The Short Version: In a rain-shortened game, Matt Harvey pitched six strong innings and Joey Votto hit a grand slam in a big, seven-run second inning. Reds win!

Final — 6 innings (rain) R H E
San Diego Padres (56-88) 2 5 0
Cincinnati Reds (61-82) 7 8 0
W: Harvey (7-8) L: Erlin (3-6)
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The Good
–Matt Harvey struck out ten over six strong innings, allowing two runs on four hits, walking three.

–Joey Votto was 1 for 2 with a walk and a grand slam. Eugenio Suarez was 2-3 with a run scored — all in the second inning!

The Bad
–Move along, nothing to see here.

Not-So-Random Thoughts
–The game was stopped by rain with one out in the top of the seventh. Mercifully, it was called shortly thereafter, preserving a second consecutive Reds victory.

–That’s 19 runs in the last 15 innings for the ol’ Redlegs. Seven different Reds collected hits today, in just six times at bat. I’ll take it.

–Votto’s walk was his 100th of the season, the sixth time he’s cracked the 100-walk plateau. That ties the Reds all-time record, set by Joe Morgan.

–Tim Federowicz made his Reds debut as a pinch-hitter in the sixth. He walked.

–Cincinnati did all their damage in the second inning. Suarez led off with a single; after Phillip Ervin flied out, Curt Casali and Brandon Dixon each singled, giving the Reds a 1-0 lead. Harvey then reached on a bunt single and Billy Hamilton lifted a sac fly to right, scoring Casali. Then Scott Schebler singled in another run. Reds 3, Padres 0.

Jose Peraza followed with a single to load the bases, and Joey Votto crushed a ball to the sun deck in right field, a grand slam. It was the Reds 11th grand slam of the season, a new franchise record. That gave us our final score, 7-0.

Later in the inning, Suarez collected another single, by the way.

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48 Responses

  1. Colorado Red

    Harvey gave up 2 in the 4th.
    He got out of jam, with the bases loaded.
    Final 7 – 2, not 7 – 0.
    Still take 6 innings, and 2 run any time out.

  2. DEN

    Can someone again explain why we shouldn’t extend Scooter and offer Harvey a reasonable 3-4 year desl?

    • Colorado Red

      what is reasonable for both players.
      I would not be opposed to it.

    • Old-school

      Dont extend Scooter because you already have him next year and you’ve lost 90 games 4 years running- 2 of which was with him. He’s not the problem…….but paying him $50 million dollars till 2022 isn’t the solution either.

      I would give Harvey a 2 year $18 million deal.

      • Spaceman Red

        I am not opposed to an extension for Mr. Gennett provided it is not beyond four years. I am not sure whether that is something he considers palatable. But before offering said extension… has any scout, analyst or fan produced a credible analysis about how and why his production jumped so dramatically in his late 20s? It is not the kind of thing that predictive analysis would have anticipated, right? So what explains it? His hitting technique? His training regimen? Can he replicate it through his 30s? Upon such questions hinge millions of dollars.

      • Matt Hendley

        they said earlier this season that it was a change in his hitting mechanics. he altered his swing. I cannot remember the details.

      • Hotto4Votto

        One reason is he hit his prime with the Reds. Most players progress on a bell curve, with ages 27-29 being their prime years. The Reds got Gennett in his age 27 season, just as he was entering his prime.

      • DEN

        How is it not a solution in a situation where he has shown he can produce on this level. This fascinating over what might be with unproven talent needs to stop. Trade any and all”, prospects” now for actual major league talent, extend SvooSco and see what happens.

      • Matt Hendley

        Dude thats what i said, scooter has no proven back up. Extend him. Keep senzel for elsewhere and trade herera.

      • Bill

        You are missing the point most people are trying to make. Also there is a reason all these “uuproven talents” are highly sought after in MLB. The Cubs are full of these types, Rizzo, Bryant, Baez, Schwarber, etc. All those guys were highly ranked prospects who are now stars.

        To answer the question on if to extend or trade Gennett you have to look at the cost vs the benefit of each situation. Extension is easy; the Reds know they have 4 or 5 WAR, questionable defense, great guy for $x million a year. Trading will be harder to predict, but $x million a year (used for FA market) + player returned in trade + production Senzel at 2B. Which of those equations returns the most value to the Reds

    • Bill

      Should or shouldn’t depends on the terms of the contract. Gennett is probably making over $10 million in arbitration next year. How much more a year does he want and for how many years With Harvey the Reds have to be the highest bidder. To so the reason why they shouldn’t be signed long term look at the Bailey and Mesoraco contracts. If Gennett wants four years for $40 million that is far different than if he wants six years at $90 million.

