From C Trent:

Read the underlying article from Jon Heyman. Has more detail. Here’s the gist:

“The Cincinnati Reds have gotten a quick start on their managerial search, and have interviewed ex-Yakees manager Joe Girardi in addition to interim manager Jim Riggleman and ex-Red Sox manager John Farrell, with ex-Tigers manager Brad Ausmus and Giants farm director David Bell also high on their list.

The strong belief for now is that the next Reds manager will come from that high-profile quintet, though they also have interviewed three other in-house candidates — coaches Billy Hatcher, Freddie Benavides and Pat Kelly — who they like, and it’s possible someone else could make the list.”

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  1. Bryan E

    I’ve been a big fan of Brad Ausmus for a long time. I think his FO office experience from this past year would really help him as a manager. I hope the Reds are serious about him being a legit candidate and not just putting on a show to hire Riggleman anyway.

    • lwblogger2

      If I absolutely had to pick a name off that list, it would be Ferrell or Ausmus. I’d really rather neither of them be next Reds manager though.

      • doofus

        I’m curious, why no Ausmus? Dartmouth grad, he’s not a dummy. Trapper John is a Dartmouth grad.

        I’m a fan of former catchers becoming managers, because catchers learn everything that goes on during a game, they know what adjustments to make and to a degree can control what happens during a game.

      • lwblogger2

        I tend to be partial to catchers too, as I was a catcher. From the list provided, Ausmus would be one of the two that I’d be happier with but I’m not convinced he’s really the right guy for a young Reds team.

    • Butch

      Why isn’t Giraldi a lock if he’ll take it??

      • lwblogger2

        It was believed that he wasn’t able to get through to his younger players and that several players on the Yankees didn’t fit his management style. When that happens, especially when you have very little control over hiring and firing, one needs to perhaps adjust their management style. Girardi apparently didn’t.

  2. Sandman

    Riggleman on list of favorites….hmmmm…smdh!😒😣

    • Sliotar

      Right on, Sandman.

      Mike Scioscia
      Buck Showalter
      Joe Maddon ???

      Scioscia available now, Showalter expected to available after WS (maybe can interview now.)
      Maddon might be fired, has a year left on his deal

      The point is…feels very #Reds Way-ish to have already finalists (reportedly) when good candidates are plentiful.

      Also, the Reds could afford any of the above names. The salary commanded by managers is collapsing. BOS’s Cora and NYY’s Boone are both making under $1 million, reportedly.

      Scioscia ($5 million) and Maddon ($6 million or so for 2019) are not getting close to their current salaries in their next jobs, as front offices have analytics to handle large parts of managers’ jobs now.

      • WVRedlegs

        Showalter just became available today too. He and the O’s are officially parting ways. LA Angels, Texas, Minnesota, Toronto and now Baltimore all looking for managers. Reds are only NL team looking at this time.
        I don’t see Maddon getting fired or resigning. But the Cubs will be making a few player changes in the off-season after their big collapse. Look for them now to go hard after Bryce Harper or Machado.

      • David

        Why would they go after Machado? Didn’t Javier Baez just have a career year at SS? I also would NOT go after Harper, at the price he would command. I think he may have peaked already. I think the Cubs have to count on Kris Bryant bouncing back after being a little hurt this year. They might be looking for another good Starting Pitcher.

      • Thomas Jefferson

        They have the ability to look at adding both pitching and hitting – they are a big money team with the ability and desire to use big resources.

      • WVRedlegs

        They will go for Machado over Harper. But they probably revamp 2/3 of their OF too.
        Addison Russell is probably done in Chicago. There is some talk of Bryant going to LF on a full time basis. Bring Machado in at 3B as a free agent singing. Baez at SS.
        Make no mistake about it, the Cubs will re-load in a big way for 2019. They will trade Schwarber, Happ if they re-sign Murphy for 2B, Russell is gone as they will sell low just to get rid of him, they will probably dump Chatwood and sell low on him, they most likely pick up the $20M+ option on Cole Hamels, they will look for takers for OF Jason Heyward and will pay a good portion of what is left on his deal, and they will completely revamp their bullpen. If they keep Heyward in RF, they will upgrade CF over Almora and then trade him.
        There will be a lot of action in and from the Cubs front office this off-season. This year they will trade from their ML roster to improve their ML roster.

