Final R H E
Cincinnati Reds (66-91) 0 4 2
Miami Marlins (62-93) 6 14 0
W: Trevor Richards (4-9)  L: Michael Lorenzen (3-2)
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Twelve. That’s the number of runs the Reds have scored in their last 10 games.

The club continued its end-of-season spiral on Sunday, dropping its third straight game to a horrendous Marlins team in utterly uninspired fashion.

Here’s how it all went down:

The Hitters

Four hits. Five baserunners. No extra-base hits. No runs. Enough said.

The Hurlers

Michael Lorenzen made his second start of the season, and it did not go as well as the first. He threw four innings and 65 pitches, giving up four earned runs on nine hits and two walks. If that isn’t evidence that he didn’t have his best stuff, he also did not strike out a batter and induced only five swings and misses all day. Luck certainly wasn’t on his side as the Marlins had a .444 BABIP and he gave up several weak singles (one that had a hit probability of 10% and came off the bat at 23 mph), but Lorenzen wasn’t exactly limiting hard contact all day either. He gave up singles at 102, 104, 105, and 108 mph as well.

While he limited damage by allowing eight singles, the one extra-base knock he gave up was the big blow. Former Reds catcher Chad Wallach — who was acquired in the Anthony DeSclafani trade in 2014 and claimed on waivers by the Marlins last offseason — hit his first career big-league home run, a three-run shot, in a four-run third inning that was all the Marlins would need.

Sal Romano was next up, and he was not long for the game either. He took over in the fifth inning and recorded only two outs before Jim Riggleman decided he’d seen enough. Romano gave up three singles and threw two wild pitches, though a fielding error by second baseman Scooter Gennett didn’t help matters.

Riggleman turned the keys over to Wandy Peralta with two outs in the fifth. He pitched 1 1/3 innings of no-run baseball. Jesus Reyes and Jared Hughes combined for two perfect innings to close out the game.

Not-So-Random Thoughts

  • The Reds were shut out five times on the 10-game road trip. FIVE. Five.
  • Only one runner reached second base for the Reds on Sunday.
  • With Eugenio Suarez slumping so badly, it’s really not a huge surprise that the Reds are struggling to score runs. He’s batting just .200/.304/.275 in the last two weeks.
  • Suarez isn’t the only Red having a tough time at the plate. Some notable performances over the last 14 days: Phil Ervin (54 wRC+), Scott Schebler (68 wRC+), Tucker Barnhart (-20 wRC+). At least Billy Hamilton has been as productive as usual (59 wRC+).
  • With five games remaining, the Reds need to go at least 3-2 to avoid a third straight 94-loss season. They are 23-37 in the second half. So much for that positive momentum.
  • Batting title update: Gennett is now hitting .315 after going 1-for-4 on Sunday. Christian Yelich went 2-for-3 in a Brewers win and is now up to .322. Gennett needs a big final week to become the Reds’ first batting title winner since Pete Rose in 1973.

Up Next

Mercifully, the Reds will have Monday off after an abysmal road trip. They’ll start their penultimate series of the season on Tuesday when the Royals come to town for an interleague matchup. Matt Harvey (4.92 ERA, 4.27 xFIP) will get the ball for what could be the final time in a Cincinnati uniform. He’ll square off against Eric Skoglund (5.60 ERA, 4.75 xFIP). First pitch is scheduled for 6:40 p.m. ET.

59 Responses

  1. Jeff Reed

    Could this uninspired 3-7 road trip and the second half losing record be the deciding factors in not naming Riggleman the manager for 2019? A young analytically knowledgeable manager is needed to lead the Reds in his digital era with three of the other clubs in the NLC clearly ahead.

  2. Chad Jones

    The big question is does Castellini care? I doubt it. I’ve been a Reds fan since 1978, but these have been some of the darkest days yet. I’m usually ultra-positive when looking at the Reds, but this rebuild has been a disaster. The pitching is no more set or developed than it was after 2016. With the division we’re in I can easily see another 90+ loss season if big changes aren’t made this offseason. Don’t cross your fingers.

    • Bill

      Castellini cares, there is no question about that. I just wish he would hire some outside people and let them make baseball decisions

      • Ed

        Bill if he cared so much the reds would have more than 3 winning seasons in the 13 yrs hes owned team. A good man but a incompetent owner. I wish they would sell team to someone who could bring pride back to the reds. The front office and ownership group are terrible baseball people.

      • Bill

        So is he a good man, incompetent, or doesn’t care?

        He obviously cares, he just thinks he knows best and interferes with day to day operations. He also hires friends and families instead of finding the best people.

      • jazzmanbbfan

        Hiring friends and family vs. more qualified people also lends itself to the conclusion that on some level(s) he is incompetent at running a professional baseball team. He obviously was successful in his prior business but not so much when it comes to baseball. Peter Angelos might be another example of someone like that.

