perhaps the Reds are seriously committed to Senzel at CF long term and the succession plan at 2b wasn’t Scooter to Senzel in 2020 but Scooter to India in 2021, with the bridge being a 2020 QO to Scooter.

    • jbonireland

      In regard to your comments:
      1. Time will tell, Peraza hit well last year, Iglesias is around a 350…260 hitter and in GAPB may show more power and who knows what would have happened with Scooter this year.
      2. It sounds like it is more likely Senzel would come up to play CF with probably Farmer going down when they deem Senzel ready and Senzel should improve the offense if we believe his bat is legit.
      3. All this really does is probably end any talk of an extension for Gennett. You don’t give contract extensions to players on the 60 day IL.

  3. VaRedsFan

    This is devastating news. If the Reds were on the fringes of a wild card spot, then this is a big kick in the wrong direction.

    Scooter has delivered big hit after big hit to deliver the Reds what few wins the have gotten. He will be missed. Hurry back LEGEND!

  4. CI3J

    Maybe the Peraza to 2B and Iglesias to SS is just temporary until mid-April when they will call up Sanzel to…. Play 2B? And move Peraza back to SS?

    I agree, it’s a puzzling move. Since they aren’t re-signing Gennett and they traded Shed Long, it would seem 2B is Senzel’s for the future. Why they wouldn’t just give it to him now defies logic, unless they really have their hearts set on him learning CF for future flexibility.

    The other thing is, Ervin had a very good spring, and he already can play CF. Siri is also coming down the line before long. If Senzel becomes the everyday CF, they both will be blocked (although I guess they can move to other outfield positions if/when Kemp/Puig move on).

    I dunno. I’m not sure I really understand what the Reds’ brass is thinking.

    • Scott C

      That would be my hope. Then maybe they can say Plan A wasn’t working out.

    • Hanawi

      I’m not sure that the Reds believe Ervin can play CF other than as an emergency fill-in. He barely played there last year even down the stretch when it was a lost year.

    • KDJ

      It looks like they are thinking they are not competing for the playoffs this year.

  5. old-school

    Kyle Farmer makes it as 25th man?
    Any comments if Senzel staying in CF at AAA or will play some 2b?

    • BK

      Sheldon tweeted that Senzel will play CF at AAA.

  6. Phil Gasson

    “If he can hit they will find a place for him”. RIGHT!!!!!

  7. VaRedsFan

    Still baffled by the Iglesias to SS move. It doesn’t fix itself unless Nick plays 2B at AAA now.
    What combination do you like better?
    SS Peraza, 2B Senzel, CF Schebler
    SS Iglesias 2B Peraza, CF Scheb/Senzel (already crowded outfield)

    • Gilbert Keith Chesterton

      You forgot this option, which will likely take form after Senzel gets past the service time…

      SS Iglesias 2B Peraza, CF Senzel

      • VaRedsFan

        That certainly is an option. I don’t like any option that results in Iglesias getting the lions share of playing time. Feels like last year when they forced Gosselin and Pennington into playing time.

      • Rich H

        I’m pretty sure Phil Gosselin wasn’t an all Star in the last four years. Iglesias is a significantly better player, as is everyone else on the Reds bench.

  8. BK

    Most of the conversation around Senzel typically revolves around service time and assumes he’s major league ready. I don’t question his talent or long-term potential. However, he missed a ton of time last season due to injuries–that fact alone could explain legitimate possibility that the Reds believe he benefits from additional time in the minors. Second, he has little experience at 2B–8 starts as a freshman at Tennessee (most of his playing time was as their DH); 29 starts as a 2B in the minors. He may not need much time in the minors, but I can understand the Red’s reluctance to deem him the opening day starter at either 2B or CF.

    • KDJ

      Weren’t they playing the service time manipulation game with Senzel last year, only to have him get injured and not be able to move up when they planned?

  9. Darrin

    Moving Peraza to second makes zero sense to me……and having senzel play cf in aaa also makes zero sense. In two weeks senzel should be with the big club playing second every day. There’s already a log jam of outfielders with more coming down the pipeline.

  10. Eric the Red

    Given the severity of the injury and the 32-48 day estimate for recovery and the team’s bad luck with injuries lingering and the roster crunch….how do you feel about giving Scooter plenty of time to heal on the 60 day IL? I’d do that, but then again I’d also let Senzel play 2B when we call him up in mid April and then for the next 6 years or so.