  3. larry

    I’m really glad that they are interviewing outside of the organization. Bell please.

  4. WVRedlegs

    Hope they have some good candidates lined up for next week. Girardi is the only one on that list of names who will generate any kind of fan buzz. No excitement about any others named. None at all. Zero. Zip. Nada.
    This is a very crucial hire and the Reds do not seem to be poised to hit this one out of the park. They seemed more poised for a swinging bunt dribbler down the 3rd base line. The hopes are not high here for a game changer or a difference maker, or even a solid choice. The Reds front office’s March Into Mediocrity continues. Wagon-ho!
    Will it be time to run with the Big Dogs? Or will it be just more time to sit on the porch and bark for the Reds front office?

    • MrRed

      “The Reds front office’s March Into Mediocrity continues.” LOL, WV.

      Hell, I think we’d all be pleased as pigs in slop if the the Reds could attain such a lofty perch as mediocrity after the last several years.

      So what’s your bet? Interim Jim or David Bell?

    • Kettering Reds Fan

      If you are depending on the manager’s name to generate buzz, the buzz will not be durable.

      If a (relatively) unknown manager starts putting wins on the board, the buzz will be durable.

      Isn’t that the goal: winning baseball?

    • lost11found

      Who then WV? Its easy to say, “I don’t like these choices.” and not throw a name into the hat.

      • lwblogger2

        I’m not WV but I listed in my comment later down the thread.

  5. Michael E

    I am hoping for an outside hire. I don’t know, maybe Hatcher or Benavides would change things, but it just seems like a surrender to “It could be worse!” mentality or something. I would be willing to give any of them a chance, just prefer a younger, enthusiastic manager with charisma over stoic, zombie-like retreads.

    • 83champ

      I was hoping that they would’ve hired Kelly has interim manager in April. They could’ve told him to play the kids, because he’s managed most of them while he was in the farm system. He would’ve had a better idea has to who to play and when and where. We’d have a better idea has to what we’ve actually got.

  6. Big G

    I feel Reds have to go outside the organization, especially not Riggleman who hadn’t consistently won anywhere else. Need to start fresh and erase the culture that persists. Should have done much better this year but failed. Find a winner. Whether you like Girardi or not, he’s been a winner. Ausmus is also intriguing. Get it right!

  7. Kap

    Someone who has success winning. Paul molitor would be nice as well. In no particular order, I would like molitor, ausmus, girardi, and i guess farrell

    • Bryan E

      I don’t think we/the Reds should get hung up on a career W/L record. Look at the teams that have had success recently:
      Red Sox – rookie ranager
      Yankees – rookie manager
      Brewers – 4th year manager
      Astros – 3rd year manager

      The Reds don’t necessarily need a manager with 1,500 games under their belt. They needs someone who buys into the system (assuming the Reds have one).

      • sultanofswaff

        Exactly. Having everyone on the same page is by far the most important criteria. To that end, it should be accompanied by putting Uncle Walt and Kevin Towers out to pasture.

      • Thomas Jefferson

        You can ease off the Towers worry. Reminder: he passed away in January.

      • Mike Adams

        Why would that stop the Reds?
        Prop him up in the dugout like in the movie Weekend at Bernie’s and save a lot of cash.

      • Westfester

        Look at those teams you’ve listed. A 5 year old could manage to get 3 out of 4 of those teams to the playoffs the way they’re constructed!

        Just get me someone who understands the team, gets them to play hard together, and stays the H**L out of the way when they’re on a roll.

      • Bryan E

        My point is that all of those managers buy into the system and don’t let “years of baseball experience” get in the way of the teams as the front office has constructed them.

  8. John Ring

    Not red-hot about any of them but if forced to choose a favorite of the ones mentioned, I would go with Girardi.

  9. roger garrett

    Your last sentence says it all Bryan if I can add from the outside.ALL the inside guys already are buying in because well they are employed by the Reds.An outsider would want to know about a plan before he took it.

    • Scott C

      An outsider or insider needs to have a plan stepping in. Unfortunately, you are correct that for those inside the organization it is probably the same old plan with a wrinkle or two. Better fundamentals. Play Hard all the time etc..
      Fr what its worth if the search has already been narrowed down to the handful of candidates named by Heyman then the “extensive” search wasn’t very extensive. Of the names listed my choice would be either David Bell or Brad Ausmus.