      • Colorado Red

        Agree do not want to go over 4 years with Scooter.
        That being said a 4/50 would probably be ok. But no more.

    • Hotto4Votto

      There are good reasons to extend Scooter if it’s reasonable, such as he’s well liked in the clubhouse and by fans, and he should continue to produce at a solid rate even as he ages initially. As Bill mentions, something like 4/$40 seems pretty reasonable for his 29-32 years. I think even upwards of 4/$50 would provide fine value. I don’t personally believe we’ll continue to see this level of production but he shouldn’t fall off a cliff either, and would still be a valuable regular in the line up.

      But even if the money works out signing Gennett an extension raises other questions. Where does Senzel play? His most natural positions at 2B and 3B would be blocked and we have corner OF seemingly set up with Schebler and Winker. Would the downgrade at two positions defensively (Gennett over Senzel at 2B and Schebler in CF) be worth keeping Gennett in the fold? Would Senzel do well in the OF, a position he’s never played? Then there is the cost difference between what Senzel will make and what Gennett will make over the course of the extension. Of course they could trade Senzel, and maybe that’s the best move if he headlines a package that returns a top of the rotation starter.

      With Harvey, 3-4 years is too long for a guy who hasn’t been good since 2015, and even in his time with the Reds, he’s been average at best. A half season of average results for a guy entering his 30’s with a history of injuries isn’t enough reason to invest long term. I don’t see anyone offering Harvey much on the open market, and certainly can’t see anything beyond 2 years. Harvey’s also not the answer to the Reds biggest need, which is top of the rotation pitching. The Reds have other answers for a #4 starter. Castillo, Disco, and Mahle should slot in somewhere #2-#4 in the rotation. Finding a #5 would be a lot cheaper internally than resigning Harvey. FA deals for pitchers in general are extremely risky and even most of the top signees in a FA class end up being negative value for their contracts.

      I think an incentive laden 1 year deal with Harvey could be reasonable as insurance against another Disco injury, or another year of stalled development from our young pitchers. Even still, that deal needs to come under $10m. Other than that the risk would far outweigh any possible upside.

      • Colorado Red

        I would add to that a Team option that can be guaranteed based on wins, and become a player option based on wins.
        Good post.

  3. Old-school

    Omg. If Homer Bailey had gotten this kind of support he’d be 14-1. Wow. Dumbest rln tweet ever. Take that back please!!!!

    No….can’t compare September games against the worst team in the NL Padres who are admittedly auditioning for 2019 first team in the NL opportunities and compare that to meaningful games in may against the braves.

    The Padres in September are a AA team.
    September wins against 100 loss teams mean nothing.

      • Seat101

        Perhaps the small sample size led to his confusion about your joke?


      • Spaceman Red

        Good to know the Bailey comment was a joke. There is a sometimes subliminal message in Redleg Nation posts giving him every benefit of the doubt despite, in my opinion, little to suggest he will ever become a productive pitcher again. Such a benefit is not provided to the front office (I agree with that criticism, by the way).

        Separately, so happy for the soon to be birthday boy, Joseph Daniel, hitting a salami. I liked Mr. Dotson’s breakdown of the power numbers recently assuring us, more or less, that all is well with Mr. Votto. I still derive satisfaction following the Reds from knowing he is adding to his Hall of Fame resume. I plan on visiting Cooperstown that day.

      • old-school

        Yes, the Homer Odyssey needs levity as the reality is not good. I had just read the Mark Sheldon quote from Homer on being removed from the rotation.

        ” We don’t do plans here. No, there’s no plan right now.”

        That followed some other negative quotes from Bailey implying he wasn’t being treated well by the Reds.

        However, C Trent has a long Q&A with Bailey at The Athletic which is very good and provides better context and perspective.

      • Jim Walker

        Thanks for the pointer on the Athletic Q&A w/ Bailey. I thought it was very interesting too. He mans up to not pitching consistently and acknowledges he has been downright terrible at times. All of this I think makes his muted and inferred criticism of how the Reds have operated this year more credible.

