The Reds are 0-3 in games Matt Harvey has started since the team declined to trade him. I was told there would be positive momentum.

The Pirates swept a series in July in Great American Ball Park, outscoring the Reds 27-5. The Reds are now 4-10 vs. the Pirates this year. The Reds look to even this series when they play again tomorrow night. Cody Reed will start for the Reds.

Cincinnati Reds 1 (59-79) • Pittsburgh Pirates 5 (67-71)

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Matt Harvey gave up two home runs in 6 innings. He grooved a change-up to Adam Frazier in the first and elevated a fastball to Starling Marte in the 6th for a 2-run blast. Otherwise, Mrs. Lincoln, he pitched well, with three strikeouts and no walks.

Sal Romano pitched the 7th. It should have been a shutout inning, but Scooter Gennett wildly side-armed an easy double-play starter for an error resulting in two unearned runs. Jackson Stephens pitched a clean 8th with two strikeouts.

The Reds only run came in the 8th inning on a 406-foot solo home run by Gennett. It was his 20th of the season.

Nice Reds Debut Blake Trahan, pronounced Tray-HAHN with a Cajun accent, became the 1,992 person to play for the Cincinnati Reds when he made first major league start today. Trahan, who turns 25 in two days, was the Reds 3rd round pick in 2015. He’s a defense-first shortstop, batting just .245/.327/.302 at Louisville this year. Trahan’s first play in the field was a strong throw completing a double play. Trahan got his first major league hit in his third AB, with a line drive single to right center.

Happy Belabor Day Dilson Herrera (24) has started 4 games at 2B for the Reds since his call-up on July 6, nearly two months ago. Herrera hit .297/.367/.465 at AAA this year. He’s started 9 games for the Reds in left field and still borrows a glove to play out there. It’s fair to say the Reds haven’t had a good development plan for Herrera the second half of this season. 

Shirt Off His Back Before the game, a fan sitting in the front row called Joey Votto over and asked for the Reds first baseman to sign the fan’s “Votto for President” t-shirt. Votto seemed to ignore the request. But when he came back out on the field, he brought with him an actual Reds jersey of his to exchange for the VFP t-shirt. Inscribed: More Like Prime Minister

Dat September Call-up The Boston Red Sox will call up Brandon Phillips (37) from their AAA team tomorrow. Phillips was unable to find a major league contract this spring as a free agent and has been playing for Pawtucket since July 14. Phillips has made $99.7 million in his career. He won 4 Gold Gloves and made 3 All Star teams playing 11 seasons for the Reds. Phillips hit .279/.325/.426 for the Reds. The Reds traded him in Feb. 2017 to the Atlanta Braves. 

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  1. Jack

    The Herrera mishandling is a mess. There is no direction with this team except down. Nothing against Trahan but he gets called up and first day is starting. How long did the rest of call ups have to wait? Didn’t Winker sit for awhile before he played?

    • kmartin

      Jack, I well remember last September being frustrated at Winker spending time on the bench. Now I am frustrated at the time Herrera spends on the bench. I spend much of September being frustrated.

    • greenmtred

      Agree about Herrera of course, but Trahan starting probably has to do with Peraza needing a day off and nobody else being a shortstop.

      • lwblogger2

        Should have read your comment before adding my own.

    • lwblogger2

      I think they were waiting on a natural SS to come up so they could give Peraza a day off. That’s why Trahan started his first game up. I agree that Herrera needs to play more though.

  2. docproctor

    Scooter got 2 hits and is now hitting .320. That’s about all I’m watching for now.

    • redlegs64

      don’t forget Eugenio in the RBI chase!

      • Colorado Red

        Watching both of them.
        Eugenio had a chance in the first to take the lead, but struck out.
        Still both have had great seasons, and a really bad team.

  3. dimondfvr

    The Reds made Williams throw a number of pitches in the first inning, and then came out in the second, playing like their bus was double parked outside! The Reds need to win 11 of thir last 24 ballgames to reach the 70 win mark. I don’t think they can do it. SO much for the rebuild and the postive momentum!

    • Colorado Red

      Come on, they are positively trying to improve there draft pick.
      As for wins, not a chance.

    • roger garrett

      He threw 28 in the first and 6 in the second.

  4. Klugo

    Wow. Can’t believe Phillips has been playing AAA. He must either still LOVE the game or is broke.

