Dick Williams just talked to reporters about the status of the manager search:

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  1. alex

    Junior Guerra, Jhoulys Chacin, Wade Miley, Edwin Jackson, Brett Anderson, and Mike Fiers are pitching the Brewers and A’s to the playoffs. Manager seems irrelevant right now. Go find a pitcher, Dick.

    • Drew

      I’d actually argue that your list shows that organizational philosophy and coaching is exceedingly important, as all of those pitchers are somewhere between ‘almost fine’ and ‘objectively terrible.’ Milwaukee and Oakland both have a holistic approach to pitching and in-game strategy that’s light years from where the Reds currently are, and that approach allows them to do more with less than virtually anyone else. We need pitching, to be sure. But along with that, we need forward thinking people at the controls who can squeeze the most potential out of whoever’s on the roster.

    • Sliotar

      Chacin has been good (2.5 WAR)

      Guerra 1.6
      Miley 1.4

      Anderson 1.0
      Jackson 0.8
      Fiers 0.3

      Reds have those guys already (one is younger and better)
      Castillo 1.9
      Harvey 1.4

      Brewers have literally thrown the kitchen sink at this window…missed playoffs last by 2 games and haven’t made it yet this season.

      As Milwaukee (and A’s with deciding home field) are showing, every win counts. Reds need to optimize every way possible to get into playoff contention…including a manager who optimizes.

      Plus…hit more HRs (!!!!) Oakland would challenge the all-time record if they played at GABP.

    • Westfester

      I really wouldn’t want to stake my playoff life on one of those arms in the wild card game. Brewers are going to regret not improving their starting pitching.

    • lwblogger2

      Kind of stunned that Wade Miley and Edwin Jackson are pitching effectively at all but they are.

  2. WVRedlegs

    Whew. Exhale. Repeat.
    That list of in-house candidates doesn’t even move the interest needle off of zero. Very un-inspirational. Front office just going through the motions. Casting that net out wide, all the way out to the dugout.

    • David

      OK, that’s funny. But this list kind of looks like a predicate to rubber stamping Jimmy Fundamentals as the next manager.
      Really, why CAN’T the Reds do something to embrace advanced player and team metrics? Riggleman won’t be a disaster, but he won’t be successful either.

      Old school is the best school, I guess (facepalm). Playing the game the right way (either in the voice of George Grande or Darth Vader, one of those).

      A few years ago, Chris Welch interviewed Craig Counsel, and he gave a very good, simple and concise answer as to why applying advanced metrics to players matters. You get the most out of your contract and payroll dollars, which is why it is so important for small and medium sized market teams to be able to use them to compete.

      I think Dick Williams knows, but Castellini doesn’t pay much attention to him, and Dick knows it. If they did think this way, Billy Hamilton would be LONG gone. And perhaps our evaluations of pitchers and their ML talent ceiling would be further along, and we still wouldn’t be mired in this miasma of “rebuild!” kabuki theater.

      • David

        Just for a moment of solace. Barry Larkin does not embrace advanced metrics either. He is totally old school in his analysis of the game. Barry is a smart guy, but he is also a stubborn guy.

      • Thomas Jefferson

        DW did say that they will be interviewing others outside the organization, so some other (hopefully progressive!) viewpoints will be heard.

    • Ghettotrout1

      I’m pretty sure that you can’t actually interview any external candidates that are still in season correct? So this story shouldn’t really tell you anything. Everyone wanted them to interview 459 candidates to get a good talent pool to choose from, so I mean the more interviews the more we should be happy right? Again I will echo what I’ve said in the past the team will not be good even if we traded Mike Trout for Billy straight up and we had the best manager in the majors. They need to sign 2 legit starters (Keuchel, Corbin, Morton) and then probably trade for one more (Degrom, MadBum) to actually be a real playoff threat. The manager and the position players are not going to move the needle. Plus lets be honest we have zero idea what rando dudes from other organizations they should interview and we have no idea that Billy Hatcher doesn’t sleep with a copy of Bill James under his pillow. He could love analytics and forward thinking….. I mean highly unlikely but I’m just saying.

  3. Patrick Jeter

    Hatcher might actually be the best candidate on the planet. If he’s managing, he can’t man 3rd base, right? RIGHT?!