  10. RedsFanForLife

    Please interview Mike Sarbaugh! Proven winner as a player, coach, minor league manager and 3rd base coach for the Indians.

  11. Bill j

    Got a feeling it will be someone from inside or a family member, take your choice. I think they already know and all this interview thing is just show.

  12. jreis

    I think Billy Hatcher would be a good manager. I think the players would respond to him and play hard for him

  13. jeffery stroupe

    Going to be John Farrell The rest is a smoke screen.

    • Jeff Reed

      Perhaps Farrell but don’t forget Girardi, Scioscia, Showalter or Maddon. Our owner/fan wants experience in the manager’s office.

  14. I-71_Exile

    Please no David Bell. I want a manager with a speck (or two) of charisma.

  15. roger garrett

    Anybody within is a mistake.Losers employ losers so they aren’t a threat to take their job.Old School mentality in that they establish a pecking order and just move people around.Bringing someone in from the outside requires too much work to teach them the company line,fight song and it upsets the pecking order.Of course in the big scheme of things unless they fix the roster it won’t matter much.Farrell,I always thought was next man up after Price but we shall see.

  16. lwblogger2

    None of those names make me happy. None. Zero. From a personal standpoint, a David Bell hire would be very interesting. Unless he’s changed since I’ve talked to him last (not more than 2 years ago), he’s about as old-school as they come.

    • Shchi Cossack

      The Old Cossack is riding that same horse with you LW. All of the names presented by Heyman do nothing for me. They are the same rehashed and regurgitated names I expected from a comprehensive search by BC’s organization.

      The concept of everyone working on the same page is important, but BC’s organization has no comprehensive plan. BC’s organization is conceptionally frozen in an age predating Curt Flood and Free Agency, conceptionally frozen in an age predating pitching specialization, conceptionally frozen in an age predating Moneyball, conceptionally frozen in an age predating the flood of analytical data.

      • George

        Let’s no forget about BC stopping by the Mgrs. office to offer advice and review on field actions. I wonder if the interview asks about the manager being second guessed and told who to play because the owner likes them. I can only guess where Sparky or Big “LOU” would tell them where to go and die!! 🙂

  17. WVRedlegs

    The older Nightengale tweeted this:
    “John Farrell is the favorite to land #Reds managerial job with Jim Riggleman staying as bench coach. David Bell certainly in strong contention but may well wind up as the #SFGiants manager in 2020.”

    I just want to drive my car head-on into a concrete wall. The Reds Way, of course. So much for an extensive search. Great way to neuter the organization as a whole. This is about as discouraging as it could get. They will get a new front man, but the band is going to be the same.
    I would hope to not hear one word uttered about being competitive at the news conference. I would hope to hear words about winning some championships. The goal should never be to be competitive, but to win. Win championships.

    • lwblogger2

      I mostly agree. I wouldn’t be too upset with a Farrell hire if I was sure the Reds did an “exhaustive” search. I like Farrell and thought he didn’t get a fair shake in Boston. I’d take him over Girardi, Scioscia, or Showalter. Still, I’d love them to talk to: Ron Roenicke, James Mills, Joe Espada, Sandy Alomar, and this last one may surprise you Jay Bell.

      • lwblogger2

        Hmmm, not sure he’s the right guy for the Reds. Maybe the Lookouts if the Reds end up affiliating with Chattanooga again?

      • doofus

        I agree, expand the search. The FO should be bold for once, but let’s be real, Out-of-the-Box thinking freaks these guys out.

  18. doofus

    “The Reds, for instance, seem to be targeting experienced names as they look to take the next step in their rebuild, so Showalter could potentially end up on their radar screen.” ~Mark Polishuk, MLBTR

  19. eddiek957

    i remember the last time we hired an ex yankee manager

  20. Wayne nabors

    Just hope they actually interviewing with purpose and not show, if that’s the case then no way Riggleman gets job,have to move on from the buntmeister,not sure I can take another year of him

  21. doofus

    I’m thinking David Bell gets the job.

    • doofus

      “I don’t see us targeting a lot of completely out-of-the-box candidates. I think we’re going to want people who have a level of comfort in the dugout, preferably at the big league level, in their background.” ~ “Winning Culture” Williams

      “I THINK we’re going to want people….”