    • VaRedsFan

      Do you mean 56-72 days for recovery?

      • Eric the Red

        Yes. I have no idea where my brain came up with 4 day weeks! Thanks for catching that. Your correct timeframe is what I was thinking of when I first came up with the idea.

  11. Roger Garrett

    Hard to imagine that your best prospect was blocked to begin with but it happened because Scooter could not be moved.Hard to imagine the Reds continue to want Senzel to learn centerfield now with Scooter out for the before said length of time.Hard to imagine the Reds think they are better with Peraza moving to second and Iglesias taking over at short while Senzel learns a position that long term he won’t be playing anyway.Hard to imagine your best prospect was ever blocked to begin with on a team that has lost 94 + games for 4 straight years.Guess when you have so many great players that everybody wants it can happen you can’t find a place for the # 6 prospect in baseball to play.Now do you think it could be about service time and all that silly stuff about years of control that his agent was going off about.Absolutely not the Reds are saying with a wink and a smile.

    • Old-school

      I totally agree. But why aren’t the Reds moving Senzel to 2b. This is a huge injury involving at least 40% of the season…60+ games. Even with the service time circus, they could say he needs some time at AAA to get comfortable again at 2b. They didn’t say that .. they said the CF experiment continues.

      Who is playing 2b Opening Day 2020? The last 24 hours suggest it’s not Senzel. It’s either Gennett on a QO or ……… Peraza ……and the Reds like Iglesias in the short and long term as an 8hole hitter and elite defender and cost friendly.

      It makes no sense not to put Senzel at 2b now unless the Reds believe he is their long term CF.

    • matt hendley

      It is however easy to believe that your best prospect was blocked due to vertigo, hand surgery, and only 50 odd PA in AAA. Add a poor spring training to that, and no, not starting his clock early and losing a year on the back end.

      • Old-school

        Yup.. Absolutely nailed it. Vertigo.

      • Wayne nabors

        Senzel did not have a poor spring training,not great but far from poor

      • matt hendley

        a ‘relatively’ poor spring then

      • BigRedMike

        You seem to have issues with Senzel for some reason.

        This is an example of how the Reds have been smart to not extend Gennett.

        Reds should play Senzel at 2B after a few weeks in the minors for service time. Senzel should be the 2B of the future starting at that point.
        If Gennett returns from injury, he can be a bench player and the Reds can let him go at the end of the season.

      • matt hendley

        I have no issues with Senzel, I have issues with the Senzel at any cost crowd who want a player who 1. was an all-star last year 2. was a 4+ WAR player last year. 3. played all but a dozen or so games last year for a player with 50 + AAA at bats. Under no circumstances should Gennet sit once he comes back. 60 days will give the Reds enough time to figure out who Senzel should replace perminently.

    • ToBeDetermined

      “Hard to imagine your best prospect was ever blocked to begin with on a team that has lost 94 + games for 4 straight years.”

      I know we want Senzel up in the majors. But, other teams that did not make the playoffs last year had top prospects that they didn’t bring up.

      #1 Vadimir Guerrero Jr. – Toronto
      #2 Fernando Tatis Jr – SD
      #3 Eloy Jimenez – ChiSox
      #4 Victor Robles – Washington
      #5 Royce Lewis – Twins
      #6 – Mr. Senzel

      Now some of these guys may start the season with their respective teams. And Senzel being down for very long would make no sense.

      • Badfish

        Lewis is 19
        Vlad and Tatis are 20
        Eloy and Robles are 22
        Senzel is 24

        I mean they might as well trade him now if they ain’t gonna use him. After a solid off-season, I’m getting antsy about the brass again.
        Senzel would be the best option with Dietrich second best. Reds chose the 3rd best option.
        Let Nick go back to a position he is more familiar with so he can concentrate on hitting .

      • Chris Garber

        Maybe if those teams had called up their good prospects they would have won more games.

        #1 Vadimir Guerrero Jr. – Toronto – 89 losses
        #2 Fernando Tatis Jr – SD – 96 losses
        #3 Eloy Jimenez – ChiSox – 100 losses
        #4 Victor Robles – Washington – 80 losses
        #5 Royce Lewis – Twins – 84 losses
        #6 – Mr. Senzel – ???

  12. PhoenixPhil

    As a silver lining, it’s nice to hear that Peraza is willing (maybe not glad, but not unhappy) to be moved over to 2nd base.

