As was the case Saturday, the start time of today’s finale to the four-game series with San Diego has been changed. Today’s change is from the original scheduled start time of 1:10 p.m. to 4:10 Eastern time, due to weather considerations.

The forecast for the time period during the game:

The unusual step of changing game times just hours before the start was prompted by the attempt to avoid one or more rainouts and the need for the Padres, the team with the National League’s worst record, to make an unscheduled trip back to Cincinnati before the end of the season to play a make-up game or games. Frankly, the Reds don’t want to have to open the stadium for a game like that with no pre-sale and the likelihood of the crowd size being measured in the thousands or even hundreds instead of tens of thousands.

The 61-82 Reds are going for their third win in the four-game series, which would mean they would achieve this:

Starting Pitchers

Jacob Nix 26 4.85 5.41 9.9% 6.3%
Tyler Mahle 109 4.95 4.47 21.4% 10.2%

Righthander Nix has made four starts after coming up from Class AAA. Two have been very good (a combined 14.1 innings pitched with one earned run allowed), and another was terrible, allowing five runs in two-thirds of an inning. Today will be the Reds’ first look at Nix, who has considerably lower strikeout and walk rates than his mound opponent today.

Mahle looked like a potential number two or three starter at times this year, but then his season fell off a cliff in his last four major league starts: 20 earned runs allowed in 10.2 innings. When he was sent down, Manager Jim Riggleman said Mahle had been working on aspects of his game that you can’t work on at the major league level, without being more specific. We haven’t heard a definitive explanation for what happened in those four starts, but the good news is that it wasn’t injury-related. At Louisville, he was effective, recording a 2.73 ERA in five starts. Of course, the hope is that Mahle will recapture the form we saw at times earlier this season.


Hail, hail, the gang’s all here. All members of the well-stocked bullpen should be available if needed today. Jared Hughes pitched only one-third of an inning Saturday before the skies opened, bringing a premature end to activities.

Starting Lineups

Find the lineups here.

News and Notes

Would it be fair to say that Homer Bailey is indifferent about his future with the Reds? …

Happy birthday, Billy Hamilton …

29 Responses

  1. Jim Walker

    I think Bailey is peace with himself. Whatever happens, happens. If you have access and haven’t read The Athletic Q&A, go read it.

    Although he is somewhat muted and doesn’t throw anybody under the bus (actually comes closest to throwing himself), it is pretty clear he doesn’t think much of the way the Reds have handled the pitching this year. I hope the young pitcher don’t fell adrift and frustrated to the degree Bailey seems to be.

    And for the record, HB says that for the next 3 weeks he will do whatever he is asked to do.

    • Old-school

      Very good piece by C Trent. Homer doesn’t talk much- but honest answers to good questions.

  2. Aaron Bradley

    He pitched very good opening day and at stretches when I watched… he is kinda snakebitten with bad luck and maybe it becomes mental at some point. It seems like his stuff is better than the results he is getting. I feel bad for him but you can’t keep sending him out there until he makes some kind of adjustment, whether mental or physical.

  3. Matt Hendley

    OK so at least CIncinnati will know the feeling of winning from somewhere today, whats been going on here, why is Mahle out already?

  4. msanmoore

    Anyone else seeing a really lousy strike zone by this ump?


  5. msanmoore

    And I’m out.

    How many games left in the 2018 train wreck?

  6. Jeff Reed

    There it goes into the empty seats.

  7. WVRedlegs

    Riggleman School of Pitching Development on display again today. Mahler with a short, short rope today. Can’t say to be very surprised by Bailey’s sentiment.
    Bailey will have a chance in spring training next year to show if he can improve under a new manager and pitching coach. The season ends on Sept. 30. Riggleman is gone by Oct. 3, if that long.

    • CI3J

      I think they’ll probably wait until after the World Series.

      But yes, in a way, I’m kind of happy the team has tanked since the All Star Break. Hopefully it has removed any doubt from the minds of the front office that Riggleman is not the answer going forward.

      ….But I’m also terrified this is going to lead to Barry Larkin becoming the next manager. But who knows, maybe he’s evolved his old-school way of thinking.


      • WVRedlegs

        If Riggleman or Larkin become the manager, Apathy wins out.
        There is one way to energize the Reds fan base, a new dynamic manager.
        Then this winter the other way will be to make a couple of shrewd trades. Casual fans flocked away the few previous years. Long time, hard core fans are the only ones remaining. Once apathy takes hold hard core fans drop interest quickly.
        Reds cannot let apathy take hold more than it already has. Many long time fans are gone. They have to be aggressive this off season or the franchise is lost. Castellini has pile driven the fans interest right into the ground.

      • Jim Walker

        Yet somehow BC seems oblivious to this. Think he is too caught up in the daily running of the baseball ops to see the forest for the trees.

  8. Scott C

    Hard to figure out why Dilson does not get more playing time. Two days in row starting infielder sits and Dixon starts both days. Riggs makes a double switch and Herrera is still on the bench. Whole lot of sorting going on.

    • Matt Hendley

      ALmost Certain that the plan is to trade him, surplus with Senzel, Blandino. Don’t over expose him to expose his weaknesses to possible buyers in the offseason. Logical explanation.

      • Bill

        It’s hard to build value on the bench. You say not exposing weakness, but if I am the guy trading for him I say he wasn’t even good enough to play ahead of Dixon, I am not giving up anything for him

      • Matt Hendley

        If i am the GM i say to that, Hey look at these HR. I also say, We have a future envisioned for Dixon. something like that. Also, it could be that Herera is a PED failure awaiting his appeal to go through and the reds benched him. although I think the benching has gone on too long for that to be the case.

      • Bill

        None of that makes any sense. The other teams already have the scouting reports on these guys and know Dixon is at best a utility bench guy. If Herrera failed it would have been announced and even if it was under appeal he would be restricted from all activity until the appeal was heard.

      • Matt Hendley

        I’m Spitballing dude, I dont know, except they seem to not plan on having a future with him.

    • Jeff Reed

      It is puzzling. Herrera comes across to me as a righthanded hitter the Reds need and he should get more playing time.

  9. Matt Hendley

    UH OH whats that, Joey’s got his Power back

  10. Jeff Reed

    Joey is obviously feeling better physically. That could bode well for 2019.

  11. Bill

    Never ever when it counts or did that one count. I always get these things mixed up

  12. msanmoore

    Watched that wonderful 5th. Now back live with some life in us yet.

  13. Matt Hendley

    Any word on the length of the delay

  14. msanmoore

    Looks like the rain cleared … you figure they have to get this in so SD can get out of town.

  15. Jeff Reed

    Lead run on second, no outs and the obsession with bunting takes over. What’s happened to the idea a runner on second is in scoring position?

    • Matt Hendley

      Obsesion asside, williams needed to get that bunt down, it stuff like that that is why he is not a long term solution to the reds.

      • Jeff Reed

        Riggs close game late inning strategy is a mystery to no one: bunt. A good reason he is not what is needed as the permanent manager.