      It will be Farrell.

      • lwblogger2

        I like how you saw that “…THINK…” in there.

  22. Roger Fletcher

    If they bring Riggleman back they are not serious about fixing this team!!!

  23. Ron Payne

    I still say David Ross should be the guy. He is not far removed from being an active player and would have strong qualities regarding modern day baseball and modern day players. The Reds are insisting that their candidate have previous experience. This is one candidate that I think would succeed without it.

    • doofus

      Plus Ross will have that dugout DANCING!!!!

  24. Timmy RedLeg

    Not sure I want a Mgr who has managed or been managing, (for most of their coaching career), in the AL. I want the next Mgr to be a “National League” guy. I’m sure any manager could adapt, but I want one who doesn’t need to adapt.

    • Matt Esberger

      Lou never played or managed in the NL and Torre never played or managed in the AL. They seemed to do ok their first year in different league.

  25. luciusruber

    I’m certainly not an expert but I’m not sure a manager would make much difference with this team until they can win at least 80 games. The focus, as has been stated ad nauseam, is pitching. The acumen of a manager is responsible for approximateley 10 games. I don’t think that any of these candidates has any more knowledge/secrets than any other of them. It would set a tenor,appease a certain group of fans, and increase attendance in the short term with some of these candidates but more serious issues remain (I know, an obvious comment). Still, it’s fun to consider the possibilities.

  26. kmartin

    If I were interviewing candidates my very first question would be: “would you ever consider batting Billy Hamilton leadoff?” If I got “yes” for an answer I would respond: “thank you for your time but we are going another direction.”

    • roger garrett

      That would eliminate a bunch and probably Walt and Bob as well but I like the idea,

    • lwblogger2

      Everything should be considered. It’s just not something that probably should be done.

  27. Roger F

    Unless they get 2 quality starting pitchers, it doesn’t matter who the manager is!

  28. Mason Red

    I haven’t read every post and comment on this subject and for that I apologize in advance. Nobody knows the “right” choice for manager of this team. Unless ownership/FO has a radical change of philosophy…meaning stop with the small market approach…nothing will change as far as success with this team as it currently stands. The best manager in the world wouldn’t have prevented 90+ losses this year or the year before that or the year before that ect. It’s my fear that the interview process is with the understanding that things will “stay the course” as far as operations and philosophy. If that’s the case I don’t think they will land a big name manager. I hope I’m wrong but again it won’t matter unless the culture changes.

  29. Bill j

    How can they call David Bell an external candidate when his father works for the Reds.

    • lwblogger2

      He’s been in other orgs for a while now. Yes, there would still be a certain amount of nepotism possibly as he has worked for the Reds and as you pointed out, Buddy still works for the Reds.

  30. eric3287

    There are a couple of names mentioned in the comments above where I had to look up who they were and what their “resume” was. That’s precisely what I had hoped to see with the Reds list of interviews. I want to see a name that I haven’t heard before, or one that I only vaguely remember hearing once. The list the Reds put out looks like something a random fan would come up with. Like, if the Reds Facebook put out a poll on who to interview, this is what they’d get.

    We hear how Farrell and Riggleman “know how the organization operates” and so they have a leg up. They’re familiar with the processes and the players. Well, that’s great and everything, but “how the organization operates” is crappy. The players, by and large, are bad. I don’t want someone familiar with a crappy process and bad players. I want someone who understands what a good process is and will implement that.

    Farrell/Girardi etc may end up great managers. But when I see a list of interviewees, I want to believe the Reds front office, having 6-12 months to come up with a list, put more thought into it than the average fan. Right now, I don’t believe they have.

  31. roger garrett

    I agree Eric with you in all you said.Hiring from within is just not a good idea at all but I just don’t see the Reds hiring from the outside.I do have a little bit of hope that they have seen the error of their ways and are willing to go in a new direction.That would require a different thought process among the old school guys that they aren’t use to and that usually means people must be let go and replaced by others who are wiling to be open minded and think outside of the box some.Lets watch and see but this same old thing over and over just tells me it won’t happen.Just to clarify some hiring a manager from the outside doesn’t signal a change in direction but rather a starting point.