  13. Keith

    Kinda destroys the credibility of the team in saying the best 25 people will be on the roster when they take Kyle Farmer over Senzel.

    • ToBeDetermined

      The 25 best is not always the 25 best.

      For Example, if your team has 15 great pitchers and only 10 really good hitters.
      Your roster isn’t made up of 15 pitchers and 10 hitters.

      I would rather have Farmer as my bench player than Senzel as my bench player.

  14. Tom Mitsoff

    Another perspective on all of this: Peraza appears to be a long-term everyday player with this team. During his season playing second base, he was clearly better at that position than he was at short last year. If you believe Peraza’s best defensive position is second base, and if you believe Senzel will be adequate if not better in the outfield long-term, the announcement of Iglesias at short and Peraza at second for the next two to three months might be the course one would take.

    This much is clear: Having Iglesias at shortstop and Peraza at second is a tremendous improvement for this team defensively. Iglesias has a career batting average of .270, nothing to sneeze at for one of the game’s elites at the position with the glove. An argument can be made that Iglesias’ defense will not fully compensate for the loss of Gennett’s bat. Time will tell.

    • Hanawi

      Agree. And I don’t think the defensive improvement is something to overlook. The rest of the defense is mediocre to poor, and this had the potential to be one of the worst defensive teams in baseball. Giving up some offense for a pretty big jump in defense to me is smart move.

    • Old-school

      Tom- do you think Suarez plays defense at 2017 levels or 2018? He’s on record saying he’s going to be better on defense.

      Infield defense is very important.

      • Tom Mitsoff

        I can’t predict at what level Peraza will play defense in 2019. I do know that he spent much of the winter working at the Reds complex in Arizona on his game, including defense. Interestingly, as I was typing this response, David Bell just said in a live interview during the telecast of the Reds-Indians game that they still see shortstop in Peraza’s future. It’s my opinion that Peraza, based on 2018 performance, is not someone you would want to count on at that position over the long term. But people can always improve.

  15. John Ring

    Losing Scooter is a punch in the gut. I hope the Reds brain-trust is working overtime this weekend to explore the possibilities of a trade in the next week to alter a team still out of balance. At least our depth is respectable this year– our bench was God-awful in 2018. One thing’s for sure: the Reds simply can’t afford another 3-15 start this season. It would be a disaster for the team and the fan base.

  16. Shchi Cossack

    Scooter out for at least 8 weeks seemed like a foregone conclusion as he was assisted back to the dugout with support under each shoulder. Shifting Peraza to 2B as part of the solution came out of left field…deep in the corner of left field. I can certainly understand the rational. SS is the MOST important defensive position between the white lines and Iglesias is an elite defensive SS. The Reds have been sacrificing defense for offense to maximize effectiveness of the available lineup options since the offensive options significantly dominated the defensive options. Did that change with Scooter’s injury? Peraza at 2B is a defensive upgrade over Scooter at 2B and Iglesias at SS is a defensive upgrade over Peraza at SS. The IF defense up the middle just got a huge upgrade.

    Something changed offensively for Peraza after the 1st two months of 2018. He became an offensive force in the lineup to the tune of .305/.344/.465, resulting in a .160 ISO, .809 OPS & 114 wrC+. That’s solid offensive production and very good offensive production for middle IF. This spring, Peraza continued with the offensive surge from 2018 to the tune of .390/.419/.659 resulting in a .269 ISO & 1.077 OPS.

    With the offensive contributions from Scooter and Peraza a near wash and a defensive upgrade for both middle IF positions, the move makes more sense than on initial, knee-jerk reaction, especially as an initial, possibly temporary, solution. The ultimate plan might involve a platoon arrange where significant offensive contributions would again offset defensive liabilities. Iglesias’ career .761 OPS, .133 ISO & 106 wRC+ v. LHP, Dietrich’s career .777 OPS, .175 ISO & 114 wRC+ v. RHP combined with Peraza’s lack of platoon split could ultimately prove beneficial, especially if Peraza’s SS defense has improved since last season, concomitant with the improvement in his hitting.

