The Reds will take time prior to tonight’s game at Great American Ball Park against the Padres to remember the victims of a senseless tragedy earlier today:

For the many Redleg Nation readers who are out of town and do not see the local Cincinnati news, here’s more about the shooting near Fountain Square:

One report from Fox 19 indicated that a city councilman told the TV station that the shooter had 500 rounds of ammunition.

Here’s a link to the Enquirer’s live coverage of the event and its aftermath.

The game will begin at 6:40 p.m. Eastern time. The Padres are 55-86, the worst record in the National League. This is the Game of the Day, meaning you can watch on the MLB app for free if you are not in the Cincinnati market.

Starting Pitchers

Eric Lauer 91.2 5.01 4.64 18.4% 9.3%
Luis Castillo 143.1 4.83 3.76 23.4% 7.1%

July was the month when the light bulb apparently began to glow again for Castillo. Since July 2, Castillo has recorded a 3.48 earned run average in 10 starts. He’s allowed six homers in those 10 starts after surrendering 18 in the first three months of the season. If there is one pitcher among the current Reds stable of young starters who appears to be a legitimate candidate to start in 2019, it is Castillo.

Lauer is a lefthanded rookie starter who, like many young pitchers, runs hot and cold. In his last start against the Rockies, he allowed no hits and one unearned run in five innings. In his prior three starts, he allowed 14 earned runs in 11 innings. Lauer was the winning pitcher in a Padres 8-2 win against the Reds on June 2, allowing a run and five hits in five innings.


Righty Lucas Sims showed some impressive stuff in 1.2 innings of work last night against Pittsburgh, and probably won’t be used today. All other hands will be on deck.

Starting Lineups

Padres Reds
CF Travis Janikowski CF Billy Hamilton
2B Luis Urias SS Jose Peraza
LF Hunter Renfroe 1B Joey Votto
1B Eric Hosmer 3B Eugenio Suarez
3B Wil Myers LF Phillip Ervin
RF Franmil Reyes RF Scott Schebler
C Francisco Mejia 2B Dilson Herrera
SS Freddy Galvis C Tucker Barnhart
P Eric Lauer P Luis Castillo

Herrera gets the start today at second base against a lefthander, after crushing a pinch-hit double in the ninth inning Wednesday night against Pittsburgh hard-throwing lefty Felipe Vasquez.

News and Notes

Jose Peraza has joined some exclusive company …

53 Responses

  1. docproctor

    It’s pouring rain here in Cinci right now, but it’s supposed to clear for tonight’s game.

    But the forecast for the next three games looks awful–rain, rain, and more rain. That’s going to put the Reds in quite a bind given the fact that their opponent is here from SAN DIEGO and it’s September.

    Hope the forecasters are wrong–especially since I have tix for Saturday’s game.

    • Tom Mitsoff

      Sounds like every effort will be made to get all of those games in, perhaps including lengthy delays or a day-night doubleheader if necessary.

      • Jim Walker

        Wonder if there is such a thing as a tie break system for best draft choice?

  2. Sliotar

    FanGraphs has the Reds projected, as of today, to finish 69-93.

    That is better than the 68-94 of 2016…and the 68-94 of 2017.

    #PositiveMomentum (???)

    However, the Quest to Avoid 90 Losses is in trouble, Captain Bligh…err…Riggleman.

    Go Redlegs.

    • David

      Don’t be too hard on Riggleman. He is just doing what he is told. If he defies the Front Office, he gets fired at the end of the year. He wants to stay on and manage the Reds to another 90 loss season next year.


  3. Matt Hendley

    Unfortunate incident in Cincinnati today.

  4. Jim Walker

    Nice job Tom on a difficult day.

  5. doofus

    Tom, I’m at Lambeau Field this weekend with my adult children. Opening Day against da Bears. Let me know if you’ll be there. I’ll buy you an adult beverage and a brat.

    • Tom Mitsoff

      Doofus, thanks very much for the very generous offer! I’m going to be at home in Madison watching the Bengals-Colts on NFL Sunday Ticket. 🙂 Do you live in Wisconsin?

      • doofus

        Negative, Pennsylvania. Lived in Appleton years ago. I still have my season tickets at Lambeau since the Ice Bowl.

        Enjoy the game!

      • Tom Mitsoff

        Thanks again for the offer! Very generous!

  6. Sliotar

    Production from the Leadoff Spot in 2018…

    2) Cardinals wRC+ 139
    4) Cubs wRC+ 125
    5) Brewers wRC+ 120
    17) Reds wRC+ 102
    23) Pirates wRC+ 89

    HRs from Leadoff Spot in 2018…

    1) Cardinals 37
    8) Brewers 21
    15) Cubs 18
    20) Pirates 15
    24) Reds 12

    From the FanGraphs Splits Tool, which is easy to mess around with and generate stuff.

    Ol’ Devil Magic showing the way on something. Hard to believe.

    • Matt Hendley

      so a healthy Votto in the Leadoff spot

  7. Bill j

    Has the order came down from BC to bat BHam in the leadoff spot?

    • Jim Walker

      They figure they might as well let BHam make his out and get it over with?

  8. Redgoggles

    What’s our record with Billy lead-off? It seems like our hot streak coincided with Schebler there. Honestly it doesn’t matter with our pitching, but I would think it would resonate with our old school owner.