        My greater concern is whether the young pitchers share Bailey’s feelings and are harboring similar frustrations.

        I really believe it is time for a new broom to sweep clean the entire MLB level manager and coaching staff.

    • Matt Hendley

      Homer bailey would have had a better record with more runs this is true. Noone is expecting 7 runs, but there again homer cant win when they score 0 for him either. PAying Scooter 50 mil to stay in cinci till 22 would be fair as well, as there is no established, healthy, replacement.

    • redsfan06

      Just think, if Bailey had given up 2 runs in 6-2/3 inning every time, his record would be a lot better than 1-14.

  4. Tom Mitsoff

    Sunday’s game has been moved to 4:10 p.m., either because of weather or not wanting to compete with the local Bengals telecast. 😉

  5. Klugo

    All those runs since Scheb replaced BH at the top of the order. Coincidence??

  6. Jeff The Ref

    What is the Reds record when Schebler bats leadoff? What is his obp when he bats 1st? Be interesting to know.

    • Sliotar

      Courtesy of FanGraphs splits tool, can answer the stat line on Schebler batting 1st this season….

      27 games

      .296 average
      .374 obp
      .922 ops
      6 HRs
      wRC+ 143

  7. roger garrett

    Such much data to use and when its not it just mind boggling.If Scott plays he hits lead off and if Billy plays,which he shouldn’t he hits 9th only because he can’t hit 10th.Hate to beat a dead horse but Billy getting more at bats then anybody else in the line up is just beyond dumb.Adding the outs we give away on bunts and Billy’s outs we just give away two innings a game sometimes.Just hard to imagine the Reds not seeing that and reacting in a game where even the best makes an out 7 out of 10 times.Done preaching been away for a few days.

  8. redsfan06

    Any reason at all will do to get BHam out of the leadoff spot. Such as, it is a day ending in y.

  9. Abdul

    I read all these comments and have to laugh. All of us forget that the biggest reason we’ve had winning seasons the past 30 years was the fact we played in one of the worst divisions in baseball. We got our wins beating up on the Cubs, Brewers, Pirates, and Astros but those days are over. This recent “rebuild” is a train wreck due to poor trades and coaching (decisions who to play). I’m guessing this nightmare won’t end any time soon

    • Bill

      They are still playing the Cubs, Brewer, and Pirates. The Astros and Cubs both have WS wins and the NL Central has been one of the better divisions over the last 10 years

    • greenmtred

      The “poor trade” horse has been beaten from time to time and has been pretty well debunked, as well. No team wins all of its trades, but Suarez, Schebler, DeSclafani, Castillo and Duvall (who provided some value and then returned a promising pitching prospect) are here courtesy of trades.

  10. Hotto4Votto

    John Heyman has some interesting Reds notes on Fancred. He covered the managerial position, Harvey, and some Reds offseason plans.

    On the search for a new manager he says that Riggleman “should be the guy” according to a rival but that the Reds feel they owe it to themselves to at least look elsewhere. Also had some interesting comments about Girardi and his previous interview with the Reds in which the Reds ultimately chose Baker because Castellini liked Baker’s experience.

    I really hope we don’t just rinse and repeat based on Castellini’s preferences. I hope we do more than a nominal search for a new manager and not just go through the routines for show. Please, let’s hear voices from outside the organization, bring in fresh and new perspectives. Riggleman is not the answer. It’ll be really hard for me to have any optimism for 2019 if Riggleman is brought back.

    More interestingly, Heyman mentions that the Reds hope to add an OF’er “or two”. Wait what? Right now the Reds have four OF’ers in Winker, Schebler, Hamilton, and Ervin that should be on their roster to start next season. Maybe they’ll actually explore trading (or non-tendering) Hamilton but I have serious doubts about that happening, seeing as they had interest from multiple teams last offseason and interest at the trade deadline, and even an August claim that didn’t come to fruition. Maybe they’ll surprise but I’m not holding my breath.

    The Reds have a lot of OF depth on their 40-man. Some of that can be removed without much issue (Guerrero, Aquino, Williams, Dixon…). Even still, we have to find a place for Senzel to play, and OF may offer the best opportunity. Do we want to cloud the picture by adding one or two more OF’ers to the mix? Did we not learn anything from the OF rotation this season? Really interesting comments that I can’t make sense of right now.