  17. Shchi Cossack

    Schebler won(?) the starting CF battle with Senzel, but I’m not sure that outcome represents a definitive, final decision. decision to keep Senzel in CF at AAA (at least temporarily…). Schebler struggled with injuries since being acquired by the Reds. The was reflected in lost playing time and lost productivity by playing while injured. Just like the move to 2B after the Scooter injury, Senzel also represents the logical choice to step in as the starting CF, if Schebler is injured or struggles offensively. While most everyone is convinced that Senzel can play adequate CF defense, I don’t know if anyone has a good feel for Senzel’s defensive upside playing CF. With experience, Senzel might become a very good defensive CF and that could come into play this season. We do know that Senzel needs additional experience in CF in order to rech his full potential.

    The inability to find a defensive position for Senzel to play at the MLB level has certainly been a frustrating struggle, but his struggles with vertigo and his hand injury compounded that struggle. While Ervin and Puig represent temporary, in-game defensive substitutes in CF, neither represents a starting CF option in the lineup. Regular time playing CF at AAA, especially under the lights, will benefit Senzel and the Reds, possibly interspersed with the occasional appearance at 2B to refresh his instincts and reactions at the keystone.

    At some point this season, a decision by the Reds regarding the best impact for utilizing Senzel at the major league level will be forthcoming based on the evolution of the middle IF and CF situations and personnel, but there is no immediacy to making that determination sooner rather than later.

  18. Roger Garrett

    Iglesias is the second coming of Billy.So at least until June we are right where we were last year offensively and probably defensively.It will make for interesting chatter as we play the games especially if the Reds get off to a slow start.

    • doofus

      J Iglesias: .270/.315/.363
      B Hamilton: .245/.298/.333

      Iglesias: 10% higher BA, 6% higher OBP, 9% higher SLG than Hamilton.

      How is Iglesias the “second coming of BH?

  19. HoF13

    It’s possible that Senzel convinced the Reds he could be a long term solution in CF. If the Reds believe Trammell doesn’t have the arm to play CF (which seems to be the general consensus) and that Siri is a crap shoot at figuring it out (which given the time he has been around, is understandable), and that they don’t trust Ervin there (which based on history seems likely), then what’s left? Friedl maybe? To me, this isn’t about service time. It’s about the Reds thinking long term (finally) and having a plan. Of course in 2 weeks I could be proven wrong – I guess we will see.

    • Hanawi

      Completely agree. Senzel in CF is waaaay more valuable than Senzel at 2b. Second basemen are cheap and easy to find in free agency. CFs are not (which is why the Reds are playing Senzel there to begin with). If Senzel can handle it long-term, I think that is a much better option.

  20. Mountaineer Redleg

    Over a 4 WAR , 90 plus rbi’s the last two seasons ,adequate defense , team leader on and off the field that filled a glaring need on a team that had no leader. Ive never seen a reds player accomplish more and get less respect. Does anybody on this board think the reds will get to the post season without Scooter. Hurry back “Legend”

    • Reaganspad


      As the old Cossack wrote, we lost a player with an 850 ops and improved.

      Having the improvement in defense at 2nd base will show when our starters have a sub 4 era instead of 5+

      • ma

        Improved is an overstatement, ‘can weather it’ would be a more accurate statement. Perazza is not an improvement on defense from me playing second base let alone Scooter. Reds Pitchers will have lower ERAs this year because….. and this may shock you…. they actually know how to pitch.

      • Moutaineer Redleg

        where is the leadership going to come from? Its one of those intangibles than can only be measured in the clubhouse. So we improved when we lost Scooter and replaced him with the player he beat out for the position 2 years ago

      • Reaganspad

        The problem with Scooter is that he cam in right after BP.

        Watching the Reds the last few years included numerous “BP would have had that” which isn’t fair to anyone.

        But Scooter also could not throw last year. On defense, everyone else on the roster is an upgrade

        Offenively he has been a lot of fun despite having the worst strike zone on the team.

        He had a much better run than anyone expected

  21. art austin

    Another big story is outfielder, Lorenza, has had plenty of time to disprove he is a pitcher. Cannot see him bumping like Bowman who is a pitcher.

  22. Erin

    But there’s no easy answer. Recovery time depends on how serious your groin pull is. It may take four to six weeks, but that’s just a rough estimate. People heal at different rates.

  23. Badfish

    If Senzel is in Louisville playing CF at the first of the season, I’mma just be speechless. What??? He’s already 24. The other top 10 prospects are 22 and under.

