The Cincinnati Reds have made their second round of cuts today. It was their second round of cuts in the last two days. On Monday they sent six players to minor league camp. Today they sent twice as many players back to the minor league side of the facilities in Goodyear.

Two pitchers were among the 12 players that went back to the minors today. Pitching prospect Tony Santillan and veteran Odrisamer Despaigne are heading to the minor leagues. Neither move is surprising given how the rotation and bullpen seem to be stacking up at this point. Santillan’s got some of the best stuff around, but he’s also never pitched in Triple-A. Despaigne is more of a guy to have around in Triple-A for depth than someone who was expected to come in and grab a roster spot.

Two catchers were also among the cuts. Top catching prospect Tyler Stephenson was joined by Chris Okey as players heading back to the minor leagues today. Infielder Alfredo Rodriguez was the lone player from his position group to head back to the backfields today. Seven outfielders were also sent back to the minor leagues. Taylor Trammell headlines this group, along with Aristides Aquino, TJ Friedl, Brian O’Grady, Jordan Patterson, Mason Williams, and Kyle Wren.

The moves today leave the Reds with 45 players remaining in big league camp. All of the players sent back today were non-roster invitees. Here are the stats for the players this spring who were cut.

Position Players


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  1. Old-school

    Romano and Reed are now relievers.

    • Scott Gennett

      It’s very possible that Wood will start the season in DL, leaving Roark, Gray, Castillo, Mahle and Disco as the initial starting rotation. The bullpen, assuming 7 spots, will be headed by Iglesias, Hughes, Hernandez, Lorenzen & Duke, with the remaining two spots for several candidates with good ST performances (Bass, Krol, Wisler), but definitely not including Reed (9.00), Finnegan (14.54) or Romano (10.50).

  2. Matt Hendley

    Nothing horribly shocking here, a question about the rainout. Since it is a split squad game can they just jump over to the other feild and get in that game? Hypothetical

  3. Aaron B.

    Hey guys, is it possible that Wood is over-stating his back soreness because he is angry about being taken to arbitration? He basically said he understands its a business but it was a bit annoying for him to have to fly out to Florida to go to the hearing because you figure a new club trades for you because they want you they shouldn’t be quibbling over small amounts. The Reds also came in under budget, they were trying to trade for Realmuto and when that fell thru they pretty much stood pat. I think they had more money to spend but decided the fans were excited enough over the Puig deal. I just think Wood might be disgruntled and looking towards free agency… he isn’t going to risk an injury for a club that borrows him for 1 year and forced him to go to arbitration.

    • Doug Gray

      Anything is possible, but the likelihood of that is next to zero.

    • ToBeDetermined

      I won’t attempt to get into the head of Mr Wood. But, I would imagine that this is an actual issue with his back.

      If you look at his delivery the way he tilts back. It reminds me slightly of Juan Marishel (sorry for the spelling). And I know Juan had back issues.

      Also if I recall Wood came into camp early to begin working on things and if he’s going to be a free agent after this year don’t you think he wants to have a very productive year ?

      • ToBeDetermined

        I wanted to add two additional items here.

        1) These guys are incredibly competitive. The player maybe upset that the amount they wanted in salary was “questioned” by their employer. But, dimes to dollars most of these guys will have the attitude of “I’ll show you I’m worth it, and when I have a real good season, you or another team will need to pay even more than I was asking”

        2) Since there is a system in place where grievances can be addressed this allows both sides to treat it much more in a business manner, come to a conclusion on the matter and move on. It’s typically were there are “issues” on both sides were the sides are unable to come to an acceptable agreement. That’s when hard feelings arise and they fester and the feelings actually become much bigger than the original issue itself.

      • Matt WI

        I agree TBD… much more likely that a player would want to demonstrate their worth, not present themselves as “damaged goods” in a walk year if they don’t have to. Far, far too much to lose by not showing his best.