    • Tampa Red

      The only way that makes any sense at all is if the Reds are trying to get a TRUE CF to replace Hamilton. I think Schebler and/or Ervin could handle it OK if every game was played at GAB. Unfortunately, they don’t allow that.

      I shudder to think about an OF of Winker, Ervin and Schebler in, say, Colorado. Oh boy…..

      • Jim Walker

        The Reds won 90 games in 2013 with Choo as their primary CF. Schebler and Ervin both would be better than him defensively but probably wouldn’t match his offensive numbers from 2013 (6.6 oWar; 4.4 net bWAR)

      • Jim Walker

        This said, I don’t think the Reds should let the tail wag the dog. Given GABP is their home venue, they probably play at least 120 games a year where an the difference between an average defensive CF and BHam is marginalized. Carry a strong defensive CF who is not an offensive black hole as the 4th OF and use him in parks where his defense is likely to be a major factor.

      • greenmtred

        I agree with your conclusion, Jim. One difference between now and the Choo era (can a season be an era?) is that the Choo team was, overall, much better defensively than the current editon, as I recall.

    • greenmtred

      It would depend upon the outfielders they added. You’d think that such a statement portends trading one or more outfielders, too, but it is puzzling considering Siri, Trammell and Friedl. Maybe they believe that they will be in contention next year and need to upgrade? I think that Schebler, Winker and, possibly, Ervin could provide enough offense for a contending outfield, but the defense could be an issue. It’s hard to imagine them spending enough in FA money or trade chips to add star power to the outfield when they need pitching so badly.

      • Bill

        It is a puzzling statement unless the plan is to trade Hamilton and one of Schebler/Winker. Otherwise two OF would not be needed with all the internal options. Knowing that a trade is needed to get pitching and probably a free agent signing as well it would seem odd to also be trying to get anything in the OF other than a short term CF to replace Hamilton for the next couple of years. I can’t imagine Bob opening up his wallet enough or trading away the farm system to get multiple starting pitchers, two OF, and a Scooter extension.

      • Jim Walker

        If they don’t trade Scooter; and maybe even if they do, one of the LH hitting corner guys would seem to top the list of guys who could head up a trade for serious proven starting pitching.

  11. Streamer88

    I really dislike Riggleman in a rebuild scenario. Really dislike.

    One, singular, thing he does well with advanced pitching data is getting starters out before they implode.

    This is terrible for development but at least he is looking at inning splits and pitch counts and high leverage and attempting to make a difference. With the arm talent we could potentially have in the bullpen for years to come, and the lack of four true aces in the rotation, this could be a good fit in a pennant race.

    I’m trying to be optimistic here…

    • Jim Walker

      The quick Riggleman hook seems to be one of Bailey’s primary frustrations this year. HB pointed out that several times when he was pitching well he was subbed out for a PH on short pitch count in the 5th or 6th because his spot in the order came up with the Reds down a run or game tied.

      • Sliotar

        I am too lazy to go sort it, I have fantasy football contests at 1 pm to follow (LOL), but this scenario has happened more than a few times this season with Riggleman…

        Pitcher starts inning (not just 6th or 7th, earlier innings as well)

        Pitcher gives up lead-off single

        Riggleman immediately out of dugout, makes switch

        Pitcher gives look like “you kidding me? I just got back out here”

        Other managers want guys to end innings, finish on high note, gets congratulations coming into dugout for the half-inning.

        Feels like Riggleman overmanaging to keep job, which may not go away next season. I can’t believe he would get a 3 or 4-year deal, but then again……

      • Jim Walker

        It is an international break week for the Premier League so I don’t have any professional football to follow today 😉

        At this point I think it is more than just Rigleman trying to maximize the “W” number this year. I think the entire baseball ops department wants that. There is really no other explanation for why Harvey is still around or why they stuck with Homer so long in the rotation.

      • greenmtred

        Homer should have learned to hit if he didn’t want to get pulled for a PH in a close game.

  12. Bill J

    All the talk about extending Scooter I don’t understand. Everyone says he has right shoulder problems, if he needs surgery how long will he be recuperating and will he still be the same hitter?

    • Bill

      I don’t think anyone, except the Reds, know what the problem is. It could be something that just needs rest or it could be like Winker’s labrum surgery which has about a six month recovery. I don’t think it is something that will have long term damage to his ability to hit, but it could affect next season