Surprise! The start time of today’s Reds-Padres game at Great American Ball Park has been moved up one hour to 3:10 p.m. Eastern time.

In a separate Tweet, the Reds announced that anyone with tickets who cannot attend due to the change in start time will be able to use today’s tickets as rain checks to exchange for any future Reds home game in the remaining three weeks of the season.

A post-game faith concert featuring Tenth Avenue North is scheduled to follow today’s game, and it seems clear that had some influence in the decision to change the game start time. Some pre-game tweets indicated that the concert will take place no matter the conditions, but none of those tweets came directly from the Reds.

The big question appears to be whether the weather will hold off long enough to allow the Reds and Padres to get in an official game, so the Padres don’t have to play a day-night doubleheader Sunday on a get-away day. (They do have a day off Monday before opening a series in Seattle against the Mariners.) The Reds certainly don’t want to play a meaningless unscheduled game on a Sunday evening when school and the NFL are in session. That might be a situation where you could actually count the spectators with an abacus.

Starting Pitchers

Robbie Erlin 90.2 3.87 3.35 20.9% 2.8%
Matt Harvey 132.2 4.95 4.36 18.3% 5.5%

Lefthander Erlin has been up and down between the Padres and the minors since 2013, but has been very consistent, with an earned run average below 4.00 each year. The Reds would take that in a heartbeat. Primarily a reliever, Erlin has been getting some starts in recent weeks, and the results have not been pretty (11 earned runs allowed in 15 innings in his last three starts.)

As this season draws to a close, we have a pretty clear picture of what Harvey brings to the table – below average results more often than not. He would not be among the top free agent pitchers available on any list compiled by an unbiased observer. He may be someone the Reds turn to if they exhaust all other free agent pitcher options during this off-season. Frankly, if that happens, this pitching situation is much worse than we dared allow ourselves to believe.


Michael Lorenzen got the win last night with three shutout innings of middle relief, and won’t be available on the mound. Jim Riggleman’s cup runneth over with other options, however, and they all should be available – if the game actually reaches the point where relievers are needed before the downpour begins.

Starting Lineups

Padres Reds
SS Freddy Galvis RF Scott Schebler
3B Wil Myers SS Jose Peraza
LF Hunter Renfroe 1B Joey Votto
1B Eric Hosmer 3B Eugenio Suarez
RF Franmil Reyes LF Phillip Ervin
C Austin Hedges C Curt Casali
2B Cory Spangenberg 2B Brandon Dixon
CF Manuel Margot P Matt Harvey
P Robbie Erlin CF Billy Hamilton

News and Notes

Jared Hughes provides a moment of levity …

22 Responses

  1. Jim Walker

    If only the Reds baseball ops was as agile and quick to adjust to external conditions as the marketing folks, we probably wouldn’t be looking at a 4th straight 90 loss season.

  2. Aaron Bradley

    I am starting to think this team is run by GM committee… and they rarely reach consensus so that is why we see lack of moves, slow to sell high, etc. It is a horrible situation to be in and it is Bob;s fault entirely, he has failed us miserably. He brought old school Jocketty in and refuses to send him off to pasture. If he had stayed with the Cardinals they would have never won another title.

    • Jeff Reed

      It all emanates from the top. The Reds need new ownership that allows the hired baseball people to make the decisions. Until that happens I’m afraid our favorite team will not contend.

  3. Aaron Bradley

    At least Hamilton is out of the lead off position. I guess a 237 average finally forced their hand. Liek this wasn’t entirely foreseeable.

  4. Matt Hendley

    Maybe it was a “hey bob, we will do it your way for a few weeks so you can see how bad it sucks” just so he could get it out of his system

  5. Matt Hendley

    Matt Harvey is taking names today 3K

  6. Old-school

    If the top of the first is any indication, both teams seem interested in moving this game fast. Throw strikes…swing…next hitter.

  7. Gw

    Matt Harvey as a red – best among reds top (innings) 6 starters in: era, fip, whip, hr/9, B.B./9 , so/w. Is he a good sp? Probably not. Does he deserve to be singled out for abuse every time he pitches by certain parties. No.

    • Matt Hendley

      Maybe the bunts do work…. and we have just been on an incredible string of bad luck.

    • Matt Hendley

      These stats obviously indicate a 6 year 150 million reds contract is in Harveys future.

    • greenmtred

      It may be that Harvey gets panned because people assume that he won’t be signed after this season (and therefore should have been traded) and because people forget that he’s, effectively, still rehabbing. He shows some things–like getting out of that bases loaded jam–that we don’t often see from the rexst of the starters. His velocity is good. His breaking stuff looks good. He doesn’t walk a lot of people. ;He’s probably still working on command and stamina, and he may well get better yet

  8. Dave Roemerman

    Votto slam! Everyone’s in on the act now!

  9. VaRedsFan

    I can’t say it often enough. Votto is LETHAL when he pulls the ball in the air

  10. Old-school

    Harvey individually has done a respectable job in the context of his leaving the Mets and joining an 8-27 team in May.

    Good for Votto.He’s gonna be solid in 2019 assuming health. 3-4 WAR . Just play him 140 games….not 157 and DH 10x.

    This is why September games against the worst team in the NL have an asterisk. The SD GM has said they are playing guys in september to see what they have next year. Winning isn’t #1.

  11. Tom Mitsoff

    Let’s hope this can go at least 4.5 innings before the downpour begins!

  12. Hotto4Votto

    Glad to see Hamilton back in the 9th spot. If he’s going to play, that’s where he should bat every time. Now, why not Herrera at 2B, Ervin in CF, and Dixon in LF? Billy, even batting ninth, is atrocious against LHP.

  13. msanmoore

    Come on … one more out.

    There you go.

  14. WVRedlegs

    How important are proper fundamentals? Just ask the Pirates. Their big man, Gregory Polanco got injured last night on one of the stupidest feet first slides I have seen in my life. He hurt his knee, a severe bone bruise, that will require 6-8 weeks to heal. He also hurt his shoulder and might need surgery on it. And it was a feet first slide. And none of his injuries were the result of hitting the bag too hard.
    How can a player get hurt so badly on a slide is mind boggling? Pirates at least lucky it was late in the season and not in the middle.
    Watch it if you can . Unbelievably stupid base running and slide. Worth a coupe of laughs.

  15. Matt Hendley

    I thinknthey might have called the game. Can anyone confirm?

    • bouwills

      Does the faith-based band scheduled to appear after today’s game have a fat lady singer? If so, she is.