    Oh, another thing; if Riggleman is retained after Price is fired due to W/L records (with a healthier roster, at that), I’ll make a prediction: 2019 attendance WILL NOT INCREASE. And, I will remain convinced that Bob/Walt are still in charge of this sinking ship.

    • Matt Hendley

      Sinking ship, this ship already sunk

  9. Seat101

    Jose Perezscomes to bat with one out…

    • Matt Hendley

      and there he leaves with a hit and 2 outs, its like errors on defense aren’t enough for him

      • Darrin

        I have zero problem with him trying to leg that one out.

      • Seat101

        mama can this really be the end? To be stuck inside of Mobile with the Memphis blues again?

        He really is sorry he ran over your cat as well as kicking your dog

      • Matt Hendley

        1. I hate cats. 2. This can end one of 2 ways, approx sep 30th this will end. or the reds, led by pitching Ace Homer Bailey go on a 25-0 streak and get the second wild card spot. Reaffirming our belief in bunting, and other old school practices.

  10. Seat101

    Jose should’ve seen the ball did not get stopped by the wet grass. He should not have tried for two

  11. Old-school

    Luis Castillo is throwing 97-98 mph.

  12. Old-school

    This team is pulseless and in freefall. St Louis was simply a series they cared about. Homer has pitched ok. Harvey Ok. Disco and Castillo decent . Certainly all 4 well enough to win games 6-5. Well enough to play .500 + baseball. Whats wrong with the offense????? The offense has Votto..has Schebler .. Gennett and Suarez .. Barnhart .Peraza …

    Hamilton is hitting leadoff and Winker isn’t playing. That’s the only difference . Reds are 12 under since the All star break. Firmly the third worst NL team . It’s time to start talking next managers and admit the obvious. It’s 2020. I like David Ross.

    Castellini defined disaster when the Reds fired Price at 4-18. He said in April if the Reds didnt play .500 + the rest of the way
    …that’s disaster . So by the owners own definition of ” DISASTER”…. It’s here Bob….again .

    21 games under .500 in early September.
    10 games behind the 4th place NL Central team .

  13. Scott Gennett

    Looks like a spring training game here, maybe 3,000 people at the park this evening.

  14. Matt Hendley

    Believe in something…. Even if it means sacrificing the runner to third

  15. Sliotar

    Home Runs Hit at GABP this season (updated to the moment)….

    Reds 80

    Opponents 118

    Still plenty of time to pass Texas’s current 120 and allow the most HR in your home park this season.

    BTW…could Mejia have been a Red, if the front office had convinced Cleveland to trade for Iglesias?

    (after stirring pot, grabs hat and slides out into the night).

  16. Matt Hendley

    if dilson doesnt get a run in here then fuck him he can ride the bench

    • Redgoggles

      Ervin and Schebler both SO, when a fly ball plates a run and fail. Situational hitting is bad right now.

      • Matt Hendley

        Bench em too, Make the reds Play with 8 players, that way when they finally win, you will know they can win with 9.

  17. Sliotar

    Pulling a pitcher after 4 innings

    Stealing bases with a 5-0 lead

    Riggleman not the only manager in this game trying to keep his job, apparently

  18. docproctor

    Just tuning in. I see Peraza made his 19th error of the year. That’s leads the league for players at any position. Do you know who #2 is? Eugenio Suarez.
    That’s really depressing.

    • Matt Hendley

      Always gonna let the ball go… always gonna let the ball down… never gonna make the play to deserve you (rick roll theme)

  19. Phil

    If you are a major league player and can’t hit a 92 mph fast ball down the middle….
    sell insurance.

  20. Jack

    I’m surprised this many people showed up. Paying money to watch this team is like flushing it down the toilet.

  21. Indy Red Man

    Castillo gets my vote for most disappointing Red. I’ve never seen anyone with an elite fastball like that get hammered like he does? Usually with high velocity guys its walks and lack of command, but he gets taken to the woodshed like he’s throwing 91? He needs to completely break it down and start over.

    • Redgoggles

      And, it works! On the very first attempt! Maybe we can hire a full time bunting instructor to at least support our strategies.

      We are still within one touchdown.

    • Jack

      3-1 against the Reds after tonight. They would be a playoff team if they played them every night. #positive momentum.

  22. docproctor

    Ervin didn’t show much of an arm on that short sac fly to LF. I always heard he had a good arm. Didn’t see it there.

  23. Old-school

    It’s an insult to the intelligence and loyalty of Reds fans to hit Hamilton leadoff .and play CF. It’s reaching boycott levels. Clearly casual fans checked out a long time ago. It may be time for core fans to send an economic message to Bob Castellini.

    • BigRedMike

      No doubt about it. Hamilton is near the bottom as a hitter in MLB. Of course, that means he leads off for the Reds. Pretty obvious that this organization really does not understand how to put together a winning team.

    • Tom Mitsoff

      Old School, I hear you. There was some rationale for batting him ninth — that way, you give him the least plate appearances of any player in the lineup and maybe still benefit from his defense and speed. It does feel like a slap in the face that he is batting leadoff — almost like someone is saying, we don’t really want to win. We just want to see the owner’s favorite player batting leadoff.

  24. Bill j

    Does it look like Votto was thinking, on the attempted kickoff throws, just throw the ball to the batter I’m tired and want to sit down.