  3. Jim Walker

    Tomorrow being an off day for the Reds, Mr C should call Riggleman in, give him the message he is not the guy of the future along with a generous bonus check for having endured this season and then send him immediately on his way for a pleasant all expenses paid holiday lasting well into October.

    • Jim Walker

      While I do not expect this to happen in the real world, I am serious in thinking it would be a positive thing to do. Also It would be ideal to have the new man on hand next Sunday to address the troops before they head out in their individual ways, which of course isn’t going to happen either for any number of reasons.

      • Scott C

        No that is not going to happen. And there should not be a new man on hand next Sunday, unless they have done a complete and relentless search for the next manager, which unless they have done so in secret, has not been done. I do hope that Riggleman will be given his walking papers as soon after Sunday as possible. To me that would be the first step towards positive momentum.

      • Jim Walker

        The Reds have had four months or more to be looking for their next manager.

        I’d hope they are down to their finalists they want to interview.

        Unless a person is currently working at the MLB level, there is no reason not to have already interviewed them. Even if they are working at the MLB level, unless it is for a team in a playoff race or situation, there is no reason not to have already interviewed them.

      • Matt Hendley

        Not to be a debby downer, but since the season is still underway for another week, if the reds are targeting a person from another team, they will need permission from that team to talk to them. Same if they are still.under contract in the offseason, but your right those arrangements need to be being made right now.

      • Jim Walker

        The minor league seasons have been done for three weeks; all of those folks should be available for interview. Getting permission to talk to MLB level coaches of teams not in playoff contention is likely no more than a formality.

        There was an note on one of the beat coverages last week that coaches of teams in the playoffs have been known to interview for managers’ positions with other orgs between the end of the season and start of the playoffs or even between playoff series. Thus it is also likely most of them would be available on their own time during an off day during the season.

        I’m sure there are always exceptions; but, for the most part if there is a genuine will there is a way to get it done.

      • Shchi Cossack

        “…if there is a GENUINE will there is a way to get it done.”

        An appropriately poignant emphasis of a colloquial truth.

      • Matt WI

        I love the idea of Castellini letting Riggleman know he isn’t going to be the one… and even some combat pay, like you said. It would be a way of saying… dial down any campaigning for the job in the media, let’s not make this any more awkward for all of us.

  4. Rut

    This was the kind of series, and road trip, that gets managers fired.

    No reason to fire Riggs, but as others noted after this if the Reds bring him back full time they deserve nothing but scorn.

    Seriously, I live in NC and not near any winter caravan stops, but I would go to one with the proper bigwigs just to heckle them if they keep Riggleman. Not all his fault by any means but he is certainly not part of the solution here.

    And i get that fan rage is better for club than no emotion at all, but if that is all they have left then we are truly hosed!

  5. Old-school

    The indians have 4 pitchers with 200k. Abd 170 IP + abd 5 guys with 10+ wins.

    The Astros 3rd beat pitcher is Dallas Kuechke
    lThe Diamondbacks have 10 War between their top 2.

    The dodgers just developed thier #2 walker Buehler.

    Look at the Mets.braves.cubs. nats. sox .

    You need 2 top starters.The Reds are starting the narrative that Disco + Romano is better than Corey Klueber for. 7 innings.
    Nonsense . The good teams have good starters.

    Josh Hader is good because he strikes out 15 guys/ 9 innings .I’m a fan of lorenzen but he doesn’t strike out anyone anymore. That’s a big problem .the Reds simply don’t have enough pitching talent. And the talent they have….they don’t use effectively….Iglesias is less than 1 WAR as is Garrett . Mahle and Romano and Lorenzen are replacement level.

    Cody Reed is the next guy. He and Harvey and Castillo threw 150. + IP.

  6. Sliotar

    I am of the firm belief that GABP has a huge impact on the Reds and how the games are played there.

    Especially now, with teams selling out for power and willing to accept lower averages and higher strikeouts from hitters across the board for the chance at greater power.

    I have not seen a detailed explanation on the hows and whys…I might take a stab at it in the off-season…but the numbers all the way around are startling.


    Pitching: Ks per 9
    Home – 8.56 (15th)
    Away – 7.17 (30th)

    Offense: ISO
    Home – .166 (14th)
    Away – .131 (29th)

    Home – 10.2% (2nd)
    Away – 7.9% (19th)

    Home – .340 (8th)
    Away – .319 (12th)

    • Sliotar

      All of the 2018 playoff teams are going to finish with a winning record on the road, except Cleveland, possibly, but the Indians are going to finish with @WhiteSox, @KC and have 38 road wins already.

      Good baseball teams play well anywhere. Reds on the road in 2018: 30-51.