    The only way this team competes is if it’s offense is elite. The hope for the pitching is to go from god awful to average. The offense is what gave this team a chance. Now you lose your best player last year by fWAR and the guy that was blocking your top prospect, who happens to be thought of as the most polished hitter in the minors. And you are still gonna keep him down trying to learn a whole new position in favor of Jose Igesias?
    You got a chance to get him back on the grass where he is comfortable and can start working on his swing again. You are not gonna take that? I just……. Let’s just trade him or keep him down there till he is out of options and he can replace bottom and have an awesome rookie season at age 27. Sounds good.

    • Badfish

      Meant replace Votto. I haven’t criticized the Reds all off season. But this is just dumb. Senzel is the heir apparent to second base. That spot just opened up and the Reds lost one of their top 3 hitters from last year. This is a no brainier.

    • Indy Red Man

      Totally agree. Having the SS, 2B, and 1B combine for less then 40 hrs in a tiny park is not going to cut it? The only way this team competes is if this team is atleast top 3-4 in runs scored in the NL! They are not going to have lockdown pitching. In fact they’re counting on Hughes to repeat a career season at 34. Hernandez is 34. Peralta is Peralta. Lorenzen has only been decent out of the pen. They absolutely have to own a top offense to compete!

  24. CFD3000

    I’m fine with Senzel learning to play CF. And I can accept leaving him in AAA for two weeks for service time reasons. But I am not fine with letting one of the best hitting prospects in all of baseball languish in the minors after that. I’m not part of the Gennett “Legend” crowd, I think that’s ridiculous. But that’s irrelevant if Scooter is hurt. There is zero doubt in my mind that Senzel is the best second baseman in the Reds organization today (now that Gennett is hurt). Senzel at 2nd, Peraza at short, Schebler in CF. that’s the Reds strongest lineup as soon as Senzel clears April 11th. What happens if / when Scooter is fully healthy can be decided later, based in part on how well Senzel, Peraza and Schebler are hitting. Until then this seems so obvious to me. A spot at second base has just opened up for the best 2nd base prospect in the organization? I wonder who should play 2nd base? Anything else and the Reds are diminished for no good reason.

  25. Indy Red Man

    Albies for Atlanta just turned 22 in Jan. and has 856 major league ABs already. Senzel is almost 24 and can’t beat out a fringe player they just picked up in Feb. Thats insane? If they want Senzel to play CF long term then thats great, but they have a need at 2B now!

    • Wayne nabors

      Imo the reds have a long history of keeping players down to long,for what ever reason they just don’t bring em up.but this is a slap in the face that senzel is not gonna fill 2nd.no better time than to see what they got,and if he fails they have scooter coming back,would be win win

    • Colorado Red

      Nick has had several injuries.
      Do not think the Reds are not considering service time.
      162 > 11.
      The Injury hurts, but it is part of the game.
      Keep Nick down for 2 weeks, to learn CF, and let him play CF.
      As for Scooter, he plays when he is healthy.

      • VaRedsFan

        That does ZERO to help the Iglesias situation. He is a utility infielder…no a full time starter. This great 2b/3b prospect we’ve been hearing about for 3 years now, has a spot open up for him, and they keep in the minors to play a different position.

  26. Steve Schoenbaechler

    All I know is this. Prospects have 2 uses: 1) Play for the major league team, and 2) tradebait. Senzel is ready now. He should be playing in the major leagues now. The longer we wait on his playing, the less value we get for him. Even the more likely he’s to see an injury and we never even see him at the major league level, then.

    I have no problem not playing Senzel. However, if we aren’t going to play him (#1 above), then we should trade him (#2 above). When a top prospect continually plays in the minors year after year, he’s neither (#1) playing for the big club nor (#2) tradebait.

    • Colorado Red

      Until he stays healthy, his trade value is less then it should be.
      Facts of the CBA are still the facts.
      Call him up in mid April, and they use option #1,

  27. CFD3000

    Let me pose this hypothetical. If Gennett had been traded in the offseason before spring training, or even in February and was going to be out until June, who would the Reds have turned to to play 2nd base in 2019? The answer is Nick Senzel – it’s EXACTLY what he’s been groomed for. So how is it that the same situation arises in late March and the response is to keep Senzel in AAA? If he’s not up in two weeks playing 2nd base then something is seriously out of whack.

    • CFD3000

      *I meant “or even injured in February” of course

    • Colorado Red

      Look at the CBA.
      That is what you are missing in your logic my friend.

      • VaRedsFan

        I’m pretty sure he said playing 2B in 2 weeks.

        Let me check again…yup that’s what he said.