    • Jim Walker

      He’s looking for one more playoff round up. He was in the Red Sox org ahead of 1 Sept and is thus eligible to be placed in the playoff pool in place of anybody on the MLB 10 day DL who was DLed prior to Sept 1 or on the MLB roster before Sept 1 but is subsequently placed on the DL.

  5. Hanawi

    I like how the Reds are subtly tanking by continuing to roll out the same lineup that’s lost 90 games two years in a row.

    • Sliotar

      Hanawi….Related – I had to go back and find this gem from April.

      “Castellini believes in the people running the baseball operation, he doesn’t meddle, he thinks the Reds have a lot of good young players. He understands the impatience of the fans. He expects his club to win at least as many as it loses the rest of 2018: “If we’re not going to play better than .500 baseball from now on, to me that would be a disaster.’’

      The Reds were 3-18 at the time… 15 games under .500.
      Now…20 games under .500.

      Does this look and act like a club with a “finished rebuild”, “ready to win”…”positive momentum?” (I can’t write the last one without laughing.)

      • Old-school

        I linked same article a week ago. They are 6 under .500 since and 10 under .500 since the all star break.

        Yet, by Castellini’s own disaster definition….disaster has become positive momentum. Now revisionist history to advance the new narrative and agenda .

      • Colorado Red

        He does not meddle. He controls.
        Who is going to argue with him.
        90 loss from until he dies.\
        (not hoping anyone dies mind you, but as long as he own the team, we are laughing stock of baseball.)

  6. Sliotar

    Another classic quote from the end of that article….

    BC – “We have to investigate what the hell is going on here.’’

    I feel like Steve’s piece this morning well summarized that investigation.

  7. roger garrett

    I won’t give up on us one day having a team that can compete but it may have to happen by accident because they have no plan.I look for every little crumb that may fall from the table that could give me a clue as to what it is but I see nothing as Sgt Schultz would say.Pathetic.Laurel and Hardy aren’t even close to these clowns running this team.

  8. Bill

    When can I buy my Votto for Prime Minister shirt?

  9. Ted

    Steve never misses a chance to take a shot at Matt Harvey.

    • I-71_Exile

      True dat. Also, you can count on a “positive momentum” dig, This used to be called the “we’ve got Jack for that” dig. I’d say that some jokes never get old, but I’d be lying.

    • vegastypo

      I’m guessing the ‘shot’ is more at the Reds for insisting they’re a better franchise with him still around than getting something for him in return, when they apparently had two chances to do, in late July and again in late August. ….

    • greenmtred

      No, he doesn’t, even trotting out wins and losses as a noteworthy pitching stat.

      • Steve Mancuso

        If you think that’s a shot at Harvey, or a pitching stat, you need to think a little harder.

      • greenmtred

        I think that it was the clever and suggestive juxtapositioning that fooled me. I’ll think harder the next time.

  10. cfd3000

    Harvey wasn’t horrible, despite Steve’s characterization. But I do agree that he (and Homer Bailey) shouldn’t be starting any more. Let Reed, Stephenson and even Lorenzen and Mahle gain major league experience. Frustrating. And I know Dilson Herrera is out of options, but the kid can hit and it would be nice to know just how much. Let him play. I haven’t been a big part of the pile on management movement, but I’ve stopped looking for big picture positives. My focus is pretty narrow:
    Experience and confidence for Reed
    Strong finish and full health for Votto – is it possible he’s going to find some power by pulling the ball more?
    Strong finish and reestablish a leadoff spot for Schebler
    Experience and confidence for Ervin
    Good results for Sims and Wisler
    RBI crown for Suarez
    Batting crown for Gennett? Having a hard time caring about this one since I’m actually hoping he gets traded this offseason
    More Jim Day play by play
    The little things…

    • Colorado Red

      A batting title might help the prospects the Reds get back.

      • Bill

        Probably not. Almost every team is going to look beyond the batting average in evaluating a player. If Gennett hit .320 to win the batting title he is probably not worth more than hitting .316 and finishing second. It probably just leads to the Reds paying him more to sign an extension

  11. WVRedlegs

    Gabby Guerrero got called up yesterday. Looked like him sitting next to Dilson at the far end of the bench.
    By Riggleman’s standards those guys are on the dark side of the moon.