      I can’t definitively prove it (yet?), but GABP makes this team, bad as it is, look better than it is,.

      If this year’s team played its home games in Oakland/Seattle/San Diego…easily a 100-loss team, IMO.

      • greenmtred

        They might not have given up as many homers, though. Of course they wouldn’t have hit as many, either.

  7. pborbon

    Lorenzen rarely hits the target. Wild in the zone a lot. Right now a thrower and not a pitcher.

  8. Ron Payne

    The Reds have checked out (mentally) for the season. Thoughts of time away from yet another disastrous season have taken their focus away.
    The upcoming off-season might be the most critical one of this franchise’s history.
    What can be done this off-season to turn this into a winning organization again?

    1. Somehow convince BC to stay out of the way and let the general manager do his job.
    2. Hire David Ross as manager and Greg Maddux as pitching coach. Pay them as much as they want for as many years as they want. It will be worth it.
    3. Clean up the 40-man roster by weeding out players that likely won’t be in the team’s plans for the next 3-5 years. (Bailey, Hamilton, Stephenson, Finnegan, etc.)
    4. Don’t go fishing in free agency unless you’re going after the big fish. (Corbin or Keuchel)
    5. If you go the trade route, target someone like Zack Wheeler or Jose Berrios.
    6. Don’t be afraid to go after another bat. ( I like Michael Brantley as a free agent pick-up unless Trammell is ready in 2019)
    7. Get everyone on the same page and let everyone do THEIR job!

    • Mike Adams

      Why wouldn’t you check out mentally for the rest of the season?

      As a position player if you have been told “we want positive momentum, don’t worry, you have your job, nobody can take it from you, the owner likes you, no matter how you play we won’t get mad enough to put someone else in your place, we don’t need no stinking badges (oops) I mean tryouts by young players”, why wouldnt you check out?

      These guys are tired physically and mentally and know they do not need to bust a gut every play, every inning, every game now.

      • roger garrett

        Well said and that is exactly the problem not only at this time of year but all during the year.We have a top 5 prospect in Senzel that this team can’t find a place for him to play.Are you kidding me?The Red Sox may have that problem or the Yankees but not a team with 4 straight losing season with 90+ losses.How on earth can we be set at any position with that time of team performance.I am surprised that MLB has called Bob and asked him why he is tanking year after year after year.I mean even the Fish are at least trying to convey to their fans and the league they are trying to get better.They are at least going with younger players and making it appear they are rebuilding.We don’t even do that.

      • Matt Hendley

        Well, in Senzel’s case he would be up here now position or not, playing SUPER SUPER Utility, at a minimum if he hadn’t busted his finger, but he did, so that one got pushed back a year so I am forced to give that one a pass. However, if the appropriate number of games pass forcing an extra year of service time pass and he is not on the bus the next day, then there is a problem.

      • greenmtred

        I have certainly checked out mentally. Not with a bang, but a whimper. At least it’s relaxing. No pennant race to agitate me.

  9. D Ray White

    Winning Culture has reached its zenith! Losing 3 out of 4 to a AAA squad will do that.

  10. Hotto4Votto

    This 90 loss season has felt like the worst of the bunch. In year’s prior there seemed to be some hope, some light at the end of the tunnel. I think it’s because I squinted hard enough and saw a more competitive team if things fell right in 2018. I thought we were much closer than we were. Last September at least we had some young guys to dream on with Winker emerging (with a .901 Sept. OPS), Castillo having come on like gangbusters, Mahle had a good debut, Stephenson (2.77 Sept. ERA) and Romano (3.49 Sept. ERA) were ending the season on high notes.

    This season the light at the end of the tunnel appears to be an oncoming train.

    • Jim Walker

      Yes, and then there is the cliché, fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice (or more), shame on me.

      In three seasons, they have cleared developed just one starting pitcher (Castillo); and, he came to them in an off season trade and only spent half a season in the Reds minors before being brought up.

  11. Bill j

    Bill I don’t think BC cares or jen would hire baseball people and let them make decisions. Ron, I said a long time ago I would like to see David Ross as manager and I like your idea of Gregg Maddox as pitching coach. Now we need hitting and infield coaches. Any suggestions?

    • Ron Payne

      Bill J, I don’t really have any suggestions regarding other coaches. I’m sure Ross would do a decent job of picking his coaches if hired.

  12. Shchi Cossack

    There was one distinctly non-lifeless Reds player on the field today. When Riggleman pulled Lorenzen after the 4th inning and refused to even allow him to hit in the top of the 5th inning, I thought we were going to witness a throw-down in the dugout.

    • Scott C

      I didn’t see that, must have left the room for a minute, but good for Lorenzen. He has fire.