  32. WVRedlegs

    One question I would like to know the answer to is Did the re-assignments of the Director of Amateur Scouting and the Draft and the Director of Player Development come as a result of the evaluations that Farrell was going to do? He was never really a “scout” in the traditional sense as that label has been tagged onto him. He was more of an evaluator, as it was said after his hire.
    If these two officials were removed and assigned elsewhere as a direct result of Farrell’s evaluations, maybe, just maybe, there is a new sheriff in town and a new way is being instituted starting with a new player development philosophy. That would certainly give Farrell an inside track. Riggleman is a company man, a yes man. So I can see him stepping back into the bench coach role as it was suggested. And when Farrell is announced as the new manager, I doubt it will be a deal of the 2 year type. I would bet he gets at least a 4 year contract, and probably 5 years, to manage the team. And he gets some type of control of the roster like some NFL head coaches desire. He won’t let himself get saddled with the Penningtons and Gosselins and Yovani Gollardos.

    • Roger F

      I hope you’re right. 🤞🏼

    • Tom Mitsoff

      If this does happen, it would be similar to the pattern under the Castellini ownership of bringing future leaders on board in advisory roles before naming them to full-time positions. Remember when Walt Jocketty was hired as a “consultant” to Castellini while Wayne Krivsky was still the general manager? Krivsky didn’t last long thereafter.

      • WVRedlegs

        That is exactly what I had thought of. Very similar pattern, or modus operandi. I’ve resigned myself to the fact that it will most likely be Farrell now. It could be worse, much worse, I guess. Which coaches stay and which coaches go may now be the question. Even with trying to maintain some continuity there will be some turnover in the coaches.
        Who did Farrell have as his coaches in Boston? What are they doing now? A couple or few of them may find their way to Cincinnati soon.

      • WVRedlegs

        John Farrell’s coaches in Boston for the 2013-2017 seasons.

        Bench: Torey Lovullo- 2013-2016. Now Arizona Manager.
        Gary Disarcina- 2017. 2018 = NY Mets bench coach.

        3rd Base: Brian Butterfield- 2013-2017. 2018 = Chi. Cubs 3rd base coach.

        1st Base: Arnie Beyeler- 2013-2015. 2018 = Marlins AAA manager.
        Ruben Amaro-, Jr. 2016-2017. 2018 = NY Mets 1st base coach.

        Hitting: Greg Colbrunn- 2013-2014. 2018 = NY Yankees roving minor league hitting instructor.
        Chili Davis- 2015-2017. 2018 = Chi. Cubs hitting coach.

        Asst. Hitting: Vic Rodriguez- 2013-2017. 2018 = Clev. Indians asst. hitting coach.

        Pitching: Juan Nieves- 2013-May 2015. 2018 = Miami Marlins pitching coach.
        Carl Willis May- 2015-2017. 2018 = Clev. Indians pitching coach.

        Only 2 coaches with Farrell the whole time in Boston, 3rd base coach Brian Butterfield and Asst. Hitting coach Vic Rodriguez. They could be candidates to sign on with Farrell.
        The interesting one is Carl Willis, pitching coach. He pitched 75.2 innings for the 1984-1986 Reds teams, most of them in 1986. He was Cleveland’s pitching coach twice, 2003-2009 and now in 2018. He then was the pitching coach in Seattle 2010-2013. He signed on to be the AAA pitching coach for Cleveland in 2015, but was hired by Farrell in May 2015 as Red Sox pitching coach. He has been the pitching coach of 4 Cy Young Award winners, CC Sabathia in 2007, Cliff Lee in 2008, Felix Rodriguez in 2010, and Rick Porcello in 2016.

  33. Matt Esberger

    Farrell probably the front runner. David Bell probably more incline to stay with Giants organization if told he will be manager in waiting once Bochy retires. I have no issue with Ausmus and he bad timing in Detroit with aging roster that peaked in 2011-2013 and had really good KC & Cle teams in division during his tenure. Showalter & Girardi will want too much control and command too much money for Reds liking. Also Showalter teams improve after he leaves as Torre, Brenley & Ron Washington were able to take basically the same rosters to the WS.

  34. wizeman

    what about gibbons. i truly dont know that much about him.i like the idea of sarbaugh. notice that cora and boone seemed to do okay though teams were stacked. like ausmus. just thought he got dealt a bad hand

  35. eddiek957

    sparky came from the padres sweet lou was with the yankees dusty with the cubs the three most successful managers of my lifetime was hired outside the organization