    • Jim Walker

      Everything under the sun is in tune; but the sun is eclipsed by the moon A bit more of Pink Floyd.

      But when the sun is eclipsed by the moon is it the dark side or light side doing the eclipsing?

      • lwblogger2

        “There is no dark side in the moon, really. Matter of fact, it’s all dark.”

      • Jim Walker

        Ah, yes. You also listened to the whole song 😉

  12. Jim Walker

    2 more unearned runs. To the nearest 10th of a %, 9.0% of the runs allowed by the Reds in 2018 have been unearned. That’s a tad short of half a run a game which just exacerbates the fact the Reds are 14th of 15 NL teams in ERA.

    • Jim Walker

      Going a step further….. The Reds are allowing 5.21 runs per game and scoring 4.45 runs a game, a deficit of just over 3/4 of a run per game which means that unearned runs account for ~67% of their per game run deficit. The pitching has been bad; but, the defense has helped a lot either.

      • Jim Walker

        Above should say defense has NOT helped a lot either.

      • WVRedlegs

        We got very spoiled by the INF defense from 2010-2017. It was head and shoulders above this year. Those BP and Cozart days already being missed. I didn’t think the defense would fall off this much. But it isn’t just a one fix solution. First, Suarez has back pedaled at 3B with his defense over last year. Peraza is not Cozart at SS. Scooter is not very good at 2B. Votto has his lapses at 1B. And Barnhart is not as good as he was last year. He set the bar high last year, and he has been pretty good behind the plate this year. Just not quite as good as last year.
        Inserting Senzel at 2B is sure to help some next year. Votto is entrenched at 1B. Barnhart would seem to also be entrenched as the primary C, unless the Reds go after Realmuto. With Suarez at 3B, your hopes are pinned on this year being an anomaly, and not last season’s very good defense being the anomaly. And your hopes are also pinned to Peraza being better at SS next year. Some of his defensive lapses just cannot occur on a team that is going to be in the contending conversation. Do you upgrade at SS this winter, or hope that Peraza’s defense improves next year like his hitting did this year? Probably the latter. So on defense there is the insertion of Senzel at 2B and hoping the other 4 positions have a degree or two of improvement.
        Now onto the OF defense. Winker as the primary in LF should be at least average. BHam in CF looks to be up in the air depending on who is calling the shots in the front office. But if BHam is the primary CF the defense will be excellent in CF. That leaves RF and Schebler’s defense there is average at best, maybe a tad bit below average. It is good at times and not so good many other times. Durability issues are creeping up in the conversation on Schebler, so should an upgrade be considered for RF? Moving Senzel or Suarez to RF would shake things up, but that then would have a big ripple effect on the INF. Maybe a look outside the organization for a stud RF would make sense. Passing on Yelich last year was a bad, bad front office non-move last year. So this winter they could redeem themselves with a very nice RF pick up that is both an offensive and defensive upgrade in RF. Ervin can be a do everything 4th OF that can come in at any OF spot and with plenty of spot starts in LF and CF.
        That makes Scooter and Schebler more or less expendable and ready for trade. They could be packaged together coupled with a prospect or 2 for a nice starting pitcher or a top RF.

        BTW, nice Pink Floyd reference above.

  13. Tampa Red

    Pretty sure it would be impossible to write a more passive-agressive game recap than what I just read. You managed to identify every problem that doesn’t explain the Reds crappy record. Impressive. My ex-wife stands in awe.

    • Bill

      I read it as bad defense and giving up HRs caused the loss. Harvey wasn’t bad and the offense didn’t help, so blaming Harvey is not fair. However I am sure most would agree HR and bad defense are a huge problem for the Reds

  14. Corey

    The good thing about losing an away game like this is that we only have to pitch 8 innings. That will help save the bullpen.

  15. greenmtred

    Boy, do we get pissed when they lose. We can talk all we want about playing young guys and throwing young pitchers to the wolves, but, boy, do we get pissed when they lose.

    • Hotto4Votto

      Very rarely can a group of people be summarized so broadly. The span of reactions is probably broad. Fans are frustrated and this is a place to vent with people who also feel passionately about the Reds and can’t do anything about it. This isn’t the first time I’ve seen you make a similar comment about the fans, the tone of this site, etc after a loss. Honestly, it feels like some attempt to pile on.