  13. redsfan06

    A few positives from this disaster of a game and road trip:
    1) Riggelman has not whipped the troops into performing better than they should. They are probably just as bad without him as they are with him, but no need to give him undue consideration for the manager’s position going forward.
    2) Lorenzen’s and Romano’s outings underscore the need for more pitching. The front office can cast aside the few good starting performances earlier in the month and recognize they need to work on upgrading the pitching in the off season.

  14. Matt Hendley

    Why would maddox come here? Moeny usually only works to those who dont have any. I too like david ross, but as soon as the cubs catch wind we are trying to work something out they will outbid and out position us.

    • lwblogger2

      Cubs may be able to bring him into their org but they won’t make him manager. I’m not sure David Ross is the right guy though. I was a big Dave Martinez proponent but he got hired this past off-season. I also really liked Alex Cora back in the day. Joe Espada could perhaps be a good target. Charlie Montoyo may be a good candidate as well.

  15. BigRedMike

    Everything is just fine, Gennett stated that the Reds are playing the game the right way.

    Losing is fine as long as Gennett is content with playing the game the right way, whatever that means.

    • roger garrett

      Losing is the norm for the Reds.Was he smiling when he said it?

      • Matt Hendley

        He has been known for a sarcastic comment or 2 or 200

  16. Scott Gennett

    After so many pitching projects failures, it’s safe to say that the organisation’s scouting and development process of pitching prospects has been poorly managed, to say the least. The last succesfull rotation this team had was in 2014 and no single pitcher, via farm or trade, has been able to establish himself ever since. I remember the time when front office had clear goals regarding pitchers development, perhaps with O’Brien and Bowden as GM’s.

    • Jeff Reed

      Bowden was known as a trader, not as a builder of good pitching staffs.

      • Matt WI

        Yup, a collector of “5 tools” guys. But there’s a reason we don’t remember any of the starting rotations he put together.

  17. Matt Hendley

    At least they are not the front office that did not trade away the worlds best player in the last decade, and now will have to settle for a severely reduced pick on the rejected QO. (Brice harper)

    • Sliotar

      I would take Mike Rizzo right now to run the Reds front office. In a heartbeat.

      When Homer Bailey is saying “make sure Dick Williams is being taken care of”, then I will begin to consider the Washington and Cincinnati front offices as being on equal footing.

      An outfield of Eaton/Soto/Robles (the last 2 in their age 20 and age 21 seasons) plus Rendon, plus Trea Turner…plus Scherzer and Strasburg as starters. And, an ownership that has zero problems spending to win. How will those poor Nats get by?

      None of us are right 100% of the time. But, there have been a couple of big swing-and-misses in the ol’ game thread today.

      • WVRedlegs

        I don’t know about that. With all that firepower the Nats have , how many playoff games and series have the Nats won since 2012? The number of playoff series won might equal the Reds. They have a perennial Cy Young Award candidate in Scherzer and MVP candidate in Harper and have had loads of talent to supplement. Stasburg, Gonzalez, Zimmerman, Murphy, Turner, Rendon, Ramos, and Werth.
        Granted, he made many moves to bring in some great players. He had the resources that most GM’s don’t have. But no matter what he did, he couldn’t get the Nats over that hump. Make no mistake though, it would be better than the current group the Reds have. The off-seasons and trade deadlines would be exciting with him as the GM.

      • lwblogger2

        Yeah, I agree. Harper wasn’t traded because the Nats were taking a shot this year. They probably should have traded him at the deadline but again, they didn’t want to give the impression they were throwing in the towel on the season. There is a chance they will resign him, although it seems unlikely.

  18. Douglas Hyde

    Bottom line: This team has stopped responding to Riggles and giving a crap about the rest of the season. this is the time a manager earns his pay and gets the job. For whatever reason (and I’m sure there are lots) this team has packed it up and checked out. Being a reds fan sucks sometimes, and now is one of those times.

  19. Kyle Farmer

    This road trip makes me think the Reds are way more than just 2 top end starters away from contention. I know small sample size and all that, but it’s very disheartening to watch this offense go completely dormant.

    I said that nothing has made me feel worse about the rebuild than watching the Braves win the division. John Hart flat out knows what he’s doing even if he cheated a bit to do it and got fired before he could enjoy the fruits of his labors. Braves last made the postseason in 2013 – just like the Reds. Today, they are division champs and the Reds can’t beat the Marlins. Ugh.

    Was planning to head down to GABP Saturday to take in a game. The place is nearly sold out. Anybody have an idea why? I was shocked.

      • Kyle Farmer

        I thought so too, but it’s not a bobblehead day. Team picture day. Who wants a picture to remember this season? Not me!!! 🙂

    • Scott C

      It is all the Pirate fans coming down to see their Buccos one last time in 2018