    • HoF13

      If the Reds truly believe Senzel can play CF, it is in best interest of the club for him to get work at CF and to stay a CFer. What’s changed between November and March? Possibly that the Reds believe they have found their CFer of the future, not just this year. I say, if the Reds think he can play center effectively, please keep him in center! Think big picture.

  28. Armo21

    Nick Senzel is going to be a good player for the Reds. I am more than comfortable letting Williams, Kroll, Bell and Co. make the call on what the Reds should do. Depth in the system is a good thing and the Reds have it. Fans get caught up in what they want a player to be and what that player really is. Management has done a great job this off season making this team relevant. They opened the window to a potential winning team a year earlier than most thought it would happen. I am willing to let them figure this out. They are not out of their depth.

    This could be a magical year, we have quality pitching, quality offense, quality defense and quality management. With a little good luck, the Reds maybe really good. Scooter getting hurt is going to test the organization, but the Reds are in position to navigate this setback.

    • Indy Red Man

      The 14,000 at GABP have been comfortable with letting Reds management make the call for several years now. The rest of us just stay home.

  29. TBone

    i’m usually not one to defend Reds management (b/c dragging them is more fun, after all). The service time game is BS, and they could have made a valuable statement to team & fans by bucking that trend w/Senzel. It’s obvious, though, that this decision had already been made before ST, and probably by Bob. Also, they know that most fans don’t follow it that closely and only want to see some wins and Puig HRs. With that, the recent moves make sense if you consider the following:
    1. Iglesias > Dietrich. Jose Iglesias is not Cliff Pennington, and it was a smart move to pick him up for nothing. DD will get plenty of ABs.

    2. Relax about Peraza switching between 2B and SS. He has played 1000s of innings at each; it will not ruin him.

    3. Let’s pump the brakes on Schebler’s HoF election. He has been an average ML hitter and is probably below average in CF. He did not morph into Mike Trout over the winter.

    4. They see Senzel as more valuable in CF than 2B. Based on AJ Pollock’s contract, they may be right.

    • doofus

      Schebler does not play centerfield well. He’s a 4th outfielder.

  30. scottya

    Glad it wasn’t a tear, it sure looked bad. Hoping scooter is back sooner than later, but Dietrich is going to rake at GABP.

    • Chad Smith

      I haven’t read through all the comments but am I the only one that suspects Gennett’s injury could related to his tarp PR stunt little while ago? I saw the footage and he was working pretty hard moving that tarp, probably in a manner he has not been working his legs in camp. I had the thought then that I could not believe the team approved of him doing that, and then this happens. The seed of an injury may have been planted that day.

  31. Still a Red

    In all of this conversation about the wisdom (or lack thereof) of keeping Senzel in AAA in CF instead of bringing him up now to play 2B, no one has mentioned that Puig and Kemp are gone next year without extensions. Therefore, should Puig leave (at the end of the year or before) Schebler goes back to right and Senzel comes up to CF. I’d rather view Puig (and Kemp) as tradebait than Senzel. Also, in thinking about Inglesias at SS, remember Cabreara at SS in 2010…at age 36…a key component to the Reds championship that year. My biggest worry about this year is Suarez.

  32. doofus

    My sons and I attended the games on Friday (Brewers) and Saturday (Indians). They are not Red’s fans. They know baseball. They both said that the Reds are a bad fielding team.

    We saw numerous defensive blunders made by the starters in both games, other than J Iglesias and Peraza. Votto did have a nice job of gloving a rocket a few inches off the ground.

    Besides the dropped balls Schebler (2), Winker (1), Siri (1) over the two games (the sun was also present for the opposition’s outfielders) these blunders include, but were not limited to: not hitting the cut off man (Puig), which allowed the runner to advance to second: allowing the runner to advance on a single (Schebler) because he was not paying attention: running with a piano on his back (Winker), allowing a blooper to drop; backhanding a groundball that he should have squared-up on (Suarez), and bobbling it.

    My sons were laughing at Suarez’s base running gaffes. They proclaimed: “What is he doing?” Mr. Suarez is a slow learner.

    There is no team speed. Molasses is faster than the outfielders.

    It saddens me to say this is another 60+ win team unless they continue to make changes.

  33. lost11found

    Another way to deal with this is to break camp with senzel as your 2B. Then if and when Gennett gets healthy and CF is still up for grabs. you could then option Senzel to AAA to get some PT in center and get back up to speed there.