Billy Hamilton is no longer a member of the Cincinnati Reds, and I’m pretty upset about it. Bill Lack joined me to discuss the Hamilton news, and to ruminate over what will happen if the Reds are unable to land any big-time new players before 2019.

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10 Responses

  1. Colorado Red

    One issue, there is a huge difference between cash flow, and value of the team.
    If I buy a stock for $10, and it goes to $30, I cannot spend the 20 until I sell the stock.
    Since this is a private corporation, no one knows the cash flow number.
    Anyway, it is DUH university of virginia, much like Duh ohio state university.
    On Thor, per Spotrak, Thor will be an FA is 2022, 3 years of control. I would still trade for him in a heartbeat. (only 1 of Nick, Hunter, and Tyler)
    PSSS, If they do not make a major change, like you talk about. No MLBTV for me this year.
    (1200 miles away, no buying tickets for me either)

    • Alex

      I think ppl get that. I think the consternation comes from being a bottom of the barrel org for the last 4 years, yet they increased the value of their aasset by 400 mil and they still cry poor. They charge major league prices for a AA product and still cry poor and say the fans have to show up to the games for them to upgrade players. They are starting to sound exactly like lindner and when Harvey, Hamilton and Holland are the only FA signings it’s going to be a tough sell.

    • Buddy

      You could however borrow against the increased value of the stock and spend that instead. fwiw…

      • Sliotar

        One thing is for certain, in my eyes….”Doc” is a reader of Steve’s “Wealth, Ownership” piece.

        Large parts of this piece are basically a re-hashing of Steve’s work, without giving credit to Steve and Redleg Nation.

        The line “the team has to market itself” is directly related to me suggesting in the comments that Phil Castellini should be taken to task for all the empty seats. Every unsold seat at every game is unsold product, and a missed opportunity to grow revenues (without debt).

        (Of course the writer would never risk his relationship with Blustery Bob by calling out his son’s laziness on the job.)

        This is a low for “Doc”, and that is saying something.

        The bright side is, to me, its further confirmation that the best writing and thoughtful commentors on the Reds gather at RLN.

      • Steve Mancuso

        Also from Daugherty’s blog the morning after my post:

        “Do the Reds have the money? Depends on how you define it. As with every other team in pro sports, the Reds real money is in the asset itself. The club the Big Man bought for $270 mil is now worth close to $1 bil. But that’s not cash on hand.

        That said, MLB is awash in cash. And just wait ‘til legal gambling gets rolling. Interest soars when gambling is involved. Ain’t that right, March Madness?

        Teams don’t rely on your butts in their seats to do well, and haven’t for awhile. That’s why even a sorry, no-account team like the Marlins can still be worth a billion dollars. The Reds could borrow against the equity on their asset if they really wanted to. They don’t. No one does.”

      • Sliotar

        With all due respect, my post up above was to pay respect to you and RLN, not to re-start the discussion from the other post.

        Maximizing every revenue stream before taking on debt is common sense. Empty seats are unsold inventory, revenue unrealized. Lot of inventory at GABP.

        Most people would work overtime to get more money and acquire something rather than put it on a credit card, if they have the opportunity to do so.

        Unless they are impatient, which is what I read from your post.

        I don’t know if pushing the payroll to $175M gets the Reds in with a shout to win the NL Central in 2019.

        Personally, I would rather see what the new pitching coach could do with Mahle and Reed, or devise a “2 times through order, then done” rotation. Or similar.

        Then, let Bailey be bought out, and make a push with money on hand next winter.

      • Steve Mancuso

        I wasn’t restarting anything. I was providing another example of Daugherty’s writing coming pretty close to what we’d written here.

      • Old-school

        I read the article and immediately thought it was borrowed. On the other hand, probably indicative of what we already know. RLN content is top notch and thought- provoking and worthy of repeating.

  2. Matty P

    Just goes to show you how great our team’s writers are here at the nation. Kudos Steve! I probably would not have caught Doc’s piece otherwise. I particularly don’t care for false vibrato mixed with pirate fandom in reds clothing.

  3. vegastypo

    Bye-bye Billy is right.

    MLB Network is reporting that he signed with the Royals. If the Reds thought they might get him back more cheaply, ain’t gonna happen.