    • Jack

      Can you imagine if he manages the same way he coaches 3rd? He has no idea what he is doing at 3rd.

    • lwblogger2

      Coming in after it being a long while since I’ve seen you post, and then posting this comment, is sheer brilliance!

  4. jeffery stroupe

    Farrell will be next manager. Figured out that one when he got the job he has now.

    • Bill

      That was what I thought when he was hired.

  5. Tom Mitsoff

    Just for the sake of discussion, what if Buck Showalter is fired from Baltimore? Should he be interviewed?

    • lwblogger2

      Yes. I don’t like him much and am not sure he’d be the right guy but the Reds most certainly should talk to him if he’s available.

  6. Thomas Jefferson

    I’m glad they are moving on the search, and that Barry is not a candidate. DW also said that they will be interviewing others outside the org when the season ends (and after they get permission from their clubs). I’m not sure if any of those internal candidates are serious contenders for the job, but it’s good to interview them if they want an interview – a way to get more viewpoints on what the Reds could do to improve while helping these guys in their careers. Many of us here at RLN have been advocating for them to run a real process and to get more input and viewpoints – starting with the internal guys makes sense and could be the first step in doing what we hope they do.

  7. Old-school

    Larkin not a candidate – great .
    The others are just the Reds showing organizational respect. I like it. Hatcher and Kelly aren’t the next manager. Reds are smartly giving a large group of guys with diverse backgrounds inside the organization an interview. Now go outside the organization

    Reds in Chattanooga next year AA. Great move. Reds #2 in Monday market there abd build more. I support DW

    • roger garrett

      I hope your right but smart and the Reds well just haven’t gone together in the same sentence very often for a long time.

  8. Timmy RedLeg

    I read somewhere today that DW also stated that the org preferred a Manager with previous managerial experience. So, I guess that means no David Ross. He is a guy I’d like to see manage.

    • Jeff Reed

      If so, Farrell will get the job.

  9. roger garrett

    I don’t see this team going outside to hire anybody to manage this club primarily because who would want it under the present situation.Think about it because its no secret to the rest of the league how its done in Cincy.They want a guy that’s already on board so as not to rock the boat.Sure I would like to have Buck or any other experienced guy but its not going to happen.In reality unless they look at doing something with this roster,starting with trading from a surplus to fill some holes,it doesn’t matter who is the manager.You must show a commitment to winning to attract a good manager and the Reds haven’t done that.

  10. Timmy RedLeg

    I don’t know. There’s only 30 of those jobs. I can’t imagine, someone who wants to manage, would turn down the opportunity. I don’t doubt there are more desirable destinations, but I think if you want to manage next season, & the Cincinnati Reds offer you the job, you take it.

  11. Scott C

    The only thing I didn’t hear was that they were interviewing outside candidates. That kind of made me shivers. I have nightmares of Riggleman managing for the next couple of years and bunting every inning.

    • greenmtred

      DW definitely said that they’d begin interviewing outside candidates, and that the interviews would be exhaustive–maybe a full day apiece.

  12. cupofcoffee1955

    Barry Larkin is a smart man. He does not want to manage this hot mess. Tell C. Trent he needs to spell John Farrell’s name correctly because he will probably be the next Reds’ Manager.

    • Bill

      I did the same thing. Subconsciously I was hoping Will Ferrell was the next manager

  13. Bill

    My guess is Ferrell gets the job if it isn’t handed to Riggleman. I doubt anyone outside the organization is given a real chance . It is just not how the Reds do things. Jocketty probably posted the position to his MySpace page and that will be the extent of the search

    • Matt WI

      Hah! MySpace would be progressive for Walt.

      All I can hang my hope on is that the outside candidates are actually going to be considered. But Farrell and Riggs have got to be the odds on favorites.

      • Gfelt

        We all know if Walt has anything to do with it, Mike Matheny will prob be our guy

      • lwblogger2

        Please for the love of baseball, I hope you’re wrong.

  14. Mark Lang

    Any manager signing on with this group is playing Russian Roulette with his career with a gun that has a magazine.

  15. Bill j

    GFELT, my thought too. You noticed the Reds done interviews in Miami and Walt was there to do them.