      Maybe fans are frustrated by the fact that the Reds are losing by running out the same guys that have largely been responsible for losing the past two seasons. Maybe fans are frustrated because the FO told us Harvey was here for the sole reason of keeping a winning culture or positive momentum going for the rest of the year. Harvey’s not to blame for the loss, but neither was keeping him a reason for the optimism the FO was trying to sell us.

      And, for the most part they’re not really playing the young guys unless they’re forced to. Trahan played because Peraza had played every inning since Blandino’s injury. Ervin and Williams get to play because Duvall was traded and Winker/Schebler had been hurt. Otherwise the infield line up is about the same every game, the OF will be Hamilton, Schebler and another guy by default every game. The rotation still has Bailey and Harvey in it. Even when Votto was out it was largely the other catcher taking over. September should be about seeing what they have in some of the guys. It should be a try-out of sorts for roster spots and future playing time. For the most part it is more of the same.

      But none of that actually upsets me too much become I’ve come to accept it and expect it from the Reds. If I’m pissed about anything yesterday it’s that it was a boring game to watch. I don’t actually care about wins and losses. I’d actually prefer to see the Reds lose more games because it will give them better draft position. The Reds have done the most for the rebuild by losing a lot and getting high draft picks to acquire talent.

      • roger garrett

        You really hit the nail on the head.I never have been really concerned about the wins or loses either although I do my share of complaining when they lose.My issues have been as you said its just more of the same.The consistent inconsistent way they handle players and the fact they fall in love with players is mind boggling.We had a two or three year window that we won and made the playoffs followed by now four years of just awful baseball.Yet the process of holding on to players too long or thinking they are better then they are is still so obvious.All things considered(age,salary,performance) we have one player that teams would like to have and would start for them and its Suarez.We could discuss Iggy but he is still here on a team that doesn’t need a closer.

      • lwblogger2

        I’d argue that a lot of teams wouldn’t mind having Scooter at 2B or DH either. Maybe even 1B.

      • BigRedMike

        Great post. Many comment about the team and the direction of the organization. What fans of teams have done for over 100 years. 4 straight bad seasons and not really a plan.

        Then there are those that come here to comment about the comments and whether certain players are being judged unfairly.

      • greenmtred

        And then there are those who come here to judge certain players unfairly. Or, I should say, incompletely.

      • greenmtred

        I have made similar comments before, but this wasn’t meant as piling on (a pretty lonely pile if it was), and I know that you are right that the source of the pissed-offness is passion for the Reds and discouragement at the losing, since I share those. But it does lead us to contradictory goals/opionions, inevitably, I guess. We want Reed, for example, to pitch, just as we want more young players getting losts of reps, but we’re upset when they lose, based upon the tone of the comments. I can see, objectively, that losing games this season will give the Reds a better draft position, but I watch the game for fun, and this isn’t fun.

  16. Jeff Reed

    As another losing season ebbs to an end, it seems Mrs. Lincoln still has a place in the front office. Here’s hoping that Momentum takes over in the off season.

  17. Indy Red Man

    Harvey wasn’t great. They might as well cut him loose unless he’d take a 1 yr deal for a reasonable amount? Scooter also made a costly error, but a good pitcher gets out of it. Romano hung a breaking ball to Frazier that I could’ve hit. Good teams find ways to win and bad teams do what the Reds do. I called Brewers 2-1 after the 13-12 game because that’s what teams like the Reds do. Good news is that its almost over.

  18. Indy Red Man

    Reds are now 10-10 in Harvey’s starts. What are they with Homer again? 1-96?

    During nickname week…should’ve named Homer “3 Dog Night” because 1 is the loneliest number!

  19. Wayne Nabors

    Keeping Harvey will always be confusing,just doesn’t add up,and Steve ,marte did not hit 2 run homer,polanco did

  20. Bill j

    If we all had our way Scooter, BHam, Homer, Harvey, Hernandez, Iggy and Riggleman would all be gone with Duvall. If they were gone I don’t know who we would have but would their record be worse? To me you’re either first or not.

    • roger garrett

      Exactly.You are either in the hunt or not.

  21. Gonzo Reds

    How much “cash” was Preston Tucker worth? Perhaps we can do the same with Harvey?

    • lwblogger2

      I’d say! Reds should at least interview him.